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-16 X
-2 TS

93% | 1683 X | 1416 TS

-16 X
-1 TS

73% | 1337 X | 1423 TS

-54 X
-2 TS

73% | 1402 X | 1347 TS

-24 X
-3 TS

65% | 1325 X | 1345 TS

-38 X
-11 TS

65% | 1406 X | 1252 TS

+25 X
+2 TS

95% | 1691 X | 1481 TS

+48 X
+3 TS

89% | 1539 X | 1493 TS

+31 X
+2 TS

60% | 1283 X | 1342 TS

+32 X
+1 TS

55% | 1244 X | 1326 TS

+19 X
+2 TS

54% | 1207 X | 1349 TS

Chat log

00:00:23EyeforanEye wl
00:00:23DeMiaN lycaaaaaa
00:00:23MariahCarry lycanacious
00:00:33Yuriko ...
00:00:38lumo :)
00:00:45falloutNV dont flame i play dota 1 mounth ty :()
00:00:47EyeforanEye try n get tide/thrall/tiny/enigma mb
00:00:52LetItBe w8
00:00:52LetItBe I was afk
00:00:52LetItBe sry
00:00:52LetItBe I wanna see pool
00:00:52lumo SO WHAT
00:00:53EyeforanEye its not ur turn dude
00:00:55DeMiaN It is
00:00:58DeMiaN not
00:01:07EyeforanEye tide?
00:01:10EyeforanEye thrall?
00:01:14EyeforanEye cent?
00:01:18EyeforanEye alch?
00:01:19lumo u mid?
00:01:20LetItBe sven
00:01:21MariahCarry should i go dagon
00:01:23LetItBe jakiro
00:01:25EyeforanEye w8 n see
00:01:25MariahCarry or fast desolater
00:01:26MariahCarry !
00:01:30MariahCarry u decide
00:01:38Yuriko get something ranged
00:01:40LetItBe go ac
00:01:41Yuriko like thrall or tide
00:01:42EyeforanEye thrall?
00:01:43Yuriko or pit
00:01:44DeMiaN enigma ?
00:01:46EyeforanEye enigma?
00:01:46MariahCarry enig!
00:01:48MariahCarry enig!
00:01:49falloutNV never play
00:01:50EyeforanEye tide?
00:01:53Yuriko against those heroes
00:01:54Yuriko not sure
00:01:54DeMiaN yea i'll forest enig
00:01:59Fxx. no
00:02:00MariahCarry bat!
00:02:01falloutNV random...
00:02:02Fxx. i wanna forest
00:02:02LetItBe thrall
00:02:03MariahCarry bat!
00:02:05MariahCarry thrall!
00:02:05lumo good
00:02:06EyeforanEye good
00:02:07MariahCarry thrall!
00:02:07lumo random
00:02:10MariahCarry nice nice
00:02:11falloutNV never play this :S
00:02:14EyeforanEye alch go top with jakiro
00:02:15Janske take stun
00:02:16Janske :D
00:02:16EyeforanEye tiny mid
00:02:17lumo pick kreeps
00:02:19EyeforanEye enigma woods
00:02:20Janske that's all
00:02:23EyeforanEye me bot solo
00:02:31EyeforanEye alch top
00:02:31DeMiaN lanes ?
00:02:35LetItBe u bot
00:02:36LetItBe w me
00:02:36MariahCarry thrall bot
00:02:40LetItBe get
00:02:41LetItBe obs
00:02:42EyeforanEye enigma woods
00:02:42LetItBe plz
00:02:45lumo chik
00:02:46lumo ? :D
00:02:51EyeforanEye haha
00:02:52falloutNV never play enigma
00:02:52DeMiaN can't chick + obs
00:02:59Janske ban inc :D
00:02:59EyeforanEye dont sell
00:03:01EyeforanEye ..
00:03:01MariahCarry ill get some fas
00:03:03Janske ok not
00:03:29EyeforanEye pull second wave
00:03:34falloutNV k
00:03:35EyeforanEye then skill creeps n go woods
00:04:12LetItBe gj
00:04:13LetItBe fuck him uip
00:05:52LetItBe u farm mana boots first>?=
00:05:55DeMiaN y
00:05:57LetItBe kk
00:06:39DeMiaN go enigma
00:06:41DeMiaN slard
00:06:42LetItBe oom
00:06:48MariahCarry ss mnuid
00:06:49MariahCarry care bot
00:06:53LetItBe wh ois mid
00:06:56LetItBe tiny?
00:06:56MariahCarry tiny
00:07:09lumo go
00:07:09EyeforanEye go
00:07:34LetItBe need obsis
00:07:49GottHasstMich ice barrier ?
00:07:50GottHasstMich ..
00:07:55Fxx. 1 min afk
00:07:57lumo ss midi
00:07:59lumo re
00:08:17Janske he got me before I get to cast
00:08:29lumo -ma
00:08:31lumo -clear
00:08:36Janske ss
00:08:37LetItBe aa or
00:08:40LetItBe ss bot
00:09:07LetItBe when iget boots go enigma
00:09:08MariahCarry ss mid
00:09:09MariahCarry tiubny
00:09:12DeMiaN k
00:09:14Yuriko -afk
00:09:18Yuriko cent afk
00:09:19LetItBe gho slark
00:09:38lumo puck ss
00:10:01DeMiaN hp ?
00:10:12GottHasstMich good
00:10:13GottHasstMich tiny
00:10:15GottHasstMich say the ss
00:10:16GottHasstMich when hes top
00:10:18GottHasstMich and kills
00:10:20DeMiaN guys
00:10:22DeMiaN 4 bot
00:10:25MariahCarry i got a tp now
00:10:27LetItBe i told
00:10:28MariahCarry ill tp next time they gank u
00:10:29LetItBe we need obsis
00:10:34MariahCarry i bought
00:10:35LetItBe we dont need anything else
00:10:41GottHasstMich our mid
00:10:42GottHasstMich is lvl 5
00:10:43LetItBe slark is paper
00:10:43GottHasstMich gg
00:10:58lumo warded
00:11:19LetItBe go gank yea
00:11:43EyeforanEye go alch
00:11:44Fxx. b
00:11:45Fxx. b
00:11:45Fxx. bb
00:11:45Fxx. b
00:11:46Fxx. b
00:11:46Fxx. b
00:11:47Fxx. b
00:12:48MariahCarry b
00:13:06Fxx. why the hell i go help u with jakiro
00:13:10Fxx. its was 100% suicide
00:13:17DeMiaN its was ?
00:13:19DeMiaN english ?
00:13:20MariahCarry yea if someone tps
00:13:33EyeforanEye gogo
00:13:34DeMiaN help top ?
00:13:38Yuriko slark
00:13:39Yuriko care
00:13:43EyeforanEye twr
00:13:45LetItBe can tp top
00:13:50Yuriko got ulti
00:13:59Fxx. we have got slardar ? :-)
00:14:09LetItBe i told i can tp if someone goes lol stfu tard
00:14:19Fxx. tard is your daddy , not me
00:14:19EyeforanEye tp bot
00:14:22MariahCarry don\t give up guys
00:14:25Yuriko we won
00:14:26MariahCarry we\re not doing bad at all
00:14:31LetItBe when fxx in team its useless
00:14:34LetItBe he is the most idiotic player
00:14:48MariahCarry ill come for slark
00:14:49MariahCarry got dagon
00:14:51MariahCarry we insta him
00:15:42EyeforanEye b
00:15:48Janske I tp
00:16:00EyeforanEye gj
00:16:04MariahCarry b
00:16:09Yuriko go
00:16:09Yuriko tiny
00:16:09Yuriko go
00:16:09Yuriko stun
00:16:09LetItBe oom
00:16:10MariahCarry u both om
00:16:25MariahCarry nice
00:16:35MariahCarry xD
00:16:35Fxx. :-)
00:16:37Yuriko :D
00:16:46GottHasstMich MY GOX
00:16:47GottHasstMich D
00:16:49LetItBe hahaha
00:17:17MariahCarry gj
00:17:18Fxx. :-)
00:17:20DeMiaN gj
00:17:27EyeforanEye tiny go
00:17:32MariahCarry b
00:17:44lumo fuck
00:17:44lumo .
00:17:45EyeforanEye fuck me.
00:18:00EyeforanEye and spectre n cent just farming.
00:18:29Fxx. guys
00:18:33Fxx. come low hp tower up
00:18:47MariahCarry ill tp when i healed
00:18:50MariahCarry got BoT
00:19:22Yuriko xD
00:19:43EyeforanEye wards
00:19:45LetItBe omw mid go
00:19:47GottHasstMich upg chick
00:19:51GottHasstMich would be sick
00:19:53Fxx. guys
00:19:54Fxx. dager
00:19:57Fxx. or mana boots 1. ?
00:20:00DeMiaN dagga
00:20:10MariahCarry gj
00:20:17MariahCarry oom for dagon
00:20:18Fxx. puck all kills :-)))
00:20:22MariahCarry but sickl ulti slard >D
00:21:10MariahCarry normally u should get wards at this point thrall >(
00:21:13MariahCarry omg my keyboard
00:21:14MariahCarry american
00:21:16MariahCarry how to fix
00:21:21Yuriko minimize
00:21:23DeMiaN alt + maj
00:21:23LetItBe cent go tiny
00:21:25Yuriko its in the bottom right corner
00:21:28Yuriko near the time
00:21:30MariahCarry ah
00:21:33MariahCarry alt shift
00:21:34DeMiaN alt capt
00:21:38DeMiaN y shift
00:21:40lumo dagger on cent
00:21:49DeMiaN sorry said thefrench name
00:21:56LetItBe all here
00:22:01DeMiaN got ult
00:22:32Fxx. brb
00:22:36Fxx. i go buy arcane
00:22:48DeMiaN to us
00:23:28EyeforanEye well alch up to u now ^^
00:23:36LetItBe GO
00:23:40LetItBe kill
00:23:40DeMiaN k
00:23:57LetItBe spec got ult?
00:23:59EyeforanEye omw top
00:24:00DeMiaN no
00:24:21DeMiaN go mid
00:24:23DeMiaN kill
00:24:32GottHasstMich care mid
00:25:06MariahCarry thrall
00:25:12MariahCarry it would be smart not to tell them we're there
00:25:15MariahCarry by hitting them
00:25:20GottHasstMich +dfasq
00:25:20GottHasstMich dasd
00:25:20GottHasstMich asd
00:25:23DeMiaN y i must
00:25:23DeMiaN say
00:25:25DeMiaN i do agree
00:25:28GottHasstMich dafaq
00:25:31GottHasstMich this shitty ulti
00:25:46DeMiaN i think we can end when spect has radi
00:25:56MariahCarry ye
00:26:09LetItBe go
00:26:10LetItBe have dag
00:26:12falloutNV wtf
00:26:54Fxx. oh
00:26:55Fxx. :-)
00:27:11Fxx. k
00:27:18Fxx. i go gem
00:27:20Fxx. lets go end it
00:27:31Yuriko ulti fast
00:27:35Janske gj :D
00:27:38GottHasstMich STUN
00:27:39GottHasstMich ???
00:27:40GottHasstMich U IDIOT =
00:27:46GottHasstMich SERIOUS ?
00:27:48lumo VITTU SIINÄ ON CD?
00:27:48Fxx. so , we dont need gem ?
00:27:51lumo TIEDÄTKÖ
00:27:54Fxx. need , or no ?
00:27:55LetItBe u got my ult
00:27:55GottHasstMich O
00:27:56GottHasstMich M
00:27:57GottHasstMich G
00:28:01GottHasstMich retard
00:28:02GottHasstMich u are
00:28:03Fxx. vs alche lothar
00:28:09GottHasstMich and wp slark
00:28:09lumo we cant kill them anyway with 2
00:28:10Fxx. and slark ulty+ 1. ?
00:28:11GottHasstMich to let this idiot mid
00:28:13MariahCarry does his lothars work?
00:28:17MariahCarry i hear the lothars sound
00:28:17GottHasstMich BUT U CAN SAVE ME
00:28:18GottHasstMich U FUCKTARD ?
00:28:21MariahCarry but hes still visiable
00:28:37Fxx. but slark can be perma invis
00:28:38LetItBe oom
00:28:52lumo I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:28:54MariahCarry gogo bot
00:28:55MariahCarry gogogo
00:28:57DeMiaN bot
00:28:57DeMiaN raxx
00:29:00EyeforanEye gems
00:29:10EyeforanEye 3
00:29:17Janske be little
00:29:19Janske let's not die
00:29:24DeMiaN spect come
00:29:28MariahCarry gogogo
00:29:29EyeforanEye well spec pwns us late
00:29:31EyeforanEye with slard
00:29:32Janske y
00:29:33EyeforanEye and gem
00:29:50GottHasstMich I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:29:59Fxx. gem
00:30:03GottHasstMich tiny just too good player
00:30:14Fxx. and THIS TARD
00:30:19Fxx. ....
00:30:27LetItBe no room
00:30:30LetItBe they would have picked it
00:30:31Fxx. FUCK U
00:30:49Fxx. u have got fucking ussless bracer
00:30:58Fxx. and u destroy gem
00:31:01Fxx. with bug cd
00:31:03MariahCarry fxx ur kindof an idiot
00:31:04Fxx. on sho?p
00:31:06Fxx. SOOO SMART
00:31:17DeMiaN ofc he is
00:31:18Fxx. ok
00:31:20Fxx. i m idiot
00:31:21Fxx. ok
00:31:22Fxx. guys
00:32:18Yuriko rosh?
00:32:36LetItBe mid twr and rosh
00:33:07MariahCarry don't steal my farm pls
00:33:11Yuriko lol!
00:33:14MariahCarry ^^
00:33:31LetItBe b
00:34:33LetItBe go tak it?
00:34:36Yuriko ye
00:34:47DeMiaN and then end before alch and slark too imba
00:34:51Yuriko ...
00:34:57LetItBe spec more imba
00:35:04EyeforanEye omw top
00:35:24EyeforanEye HA
00:35:26EyeforanEye b
00:35:31EyeforanEye twr
00:36:32MariahCarry HA!§
00:36:33EyeforanEye b
00:36:35EyeforanEye xD
00:36:57GottHasstMich go puck
00:37:12EyeforanEye gj
00:37:21Fxx. im idiot
00:37:25Fxx. but u dont know go together
00:37:27Fxx. end it ...
00:37:27Janske what is our chance to win?
00:37:34EyeforanEye we got a chance
00:37:39EyeforanEye that about it
00:37:42MariahCarry ok
00:37:44Janske b mid
00:37:45MariahCarry let's activate
00:37:48MariahCarry go-together hax
00:37:49Janske I go ward
00:38:17Fxx. u just cant w8 on 5.
00:38:24Fxx. perma someone dead ...
00:38:27EyeforanEye ffs
00:38:32MariahCarry i tp
00:38:41EyeforanEye b all
00:38:52LetItBe spec wtfd?
00:39:00GottHasstMich gem
00:39:03Yuriko what
00:39:06DeMiaN raxx
00:39:08LetItBe why dont kill alche?
00:39:11LetItBe instead of chase eni
00:39:19Yuriko i wanted rampage
00:39:20EyeforanEye cant buyout
00:39:22LetItBe ok
00:39:38LetItBe what are you doing there
00:39:40lumo toweri
00:39:40LetItBe without dusts or gem
00:39:41LetItBe lol
00:39:47GottHasstMich omg
00:39:49GottHasstMich u couldve killed puck
00:39:56LetItBe tiny
00:39:57LetItBe kilzz
00:40:04Janske me?
00:40:15Janske not with my skills :D
00:40:50GottHasstMich i dont get it
00:40:52GottHasstMich u retarded player
00:40:54GottHasstMich why u dont figh tthem
00:40:57GottHasstMich as long as they are 4
00:41:00GottHasstMich or 3
00:41:05GottHasstMich spectre was bot
00:41:07GottHasstMich puck was tp
00:41:11GottHasstMich if we were 5
00:41:14GottHasstMich thrall would ve been insta dead
00:41:15GottHasstMich + slardar too
00:41:17Fxx. hy we backdoor?
00:41:18GottHasstMich mb work with your brain
00:41:19GottHasstMich rly
00:41:23lumo siisti peli
00:41:33Janske I went to hit them
00:41:41Janske but was it too late then
00:41:41LetItBe bot too?
00:41:43LetItBe or b?
00:41:45Janske or what
00:41:50DeMiaN bto
00:42:26MariahCarry where were u
00:42:27MariahCarry wtf
00:42:33DeMiaN yuriko
00:42:34DeMiaN ult
00:42:36DeMiaN tple
00:42:40DeMiaN nvm
00:42:54Fxx. u play all like little tards
00:42:57Fxx. and u flame me ...
00:43:45GottHasstMich this tiny
00:43:46GottHasstMich xDDD
00:43:59LetItBe cmon
00:44:00LetItBe lets go
00:44:01LetItBe bot
00:44:01LetItBe w 5
00:44:04MariahCarry y
00:44:05MariahCarry gogo
00:44:06LetItBe get smoke someone
00:44:07MariahCarry wait
00:44:11MariahCarry 30 secs
00:44:12MariahCarry for all
00:44:16Yuriko got ulti
00:44:18Yuriko you can start going
00:44:23lumo 1/16? :D
00:44:41MariahCarry pratty good tainy
00:44:47LetItBe regen
00:44:48LetItBe bot
00:45:25MariahCarry gogo
00:45:34DeMiaN got smol
00:45:39DeMiaN got smoke
00:45:50EyeforanEye they got ward there
00:45:50Janske need help bot
00:46:51MariahCarry gg
00:46:52Janske I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:47:00GottHasstMich and blue
00:47:04GottHasstMich never send lumo mid again
00:47:06Yuriko gg
00:47:07GottHasstMich hes total overrated idiot
00:47:15EyeforanEye haha y kinda missread his luck this game
00:47:25GottHasstMich gg wp
00:47:27GottHasstMich puck
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