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Chat log

00:00:17PeterLars jeg få 16 tilage :d
00:00:17curdi ban sd and i can omni
00:00:17WantedZip nice
00:00:17curdi or vs
00:00:17WantedZip giv mig 6
00:00:17Sepetos whatsup
00:00:17WantedZip :D
00:00:17WantedZip IHUFA
00:00:17MariahCarry 16k tilbage i skat?
00:00:17WantedZip har brug for 6k :P
00:00:17PeterLars ja
00:00:17curdi mm
00:00:17MariahCarry nice :D
00:00:17Sepetos what ban what pick?
00:00:17MariahCarry fordi de har taget for meget skat af dine dagpenge?
00:00:17MariahCarry :D:D
00:00:17Vaj.CO ban ns
00:00:17WantedZip :D
00:00:17TakinBackMyLove ban ns
00:00:17WantedZip :D
00:00:17WantedZip :D
00:00:17PeterLars jeg hedder ikke ihufa
00:00:17WantedZip ihufa
00:00:17MariahCarry haha xD
00:00:17Vaj.CO so
00:00:17curdi ban sd go omni
00:00:17Sepetos -omni
00:00:17curdi for me
00:00:17WantedZip hvornår skal du spille noget ordentlig poker ?
00:00:17MariahCarry hvor arbejder du?
00:00:18Vaj.CO pick omni
00:00:18MariahCarry ^^
00:00:18Vaj.CO y
00:00:21Vaj.CO omg
00:00:23PeterLars ølstykke :D
00:00:24Vaj.CO ???
00:00:26Vaj.CO sepe?
00:00:27MariahCarry tele halløj?
00:00:34Sepetos what?
00:00:43Vaj.CO why did u ban omni?
00:00:47Sepetos why not?
00:00:47Vaj.CO we could pick him
00:00:56Sepetos didnt see anyone saying want to play it
00:00:59Sepetos but someone wanted this
00:00:59PeterLars anyone lich?
00:01:03curdi ?
00:01:03WantedZip why not lich ?
00:01:07curdi i said ban sd
00:01:08PeterLars anyone lich
00:01:08TakinBackMyLove hate lich
00:01:09WantedZip suckers
00:01:09Sepetos thrall mulle
00:01:12curdi and omni for me
00:01:13TakinBackMyLove and non says anything
00:01:16Sepetos lol
00:01:20Sepetos ff
00:01:20MariahCarry we gonna have fun with sf mid :D
00:01:22MariahCarry stun + arrow
00:01:29MariahCarry weee
00:01:32MariahCarry nice heroes :D
00:01:33Sepetos np pick whatever then we lose this
00:01:37MariahCarry i go manaboots
00:01:42MariahCarry stop that
00:01:45PeterLars GET PUGNA
00:01:46Sepetos ff
00:01:51Sepetos thrall for me
00:01:52PeterLars or trall
00:01:55PeterLars omg
00:01:56PeterLars omg
00:01:56TakinBackMyLove enigma last
00:01:57PeterLars omg
00:01:57Sepetos -swap 5
00:01:57PeterLars omg
00:01:58curdi :D
00:01:58PeterLars omg
00:01:59Sepetos i can play huskar
00:02:01Sepetos good
00:02:02HuaRong -swap 5
00:02:03MariahCarry even better :D
00:02:05falloutNV -swap 4
00:02:06Jouez im sick of support, sry
00:02:07Jouez k
00:02:09Jouez -swap 1
00:02:13falloutNV my first lich in dota :()
00:02:15PeterLars i can sd if u want
00:02:19Jouez k
00:02:22MariahCarry my 3rd ogre i think
00:02:23PeterLars -swap 5
00:02:23Jouez -swap 3
00:02:25MariahCarry maybe 2nd
00:02:33PeterLars lanes?
00:02:38WantedZip go Mc style lich :D
00:02:38Sepetos im mid
00:02:40Sepetos sf eredar top
00:02:41WantedZip lothars :D
00:02:45MariahCarry ^^
00:02:49falloutNV :)
00:02:52MariahCarry muta we be roamin'
00:02:55MariahCarry like it's 1999
00:02:55WantedZip np
00:03:02Sepetos share
00:03:15MariahCarry get mid right?
00:03:16PeterLars they gonna ward
00:03:19Sepetos hood game i see
00:03:20TakinBackMyLove k
00:03:21MariahCarry got arrow?
00:03:26TakinBackMyLove y
00:03:31MariahCarry ok
00:03:34curdi lol sentries
00:03:45MariahCarry go
00:03:54Sepetos gg
00:03:55PeterLars ^^
00:03:56Sepetos dont say miss tp
00:04:09MariahCarry move!
00:04:09TakinBackMyLove gjk
00:04:44falloutNV sd
00:04:44falloutNV d
00:04:44falloutNV d
00:04:44falloutNV sa
00:05:31HuaRong ss
00:06:01PeterLars omg
00:06:01Vaj.CO .llolll
00:06:02PeterLars sf
00:06:06MariahCarry nice :D
00:06:16Sepetos bot illu
00:06:19MariahCarry reuse
00:06:20WantedZip bottle potm ?
00:06:22TakinBackMyLove y
00:06:53Sepetos take botrune
00:07:22falloutNV ss
00:07:28HuaRong ss
00:07:36HuaRong ss
00:08:31Sepetos too much that he get so much lvl advantage for fuckin fb
00:08:33MariahCarry oops
00:08:34Sepetos cant say top miss
00:08:35MariahCarry soon arcane
00:08:39MariahCarry then they dead
00:08:53curdi oom
00:08:57Jouez y
00:09:04HuaRong ss
00:09:17HuaRong ss
00:09:34TakinBackMyLove care bot
00:09:36TakinBackMyLove huskawr
00:09:37TakinBackMyLove haste
00:10:01MariahCarry arcane done
00:10:26MariahCarry jeg giver mana lige før vi goer
00:10:32MariahCarry så han tror vi er oom
00:10:43HuaRong ss2
00:10:45curdi ss2
00:11:14Sepetos wards
00:11:16WantedZip omg
00:11:19WantedZip gj
00:11:28MariahCarry ^^
00:11:29MariahCarry u2
00:11:39curdi this spelldmg
00:11:42Jouez :D
00:11:44Sepetos wtf this potm doing bot
00:11:47WantedZip jesus :D
00:12:00Jouez :D
00:12:17HuaRong ss2
00:12:25Sepetos ward it up
00:12:32PeterLars sut
00:12:34PeterLars b
00:12:41Sepetos go
00:12:47PeterLars 4
00:12:48PeterLars b
00:13:05curdi 4?
00:13:07Sepetos nice all 4 there
00:13:09Vaj.CO b
00:13:16PeterLars i fucking told u
00:13:18PeterLars fucking bitch
00:13:19Sepetos hard without wards
00:13:21PeterLars dont fucking go
00:13:22PeterLars idiot
00:14:14curdi nc this game
00:14:28PeterLars dead
00:15:27HuaRong ss2
00:15:33Vaj.CO dead
00:15:34Sepetos y
00:15:39Sepetos come top
00:15:43Jouez NC
00:15:57MariahCarry how could we see him xD
00:16:05WantedZip bug og haxx
00:16:08MariahCarry hax
00:16:13Vaj.CO dead
00:16:14Vaj.CO clock
00:16:31Sepetos someone make meka?
00:16:32PeterLars dead
00:17:14curdi yy then u bail
00:18:02Sepetos fuck it
00:18:11MariahCarry ward
00:18:12MariahCarry kill
00:18:12MariahCarry come
00:18:15Sepetos invis top
00:18:16MariahCarry thrall
00:18:28Sepetos ogre invis bottle
00:19:10PeterLars b
00:19:11PeterLars b
00:19:30PeterLars they coming mid
00:19:35HuaRong w m
00:19:41Sepetos i try rush pipe asap
00:20:32TakinBackMyLove use
00:20:35TakinBackMyLove silence ?
00:20:40HuaRong cd
00:20:45MariahCarry we must have a really bad lich and thrall
00:20:48MariahCarry o.O
00:21:39PeterLars go
00:22:07PeterLars dead
00:22:11Jouez dunno why u cant wait
00:22:16PeterLars yeah me too
00:22:25PeterLars b
00:22:50Jouez oom
00:22:55Jouez b
00:23:07Jouez again
00:23:12Jouez how to win ?
00:23:14Sepetos COME BOT
00:23:58PeterLars b
00:24:02PeterLars 2
00:24:03PeterLars there
00:24:10PeterLars come top
00:24:25Sepetos wards
00:24:27PeterLars top
00:24:45Sepetos i tele when need
00:25:04Sepetos nice hook
00:25:14Sepetos fun to tele there when noobs cant do shit
00:25:22HuaRong :d
00:25:25MariahCarry zzz
00:25:32Jouez one misclick and u wanna blame ? ^^
00:25:40Vaj.CO ofc he will
00:25:46Sepetos missclick from 3hero spot
00:25:49Sepetos how is that even possible
00:25:52falloutNV come to me
00:25:53Vaj.CO but its ok if he lose mid
00:25:53Jouez just wanted potm so stfu
00:25:59MariahCarry ty
00:26:20Sepetos ?
00:27:02Sepetos i can kill one but u cant kill any
00:27:04Sepetos hardgame
00:27:06TakinBackMyLove hov
00:27:08PeterLars stfu
00:27:10PeterLars sepetos
00:27:11curdi .care
00:27:13PeterLars u fucking fail mid
00:27:18Sepetos why clock even hooks?
00:27:22HuaRong huskar why u hate me so much?
00:28:00Sepetos well sf pick from that pool is always fail so we lost in that pick already
00:28:10WantedZip ^^
00:29:07Jouez well, sad enough that im the only one going 4 wards
00:29:15Sepetos ?
00:30:20MariahCarry ^^
00:30:24MariahCarry hahahha
00:30:25Vaj.CO >D
00:30:26falloutNV :))
00:30:26Jouez :D
00:30:27HuaRong :D
00:30:27Sepetos WTF USE THAT :DDDDD
00:30:35Sepetos hit and straight 60dmg
00:30:37Sepetos he would have died
00:30:58Jouez 8 13, 1 7, 4 11, 3 9 and the warding guy got + stats
00:31:09MariahCarry who is the warding guy
00:31:09curdi clock pretty good hero vs them
00:31:31HuaRong lets smoke
00:32:05WantedZip ulti 10 sec cd :D
00:32:06WantedZip love it
00:32:14Sepetos nuke lich and thrall
00:32:20Vaj.CO zea
00:32:34Jouez dunno why we got a tower
00:32:40Sepetos again i kill one u nothing only die 3
00:32:40MariahCarry ^^
00:32:40Sepetos gg
00:32:51curdi we were in thrall's circle
00:32:52Vaj.CO ye u rock sepe
00:32:54curdi not much to do there
00:32:55Vaj.CO we know
00:33:10Sepetos u picked second shitties hero in this game
00:33:17curdi I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:33:18Vaj.CO first was?
00:33:22Sepetos necrolyte
00:34:35Jouez dunno why he banned me instead of u
00:34:43Jouez someone knows it ?
00:34:48MariahCarry who banned who
00:34:58HuaRong ?
00:35:03Jouez sd knows it :))))
00:35:13MariahCarry cool story
00:35:23WantedZip novel :P
00:35:23Jouez actually its just sad, but nvm
00:35:23HuaRong sd what u know that we dont? :D
00:35:35curdi go ff
00:35:50MariahCarry -ms
00:36:13Jouez I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:36:25Vaj.CO well -60 inc :D
00:36:30curdi same
00:36:38Sepetos <3 silver games
00:36:47Sepetos 1-9 secondpick with awesome sf
00:37:04Vaj.CO :D husk 0:3 in 4 mins mid :D
00:37:08Jouez potm owned huskar so badly and hes even talking ?! :D
00:37:12Sepetos and still best player in team
00:37:25Sepetos bad start and still only one who can do something
00:37:33MariahCarry careful lich
00:37:33MariahCarry :D
00:37:37falloutNV :D
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