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-23 X
-1 TS

59% | 1263 X | 1349 TS

-31 X
-2 TS

53% | 1193 X | 1351 TS

-37 X
-3 TS

38% | 1091 X | 1297 TS

-19 X
-2 TS

27% | 1007 X | 1289 TS

-8 X
-34 TS

NEW | 1000 X | 1000 TS

+9 X
+2 TS

55% | 1178 X | 1386 TS

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+4 TS

49% | 1167 X | 1330 TS

+44 X
+2 TS

47% | 1142 X | 1334 TS

+31 X
+25 TS

30% | 1099 X | 1222 TS

-14 X
+3 TS

5% | 826 X | 1173 TS

Chat log

00:00:00SMEGMAPLEKK [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... mby_next_time with 93 seconds.
00:00:07pOWa wooden
00:00:08SMEGMAPLEKK hmm
00:00:11SMEGMAPLEKK ye
00:00:14Kace_J :D
00:00:16Rotkiv someone want something useful?
00:00:16mby_next_time get me commander for woods?
00:00:16SMEGMAPLEKK no moro elumees rotkiv
00:00:16Jerkku kace u know that u need to buy courier?
00:00:16mby_next_time commander i woods
00:00:16mby_next_time would be nice.
00:00:16Kace_J i dont need
00:00:16DeMiaN Kace u red rules ?
00:00:16Jerkku u need
00:00:16DeMiaN yes u have to
00:00:16mby_next_time so powa or you can solo top
00:00:16DeMiaN coz ur lastpick
00:00:16Jerkku u are lastpick
00:00:16DeMiaN otherwise ban
00:00:16pOWa ban furi ns or blood
00:00:16Jerkku its rule here
00:00:16Acid8000 i duno how to play commander lol
00:00:16AliBaba you are lastpick..
00:00:16pOWa y
00:00:16Kace_J i know play
00:00:16Banana confirm
00:00:16Jerkku ns
00:00:16Kace_J ok
00:00:16mby_next_time j[]ust get me commander :)
00:00:16Rotkiv i pick you commander
00:00:16mby_next_time good :)
00:00:16Kace_J i buy
00:00:16DeMiaN jerkku
00:00:16DeMiaN u go mid ?
00:00:16Jerkku ?
00:00:16mby_next_time powa get solo laner
00:00:16Jerkku y
00:00:16DeMiaN i mean
00:00:16pOWa y
00:00:16DeMiaN with what hero
00:00:16Jerkku i think
00:00:16Jerkku furi
00:00:16Jerkku if not ban
00:00:16Rotkiv fyrion
00:00:16pOWa i puck mby bs
00:00:16pOWa or furi
00:00:16Rotkiv fyrion
00:00:16pOWa or storm :)
00:00:16DeMiaN well rotkiv will take pitlord
00:00:16mby_next_time :)
00:00:16DeMiaN 100%
00:00:16Rotkiv fury
00:00:16pOWa prophetz
00:00:16mby_next_time hard to write it correct?
00:00:16DeMiaN it's furi
00:00:16DeMiaN not fury
00:00:16pOWa prophet
00:00:16Rotkiv furi
00:00:16mby_next_time kace_j you read the rules?
00:00:16Rotkiv furion
00:00:17DeMiaN we explained
00:00:28mby_next_time kk tell him not to pick banned heroes.
00:00:29Kace_J what is rules
00:00:31Rotkiv get me pit ..
00:00:33mby_next_time and not to try picking it :)
00:00:36mby_next_time kk dude.
00:00:36Rotkiv powa
00:00:39mby_next_time jsut pick commander for me.
00:00:43DeMiaN don't take the heroes written in red
00:00:54Rotkiv bs mid then ..
00:01:00mby_next_time and you solo top yo?
00:01:01Jerkku and buy courier
00:01:02Rotkiv commander top with me ..
00:01:04Kace_J yes
00:01:05Jerkku thats kinda all
00:01:06mby_next_time im woods
00:01:07Rotkiv yep
00:01:09pOWa nvm i can top 2
00:01:10mby_next_time im perma woods.
00:01:17mby_next_time you want rotkiv?
00:01:18Rotkiv get me wr
00:01:24mby_next_time -swap 1
00:01:25Rotkiv -swap 3
00:01:37Jerkku roof?
00:01:39DeMiaN well take usefull pick like lina/ rhasta pitlord thd puck
00:01:39Rotkiv get roof or pitlord ..
00:01:40DeMiaN roof
00:01:44Jerkku roof imo
00:01:45DeMiaN yy rooft
00:01:46DeMiaN rooft
00:01:50Jerkku gj
00:01:51mby_next_time ali you love bat i see ??:)
00:01:52pOWa hmmm
00:01:52DeMiaN perfect
00:01:57AliBaba :D
00:02:00AliBaba not really ..
00:02:01pOWa jaki
00:02:04DeMiaN want
00:02:05DeMiaN swap
00:02:05Jerkku bat rhasta bot
00:02:06DeMiaN ali ?
00:02:06pOWa ...
00:02:10Jerkku veno roof top
00:02:10mby_next_time well you did well last game, iritated me like hell
00:02:12AliBaba no :7
00:02:19DeMiaN jerkku
00:02:20Rotkiv i go mekka
00:02:21Jerkku ?
00:02:21DeMiaN melee rooft
00:02:24DeMiaN need bottom
00:02:26DeMiaN to pull
00:02:30DeMiaN two range top better
00:02:33Banana bat top imo
00:02:34Jerkku wll ofc
00:02:36Jerkku y
00:02:40Jerkku roof bottom then
00:02:43pOWa plz care
00:02:46mby_next_time -hhn
00:02:47mby_next_time -don
00:02:48mby_next_time -water red
00:02:50mby_next_time -clear
00:02:52Jerkku roof
00:02:53Jerkku go bot
00:02:55Kace_J waht
00:02:55AliBaba roof ..
00:02:57AliBaba go bot
00:02:57pOWa go there
00:02:58Jerkku botlane
00:02:58DeMiaN go bottom
00:03:06Banana pull
00:03:18DeMiaN i have a bad feeling bout this new guy
00:03:22Banana :D
00:03:25AliBaba :b
00:03:26Kace_J i know
00:03:52Jerkku i have bad feeling about this game
00:03:55Jerkku hate legion
00:03:56Banana pullö
00:03:59pOWa ss
00:04:01Banana tree
00:04:01Jerkku and stryg strong against me
00:04:10Banana u know whgat pull means?
00:04:19mby_next_time :)
00:04:21Acid8000 harass them
00:04:22Banana lastpiuck ffs
00:04:23mby_next_time nice 2 meet you 2
00:04:24Acid8000 plz
00:04:28SMEGMAPLEKK jo
00:04:48Banana roof
00:04:51Banana go pull!!!!
00:05:01Kace_J creep
00:05:03Kace_J from wood ?
00:05:07AliBaba lol
00:05:09Banana yes
00:05:23Kace_J wtf
00:05:31Banana ok warded
00:05:34Banana nvm then
00:06:04pOWa ss
00:07:20AliBaba ss
00:07:28pOWa ss
00:07:36AliBaba re
00:08:08pOWa ss
00:08:17Jerkku save mana
00:08:20Jerkku me come ank
00:08:24Jerkku gank
00:08:25Banana only shackle
00:08:26pOWa care
00:08:31Jerkku lina go
00:08:47Acid8000 why do you not listen
00:08:53Kace_J i have bids from repel
00:08:59SMEGMAPLEKK if he told ss they att me
00:09:00Kace_J and
00:09:06AliBaba b
00:09:06Jerkku SS MID
00:09:10Acid8000 ?
00:09:16mby_next_time i think he meant when
00:09:17Acid8000 he warned us
00:09:23DeMiaN jerkku faster pls
00:09:24Jerkku sorry was ganking
00:09:27Jerkku didnt noticed
00:09:32Rotkiv gj
00:09:42AliBaba lina top ..
00:09:52pOWa up chiken
00:10:26mby_next_time gj :)
00:10:38pOWa ...
00:10:40mby_next_time eh.
00:11:04pOWa say miss plz
00:11:06pOWa bot lane
00:11:09Acid8000 sorry
00:11:11mby_next_time he tped actually :)
00:11:15Banana ss bot 2
00:11:15mby_next_time i come
00:11:18Acid8000 2 bot ss
00:11:40Rotkiv fuck 4 top
00:11:48mby_next_time ya fuck
00:11:57pOWa WARDS
00:12:00Jerkku some up chicken?
00:12:04Kace_J i must
00:12:08Kace_J click on spell
00:12:12pOWa and up chiken
00:12:14pOWa plz
00:12:26mby_next_time :)
00:12:32Jerkku SS STRYG
00:12:39DeMiaN bat
00:12:40DeMiaN tango
00:12:41DeMiaN pls
00:12:45Jerkku need also wards
00:12:47mby_next_time you had lucky
00:12:49Rotkiv ss
00:12:50mby_next_time banana is nap
00:12:52Banana after boots i get
00:12:54mby_next_time and didn t hit chik
00:12:55Jerkku kk
00:13:02Banana need to kill sile
00:13:09pOWa i know
00:13:15pOWa so i didnt move back
00:13:15mby_next_time :)
00:13:18Banana ss bot 2
00:14:05Banana :D:DD:
00:14:16Kace_J rhasta :D
00:14:36Acid8000 ??
00:14:36DeMiaN rhasta failllll
00:14:38Banana D:
00:14:45mby_next_time tower isnt your friend you know ?:)
00:14:50Banana NSHIT
00:14:52mby_next_time :)
00:14:59Banana you pretty smart
00:15:04Rotkiv lina get manaboots
00:15:04mby_next_time i now
00:15:17pOWa team
00:15:22pOWa well
00:15:34pOWa lina?
00:15:37SMEGMAPLEKK ?_
00:15:47pOWa why you tank dmg?
00:15:51Jerkku dunno why i gave them most annoying heroes in game
00:15:55Jerkku LEGION
00:15:57Jerkku hate him
00:16:13Rotkiv sry bs
00:16:34AliBaba banana ?
00:16:37Banana ?
00:16:39Banana cant def alone
00:16:48pOWa more wards
00:16:57Acid8000 im poor
00:17:03mby_next_time africa kid :<
00:17:09Acid8000 :'(
00:17:11mby_next_time :)
00:17:13pOWa lina
00:17:17pOWa can ward
00:17:24SMEGMAPLEKK need mana boots
00:18:02DeMiaN rooft ult !
00:18:05DeMiaN was kill
00:18:14Kace_J i have silence
00:18:31Jerkku im pretty oom
00:18:36Acid8000 om
00:18:38Jerkku rhasta mana
00:18:44Kace_J fuck
00:18:50Kace_J i must click mous on spells
00:18:54Kace_J dont have bids
00:18:54Jerkku oom
00:19:00AliBaba b
00:19:05AliBaba birds ?
00:19:11Acid8000 LoL
00:19:48pOWa hmmm
00:19:53pOWa i need more support
00:19:55pOWa for now
00:19:56pOWa guys
00:20:00SMEGMAPLEKK oom
00:20:03DeMiaN mid tower
00:20:12Acid8000 i make us a pipe
00:20:19pOWa go def mid
00:20:31pOWa care
00:21:20Kace_J fuck silene
00:22:03Rotkiv b
00:22:16Rotkiv nomana
00:22:45AliBaba care
00:22:49Acid8000 brow why cant you buy wards
00:22:58SMEGMAPLEKK mby i need items?
00:23:03Acid8000 do you know what shop they are in
00:23:10SMEGMAPLEKK nop
00:23:14AliBaba b
00:23:15Acid8000 called tomb of relics bottom right
00:23:17Rotkiv lina get drums
00:23:38mby_next_time -cs
00:23:57Banana and now ug uys come
00:23:59Kace_J its my mistake ?
00:24:05Banana when 3 of us already dead
00:24:06Jerkku ok its gg
00:24:08Banana nope
00:24:11DeMiaN ofc it's gg
00:24:11Jerkku cant do shit
00:24:17Banana lol
00:24:31Jerkku against silencer legi and stryg
00:24:39DeMiaN y but
00:24:42DeMiaN picking storm
00:24:45DeMiaN when silencer in pool
00:24:50DeMiaN so retarded decision
00:24:55Acid8000 you cannot get wards bc you want to rush a agh lol
00:25:02mby_next_time come on storm
00:25:04pOWa why'
00:25:06mby_next_time you're gay
00:25:11mby_next_time you[]'re gay
00:25:16Banana go def all
00:25:16Jerkku and its not surprise
00:25:21Jerkku that this mbynexttime
00:25:24Acid8000 do you ever want to get better at dot aor just forever suck
00:25:24Jerkku is playing legio
00:25:31Jerkku most easily hero in game
00:25:47pOWa b
00:26:29Banana ff
00:26:51Rotkiv flyinh?
00:26:55mby_next_time dead
00:26:57mby_next_time re in 1
00:26:59mby_next_time you got
00:27:07pOWa ????????????????????
00:27:11pOWa lina?
00:27:13SMEGMAPLEKK `?
00:27:17SMEGMAPLEKK invis
00:27:18pOWa why you steal
00:27:24pOWa joke?
00:27:35DeMiaN check
00:27:35DeMiaN rosh
00:27:45AliBaba æ..æ
00:27:45AliBaba -
00:27:46AliBaba '-
00:27:46AliBaba -
00:28:02AliBaba I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:28:06AliBaba I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:28:23DeMiaN I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:28:25Jerkku its winnable
00:28:28DeMiaN no
00:28:29Jerkku if i get my bkb
00:28:37DeMiaN u'll get it min 50
00:28:38DeMiaN ...
00:29:15DeMiaN sotrm
00:29:20Rotkiv use manaboots allways when you see we dont have mana ..
00:29:36AliBaba lol
00:29:37AliBaba :D
00:29:39Kace_J nic
00:29:42Kace_J e
00:29:50SMEGMAPLEKK whrere wards?
00:29:57Acid8000 you found themm
00:29:59Acid8000 yay
00:30:02Banana i get smoke
00:30:06Banana gank and push with wards
00:30:13Banana we should be able to do that
00:30:31Jerkku gather
00:30:37Jerkku i just try to get bkb
00:30:46Jerkku lets see then
00:30:49Banana tree we need u
00:30:50DeMiaN rooft
00:30:51DeMiaN come
00:30:52DeMiaN pls
00:31:00pOWa come all
00:31:30DeMiaN b
00:31:31DeMiaN b
00:31:31DeMiaN 1
00:31:31DeMiaN b
00:31:31DeMiaN 1
00:31:32DeMiaN b
00:31:32DeMiaN b
00:31:32DeMiaN 1
00:31:32DeMiaN b
00:31:33DeMiaN b
00:31:33DeMiaN 1
00:31:33DeMiaN b
00:31:33DeMiaN b
00:31:34DeMiaN b
00:31:39DeMiaN B
00:31:42DeMiaN N
00:31:45DeMiaN guys
00:31:47DeMiaN fucking listen
00:31:57Kace_J its not team speak
00:32:06Kace_J play and read
00:32:09mby_next_time :)
00:32:12Jerkku I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:32:13Kace_J ..
00:32:15Rotkiv gj
00:32:22AliBaba I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:32:23Jerkku just ff
00:32:25AliBaba come on
00:32:28Jerkku cant do shit against silencer
00:32:49pOWa b
00:32:52mby_next_time sadasdas
00:32:55Rotkiv b
00:32:56Rotkiv b
00:33:17DeMiaN b
00:33:36DeMiaN storm
00:33:37mby_next_time []WILD NYGA APPEARS
00:33:37DeMiaN stryg
00:33:38DeMiaN is paper
00:33:48DeMiaN BACK OMFG
00:33:54DeMiaN GO BASE
00:34:08Kace_J base
00:34:11Banana regen and smoke
00:34:14AliBaba bs
00:34:18mby_next_time love dat damage.
00:34:20DeMiaN bullshit ,
00:34:28DeMiaN go
00:34:29DeMiaN to rooft
00:34:30Banana b
00:34:30Banana bb
00:34:31Banana b
00:34:31Banana b
00:34:32DeMiaN stryg will come
00:34:32Acid8000 300 + damage
00:34:33Acid8000 lol
00:34:37Acid8000 np
00:34:40AliBaba ...
00:34:46mby_next_time ya :)
00:34:49Rotkiv mid rax
00:34:51Kace_J STEEAL
00:34:52Kace_J h
00:34:53pOWa b
00:34:59Rotkiv come mid
00:35:03AliBaba gj roof
00:35:05Kace_J sry
00:35:12pOWa omw
00:35:13mby_next_time wild nyga appears.
00:35:20Kace_J you wont win ? :D
00:35:33pOWa b
00:35:49pOWa we need to kill storm when he use silence
00:35:54AliBaba ¨
00:35:59AliBaba urh i hate him.
00:35:59mby_next_time well that linek
00:36:03mby_next_time helped him 3 times already
00:36:10mby_next_time to escape from me
00:36:14pOWa bot tower
00:36:35Rotkiv fuck ..
00:36:39AliBaba gogo
00:37:08pOWa sdfasdfasdf
00:37:15mby_next_time :D
00:37:18pOWa wtf'
00:37:40Banana smoke
00:37:40pOWa b
00:37:45Jerkku buy sentries
00:37:49pOWa they get hex
00:37:50Rotkiv lets take that mid rax ..
00:37:59pOWa we ta?ke bot towert
00:38:03Rotkiv k
00:38:03pOWa AND KILL THEM
00:38:03Banana gather?
00:38:06pOWa then rax
00:38:11Rotkiv go bot all
00:38:11AliBaba y
00:38:14Jerkku ¨i reg
00:38:16pOWa w8 me
00:38:17Rotkiv lina come bot
00:38:23mby_next_time -ms
00:38:27DeMiaN rhasta
00:38:29DeMiaN don't place sentry
00:38:32mby_next_time back
00:38:34mby_next_time wait styg
00:38:36DeMiaN just wait till there is a teamfight
00:38:38Rotkiv jep
00:38:40Rotkiv wait here
00:38:45Jerkku roof try ult all
00:38:51Rotkiv wait dont go
00:38:59pOWa goooooooooo
00:39:17Jerkku haha lol
00:39:19Jerkku imba focus
00:39:36pOWa HELP ME?
00:39:46Banana I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:39:49AliBaba I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:39:57Jerkku still winnable
00:39:57pOWa one more :)
00:39:59Jerkku but
00:40:02Jerkku i will never
00:40:04Jerkku get that bkb
00:40:22mby_next_time oh rly ?
00:40:23pOWa get meele
00:40:24pOWa mid
00:40:38pOWa b
00:40:40pOWa after meele
00:40:43pOWa b
00:40:43pOWa b
00:40:44pOWa b
00:40:44pOWa b
00:40:49pOWa b
00:40:50pOWa b
00:40:50pOWa b
00:40:55Acid8000 ty
00:41:05pOWa just run
00:41:05Jerkku b
00:41:25Jerkku roof
00:41:30Kace_J yes ?
00:41:33Jerkku u can forfeit writing ''ff''
00:41:37DeMiaN don't
00:41:56Kace_J what
00:41:58pOWa go mid
00:42:01Banana type ff
00:42:01Kace_J forfeit ?
00:42:02pOWa FAST
00:42:04Kace_J wait
00:42:06pOWa guys
00:42:13mby_next_time omw
00:42:29mby_next_time bkb cd
00:42:30mby_next_time ulti cd
00:42:39pOWa no roof
00:42:39Kace_J i cant forfeit writting
00:42:45mby_next_time ya i got him:)
00:42:45DeMiaN just don't
00:42:46Jerkku write ff
00:42:46DeMiaN write
00:42:46AliBaba just !" ff "
00:42:49Jerkku then we lose
00:42:57DeMiaN ok do
00:42:58DeMiaN type
00:43:00DeMiaN "ff"
00:43:02Kace_J its dont have sense
00:43:06DeMiaN just type
00:43:07DeMiaN I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:43:09AliBaba JUST FUCKING DO IT!
00:43:09DeMiaN "ff"
00:43:13AliBaba I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:43:18DeMiaN two letters
00:43:20Kace_J i cant play ?
00:43:21DeMiaN F F
00:43:24Jerkku u can
00:43:24DeMiaN yes u can
00:43:27Jerkku we just lose this
00:43:29DeMiaN but this game
00:43:29AliBaba Yes you can
00:43:30DeMiaN is lost
00:43:32DeMiaN so let's go new
00:43:32Jerkku its still lost
00:43:34mby_next_time imbas commandeR: )
00:43:34DeMiaN and type ff
00:43:36Jerkku but its faster
00:43:41Jerkku just write ff
00:43:41Kace_J i wait in my base
00:43:45DeMiaN don't
00:43:46AliBaba omg
00:43:49AliBaba just ff
00:43:50DeMiaN just type FF
00:43:50AliBaba ffs
00:43:51Jerkku just write ff
00:43:54Kace_J I surrender! [5/5 of Sentinel]
00:43:54pOWa gg wp
00:43:54Jerkku trust us
00:43:54DeMiaN and game will be over
00:43:57Kace_J ahaaa
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