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97% | 1676 X | 1600 TS

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75% | 1372 X | 1413 TS

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57% | 1246 X | 1353 TS

Chat log

00:00:14Kastrup sick pool
00:00:26valiante autoban xin?
00:00:26Kastrup :)
00:00:26valiante atte
00:00:26DeMiaN laier ?
00:00:26Zajeb take or ban ck?
00:00:26Zajeb i go doc
00:00:26HuaRong ban wl
00:00:26fUNCh lich + aa lane ?
00:00:26HuaRong i can lich
00:00:26atte wamnt ?
00:00:26atte w
00:00:26atte wl
00:00:26valiante atte
00:00:26valiante u wanna
00:00:26atte ?
00:00:26valiante autoban
00:00:26falloutNV ember spirit is
00:00:26valiante xin?
00:00:26falloutNV never see this hero
00:00:26atte no?
00:00:26valiante k
00:00:26valiante i ban xin
00:00:26atte :DD
00:00:31atte makes you ban one hero more
00:00:31DeMiaN now they get ck
00:00:44valiante anyone wants venge?
00:00:48valiante or es
00:00:48valiante ?
00:00:49DeMiaN get ck
00:00:49DeMiaN !
00:01:02HuaRong lich for me?
00:01:03atte btw pitlord is good
00:01:05valiante now
00:01:06valiante get ck
00:01:06valiante aa
00:01:08atte y
00:01:10valiante all have a stun
00:01:11valiante and we win this
00:01:14HuaRong tell me ur pick
00:01:16valiante then furi is useless
00:01:18fUNCh terror is nice VS us
00:01:19valiante ck aa
00:01:25DeMiaN guysss
00:01:25valiante ill swap
00:01:26valiante either
00:01:32valiante get es
00:01:32DeMiaN get AA
00:01:32valiante aa
00:01:34fUNCh atte you gonna play lich ?=
00:01:34valiante something
00:01:36fUNCh or swap
00:01:38atte give me aa
00:01:41falloutNV aaa
00:01:43fUNCh -swap 1
00:01:43falloutNV random
00:01:43valiante lol
00:01:44atte -swap 4
00:01:45valiante they are paper
00:01:45DeMiaN ???
00:01:45falloutNV swap any pls
00:01:45HuaRong i didnt take aa
00:01:45Zajeb get rex
00:01:45falloutNV never play this
00:01:46atte he wanted lich
00:01:47atte get tc
00:01:48atte sd
00:01:49Zajeb or pit
00:01:49atte pit
00:01:49atte pit
00:01:50atte pit
00:01:51atte pit
00:01:51atte pit
00:01:52fUNCh no
00:01:52valiante sandii
00:01:52sandii hmm
00:01:54valiante can u es
00:01:55sandii well i can play es
00:01:57sandii -swap 4
00:01:57fUNCh -swap 5
00:01:58valiante i play ck
00:02:02valiante he play nessaj
00:02:02sandii -swap 1
00:02:02HuaRong -swap 4
00:02:05valiante -swap 3
00:02:05falloutNV give me striger pls
00:02:07sandii -swap 4
00:02:08Laier vissii paskat herot meil
00:02:09Laier ku noil ck
00:02:11Zajeb we are so fucked
00:02:12falloutNV -swap 3
00:02:16atte vissii ck vähä kuolee ku meil aa
00:02:17Laier syö kaikki elävält
00:02:19Zajeb lanes?
00:02:25DeMiaN laness ?
00:02:32valiante venge
00:02:35valiante bot
00:02:36falloutNV y
00:02:36Laier lich bot with me?
00:02:37valiante tc
00:02:38valiante bot
00:02:40valiante es rubick top
00:02:47atte y
00:02:48Kastrup es listen up
00:02:49HuaRong u wood
00:02:51Kastrup u go make a block
00:02:54valiante wheres my chicken?
00:02:57Laier you pull first
00:02:59atte dont give rubick
00:02:59Kastrup and dont mind u dont get them on the right side
00:03:00valiante u motherfucker
00:03:01DeMiaN shit
00:03:01atte a single lich ult
00:03:04Kastrup put them on the right side
00:03:05DeMiaN calm down
00:03:06DeMiaN i go sell
00:03:07DeMiaN ...
00:03:09atte always cast armor after
00:03:23sandii lvl 1 already?
00:03:23Kastrup u understand+
00:03:23Laier lich pull first kknp?
00:03:25Kastrup 2
00:03:27Kastrup lvl 2
00:03:28falloutNV ss2
00:03:29Kastrup opull frst
00:03:33falloutNV re1
00:03:36sandii blocked
00:03:36Kastrup PULL
00:03:53falloutNV ss1
00:04:52sandii b
00:04:54DeMiaN lemme farm mb
00:05:11falloutNV auro or teror first
00:05:11HuaRong sss
00:05:23Zajeb eat
00:05:32Kastrup -1
00:06:08valiante courier
00:06:09valiante wher
00:06:13DeMiaN base
00:06:34DeMiaN ss
00:06:36DeMiaN furi
00:06:44valiante ss
00:07:00falloutNV b
00:07:22valiante HAHA
00:07:25atte HAHAHAHAHHAH
00:07:26falloutNV :P
00:07:36atte i wish lich could hit that creep
00:07:40falloutNV :)
00:07:52falloutNV ss2
00:07:52HuaRong ss2
00:07:59falloutNV go
00:08:10atte let them dive
00:08:13atte bait
00:08:15atte wd
00:08:21falloutNV ss
00:08:23atte bait
00:08:24atte wd
00:08:26valiante ss
00:08:29atte come rexx
00:08:30Laier fuck off?
00:08:37valiante b
00:08:43atte yeah
00:08:46atte and ck freefarm
00:08:49atte why cant you fucking bait
00:09:01Laier bot ss1
00:09:06HuaRong ss
00:09:09fUNCh b
00:09:09atte ck
00:09:11atte invis
00:09:30valiante HAHAHA
00:09:33valiante 1 health
00:09:34HuaRong ss2
00:09:35sandii ss top
00:09:40Laier gj
00:09:47falloutNV ss lich
00:10:04Kastrup .-2
00:10:04Kastrup -2
00:10:10DeMiaN thx
00:10:12falloutNV np
00:10:23HuaRong ss2
00:10:25DeMiaN mid b
00:10:43Kastrup -2
00:11:13valiante why
00:11:14valiante are u 3 mid?
00:11:15atte me rune
00:11:16valiante seriously
00:11:16atte lich
00:11:17atte let
00:11:28valiante tc?
00:11:32valiante what are u doing
00:11:34atte damn im
00:11:36DeMiaN hidding
00:11:44Laier siis jaa
00:11:46Laier clonekse oli
00:11:47atte voi vittu
00:11:50DeMiaN wow
00:11:54DeMiaN didn't think i could escape
00:13:08HuaRong u r all bkind
00:13:13HuaRong blind
00:13:39Laier siis vittu
00:13:42Laier ei voi telee tonne
00:13:57atte ultil triple
00:13:58DeMiaN -ms
00:14:01Laier ni ois ollu
00:14:06Laier arvaa oliks cd
00:14:44DeMiaN why no stun ?
00:14:47Kastrup range
00:14:53Zajeb rdy
00:15:09sandii b pot
00:15:42sandii :D:D:D
00:15:43sandii ebin
00:15:51valiante get wards and smokes
00:15:54valiante i mean i have boots
00:17:23Laier mitä vittuu
00:17:29Laier mist lähtie tää on telenny tornille
00:18:07atte OK
00:18:10atte HIENO SWAP OLI
00:18:20Laier vittu mitä paskaa tää kyl o
00:18:24atte ultasin swappas ulti lens iha väärää suuntaa
00:18:30atte ja sun teles oli kyl aika priceless
00:18:31atte :DD
00:18:36Laier no oli joo
00:18:55Laier care top
00:20:29fUNCh inc
00:20:39Laier miks siell on vittu 2
00:20:42Laier asd
00:21:14atte go ult
00:21:15atte rex
00:21:17atte fast
00:21:17Laier go
00:21:21DeMiaN fucking blind es
00:21:26atte ..
00:21:39Laier well failed
00:21:51DeMiaN omggg
00:22:14valiante tc
00:22:15valiante why
00:22:16valiante do u cancel?
00:22:18valiante we go
00:22:20valiante when we see tpo
00:22:26Laier push top
00:22:48fUNCh -ms
00:22:56Kastrup -ms
00:22:56valiante HAHAHA
00:22:57valiante DIE
00:22:58Kastrup -ms
00:23:00atte ÖÖÄÖ
00:23:01sandii :D:D:
00:23:09atte no hotkey
00:23:21sandii got dagger
00:23:25valiante gj
00:23:26Kastrup gj
00:23:29valiante then we should
00:23:39atte taas oletti et vihu lähtee refuil karkuu mut jäiki idlaa slowiin
00:23:46sandii :D
00:23:56sandii hirvee darra
00:24:04sandii ei oikee refut toimi
00:24:09valiante TC
00:24:11valiante GET THE FUCK IN BATTLES
00:24:13DeMiaN omw
00:24:22sandii oho
00:24:26sandii olipas vähän kehno
00:24:27valiante tc
00:24:29valiante are u dumb as shit?
00:24:36valiante seriously
00:24:39DeMiaN retoric question ?
00:24:46valiante u are so bad
00:24:47valiante pls leave
00:24:48valiante that how bad u are
00:24:53atte urn
00:25:08valiante we just go all 5
00:25:26valiante tc baits
00:26:22valiante nice nice
00:26:22Laier pitäs vissii rupee väsäää hexii suosiol
00:26:25Laier ni toi ck ei tee kyl mitää
00:26:29atte pitäs olla lichil tos ulti
00:26:32atte ni ois saanu
00:26:33Laier jeba
00:26:36Laier kaikki ois menny :D
00:26:37valiante venge
00:26:38Laier siel mihi kuolin
00:26:39valiante can i farm?
00:26:44falloutNV y :)
00:27:29atte push
00:27:56atte ahahah
00:28:06atte LICH
00:28:15sandii oho
00:28:16fUNCh I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:28:17sandii olipas taas hirvee ulti
00:28:17atte not that hard to instacast ulti and 2nd skill
00:28:17HuaRong i didnt
00:28:20sandii keskel ei mitää ku en kelannu et mis olin
00:28:22Laier you did
00:28:26atte yeah well who did he get it from
00:28:28atte :DDDDDDDDDDD
00:28:30atte always
00:28:35atte right after ulti
00:28:36atte armor
00:28:38atte no matter waht
00:28:40atte what*
00:28:59atte not that we lost to that
00:28:59Kastrup wait
00:29:00Kastrup for me
00:29:00Kastrup WAIT
00:29:05atte you just dont move
00:29:43Laier this lich is epic
00:29:43falloutNV :D
00:29:45atte I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:29:52atte just ff
00:29:57HuaRong what u want me to do
00:30:02Laier stop fucking failing?
00:30:06HuaRong u fail
00:30:24Kastrup ups
00:31:33atte niil lintu
00:32:51sandii b
00:33:25Laier jooh no saan sen hexi ni o jepa sit
00:33:35Laier rexxarin ois pitäny heittää setit sisää eikä vaa kuolla turhaa :D
00:33:54Laier rexxar next time ulti and use your shit before you die like that :p
00:34:26fUNCh went to fog to get more than 1 to my ult
00:34:29fUNCh but got stunned before
00:34:34fUNCh and couldnt after
00:34:39fUNCh was stunned whole time
00:34:57valiante TXC
00:35:00valiante tc
00:35:02valiante Doesnt
00:35:04valiante wanna
00:35:05valiante hekl
00:35:06valiante TC
00:35:09valiante just wants backgriound
00:35:26atte laier iha ajois
00:35:27atte sticki
00:35:45valiante tc
00:35:48valiante when they go me
00:35:50valiante why cant u spell?
00:35:53fUNCh tp bot
00:35:54valiante i have 2.5k health
00:35:55fUNCh tower low
00:35:58valiante im not gonna die immidiately?
00:36:07DeMiaN well
00:36:10DeMiaN if u want the truth
00:36:23valiante i d
00:36:23DeMiaN didn't notice in the first place that they caught u
00:36:25valiante o
00:36:26DeMiaN i was forest
00:36:29sandii xdd
00:36:32valiante u was right behind me
00:37:00Kastrup got book lvl 3
00:37:04atte venge lothars
00:37:22sandii 500 for agha
00:37:53atte he swap my illu
00:38:01Laier b
00:38:04Laier b
00:38:15atte 3stacks
00:38:20Zajeb we need pipe
00:38:20falloutNV zzzz
00:38:20falloutNV z
00:38:20falloutNV z
00:38:20falloutNV z
00:38:20falloutNV z
00:38:20falloutNV z
00:38:20falloutNV z
00:38:20falloutNV z
00:38:24Zajeb who can pipe?
00:38:33HuaRong i can
00:38:50Laier go
00:39:25valiante my
00:39:27valiante left click
00:39:29valiante on the mouse
00:39:31valiante doesnt work
00:39:35Laier mitä tos just tapahtu
00:39:35valiante so i cant control my illusions
00:39:37valiante its a fucking joke
00:39:38atte haha
00:39:40atte :DD
00:39:44valiante havent u noticed?
00:39:46valiante they just idle
00:39:47atte es tappo kaikki
00:39:48valiante -.-
00:39:56Kastrup got lich ulti
00:39:57sandii well i was at base :(
00:39:58sandii so
00:39:58Kastrup when they come
00:40:08DeMiaN was shop
00:40:10DeMiaN calm down
00:40:13DeMiaN getting pipe
00:40:49falloutNV dd
00:41:34atte again he had chainfrost
00:41:52sandii ill make shiva
00:42:21atte when
00:42:22atte you
00:42:23atte ulti
00:42:24atte use
00:42:25atte armor
00:42:28atte right
00:42:29atte after
00:42:30HuaRong i did
00:42:31atte ok??
00:42:44atte they rosh
00:42:46HuaRong i always cast nova after
00:42:48atte nah
00:43:02atte nah you always give your ulti to rubick
00:43:03Laier go
00:43:04Laier go
00:43:04Laier gop
00:43:27valiante i feel
00:43:28valiante some
00:43:30valiante sort of hate
00:43:34valiante i ahvent done anything this game
00:43:35valiante but die
00:43:35Laier nope
00:43:42Laier care for es
00:44:10sandii WHAT A SHIT TEAM
00:44:12Laier again you gave him fucking lich ulti :DD
00:44:15HuaRong man
00:44:19Laier no meiä lich antaa tälle ultin kokoaja
00:44:19valiante nice
00:44:30HuaRong lich have cast time
00:44:31sandii vittu nää on hitaita
00:44:38atte joo sano muuta
00:44:54HuaRong if he waits my ult he will take it
00:45:05fUNCh :D::DD:
00:45:25atte :DDDDDD
00:45:34fUNCh atte UMAD ?
00:45:39atte nah
00:46:17atte always nice to see chainfrost bouncing in own team when firstpicked lich
00:46:38valiante all
00:46:38valiante 5
00:46:39valiante push mid
00:46:40valiante gogo
00:46:43valiante carry tps
00:47:18Zajeb b
00:47:34atte I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:48:48DeMiaN what's ur next item nessaj ?
00:48:52valiante bkb or blade
00:48:59DeMiaN I go AC ?
00:49:08Laier rexxar playing in your team?
00:49:08fUNCh I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:49:10atte I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:49:16valiante hes imba
00:49:18atte ff jo tajuutko
00:49:19Kastrup he is
00:49:22Laier en jaksa
00:49:40valiante b
00:49:53Kastrup tc DONT
00:50:19sandii lemme farm mid for shiva
00:50:23DeMiaN what item u want me to get ?
00:50:35Laier tuol ois taas entry
00:50:36Kastrup refresher
00:50:44DeMiaN i could just get meka
00:50:50Kastrup thats okay aswell
00:51:01Zajeb ?
00:51:02DeMiaN or AC
00:51:07Kastrup -ms
00:51:10Laier go rosh?
00:51:27Zajeb smoke
00:51:28Zajeb b
00:51:32Zajeb they smoke
00:51:38Laier deso vai mikä?
00:51:47Laier atte
00:51:53atte emt
00:51:57Laier deso ja sata?
00:52:02atte hävitty peli vihut ei vaa osaa
00:52:05atte tai necrot
00:52:05Kastrup check again
00:52:16Kastrup they smoke
00:52:17Laier jooh deso ja necro
00:52:19valiante hmm maybe we go?
00:52:24Kastrup gather
00:52:25Kastrup for smoke
00:52:28atte necrot eka niil puskis
00:52:36Laier b
00:52:37Laier smoke
00:52:37Laier b
00:52:39Laier b
00:52:39Laier b
00:52:40Laier b
00:52:41Laier kulit
00:52:45Laier vittu mikset voi mennä b?
00:52:49Laier ku sanon et ne smokee
00:52:53Kastrup Hi
00:52:59atte wow such a supprise
00:53:03atte i can buy
00:53:10sandii hirvee kyrpä ottas? :D
00:53:16atte aikasama
00:53:23Laier go
00:53:36sandii :D:D:D
00:54:14atte I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
00:54:15Laier ai se ei kuollu muka
00:54:25Zajeb I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
00:54:35atte noni
00:54:36atte I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
00:54:47atte mikä maksaa hävitty peli
00:54:52Laier e jaksa sen takii et sun egos kestä :D
00:55:01atte kiinnosta tuhlaa aikaa
00:55:05atte jo 50min peli
00:55:06Laier annat vitu turhii entryi vaik sanon et smokes
00:55:22atte :DDDDDDDDD
00:55:22sandii rosh?
00:55:25Laier vaik tekisit se hexi ni tää ois voitettu aikoi sit
00:55:25atte NO EI VITTU
00:55:32atte come push these suckers think
00:55:33atte :DDD
00:55:39valiante atte
00:55:41valiante when u pick int
00:55:42valiante u loose
00:55:45atte nah
00:55:48Laier go
00:55:49valiante u have to carry ur team
00:55:59DeMiaN they 'll come
00:56:01DeMiaN rexxar saw us
00:56:04valiante hmm
00:56:06valiante im omw
00:56:17sandii XD
00:56:18atte näin.
00:57:19atte dont
00:57:29atte furi dead
00:58:05Kastrup gg
00:58:26Laier wp
00:58:26Kastrup gg
00:58:29HuaRong I surrender! [4/4 of Sentinel]
00:58:29valiante u2
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