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Chat log

00:00:17Nickless sk pls
00:00:17S.k.i.l.l.s. kolko odvratni str eroji :D
00:00:17Nickless sand je dobr
00:00:17Nickless sk tiny
00:00:17Nickless ubitacno
00:00:17c-yanker gogo
00:00:17S.k.i.l.l.s. BAN IT
00:00:17Bananensaft get me tiny pls
00:00:17HuaRong ban???
00:00:17S.k.i.l.l.s. BAN PLS
00:00:17n3poMuK Funch
00:00:17c-yanker play without bans then?
00:00:17fUNCh NAIX
00:00:17n3poMuK zzzZZZZzzzZzz
00:00:17c-yanker krob
00:00:33c-yanker dazzle
00:00:34c-yanker pit lord
00:00:36c-yanker any1?
00:00:38HuaRong me
00:00:42c-yanker pit?
00:00:48HuaRong me pit
00:00:53c-yanker give me mortred
00:00:57HuaRong tell me ur pick
00:01:01HuaRong k
00:01:05c-yanker i mena
00:01:06c-yanker morph
00:01:09fUNCh kotl never wins
00:01:13HuaRong :D
00:01:17Jerkku lets see
00:01:21Nickless trax
00:01:22c-yanker -swap 3
00:01:25Nickless nvm
00:01:26HuaRong -swap 1
00:01:27n3poMuK ds?
00:01:35Nickless trax silence would own.. pick carry for funch? or?
00:01:43fUNCh take trax
00:01:45fUNCh for me
00:01:51fUNCh or
00:01:52n3poMuK -swap 1
00:01:54c-yanker veno
00:01:55fUNCh wanna play trax ?
00:01:56c-yanker come gank mid
00:01:57fUNCh anygood ?
00:01:57c-yanker sometimes võta see trax nüüd
00:02:08n3poMuK nope picked for u
00:02:08S.k.i.l.l.s. yea
00:02:10fUNCh -swap 5
00:02:14HuaRong should i learn firestorm, and push lanes?
00:02:18S.k.i.l.l.s. ako se setim :D
00:02:19S.k.i.l.l.s. y
00:02:38c-yanker share
00:02:44Jerkku wtf lanes
00:02:52Jerkku dk top
00:02:56fUNCh 1 melee top
00:03:01HuaRong dont like 2 see 2 melee in lane :D
00:03:15S.k.i.l.l.s. pls hua shut up :D
00:03:15Bananensaft last time
00:03:19Bananensaft if someone controll me
00:03:21Bananensaft unshare
00:03:33HuaRong ss
00:04:54Bananensaft ty reg top funch
00:07:14Nickless ss wl
00:07:28fUNCh ss mid wp
00:07:30Nickless gj
00:07:30Bananensaft wp heal yourself
00:07:36n3poMuK lol
00:07:39n3poMuK was before dude
00:07:42n3poMuK caus low hp
00:07:48HuaRong bad
00:07:48S.k.i.l.l.s. sto ti tuda
00:08:13n3poMuK ss2
00:09:21fUNCh ss mid
00:09:22fUNCh care bot
00:09:23fUNCh has rune
00:09:44fUNCh re
00:10:03c-yanker gank mid
00:10:04n3poMuK 3 bot
00:10:10HuaRong ss
00:10:11HuaRong care
00:10:11Nickless omw
00:10:28HuaRong hlp up
00:10:31n3poMuK ss3
00:10:53Nickless x
00:10:55HuaRong ss2
00:10:55n3poMuK re1
00:11:04S.k.i.l.l.s. b
00:11:45c-yanker b
00:11:45c-yanker tiny
00:11:46c-yanker inc
00:12:26n3poMuK ss1 pfft
00:12:47S.k.i.l.l.s. xaxaxa
00:12:49S.k.i.l.l.s. gj team tra mingine noob jokkab ära
00:12:54c-yanker awrds
00:12:57HuaRong ss
00:13:12Bananensaft omw
00:13:15Bananensaft with ulti
00:13:26c-yanker ulti
00:13:28HuaRong some1 wards
00:13:30c-yanker nerub
00:13:45Bananensaft i go kill bot wlock waiting for?
00:14:31Nickless bait WARLOCK wp noob
00:15:40HuaRong need purge
00:17:44c-yanker ulti
00:18:10Jerkku imba luck
00:18:21S.k.i.l.l.s. blocked me with illu mort pls
00:18:27n3poMuK can some1 else set?
00:18:41S.k.i.l.l.s. xD
00:18:43Bananensaft fu
00:18:44Bananensaft :D
00:18:50S.k.i.l.l.s. xDDDD
00:20:04S.k.i.l.l.s. 1 krug 10 dinara :D Ja kus mu blinkiv capten on ?
00:23:47Nickless her silence is death for me
00:23:48n3poMuK ja kus mu fuck u Fuck u nerd
00:24:03fUNCh n3pu n3pu ?
00:24:09fUNCh või mingi uus vend ?
00:24:17n3poMuK he has to speak english not turkish
00:24:19S.k.i.l.l.s. -afk Sama kaua peland umbes kui sinagi siin
00:24:27fUNCh see eestlane ? varasem isegi vist
00:25:01fUNCh n3pu sa see sama kes kunagi ammu mängis ?
00:25:08S.k.i.l.l.s. b
00:25:11n3poMuK n3po 'vaevalt. :D
00:25:16fUNCh mkey
00:25:18fUNCh :D
00:25:18S.k.i.l.l.s. ner
00:26:01S.k.i.l.l.s. aaa
00:26:15S.k.i.l.l.s. u cant pls focus her
00:26:20S.k.i.l.l.s. trax
00:26:49HuaRong veno wtf agi treads
00:27:25c-yanker na go
00:27:26c-yanker them
00:27:26Bananensaft cant
00:27:28Bananensaft oom
00:27:32Bananensaft need runes ;D
00:28:17Jerkku b
00:30:06Bananensaft go rosh
00:30:07Bananensaft all gather
00:30:44c-yanker go
00:30:48Bananensaft puit tank
00:31:22c-yanker me
00:32:05n3poMuK 1 hp
00:32:25HuaRong why sk
00:32:28HuaRong go b man
00:32:28n3poMuK lol
00:32:36Nickless i had cd 1 sec for storm
00:32:38Nickless ..
00:32:43HuaRong :D
00:32:47Nickless she was 1 sec away from death
00:33:12Bananensaft fuuuuuuuuuuck them
00:34:36Bananensaft ah
00:34:38fUNCh useless glyph
00:34:38Bananensaft morph comes
00:34:40S.k.i.l.l.s. xD
00:35:41n3poMuK I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:35:43S.k.i.l.l.s. HOW DID I DIED IN WW Dk
00:35:44fUNCh I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel] Ur a tank Carry And ur staying back? the fuck man? I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel] well, call me an ass or what ever DK lost it.
00:36:40Bananensaft fewöbfwif
00:37:33fUNCh tra
00:37:38fUNCh algul ei läinud invis
00:37:41fUNCh siis ei tulnud invist vä lja
00:37:42fUNCh :D :p
00:37:44fUNCh aesgdhjghj poh eks see bronze ole selline :D ff it guys DK?!? Omfg 1,7DK with 400 mana Running. :D
00:40:32HuaRong ban
00:40:36S.k.i.l.l.s. .!>
00:40:40S.k.i.l.l.s. .!.
00:40:47S.k.i.l.l.s. xD
00:41:40Bananensaft rosh back btw
00:41:49S.k.i.l.l.s. shal we visit him?
00:41:58S.k.i.l.l.s. xD loool
00:41:58c-yanker -.-
00:41:58HuaRong noooooooooooooooooooo
00:41:58c-yanker who u
00:41:58c-yanker balance
00:41:58c-yanker if hes out?
00:41:58fUNCh -ii
00:41:58S.k.i.l.l.s. hes out
00:41:58S.k.i.l.l.s. we just
00:41:58Jerkku imo
00:41:58S.k.i.l.l.s. w8
00:41:58Jerkku wl
00:41:58S.k.i.l.l.s. cause
00:41:58S.k.i.l.l.s. of rules imo dk useless saad ta bkb jne
00:41:58Jerkku wl ofc
00:41:58Jerkku no items
00:41:58n3poMuK blue has to say
00:41:58Jerkku and feed
00:41:58Jerkku we cant keep him
00:41:58c-yanker funch
00:41:58c-yanker who u take out
00:41:58n3poMuK :D
00:41:58Jerkku just for hes ulti
00:41:58c-yanker dont wanna wait
00:41:58HuaRong blue
00:41:58c-yanker u got 4 min now we cant keep DK
00:41:58HuaRong speak Just to run around
00:41:58Jerkku dk Circles
00:41:58Jerkku is tank With full hp
00:41:58Jerkku and carry But he doesnt tank
00:41:58n3poMuK dk is nothing Or carry :D
00:41:58S.k.i.l.l.s. hua is horny now :D
00:41:58Jerkku well
00:41:58Jerkku wl feeded
00:41:58Jerkku and no items
00:41:58Pieti yep
00:41:58n3poMuK and what is dk doing?
00:41:58n3poMuK nothing?
00:41:58Jerkku still
00:41:58S.k.i.l.l.s. -ii DK has done nothing You can check from his stats That
00:41:58c-yanker rosh is up But yeh it's blues decision
00:41:58Nickless les go
00:41:58Jerkku yyy
00:41:58Nickless who they kick
00:41:58c-yanker who
00:41:58c-yanker u take out
00:42:07Jerkku see
00:42:09Jerkku hes useless
00:42:10n3poMuK lol
00:42:15n3poMuK yeah we feed all
00:42:15Jerkku funch
00:42:15Jerkku please
00:42:15S.k.i.l.l.s. KICK SOME1 and play
00:42:15Nickless wl
00:42:18c-yanker 4v5
00:42:19Nickless will go thats gr8
00:42:19c-yanker idk
00:42:20fUNCh n3po leave
00:42:57Jerkku =)=)=) no ma ei tea see DK on täielik ret
00:43:46Nickless lets finish DK go back to garena stay there for like a year. ;)
00:45:13Nickless "gondar"
00:45:28c-yanker lol
00:45:28Nickless we gotta ff
00:45:31c-yanker did itake it on agi?
00:46:12c-yanker lets go end
00:46:13c-yanker guys
00:46:16S.k.i.l.l.s. finish?!?!RETARDS?
00:46:42Jerkku some sell
00:46:44Jerkku wl items?
00:46:45Jerkku trax?
00:46:50c-yanker can u buy
00:46:51c-yanker me
00:46:54c-yanker 2 salve?
00:46:55c-yanker please
00:47:01c-yanker thx
00:47:05S.k.i.l.l.s. np
00:47:43S.k.i.l.l.s. SAND
00:47:44Nickless why bring him ff
00:47:46S.k.i.l.l.s. WTF
00:47:48Nickless ffs'
00:48:13c-yanker sup kaua sa tapad teda
00:48:14Jerkku wp :D:D
00:48:22S.k.i.l.l.s. retarded game down no tower
00:48:25c-yanker i get your gem
00:48:27c-yanker u know that right
00:48:38S.k.i.l.l.s. FINISH IT TODAY
00:48:55S.k.i.l.l.s. -.-
00:48:56c-yanker buy back?
00:48:57c-yanker seriusly y Worth every dime
00:49:07Jerkku he wanted to kill you:S
00:49:17c-yanker if it makes him fells better alooot
00:49:27S.k.i.l.l.s. do u feel pretty now? i lose less x
00:49:33c-yanker take bot
00:50:07Nickless im so hungry i cant play lets finish
00:51:13S.k.i.l.l.s. dere
00:51:15S.k.i.l.l.s. lomi kida :D
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