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95% | 1746 X | 1449 TS

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63% | 1303 X | 1345 TS

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-2 TS

50% | 1163 X | 1358 TS

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-3 TS

34% | 1093 X | 1263 TS

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91% | 1641 X | 1444 TS

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Chat log

00:00:00VVindoWz [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... mby_next_time with 64 seconds.
00:00:17mby_next_time hi all :)
00:00:17j22koer hi
00:00:17Vaj.CO some1 tide or lich?
00:00:17Vaj.CO or wl?
00:00:17j22koer rdu to kick some ass?
00:00:17VVindoWz can we wait a bit m8
00:00:17Rasmus.Seebach i can play wl
00:00:17Vaj.CO ok
00:00:17VVindoWz isdronningen is afk
00:00:17S.k.i.l.l.s. ?
00:00:17VVindoWz he will be back in a minute or so
00:00:17Vaj.CO furi
00:00:17S.k.i.l.l.s. BAN IT SOME1!
00:00:17majava gondorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
00:00:37Rasmus.Seebach can i play him
00:00:38mby_next_time you go?
00:00:39Vaj.CO y
00:00:43Vaj.CO its for u
00:00:48Rasmus.Seebach u say what u want :)
00:00:51Rasmus.Seebach ty
00:00:53Vaj.CO w8
00:00:55Isdronningen afk 1 minute
00:00:56majava ...
00:00:56Rasmus.Seebach k
00:00:56S.k.i.l.l.s. FFS
00:00:56mby_next_time -hhn
00:00:56mby_next_time -don
00:00:56mby_next_time -water red
00:00:56mby_next_time -clear
00:00:56VVindoWz skills be patient
00:00:56majava medusa probably the worst hero in pool
00:00:56Vaj.CO i ll go morph
00:00:56mby_next_time idc seriously
00:00:56S.k.i.l.l.s. why do u play if u wanna be afk!
00:00:56Rasmus.Seebach if it not be picket i well pick him 2 you
00:00:56mby_next_time couldnt he
00:00:56mby_next_time pick and just continue picking?
00:00:56VVindoWz 321
00:00:56Aerwyn ye..
00:00:56mby_next_time seriously well done.
00:00:56Isdronningen sorry im back
00:01:01Aerwyn pick ur hero
00:01:02Vaj.CO pick tide
00:01:19majava get levi lina
00:01:23Isdronningen need carry
00:01:23majava ok
00:01:23SMEGMAPLEKK me levi
00:01:23Aerwyn sry
00:01:24Vaj.CO morph for me
00:01:24SMEGMAPLEKK ye
00:01:24majava ff
00:01:25Rasmus.Seebach u get morg
00:01:38Vaj.CO -swap 4
00:01:39Rasmus.Seebach -swap 1
00:01:40SMEGMAPLEKK l000l
00:01:49Vaj.CO get wards for bot
00:01:54mby_next_time well ya it's lost
00:01:58SMEGMAPLEKK ye
00:02:01majava hf with medusa
00:02:02SMEGMAPLEKK magnus or lina?
00:02:02Rasmus.Seebach morf mid?=
00:02:07Vaj.CO y
00:02:07majava doesnt matter
00:02:10Rasmus.Seebach k
00:02:10mby_next_time im going to have loads of fun :)
00:02:13Rasmus.Seebach -clear
00:02:20j22koer :D
00:02:20VVindoWz tide bot
00:02:22j22koer ahah
00:02:25Vaj.CO not
00:02:28Vaj.CO let tide top
00:02:28VVindoWz sitting lan with lich
00:02:29majava good thing is that they can Push at 20
00:02:34majava so it will be fast
00:02:38mby_next_time true
00:02:39VVindoWz omg captain
00:02:41S.k.i.l.l.s. ?!
00:02:43Vaj.CO better 2 range bot
00:02:50Isdronningen ok
00:02:51S.k.i.l.l.s. DONT PING ME THEN FFS
00:03:01Isdronningen shut up and play
00:03:02VVindoWz tykke må jeg få farm i starten ?
00:03:06mby_next_time chiken.
00:03:12VVindoWz skal bare have soul ring
00:03:12j22koer there is
00:03:16mby_next_time shre
00:03:16S.k.i.l.l.s. sisaj ga
00:03:21Rasmus.Seebach heller jeg får mit sep
00:03:23mby_next_time ss mid
00:03:24mby_next_time are
00:03:28mby_next_time re
00:03:30Aerwyn share
00:03:31Aerwyn chicken
00:03:44SMEGMAPLEKK i shre
00:03:51Isdronningen warded
00:05:19SMEGMAPLEKK stun
00:05:33Aerwyn gang bot blue
00:05:33j22koer lvl 3
00:05:41SMEGMAPLEKK omgg
00:05:42majava meh
00:06:38Isdronningen idiot
00:06:44j22koer my bad
00:06:48Isdronningen gosh lina
00:06:50Isdronningen no life
00:07:10SMEGMAPLEKK mi
00:07:20Isdronningen gj
00:07:21S.k.i.l.l.s. relax
00:07:31Isdronningen they are easy kill
00:07:39Isdronningen we just need to work together
00:07:41Rasmus.Seebach ss
00:07:47VVindoWz ss bot
00:07:49S.k.i.l.l.s. -2
00:07:53mby_next_time not taht way :)
00:07:54SMEGMAPLEKK wd
00:07:56SMEGMAPLEKK gnk tp
00:07:57SMEGMAPLEKK pls
00:07:58Vaj.CO ...
00:08:03Vaj.CO fail by fail
00:08:07Isdronningen ss top
00:08:11mby_next_time happne
00:08:12Isdronningen 1 re
00:08:13Aerwyn gang?
00:08:13SMEGMAPLEKK wd gnk tp
00:08:15Aerwyn blue or some1?
00:08:17Isdronningen re
00:09:27SMEGMAPLEKK omhhhh
00:09:31SMEGMAPLEKK fucking cunt
00:09:33mby_next_time care
00:09:35mby_next_time morph is here
00:09:36mby_next_time with dd
00:09:48Isdronningen care
00:09:50Isdronningen ss mid
00:10:00SMEGMAPLEKK witch doc
00:10:08SMEGMAPLEKK fucking retards can u gnk tp????????
00:10:12Aerwyn miss two bot
00:10:16Vaj.CO btw
00:10:19Vaj.CO gang naix...
00:10:21Isdronningen ss
00:10:24mby_next_time ss mid
00:10:25mby_next_time care
00:10:27mby_next_time re
00:10:37Aerwyn care
00:10:38S.k.i.l.l.s. xaxaxa
00:10:45Isdronningen care
00:10:56SMEGMAPLEKK aerwin
00:10:58SMEGMAPLEKK u retard?
00:11:13SMEGMAPLEKK aewryn?
00:11:15SMEGMAPLEKK retard???
00:11:17majava kill
00:11:26mby_next_time ss mid
00:11:26mby_next_time cre
00:11:37SMEGMAPLEKK this wd is total retard
00:11:44Aerwyn wtf??
00:11:47Isdronningen gj
00:11:49mby_next_time 4 top
00:11:49S.k.i.l.l.s. gtet midd
00:11:49SMEGMAPLEKK i sayd gnk TOP
00:11:52VVindoWz sry for steal
00:11:55SMEGMAPLEKK u dont uunderstand me???
00:11:55Aerwyn was killing bot
00:11:59Isdronningen np
00:12:00SMEGMAPLEKK stfu cunt
00:12:06SMEGMAPLEKK i told that 5min ago
00:12:11majava lina you are horrible
00:12:13majava shut up
00:12:37Aerwyn gogogo
00:12:38Aerwyn blue
00:12:40Aerwyn now
00:12:57Aerwyn waste ulti
00:12:58SMEGMAPLEKK nice gnk
00:13:05S.k.i.l.l.s. .!. :D
00:13:26Vaj.CO care top
00:13:30Vaj.CO ss all
00:13:30Rasmus.Seebach gank woods
00:13:33mby_next_time ss 2 bot.
00:13:41Vaj.CO b
00:14:06Vaj.CO go
00:14:25SMEGMAPLEKK lol
00:14:27Vaj.CO go mid
00:14:44Vaj.CO omg
00:14:55j22koer np
00:14:57SMEGMAPLEKK ff
00:15:12Aerwyn care
00:15:17VVindoWz gosh
00:15:20Vaj.CO go
00:15:24Aerwyn gang top
00:16:01S.k.i.l.l.s. xaaxxaxa
00:16:07S.k.i.l.l.s. gj :)
00:16:33Isdronningen b
00:16:34Vaj.CO b
00:16:35VVindoWz b all
00:17:24S.k.i.l.l.s. xxaxa
00:18:25SMEGMAPLEKK wd
00:18:28SMEGMAPLEKK sstun
00:18:30SMEGMAPLEKK u fucking moron
00:18:38Aerwyn haha xD
00:18:39Isdronningen gj
00:18:40Aerwyn had no stun
00:18:55S.k.i.l.l.s. b
00:18:55Isdronningen b
00:19:12Aerwyn and lina pls make lower voice, everybody are laugning at ya :)
00:20:23Vaj.CO omw bot
00:20:32VVindoWz we need wars
00:20:34VVindoWz wards
00:20:53j22koer man
00:20:54j22koer a
00:20:59S.k.i.l.l.s. didnt had cd for ult my mistake sorry
00:21:15Aerwyn gj
00:21:39Vaj.CO wards
00:21:40Vaj.CO guys
00:21:46S.k.i.l.l.s. that would be nice
00:21:51Vaj.CO and gather
00:21:56Vaj.CO we pwn em 5v5
00:22:08Vaj.CO i just finish my blade
00:22:16Vaj.CO and i can insta kill 1
00:22:24Aerwyn tiny
00:22:31Isdronningen bot twr
00:22:44Vaj.CO b
00:22:52Aerwyn ???
00:22:58Aerwyn why in earth did you toss me?
00:23:19Aerwyn okay, gj
00:23:33Vaj.CO omg
00:23:46Vaj.CO ward
00:24:35majava illu
00:25:08majava -cs
00:25:13SMEGMAPLEKK -cs
00:25:23Aerwyn b
00:25:24Aerwyn b
00:25:39Vaj.CO me
00:25:41S.k.i.l.l.s. e
00:26:06Vaj.CO lich
00:26:09Vaj.CO go with us
00:26:12S.k.i.l.l.s. ULT
00:26:32Aerwyn lol?
00:26:33mby_next_time da faq ytou doing
00:26:33Aerwyn what dmg
00:26:57Rasmus.Seebach lol
00:27:10S.k.i.l.l.s. all down?
00:27:17S.k.i.l.l.s. and armor me lich
00:27:31SMEGMAPLEKK mid?
00:27:33SMEGMAPLEKK nix
00:27:36Vaj.CO more wards
00:27:39mby_next_time funny they are acting actually
00:27:43S.k.i.l.l.s. i need fast finish
00:27:50mby_next_time playing like that with team like that
00:28:07S.k.i.l.l.s. rhasta and lich 2 retards
00:28:22Isdronningen say the biggest noob in the game
00:28:35S.k.i.l.l.s. yea
00:28:36Isdronningen what a noob stealer
00:28:54Aerwyn all mid
00:28:54Aerwyn ?
00:28:56Isdronningen only 5 assist
00:28:56majava y
00:29:11Vaj.CO go ulti wl
00:29:15Vaj.CO soon
00:29:18Rasmus.Seebach 2 sec
00:29:32S.k.i.l.l.s. hea;l
00:29:46Rasmus.Seebach cd
00:29:51VVindoWz b
00:29:55Vaj.CO dont b
00:29:58Vaj.CO lichHHH????
00:30:13Vaj.CO b
00:30:41VVindoWz fu captain
00:30:44Vaj.CO ?
00:30:44VVindoWz why not b?
00:30:50VVindoWz 5v4
00:30:54Vaj.CO retard
00:30:57Vaj.CO lich went b
00:30:58Vaj.CO ....
00:31:04VVindoWz lich wasent there
00:31:05Isdronningen i got killed
00:31:06Isdronningen noob
00:31:13Vaj.CO ohh :D
00:31:15SMEGMAPLEKK dd
00:31:18majava cant believe
00:31:20VVindoWz thats why i said b :P
00:31:21majava they played so bad
00:31:21mby_next_time same :D
00:31:26mby_next_time with that team :D
00:31:26Aerwyn true
00:31:27VVindoWz shit happens
00:31:29Vaj.CO 3 of em were dead
00:31:38Vaj.CO well np
00:31:52mby_next_time but actually im likeing their play :d
00:31:57mby_next_time i like *
00:32:03Isdronningen we need dagger on that noobie tide
00:32:03VVindoWz we have to focus wd
00:32:13SMEGMAPLEKK midd
00:32:14VVindoWz and gets some good ultis
00:32:15Aerwyn def
00:32:16Aerwyn mid
00:32:17SMEGMAPLEKK kill?
00:32:17Aerwyn ?
00:32:21majava base def
00:32:24S.k.i.l.l.s. i hit always nice ult
00:32:27Aerwyn gather
00:32:32VVindoWz rasmus come
00:32:38Rasmus.Seebach i come
00:32:42Isdronningen i can see by your assist
00:32:46VVindoWz we wait for warlock
00:32:47S.k.i.l.l.s. yea
00:32:54Aerwyn dont go
00:32:54SMEGMAPLEKK smoke?
00:33:15SMEGMAPLEKK focus lich or tide?
00:33:17Vaj.CO raxes
00:33:19mby_next_time whatever
00:33:21Rasmus.Seebach y
00:33:27mby_next_time morph for me
00:33:32mby_next_time cuz they will ulti anyway
00:33:39Vaj.CO dont use all ulties on same time
00:33:58Vaj.CO raxes
00:34:05SMEGMAPLEKK I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:34:06j22koer I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:34:22Vaj.CO b
00:34:56Vaj.CO b
00:35:02Vaj.CO b
00:35:03Vaj.CO b
00:35:03Vaj.CO b
00:35:37SMEGMAPLEKK just so fucking owned
00:35:52Isdronningen ok
00:35:59Isdronningen but thanks for raxes
00:36:03SMEGMAPLEKK np
00:36:40S.k.i.l.l.s. gather midd smoke and go down
00:36:43Vaj.CO we can fight only with all ulties
00:37:14VVindoWz roshan ?
00:37:16S.k.i.l.l.s. no1 smoke
00:37:23SMEGMAPLEKK j22koer
00:37:25SMEGMAPLEKK hästi lähbe
00:37:25VVindoWz -ms
00:37:28VVindoWz -ms
00:37:28Vaj.CO we can rosh
00:37:29j22koer dont sa enything
00:37:32Vaj.CO but wards
00:37:33j22koer say
00:37:35S.k.i.l.l.s. i wont
00:37:42S.k.i.l.l.s. no wards!
00:37:57S.k.i.l.l.s. in whole game int heroes got 1 ward!
00:37:58j22koer im this close calling ambulance
00:38:03majava why?
00:38:08Vaj.CO gather
00:38:19j22koer brain bubbles
00:38:21Vaj.CO go mid
00:38:22Vaj.CO all
00:38:29Vaj.CO b
00:38:40Vaj.CO rhasta
00:38:40Vaj.CO ffs
00:38:46Vaj.CO rhasta dead
00:38:49S.k.i.l.l.s. dead
00:38:50Vaj.CO ...
00:38:55Vaj.CO tard
00:39:00Rasmus.Seebach y
00:39:03Vaj.CO b
00:39:03majava b
00:39:04Vaj.CO b
00:39:04Vaj.CO b
00:39:05Vaj.CO b
00:39:05VVindoWz didnt see that comming
00:39:05S.k.i.l.l.s. go down!
00:39:06Isdronningen y
00:39:06Isdronningen y
00:39:07Isdronningen y
00:39:13majava we bought time with that
00:39:15mby_next_time well recipe and got diffu
00:39:15majava now dont die
00:39:23VVindoWz well no wards
00:39:27Vaj.CO so buy it
00:39:27S.k.i.l.l.s. we wrote pinged but rasta didnt saw that
00:39:28Vaj.CO ffs
00:39:30Vaj.CO u r supp
00:39:51Rasmus.Seebach lets go bot?
00:39:54S.k.i.l.l.s. CAN WE FINISH!!?
00:39:57S.k.i.l.l.s. i gotta go
00:40:14S.k.i.l.l.s. come midd U MORON!
00:40:15Vaj.CO lich come
00:40:15VVindoWz aight aight sir
00:40:18majava -cs
00:40:20Isdronningen go top
00:40:22Isdronningen and end
00:40:28Isdronningen mid is done
00:40:29Vaj.CO need gang first
00:40:30mby_next_time dagon now is useless doctor
00:40:31mby_next_time .
00:40:33Rasmus.Seebach y
00:40:35Vaj.CO go rosh
00:40:35SMEGMAPLEKK ye
00:40:39Aerwyn bought it long time ago
00:40:46mby_next_time ah nvm then
00:40:48SMEGMAPLEKK but still 3-10
00:40:49SMEGMAPLEKK :(
00:40:52Aerwyn :D
00:41:01mby_next_time got diffyu :)
00:41:07j22koer ORLY
00:41:08Aerwyn u look stats, they were 3-1... they keep focusing m, u know? :)
00:41:12Vaj.CO bot
00:41:13Vaj.CO all
00:41:25majava base def
00:41:33VVindoWz fail ward
00:42:03majava I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:42:06mby_next_time I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:42:08Aerwyn I surrender! [5/5 of Sentinel]
00:42:11Vaj.CO gg
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