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Chat log

00:00:06Affliction -water 0 0 0
00:00:19lumo keif axe o_O
00:00:19TakinBackMyLove blue ogre
00:00:19TakinBackMyLove any dirge ?
00:00:19c-yanker potm
00:00:22TakinBackMyLove any dirge ?
00:00:23curdi y
00:00:26Nickless gimme ogre
00:00:30c-yanker rubick?
00:00:30TakinBackMyLove uts banned
00:00:32curdi ogre is banned spastic
00:00:57TakinBackMyLove give me bh
00:01:02c-yanker never seen double tomb :D
00:01:03curdi -swap 1
00:01:07Usires give me anal
00:01:08Nickless phoenix
00:01:17TakinBackMyLove -swap 3
00:01:19curdi -clear
00:01:45KeLToS roof?
00:01:47Affliction k
00:01:52c-yanker get sladar
00:01:53c-yanker last
00:02:00Affliction not roof ?`:/
00:02:03c-yanker well
00:02:06c-yanker sladar better than roof
00:02:06c-yanker vs
00:02:06lumo -ma
00:02:08c-yanker axe
00:02:10Pufff-Reis ofc some soob pick phönix
00:02:11c-yanker u can ulti toomb
00:02:12c-yanker aswell
00:02:40c-yanker naix u semi woods?
00:02:50101010 y
00:03:03101010 ward
00:03:04101010 :(
00:03:17Nickless reg btm
00:04:55TakinBackMyLove ss
00:06:00TakinBackMyLove ss
00:06:23Pufff-Reis ty
00:06:23TakinBackMyLove ss
00:06:48KeLToS slow
00:06:56101010 oom
00:06:58KeLToS lol
00:07:20TakinBackMyLove ss
00:08:43Nickless ss naix
00:08:46Affliction lion mioss
00:08:48Affliction miss
00:08:48KeLToS ss
00:08:48KeLToS 2
00:09:09KeLToS ss 2 bot
00:09:10TakinBackMyLove need
00:09:11TakinBackMyLove awrds
00:09:12TakinBackMyLove at
00:09:13TakinBackMyLove rune
00:09:14TakinBackMyLove care
00:09:14TakinBackMyLove top
00:09:30c-yanker gank mid
00:09:55TakinBackMyLove wtf
00:09:56TakinBackMyLove phoenix
00:09:57TakinBackMyLove newb
00:10:05Nickless i can cast 2 spells at a time
00:10:08TakinBackMyLove newb
00:10:12Nickless why did u go at tower..
00:10:12lumo tapame
00:10:13TakinBackMyLove you cant even hit with
00:10:13TakinBackMyLove it
00:10:17TakinBackMyLove cuz we can
00:10:25Pufff-Reis go him
00:10:26TakinBackMyLove need
00:10:27TakinBackMyLove awrds
00:10:31TakinBackMyLove at rune spots
00:10:32TakinBackMyLove ffs
00:10:44Pufff-Reis roof is useless
00:10:52c-yanker need wards
00:10:54TakinBackMyLove or we loose
00:11:19c-yanker want gank?=
00:11:23Affliction y
00:11:40Usires kill bottom
00:11:41TakinBackMyLove plant
00:11:42TakinBackMyLove wards
00:11:46Usires yyyy
00:12:08KeLToS 3 bot
00:12:35Nickless b
00:12:35Nickless b
00:12:36Nickless b
00:12:36Nickless b
00:12:47curdi nc
00:13:29curdi sleep
00:14:16101010 roof what are you doing?
00:15:38c-yanker b
00:15:40curdi huskar kills me solo..
00:15:42curdi nc
00:15:55101010 axe
00:18:04lumo huskar inc
00:18:22TakinBackMyLove axe
00:18:22TakinBackMyLove farm
00:18:23TakinBackMyLove that
00:18:24TakinBackMyLove dagger
00:18:52TakinBackMyLove i go farm
00:20:38curdi need wards
00:22:16Nickless go up
00:22:46c-yanker OJKMG
00:22:50lumo :DDD
00:23:28Pufff-Reis mana?
00:23:29c-yanker gather and push
00:23:32c-yanker cd
00:23:52TakinBackMyLove care
00:24:19lumo got dagger
00:24:43KeLToS em
00:24:45KeLToS me
00:24:53101010 heal me
00:25:06101010 TY HUSKAR
00:25:09101010 fuck you
00:25:14101010 u cant give heal?
00:25:26101010 huskar
00:25:37101010 are you so reatarted or what?
00:25:45KeLToS u didnt ask
00:25:50KeLToS i can use it myself
00:25:54101010 i said heal me
00:25:55KeLToS who said go tank rosh
00:25:56101010 at rosh
00:26:11c-yanker more hate
00:26:12c-yanker kk
00:26:33c-yanker care
00:26:34c-yanker roof
00:26:35c-yanker inc
00:27:12c-yanker go together now
00:27:19Nickless y
00:27:45TakinBackMyLove gem
00:28:03TakinBackMyLove go
00:28:08c-yanker go together now
00:28:12c-yanker dont let bh
00:28:16c-yanker get solo kills
00:28:43c-yanker keltos du tager
00:28:46TakinBackMyLove push
00:28:46TakinBackMyLove biort
00:28:47curdi reaver on husk
00:28:50TakinBackMyLove i go
00:28:51Affliction tawer top !=?
00:28:53TakinBackMyLove axe
00:28:54TakinBackMyLove luion
00:28:55TakinBackMyLove i bate
00:28:58TakinBackMyLove bait
00:29:00TakinBackMyLove go
00:29:02TakinBackMyLove in woods
00:29:03TakinBackMyLove axe
00:29:10Nickless 3 or 4 up
00:29:23Nickless 4 up
00:29:25curdi tomb cd
00:29:27curdi cant def top
00:29:28Usires tower and tele base
00:29:32curdi take bot
00:30:11curdi axe no tp :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
00:30:12c-yanker im b
00:30:16c-yanker dont dive
00:30:17c-yanker ffs
00:30:18c-yanker take tower
00:30:22curdi damn fine work
00:30:30c-yanker b
00:30:46TakinBackMyLove whres
00:30:47TakinBackMyLove bird ?
00:30:56Affliction what you want ?
00:30:58Affliction book ?
00:31:02c-yanker wards?
00:31:06KeLToS refresher
00:31:07Affliction hex +
00:31:41curdi husk gem
00:31:43TakinBackMyLove wtf
00:31:44TakinBackMyLove axe
00:31:45TakinBackMyLove cal
00:31:49TakinBackMyLove we could
00:31:49TakinBackMyLove kill
00:31:51TakinBackMyLove rubic
00:31:52TakinBackMyLove is
00:31:53TakinBackMyLove bot
00:31:55TakinBackMyLove dumb navb
00:32:44TakinBackMyLove axe
00:32:48TakinBackMyLove dont be a pussy
00:32:48TakinBackMyLove plz
00:33:04Nickless go berserk when i ulti and thats it e win mass
00:33:15TakinBackMyLove y
00:33:36TakinBackMyLove axe
00:33:36TakinBackMyLove gte
00:33:38TakinBackMyLove bm
00:33:41TakinBackMyLove and you pwn
00:33:51c-yanker go mid
00:33:51TakinBackMyLove they
00:33:51c-yanker again
00:33:51TakinBackMyLove rosjh
00:33:52TakinBackMyLove gogogo
00:33:53c-yanker dont let bh
00:33:54c-yanker get to fat
00:34:04lumo fast then
00:34:04c-yanker gather for smoke gank
00:34:18Usires roflfllf
00:34:58curdi oh naix got styg :/
00:35:04curdi kinda chop chop for me
00:35:12c-yanker roof
00:35:12lumo oh was poisoned :D
00:35:14c-yanker get a dagger
00:35:15Nickless try tower
00:35:17c-yanker if u dunno
00:35:17lumo couldnt blink
00:35:18c-yanker how
00:35:20c-yanker to ulti
00:35:20Nickless or go b and rosh
00:35:21Nickless ?
00:35:29Affliction you press r ? :/&
00:35:37KeLToS well u was so late
00:35:39KeLToS we all die
00:35:47c-yanker gop
00:35:53101010 its hard to find key r from keyboard
00:35:55Nickless rosh?
00:36:01TakinBackMyLove no
00:36:03101010 it take som time :D
00:36:05curdi can i take top
00:36:06curdi for hood
00:36:07TakinBackMyLove why
00:36:09TakinBackMyLove to tyhey
00:36:09TakinBackMyLove gho
00:36:33c-yanker got smoke
00:36:34c-yanker lets go
00:36:39KeLToS here
00:36:40KeLToS rosh?
00:36:47TakinBackMyLove look
00:36:49c-yanker come naix
00:36:50TakinBackMyLove go
00:36:51TakinBackMyLove look
00:36:51TakinBackMyLove fast
00:36:58TakinBackMyLove if
00:36:58TakinBackMyLove they
00:36:59TakinBackMyLove get
00:37:00TakinBackMyLove rosh
00:37:01TakinBackMyLove we loose
00:37:13lumo y
00:37:15Nickless yep they re there
00:37:18curdi dont have vision :s
00:37:20c-yanker dd
00:37:21c-yanker kel
00:37:26Usires theu destroy
00:37:27Usires wrads
00:37:30curdi y
00:37:47lumo now they there
00:37:53TakinBackMyLove go
00:37:53Nickless go?
00:38:13c-yanker spred out
00:38:43c-yanker MOER HATE
00:38:55101010 heal me plz
00:38:57101010 huskar
00:39:03101010 ty
00:39:05Usires I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:39:35c-yanker tower and b
00:39:39curdi -7 streak :/
00:39:40c-yanker care
00:39:41c-yanker axe
00:39:41curdi fun
00:39:41c-yanker call
00:39:43c-yanker QUp
00:39:46c-yanker b
00:39:47c-yanker b
00:39:47c-yanker b
00:39:47c-yanker b
00:39:48c-yanker b
00:39:48c-yanker b
00:39:48c-yanker b
00:39:49c-yanker b
00:39:49c-yanker b
00:39:55c-yanker leave him
00:40:14Pufff-Reis husk take gem
00:40:17c-yanker vi smoker
00:40:28c-yanker QUp give
00:40:29c-yanker keltso
00:40:29c-yanker gem
00:40:41Affliction his full
00:40:42Affliction :/
00:40:46Affliction inent
00:40:54TakinBackMyLove call
00:40:56TakinBackMyLove then tp ?
00:40:57TakinBackMyLove axe?
00:41:03curdi fun to play dirge vs husk naix
00:41:10c-yanker go bot
00:41:10c-yanker move
00:41:11c-yanker guys
00:41:41c-yanker 70 sec
00:41:43c-yanker 10
00:41:45Affliction reg
00:42:30TakinBackMyLove I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:42:33lumo I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:42:34lumo gg
00:43:30Nickless I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
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