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12% | 1006 X | 1110 TS

Chat log

00:00:00Zemirk [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... mby_next_time with 55 seconds.
00:00:10sebralane idiont russian
00:00:13oo0OoO0oo should 7in this easy
00:00:15mby_next_time i would like carry abba.
00:00:16mby_next_time solisluu zemirk and risesteri you 3 are mates yo?
00:00:16Solisluu Y
00:00:16Risesteri yup
00:00:16sandii CAN I QUIT THIS GAME?
00:00:16mby_next_time though so.
00:00:16halomon yes
00:00:16mby_next_time stop smokeing.
00:00:16mby_next_time :)
00:00:16Bct_Murder leave now
00:00:16Solisluu BAN DS
00:00:16sebralane pinkpanther ban
00:00:16majava ns
00:00:26mby_next_time ud in pull and sd and you ban ds?
00:00:28mby_next_time strange.
00:00:31sebralane i bet i need a carry too
00:00:35Solisluu D
00:00:38Solisluu Dota2 bans
00:00:38mby_next_time rofl sebra..
00:00:43Solisluu ds is imba
00:00:45Solisluu btw.
00:00:50Solisluu but i guess none plays it here
00:00:51mby_next_time it is but noone can play it
00:00:52mby_next_time :)
00:00:52sebralane well its ovlyus i need a carry
00:00:52Bct_Murder sandii you here>?
00:00:57sandii yeah i just came
00:01:02sandii im chatting in fb
00:01:03sandii :D
00:01:06Bct_Murder :D
00:01:09mby_next_time gay
00:01:17sebralane morph good carry?
00:01:17majava anyone wants play undy?
00:01:20mby_next_time again some little girl?
00:01:20oo0OoO0oo y
00:01:22Bct_Murder i can
00:01:22mby_next_time dude
00:01:23oo0OoO0oo 7hat you 7ant
00:01:24Bct_Murder what you want
00:01:24mby_next_time dont go carry
00:01:26Bct_Murder fast
00:01:28sebralane i will
00:01:28mby_next_time we got me and void laready
00:01:29majava get me pugna
00:01:33Bct_Murder -swap 1
00:01:33sandii yep
00:01:34mby_next_time as always nap sebra
00:01:35sandii 2 actually
00:01:36majava -swap 4
00:01:36sandii :D
00:01:37sebralane u suck anyway
00:01:38mby_next_time -water red
00:01:51mby_next_time i still see sebra you're under
00:01:53oo0OoO0oo let me bot
00:01:57oo0OoO0oo solo if posible
00:01:58mby_next_time nvm no sense to argue with you.
00:02:05sebralane i know
00:02:05sandii um
00:02:07mby_next_time wl with me?
00:02:20oo0OoO0oo uid let me farm mana boots
00:02:25oo0OoO0oo only need 1 k
00:02:25Bct_Murder /w DotaKeys: on
00:02:27Bct_Murder /w DotaKeys: You control Undying [d,r,t,e]
00:02:30oo0OoO0oo then i fuck em up
00:02:31Bct_Murder ok ok
00:02:49oo0OoO0oo skill tomb 1 x heal and 1 spell
00:02:49mby_next_time please pull asap venom :)
00:02:53sebralane dont
00:02:58sebralane sa'tay lane
00:03:02sebralane and autoattack
00:03:02Bct_Murder i know man ;]
00:03:05sebralane u win lane like this
00:03:16sandii shiiiet
00:03:21mby_next_time venom is new guy in dota ?
00:03:23sandii pause for 15min plox?
00:03:25Solisluu no
00:03:26mby_next_time that you ping?
00:03:26Risesteri not
00:03:30halomon Yes.
00:03:30sandii i want to talk to these gurls
00:03:30sandii :D
00:03:30mby_next_time we dont care.
00:03:30majava wat?
00:03:30sebralane ohh pls
00:03:30mby_next_time seriously
00:03:31Bct_Murder omg .....
00:03:43sandii :D:D
00:04:46oo0OoO0oo b
00:04:47mby_next_time cant pull?
00:04:49mby_next_time -hhn
00:04:50mby_next_time -don
00:04:52Solisluu älä jaksa : D
00:04:53mby_next_time -clear
00:05:17Bct_Murder this tiny
00:05:19Bct_Murder fucking shet
00:05:19oo0OoO0oo lol
00:05:20Bct_Murder ok
00:05:22Zemirk y
00:05:24Solisluu this pugna
00:05:24oo0OoO0oo 7hy stay
00:05:25oo0OoO0oo iam lo7
00:05:26Solisluu fucking irritating
00:05:27Risesteri i go pull next one
00:05:29oo0OoO0oo can do one spell
00:05:31mby_next_time kk
00:05:32Solisluu i wanted a easy lane
00:05:33Bct_Murder no tiny
00:05:36Bct_Murder i dont help you
00:05:38Bct_Murder and you cant farm
00:05:43oo0OoO0oo lol
00:05:56oo0OoO0oo tomb
00:05:58Risesteri too late
00:05:59Risesteri fuck
00:05:59oo0OoO0oo ffs
00:06:04mby_next_time but youdoubled it
00:06:05Bct_Murder i 2 lvl
00:06:07Solisluu hanki elämä
00:06:07mby_next_time go now.
00:06:08Solisluu :D
00:06:11oo0OoO0oo lol first tomb
00:06:14oo0OoO0oo omfg
00:06:47oo0OoO0oo help
00:06:50oo0OoO0oo stay b
00:06:53oo0OoO0oo and tomb
00:06:55oo0OoO0oo if they come
00:07:00Risesteri fuck, i dont even try anymore
00:07:08oo0OoO0oo gimme heal enxt
00:07:38mby_next_time i go pull:)
00:07:39Bct_Murder nice nice
00:07:41Bct_Murder fucking tiny
00:07:43Risesteri y go pls :D
00:08:37mby_next_time ss lion all time
00:08:41mby_next_time k im back
00:08:46Bct_Murder down free farm
00:08:53oo0OoO0oo need help
00:08:53mby_next_time re lion
00:08:56Solisluu gank
00:09:18mby_next_time i go pull again
00:09:51Zemirk tapetaa
00:10:01Solisluu miss mid
00:10:14Bct_Murder down
00:10:15Bct_Murder imba
00:10:18Bct_Murder warlock +traxex
00:10:19majava i come
00:10:20Bct_Murder ..........
00:10:21Bct_Murder no gank
00:10:24Bct_Murder to late
00:10:26majava lol
00:10:29mby_next_time ss top
00:10:29mby_next_time 2
00:10:30mby_next_time care
00:10:39mby_next_time re
00:11:22oo0OoO0oo 78 me
00:11:23oo0OoO0oo tp
00:11:32Zemirk sry
00:11:46oo0OoO0oo go tomb
00:11:49mby_next_time ss top all
00:12:38sebralane ss down
00:12:46Bct_Murder this lion imba !
00:12:48mby_next_time sr for being lame and last hitting
00:12:56Risesteri aba mid?
00:13:01mby_next_time na i go push top
00:13:02Risesteri nvm
00:13:04majava keep em
00:13:04Risesteri y
00:14:09Zemirk tuuri
00:14:21Zemirk sek aikasempi void ulti ja double :P
00:14:25Bct_Murder traxex item ...
00:14:26Bct_Murder omg
00:14:36Bct_Murder dk no gank
00:14:38Bct_Murder tiny no gank
00:14:39Bct_Murder this team
00:14:41Bct_Murder fucking shet
00:14:43oo0OoO0oo go
00:14:46Zemirk drow gank inc
00:14:50mby_next_time blah
00:14:51mby_next_time stupid me
00:14:57majava tower
00:14:58Solisluu miss mid
00:15:07mby_next_time pugna top
00:15:07Bct_Murder LOOK LION ITEM !
00:15:10Zemirk kk
00:15:17sebralane wtf
00:15:23Zemirk got tp
00:15:29oo0OoO0oo rune
00:15:49mby_next_time love range
00:15:53mby_next_time of that shiet
00:15:56Bct_Murder this lion imba?
00:16:01mby_next_time a little bit :)
00:16:05Solisluu hon player
00:16:07Solisluu what can i say
00:16:12mby_next_time :DD
00:16:13Zemirk :D
00:16:35oo0OoO0oo fucking tomb !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
00:16:44halomon bretzckzy iw kurwa bromi!!!!!!
00:16:44Bct_Murder no creep no enemy tomb?
00:16:45Bct_Murder omg
00:16:47Bct_Murder you fucking crazy
00:16:50majava torni botista
00:16:50sebralane need gank bottom
00:16:53Zemirk y
00:16:55oo0OoO0oo its lso7z !"!!
00:16:55majava ei me latessa voiteta
00:16:56Zemirk omw
00:16:57sandii emmä ehi tekee mitää
00:16:57mby_next_time go pick carry more: )
00:17:01sandii juttelen fb
00:17:02sandii :D:D
00:17:08halomon tapa ittes nörtti
00:17:11mby_next_time top rune.
00:17:57Bct_Murder dk help down?
00:18:06mby_next_time no ulti.
00:18:40mby_next_time stupid to go
00:18:42mby_next_time vs ward / tomb
00:18:43Zemirk y
00:18:49Zemirk tomb was cd
00:18:55mby_next_time he just used tomb :)
00:19:17majava must push
00:19:19mby_next_time sandii how are your girls?
00:19:23majava cant outcarry void trax
00:19:23mby_next_time :))))
00:19:37majava gogo mid
00:19:40Bct_Murder void free dfarm
00:20:01majava void was raped mid
00:20:03halomon they are coming mid
00:20:05halomon now
00:20:12sandii what what
00:20:15sandii theyre good
00:20:18mby_next_time good
00:20:32majava we must push
00:20:41oo0OoO0oo comin
00:20:50majava what level is tomb?
00:20:55Bct_Murder 4
00:20:57majava ok
00:22:07Bct_Murder we need pipe?
00:22:21majava go take mid 2nd tower
00:22:24oo0OoO0oo i need to farm my dagger
00:22:34majava ...
00:22:45majava i dont get
00:22:49majava why you keep farming
00:22:50halomon b
00:22:52halomon they mid
00:22:53mby_next_time rosh?
00:22:58Bct_Murder abadon imba item
00:23:01majava lol
00:23:14majava you failed both lanes
00:23:15oo0OoO0oo meet
00:23:33Bct_Murder no ward ...
00:23:40majava i dont know why dk keeps farming now
00:23:55sandii becuase im 50% in facebook
00:23:55Bct_Murder this dk
00:23:57Bct_Murder sucker
00:24:32majava ff
00:25:11oo0OoO0oo dagger yir yir
00:25:28majava too late already
00:25:57Bct_Murder we loose
00:25:59Bct_Murder dk fucking noob
00:26:02Bct_Murder fb idiot
00:26:12Bct_Murder who can ban request him?
00:26:21oo0OoO0oo 7hy keep farm
00:26:25oo0OoO0oo 7e need push and gangs
00:26:30majava too late
00:26:31sebralane cs void=õ
00:26:35Solisluu shit
00:26:36oo0OoO0oo our carry made pipe
00:26:37oo0OoO0oo gg
00:26:39Solisluu got nothing first 10 min
00:26:41majava we should have begun pushing 10mins ago
00:26:42Solisluu 75
00:26:45sebralane 82
00:26:54mby_next_time after 23 minuts on lane...
00:26:59mby_next_time whatevr.
00:27:20Bct_Murder traxex void and abadon imba gg ff
00:28:16Solisluu -apm
00:28:30Risesteri -apm
00:28:31Zemirk -apm
00:28:49Bct_Murder toss?
00:28:50sandii XD
00:28:51mby_next_time sr for moveing veno
00:28:53oo0OoO0oo yosed
00:29:06mby_next_time :)
00:29:26mby_next_time dust on pugna.
00:29:28halomon they have dd
00:29:48oo0OoO0oo come on
00:29:58sebralane heal pls
00:30:04Zemirk need 1 crep
00:30:38mby_next_time gg
00:30:54mby_next_time void did you deal any damage?
00:31:05Solisluu almost none
00:31:08mby_next_time :)
00:31:29oo0OoO0oo -apm
00:31:45majava def lanes and new push
00:31:46Bct_Murder now shyva?
00:32:00sebralane -ms
00:32:07Solisluu -ms
00:32:47halomon care
00:33:00sandii i dont need to care
00:33:09sandii if i die im afk
00:33:11sandii :d
00:33:14Solisluu ward rosh
00:33:26mby_next_time tomb cd
00:33:29mby_next_time on bot he just used it
00:33:34majava come top all
00:34:00sandii fuck me ur slow
00:34:04sandii i was afk
00:34:10mby_next_time asfdasfa
00:34:23Solisluu lion ffs
00:34:25Solisluu and pugna
00:34:26Solisluu not ud
00:34:32oo0OoO0oo stun lion
00:34:37Bct_Murder traxex win ;/
00:34:39oo0OoO0oo hex
00:34:41Solisluu trax
00:34:42mby_next_time rofl :)))
00:34:42Solisluu : D
00:34:45Solisluu we just got sebraed
00:34:50Solisluu well anyway nice farm
00:34:53mby_next_time void
00:34:56mby_next_time lets go roshan
00:34:58Solisluu y
00:35:00Solisluu need wards
00:35:03mby_next_time i get it
00:35:03Solisluu and we gotta be fast
00:35:15Bct_Murder lion bloodstone/
00:35:16Bct_Murder :DDDDDDDDDDD
00:35:20oo0OoO0oo no hex
00:35:20halomon no?
00:35:21mby_next_time unpush and go.
00:35:21oo0OoO0oo nab
00:35:28halomon actually
00:35:30halomon linken xd
00:35:31Bct_Murder why perferance?
00:35:42sandii its np
00:35:50sandii atleast he wont die so easily =)
00:36:00sebralane i take?
00:36:03mby_next_time void take
00:36:04Solisluu i take
00:36:06Solisluu cos im inside
00:36:06mby_next_time he iniatet and die
00:36:08sebralane heal me pls
00:36:22Solisluu b
00:36:23Solisluu b
00:36:32Bct_Murder tiny fail
00:37:04Bct_Murder gz ff
00:37:05Bct_Murder I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:37:05sandii mad maelstrom
00:37:06majava I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:37:38Solisluu rax
00:37:46Bct_Murder I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:37:53Solisluu b
00:37:55Bct_Murder just ff?
00:38:09mby_next_time ....
00:38:09Solisluu sorry
00:38:10mby_next_time ....
00:38:12sandii -apm
00:38:13Solisluu didnt mean to take
00:38:17sandii my apm is 54 :D:D
00:38:18Solisluu salamoita kaikkialla!
00:38:22Solisluu -apm
00:38:22Bct_Murder -apm
00:38:24halomon -apm
00:38:24sandii ive been busy
00:38:25oo0OoO0oo -apm
00:38:28mby_next_time -apm
00:38:30sebralane -apm
00:38:31Bct_Murder apm= ?
00:38:34mby_next_time :)
00:38:38majava -apm
00:38:39sandii actions per minute
00:39:01mby_next_time 400 to ac.
00:39:06Zemirk -apm
00:39:29mby_next_time let me get my ac
00:40:14Bct_Murder JUST FF all
00:40:18sandii I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:40:19majava ff mby?
00:40:21Bct_Murder I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:40:22halomon I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:40:30Bct_Murder tiny ff ?
00:40:33mby_next_time dk
00:40:35oo0OoO0oo I surrender! [5/5 of Sentinel]
00:40:35mby_next_time or nvm
00:40:38mby_next_time ..
00:40:39Solisluu gg wp
00:40:41Zemirk gg
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