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84% | 1459 X | 1478 TS

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81% | 1497 X | 1376 TS

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80% | 1427 X | 1428 TS

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Chat log

00:00:17Laier yewwww
00:00:18yeW- yewwww
00:00:18Laier give shredder :)
00:00:18yeW- :D
00:00:18yeW- k
00:00:18mamyka god why this pro yew in my team
00:00:20yeW- ud
00:00:22yeW- the fuck with u
00:00:22Lynge wtf skinke ?
00:00:22mamyka some one can take me pudge?
00:00:22yeW- -clear
00:00:22Skinkemaden :(
00:00:22Lynge ban hes ass
00:00:22Lafrenzz tt
00:00:22Lafrenzz t.t
00:00:22mamyka yew?
00:00:22yeW- wot
00:00:22mamyka pudge for me?
00:00:22Lynge -_- do do do dooootaaa
00:00:22Laier no
00:00:22mamyka yes
00:00:22extremewaari what should ban
00:00:22yeW- im gettin the other bob
00:00:22yeW- his shredder
00:00:22Lafrenzz (+-+)
00:00:22VanillaThunder void?
00:00:22extremewaari dunno
00:00:22Lynge bs
00:00:22mamyka 101010 plz pudge for me
00:00:22VanillaThunder or bs/shredder
00:00:22Lynge bs
00:00:22Laier ei oo rakettitiedettä waari
00:00:22Laier bannaaha
00:00:22Lynge B`S
00:00:22Skinkemaden STF
00:00:22extremewaari void
00:00:36yeW- can u play it at least? :d
00:00:43Laier shredder?
00:00:45yeW- ye
00:00:48Laier ofc
00:00:49extremewaari take mid hero
00:00:50Laier what you want
00:00:57yeW- thinkin
00:00:58yeW- -m
00:00:59yeW- -m
00:01:00yeW- -ma
00:01:04yeW- em
00:01:05yeW- gimme
00:01:07Lynge ill carry this shit
00:01:08yeW- ursa
00:01:09Lynge -clear
00:01:14Laier -swap 1
00:01:14extremewaari pudge mid?
00:01:18Skinkemaden nah
00:01:21Skinkemaden nahØ*
00:01:25yeW- -swap 3
00:01:33mamyka vfksq gfjktyj z gfrf jrt&
00:01:34Laier abba mid
00:01:40mamyka ?? ?????? ? ??? ????
00:01:42Skinkemaden ff
00:01:51yeW- oh
00:01:57yeW- its russian combo once again
00:02:05Lynge yeeaaah
00:02:13Lynge u are kinda slow for a human, arent ya !?
00:02:29Laier gg
00:02:34yeW- ?
00:02:34Laier 2x basilus :D
00:02:39yeW- oh
00:02:40yeW- :d
00:03:00yeW- if they warded
00:03:02yeW- ill lanei
00:03:06yeW- til level 2-3
00:03:07holostoi -??
00:03:09holostoi -ms
00:03:14Laier you lane my ass!
00:03:27yeW- one more word n im sendin u their woods
00:03:36yeW- ss
00:03:37yeW- 1
00:03:37Laier kinda late for that aint it? :D
00:03:42yeW- blah
00:03:43yeW- fuckers
00:04:00yeW- christ
00:04:02Laier fucker :D
00:04:34yeW- ...
00:04:35yeW- go die
00:04:37yeW- in real life
00:04:39Laier and mamyka holostoi rocks the boat
00:05:06Lafrenzz u got grave ?
00:05:08extremewaari y
00:05:09Lafrenzz go
00:05:26extremewaari lol
00:05:26Lafrenzz :(
00:05:26extremewaari :D
00:05:27101010 lol
00:05:32Laier ootte kyl hyvii
00:05:36101010 miss pudge from top?
00:05:41Lafrenzz ss
00:05:44holostoi ward for
00:05:51Lynge ss
00:05:58extremewaari ursa ss
00:06:12Laier bot ss1
00:06:26Laier care mid
00:06:29Laier dazzle miss
00:06:42yeW- how the FUCK
00:06:45yeW- do u mange to feed
00:06:46yeW- brown
00:06:55yeW- i mean fuckin srsly
00:07:06holostoi ss pudge
00:07:14Lafrenzz GRAVE
00:07:19extremewaari click
00:07:22Lafrenzz why didnt u grave
00:07:24extremewaari midd
00:07:25Laier y fucking seriosly?
00:07:25extremewaari miss
00:07:30extremewaari missed
00:07:31Laier no kidding hes missing? :D
00:07:32extremewaari :/
00:07:47yeW- aba
00:08:24Skinkemaden omw
00:08:25VanillaThunder k
00:08:53Laier why sniper farm
00:09:00Laier and abba havent killed him allready
00:09:19101010 becouse pudge came twice
00:09:22Lynge ss
00:09:28Laier 'ursa gang?
00:09:30Lynge re
00:09:36mamyka ??? ??
00:09:39mamyka aba
00:09:55Skinkemaden ss
00:10:02holostoi ss pudge
00:10:07101010 lol
00:10:17Lafrenzz srlsy
00:10:28Laier pure outplay
00:10:31Laier sry bob
00:10:36Lafrenzz fuck u niggah
00:10:39Laier XD
00:10:48Laier you dive you dive you die you die
00:10:57Laier YEYYY
00:10:57yeW- nah chill
00:10:57yeW- he aint out
00:10:57yeW- ITS HIS
00:10:57yeW- PROVAIDER
00:10:57Laier i hope he is
00:10:57Laier :D
00:10:57yeW- well next time
00:10:57yeW- im with
00:10:57Laier fuck
00:10:57yeW- mamyka holo
00:10:57Laier havent eaten candy for years
00:10:57yeW- plug it is
00:10:57Laier and now im eating and tastes like shit
00:10:57yeW- :p
00:10:57yeW- that makes sense
00:10:57holostoi ??? ????? ???? ???????? ?? ??? ?????
00:10:57holostoi ??? ????????
00:10:57Laier perfect plug
00:10:57101010 mamyka btw
00:10:57yeW- oh come on
00:10:57101010 next time u come "gang" u should use snowball
00:10:57yeW- we have our chances
00:10:57yeW- imo
00:10:57yeW- if russia
00:10:57mamyka next time sheild me
00:10:57yeW- doesnt fail too much
00:10:57yeW- -ma
00:10:57yeW- J
00:10:57yeW- E
00:10:57yeW- E
00:10:57mamyka mb next game with out u yew
00:10:57yeW- S
00:10:57yeW- T
00:10:57yeW- E
00:10:57yeW- R
00:10:57yeW- H
00:10:57yeW- E
00:10:57yeW- A
00:10:57yeW- D
00:12:11yeW- someone buy me bottle
00:12:22yeW- :d
00:12:24Laier you joking right :D
00:12:26yeW- :DD
00:12:40Laier shield mby me
00:12:43Laier not yourself
00:12:52Skinkemaden bøsse
00:12:53yeW- up couier
00:12:54yeW- mamyka
00:12:57Skinkemaden seriosuly
00:12:58mamyka nope
00:12:59Skinkemaden fu rex
00:13:00yeW- up it
00:13:03mamyka nope
00:13:03101010 shield was cd when u was alice
00:13:06yeW- or see cock penetrate ass
00:13:07101010 *alive
00:14:07Lynge 8p dazzle
00:14:25holostoi ? ??? ???? ? ???? ???????? ?????
00:14:29yeW- blabla..
00:14:42Laier care
00:15:19yeW- -ma
00:16:02Laier ff
00:16:08Laier this tuskar and puck is just shit
00:16:09yeW- can u stop being so offenseive
00:16:37Laier gladly these 2 bobs drop to bronze after this
00:16:45mamyka u?
00:16:52Lafrenzz u play like a bronce
00:16:58Laier coming from clock? :D
00:16:59Laier kk
00:17:31extremewaari ty
00:18:21yeW- come on
00:18:32Laier np tuskar farms
00:18:33Laier :D
00:18:41yeW- 0-5
00:18:43yeW- how?
00:18:44yeW- HOW?
00:18:56mamyka ???? ????? ?? ?
00:18:58yeW- man
00:18:59yeW- die
00:18:59mamyka ??? ????? ???
00:19:00Laier just like that
00:19:01Laier :D
00:19:02mamyka ? ????
00:19:02yeW- die in fuckin real life
00:19:02holostoi ??????
00:19:04Laier he runs next to them
00:19:05Laier and dies
00:19:08holostoi ??????? ?????
00:19:09mamyka Z MNT,T LFK VFYS
00:19:13mamyka ? ???? ??? ????
00:19:19mamyka ?????? ?????? ?? ??????
00:19:21holostoi ? ?????????
00:19:34mamyka ? ????
00:20:48Laier heal?
00:20:49Laier shield?
00:20:53Laier dont fucking stand and watch :D
00:21:15101010 i tried but range was too high
00:21:16extremewaari reg
00:21:18Lafrenzz rego
00:21:25Laier yew
00:21:25Laier y
00:21:28yeW- e
00:21:32Laier you gotta get some fat and soon :D
00:21:34yeW- :D
00:21:43Lafrenzz mana
00:21:46Lafrenzz <3
00:21:49yeW- gonna b hard
00:21:52yeW- since these homoes
00:21:54yeW- keep feedin
00:21:55Laier shield me
00:22:02mamyka go farm wood
00:22:07mamyka like at last game
00:22:31yeW- B U CUNT
00:22:46Laier tuskar
00:22:48Laier fucking ball sniper
00:22:50Laier :DD:DDD:D
00:23:22yeW- block
00:23:24yeW- him
00:24:04yeW- im oom
00:24:07yeW- why u go
00:24:30extremewaari b
00:24:31Laier go
00:24:31Laier go
00:24:32Laier go
00:24:32extremewaari oom
00:24:32Laier go
00:24:33Laier go
00:24:52VanillaThunder b
00:24:57Laier fuck off you too
00:24:58Laier quit
00:24:58Laier plug
00:24:59Laier something
00:25:18Laier ursa come
00:25:24yeW- LOOK
00:25:27yeW- ursa just upd courier!
00:25:33101010 tuskarr........
00:27:08Laier vittu mitä hilloo
00:28:25yeW- mana
00:29:05yeW- ma
00:29:06yeW- -ma
00:29:17Laier and puck idles mid
00:29:17Skinkemaden reg top
00:29:19Laier full hp full mana
00:29:31holostoi i run from basre
00:29:32Laier stop fucking IDLE
00:29:33Laier do SOMETHING
00:29:59Skinkemaden sweet
00:30:06Lafrenzz push
00:30:30yeW- mana
00:32:25yeW- teh fuck
00:32:26Skinkemaden go
00:32:26yeW- how
00:32:28Lafrenzz rosh
00:32:33Laier how what?
00:32:33mamyka hawk
00:32:41Lafrenzz who accuire cap ?
00:32:45Lynge me ofc
00:32:47yeW- how did i get stunnd another time
00:32:52Laier poison
00:32:54yeW- poison n ulti one
00:32:55yeW- alrdu
00:33:00Laier he did ulti you
00:33:02Laier i mean
00:33:05Laier poison
00:33:24yeW- o
00:33:26yeW- o
00:33:29yeW- exactly tell me
00:33:30yeW- how
00:33:35Lafrenzz mana
00:33:37yeW- being 2 russian idiots in lan
00:33:38extremewaari cd
00:33:40Lafrenzz kk
00:33:40yeW- how do u mange
00:33:41Lafrenzz rex
00:33:43Lafrenzz come
00:33:44yeW- to both make jango
00:33:45yeW- ?
00:33:55holostoi and?
00:34:00Laier go
00:34:36yeW- b
00:34:40Laier why?
00:34:41Laier 2 dead
00:34:42yeW- i mean b
00:34:43yeW- but go
00:35:03Lynge CMION DAZZLE
00:35:04Lynge FFS
00:35:13yeW- ..
00:35:14yeW- wow aba
00:35:16yeW- stay back more
00:35:16yeW- pls
00:35:33yeW- well back now
00:35:36Laier b
00:35:59Laier jsut b
00:36:10Skinkemaden -st
00:36:17Lynge b
00:36:18extremewaari b
00:37:08Lafrenzz mid
00:37:09Laier yew+
00:37:18yeW- didnt expect ward there
00:37:19yeW- nvm
00:37:23Skinkemaden go flame puck
00:37:50Laier OK? :DDD
00:37:51VanillaThunder lol
00:38:00yeW- why do u fight..
00:38:13Laier how did rexar get next to me like that
00:38:16yeW- dagge
00:38:17mamyka coz u can play only with creeps in wood\
00:38:17yeW- r
00:38:20mamyka thats all
00:38:25Laier he got NO dagger
00:38:28Laier ohh
00:38:29Laier wtf
00:38:30yeW- ol
00:38:40holostoi ???? ????? ?????? ?????? ????? ?????
00:38:40yeW- all hail the russian cance team
00:38:42yeW- r
00:38:49Lafrenzz b
00:39:04Lafrenzz b
00:39:04mamyka u suck yew
00:39:06yeW- yeye
00:39:07Laier :D:DD
00:39:07mamyka thats all
00:39:17yeW- we had
00:39:19yeW- toughest lane bot
00:39:20Laier coming from mamyka?
00:39:22yeW- all u had to do
00:39:24yeW- was not feed
00:39:25yeW- BROWN
00:39:40Laier go mid
00:39:40Laier all
00:39:41Laier now
00:39:42mamyka u all time go on easy line
00:39:45mamyka or on wood
00:39:46yeW- how is
00:39:50Laier MID
00:39:50yeW- dazzle clock easy?
00:39:51Laier now
00:39:52Laier fukcers
00:39:56holostoi we cant push
00:40:00mamyka bot easy line for farm
00:40:01Laier stfu
00:40:02Laier and go
00:40:03101010 tuskarr comes gang and wont use snowball
00:40:04101010 :D
00:40:11extremewaari mid
00:40:28Lynge b
00:40:28Lynge b
00:40:29Lynge b
00:40:31Lynge turtle
00:40:57mamyka aba hunt
00:41:06yeW- b
00:41:10Laier jesus...
00:41:14yeW- fien go
00:41:25Laier 'cant anymore
00:41:44Laier lemme take top
00:41:50101010 ...
00:42:12mamyka dead
00:42:28holostoi b
00:42:38holostoi again thsi nap die solo
00:42:40Laier def base then
00:42:43yeW- :D
00:42:44yeW- well
00:42:56yeW- im not even gonna comment that
00:43:04yeW- bd :)
00:43:04Laier NICE BACKDOOR
00:43:06Laier banned
00:43:21yeW- ^^
00:43:29Laier wait for ursa
00:43:35yeW- lmao
00:43:36Laier this puck :DDDDD
00:44:08mamyka go>?
00:44:15mamyka dazzle
00:44:15Laier go now
00:44:24Laier b
00:44:25Laier b
00:45:35Lafrenzz fucking shit fight, we need aegis
00:45:43mamyka noob do rosh
00:45:58Laier they know you there
00:45:59Laier for sure
00:46:01mamyka take aegis
00:46:17Lafrenzz rosh
00:46:18Lafrenzz go
00:46:18Lafrenzz fast
00:46:23yeW- why am i alone there?
00:46:25yeW- what u wankin
00:46:39Laier b
00:46:42Laier b
00:46:42Laier b
00:46:50yeW- b
00:46:52yeW- sniper comes
00:46:52yeW- b
00:46:58mamyka b
00:46:58mamyka b
00:47:06yeW- ab
00:47:07Laier this bolzoi twins :DDD
00:47:10yeW- aba hittin reeps?
00:47:25Laier :D:DDD
00:47:34mamyka I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:47:37Laier 3v5 np
00:47:39mamyka pro ursa
00:47:42yeW- THE FUCK
00:47:43Lafrenzz cry
00:47:47Lafrenzz bronce guy
00:47:52yeW- why arent those
00:47:57yeW- russians cunts split in two teams?
00:47:58101010 gg mamyka goes bronze, everyone else wins
00:48:08holostoi ????? ?? ?????? ????
00:48:12mamyka ??
00:48:16mamyka gg
00:48:20holostoi ??? ? ??? ?? ???? ?????? ??? ?? ?????
00:48:23mamyka didnt think so
00:48:43mamyka aba solo mid
00:49:00Lafrenzz b
00:49:02Lafrenzz wait pudge
00:49:12Lynge ulti
00:49:12Lafrenzz gather
00:49:14Lafrenzz dazle ulti
00:50:10yeW- cheese
00:50:21VanillaThunder tower
00:50:22yeW- aba for real?
00:50:26yeW- why stay there?
00:50:42yeW- def
00:50:42yeW- keep
00:50:46101010 well cant run away when sniper hits me
00:50:55101010 was too low hp to do that
00:51:02yeW- LOL
00:51:57Laier just b?
00:52:16Laier told you to b
00:52:21Laier they outplay puck and tuskar so badly
00:52:45extremewaari bot
00:53:21yeW- blah
00:53:23yeW- no shield now
00:53:33Lafrenzz ulti
00:53:35yeW- make it ur last dota
00:53:36yeW- guys
00:53:42yeW- for every1s sake
00:53:57Skinkemaden b
00:54:01Lynge WHEN I COME WE GO
00:54:18Lynge b
00:54:18Lynge b
00:54:20Laier mid
00:54:21Laier go mid
00:55:05101010 .....
00:55:07Laier k no then
00:55:08yeW- let him
00:55:15Laier b mid
00:55:16101010 ...
00:55:26yeW- lmao
00:55:34yeW- even when defin
00:55:36yeW- he manages to die
00:55:42Lynge hahaha
00:55:44Laier raelly
00:55:45Laier really
00:55:50Lynge he just needs to skill Phase....
00:55:51Laier who the fuck makes blademail to puck
00:55:52Lynge ^^
00:56:51Laier go mid
00:56:52Laier with 5
00:56:53yeW- k
00:57:03Lafrenzz just dazzle ulti on my Ac
00:57:04Laier gotta push that top tho..
00:57:05Lafrenzz gonna hurt
00:58:04yeW- I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
00:58:10yeW- go ff
00:58:17yeW- cancer russia has prevailed
00:58:18yeW- once again
00:58:21101010 I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
00:58:26yeW- ff it laie
00:58:26Laier wp mamyka + holostoi
00:58:27Laier I surrender! [4/4 of Sentinel]
00:58:28mamyka woooden cap
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