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Chat log

00:00:00Astrocreep [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... mby_next_time with 96 seconds.
00:00:07mby_next_time ff
00:00:19Domess ok u noobs u gonna listen to me
00:00:19mby_next_time we wont.
00:00:19WANKmaster lich
00:00:19WANKmaster any1?
00:00:19Domess u stfu reetard
00:00:19P3PSI i can go
00:00:19Astrocreep n
00:00:19WANKmaster or something?
00:00:19mby_next_time funny boy.
00:00:19WANKmaster -spec
00:00:19Zajeb what u ban? meepo?
00:00:19siemenlinko i venge
00:00:19siemenlinko mby
00:00:19Zajeb ban...............
00:00:19P3PSI ? ?
00:00:19Domess someone lich ?
00:00:19siemenlinko ban
00:00:19Domess stfu
00:00:19siemenlinko lol
00:00:19Zajeb ban it and go
00:00:21Zajeb dont have all day
00:00:21Domess Lich
00:00:29Domess someone bara ?
00:00:35mby_next_time i can.
00:00:42Domess or sk ?
00:00:45mby_next_time skl i can also
00:00:47mby_next_time sk.
00:00:50Domess k
00:01:01siemenlinko can i lion?
00:01:03Domess pfouua
00:01:04Domess lion
00:01:05WANKmaster sure
00:01:06Domess lion
00:01:09Domess for me
00:01:09mby_next_time you want lion?
00:01:11mby_next_time kk
00:01:13WANKmaster get lion magnus
00:01:15WANKmaster or lion bara
00:01:18siemenlinko i lion
00:01:21mby_next_time -swap 1
00:01:21P3PSI -wate random
00:01:22siemenlinko oh
00:01:22P3PSI -tips
00:01:23siemenlinko bara
00:01:23P3PSI -ii
00:01:24P3PSI -clear
00:01:24siemenlinko then
00:01:28Domess -swap 4
00:01:40siemenlinko what i pick
00:01:40mrk thd
00:01:43WANKmaster thd
00:01:43WANKmaster last
00:01:44WANKmaster y
00:01:47siemenlinko thd?
00:01:48Domess trax silence ?
00:01:49WANKmaster twin
00:01:51WANKmaster dragon
00:01:55siemenlinko sure
00:02:02mby_next_time skyu would be better but k
00:02:04Domess k someone want to go mid ?
00:02:07Domess vs seeker ?
00:02:09mrk i get urn
00:02:11mby_next_time vs wank
00:02:12mby_next_time :))
00:02:18Astrocreep me?
00:02:22P3PSI better if bara bot ?
00:02:31siemenlinko mby
00:02:34Zajeb give warrds
00:02:38Zajeb ty
00:02:40siemenlinko hi wank
00:02:43mby_next_time ya im mid
00:02:44siemenlinko how are you?
00:02:44mby_next_time vs styg
00:02:46Domess put wards here
00:02:48mby_next_time you make me roll
00:02:50WANKmaster im cool
00:02:51Zajeb take wards magnus
00:02:58Zajeb dont have room
00:03:00mby_next_time you know wank will freefram?
00:03:04Domess well le t me go mid
00:03:05Domess pls
00:03:05P3PSI ¨fb
00:03:07Domess u will fail
00:03:07P3PSI bara
00:03:07siemenlinko i make mana boots
00:03:07WANKmaster lets own some
00:03:09Domess fast
00:03:13mby_next_time i know dude
00:03:17Domess sk no chance
00:03:19Domess vs sseeker
00:03:22mby_next_time i told so
00:03:25mby_next_time you didnt listen :)
00:03:42mrk ss
00:03:49mby_next_time wp pepsi
00:03:51mby_next_time ganger!
00:03:58P3PSI please
00:04:29slc2 go kill thrall
00:04:49slc2 sk???
00:04:52slc2 move it???
00:04:57mby_next_time why you go vs 2 range
00:05:04mby_next_time with hard spells?
00:05:07slc2 because we can kill them
00:05:31P3PSI go pull
00:05:56mby_next_time mid go?
00:06:03Domess stun
00:06:25Domess lvl 5 or 6 gang top
00:06:28mrk ss
00:07:31mrk ss
00:07:37mby_next_time rege bot rune
00:07:39siemenlinko he pulling
00:07:41Domess lvl 6
00:07:42Domess seeker
00:07:47Domess Miss
00:08:20siemenlinko ty
00:08:33Domess omg
00:08:34Domess im tard
00:08:35Domess rlly
00:08:41P3PSI ss bot
00:08:47Domess pff
00:08:53mrk oom
00:08:55Domess wait
00:08:55Domess i tp
00:08:59siemenlinko come
00:09:32Domess gang
00:09:36mrk ss
00:09:36mrk ss
00:09:40P3PSI ss bot
00:09:41siemenlinko i slow
00:09:50Domess gangg
00:09:51Domess gogo
00:10:10siemenlinko sry
00:10:22Domess µomg
00:10:23Domess ??
00:10:25Domess ty for hlep
00:10:29mby_next_time was dead
00:10:55mrk JESUS:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
00:10:59siemenlinko so unlucky
00:10:59mrk how could u miss that
00:11:06siemenlinko my bad
00:11:07siemenlinko know
00:11:10mrk :D
00:11:12Domess care
00:11:14Domess seeker going top
00:11:22P3PSI ss bot
00:11:33Domess gang
00:11:35slc2 sk
00:11:36siemenlinko u lag bara
00:11:37Zajeb coming
00:11:37slc2 go mid
00:11:51siemenlinko he pulling
00:11:56Domess dont ms
00:11:59Domess illu
00:12:02Zajeb range
00:12:09Domess GOGOOG
00:12:14WANKmaster dead
00:12:39Domess gg
00:12:39Domess cya
00:12:44Domess hou cant
00:13:00Zajeb oo m
00:13:18mby_next_time cool first hit stun :)
00:13:20Domess how can u fail
00:13:21Domess stun
00:13:22Domess ?
00:13:24mby_next_time \
00:13:27mby_next_time i also ask
00:13:30Astrocreep no bash
00:13:30mby_next_time how can you fail stun?
00:13:31P3PSI sss bot
00:13:48WANKmaster u had no ult ?
00:13:52Astrocreep n
00:14:10mrk blinking
00:14:14mrk usually means something
00:14:18Domess got arcane
00:14:32Domess is utn and go
00:15:25Domess omg what
00:15:28Domess ah ulty
00:15:28Domess lol
00:15:36Domess noo sk
00:15:39Domess always
00:15:43mrk oleks sa kõrval tsillinud
00:15:45mrk hp kilist
00:15:51siemenlinko en tajuu
00:15:59Domess b
00:15:59mby_next_time he's omo
00:16:20Domess gogogo
00:16:32WANKmaster no fuck that
00:16:51Domess tower
00:16:52Domess gogo
00:16:53mrk why u go top
00:16:57siemenlinko shop
00:17:03WANKmaster pepsi
00:17:04WANKmaster start
00:17:06WANKmaster ganking
00:17:07WANKmaster fuck
00:17:10P3PSI will do
00:17:30Domess b
00:17:30Domess b
00:17:47Domess ok
00:17:49Domess i told ya b
00:17:52Domess coz they alll focus me
00:18:03mrk venge
00:18:04mrk cmon
00:18:05mrk stun
00:18:05Domess stun
00:18:05mrk insta
00:18:09Domess nah
00:18:10mby_next_time ofc duide
00:18:30siemenlinko must kill veno
00:18:34mby_next_time naaa
00:18:37mby_next_time back...
00:18:38Domess b
00:18:38Domess b
00:19:17Zajeb ulti
00:19:23Zajeb idiot
00:19:38slc2 no ulti
00:20:48Domess b
00:21:25Domess b
00:21:26Domess :)
00:21:31siemenlinko def
00:22:08Zajeb dont send bird back
00:22:13mby_next_time dont dive
00:22:27P3PSI ty
00:22:39siemenlinko too late team
00:22:41siemenlinko np
00:22:52Domess baara
00:22:53mrk kus sa lähed
00:22:58mrk :D
00:22:59mrk tapa kõik maha
00:23:03Zajeb u guys are tards
00:23:05Domess go b
00:23:06Domess sirena
00:23:07mby_next_time that's reason not to dive dude
00:23:14Zajeb lion fucked up
00:23:30Domess tp mid
00:24:06WANKmaster venol agha ult kohe ..
00:24:09Domess hmm
00:24:11Domess i go don
00:24:12Domess down
00:24:15Domess u can tp top no ?
00:24:27slc2 def mid
00:24:34mby_next_time they got wards.
00:24:43mrk care blinks
00:24:53Domess dont go alone
00:25:12Domess ?
00:25:12siemenlinko i make pipe
00:25:12mby_next_time warded
00:25:20slc2 i got my ulti
00:25:33Domess go
00:25:39mrk gather
00:25:41mrk cmoin
00:25:46Domess down tower
00:25:52mby_next_time wghy you got wards?
00:25:53mrk metsas kõik
00:25:57slc2 tower
00:26:04mrk 5 people
00:26:05WANKmaster wait
00:26:06mrk leave mid
00:26:06WANKmaster i need
00:26:07WANKmaster 200
00:26:13mby_next_time i meant when you killed my illu1
00:26:15mby_next_time on jhil;
00:26:18mby_next_time hil *(
00:26:40Domess pff
00:26:43Domess why im first
00:26:44Domess omg
00:26:45Domess tell me
00:26:51Domess and no ulty
00:26:52Domess sirena
00:26:52mby_next_time you're tank!
00:26:53Domess ?
00:26:56Domess sirena gj
00:26:58Domess no ulty ?
00:26:59Domess rlly ?
00:27:06mrk nice entry lion
00:27:09siemenlinko i top
00:27:11Domess y
00:27:16Domess sirena u fucking noob sry
00:27:19Zajeb place wards some1
00:27:20Domess u cant ulty or what ?
00:27:26Domess i get
00:27:30mrk tee bkb otsa
00:27:34mrk kõik nende spellid
00:27:34mrk bkb
00:27:42Domess SIRENA GET uLty
00:27:43Domess u noob
00:27:46Domess this slc2
00:27:48Domess is retrarded
00:27:49Domess omg
00:28:00slc2 i havent played for long time
00:28:04mrk have ulti
00:28:07mrk 5 mid
00:28:09siemenlinko i msut go base
00:28:16Zajeb place wards
00:28:20mby_next_time kk
00:28:22mby_next_time :D
00:28:27slc2 I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:28:46mby_next_time f
00:28:47mby_next_time I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:28:48mby_next_time -hhn
00:28:50Domess ?
00:28:50mby_next_time -don
00:28:55Domess jsut play noobs
00:28:56Domess thatrs all
00:28:58Astrocreep was that 4v5
00:29:00Domess sk u died for ntoihng
00:29:00mrk yes
00:29:09mby_next_time oh rly?
00:29:13Domess oh rly
00:29:14mby_next_time thanks capitan obvioys
00:29:15Domess imba tp
00:29:18Astrocreep why the fuck was it 4v5
00:29:26siemenlinko i was shop
00:29:28siemenlinko read chat
00:29:35mrk :D:D
00:29:46WANKmaster eino pask
00:29:48siemenlinko sry
00:29:53Domess push ?
00:29:53WANKmaster np
00:29:53mby_next_time GOD I GOT WANK I GO FAPP
00:29:55Zajeb place wards
00:29:55WANKmaster my fault
00:29:56WANKmaster was that
00:30:01Domess sk GIVE WQRDS
00:30:05Domess i place it
00:30:31mby_next_time no ulti
00:30:36Domess b
00:30:40mby_next_time 130 to dagg.
00:30:59siemenlinko pipe rdy
00:31:12mrk plant ward
00:31:18WANKmaster astro
00:31:19WANKmaster get
00:31:20WANKmaster bkb
00:31:23Domess they go miod i think
00:31:24Astrocreep ok
00:31:24mby_next_time wow dagger in 30 minut
00:31:44Domess magnus good ulty
00:31:45Domess and gg
00:31:52Domess with sk and veno
00:31:56Domess they can do shit
00:32:03mby_next_time t
00:32:16Domess noo
00:32:17Domess omg
00:32:21Domess Omg
00:32:24Domess what u do :((
00:32:25Domess sire,na
00:32:27Domess sirenaa :(((
00:32:35Domess sirena :(((
00:32:38Domess why ulty ?
00:32:42Domess magnus ulty
00:32:44mby_next_time serioyuskly first i got hit by fucking thd and cant dagger....
00:32:45Domess then sirena ulty
00:32:46Domess ok
00:32:46Zajeb naga your best player
00:32:52Domess naga
00:32:52Domess ty
00:32:54Domess u loss it
00:32:58Domess ok
00:33:00mrk u were dead anyway
00:33:00Domess u tard naga
00:33:03Domess now ui can fucking go afk
00:33:04Domess u bitch
00:33:05Domess or leave
00:33:06mby_next_time yay let's go flame naga more!
00:33:09Domess THIS SLC2 ULTY
00:33:11Domess KILLED IT
00:33:18Domess i cant belive
00:33:21Domess go fast
00:33:25Domess Nagga stop doing bullshgit
00:33:27P3PSI b ?
00:33:36Domess GOGO
00:33:37mrk got ulti
00:33:55Domess HELP
00:34:03mrk bara
00:34:10mrk :D
00:34:10Domess GO B
00:34:11Domess NAGGA
00:34:11Domess B
00:34:18mrk u just walked pass him
00:34:22mrk past
00:34:25Domess ,
00:34:27Domess AND WHAT U DO ,
00:34:27siemenlinko def
00:34:28mby_next_time kk
00:34:30mby_next_time DUDE
00:34:32mby_next_time HOW CAN I KNOW
00:34:35mby_next_time THEY GOT WARDS THERE
00:34:37mby_next_time I HAD TO BACKJ
00:34:40mby_next_time WHICH WAY
00:34:41siemenlinko push
00:34:43siemenlinko wank
00:34:43mby_next_time if they had wareds
00:34:46Domess SK
00:34:48mby_next_time on bot / top rune spots
00:34:48slc2 I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:34:56Domess sirena fucking noob
00:35:08mby_next_time ya go fucking flame him more
00:35:09mby_next_time it helps a lot
00:35:10mrk venol dust
00:35:11mby_next_time seriously
00:35:19WANKmaster kasutad
00:35:20WANKmaster juba
00:35:20Zajeb stun???
00:35:22Domess no sirena noob
00:35:23mrk b
00:35:41Domess omg
00:35:43Domess im easy kill
00:35:49Domess sirena
00:35:50Domess noob
00:35:50Domess omg
00:35:51Domess play
00:35:56Domess nice
00:35:58Domess sirena PLAY
00:35:59Domess UI BITCH
00:36:03Domess give share
00:36:04mby_next_time -afk
00:36:06Domess i control you
00:36:08Domess y pls
00:36:09Domess banned
00:36:11Domess report him
00:36:15Domess sirena
00:36:16mrk venge/thd
00:36:21Domess can i explain to you how to play please ?
00:36:22mrk there's no point of you to stay alone and farm
00:36:22mby_next_time last game you did same :)
00:36:24mrk always stick with others
00:36:31mby_next_time lalalala
00:36:33Domess ulty when we fucking die
00:36:33siemenlinko n1 lasthit
00:36:35Domess u can see it ?
00:36:37WANKmaster thanks
00:36:40Domess dont ulty when magnus and sk cast
00:36:41Domess retard
00:36:48Domess its easy no ?
00:36:53siemenlinko gj still
00:37:02Domess we could win it
00:37:08Domess but sirnea too noob
00:37:12WANKmaster -ms
00:37:17siemenlinko meka rdy
00:37:18Domess howu can wait ?
00:37:19Domess noob
00:37:25mrk got ulti
00:37:43Domess HELP
00:37:44Domess HELp
00:37:48Domess u see ?
00:37:49Domess ??
00:37:52Domess and
00:38:00Domess pff u all go
00:38:01mby_next_time love you thrall bitch
00:38:03Domess differents way
00:38:04Domess ...
00:38:05Domess unreal
00:38:09mrk me2
00:38:15Domess WHY u go differents way ?
00:38:22Domess go b
00:38:25Domess u tard noob sirena
00:38:33Domess ..
00:38:47Domess pff hard to stay together
00:39:16Domess foicus me
00:39:17Domess this bithc
00:39:19Domess omg what can i do
00:39:35Domess sk
00:39:36Domess fight
00:39:37Domess omg
00:39:38Domess sk
00:39:40Domess lol
00:39:50Domess help him ?
00:39:51Domess woow
00:39:55mby_next_time WHAT COULD I DO
00:40:07cooper I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:40:08siemenlinko bopt
00:40:26Astrocreep lemme gues, pink is flaming some people in team
00:40:32Zajeb y
00:40:35Zajeb so much
00:40:35Domess stfu noob
00:40:39mby_next_time well he does it to whole team
00:40:40siemenlinko lol
00:40:41siemenlinko pink
00:40:42mby_next_time + naga most
00:40:43Astrocreep he is the ultimate noob
00:40:51Domess again
00:40:52Domess noobs
00:40:58Domess again tard
00:40:58Domess team
00:41:04Domess lool
00:41:06Domess suckers
00:41:10Domess -ff
00:41:12Domess .ff
00:41:14Domess I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:41:16mby_next_time ya he goes for whole team./
00:41:18mrk on ulti
00:41:23Domess ofc
00:41:30Zajeb stgu lion
00:41:31mrk ask him why he lost mid and fed
00:41:34Zajeb u sucked too
00:41:37mby_next_time well
00:41:39siemenlinko pepsi nice lvls
00:41:39Domess focused
00:41:40mrk :D
00:41:40mby_next_time wank as a bs
00:41:41Astrocreep dont listen to him
00:41:42Domess by seeeker
00:41:43Domess and u watch me
00:41:44Astrocreep he is just a noob
00:41:45Domess u fucking noobs
00:41:46Domess u cant play
00:41:51mby_next_time i dont find solution for wank being stygwyr
00:42:00WANKmaster u had this game
00:42:02WANKmaster u just made
00:42:02Domess coz un noobs
00:42:04mby_next_time well ya
00:42:06WANKmaster so horribad moves
00:42:08Domess ofc
00:42:09P3PSI look my stats 0-9
00:42:11Domess Coz sirena killedu d
00:42:13P3PSI it was 5v
00:42:15P3PSI 4
00:42:15Domess we lost coz sirena
00:42:24mrk u were already lost
00:42:25mrk at that point
00:42:29Domess he cant use his ulty
00:42:40Domess mrk pls if they lost
00:42:42Domess its ur fault
00:42:46Domess coz u did rlly nothing only feed
00:42:50Domess and ur item so anyoing
00:42:56mrk :d
00:42:56Domess sirena u fucking noob
00:42:57mrk tell me more
00:42:59Domess learn to use ur ult
00:43:11Domess sirean go ulty
00:43:12Domess ??
00:43:13mby_next_time not that time mrk :)
00:43:15Domess ulty ?
00:43:24Domess ULTY NOOB
00:43:27Domess ULTY
00:43:31Domess ok OGOG
00:43:38mby_next_time STOP YULTI
00:43:39mby_next_time STOP
00:43:39mby_next_time STOP
00:43:40mby_next_time STOP
00:43:42mby_next_time OMFG
00:43:53slc2 I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:43:54slc2 I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:43:58mby_next_time syrena
00:44:02mby_next_time when i end ulti
00:44:02Astrocreep die nooob
00:44:04mby_next_time YOU END YOUR ULTI
00:44:04Domess lost
00:44:05Domess game
00:44:07Domess coz noob sirena
00:44:08Domess cant play
00:44:19Domess slc2 in team
00:44:21Zajeb lion is so annoying
00:44:22Domess = looos
00:44:22Domess gg
00:44:26Domess ofc
00:44:31slc2 please ff it
00:44:33mby_next_time im dead.
00:44:34mby_next_time ...
00:44:42Domess -fffffffffffffffffffffffffff
00:44:42slc2 ff it
00:44:44slc2 -ff
00:44:45Domess I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:44:46mby_next_time []ff
00:44:47mby_next_time I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:44:47mby_next_time I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:44:48mby_next_time f
00:44:49Domess -ff
00:44:57mby_next_time sad game
00:45:02mby_next_time to lose with combo like that
00:45:05Domess ok gj
00:45:08Domess y
00:45:09mby_next_time to lose game with combo like that
00:45:10P3PSI gg
00:45:10Domess coz sirena
00:45:10Domess noob
00:45:11Domess sry
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