Game #3397376

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-18 X
-2 TS

98% | 1745 X | 1612 TS

+34 X
-2 TS

85% | 1458 X | 1499 TS

+25 X
-11 TS

77% | 1466 X | 1342 TS

+15 X
-3 TS

73% | 1379 X | 1387 TS

+26 X
-4 TS

56% | 1262 X | 1326 TS

-1 X
+2 TS

89% | 1559 X | 1471 TS

-28 X
+2 TS

87% | 1503 X | 1491 TS

+4 X
+2 TS

84% | 1464 X | 1472 TS

-27 X
+3 TS

82% | 1438 X | 1459 TS

-20 X
+2 TS

61% | 1295 X | 1341 TS

Chat log

00:00:00Sepetos [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... zebbelito with 193 seconds.
00:00:06Jonnija gj
00:00:12zebbelito record?
00:00:16Jonnija n
00:00:16Jonnija seen 220
00:00:16Jonnija but then s1 dc-d during load
00:00:16Jonnija and we had to remake
00:00:16yeW- phoenix?
00:00:16que2stress y
00:00:16zebbelito who plays pheonix
00:00:16gangstar1990 ban
00:00:16mamyka i can
00:00:16yeW- any1 es
00:00:16yeW- in case phoe
00:00:16yeW- bannd?
00:00:16mamyka i can pheonix
00:00:16Jonnija me me
00:00:16Jonnija es
00:00:16yeW- k
00:00:16yeW- furi
00:00:16Sepetos what u guys want?
00:00:16zebbelito WTF?
00:00:16nigulas i thinki enigma
00:00:16zebbelito u man furi?
00:00:16Sepetos -phoenix
00:00:16zebbelito change ban
00:00:16Jonnija furi suxx
00:00:16zebbelito idiot
00:00:16Jonnija anyways
00:00:22zebbelito pffft
00:00:24zebbelito es sucks
00:00:25nigulas or potm
00:00:25Jonnija in gc
00:00:26Jonnija level
00:00:26yeW- well
00:00:26zebbelito shit hero
00:00:28yeW- say earlier
00:00:29Jonnija noone can handle
00:00:30Jonnija furion
00:00:37nigulas :D
00:00:38Jonnija there was biggie and meteor
00:00:39Jonnija but no more
00:00:44zebbelito lol
00:00:47yeW- :d
00:00:55yeW- get me ursa
00:01:22Jonnija rly want urs?
00:01:25Sepetos darkser
00:01:25yeW- yeh
00:01:26Sepetos darkseer
00:01:27yeW- tiz fun
00:01:28Sepetos jakiro
00:01:31mamyka and again fail
00:01:32nigulas y
00:01:35nigulas :D
00:01:36yeW- MAMYKA
00:01:37yeW- !!
00:01:37nigulas or axe clock
00:01:38nigulas doh
00:01:39nigulas this gx
00:01:40Sepetos nice random
00:01:40Jonnija -SWAP 1
00:01:40nigulas gc
00:01:42zebbelito he suks
00:01:43yeW- missed u mate
00:01:44zebbelito rus
00:01:46yeW- i knoiw
00:01:47gangstar1990 axe wyou wanan swap?
00:01:48Jonnija swap me
00:01:48yeW- -swap 4
00:01:49Sepetos darkseer would fit in this team now
00:01:49yeW- tell me bout it
00:01:51gangstar1990 say hero
00:01:53Jouez nope
00:01:56gangstar1990 k
00:02:03nigulas im woods axe
00:02:03nigulas so
00:02:05mamyka zebbe
00:02:05Sepetos darkseer
00:02:10yeW- que2
00:02:11yeW- mid
00:02:13mamyka tell plz
00:02:16nigulas :D:D:D:D:
00:02:16Sepetos gg
00:02:17Sepetos ff
00:02:22gangstar1990 carry ftw
00:02:27Jonnija he cant tell you
00:02:33Jonnija why u suck so much
00:02:38nigulas why ppl like this get into silver
00:02:38Jonnija no point in asking
00:02:38zebbelito rus
00:02:39nigulas strom
00:02:40nigulas fucking
00:02:41nigulas !!!!!!!!!!!!!
00:02:45zebbelito -hhn
00:02:45Jonnija dunno russians have
00:02:45mamyka tell plz this slardar on last game was good?
00:02:48Jonnija alot of good players
00:02:48Jonnija :D
00:02:49Sepetos y dunn
00:02:55gangstar1990 let me down axe
00:02:55zebbelito u all sucked
00:02:56gangstar1990 plz
00:02:59Sepetos trax 0/10 15min
00:03:01gangstar1990 enigam wood si can famr better
00:03:01zebbelito ds thrall u slard
00:03:02Kanpu3a ))
00:03:04mamyka vigoss
00:03:14gangstar1990 what bad lanes
00:03:45Jonnija ...
00:03:48Jonnija yes
00:03:48zebbelito rus
00:03:50Jonnija get surrounded
00:03:54Jonnija wise move
00:04:03mamyka oke i understand
00:04:05mamyka now
00:04:28yeW- shjare untis
00:04:33Jouez need perma gangs bor..
00:04:47Jonnija please harras axe
00:04:48Jonnija off lane
00:04:51mamyka nope
00:04:52Jonnija or we die soon both
00:05:08Jonnija banreq incoming
00:05:14mamyka fore>?
00:05:19Jonnija gameruin
00:05:55zebbelito ss 1
00:06:00zebbelito clocky
00:06:01Sepetos y
00:06:02Sepetos i gona take
00:06:25que2stress potm goes top
00:06:39Jonnija this is gg
00:06:40Jonnija this russian cunt
00:06:42Jonnija is worthless
00:06:43mamyka true
00:07:12mamyka we can do fb but u drop me
00:07:17mamyka and now blame
00:07:18Jonnija DUDE
00:07:21Jonnija YOU FAILED
00:07:21mamyka dude
00:07:22Jonnija SO HARD
00:07:24mamyka oke
00:07:29mamyka u pro iam noob
00:07:34yeW- chill
00:07:34Jonnija atleast
00:07:35mamyka dont talk 2 me
00:07:37yeW- usually he has his mate
00:07:37Jonnija you get that
00:07:38yeW- holostoi
00:07:40Sepetos midmis
00:07:40Sepetos care
00:07:42yeW- to fail with him
00:08:04Sepetos midmiss care
00:08:16que2stress magna bait
00:08:16Sepetos flying plz
00:08:17mamyka axe freefarm
00:08:22Jonnija YES
00:08:24zebbelito wow U SUCK
00:08:24Jonnija gj on harrassing
00:08:25zebbelito SO MUCH
00:08:28zebbelito UY ARE A NIGGER
00:08:29zebbelito IRL
00:08:35zebbelito quit
00:08:35zebbelito now
00:08:42zebbelito ff
00:08:43zebbelito now
00:08:48zebbelito que worse then the russians
00:09:11zebbelito quit alrdty
00:09:13zebbelito U SUCK
00:09:22Jonnija que wtf u doing top?
00:09:23Jonnija farm mid
00:09:31Kanpu3a fucking
00:09:32Kanpu3a idiot
00:09:33gangstar1990 why no attack?!
00:09:35gangstar1990 nap
00:09:35gangstar1990 rly
00:09:35zebbelito he keeps sucxking
00:09:38Kanpu3a d
00:09:40gangstar1990 you see taht i am dead
00:09:40Kanpu3a xd
00:09:41mamyka ss MID?
00:09:41gangstar1990 so kill
00:09:46Kanpu3a bronzagamer
00:09:53Kanpu3a getout
00:09:54gangstar1990 nap your big nab
00:10:07Jonnija btw yew
00:10:10Jonnija quelling
00:10:11yeW- ye
00:10:12Jonnija doesnt work
00:10:18Jonnija with ur passive
00:10:21yeW- ah k
00:10:29yeW- man come on
00:10:30Jouez nice
00:10:37Jonnija potm rips this
00:10:38Jonnija game apart
00:10:39nigulas why take my farm?
00:10:39nigulas ffs
00:10:41Jonnija axe has dagger prolly
00:10:42Jonnija by now
00:10:53Sepetos get
00:10:54Sepetos flyin
00:11:04Kanpu3a shit team
00:11:14Kanpu3a die
00:11:17Jonnija axe dagger in 200-300 g?
00:11:22gangstar1990 go come
00:11:24gangstar1990 nap
00:11:26gangstar1990 we kill
00:11:27Kanpu3a fu
00:11:28Kanpu3a lowbob
00:11:31zebbelito why have u become biggest whiner?
00:11:32Kanpu3a always die
00:11:33gangstar1990 wha t tard
00:11:36Kanpu3a and go broza
00:11:42nigulas push
00:12:05Jonnija zzz
00:12:16zebbelito no ty rus
00:12:49yeW- u blind mate?
00:12:56Kanpu3a xd
00:12:57zebbelito no=?
00:12:58yeW- *aigjht
00:12:59yeW- plus inc
00:13:02zebbelito what u wanrt me to do?
00:13:10mamyka ursa
00:13:13yeW- ye
00:13:15zebbelito dagger away make lothar use firu ulti aND tp top=?
00:13:22mamyka i put ward for u
00:13:25mamyka and u die
00:13:43zebbelito Bans furi and picks es
00:13:44zebbelito :D
00:13:59Jonnija told you
00:14:04Jonnija none of u can play
00:14:05Jonnija furi
00:14:11Jonnija so was good move
00:14:11zebbelito u cant play shit
00:14:13zebbelito u can whine
00:14:15nigulas what u bluilding sepe
00:14:16nigulas dagon?:D
00:14:19Sepetos y
00:14:24Jonnija lawl
00:14:31Sepetos wards
00:14:50zebbelito u let him
00:14:52zebbelito sneak
00:15:06Kanpu3a hast
00:15:06nigulas i tp mid
00:15:08nigulas dagger ulti
00:15:13Jonnija lol
00:15:14Jonnija drow
00:15:47Sepetos i could have denied u
00:15:54Kanpu3a i see
00:16:04mamyka vg ursa
00:16:47nigulas ff
00:16:51yeW- up courier?
00:16:51nigulas u dont have cog?
00:16:53mamyka dagon
00:16:55Jonnija gr8
00:16:57Jonnija axe dagger
00:17:03mamyka potm dagon
00:17:10nigulas lvl 8 clock no cog
00:17:11mamyka np we have ursa
00:17:12nigulas normplayer
00:17:14Kanpu3a ))
00:17:16Sepetos ofcourse one level
00:17:17Kanpu3a kiss my
00:17:18gangstar1990 he is tard
00:17:19Kanpu3a ass
00:17:22Kanpu3a and play
00:17:23yeW- oh look its an ursa
00:17:29yeW- uppin courier
00:18:05Jonnija drow
00:18:16nigulas ty sepe
00:18:18nigulas for awesome deny
00:18:19Sepetos sry
00:18:20Jonnija 4 top
00:18:23Sepetos didnt see ur hp
00:18:55Jonnija had u decried urself
00:18:57Jonnija i could have stunned
00:19:27Jouez warded ? :S
00:19:30Jonnija dagger axe
00:19:31Jonnija here
00:20:39gangstar1990 go axe
00:20:54Jonnija yew lothar or dagger?
00:20:58yeW- dagger
00:21:07yeW- tp mag
00:21:12yeW- teh fuck
00:21:21Sepetos give rune
00:22:30Jouez b
00:22:32Jouez b
00:22:39nigulas coming with ult
00:22:40nigulas mid
00:23:09Jouez trax fucking retard hahahahah
00:23:13nigulas where
00:23:15nigulas did u all go?
00:23:16mamyka es bvlind
00:23:23Jonnija es was epic far
00:23:23nigulas its useless to go fight
00:23:24nigulas when
00:23:25Jonnija from that place
00:23:25gangstar1990 no teamplay here
00:23:26gangstar1990 naps
00:23:28nigulas no1 near
00:23:32Jouez haha, trax killed me with 50 hp :D
00:23:35Sepetos i escaped and then i came back
00:24:03yeW- loth
00:24:04yeW- b
00:24:06yeW- dead
00:24:09yeW- s b
00:24:11Jonnija FFS
00:24:15Jonnija so close
00:24:25Sepetos lets take towers :o
00:24:43Sepetos -ms
00:25:04Jouez gather and push..
00:25:09que2stress get dusts
00:25:13nigulas cant
00:25:17nigulas clock needs wood farm
00:25:21Kanpu3a cry
00:25:22Kanpu3a more
00:25:42Sepetos magnus no ulti
00:25:45Sepetos come push tower
00:25:55Sepetos nm lets farm
00:26:19Jonnija axe
00:26:25yeW- go
00:26:27yeW- i gotta use aegis
00:26:29Jonnija and drow
00:26:33gangstar1990 go axe
00:26:37que2stress no dusts
00:26:56Jouez well, they warded woods
00:27:07gangstar1990 stop ffs
00:27:11gangstar1990 stop control
00:27:15gangstar1990 i unshare
00:27:36Sepetos yea i farm
00:27:42Kanpu3a ok!
00:27:43Sepetos u guys dont want push when magnus wastes hes ulti
00:27:44Kanpu3a np
00:28:22Kanpu3a sepetop u cant win
00:28:25Kanpu3a u know&!
00:28:29Sepetos yea dont care
00:28:32Sepetos u guys dont listen me so play alone
00:28:58yeW- ah fuck
00:29:34yeW- eni kill
00:29:56nigulas rosh is up
00:29:59Sepetos someone gona make pipe against venom es?
00:30:20zebbelito omg
00:30:21zebbelito :D
00:30:51yeW- fissure last moment pls
00:30:54Sepetos drink
00:31:01Sepetos empty it
00:31:02yeW- CXOME ?N
00:31:05gangstar1990 k
00:31:11gangstar1990 ty
00:31:26yeW- fail es
00:31:45Jonnija yes
00:31:45Jonnija D:
00:31:54Jouez gj
00:32:00yeW- -maz
00:32:02yeW- -ma
00:32:05Jonnija axe blink in had such
00:32:07Jonnija perfect timing
00:32:30gangstar1990 y
00:32:45zebbelito MAMYKA STOP taking farm
00:32:54zebbelito U DID SAME LASTGAME
00:32:55zebbelito WHIT AA
00:32:57zebbelito u suck
00:33:02Jouez warded
00:33:05mamyka mb save it for es?
00:33:07Sepetos wards
00:33:09mamyka u2
00:33:20mamyka solo player
00:33:20nigulas ult cd
00:33:42Kanpu3a pffff
00:33:45Kanpu3a \bbb
00:34:40que2stress outplay
00:34:45mamyka ahaha
00:34:54yeW- jesus
00:34:58yeW- if only u
00:35:02yeW- cud fuckin synch ur ulties
00:35:20nigulas surviver 2k12
00:35:21Jonnija they fight us from all sides cant rly sync unless
00:35:26Jonnija they are together :D
00:35:32nigulas any1 saw that shit?:D
00:35:35Sepetos y
00:35:48nigulas kk got ult
00:36:09nigulas and ur silences saved me
00:36:10nigulas :D
00:36:24zebbelito stop soplo
00:36:28Jouez still warded
00:36:30nigulas 3
00:36:40yeW- lol
00:36:41yeW- rty
00:36:50zebbelito i ran for 5 min
00:36:52zebbelito fort that
00:37:32Jouez <3
00:37:55zebbelito gj
00:37:59yeW- gj urself
00:38:01yeW- u saw her buy back
00:38:04yeW- wasnt to go woods
00:38:07zebbelito we had the kill
00:38:15zebbelito simple as that
00:38:16Jouez oom
00:38:17que2stress es
00:38:18que2stress give me
00:38:19que2stress item
00:38:19zebbelito u hunt the tank
00:38:26zebbelito whit blade
00:38:30que2stress es
00:38:48que2stress es
00:38:50que2stress give tie
00:39:01que2stress es
00:39:04que2stress u have my item
00:39:06zebbelito STO
00:39:08gangstar1990 b all omg
00:39:12Kanpu3a this bronz always farming and dia
00:39:13Jonnija kk
00:39:13mamyka no
00:39:21zebbelito why u take farm
00:39:22mamyka u dont get dagger
00:39:22Jonnija ur yasha?
00:39:24que2stress y
00:39:29mamyka why you go carry?
00:39:31que2stress ty
00:39:38nigulas how he killed u mirana?:D
00:39:39nigulas i stunned him
00:40:07Jonnija hmm go mid
00:40:08Jonnija as ursa got bk
00:40:09Jonnija b
00:40:17gangstar1990 go anigm
00:40:37mamyka gg
00:40:38yeW- the fufck
00:40:42mamyka like at klast game
00:41:41Jonnija ...
00:41:54mamyka gg magna
00:41:59Sepetos M;)
00:42:00zebbelito gg u taking all farm
00:42:02mamyka u rlty need rosh
00:42:06mamyka fuckin noob
00:42:19zebbelito 5 kills u have stolen
00:42:22zebbelito froms omeone
00:42:25nigulas ffs
00:42:26nigulas guys
00:42:28nigulas u are next to him
00:42:29nigulas i blink
00:42:30nigulas u dont go
00:42:38nigulas cheese
00:42:47yeW- cheese for magnus
00:42:54nigulas got ulti
00:42:55Sepetos didnt know he was alive
00:43:05mamyka go die again
00:43:07nigulas dd
00:43:12gangstar1990 e
00:43:15yeW- emp me in fight pls
00:43:19zebbelito y
00:43:19gangstar1990 you?
00:43:21Sepetos u
00:43:27yeW- -ma
00:43:29Jonnija care
00:43:30Jonnija CARE
00:43:54Sepetos bhole?
00:43:54zebbelito ban THIS PUNGA
00:43:57Sepetos SHOOT TRAX
00:44:03zebbelito ban HIM
00:44:05zebbelito HE LOST
00:44:07zebbelito RUSSAIN'
00:44:12zebbelito stop useing that spell
00:44:13mamyka u lost
00:44:19zebbelito its for the first 2 min
00:44:20mamyka with ur farm
00:44:21zebbelito after that
00:44:26zebbelito the skill is useless
00:44:32zebbelito dont use it
00:44:33zebbelito once
00:44:34zebbelito more
00:44:42zebbelito u saved drows
00:44:46yeW- ye
00:44:46mamyka i know
00:44:46zebbelito must be rus
00:44:51mamyka that my bad
00:44:52zebbelito MUST BE RUSSIAN
00:44:52yeW- i hit and he ethers him
00:44:53yeW- :d
00:45:24mamyka magna u farm when they push and you have shit iteam for this ghame and u blame me
00:45:29mamyka fukcin retard
00:45:36que2stress actually
00:45:38mamyka yes iam ru so what now
00:45:39que2stress u blame everyone
00:46:03nigulas i need reg bas
00:46:17mamyka my cauntry > then ur so what
00:46:21nigulas ha
00:46:25Jonnija cauntry? :D
00:46:26nigulas i hit 1st
00:46:28que2stress putin cauntry
00:46:28nigulas i can banreq u
00:46:29zebbelito omfg
00:46:30que2stress rofl :D
00:46:32nigulas woho
00:46:36que2stress u even cant vote
00:46:42que2stress but talk u can
00:46:47Jonnija they dont have to vote
00:46:49mamyka u think u can?
00:46:52yeW- shup, poutine was elected democratically
00:46:58mamyka ahahah
00:47:05mamyka guys open eyews
00:47:08yeW- :D
00:47:25mamyka u lucky stalin dead
00:47:30mamyka if he aliave
00:47:36yeW- ye
00:47:39que2stress ye and we all lucky hitler dead too
00:47:39yeW- he wud be what now
00:47:41que2stress good old times
00:47:41yeW- 110 years?
00:47:58Jouez hex or shivas ?
00:48:01nigulas hex
00:48:04mamyka soon u see rus power lowbob
00:48:08yeW- :d
00:48:09yeW- soon
00:48:16Jonnija soon we are going to hear news of china estonia
00:48:16yeW- b
00:48:17Jonnija border
00:48:24Sepetos -ms
00:48:26que2stress :D
00:48:31mamyka u all be scared like georgia
00:48:48nigulas how im highest lvl?:S
00:49:01zebbelito 4omw
00:49:03gangstar1990 b
00:49:05mamyka from u ?
00:49:07yeW- care
00:49:09yeW- he ultied
00:49:25Jouez b
00:49:35Sepetos magnus no ulti
00:49:37Sepetos go bot now
00:49:47Sepetos BOT
00:49:50mamyka dead
00:49:56nigulas got ult
00:50:41yeW- GO
00:50:42yeW- ULTIES
00:50:42yeW- FFS
00:50:54yeW- TEAM
00:50:56yeW- WHERE THE FUCK R U
00:51:01yeW- omfg
00:51:03yeW- now u ulti
00:51:10Jonnija well i had the option of ulting 2
00:51:17yeW- where ur dagger
00:51:20Jonnija and getting 3 of us in enigma ulty
00:51:34Jonnija forgot magna
00:51:35Jonnija had no dagger
00:51:38Sepetos rege bot
00:51:38Jouez fuck
00:51:40mamyka dei noob
00:51:54yeW- how could u be oom in base
00:51:55yeW- blah
00:52:01yeW- srsly we can win this with ur ulties
00:52:04Sepetos REGE BOT
00:52:10zebbelito y
00:52:36zebbelito haha
00:52:48yeW- cheese mag
00:52:51zebbelito y
00:52:59nigulas why u jumped in like that potm?:D
00:52:59zebbelito where is bird
00:53:02yeW- dead
00:53:02zebbelito the wird
00:53:08nigulas ursa roshing
00:53:10nigulas with es
00:53:20yeW- pick the cheese for mag
00:53:27zebbelito -ms
00:53:28mamyka i can drop it?
00:53:34yeW- ye
00:53:36yeW- its effin cheese
00:53:50Jonnija russians
00:53:51Jonnija dont have
00:53:53Jonnija cheese
00:53:56gangstar1990 lool
00:54:04nigulas noobs?
00:54:08zebbelito b
00:54:15Sepetos we need raxes
00:54:27nigulas why they not pushing?D:D:D:
00:54:28nigulas 2 dead
00:54:30nigulas i have no ult
00:54:31nigulas they go farm
00:54:42nigulas rosh down
00:54:43nigulas alrdy
00:54:50Jonnija lal i still got 0 kills
00:54:53nigulas full hp t1 twr
00:54:54nigulas ha
00:54:58yeW- emop pls
00:55:03yeW- u never emp me
00:55:15Jonnija u need voker for that shit
00:55:20gangstar1990 b
00:55:23gangstar1990 def next twr
00:55:25zebbelito b
00:55:28yeW- b
00:55:49Sepetos sure
00:56:02Sepetos 20last min i have bo:t and got 0 items
00:56:06Sepetos just cause we cant push as team
00:56:10Sepetos and they are already too fat
00:56:44yeW- EMP ME
00:56:46yeW- IN FIGHT.
00:56:50zebbelito u have bkb
00:56:55yeW- not always
00:57:18yeW- cheese
00:57:22Jonnija wasted
00:57:23Jonnija cheese
00:57:29Sepetos go mid now all
00:57:30gangstar1990 go?
00:57:40Jonnija nigma has
00:57:42Jonnija ulty now
00:57:43Jonnija i guess
00:57:45Jouez ..
00:57:51Sepetos he has ulti?
00:57:52gangstar1990 hmm
00:57:55nigulas y
00:58:19yeW- ulties now
00:58:20yeW- go
00:58:28zebbelito wow
00:58:29zebbelito WP
00:58:30zebbelito WP
00:58:31zebbelito WP
00:58:31zebbelito WOP
00:58:32zebbelito WÅP
00:58:33zebbelito WP
00:58:35zebbelito WQP
00:58:36zebbelito WP
00:58:37zebbelito 'WPå
00:58:50nigulas u guys :D
00:58:52nigulas are so useless
00:58:54gangstar1990 look hps
00:58:55nigulas i ulti 4
00:58:58nigulas no1 hits them
00:59:05Sepetos well i was 1hp when u ulti
00:59:10gangstar1990 e too
00:59:12nigulas i couldnt ulti before
00:59:14nigulas cuz blink cancel
00:59:18nigulas and was killing magna
00:59:18gangstar1990 coming
00:59:30yeW- anyone makin ac?
00:59:34zebbelito y
00:59:35Jonnija maga
00:59:36mamyka mag
00:59:36Jonnija y
00:59:37zebbelito i haz soon
00:59:46Sepetos lets ff
00:59:48nigulas trax needs manta
00:59:51nigulas but ih ave better farm thn he does
00:59:56Sepetos trax needs to learn how to play
01:00:09nigulas ITS DEAD
01:00:10Sepetos get wards up
01:00:11zebbelito -ms
01:00:22mamyka go mkb ursa trax have butter
01:00:29yeW- too late
01:00:44gangstar1990 wards7
01:00:52Jonnija btw
01:00:54mamyka take wards some one plz
01:00:56Jonnija iniciate
01:00:58Jonnija from here
01:00:58mamyka havent space
01:01:00Jonnija for suprise
01:01:01nigulas no ulti
01:01:05yeW- gather here
01:01:06yeW- !!
01:01:21nigulas 10sec
01:01:48gangstar1990 lool
01:01:57Sepetos gjgj
01:02:01yeW- GO MDI
01:02:06nigulas b
01:02:15yeW- phone sec pls
01:03:00Sepetos nice bash
01:03:04gangstar1990 b all omg
01:03:11gangstar1990 ffs
01:03:18yeW- the fuck
01:03:24nigulas where did u guys learn dota?
01:03:35Kanpu3a garena)
01:03:39yeW- blah
01:03:39yeW- b
01:03:39nigulas goback
01:03:43Kanpu3a np
01:03:44Sepetos i knew we lost when u didnt listen me when i said in 25min push when magnus no ulti and we had advantage
01:03:45Sepetos np
01:03:45Sepetos I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
01:03:47Kanpu3a go with me
01:04:03mamyka veno take wards pzl
01:04:33zebbelito omw
01:04:42gangstar1990 b
01:04:43gangstar1990 b
01:04:43yeW- mag
01:04:45yeW- courier
01:04:51mamyka dno
01:04:55yeW- MAGNUS
01:04:57zebbelito cant drop
01:04:59zebbelito the wwant
01:04:59yeW- d
01:05:01yeW- stick
01:05:01zebbelito wand
01:05:04zebbelito cd
01:05:22zebbelito WOW
01:05:26yeW- cheese,
01:05:29zebbelito y
01:05:32zebbelito dno wtf
01:05:33zebbelito i did
01:05:34yeW- blahg
01:05:34yeW- GOSH
01:05:45yeW- what a bunch u guys are
01:05:46yeW- srsl
01:05:47zebbelito why are we there?
01:05:48zebbelito alone
01:05:48nigulas i have ulti
01:05:51gangstar1990 3 dead go
01:05:56zebbelito whgere was u?
01:05:57Kanpu3a FARM
01:05:57mamyka coz u cant take cheese
01:05:58zebbelito and why
01:06:11zebbelito i even forgot to use
01:06:12zebbelito so
01:06:12nigulas haha
01:06:49gangstar1990 rex
01:06:50gangstar1990 gj
01:06:51gangstar1990 all dead
01:07:14yeW- blah
01:07:18yeW- lost my abyssal
01:07:20yeW- just to def
01:07:21nigulas rosh is up
01:07:26que2stress actually u didnt even def
01:07:29zebbelito PUGNA
01:07:31Sepetos nah
01:07:34Sepetos its not
01:07:36yeW- well i killed timde
01:07:36Jonnija :D
01:07:38nigulas oh
01:07:40yeW- im perma stunnd
01:07:41mamyka i h8 u
01:07:47mamyka thats all\11
01:08:54yeW- go mid
01:08:54yeW- nbow
01:08:55yeW- all
01:09:04zebbelito wait
01:09:20zebbelito WAIT
01:09:23Jouez ty :)
01:09:28Jouez ursa wasted bkb
01:09:29nigulas got ult
01:09:34Jouez gogo
01:09:36yeW- COME ON
01:09:39mamyka take gem
01:09:39zebbelito 3 sec
01:09:48zebbelito noiw
01:09:50yeW- lool
01:09:54Jonnija :D
01:09:58Jonnija not rly paying attention
01:10:15yeW- µLOL
01:10:24Jonnija sry screwed up :D
01:10:31Jonnija my sister is anoying me
01:10:37Sepetos someone could take ward down...
01:10:44nigulas i ultid
01:10:45nigulas 4
01:10:46yeW- emp me
01:10:46nigulas out of 5
01:10:48nigulas nokills
01:10:49nigulas ..
01:10:53Jouez a bit late dude
01:11:06Sepetos make eidolons and take that wards down
01:11:20que2stress and out
01:11:51Kanpu3a 69 min playing with bronza
01:12:21que2stress plan=?
01:12:37yeW- b
01:12:38yeW- jesus
01:12:45yeW- im oom
01:12:45yeW- b
01:12:46yeW- b
01:12:46yeW- b
01:12:47yeW- b
01:12:49Kanpu3a pff
01:13:12mamyka 0-15
01:13:19yeW- :D
01:13:25Jonnija 24 assists :D
01:13:28mamyka )
01:13:28yeW- most assist
01:13:28yeW- ye
01:13:32Jonnija better than you pugna
01:13:41mamyka ofc
01:14:00yeW- jesus es
01:14:03yeW- how do u manage
01:14:04yeW- every time
01:14:13Jonnija LOL SHIT DINT LET ME BKB :D
01:14:14nigulas HAHA
01:14:15nigulas these
01:14:16nigulas FUCKING
01:14:16gangstar1990 b
01:14:17nigulas NOOOBS
01:14:17gangstar1990 b
01:14:25Sepetos trax cant do anything
01:14:27Jonnija while i was casting stunamination
01:14:30gangstar1990 loool
01:14:31nigulas hook ur own creeps
01:14:33nigulas idiot
01:14:33gangstar1990 i killed ursa naps
01:14:40yeW- towers
01:14:41Kanpu3a lowbob
01:14:41yeW- mid
01:14:41yeW- go
01:14:42Kanpu3a su!
01:14:42yeW- jeez!!
01:14:43Sepetos they all too fat already
01:14:43Kanpu3a plz
01:14:47gangstar1990 you naps
01:14:48nigulas me lowbob?
01:14:49nigulas :D:D
01:14:52Kanpu3a and go play with me at garena
01:14:55gangstar1990 enigma is k he do nice ultis
01:14:55mamyka come mag
01:14:58gangstar1990 but no one attack
01:15:02gangstar1990 i tr y m best
01:15:02Kanpu3a enigma gosuman
01:15:29Jonnija ...
01:15:30zebbelito ahahahahah
01:15:33Jonnija that is just
01:15:35Jonnija waste :D
01:15:35zebbelito rus
01:15:45yeW- ALL MIOD!!
01:15:47Jonnija russian economy plan
01:15:52que2stress gather
01:15:56nigulas bkb on sata for trax
01:16:01nigulas and he should destroy em
01:16:21Kanpu3a I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
01:17:11Jonnija :D
01:17:14Jonnija gogooggogoog aegis pugna
01:17:41Kanpu3a 0
01:17:41yeW- lol at eni
01:17:49que2stress get that
01:17:51gangstar1990 b
01:17:51gangstar1990 b
01:17:52gangstar1990 b
01:17:53gangstar1990 care
01:17:55yeW- what u gettin
01:17:57yeW- rapier?
01:18:03yeW- lol
01:18:05zebbelito dno?
01:18:12yeW- get hot
01:18:15Jonnija actually another abyssial
01:18:17Jonnija wouldnt be that bad
01:18:25yeW- k
01:18:26yeW- go for that then
01:18:39yeW- care arrow
01:18:40Jonnija that is if u can stun enigma with it
01:18:45Sepetos coming
01:18:54Sepetos def base
01:19:13yeW- long game oO
01:19:15nigulas trax get that sata
01:19:23nigulas thn sell lothar and bkb
01:19:33zebbelito go mid?
01:19:36que2stress goi top anmd and=
01:19:36Jonnija havent payed attention for like 30 min now
01:19:37yeW- ye end this shit
01:19:40nigulas or rapier
01:19:42yeW- try 76
01:19:43yeW- :D
01:19:48gangstar1990 go
01:19:50Jonnija well pugna pissed me rly off
01:19:51Jonnija at start
01:19:57Jonnija almost forgotten that
01:20:23zebbelito this pugna
01:20:25zebbelito this russian
01:20:26zebbelito guy
01:20:28zebbelito of doom
01:20:40Jonnija FFS
01:21:00Jonnija ah i got
01:21:02Jonnija my first kill
01:21:07gangstar1990 rex
01:21:09zebbelito paska
01:21:11zebbelito HIMI
01:21:12Kanpu3a mid too
01:21:13zebbelito vittu
01:21:13Kanpu3a ?
01:21:21gangstar1990 rex rex
01:22:16que2stress go all top
01:22:17Sepetos axe sell vang and het hot
01:22:23Jouez no gold dude
01:22:24Sepetos someone could ward it up
01:22:34Jonnija googog gametime past 80 min
01:22:37nigulas no ulti
01:22:42Jouez i ll go in
01:23:31Jonnija 100 sec respawn :D
01:23:41Sepetos def
01:23:52yeW- b vbeno
01:23:55zebbelito pls ff
01:24:07zebbelito get gem
01:24:09zebbelito so i can kill
01:24:11zebbelito this noob
01:24:12zebbelito cunt
01:24:14zebbelito drow
01:24:19Sepetos enigma wards
01:24:24nigulas no room
01:24:26yeW- teh fuck
01:24:28Sepetos i plant
01:24:28yeW- 2,3k rebuy
01:24:34Jonnija yeah
01:24:35nigulas on chick
01:24:42Sepetos sell foce get guinsoo?
01:24:43Jonnija it grows the longer the game :D
01:24:45nigulas y
01:24:46yeW- yeh ^^
01:24:51yeW- whats the max uve seen?
01:24:54yeW- n where the fuck is rosh
01:24:54yeW- :D
01:24:55Jonnija u should rly save up
01:24:59gangstar1990 care
01:25:00Sepetos B AXE
01:25:05Jonnija hmm
01:25:08yeW- well its not like i have any more slots
01:25:17Sepetos axe needs hot
01:25:20que2stress -ms
01:25:21Jonnija u can get
01:25:21gangstar1990 y
01:25:21Jonnija bot
01:25:24Jonnija instead of phase
01:25:32Jouez dont die...
01:25:41gangstar1990 i rex
01:25:48Kanpu3a bb
01:26:22nigulas gg
01:26:27nigulas i wasted my money
01:26:28nigulas no no
01:26:29nigulas bo
01:26:46nigulas they cmojn g
01:27:00nigulas gem on es
01:27:01gangstar1990 es
01:27:03yeW- main
01:27:04nigulas and u guys need to def it
01:27:09nigulas go manta
01:27:09nigulas def
01:27:11Kanpu3a eee
01:27:21nigulas URSA
01:27:22nigulas ffs
01:27:30nigulas idiots
01:27:36yeW- gg
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