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70% | 1363 X | 1365 TS

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59% | 1235 X | 1389 TS

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48% | 1129 X | 1357 TS

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35% | 1012 X | 1313 TS

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75% | 1388 X | 1406 TS

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42% | 1170 X | 1288 TS

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37% | 1070 X | 1327 TS

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32% | 1019 X | 1335 TS

Chat log

00:00:16Isdronningen ob - rexxar - venge
00:00:19Isdronningen ob - rexxar - venge
00:00:22Nickless someone want magina?
00:00:23DalaiRuma butcher SF WD
00:00:29Bct_Murder warlock , bara , veaver
00:00:32Isdronningen ob - rexxar - venge
00:00:34Isdronningen ob - rexxar - venge
00:00:36Nickless butcher
00:00:40DalaiRuma u have nickless ?
00:00:45Nickless doom magina rubick
00:00:49DalaiRuma rubick
00:00:56DalaiRuma -swap 2
00:01:02Nickless -swap 5
00:01:02VVindoWz -swap 2
00:01:03Isdronningen ob - rexxar - venge
00:01:03Nickless -clear
00:01:04Swagga -swap 4
00:01:05Isdronningen ob - rexxar - venge
00:01:26Zulu -swap 1
00:01:29Bct_Murder /w DotaKeys: off
00:01:30Isdronningen -swap 5
00:01:31Bct_Murder /w DotaKeys: on
00:01:33Bct_Murder /w DotaKeys: You control Warlock [f,w,e,r]
00:01:58Nickless share pls
00:01:58Isdronningen -clear
00:02:36Zulu we ff at 25. np
00:05:54DalaiRuma take it ?
00:05:55DalaiRuma duhhh
00:05:57svents gg
00:06:00svents my mouse
00:06:09svents fcking clicked 2 times
00:06:43svents ss vs
00:07:03HuaRong ss
00:07:51Zulu ss
00:07:55Zulu re
00:08:14svents gj
00:08:27svents rune top
00:08:32HuaRong ss
00:08:35Nickless ss
00:09:16Bct_Murder fuck
00:09:28Nickless nvm
00:09:37Zulu ss
00:10:11Bct_Murder ss 2 up
00:10:14Zulu ss
00:10:24HuaRong ss
00:10:30HuaRong care up
00:10:35AliBaba ss
00:11:51HuaRong ss
00:11:54DalaiRuma ss spec
00:11:56Nickless wards
00:12:47svents faster dude ....
00:12:49DalaiRuma dude
00:12:55DalaiRuma blaming me solves shit
00:13:09svents just nuke
00:13:13svents so abba would die
00:13:15svents faster
00:13:21svents and they couldnt hit my egg ....
00:15:04svents 'ös
00:15:04DalaiRuma suicidal ?
00:15:15svents missclicked
00:15:21DalaiRuma kill aba
00:15:22DalaiRuma :S
00:15:26DalaiRuma 2 hp
00:15:41Isdronningen b
00:15:42Isdronningen b
00:17:04Bct_Murder fucking venge
00:17:38svents b
00:18:15DalaiRuma ofc
00:18:42DalaiRuma kunkka will have to outcarry naga spec
00:18:43DalaiRuma pff
00:19:16Bct_Murder fucking noob team
00:19:35svents ???????
00:19:39Swagga ?
00:19:41svents are u fcking kidding me?
00:19:51Bct_Murder naga free farm ...
00:19:53svents this burns about 100 hp?
00:21:04Bct_Murder omg
00:21:06Bct_Murder this team
00:21:07Bct_Murder horible
00:21:09HuaRong w m down
00:21:35Bct_Murder abadon win this game
00:21:36DalaiRuma care guys
00:22:13DalaiRuma no1 takes the DD ?
00:22:37DalaiRuma wlock
00:22:39DalaiRuma why urn after me ?
00:23:50Nickless need mana
00:23:53DalaiRuma cd
00:23:55DalaiRuma few sec
00:24:28Swagga im goin to fuck u all
00:24:31Swagga w8 and see
00:24:34svents fag
00:25:05Bct_Murder fuck off
00:25:08Bct_Murder i dont helop
00:25:09HuaRong push
00:25:12Bct_Murder you anymore
00:25:13DalaiRuma well i can see that
00:25:14DalaiRuma u suck
00:25:49DalaiRuma i told u like minute before hand pudge ?
00:25:52DalaiRuma too busy farmin ?
00:25:53DalaiRuma pff
00:26:37DalaiRuma fuckin wlock doesnt now shit about supporting
00:26:47DalaiRuma mana here
00:26:52Bct_Murder yea
00:26:55Bct_Murder you know; ]
00:28:00DalaiRuma this is just stuid
00:28:10Bct_Murder .............
00:28:10HuaRong go 5 and push
00:28:14Bct_Murder i dont help anymore
00:28:15Bct_Murder thx
00:28:17DalaiRuma move before we die ?
00:28:18Bct_Murder i try help 8 time
00:28:19Bct_Murder look
00:28:19DalaiRuma warlock
00:28:21Bct_Murder 8 dear
00:28:22Bct_Murder dead
00:28:24DalaiRuma u havent helpoed since lane game
00:28:24Bct_Murder shut up
00:28:25Bct_Murder rubick
00:28:34HuaRong gather all and gank push
00:28:36DalaiRuma stop whining
00:28:37DalaiRuma and play
00:28:38DalaiRuma ...
00:28:44Bct_Murder rubick just suck my balls
00:28:53DalaiRuma well i hope u like this flaming
00:29:11Nickless kunkka who goes as
00:29:14Nickless ac'
00:31:08Bct_Murder i dont have ulti
00:31:22DalaiRuma they fiocus me like shit
00:31:24DalaiRuma ebery battle
00:31:26DalaiRuma every
00:32:15Nickless wl
00:32:17Nickless heal
00:32:20Nickless spec will ulti u
00:32:58HuaRong dont farm wood
00:33:09Bct_Murder were farm?
00:34:14DalaiRuma warlock
00:34:15DalaiRuma wards ?
00:34:25Bct_Murder you last pick sorry ;]
00:34:30DalaiRuma i wont buy anymore
00:34:30DalaiRuma then
00:34:36DalaiRuma he wont buy even 1 set
00:34:46Bct_Murder i buy
00:34:47Bct_Murder pick it
00:34:52DalaiRuma "pick it"
00:34:54HuaRong we lost
00:35:30DalaiRuma well we got kunkka to outcarry naga SK and spec
00:37:39HuaRong all mid push
00:37:41Swagga can u see me?
00:37:50HuaRong no
00:37:51Zulu how about now ?
00:38:00AliBaba :b
00:38:04DalaiRuma man u funny
00:38:11AliBaba huhu
00:40:05DalaiRuma urn pls
00:40:11DalaiRuma -clear
00:40:19DalaiRuma warlock can u heal ppl
00:40:23DalaiRuma kunkka
00:40:31Isdronningen can we swap naga siren, for some of you creeps?
00:40:37Swagga :D
00:40:38AliBaba :D
00:40:41Swagga or a dust?
00:40:57VVindoWz lets change him for a clarity
00:41:07Isdronningen to much
00:42:03DalaiRuma y
00:42:03HuaRong all down
00:43:15DalaiRuma i thought were goin down
00:43:37DalaiRuma b
00:43:41DalaiRuma why u go now ?
00:43:42DalaiRuma dont go
00:43:51DalaiRuma or do
00:44:29Nickless ill get hp
00:44:31HuaRong dont die
00:44:49HuaRong b
00:45:37DalaiRuma sweet that u always swap me venge
00:45:48AliBaba he love you
00:45:49Zulu it's love m8
00:45:55DalaiRuma ye i know
00:45:56Zulu pure love
00:45:57DalaiRuma sweet :)
00:45:59Zulu :D
00:46:14DalaiRuma get bot too, no tower :)=
00:47:36Zulu kill rubick !! xD
00:47:53Zulu I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:47:53AliBaba I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:47:53Swagga I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:47:53Isdronningen I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:47:59VVindoWz I surrender! [5/5 of Scourge]
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