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-48 X
-2 TS

98% | 1793 X | 1601 TS

-41 X
-1 TS

95% | 1643 X | 1547 TS

-26 X
-2 TS

91% | 1558 X | 1513 TS

-25 X
-2 TS

76% | 1447 X | 1349 TS

-16 X
-2 TS

67% | 1351 X | 1336 TS

+38 X
+1 TS

99% | 1937 X | 1544 TS

+17 X
+2 TS

96% | 1712 X | 1533 TS

+21 X
+2 TS

91% | 1598 X | 1464 TS

+57 X
+2 TS

74% | 1373 X | 1405 TS

+36 X
+2 TS

58% | 1219 X | 1389 TS

Chat log

00:00:01c-yanker -ap
00:00:04PeterLars ap
00:00:04Norrebro -ap
00:00:04atte -ap
00:00:05lumo -random
00:00:07lumo -random
00:00:24c-yanker lich solo top me roaming mid top
00:00:31KeLToS dickless chick
00:00:36Norrebro i solo bot
00:00:44KeLToS come on
00:00:53TakinBackMyLove lich
00:00:54TakinBackMyLove solo
00:00:54atte cant find od
00:00:54TakinBackMyLove top
00:00:55PeterLars atte u there?
00:00:56atte tinker ok?
00:01:00TakinBackMyLove LOL
00:01:08TakinBackMyLove buy
00:01:09TakinBackMyLove hciken
00:01:14TakinBackMyLove chicken!
00:01:15c-yanker nickless
00:01:18KeLToS dickless
00:01:24c-yanker virgin
00:01:25atte norre top
00:01:37Norrebro what?
00:01:37PeterLars who is mid?
00:01:39KeLToS i will full support game
00:01:43KeLToS get items
00:01:50atte huskar
00:01:56atte i wanna get xp
00:02:05PeterLars why u dont mid?
00:02:09atte nah lich there
00:02:14Norrebro -.-
00:02:15KeLToS mid
00:02:18Norrebro am is mid
00:02:19PeterLars no am
00:02:23atte rofl no wayt
00:02:27atte well if am
00:02:28atte huskar
00:02:30atte destroy
00:02:35PeterLars dead
00:03:06atte i bet
00:03:08atte if i mid
00:03:11atte already fb
00:03:26atte in fact
00:03:27atte a double
00:05:05PeterLars care
00:07:09KeLToS miss 1
00:07:28KeLToS re
00:08:54Nickless -ms
00:09:10KeLToS kan du ikke ha en tp på dig
00:09:17RalleBrazil care
00:09:21RalleBrazil earth
00:09:21atte VITTU
00:09:25Isdronningen gj
00:09:35c-yanker har du ulti?
00:09:56c-yanker vent
00:10:03Nickless ss
00:10:03Isdronningen ss bot
00:10:37Isdronningen haha
00:10:37Nickless gj
00:10:40Isdronningen u2
00:10:42Nickless nicečy done
00:10:54Isdronningen thank
00:10:58KeLToS ss
00:11:01Nickless ill go gank now
00:11:07Isdronningen ok
00:11:14c-yanker did u take reg?
00:11:29Nickless i did
00:11:32PeterLars care
00:11:34c-yanker why
00:11:40Norrebro well huskar
00:11:40Nickless so i kill like i did
00:11:44Norrebro is owning the shi
00:11:49Nickless and
00:12:01Nickless dont ask to much questions i dont want to answer
00:13:06RalleBrazil care
00:13:22atte BLOCK HIM FFS
00:13:32atte with woves
00:13:34atte wolves
00:13:59Norrebro huskar?
00:14:35Norrebro good u let noob solo atte
00:14:51atte yeah you the boss
00:14:56atte miss ulti and oom for anything useful
00:15:33PeterLars care
00:15:47atte dead
00:15:55atte XD
00:15:57atte XD
00:15:58atte XD
00:16:17atte am inc
00:16:29atte re
00:16:38atte OHH
00:16:44atte 2nd time
00:17:34Norrebro ...
00:17:51Norrebro go rosh noob
00:18:00PeterLars de har wards
00:18:04Norrebro og
00:18:09Norrebro brug smoke
00:19:27c-yanker tps?
00:19:45c-yanker care
00:19:45c-yanker abba
00:20:04Isdronningen want me to go full tank?
00:20:41c-yanker invis
00:20:42c-yanker in rune
00:20:59atte i sleep abba in fights
00:21:22atte OK I COULDNT ULTI
00:21:34c-yanker whuy
00:21:36c-yanker dont u fucking hoo kme
00:21:43atte aba no ulti
00:21:45atte ther boom dead
00:21:51atte b
00:23:28Norrebro tag nu rosh
00:23:29Norrebro tard
00:24:11c-yanker otw
00:24:40c-yanker lets get mid
00:25:19atte if he
00:25:20atte was there
00:25:22atte ohh boy
00:25:28atte with 4 in magnus ult
00:25:37atte b
00:25:43Norrebro fu
00:26:11RalleBrazil ..
00:27:59TakinBackMyLove dont
00:28:00TakinBackMyLove take
00:28:00TakinBackMyLove my
00:28:01TakinBackMyLove farm,
00:28:05Isdronningen sry
00:28:05TakinBackMyLove heal me
00:28:18atte lyca no smoke rosh
00:28:20atte yet
00:28:21atte 26min
00:28:30PeterLars keltos sit next to me
00:28:52atte b
00:30:00atte if magnus and skywrath get good ults
00:30:06atte aka let them push
00:30:08atte and go ult
00:30:09atte fast
00:30:11Isdronningen b
00:30:16c-yanker b
00:30:18Norrebro stfu
00:30:21Norrebro will u?
00:30:26atte :DD
00:30:28atte yeah mb
00:30:39Norrebro my ulti damages single target
00:30:44Norrebro useless if more than 1
00:31:08atte careee
00:31:09atte y
00:31:19atte ...
00:31:22Norrebro I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:31:23atte just
00:31:25atte ¨why
00:31:35Norrebro because u are tard
00:31:46c-yanker hit
00:31:47c-yanker tower
00:31:48c-yanker btucher
00:33:18atte he 50mana
00:33:22atte 60
00:34:22PeterLars dead
00:34:35Isdronningen fast rosh
00:34:38Isdronningen then go
00:34:43PeterLars rosh
00:35:11atte b
00:35:19atte caree
00:35:22atte come
00:35:23atte lyca
00:35:26atte ..
00:35:45c-yanker sheild før jeg jumper
00:35:54c-yanker jeg venter til magnus
00:35:55c-yanker goer
00:36:20atte I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:36:23atte yeah
00:36:23lumo I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:36:24atte well
00:36:24RalleBrazil I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:36:26atte so sad picks
00:36:32atte with od aura
00:36:35atte not much help
00:36:42atte and so good attitude coming from norrebro again
00:36:42c-yanker throne
00:36:43Norrebro no shit
00:36:44atte game lost
00:36:58Norrebro ure brain lost this
00:37:16atte :Dd
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