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-51 X
-2 TS

96% | 1685 X | 1566 TS

+25 X
-2 TS

85% | 1491 X | 1463 TS

-6 X
-2 TS

84% | 1469 X | 1441 TS

-26 X
-2 TS

79% | 1409 X | 1436 TS

-18 X
-2 TS

64% | 1321 X | 1332 TS

+0 X
+2 TS

98% | 1752 X | 1595 TS

+16 X
+4 TS

94% | 1669 X | 1486 TS

+37 X
+2 TS

76% | 1390 X | 1426 TS

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+2 TS

65% | 1261 X | 1405 TS

+34 X
+3 TS

62% | 1335 X | 1307 TS

Chat log

00:00:05Affliction -water 0 0 0
00:00:13poskus me phoe
00:00:15poskus pls
00:00:18WANKmaster any1 wants something ?
00:00:18WANKmaster phoenix
00:00:18WANKmaster naix
00:00:18WANKmaster something?
00:00:18Steuerfreak nope
00:00:18WANKmaster hmm
00:00:18Steuerfreak carry that shit
00:00:18WANKmaster i dont want to
00:00:18Steuerfreak just aghainst me?
00:00:18KeLToS naix ban or pick
00:00:18WANKmaster u want it ?
00:00:18KeLToS no
00:00:18Laier fucking ban allready
00:00:18WANKmaster im not feeling like carrying
00:00:18Steuerfreak su
00:00:18atte we need to ban phonix
00:00:18Laier its not rocketscience
00:00:18WANKmaster -furi
00:00:18Jaylarno stupid hero aswell
00:00:18atte phonix
00:00:31atte want something?
00:00:32Steuerfreak NAIX
00:00:35KeLToS det bliver easy for jer
00:00:37atte dk thrall wd naix ?
00:00:38Laier anna zeus tai thralli
00:00:54Laier ja sit tää pickaa clocki
00:01:10atte mun zeus rofl
00:01:13atte ota mulle bondar
00:01:14RalleBrazil can i play zeus pleasE?
00:01:17Steuerfreak nope
00:01:18poskus ds?
00:01:20atte -swap 3
00:01:20KeLToS enigma good pick
00:01:21Laier -swap 1
00:01:35KeLToS enigma or dk
00:01:37KeLToS ds
00:01:49poskus enigma or ds?
00:01:49WANKmaster sky
00:01:50WANKmaster mby
00:01:50Affliction thral midt ? :/
00:01:52WANKmaster if u can play
00:01:53WANKmaster him
00:01:59poskus enigma it is
00:02:02KeLToS team melee hehe
00:02:10Jaylarno who mid
00:02:11KeLToS ds woods me solo :D
00:02:21Jaylarno i dont have mid items
00:02:47Jaylarno wards ?
00:02:53Affliction yeye
00:02:54Laier sec
00:02:54Laier atte afk
00:02:56KeLToS fuck u
00:02:59atte lp
00:03:00Laier who the fuck are you to unpause?
00:03:00Steuerfreak hell plugg
00:03:00KeLToS in pick fase u were flaming
00:03:02Steuerfreak np
00:03:07KeLToS suck dick bitch
00:03:10KeLToS fucking orphan
00:03:18KeLToS u were wining big time
00:03:19Laier that coming from keltos? :D
00:03:20Laier funny
00:03:24KeLToS when we were picking
00:04:26Steuerfreak ss 1
00:04:27Affliction got it +
00:04:31Jaylarno n
00:05:23Jaylarno gg
00:05:23atte what rune
00:05:24Affliction ^^
00:05:26poskus regebn
00:05:36atte need bottle
00:06:03Shinja ss 1
00:06:03KeLToS ss
00:06:21KeLToS gj
00:06:58KeLToS ss wd
00:07:03KeLToS re
00:08:49atte ss pudge
00:08:52atte going base
00:09:02Jaylarno gay range
00:09:27Steuerfreak s
00:09:36Laier ¨
00:09:45KeLToS ss wd
00:09:46Laier so fucking bug skilli :D
00:09:47Laier oikeesti
00:09:53Steuerfreak hes top
00:09:54RalleBrazil he is top
00:10:01Jaylarno ss
00:10:09atte rofl
00:10:17poskus \thrall care
00:10:31KeLToS ds go
00:10:32KeLToS ion me
00:10:35KeLToS i ulti
00:11:07Laier top ss2
00:11:07poskus ss2
00:11:26KeLToS gondar bot
00:11:56Laier come for mana
00:11:57Laier nigma
00:12:02WANKmaster stun
00:12:04WANKmaster if u see
00:12:04WANKmaster one
00:12:06WANKmaster dk
00:12:11poskus thnx
00:12:32KeLToS when 3 bot
00:12:34KeLToS mb asssit me
00:12:47WANKmaster dk
00:12:48KeLToS tp bot ffs
00:12:49WANKmaster plz
00:12:49WANKmaster rlyt
00:12:51Laier pudge top
00:13:03KeLToS ulti zeus
00:13:04RalleBrazil so know its my fault that u miss :S ?
00:13:07Steuerfreak not rdy
00:13:08Laier care abit
00:13:10WANKmaster i said
00:13:11Laier pudge woods
00:13:12WANKmaster stun
00:13:13WANKmaster if u see
00:13:14WANKmaster one
00:13:21Shinja ss
00:13:25RalleBrazil sry then
00:13:32Laier atte tp top
00:13:34KeLToS ds
00:13:34poskus dagger rfdy
00:13:35KeLToS come
00:13:42Shinja oom
00:13:43KeLToS ion me
00:13:44KeLToS and vaccum
00:13:51Laier mitä vittua
00:13:52Jaylarno ss
00:13:59RalleBrazil gondar top
00:14:13Laier pudge sit siel topis
00:14:37Jaylarno ?
00:14:51atte ..
00:15:00KeLToS need wards
00:15:06KeLToS 2 much focus bot
00:15:15poskus b
00:15:21atte flying
00:15:22atte wards?
00:15:41WANKmaster why urn ..
00:16:25poskus go top
00:16:25Laier i tp top
00:16:28poskus pudge there
00:17:12RalleBrazil omg again? for real ?
00:17:33Laier ota atte wardit
00:17:34Laier jos mahtuu
00:17:49poskus def top again
00:17:57KeLToS rather mid
00:18:02poskus deny
00:18:05Laier wait
00:18:08Laier zzz
00:18:13Laier go
00:18:22Affliction wards
00:18:22Affliction :/
00:18:28poskus b
00:18:55Laier meiä metäs o
00:19:07Jaylarno dust
00:19:49WANKmaster dk
00:19:51WANKmaster seriously
00:19:53WANKmaster u max stun
00:19:55WANKmaster before fire?
00:19:56WANKmaster :D:D:D
00:20:00RalleBrazil y ? :D
00:20:02WANKmaster lvl 4 stun
00:20:05WANKmaster are u insane?
00:20:08RalleBrazil imba
00:20:11WANKmaster cool
00:20:16WANKmaster and phaseboots also
00:20:46atte b
00:21:02atte b
00:21:04Laier care for pudge
00:21:35poskus mid
00:21:36poskus b
00:21:48Jaylarno care void ulti
00:21:50KeLToS vacuum when i ulti
00:22:52Laier atte
00:22:53Laier takan 1hp
00:23:10Jaylarno dead
00:23:16Jaylarno :(
00:23:21Laier or not
00:23:52atte trackgold
00:23:53atte :P
00:24:01Laier -st
00:24:04WANKmaster this guy is everywhere i go :d
00:24:39Laier run here
00:25:08poskus not bad
00:25:19Laier heitä zippi botlest
00:25:25Laier meni jo
00:25:29poskus clock pls pipe
00:25:38Jaylarno k
00:27:44poskus nea r tower
00:28:43WANKmaster so much for the roaming then
00:29:18KeLToS thx
00:29:27atte just the towers
00:29:32atte b
00:29:53poskus how we didnt kill void?
00:30:00KeLToS thx pudge
00:30:00atte pudge hook him
00:30:01Shinja dk wtf
00:30:07atte and you went so early
00:30:07WANKmaster np
00:30:07Shinja u farm whole game?
00:30:08poskus yeah but wd did u do maledict?
00:30:13Affliction no
00:30:15Affliction cd
00:30:16Affliction :/
00:30:40Jaylarno need to gank void
00:30:42Jaylarno some times
00:31:29WANKmaster b
00:31:30WANKmaster b
00:31:30WANKmaster b
00:31:30WANKmaster b
00:31:31KeLToS 4
00:31:33WANKmaster dead
00:32:11atte go
00:32:37atte HE HAS ULTI HAHA
00:32:41Steuerfreak MORE
00:32:42Jaylarno ^^
00:32:43Steuerfreak brickhgead
00:32:54poskus wd get life
00:33:41poskus worth it
00:34:02atte get towers
00:35:09Affliction take wards someone
00:35:58Jaylarno i go heal
00:35:59Jaylarno and tp
00:36:17Laier sitku noi hommaa gemi ni tää aika gg :D
00:36:22Shinja tracked
00:36:29atte jep
00:37:24poskus wp
00:37:30Laier rax
00:37:36atte meil vaa on vitusti trackgoldii
00:37:39WANKmaster we got nothing to reveal gondar
00:37:41Laier -st
00:37:41atte -st
00:37:44KeLToS my ulti
00:37:48WANKmaster only thing
00:37:50atte cant rax
00:37:54Laier b
00:37:54atte b
00:37:55KeLToS but i was stunned
00:37:56WANKmaster and he was so lucky mid
00:38:03WANKmaster always when i went on him
00:38:05WANKmaster wd was there
00:38:07WANKmaster to hel him
00:38:15Affliction need
00:38:16Affliction 200
00:38:22Laier teen hexin tolle voidille
00:38:23KeLToS i can outcarry him
00:38:30KeLToS but they have pipe and massstun
00:39:18WANKmaster trall has hex
00:39:19WANKmaster in seconds
00:39:20WANKmaster so
00:39:23WANKmaster kinda sux
00:39:46Laier varo ettei o gemii
00:40:15Shinja dk so useless
00:40:17Shinja nc
00:40:22Laier o kyl tuline thralli
00:40:23Affliction 4 for 1 same price :D
00:40:29WANKmaster i dont get
00:40:32WANKmaster hes been farming
00:40:34WANKmaster whole game
00:40:36WANKmaster and he has
00:40:37poskus mana
00:40:38WANKmaster nothing
00:40:38Shinja what the fuck are u doing
00:40:39Laier cd
00:40:49RalleBrazil leave me
00:41:01atte b
00:41:03atte no ults
00:41:04atte void has
00:41:06atte b
00:41:22KeLToS mb get dust
00:41:22Laier ny o hex
00:41:24KeLToS easy
00:41:36Shinja next time use ulti 4 atte
00:41:43KeLToS he was so low
00:41:45poskus mana
00:41:48KeLToS but then
00:41:49KeLToS silenced
00:41:50Shinja hes most important
00:41:54Laier tower
00:41:56Laier or mid?
00:41:59Laier geth ere
00:42:00poskus me no ulti
00:42:07Jaylarno need mana
00:42:12Laier b
00:42:13Jaylarno tping
00:42:41poskus b
00:43:00Laier b
00:43:15atte jhahahaha
00:43:16Laier vitun fogi
00:43:17Laier ei vittu
00:43:18Jaylarno so lol
00:43:20poskus b
00:43:27poskus retards
00:43:31poskus dont go of me no ulti
00:44:08poskus def mid
00:44:09poskus dont die
00:44:13Laier they rosh
00:44:19poskus smoke then
00:44:25atte mb rocket roshan
00:44:45RalleBrazil b
00:44:45RalleBrazil b
00:44:47RalleBrazil oom
00:45:04KeLToS go
00:45:09Steuerfreak get b
00:45:25WANKmaster so bad :d
00:45:27Shinja why ulti for this useless fags
00:45:28Affliction 4 for 1
00:45:30Affliction again
00:45:31Affliction :/
00:45:48poskus that wernt well
00:45:54poskus mana
00:45:57Laier void no ulti
00:45:57RalleBrazil why not go b when we had the agies...
00:45:58Laier gogo
00:46:39poskus b
00:46:44Laier gemi muka?
00:46:50Laier nää
00:46:51atte sentryy
00:46:51Laier sentry
00:47:04Laier mitä teen?
00:47:08Laier linkeni vai mitä
00:47:25atte veilin
00:47:25Laier vois tehä dagon
00:47:26Laier i
00:47:27Laier :D
00:47:56RalleBrazil who got the wards ? :o
00:48:00atte -st
00:48:02Steuerfreak me
00:48:05atte 11.5k
00:48:06Laier care mid
00:48:18Laier go now
00:48:21Laier with 5
00:48:31Affliction just need my ghost septer
00:48:38KeLToS ds scepter
00:48:39RalleBrazil care
00:48:42Steuerfreak yy
00:48:52Steuerfreak gather mb
00:48:53Steuerfreak guys
00:48:54Steuerfreak :d
00:48:56poskus go
00:49:00Laier go mid
00:49:00poskus cowards
00:49:07poskus mid push
00:49:11atte i scout
00:49:11Steuerfreak #DONT FIGHT474
00:49:13KeLToS sec
00:49:19Shinja b
00:49:21Steuerfreak DONT FIGHT
00:49:22Steuerfreak b
00:49:23KeLToS b
00:49:28RalleBrazil we need him
00:49:29Steuerfreak void is farming
00:49:30Steuerfreak :D
00:49:35Laier k go
00:49:37RalleBrazil in base
00:50:35atte fucjk
00:50:37KeLToS go
00:50:56poskus b
00:51:00KeLToS b
00:51:08atte rax
00:51:10atte no void
00:51:18KeLToS b
00:51:35Steuerfreak no void ulti
00:51:36atte b
00:51:37KeLToS w8
00:51:38Steuerfreak such a dream
00:51:39atte b
00:51:39Shinja never.
00:51:40poskus b
00:51:40atte b
00:51:49Laier tekis refun
00:51:49Laier vaik
00:51:53Affliction they pull
00:51:55atte tee vaa
00:52:08WANKmaster keltos u just needed bkb
00:52:10Laier vittu
00:52:15KeLToS yup
00:52:17Shinja he need to use his ulti
00:52:19RalleBrazil care
00:52:20Steuerfreak mb today
00:52:22atte omg
00:52:41Laier gogo
00:52:41Jaylarno thought u where with me :( was easy kill
00:53:00WANKmaster I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
00:53:03RalleBrazil I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
00:53:04Shinja I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
00:53:21atte urn
00:53:26Laier ei mul o semmosii
00:53:38Shinja again no ulti void, btw
00:53:41Shinja ur such a fail
00:53:47KeLToS im fucking silenced constant dude stfu
00:53:50Laier gg wp
00:53:52Shinja ur fucking failing
00:53:53atte gg
00:53:53Steuerfreak MB
00:53:54Shinja to dumb to stay back
00:53:55Steuerfreak WAIT
00:53:56Shinja nap
00:53:59Steuerfreak AND DONT INITIATE
00:54:01Steuerfreak FUCKTARD
00:54:03KeLToS stay b fail
00:54:04Jaylarno stronk clock
00:54:05KeLToS go in fail
00:54:10Steuerfreak u failed
00:54:10KeLToS fucking jews
00:54:11Steuerfreak u lost.
00:54:16Steuerfreak racism
00:54:17atte b
00:54:18Steuerfreak banned
00:54:20KeLToS wow
00:54:23KeLToS nigger
00:54:23atte go top finish
00:54:24atte with 5
00:54:49Steuerfreak 300 dmg
00:54:51Steuerfreak but no bkb
00:54:52Steuerfreak :D
00:54:52Laier tarvin 700 :D
00:55:15KeLToS smoke rosh
00:55:23WANKmaster lets just go
00:55:23WANKmaster mid
00:55:31KeLToS rosh why not
00:55:36atte gogo
00:55:40poskus top?
00:55:43atte y
00:55:47atte they rosh
00:55:49atte we all in top
00:55:52poskus doesnt matter
00:55:57WANKmaster clock
00:55:58WANKmaster making
00:55:59WANKmaster heavens
00:56:00WANKmaster also
00:56:00WANKmaster so
00:56:03Laier ny o refuki
00:56:12Steuerfreak no tp
00:56:14Steuerfreak rofl
00:56:14Steuerfreak :D
00:56:26Laier waiiit
00:56:27Laier abit
00:56:29Laier im there in 30
00:56:33Laier oeky 15
00:57:00Laier k go?
00:57:19KeLToS rdy?
00:57:46KeLToS gogo
00:57:55Steuerfreak haha
00:57:56KeLToS I surrender! [4/4 of Sentinel]
00:57:59Steuerfreak fuckhead
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