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+2 TS

97% | 1617 X | 1604 TS

+17 X
+2 TS

81% | 1441 X | 1437 TS

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+1 TS

74% | 1373 X | 1387 TS

+52 X
+2 TS

60% | 1267 X | 1354 TS

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33% | 1099 X | 1250 TS

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-1 TS

90% | 1574 X | 1495 TS

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-2 TS

91% | 1575 X | 1489 TS

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-2 TS

74% | 1342 X | 1438 TS

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-4 TS

43% | 1209 X | 1261 TS

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-2 TS

39% | 1082 X | 1319 TS

Chat log

00:00:18JensDenLange mmmh puck for me pls
00:00:21yeW- anyone want that ud?
00:00:21Pufff-Reis sepetos here?
00:00:21Sepetos y
00:00:21yeW- yes/n?
00:00:21Sepetos ?
00:00:21Kanki BAN!
00:00:21yeW- Oo
00:00:21extremewaari n
00:00:21yeW- hm
00:00:21JensDenLange n
00:00:21Kanki yew
00:00:21Kanki ban
00:00:21yeW- keep it shut
00:00:21yeW- am
00:00:21yeW- lich?
00:00:21extremewaari hmm
00:00:21extremewaari k illl play lich
00:00:21Sepetos -storm
00:00:32extremewaari what u want
00:00:38JensDenLange take the disablers
00:00:42JensDenLange there are'nt many
00:00:49yeW- get me
00:00:50JensDenLange pink can u play bs?
00:00:52yeW- bs
00:00:55extremewaari k
00:01:00extremewaari -swap 1
00:01:01yeW- -swap 2
00:01:08JensDenLange pick me puck
00:01:10JensDenLange nvm
00:01:16Sepetos someone want play this?
00:01:22JensDenLange swagga get ogre
00:01:30extremewaari i take first vl dark ritual
00:01:35extremewaari lvl
00:01:39Swagga -swap 3
00:01:42Smell.this.ass -swap 5
00:01:45Smell.this.ass -clear
00:01:52yeW- 6M
00:01:53yeW- -ma
00:01:56Sepetos flying asap then
00:01:59yeW- hm
00:02:08yeW- that ns is gonna b a tough one
00:02:10extremewaari ogre bot
00:02:10Swagga can i top ?
00:02:15Kanki ill make pipe
00:02:17NeverbACKdOwn lanes?
00:02:19extremewaari ogre go set obs
00:02:22yeW- deny one creep mid pls :p
00:02:22Pufff-Reis i am bot guys
00:02:24Sepetos wr top
00:02:29Sepetos and tc top
00:02:31extremewaari give branch for me
00:02:33Pufff-Reis grrrrrr
00:02:34Sepetos ud pit sick push combo bot
00:02:35extremewaari go set
00:02:45Pufff-Reis -clear
00:02:48Sepetos ok pit
00:02:48Smell.this.ass creep camp and rune?
00:02:49Sepetos u go also top
00:02:51Pufff-Reis -weather random
00:02:51Sepetos u push top
00:02:51extremewaari y
00:02:54Swagga puck may i pull pls?
00:02:55Sepetos ud can bot alone
00:02:59Kanki 3 top
00:03:00Kanki pit
00:03:03Smell.this.ass rune top
00:03:10JensDenLange u may indeed
00:03:15yeW- -ma
00:03:16Sepetos u take pit and that heal righ?
00:03:56JensDenLange 3 top
00:04:02NeverbACKdOwn 3lane top?
00:04:03NeverbACKdOwn or what?
00:04:14Countertrap fast push
00:04:24Swagga thx m8
00:04:46Sepetos flying
00:04:52Countertrap y
00:05:35extremewaari that ius really bad
00:05:47yeW- what i?
00:05:52extremewaari tomb
00:06:10extremewaari bot ss
00:06:20NeverbACKdOwn ?
00:06:21NeverbACKdOwn wtf
00:06:22NeverbACKdOwn dudes
00:06:22Sepetos cmoon
00:06:34yeW- WTF
00:06:44NeverbACKdOwn go 2nd?
00:06:45NeverbACKdOwn tower?
00:06:49Countertrap jo
00:07:58Sepetos noobish
00:08:02yeW- weird
00:08:14Swagga ss overll
00:08:16Smell.this.ass b
00:08:36Sepetos someone top goes arcanes
00:08:40Sepetos midmiss
00:08:41Sepetos care top
00:08:44yeW- u pulled too much top?
00:08:55Swagga no they were 3
00:08:55Pufff-Reis omw mid
00:09:06Sepetos gj
00:09:06Smell.this.ass plug?
00:09:06NeverbACKdOwn help
00:09:06NeverbACKdOwn top
00:09:06NeverbACKdOwn pls
00:09:26extremewaari use iut
00:09:26Swagga omg blocked
00:09:34yeW- gang
00:09:36yeW- bot
00:09:37Sepetos manaboots someone
00:09:38Smell.this.ass ty
00:09:41extremewaari omw
00:10:01Smell.this.ass i go
00:10:15Smell.this.ass wards on chick
00:10:28extremewaari bot ss
00:10:50Smell.this.ass b
00:10:57Sepetos mana
00:11:05extremewaari ta´ke
00:11:07Sepetos wards
00:11:09Smell.this.ass ty
00:11:12extremewaari lets gang
00:11:16yeW- mid
00:11:44yeW- ...
00:11:48extremewaari sorry
00:11:54extremewaari only hit
00:11:54yeW- lets play that funny game
00:11:55yeW- called
00:12:00yeW- let the carry get the frags
00:12:04extremewaari k
00:12:13extremewaari :p
00:12:33NeverbACKdOwn i go meka or manaboots first?
00:12:34extremewaari ulti rdy
00:12:50extremewaari ffs
00:12:53yeW- joke
00:13:21extremewaari wasnt my bad now :/
00:13:47yeW- ??!
00:13:48yeW- SVEN?
00:13:51yeW- my god
00:13:56yeW- what m i playin with
00:14:13Smell.this.ass pros
00:14:16NeverbACKdOwn we need mek
00:14:17NeverbACKdOwn to push
00:14:18NeverbACKdOwn ..
00:14:21Sepetos y
00:14:27Countertrap mby tc join team
00:14:37Smell.this.ass place the wards
00:14:39Smell.this.ass on chick
00:14:49Sepetos gang mid and push bot
00:15:04Sepetos gangbot
00:15:12Sepetos -ms
00:15:47Swagga gank rape
00:15:56extremewaari ogre tp
00:16:07Sepetos WTF TEAM!=?!=?!
00:17:26yeW- sven
00:17:27yeW- remove
00:17:28yeW- COCK
00:17:29yeW- FROM ASS
00:18:09NeverbACKdOwn have mek in 300
00:18:13yeW- -ma
00:18:28extremewaari lets go set obs
00:19:08Sepetos go top
00:19:10Sepetos second
00:19:10Sepetos tower
00:19:11Sepetos all
00:19:17Pufff-Reis lich invis
00:19:17Pufff-Reis b
00:19:18Sepetos top second tower
00:19:22extremewaari care
00:19:22yeW- b
00:19:24Smell.this.ass b
00:19:27Sepetos stay with creeps then
00:19:29Sepetos dont go forest
00:19:30extremewaari have inti
00:19:32extremewaari invi
00:19:38extremewaari and ulti
00:19:44Sepetos b
00:19:46Sepetos cause noob tc
00:19:49yeW- wait
00:20:04yeW- 2 missing
00:20:23yeW- blah
00:20:26yeW- no idea what top did
00:20:30yeW- losin tower at min 3
00:20:33yeW- insane
00:20:58NeverbACKdOwn b
00:21:04yeW- -ma
00:21:14NeverbACKdOwn got meka
00:21:16NeverbACKdOwn go with 5?
00:21:18Sepetos y
00:23:00NeverbACKdOwn y u so slow
00:23:28JensDenLange b
00:23:58Sepetos -ms
00:24:12Countertrap def
00:24:14Sepetos yea
00:24:21JensDenLange no farm sven?
00:24:38Smell.this.ass wards in base
00:24:41Smell.this.ass b
00:24:42Smell.this.ass b
00:24:42Smell.this.ass b
00:24:43Smell.this.ass b
00:24:53Smell.this.ass care
00:24:57extremewaari :o
00:25:06yeW- dis a joke?
00:25:07Smell.this.ass inc from muid
00:25:11Kanki wait i get manaboots
00:25:27Smell.this.ass def top
00:26:30Sepetos we need that pipe
00:26:59yeW- r u fuckin kiddin
00:27:08Smell.this.ass though he was dead
00:27:26yeW- 0 towers
00:27:28yeW- em 4
00:27:36Smell.this.ass goin for 5th
00:27:37Smell.this.ass mid
00:27:41Smell.this.ass def mid
00:28:52Sepetos seeker no items at all
00:28:56Countertrap take wards
00:29:13Pufff-Reis mana pls
00:29:29Pufff-Reis wr
00:29:31NeverbACKdOwn ?
00:29:33Pufff-Reis mana
00:29:40yeW- -ma
00:29:43Pufff-Reis ty
00:29:56Sepetos all bot
00:29:57Sepetos :
00:29:57extremewaari ogre cme
00:29:58Sepetos :E
00:30:00NeverbACKdOwn k
00:30:04Kanki omw
00:30:14Sepetos tower
00:30:49yeW- b
00:31:24NeverbACKdOwn fuck this
00:31:43Sepetos no items on bs
00:31:45Sepetos and we cant kill him
00:31:47Sepetos or any other
00:31:55NeverbACKdOwn well
00:31:58NeverbACKdOwn tc kinda sucks
00:31:58NeverbACKdOwn :D
00:32:21yeW- gah
00:32:28yeW- b
00:33:04yeW- teh fuck?
00:33:42Sepetos wait mana for me 2
00:34:49yeW- blah
00:34:55Sepetos fuckin lucker
00:35:02JensDenLange schooled
00:35:20Smell.this.ass lol
00:35:24yeW- omg
00:35:29Sepetos gj
00:36:06Kanki b
00:36:36yeW- I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:37:17NeverbACKdOwn go mid?
00:37:23Sepetos need to go rege
00:37:24Sepetos next night
00:37:35Sepetos got agha then
00:37:41Kanki got pipe
00:37:47Pufff-Reis got nothing
00:37:51Kanki go mid
00:37:56Sepetos sec
00:38:24Kanki come mid
00:38:24JensDenLange b
00:38:26Sepetos mid
00:38:27Sepetos yyy
00:39:20Sepetos heal
00:39:20JensDenLange I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:39:33yeW- too much ass fingerin
00:39:47Pufff-Reis sven vs creep
00:40:24Sepetos b?
00:40:28Countertrap y
00:41:15Sepetos top all
00:41:19Kanki mkay
00:41:21Pufff-Reis w8 chick
00:41:33Kanki :D
00:41:44Kanki pit
00:41:45JensDenLange smooth
00:41:46Kanki dont go lol
00:41:51yeW- :DD
00:42:54Kanki rax
00:43:13NeverbACKdOwn gg
00:43:33yeW- keep it bronze swagga
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