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91% | 1502 X | 1586 TS

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Chat log

00:00:18lumo -
00:00:18atte want
00:00:18atte ?
00:00:18valiante ima rape some ass with shredder
00:00:18atte ud phonix obv imba
00:00:18atte as magina is
00:00:18atte so someone ud or phonix?
00:00:18zebbelito i can ud
00:00:18valiante nice
00:00:18atte phonix
00:00:18zebbelito but ur shredi?
00:00:18WantedZip AM
00:00:20valiante yeah why?
00:00:23WantedZip ^some es ?
00:00:25DeMiaN they'll pick shred
00:00:26DeMiaN imo
00:00:26WantedZip some1 ?
00:00:29Kastrup k
00:00:30valiante yeah prob
00:00:35Kastrup fine
00:00:40valiante else i can go silencer?
00:00:42Kastrup what u want?
00:00:44valiante what would u prefer
00:00:45atte ogre = gamewin
00:00:50valiante im not playing ogre
00:00:50WantedZip inoker or void
00:00:53valiante anyone wants ogre?
00:00:54zebbelito ogre
00:00:59zebbelito u want?
00:00:59atte give me ogre
00:01:00valiante anyone wants ogre?
00:01:00zebbelito shred
00:01:04atte -swap 3
00:01:04valiante i can silencer
00:01:05valiante or shred
00:01:06zebbelito -swap 1
00:01:06DeMiaN get shredd
00:01:07WantedZip gimme invoker
00:01:07valiante what do u want
00:01:09zebbelito SHRED ME
00:01:10DeMiaN shred imba
00:01:11atte sile good
00:01:18valiante silencer good for es
00:01:19WantedZip -swap 3
00:01:19zebbelito lol
00:01:25Kastrup -swap 1
00:01:30Casberry what should i pick ?
00:01:32zebbelito me toP?
00:01:38DeMiaN i hesitate between
00:01:38valiante pugna enigma
00:01:40valiante ?
00:01:41DeMiaN ku2kka and pit
00:01:44Casberry hmhmhm
00:01:46valiante -.-
00:01:48DeMiaN so
00:01:49valiante no more melee
00:01:49DeMiaN enigma ?
00:01:50valiante omfg
00:01:52valiante yes
00:01:52valiante pls
00:02:01valiante how about a trilane
00:02:02Casberry suggestions plx
00:02:04valiante and solo enigma bot?
00:02:08Kastrup pugna
00:02:08DeMiaN naah
00:02:10DeMiaN i want forest
00:02:11atte no
00:02:13valiante k
00:02:17valiante u mid?
00:02:18atte sile perfect solo top
00:02:18valiante ogre?
00:02:23valiante ok
00:02:24atte and 2 healers bot
00:02:24Kastrup shredder top
00:02:24valiante so ud bot?
00:02:25atte best
00:02:28Kastrup i bot with sladar
00:02:28atte option
00:02:29atte imo
00:02:45valiante sounds fine by me
00:02:49zebbelito -ma
00:03:02DeMiaN shredder will be pain in the ass though
00:03:08atte nah
00:04:23Kastrup go?
00:06:35Kastrup omw
00:06:35lumo ss
00:07:04Kastrup cmon
00:07:06Kastrup haste on ogre
00:07:06Kastrup care!
00:07:12Casberry b top
00:07:13atte go
00:07:13WantedZip ss
00:07:31Casberry goddamn
00:08:49atte ss
00:08:50atte re
00:09:34Kastrup dohffg
00:09:35lumo :DD
00:09:38valiante 2 ss
00:09:39valiante care
00:09:40valiante enigma
00:09:43DeMiaN kk
00:09:49DeMiaN go kill
00:09:50DeMiaN top
00:09:52atte fuck you
00:09:55WantedZip ^^
00:10:02Kastrup ready sladar?
00:10:05lumo manaboots if u let few creeps
00:10:21WantedZip ss
00:10:26valiante 2 ss
00:10:28lumo ..
00:11:16WantedZip still ss ogre
00:11:45atte BASH
00:11:46atte :DD
00:11:51Kastrup i stunned u ?
00:11:59atte yeah and slard stun and bash after
00:12:24atte pugna go
00:12:52Casberry how i hate sile ...
00:13:22ESA_93 -ms
00:13:23valiante ss
00:13:33atte ss invo
00:13:36valiante im pretty fat
00:14:23zebbelito lol
00:14:24valiante :(
00:14:45Kastrup WTF?
00:14:46Kastrup w
00:15:00Kastrup nortrom is fat
00:15:06Casberry y
00:15:44DeMiaN nvm
00:15:45zebbelito wtf agtte
00:15:52valiante can we stop dieing
00:15:55atte ...
00:15:58valiante while i get fat
00:16:08atte he went there
00:16:10atte 1hp
00:16:12atte you could
00:16:13zebbelito i know
00:16:13atte chase also
00:16:15atte freekill
00:16:17zebbelito u did
00:16:20zebbelito u CHASE ES
00:16:49valiante im b
00:16:57DeMiaN reflexxx
00:17:01atte :DDDDDDDDD
00:17:02atte JHAHAHA
00:17:02atte 4
00:17:03atte there
00:17:04atte again
00:17:07atte and this noobpugna ult
00:17:10valiante :D
00:17:11atte why i didnt just farm
00:17:13atte 29cs 5min
00:17:23valiante good 7uestion :D
00:18:08DeMiaN "
00:18:42atte push with 5 pls
00:18:44atte get towers
00:18:46atte this is
00:18:53atte so damn sad
00:19:00ESA_93 kill id
00:19:01ESA_93 mid
00:19:27DeMiaN push mid now
00:19:29atte come mid sile
00:20:16Kastrup invoker?
00:20:17Kastrup why not?
00:20:38DeMiaN pus bot
00:21:09atte b
00:22:01Kastrup !?!?1
00:22:03Kastrup idiot
00:22:05ESA_93 u didint hit?
00:22:09Kastrup I WAITED
00:22:11Kastrup to lasthit
00:22:11Kastrup ffs
00:22:17Kastrup i fucking did babysit u
00:22:58Kastrup DO something
00:22:59Kastrup cmon
00:23:03Kastrup u fucking wankers
00:23:09lumo VOTIKO ULTAA
00:23:14Kastrup u play so fucking deffensive
00:23:49Kastrup silencer will fuck us up
00:24:00Kastrup their woods any1?
00:24:08atte b
00:24:13atte haha
00:25:08101010 fucking silence
00:25:09atte puredmg
00:25:33valiante too risky
00:25:33atte b mid
00:26:00ESA_93 dont take
00:26:01ESA_93 shredder
00:26:43atte need to base
00:26:52Kastrup -afk
00:26:52ESA_93 mana
00:26:54atte -ms
00:27:21valiante i bkb or ?
00:27:24atte they mid
00:27:30valiante i tp
00:27:32atte shiva
00:27:46valiante i think we should try and clash
00:28:34ESA_93 I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:28:37Kastrup DONT SPAM SPELLS
00:28:42Kastrup fucking retard
00:28:48Kastrup when sladar tries to stun
00:28:50atte fag
00:28:54valiante ?
00:29:10ESA_93 It doesnt matter, we cant do shit against silener
00:29:12ESA_93 without bkb
00:29:13atte ud creepstealer gg baned
00:29:20Kastrup well we can
00:29:24Kastrup and no fucking one wanna gank
00:29:43atte go 5
00:29:44atte ?
00:29:47valiante sure
00:29:48valiante i go get man
00:29:52valiante mana
00:29:54valiante i got ulti now too
00:30:09valiante got armor now too
00:30:20lumo afk sec
00:30:36valiante no one die now
00:30:37valiante pls
00:30:41atte me
00:30:45zebbelito let me
00:30:46zebbelito dirnk
00:30:48Casberry shit
00:30:48zebbelito ffs
00:30:49atte ahh
00:30:59atte pit afk..
00:31:00atte b
00:31:03Kastrup b
00:31:44atte b
00:31:45DeMiaN mana ?
00:31:50Kastrup wtf?
00:32:00atte oom
00:32:15valiante no
00:32:16valiante dont
00:32:19lumo got hex
00:32:20ESA_93 I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:32:24101010 I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:32:29valiante i need mana
00:32:35DeMiaN me tooo .;;;
00:32:42atte ud phaseboots
00:32:43atte :Dd
00:32:58Kastrup prolong 3 min
00:33:04Kastrup so i can get dagger
00:33:05Casberry I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:33:07Casberry I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:33:09DeMiaN mana asap
00:33:52atte go rosh.
00:33:54Kastrup got it
00:33:59valiante aite
00:34:19valiante i need mana tho
00:34:21valiante thx
00:34:27Kastrup go?
00:34:29Kastrup no go?
00:34:40ESA_93 go
00:36:03valiante :D
00:36:07valiante care
00:36:08valiante mid
00:36:09valiante ffs
00:36:13ESA_93 y
00:36:14lumo MC
00:36:15lumo :DD
00:36:20atte haista vittu hermanni
00:36:21ESA_93 me gusta
00:36:22atte :DD
00:36:46lumo 666
00:36:50atte sile mb ac
00:36:53atte next
00:37:01Kastrup i jump`?
00:37:06ESA_93 wait
00:37:07ESA_93 for
00:37:08ESA_93 shred
00:37:13valiante me
00:37:14valiante bl
00:37:18ESA_93 base
00:38:17atte so fucking annoying this invoker
00:38:30atte manaburn
00:38:31Kastrup see
00:38:32valiante ima go hex
00:38:33Kastrup it is possible
00:38:34valiante for this invoker
00:38:52atte and enig
00:38:53atte pls
00:38:54atte stay back
00:38:55Kastrup 18 assist
00:38:59atte so you could mb ult someone
00:39:16DeMiaN okk
00:39:39valiante i think hex is da best
00:40:40101010 pugna plz use more earlier your boots
00:40:51atte XD
00:41:10atte hah
00:41:13DeMiaN btw
00:41:25DeMiaN anyone has an idea why my last ult canceled
00:41:31atte :D
00:41:32lumo :DD
00:41:34atte :DDD
00:41:35DeMiaN woopsy
00:42:14atte enig needed
00:42:16atte or well
00:42:17atte :DD
00:42:35valiante -afk
00:42:46atte tower
00:43:34valiante cant belive this
00:43:42zebbelito ahaha
00:43:43atte THIS ENIGMA
00:43:44atte :DDDDDDD
00:43:48valiante demian
00:43:49valiante u were afk
00:43:51valiante do it again
00:43:54atte just push tower
00:43:54valiante and i slaughter ur family
00:43:55valiante irl
00:43:59DeMiaN was just toilet man
00:44:12lumo u were toiletman?
00:44:15lumo cool
00:44:18DeMiaN lool
00:44:19atte watchmen
00:44:22atte toiletmen
00:44:25lumo me toiletman
00:44:25atte starring
00:44:26atte demian
00:44:49DeMiaN rosh alive
00:44:49atte rosh
00:44:52zebbelito y
00:45:10valiante dd invoker
00:45:12valiante is = ouch
00:45:12atte they have wards
00:45:12atte so
00:45:14atte bad idea
00:45:20Kastrup COME
00:45:24zebbelito ?
00:45:39lumo teleen
00:45:39valiante come
00:45:40valiante all
00:45:45valiante def
00:46:02Kastrup -ms
00:46:47101010 so you didnt wanna fight?
00:46:50atte me oom
00:46:57valiante me hasulti
00:46:58DeMiaN me too
00:47:07atte rax
00:47:32atte we cant be
00:47:39atte why the fuck is enigma there
00:47:43atte again
00:47:46DeMiaN was oom anyway
00:47:48valiante it is incredible
00:47:58atte SO YOU CAN FOR ONCE
00:47:59atte ULTI
00:48:02ESA_93 come here
00:48:05atte clear?
00:48:10ESA_93 we need to def that rosh
00:48:11valiante i mean
00:48:12DeMiaN bigger letters makes it cleared
00:48:13valiante i have ulti
00:48:16Kastrup yup
00:48:17valiante they cant even interupt u?
00:48:18atte good
00:48:24valiante no i dot have it now
00:48:25ESA_93 fake it?
00:48:31Kastrup 40 sec for ulti again
00:48:33Kastrup we need my ulti
00:48:35Kastrup x00182389823890823
00:48:36ESA_93 true
00:48:41Kastrup ½ min
00:48:46Kastrup 400 from aganims
00:48:52valiante we need wards
00:49:16ESA_93 radi
00:49:16Kastrup i def bot?
00:49:17Kastrup fast?
00:49:23101010 ...........................
00:49:24ESA_93 go base
00:49:31valiante one tank?
00:49:34valiante BACK
00:49:37valiante green top
00:49:41Kastrup b
00:49:48ESA_93 b
00:49:48ESA_93 b
00:49:49lumo omw
00:49:49ESA_93 b
00:49:49ESA_93 b
00:49:49ESA_93 b
00:49:50lumo tele
00:49:50ESA_93 b
00:49:50ESA_93 b
00:49:51ESA_93 b
00:49:54ESA_93 he used ulti
00:49:57ESA_93 its good for us
00:50:07atte fast
00:50:10ESA_93 rosh
00:50:11ESA_93 fast
00:50:13zebbelito cd tobm
00:50:24ESA_93 GO
00:50:25valiante i got ulti
00:50:30zebbelito enigma
00:50:31zebbelito ulit
00:50:54valiante enigma
00:50:56valiante is like -1
00:51:02valiante u count on him
00:51:03valiante and he goes
00:51:08valiante mega bad ulti
00:51:11Casberry gj
00:51:37valiante enigma
00:51:40valiante can i do it
00:51:42valiante next time?
00:51:47DeMiaN sure
00:51:49atte normal enigma
00:51:52atte no wards before dagger
00:51:56atte but no use of dagger
00:51:59atte and then
00:52:00atte :DD
00:52:02atte no sense
00:52:08Kastrup WARd
00:52:19Casberry use if u want
00:52:35ESA_93 b
00:52:35ESA_93 ..
00:52:39Casberry dude why
00:52:44ESA_93 he has buyback
00:52:47101010 dude i WAS STUNNED
00:52:47DeMiaN top ?
00:52:48ESA_93 or does he..
00:52:55101010 so i could not run like you pugna
00:52:56Casberry why not b
00:53:00Casberry warlier
00:53:19101010 well we could handle that one easy
00:53:26101010 if you just didnt go back
00:55:19atte sile buy hyper
00:55:22valiante enigma
00:55:25atte big dmg +
00:55:25valiante has ulti now
00:55:27Kastrup any1 took rune?
00:55:30Kastrup dd
00:55:31101010 no
00:55:36valiante no pipe?
00:55:39Kastrup TAKE!
00:55:41valiante we could use a pipe
00:55:42valiante tbh
00:55:43DeMiaN need mana
00:55:44Kastrup invoker
00:55:45Kastrup take
00:55:49WantedZip slardar
00:55:50WantedZip take
00:55:52Kastrup no
00:55:53atte gather
00:55:54Kastrup he goes
00:55:54Kastrup bkb
00:55:55Kastrup ffs
00:56:11Kastrup cast fire
00:56:13Kastrup for creeps
00:56:14atte try to get es to enig ult
00:56:15atte mb
00:56:17atte now
00:56:17atte go
00:56:39Casberry fuck
00:56:44Casberry should have run also ^^
00:57:04atte rax n b
00:57:09atte enig stay b
00:57:48lumo low tower
00:57:56valiante no one has tp?
00:58:36atte who going pipe
00:58:42valiante i have hood
00:58:45valiante so i could next
00:58:46valiante ..
00:58:50valiante got my hyper
00:58:56atte nah let me pipe
00:58:58valiante k
00:59:07Kastrup any1 got pibe?
00:59:21Kastrup shredder u go hex okay?
00:59:27atte care
00:59:30101010 allthetime
00:59:30101010 875to go
00:59:30atte got that pipe soon
00:59:30Kastrup esa?
00:59:30Kastrup u lagg
00:59:30Kastrup dropping?
00:59:30Kastrup or..
00:59:30atte -enig
00:59:41Kastrup and guys
00:59:45Kastrup either u hit tomb
00:59:47Kastrup or u hit silencer
00:59:54Kastrup rest dies afterwards..
01:00:02atte got pipe
01:00:05atte lets go
01:00:06valiante bot ?
01:00:09atte y
01:00:28atte stay b enig
01:00:32valiante atte
01:00:33zebbelito reuse
01:00:34valiante can u contorl him
01:00:36valiante for one battle?
01:00:40atte nah
01:00:42Kastrup does silencer silence works while in hex form?
01:00:45zebbelito STAYU
01:00:46atte why does ud go for ac
01:00:54valiante i wont then
01:00:56valiante ill go for hex
01:00:58atte keep hyper
01:01:00atte good item
01:01:01valiante y
01:01:21valiante enigma
01:01:22valiante dont
01:01:22valiante go
01:01:24valiante untill es
01:03:14DeMiaN so this ult was ok ?
01:03:21valiante yeah
01:03:24atte y but sile die too early
01:03:25valiante it was my bad
01:03:28DeMiaN kk
01:03:37DeMiaN rosh alive
01:03:49atte need all
01:04:01atte go
01:04:07zebbelito WAIT
01:04:16atte tp pls
01:04:20valiante someone else take it
01:04:25atte cheese also
01:04:33atte take
01:04:57lumo push i tele us
01:05:00Kastrup hmm
01:05:01Kastrup what to di
01:05:03Kastrup do
01:05:11atte -st
01:05:14Casberry def ^^
01:06:04valiante gg
01:06:04Kastrup what didn't u understand with hexing silencer?
01:06:05valiante gg
01:06:05Casberry ffs
01:06:09atte bot also
01:06:10Casberry that bitch kills me in seks
01:06:23Kastrup I surrender! [4/4 of Sentinel]
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