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Chat log

00:00:25SMEGMAPLEKK moro rotkiv
00:00:25Jerkku aba
00:00:25Jerkku some1 am ?
00:00:25Lafrenzz swagggaaaa<3
00:00:25Lafrenzz vi mod abda
00:00:25Lafrenzz hahaha
00:00:25SMEGMAPLEKK i can xD
00:00:25Rotkiv i go ud
00:00:25Jerkku xD
00:00:25Skinkemaden aa
00:00:25Jerkku no am :O
00:00:25McFele go
00:00:25VVindoWz PICK ME AM PLEASE :(
00:00:26SMEGMAPLEKK pick am
00:00:29SMEGMAPLEKK i play with am
00:00:32VVindoWz jerku m8
00:00:35Skinkemaden go pick and ill rape
00:00:36Lafrenzz what a dick
00:00:37Jerkku some1 want
00:00:38Jerkku this
00:00:40VVindoWz i want
00:00:41Jerkku no smegma XD
00:00:43VVindoWz please :)
00:00:43Rotkiv stupid pick ..
00:00:44SMEGMAPLEKK why?
00:00:44Jerkku ok
00:00:48VVindoWz what u want ?
00:00:49SMEGMAPLEKK i own with am
00:00:49Jerkku mogi its for u
00:00:54Swagga hvofo8 ha8 du ik banned den he8o
00:00:54VVindoWz thanks m8
00:00:57Swagga omg
00:00:58Swagga ff
00:00:59VVindoWz u want ?
00:01:00Jerkku pick meeee
00:01:03Swagga ff
00:01:06Lafrenzz HALLO MARWAN :D
00:01:07Jerkku gyro
00:01:13VVindoWz -swap 1
00:01:14Jerkku -swap 3
00:01:19Swagga vi ha8 tabt
00:01:20Swagga ff
00:01:22Lafrenzz nej nej
00:01:26Skinkemaden /roll
00:01:28Skinkemaden -roll
00:01:30Lafrenzz -roll
00:01:34FireMal -swap
00:01:36FireMal -swap 3
00:01:37Swagga -swap 4
00:01:42Jerkku lion
00:01:50Lafrenzz swagga bot
00:01:53SMEGMAPLEKK no am no lion:(
00:01:53VVindoWz send me a babysitter top
00:01:58Jerkku ff
00:02:02VVindoWz omg smega WHY ?
00:02:06Uvo -repick
00:02:07Uvo ffs
00:02:07VVindoWz why u pick yurnero
00:02:09Uvo was afk
00:02:12Uvo someone swap?
00:02:13Jerkku ff
00:02:18VVindoWz we always loose when u play that juggernaut
00:02:18Jerkku -swap 4
00:02:21Swagga jeg tar farm
00:02:21Jerkku i can lanaya
00:02:22Uvo -swap 1
00:02:23VVindoWz useless fuck
00:02:25Swagga bare så du ved det
00:02:26Lafrenzz jaja
00:02:26SMEGMAPLEKK i play jugger mby 2nd time?:D
00:02:26FireMal what do i build for dk
00:02:28Uvo ty
00:02:29SMEGMAPLEKK uvo
00:02:30Lafrenzz jeg tager kills :D
00:02:31SMEGMAPLEKK go plug
00:02:33Swagga fint
00:02:35FireMal hvad skal jeg bygge jacob
00:02:36Skinkemaden vangaurd
00:02:39Skinkemaden guard
00:02:41Jerkku well
00:02:41Lafrenzz bare gå full tank
00:02:42FireMal early ?
00:02:42McFele let me mid plz?
00:02:44Skinkemaden jaja
00:02:44Lafrenzz s/y
00:02:45Jerkku this is already lost
00:02:48Jerkku nice picks guys
00:02:52Swagga lav hp
00:02:57McFele me mid plz?
00:02:59VVindoWz we didnt needed that jugger
00:03:00Lafrenzz s/y er nice nu
00:03:00Rotkiv play safe
00:03:04Lafrenzz pga du kan have lifesteal også
00:03:06Swagga abda er am så det fint nokl
00:03:07FireMal ok
00:03:15FireMal så vg sny og vlad
00:03:18SMEGMAPLEKK -ma
00:03:19Lafrenzz nej
00:03:21Swagga ik vlad
00:03:21Lafrenzz dominater
00:03:23Swagga y
00:03:24FireMal k
00:03:24Lafrenzz = satanic
00:03:25FireMal why ?
00:03:28FireMal aaah
00:03:30Swagga satanic
00:03:33FireMal sata nice
00:03:37Swagga puller
00:03:48Rotkiv go upll
00:03:54VVindoWz ok m8
00:03:59SMEGMAPLEKK ss1
00:04:52Rotkiv gj
00:05:08VVindoWz gj m8
00:05:11FireMal fucking fail
00:05:20FireMal need fast gang
00:05:24Lafrenzz ..
00:05:36Skinkemaden ss
00:05:39FireMal care
00:05:58FireMal fail
00:05:59Swagga puller
00:06:00Jerkku ss
00:06:00VVindoWz gj again
00:06:01Rotkiv i heal you soon
00:06:02FireMal wait me top
00:06:08Rotkiv come
00:06:10VVindoWz no need
00:06:11Rotkiv i heal
00:06:12FireMal go go go
00:06:12Rotkiv k
00:06:13FireMal ud
00:06:23FireMal fak
00:06:27VVindoWz u ok ?
00:06:30Rotkiv j
00:06:35FireMal se ?
00:06:41FireMal am
00:06:48FireMal ff
00:06:48Jerkku re mid
00:06:50FireMal ud lvl 5
00:06:51Lafrenzz .
00:06:52Lafrenzz stop nu
00:07:01Skinkemaden ss
00:07:06FireMal ss
00:07:37Rotkiv try kill?
00:07:44Jerkku ss mid
00:07:47VVindoWz ok
00:07:50Lafrenzz vent
00:07:52Lafrenzz go stun
00:07:54Lafrenzz han er noob
00:08:20Swagga kan jeg se
00:08:20VVindoWz they are too afraid
00:08:24Rotkiv j
00:08:25VVindoWz need lvl 6
00:08:34FireMal slopw
00:08:39FireMal trax ffs
00:08:46FireMal go ud
00:08:56FireMal harras
00:09:25Jerkku miss mid
00:09:28FireMal ss
00:09:31Lafrenzz klar
00:09:32Lafrenzz ultier
00:09:35Skinkemaden omw
00:09:57Lafrenzz gj
00:10:02SMEGMAPLEKK oom
00:10:04VVindoWz omg im pressing n instead of b
00:10:11FireMal wp m8
00:10:16Skinkemaden tomb :p
00:10:18Skinkemaden ss mid
00:10:20Jerkku tp
00:10:26Swagga puller
00:10:29Lafrenzz kk
00:10:40SMEGMAPLEKK kill puvk
00:11:37Skinkemaden bare b
00:11:47Swagga omg
00:11:47Uvo ffs
00:11:50Uvo u nab
00:12:02Lafrenzz fuck jeg er dårlig der
00:12:37Swagga 3 top
00:12:49Uvo y
00:12:51Uvo ty
00:12:54Uvo paraolimpics
00:12:54Jerkku this gyro
00:13:11Rotkiv stupid play by me
00:13:18VVindoWz hehe :p
00:13:23VVindoWz hard twr
00:13:46McFele miss mid
00:14:15Rotkiv tower
00:14:26Swagga 4 top
00:14:29Lafrenzz cd tp
00:14:55FireMal shoot it
00:15:03VVindoWz only 2
00:15:06Lafrenzz kan du stun ham
00:15:08Rotkiv ye
00:15:14Skinkemaden bare bliv b
00:15:20Swagga jaja
00:15:20McFele regen
00:15:26FireMal mine
00:15:27Lafrenzz stun,
00:15:27FireMal for mana
00:15:31FireMal ill come from behind
00:15:37FireMal rdy bot ?
00:15:39Lafrenzz yy
00:15:44Rotkiv go now .. i but tomb
00:15:44Skinkemaden er low
00:16:08Uvo my god go 4 plz... let them destroy all towers
00:16:11Uvo fucking public
00:16:41SMEGMAPLEKK l0l
00:16:42VVindoWz twr to strong
00:17:14FireMal push top puck
00:17:16VVindoWz need to farm guys
00:17:17FireMal plz
00:17:18Jerkku sorry m8
00:17:18FireMal need twr
00:17:21Rotkiv go and farm
00:17:26SMEGMAPLEKK mby take some twrs?
00:17:27Jerkku need ud to support
00:17:29Jerkku flying
00:17:30Jerkku wards
00:17:34Jerkku and gyro should too
00:17:45VVindoWz fuck off
00:17:52Rotkiv slard got dagger
00:17:53McFele can some1 upg chick?
00:17:54McFele omg
00:18:20Lafrenzz omw
00:18:37SMEGMAPLEKK avjõ'
00:18:40SMEGMAPLEKK fucking dark
00:18:41VVindoWz b please
00:18:55VVindoWz PLSSSSSSSSS
00:18:56Uvo -ff
00:19:04SMEGMAPLEKK give the am to the right guy!
00:19:04VVindoWz why so stupid?
00:19:12VVindoWz shut up smegma
00:19:18Jerkku you can only blame yourselves
00:19:22Jerkku why you pick shit
00:19:24Jerkku simply thing
00:19:30Jerkku then you cry whole game
00:19:31Jerkku ''ff''
00:19:32VVindoWz im farming and im not comming before i got enough items to carry
00:19:46Jerkku just stop picking shit
00:19:52Jerkku and we could win
00:19:56McFele ¨b
00:20:00Rotkiv heh
00:20:06Swagga oom
00:21:49Skinkemaden ¨fuck
00:21:54Swagga sry min mus fucker
00:22:10VVindoWz lol lorthars already
00:22:11FireMal up chick plz
00:22:12Swagga den stopper med at virke ligepludseligt
00:22:22Jerkku all just ff at 25
00:22:25Jerkku and learn to pick
00:22:40VVindoWz uvo im not playing with u again,, u comming to gank but fail
00:23:05VVindoWz and i failed farm cause all the time helping team
00:23:17Swagga omw
00:23:21Swagga kommer
00:23:38SMEGMAPLEKK why u run cyyper?
00:23:59Jerkku lvl 8 magina
00:23:59SMEGMAPLEKK nice am:D
00:24:01Jerkku wtf is this
00:24:03Jerkku really
00:24:07SMEGMAPLEKK nice swap jerkku
00:24:10SMEGMAPLEKK really
00:24:14Jerkku nice pick smegma
00:24:17Jerkku really
00:24:21SMEGMAPLEKK atleast i kill them
00:24:27Jerkku with luck
00:24:33Skinkemaden :D
00:24:40Jerkku i really just hope
00:24:40SMEGMAPLEKK jojo
00:24:44Jerkku that you ff at 25
00:24:47Jerkku its not winnable
00:24:51VVindoWz i hit him 10 times but no damage at all
00:25:33VVindoWz FF
00:25:35VVindoWz ff
00:26:08Swagga hates gonna hate
00:26:24FireMal haters gonna hate
00:26:56VVindoWz had these items from 7min
00:27:04Lafrenzz go
00:27:06Lafrenzz silence
00:27:23VVindoWz if u guys can def 20 min i will carry
00:27:50Lafrenzz yy go
00:28:01Swagga lol
00:28:04Swagga hahahaha
00:28:06Skinkemaden LOL
00:28:08Jerkku I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:28:12Uvo I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:28:14FireMal x
00:28:14SMEGMAPLEKK I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:28:16Uvo -ff
00:28:19FireMal i need x
00:28:19Jerkku all ff
00:28:22Uvo !ff
00:28:25Uvo /ff
00:28:32Jerkku we cant win
00:28:35SMEGMAPLEKK am wount ff
00:28:39VVindoWz I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:28:42Rotkiv I surrender! [5/5 of Scourge]
00:28:44FireMal lol
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