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79% | 1379 X | 1460 TS

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60% | 1249 X | 1375 TS

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60% | 1382 X | 1233 TS

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Chat log

00:00:02mrk -SD
00:00:09maardal i cant by chickn
00:00:10Jouez some1 wanna ember ?
00:00:11Acid8000 furion lycan BH
00:00:11mrk aa clinkz dk
00:00:13Vaj.CO silencer pit lancer
00:00:14pOWa eza shreder troll
00:00:15QuiNN slardar wd morf
00:00:15Banana razor sd spirit
00:00:16Acid8000 anyone want lycan
00:00:18pOWa i play troll
00:00:18mrk why not maardal
00:00:19Nickless give me furion
00:00:20Nickless pls
00:00:20QuiNN u buy chicken maardal
00:00:23maardal Zeus sniper pudge
00:00:23Jouez clock ember eni
00:00:24Nickless i have centaur ogre
00:00:25Vaj.CO spirit storM?
00:00:28Banana give me eni
00:00:28Acid8000 lycan is imba
00:00:30mrk swa pudge?
00:00:31mrk aa dk
00:00:31Nickless FURION
00:00:32Nickless PLS
00:00:32Banana i give u sd
00:00:34Banana ok?
00:00:35Nickless :D
00:00:35Acid8000 who yo ugot
00:00:38pOWa i pick troll -__-
00:00:40Banana or spirit
00:00:40Nickless ogre centaur
00:00:41pOWa :)
00:00:43Acid8000 and
00:00:45mrk maardal, swap pudge?
00:00:45Banana lastpick give me eni plz
00:00:47Nickless meduis
00:00:47mrk aa clinkz dk
00:00:51Nickless medusa
00:00:51Jouez spirit
00:00:54Acid8000 ill have centuar
00:01:00Nickless -swap 4
00:01:01Acid8000 -swap 2
00:01:03mrk MAARDAL, ORANGE
00:01:04Banana -swap 5
00:01:05mrk SWAP PUDGE?
00:01:06Jouez -swap 3
00:01:09Nickless ok
00:01:09mrk AA, CLINKZ, DK
00:01:10Nickless curier
00:01:11Banana ty
00:01:14pOWa vajco you play'
00:01:15maardal no sry
00:01:16pOWa ?
00:01:17Banana ont forget chick
00:01:17maardal swapping
00:01:17pOWa what
00:01:18pOWa ?
00:01:20Vaj.CO i ll go lancer
00:01:23maardal with quinn
00:01:27QuiNN -swap
00:01:29QuiNN -swap 5
00:01:31Vaj.CO bara bot
00:01:32mrk ahh
00:01:33maardal -swap 3
00:01:35pOWa but i have to pick troll
00:01:36mrk saloig?
00:01:37pOWa ...
00:01:42Vaj.CO why?
00:01:44QuiNN me and amrdal boty
00:01:45pOWa have eza shreder and troll
00:01:47pOWa ...
00:01:57Nickless ME MID
00:02:00Banana share
00:02:01Nickless k?
00:02:01mrk no
00:02:02mrk u top
00:02:04mrk with cent
00:02:04Nickless k
00:02:31Acid8000 u think ur fancy
00:02:35Acid8000 tping like that
00:02:40Nickless :)
00:02:58Jouez troll bara line :D
00:02:59AliBaba why sd ?
00:04:05Acid8000 =.=
00:04:50AliBaba ss
00:05:39Vaj.CO b
00:05:44pOWa ss
00:06:01Acid8000 hey furion
00:06:05Acid8000 wanna hunt enig
00:06:06Acid8000 ?
00:06:09Acid8000 w me
00:06:16Nickless y
00:06:18mrk bara going top
00:06:40mrk SS PL
00:06:41Acid8000 -.-
00:06:52maardal stop feed
00:06:56QuiNN kk
00:07:17Vaj.CO ss
00:07:52Jouez get boots pls
00:08:07AliBaba ss
00:08:10AliBaba fuyck
00:08:11AliBaba sorry
00:08:14Acid8000 kekeke
00:08:24Acid8000 overkill
00:08:27Acid8000 :]
00:08:28Vaj.CO ss
00:08:47pOWa b
00:08:48Vaj.CO b bot
00:08:55Vaj.CO re
00:09:30mrk 3 MID?
00:09:33pOWa ss
00:09:33mrk FURI TP
00:09:51mrk react
00:09:52mrk furi
00:10:00mrk the fuck was that
00:10:08mrk u coulda tp mid to kill diving bara/tusk
00:10:11mrk or to cent to kill enigma
00:10:15Acid8000 i thought im invinsible
00:10:28mrk SS
00:10:37mrk FURI
00:10:38mrk TP
00:10:38mrk BOT
00:10:45mrk HOW BLIND ARE YOU
00:10:47Nickless why?
00:10:53Jouez pff
00:11:17mrk jesus furi
00:11:20mrk why the fuck u wanted that hero
00:11:35mrk 3 people diving bot
00:11:38mrk u ask "why"
00:11:39mrk to tp
00:11:42Nickless why
00:11:42mrk 2 people diving mid
00:11:44mrk u dont react
00:11:48mrk cent 1v1 woods enigma
00:11:48mrk 200hp
00:11:50mrk u dont react
00:11:51Jouez gj
00:12:02pOWa XD
00:12:09Acid8000 rolld
00:12:10pOWa HATER
00:12:26pOWa 4 comes to kill troll
00:12:27mrk woods
00:12:27mrk woods
00:12:28mrk woods
00:12:43Acid8000 AH
00:13:05pOWa eni*?
00:13:05mrk jesus furi
00:13:08pOWa FF
00:13:09mrk we fight
00:13:10Banana no mana
00:13:10mrk u dont need to tp
00:13:14mrk base
00:13:17Nickless i stopped
00:13:19Nickless and i saw u wont die
00:13:22Nickless so i tp
00:13:23mrk well u shoulda followed
00:13:26mrk troll
00:13:28mrk he cant kill us 2
00:13:29mrk :P
00:13:33pOWa tuskar and bara farmin np
00:13:36pOWa and i go gang
00:13:37pOWa gg
00:14:03pOWa nice wards we got
00:14:10Jouez well, they gang :)
00:14:28Nickless b
00:14:28AliBaba go
00:14:29Nickless cent
00:14:44Acid8000 my bad
00:14:44Jouez oudge
00:15:00Vaj.CO go
00:15:15pOWa FF TUSKAR
00:15:16pOWa FF
00:15:16pOWa F
00:15:16pOWa F
00:15:17pOWa F
00:15:17pOWa F
00:15:18pOWa F
00:15:18pOWa F
00:15:21Banana stop spamming
00:15:25pOWa suck my dick
00:15:28pOWa retarded noob
00:15:33pOWa you fuck my every game
00:15:37Banana lol
00:15:44AliBaba ?
00:15:51pOWa you and this alibaba
00:15:53pOWa retard
00:15:58pOWa i lose every game with you
00:16:18pOWa buy fuckin wards
00:16:22Banana no i wont
00:17:01mrk oom
00:17:01mrk pl
00:18:58Jouez harrass
00:19:16pOWa -afk
00:19:39Jouez -.-
00:20:11Acid8000 mid/?
00:20:55AliBaba lol
00:20:55pOWa ?
00:20:55Jouez :D
00:20:55QuiNN ok
00:20:55Vaj.CO troll
00:20:55mrk just go aswell then
00:20:55QuiNN !ff
00:20:55mrk w/e
00:20:55QuiNN ff
00:20:55mrk cant ff till 10 minutes
00:20:55pOWa k
00:20:55pOWa hf
00:20:55Banana thnx
00:20:56AliBaba :b
00:21:23AliBaba 3
00:21:23QuiNN u said
00:21:24QuiNN something
00:21:26QuiNN about saloig?
00:21:35AliBaba ?P
00:21:39QuiNN mrk?
00:21:41mrk i was hoping he was it
00:21:43Nickless aa
00:21:45QuiNN saloig
00:21:47QuiNN is in the army
00:21:50Nickless can i take items for hex?
00:21:56QuiNN he plays this weekend cuz holiday but only at dotalicious
00:21:59Acid8000 can i treads
00:21:59Nickless mrk
00:22:02mrk ok sure
00:22:05Nickless me?
00:22:05mrk get hex
00:22:06mrk y
00:22:07Nickless or cent
00:22:08Nickless k
00:22:15Jouez invis
00:22:19Banana me
00:22:20Acid8000 /?
00:22:25Acid8000 you tke
00:22:43Vaj.CO sec
00:22:50AliBaba w8
00:23:06AliBaba go
00:23:43mrk ggwp
00:23:47mrk 3 minutes
00:23:49Vaj.CO gg
00:23:54Acid8000 really
00:24:01Vaj.CO up chick
00:24:09mrk someone shoulda swapped me
00:24:12mrk furi/pudge or something
00:24:23QuiNN for mid?
00:24:24Acid8000 i woulda
00:24:34QuiNN best option would've been cent
00:24:41Vaj.CO lol
00:24:46Vaj.CO fuck him
00:24:56Acid8000 ty
00:24:59Jouez <3
00:25:29Nickless ik know that pl get every creep in mid vs you
00:25:32Nickless i knowe
00:25:39Nickless aa mid vs pl
00:25:40Nickless ffs
00:25:46Nickless dont say a word
00:25:46Nickless ffs
00:25:56mrk what?
00:26:06mrk pl farmed with
00:26:10mrk his nuke
00:26:16mrk so what u saying
00:26:51mrk btw furis
00:26:52mrk global tp
00:26:55mrk doesnt mean its a global farmer
00:27:00mrk it makes him _the_ best ganker
00:27:01mrk ingame
00:27:07mrk we had people diving top/bot
00:27:12mrk simple tp into trees = kill
00:27:13Nickless u suck
00:27:14Nickless ffs
00:27:18Nickless U SHOULD LET ME MID
00:27:18mrk lol?
00:27:25mrk why?
00:27:26Nickless u lsot the game
00:27:28Nickless lost
00:27:31mrk after i give some insightful
00:27:32mrk information
00:27:34mrk on how to play
00:27:35Nickless i should go vs pl
00:27:36mrk u say " U SUCK"
00:27:39mrk and say i shoulda gone mid
00:27:41mrk fuck you
00:27:43mrk ill remember your name
00:27:50Nickless .i.
00:27:53Vaj.CO loool
00:27:54Vaj.CO :D
00:27:57QuiNN /ff
00:27:58QuiNN !ff
00:28:00QuiNN how to ff
00:28:01QuiNN ?
00:28:03Acid8000 ju st ff
00:28:05Vaj.CO dagger
00:28:06QuiNN I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
00:28:08QuiNN I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
00:28:10Vaj.CO lol
00:28:11Vaj.CO eni
00:28:12Vaj.CO :D
00:28:12mrk ggwp
00:28:13mrk I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
00:28:13QuiNN how do i ff
00:28:14Banana hah
00:28:15QuiNN I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
00:28:19mrk u did
00:28:21mrk others dont see
00:28:21Acid8000 you did
00:28:21QuiNN k
00:28:22mrk "ff"
00:28:23mrk I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
00:28:23Banana srry too much beer already :D
00:28:30QuiNN rest ff
00:28:34QuiNN game's over
00:28:38Acid8000 sych a stupid loss :(
00:28:38Nickless fuck off
00:28:40Acid8000 I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
00:28:42Nickless noob
00:28:43Vaj.CO as i see u have allways so much bears :D
00:28:45QuiNN yy
00:28:46QuiNN furo
00:28:48QuiNN I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
00:28:48Vaj.CO beer
00:28:49Banana nah :D
00:28:50Vaj.CO *
00:28:53QuiNN no reason to play on
00:28:53AliBaba :b
00:29:07Banana i dont play much when i am sober
00:29:13Banana usually weed or beer
00:29:15Banana :D
00:29:17mrk im just hoping u understand
00:29:18mrk furi
00:29:21mrk not that i want to flame you
00:29:22Nickless u dont understand
00:29:25Nickless i should go mid vs pl
00:29:26QuiNN FF FURI
00:29:27Nickless NOT you
00:29:27QuiNN STOP
00:29:28QuiNN STOP
00:29:30QuiNN STOP
00:29:32mrk why?
00:29:34mrk did pl farm mid?
00:29:35mrk no
00:29:36mrk he did not
00:29:40mrk would you gank with your levels?
00:29:41mrk no
00:29:42mrk you would no
00:29:43mrk not*
00:29:47Banana lets go push
00:29:48mrk WHY should i let you mid?
00:29:55Banana i want to use my ulti once
00:29:57Nickless cuz am furion
00:29:58Nickless :D
00:30:01mrk rofl
00:30:11Nickless goes mid before tuinder
00:30:24Nickless tinker*
00:30:26QuiNN furi
00:30:28QuiNN pls ff?
00:30:37mrk and what would you do mid?
00:30:41AliBaba do you want banana ?
00:30:42mrk you dont have any nuke to stop pl
00:30:43Banana ye
00:30:44mrk from farming melee
00:30:56mrk + as we've seen
00:30:59mrk u wouldnt gank with levels
00:31:05mrk and i doubt a 60% person can farm every creep
00:31:25Nickless that makes u bad capt
00:31:33Nickless that kinda a thinking
00:31:37QuiNN I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
00:31:38QuiNN PLS
00:31:52Nickless its like in silver game they dont let u go mid cuz they are 20 %aabove you
00:31:56AliBaba :b
00:31:58mrk its like
00:32:01mrk being obviously smart
00:32:07mrk u cant be 60% if u cant farm
00:32:13mrk its fucking easy to get 80%+ in gc
00:32:16mrk if u know how to farm
00:32:22mrk so that's that..
00:32:58mrk also your items
00:33:02mrk you had gloves of haste
00:33:04AliBaba lu8cky !
00:33:04mrk into maelstrom
00:33:07mrk into staff
00:33:11mrk thats 0 mid items
00:33:18Nickless meal
00:33:20mrk 0 items someone who knows how to play decently
00:33:24mrk thats just stuffing random items together
00:33:26Nickless best item
00:33:30mrk if you want i can give you advice
00:33:31Nickless for furi
00:33:32QuiNN no it isnt furi
00:33:39QuiNN u should've gone
00:33:41QuiNN necro book
00:33:42QuiNN necro
00:33:47QuiNN all decent players
00:33:50QuiNN know that
00:33:59mrk urn janggo
00:34:05mrk into tier3
00:34:13mrk or if u want to win in gc
00:34:18mrk gloves into midas / rush dagon
00:34:27Vaj.CO gem
00:34:28mrk but that requiers farming skill
00:34:33mrk urn jango furi best furi
00:34:34Vaj.CO cent
00:34:43AliBaba lets kill him
00:34:51AliBaba got jango
00:35:05mrk janggo gives speed to summons
00:35:15Nickless play
00:35:25mrk ggwp
00:35:25mrk I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
00:35:59mrk games carried by NEW
00:36:02mrk guess these have to be made
00:36:07Banana meka
00:36:44Acid8000 O_O
00:36:52Acid8000 I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
00:36:53Jouez bg
00:36:53Acid8000 I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
00:36:54Acid8000 I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
00:36:55Acid8000 I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
00:36:59mrk lol no
00:37:01mrk ggwp
00:37:02mrk go next
00:37:09Jouez i ll
00:37:09QuiNN furi
00:37:10QuiNN write ff
00:37:24Jouez it just sucks that it takes so muc time to join a game on dc...
00:37:34mrk saturday evening
00:37:56Banana mana
00:38:00Jouez nah, everyday :(
00:38:12Banana lets go end
00:38:16Jouez -ms
00:38:19Jouez -ms
00:38:29AliBaba bara
00:38:38Nickless I surrender! [4/4 of Sentinel]
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