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94% | 1576 X | 1582 TS

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80% | 1437 X | 1425 TS

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50% | 1320 X | 1175 TS

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98% | 1780 X | 1543 TS

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45% | 1126 X | 1339 TS

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18% | 965 X | 1209 TS

Chat log

00:00:06WANKmaster -rd
00:00:06HuaRong -rd
00:00:06HuaRong BAN
00:00:10falloutNV pick then ban
00:00:10HuaRong FIRST PICK :d
00:00:15HuaRong :D
00:00:16LetItBe norre u play xin?
00:00:16FireMal i whant necrolyte
00:00:16HuaRong WK FOR ME
00:00:16HuaRong WL
00:00:16Norrebro no
00:00:16LetItBe i go emo pick
00:00:16FireMal or doom or rubick
00:00:16WANKmaster sure
00:00:16ulaani ill pick dazzle
00:00:16FireMal ban ffsk
00:00:16LetItBe im fucking tilted
00:00:16Norrebro rex
00:00:16Norrebro rexxar
00:00:16LetItBe fking shit
00:00:16falloutNV me and hua down or top nvm
00:00:16WANKmaster pit
00:00:16FireMal -rexxar
00:00:24LetItBe running -4k under EV and then internet goes in a 990E pot when i have 400 left on the river and i have a boat GG
00:00:25Fxx. PIT / REXAR BANNED !
00:00:30WANKmaster ogre
00:00:31WANKmaster any1?
00:00:36LetItBe and he gets the pot
00:00:37LetItBe YES
00:00:38LetItBe PLEASER
00:00:39WANKmaster wl
00:00:40WANKmaster who
00:00:41WANKmaster wanted?
00:00:42HuaRong WL FOR ME
00:00:44Erdiller i want ogre but i am last pick
00:00:49LetItBe gg
00:00:51LetItBe GG
00:00:52LetItBe gG
00:00:54LetItBe GG
00:00:55HuaRong tell ur pick
00:00:56FireMal stfu
00:00:57Norrebro get lion
00:01:01Norrebro someone
00:01:11LetItBe gl
00:01:12Norrebro lion ogre
00:01:14WANKmaster MORE CARRIES
00:01:19WANKmaster take me sf
00:01:20Norrebro -.-
00:01:22LetItBe good first pick
00:01:26WANKmaster -swap 4
00:01:35HuaRong -swap 1
00:01:36Norrebro i pick because i can play nobo
00:01:41Norrebro unlike you
00:01:48Fxx. send him down
00:01:48LetItBe yes i wanna see how u play vs5
00:01:49Fxx. :-)
00:01:49Erdiller ill take nerubian
00:01:55WANKmaster take
00:02:20HuaRong 2 melee up, thats bad
00:02:29Erdiller ?
00:02:29WANKmaster xin why not bot
00:02:32WANKmaster with wl?
00:02:38Erdiller where do you want me
00:02:39Pufff-Reis he wanted ogre
00:02:42Fxx. zinga poker
00:02:42Fxx. :-)
00:02:43WANKmaster ok
00:02:44WANKmaster ho
00:02:45WANKmaster go
00:02:45WANKmaster top
00:02:47WANKmaster with xin
00:02:48WANKmaster then
00:02:55Fxx. join , win 1 000 000 chips and off :-)
00:03:38falloutNV ss2
00:03:41falloutNV re
00:04:14Fxx. feed on nerub
00:04:15Fxx. 2%
00:04:50falloutNV ss1
00:05:14WANKmaster ok
00:05:53falloutNV ss
00:06:24LetItBe clinzk
00:06:47LetItBe kill na
00:07:17Erdiller no mana
00:07:20LetItBe dss top 2
00:07:45falloutNV ss2
00:07:45FireMal ss
00:08:03Erdiller miss top
00:08:18falloutNV re1
00:08:21LetItBe where the fuck did he get boots
00:08:23LetItBe noob
00:08:30Erdiller puff heheh
00:08:32Erdiller gj
00:08:39Norrebro no hp
00:08:47FireMal oom
00:08:53Erdiller mana boots for neurubian ?
00:09:01Erdiller yes/no
00:09:06LetItBe ss na
00:09:06HuaRong y
00:09:10FireMal ss2
00:09:24Fxx. 1 hit
00:09:25Erdiller still miss top
00:09:27Fxx. and he will die
00:09:28Norrebro yy
00:09:43falloutNV ss2
00:09:44Norrebro but me also
00:09:45Norrebro die
00:09:49FireMal rubick is so nurfed
00:10:24Norrebro go
00:10:37FireMal wp
00:10:46ulaani oom
00:10:54Norrebro miss mid
00:10:58HuaRong ss?
00:11:18Fxx. xin is fucking imba
00:11:26LetItBe told u to ban
00:11:28LetItBe if u aint gonna pick
00:11:30Fxx. never and xin run with 5 hp
00:11:45HuaRong ss2
00:11:49Norrebro kill again
00:11:51FireMal how did he get lvl5
00:11:53FireMal 6
00:11:55FireMal ffs
00:12:34FireMal fak me
00:12:48LetItBe ss top 2
00:12:57Fxx. fucking imba hero
00:13:01Fxx. nothink more
00:13:09Pufff-Reis suck my dick looser
00:13:12Fxx. instant in stun
00:13:28Fxx. looser take u boots at morning ,
00:13:34FireMal ss mid
00:14:00Fxx. anyway
00:14:01LetItBe top ss 2
00:14:07Fxx. pick clinkz and dont ban xin was rly fail
00:14:11Fxx. this will be hard game
00:14:34LetItBe why u here?
00:15:07FireMal ¨ss
00:15:17Erdiller shiiit
00:16:01Erdiller sry
00:16:02FireMal fak
00:16:07WANKmaster leave
00:16:12FireMal free twr for sf
00:16:16WANKmaster thanks
00:16:27Fxx. free twr + kill for luna too
00:16:33HuaRong necro book or agha?
00:16:37WANKmaster agha
00:16:39FireMal wait me
00:16:42LetItBe fk this lag
00:16:42FireMal clinkz
00:17:16ulaani nice
00:17:34Norrebro all mid
00:17:42Norrebro gogo
00:17:51Norrebro sf
00:18:19LetItBe lul
00:18:22falloutNV :)
00:18:22ulaani wtf
00:18:28ulaani how he regen so fast?
00:18:53FireMal lol got ulti
00:19:10FireMal n help mid
00:19:12FireMal plz gather
00:19:33FireMal lol
00:19:34ulaani FFS
00:19:39ulaani i aint gonna do nothing
00:19:40FireMal sf ulti didnt go off
00:19:54ulaani 0-5 GG
00:20:54Norrebro who stop chicken
00:21:24LetItBe gg
00:21:28Fxx. this epic game is rly funny
00:21:28ulaani yeah
00:21:29ulaani GG
00:21:30Erdiller rege
00:21:38Erdiller regen
00:21:59FireMal ss
00:22:00LetItBe no wards
00:22:00LetItBe no nothing
00:22:03Norrebro pick more emo
00:22:09Norrebro and whine
00:22:09LetItBe y go wank off
00:22:15FireMal then buy wards
00:22:24LetItBe ok gl
00:22:51Pufff-Reis go sf
00:23:24Erdiller shit happens for a newbie like me
00:23:32LetItBe maybe get the tower?
00:23:34LetItBe now they deny
00:23:35LetItBe GG
00:23:42LetItBe oh my
00:23:42Fxx. rubick run like rabbit
00:23:43Fxx. ...
00:23:58Fxx. NOT
00:24:01WANKmaster stop
00:24:02Fxx. this hero is not imba
00:24:03WANKmaster moving
00:24:04WANKmaster alone
00:24:06WANKmaster niggers
00:24:16FireMal i need some invis to
00:24:21FireMal what do i buy for rubick
00:24:27Fxx. brain
00:24:29LetItBe bloodstone and abyssal blade
00:24:51FireMal ok ill let you suck mine then you can get some brains
00:24:55Erdiller samir din spasser
00:25:12Pufff-Reis i will get gem
00:25:15FireMal cock sucker if you whanna come with some constructive critick then fine if not shut you little asshole
00:25:15falloutNV nerub us swarm
00:25:37Erdiller i havent upgraded not
00:25:50Norrebro get sentry wards
00:26:11FireMal wd sentry ?
00:26:12FireMal plz
00:26:17Fxx. dus
00:26:18Fxx. t
00:26:24Norrebro they got gem
00:26:41FireMal fak me
00:26:51FireMal wd did you stun ?
00:26:56Fxx. no
00:27:00Fxx. why
00:27:00FireMal why ?
00:27:03Fxx. i just run
00:27:07Fxx. that was suicide
00:27:08FireMal lol
00:27:09Fxx. go there
00:27:21FireMal we could have had some kills in the suicide at least tard
00:27:26Erdiller ill farm
00:27:29Erdiller k?
00:27:34Erdiller im useless anyway
00:27:42Fxx. HAHAHHAHAAH
00:27:46Fxx. soooo fucking imba hero
00:28:03Pufff-Reis just failer you are
00:28:09Fxx. u pick imba hero
00:28:14Fxx. feed on 15% players
00:28:19Fxx. and now u feel like boss ?
00:28:23Fxx. sad
00:28:25Pufff-Reis nope
00:28:28WANKmaster why the fuck
00:28:28Pufff-Reis but u complain
00:28:30WANKmaster u talk
00:28:32WANKmaster so much ?
00:28:36Fxx. cause i can
00:28:43Fxx. Cause im not animal
00:28:48Fxx. i know talk
00:28:57WANKmaster why didnt u pick it then ?
00:29:15Fxx. im not coperfield
00:29:23Fxx. i was 4./5. pick
00:29:30Erdiller are we losing =
00:29:34WANKmaster no
00:29:34Pufff-Reis coz u suck
00:29:45Fxx. :-)
00:29:52Erdiller how did you learned =
00:29:53Fxx. boss with xin teall
00:29:54Fxx. tell
00:29:59Norrebro all
00:30:29Norrebro wake the fuck up
00:30:32Norrebro nabs
00:30:32FireMal this wd ulti on lilu
00:30:40HuaRong w m
00:30:42Fxx. u blink there
00:31:05LetItBe they goit gem
00:31:07LetItBe braindead
00:31:08LetItBe :DDDD
00:31:09FireMal lol gem
00:31:10Fxx. :-)
00:31:21Norrebro u got to protect me
00:31:22FireMal ashole tell me they got it before i die
00:31:22Norrebro u know
00:31:29LetItBe it was told like 5 mintues ago
00:31:30LetItBe :D
00:31:35LetItBe that xin has gem
00:31:42Norrebro go
00:31:44Fxx. OOOOOOOU
00:31:46FireMal ill protect you with my dick in the mouth of a wd who dont buy shit for wards
00:31:49Fxx. how hard is this
00:32:01FireMal fucking buy some sentrys ashole then it will be easy
00:32:44Norrebro kill
00:32:44Fxx. next time try to ban some normal hero
00:32:46Erdiller i took dd
00:32:48Fxx. and pick some normal hero
00:32:51WANKmaster sure
00:32:55Fxx. I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:33:14Norrebro u picked shit
00:33:28Fxx. WD is shit ?????? :-)
00:33:33Norrebro luna
00:33:34Pufff-Reis mana pls
00:34:15FireMal samir you whant gem vs sf ?
00:34:19Fxx. why we still play it ?
00:34:22Fxx. 25min gone
00:34:25Norrebro no
00:34:35Norrebro just kill panda
00:34:43Fxx. he
00:34:43LetItBe got no tyanks
00:34:46Fxx. give me instant
00:35:12LetItBe I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:35:24Fxx. 3 hit nevermore
00:35:25Fxx. :-)
00:35:28FireMal fak this
00:35:32LetItBe :D:D
00:35:33Fxx. epic game
00:35:39Fxx. last game was nice
00:35:42Fxx. but this is epic
00:35:59Norrebro i told u to pick ogre lion
00:35:59FireMal should have fed on na
00:36:00FireMal samir
00:36:04Norrebro then dont whine now
00:36:14Norrebro instead u pick luna
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