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-32 X
-2 TS

96% | 1683 X | 1520 TS

+3 X
-1 TS

90% | 1568 X | 1487 TS

-8 X
-1 TS

67% | 1295 X | 1389 TS

-31 X
-4 TS

36% | 1143 X | 1231 TS

+12 X
-11 TS

20% | 1072 X | 1128 TS

+23 X
+1 TS

97% | 1661 X | 1607 TS

+40 X
+1 TS

69% | 1297 X | 1418 TS

+16 X
+2 TS

67% | 1316 X | 1377 TS

-16 X
+16 TS

39% | 1050 X | 1358 TS

-2 X
+2 TS

40% | 1148 X | 1253 TS

Chat log

00:00:02c-yanker -ap
00:00:21zebbelito sry kanki :(
00:00:26zebbelito u hate razor?
00:00:28Kanki np
00:00:31Kanki nääh
00:00:34c-yanker scout man please
00:00:41c-yanker map
00:00:54Jydn try fb bot?
00:00:59zebbelito ok
00:01:00Kanki me pugna top
00:01:19najk max stun and secondary will be diabolic
00:01:21najk right sepetos?
00:01:25Momdsiw max diabolic
00:01:26Sepetos max diabol
00:01:28Momdsiw second is stun
00:01:29najk oh
00:01:29najk k
00:01:32Sepetos share
00:01:33Sepetos chicken
00:01:37najk I never play lesh
00:01:38najk :S
00:01:42Sepetos shiet
00:01:43Momdsiw lol
00:01:45Pojetz swap
00:01:46Pojetz fast
00:01:47Momdsiw its so easy and imba hero
00:01:49Pojetz sepe
00:01:51Sepetos -swap 2
00:01:52Momdsiw just stun and bolci
00:01:54Momdsiw you rape all
00:01:55najk -swap 1
00:02:00Pojetz -ma
00:02:02najk me mid?!
00:02:03Sepetos bad items but works
00:02:04Sepetos im mid
00:02:08Momdsiw oo solo top
00:02:16nwc_killa runa
00:02:25JensDenLange 3 top?
00:02:27Jydn rdy?
00:02:32JensDenLange nvm
00:02:41Jydn go
00:02:50c-yanker got teleport mate :/
00:03:49zebbelito gj
00:03:57Jydn here salve
00:04:09zebbelito take ssalve
00:04:11zebbelito from chicken
00:04:13nwc_killa ss2
00:04:13zebbelito i brought :D
00:04:14Pojetz ss
00:04:32nwc_killa ss1
00:05:07najk axe, cum when u can
00:05:10Momdsiw k
00:05:21Momdsiw my axe dont like spinning then
00:05:36najk 2/2 CS
00:05:45najk ss 2 top
00:05:50zebbelito sk funny
00:05:51zebbelito :D
00:06:01nwc_killa axe go down
00:06:11Pojetz gg
00:06:13zebbelito salve
00:06:13Pojetz downlane
00:06:17c-yanker ss
00:06:17c-yanker mid
00:06:22c-yanker B
00:06:23c-yanker TOP
00:06:23c-yanker B
00:06:23c-yanker B
00:06:29c-yanker B
00:06:29c-yanker B
00:06:29c-yanker B
00:06:29c-yanker B
00:06:30Jydn in chick
00:06:34Momdsiw just stay one xp range bot?
00:07:25Jydn take salve?
00:07:35zebbelito u
00:07:36zebbelito take
00:07:54zebbelito 'jaha
00:08:01najk ace
00:08:03najk axe
00:08:04najk come fast
00:08:06najk i got ult
00:08:07najk i
00:08:12Momdsiw y
00:08:32Momdsiw i take 2 spawns for ult
00:08:44najk u dont need
00:08:45najk just come
00:08:46najk fast
00:08:53Sepetos kill top
00:08:55Momdsiw go then
00:09:02c-yanker ss
00:09:03c-yanker care
00:09:07zebbelito salve
00:09:19Jydn port top?
00:09:32Pojetz sruh
00:09:44Momdsiw bot lane kinda rocks xD
00:09:48Pojetz fc
00:09:49Pojetz ofc
00:10:15Sepetos need wards :o
00:10:49c-yanker got dagon
00:10:50c-yanker lets go
00:10:55Sepetos b top
00:10:55Momdsiw care top
00:11:02zebbelito currier
00:11:04zebbelito kjilll
00:11:06Sepetos go top
00:11:22Momdsiw sk and pugna slow brains
00:12:07JensDenLange loll
00:12:15JensDenLange all3 no hp's escaped! ^^
00:12:17Kanki lol :D
00:12:29Kanki i would want to know
00:12:32Kanki with what luck
00:12:33Kanki really
00:12:44zebbelito b
00:12:59c-yanker ffs
00:13:00Sepetos gj
00:13:20Jydn omfg
00:13:28Jydn suckers
00:13:39Kanki AHHAHAHA
00:13:40Jydn use ur fucking static link
00:13:41Jydn razor
00:13:53c-yanker OFC
00:13:54c-yanker U COME THERE
00:13:55c-yanker OFC
00:13:56c-yanker HSDGIPHSDGIP
00:13:56c-yanker HSDIP
00:13:57c-yanker GHp
00:14:18Sepetos wards
00:14:54c-yanker get mid
00:15:30Sepetos hei voisitteko tuhoo tota wardia
00:15:33Sepetos CAN U GET WARD DOWN?
00:15:38najk tried to
00:15:39najk ..
00:15:45najk so much action mid
00:15:45Momdsiw emt
00:15:51Momdsiw sain kovat callit
00:15:58Sepetos i mean pugnas ward
00:16:03najk oh
00:16:07Sepetos and y wards up
00:16:08najk was going to it
00:16:11najk had no hp
00:16:14JensDenLange where do u whant wards?
00:16:19JensDenLange counter gank or gank wards?
00:16:21Sepetos lets move with team take towers
00:17:33c-yanker port bot
00:17:34c-yanker wisp
00:18:04Momdsiw lol
00:18:07Momdsiw sk dont have maxed sandstorm?
00:18:13Jydn hunt?
00:18:20zebbelito ultie me
00:18:26Momdsiw can i ask why
00:18:33zebbelito sprout
00:18:59JensDenLange fmkalsdfmklam
00:19:02JensDenLange was'nt looking!
00:19:03JensDenLange fuck me
00:19:08Sepetos arcane
00:19:51najk pathetic
00:20:04c-yanker fucking
00:20:04Momdsiw this sk and storm could do something
00:20:05c-yanker decry
00:20:06c-yanker him
00:20:17Sepetos FUCK THIS SAND
00:20:20JensDenLange not picked
00:20:23Jydn oh ffs
00:20:29c-yanker u dint skill
00:20:30c-yanker decry
00:20:30c-yanker gg
00:20:31c-yanker ø-.-
00:20:34JensDenLange just did
00:20:37JensDenLange calm it
00:20:41Sepetos 3v5 game
00:20:42Sepetos np
00:20:46zebbelito ward > decry
00:20:48Jydn its ur main skill
00:20:50c-yanker y
00:20:54c-yanker but u can take 1 in decry
00:20:57zebbelito y
00:20:57JensDenLange ward is better imho
00:20:59JensDenLange but ok
00:21:05JensDenLange i should have y
00:21:27c-yanker kill
00:21:28zebbelito sec
00:21:30zebbelito i have lothar
00:21:31najk everyone go top twr
00:21:31najk ?
00:21:36zebbelito dont show urself
00:21:38zebbelito wtf
00:21:39Sepetos mid?
00:21:42zebbelito tacit
00:21:43najk or mid
00:21:48JensDenLange hmm i think it is warded here
00:21:51Momdsiw i get manaboots sec
00:21:52najk warded
00:21:53najk lesh
00:21:58Sepetos midtower
00:21:58Sepetos gogogo
00:22:00JensDenLange got smoke
00:22:01JensDenLange gather
00:22:29Jydn dont back if u lothar at full hp
00:22:45zebbelito 2 v5 we was
00:22:46zebbelito kidna
00:23:41JensDenLange lul ^^
00:23:42Kanki lol
00:23:45najk shit happens
00:23:46Kanki they are so lucky
00:23:53Momdsiw sk had money for dagger but he went perseverance :D
00:23:59nwc_killa ok
00:24:02Sepetos gj crixa
00:24:08najk -ma
00:24:15c-yanker i make ac
00:24:25Sepetos need wards up
00:24:27Sepetos levi going pipe?
00:24:29c-yanker puisyh bot
00:24:32najk y
00:24:33Sepetos levi doesnt need blink
00:24:36Sepetos only crixa axe
00:24:43najk i'm not getting blink
00:24:44najk ?
00:24:50Momdsiw after pipe mby
00:25:11Sepetos wat takes so long
00:25:20Sepetos GUYS
00:25:24Sepetos good
00:25:25c-yanker no waty
00:25:25c-yanker -.-
00:25:32najk axe
00:25:32najk <3
00:25:38Momdsiw quelling <3
00:25:52Sepetos nyt sitä blinkkii
00:26:05Sepetos my top
00:26:23Momdsiw he dies mby
00:26:25nwc_killa lags
00:26:28najk hm
00:26:29najk nah
00:26:31najk don't think so
00:26:38Momdsiw he got creep :<
00:26:47Momdsiw well 200 g
00:27:10Jydn lets hunt lc
00:27:31Momdsiw make quelling vs furi
00:27:34Jydn go
00:27:41Momdsiw or tide atleast
00:27:50nwc_killa lags
00:28:07c-yanker razor
00:28:07c-yanker come
00:28:14JensDenLange reg
00:28:39najk wups
00:28:45zebbelito :D
00:28:56Momdsiw lucky he made agha
00:29:05c-yanker tide u only ulti me ?
00:29:07c-yanker when im there?
00:29:10c-yanker havent seen u ulti
00:29:12c-yanker otherwise
00:29:24c-yanker take
00:29:25Sepetos midtower
00:29:28JensDenLange cause ur mister important!
00:29:30najk Don't rly like u
00:29:30najk sry
00:29:32Kanki i take
00:29:43Kanki mine
00:29:57Pojetz need mana
00:30:11Momdsiw vitut
00:30:15Momdsiw oliki mana bootsit tos eikä dagger
00:30:16najk they warded
00:30:17najk ..
00:30:20Kanki b
00:30:50najk come deward
00:30:56najk ;(
00:30:58Sepetos dust anyone?
00:31:02Kanki ok top
00:31:21zebbelito snerys
00:31:25zebbelito seantry
00:31:56zebbelito so much stun
00:32:03Kanki well
00:32:07Kanki 3 vs 4 or 5
00:32:28c-yanker WGIP
00:32:28Jydn very bad
00:32:28c-yanker SD
00:32:29c-yanker GHSDIP
00:32:29c-yanker HGip
00:32:42c-yanker that is doesnt tp
00:32:44Pojetz fun?
00:32:44c-yanker first time i pres
00:32:47c-yanker such a fucking joke
00:33:07Pojetz nice ulti
00:33:21nwc_killa lags big
00:33:22c-yanker 13 charges
00:33:23c-yanker -.-
00:33:27Sepetos wards more
00:33:28nwc_killa big lags
00:33:38Sepetos wards and come top tower
00:33:40Sepetos sentry
00:33:43Jydn they constant gank as 5
00:34:02c-yanker got ac
00:34:13Sepetos got detect?
00:34:29najk tgoether
00:34:36c-yanker no dust
00:34:37c-yanker nio kill
00:34:37najk sk
00:34:39Momdsiw maybe sk wants hes battlefury
00:34:42najk sk!!!
00:34:43najk COME
00:35:02JensDenLange gather dont split up
00:35:05c-yanker ok
00:35:07Jydn moron
00:35:11nwc_killa i cant play big lags
00:35:25zebbelito jaha?
00:35:27zebbelito all cds?
00:35:46zebbelito tine no cd
00:35:47zebbelito ok
00:35:58c-yanker monsterkill from teams job
00:36:00c-yanker -.-
00:36:00zebbelito we need pipe
00:36:17Jydn we need 5v5
00:36:19JensDenLange we dont have any disable
00:36:25JensDenLange my pick was misserable!
00:36:32najk invis bot
00:36:37najk they have ward
00:36:39najk bot
00:36:48Sepetos midtower mby
00:36:49Sepetos ?
00:36:52najk take invis
00:36:54najk lesh
00:36:59c-yanker invis
00:36:59c-yanker lesh
00:37:03Sepetos take ward always down
00:37:08Jydn omg
00:37:37Jydn fu
00:37:40zebbelito ?=
00:37:43zebbelito we can t do shit
00:37:47Jydn overcharge
00:37:50Jydn and duel
00:37:52Jydn = rape
00:38:06Sepetos mid
00:38:07Jydn 3 sat watching us
00:38:09Sepetos GET DETECT
00:38:15JensDenLange sat watching u??
00:38:17JensDenLange lol
00:38:22nwc_killa -ms
00:38:23JensDenLange did'nt u see the split?
00:38:26nwc_killa -roll
00:38:48Jydn moron
00:38:55Jydn 0 play
00:39:02nwc_killa i cant play
00:39:07Momdsiw i can see
00:39:46najk wtf are we doing
00:40:05Momdsiw ahh sori
00:40:11Sepetos WTF SAND
00:40:25Kanki how about b?
00:40:30Jydn go
00:41:27Sepetos detect?
00:41:35najk dust
00:41:37Sepetos rosh
00:41:38Sepetos go
00:41:39Jydn inc
00:41:51Pojetz need regen
00:42:17JensDenLange we need a legio vs pink
00:43:01Momdsiw ops
00:43:39c-yanker b
00:43:40Jydn sigh
00:43:40c-yanker pugna
00:43:57c-yanker why not fight?
00:43:57Jydn gg
00:44:00c-yanker when u fucked ?
00:44:06Momdsiw deffaan topin
00:44:06zebbelito dno
00:44:08Momdsiw puiskeaa vaa
00:44:08Jydn he runs constantly
00:44:10Pojetz 15 sec
00:44:10zebbelito where were u`?
00:44:13Kanki y stupid to run when u know u cant get enywhere
00:44:30JensDenLange care
00:44:38Sepetos b
00:45:10c-yanker sup:)
00:45:26zebbelito tacitcal
00:45:26zebbelito _:D
00:45:26zebbelito he was shit
00:45:26Pojetz pluged out
00:45:26Sepetos storm u could try to take that pugnas ward down
00:45:26JensDenLange c
00:45:26JensDenLange whos out+
00:45:26JensDenLange ?
00:45:26JensDenLange if he drops!
00:45:26c-yanker wisp
00:45:26Momdsiw tee sepe
00:45:26zebbelito t.t
00:45:26Momdsiw linken ton siitöä
00:45:26Jydn ?
00:45:26Momdsiw persestä
00:45:26Sepetos blademail?`:E
00:45:26c-yanker wisp
00:45:26c-yanker is out
00:45:26c-yanker if hes out
00:45:26zebbelito well
00:45:26Jydn eh?
00:45:26Momdsiw eiku linken
00:45:26najk Should I go heart?
00:45:26Momdsiw sen ulti ei toimi
00:45:26JensDenLange rules
00:45:26zebbelito pugna is less needed
00:45:26c-yanker we gotta balance
00:45:26zebbelito imo
00:45:26c-yanker if
00:45:26Jydn i have to leave coz he plugs?
00:45:26Momdsiw ton legionin
00:45:26c-yanker u sure?
00:45:26Sepetos ai commanderin?
00:45:26Momdsiw menee linkenii
00:45:26Sepetos kk
00:45:26JensDenLange y
00:45:26c-yanker i havent seen
00:45:26c-yanker wisp
00:45:26JensDenLange :/
00:45:26c-yanker do anything good
00:45:26c-yanker yet :P
00:45:26JensDenLange sucky rules
00:45:26Momdsiw ku se tulee aina lotharil
00:45:26JensDenLange but fair
00:45:26c-yanker hes
00:45:26c-yanker doing
00:45:26c-yanker it
00:45:26c-yanker for
00:45:26c-yanker u?
00:45:26c-yanker zeb
00:45:26Jydn i played better than pug/razor
00:45:26Sepetos who leaves?
00:45:26c-yanker pugna
00:45:26Momdsiw jes
00:45:26Sepetos nojoo ei varmaa auta puskuis
00:45:26Sepetos mut deffaa kyl wardil
00:45:26JensDenLange what now?
00:45:26JensDenLange im out?
00:45:26c-yanker y
00:45:26JensDenLange kk
00:45:26Kanki if he drops
00:45:26JensDenLange he does!
00:45:26Sepetos take bottom tower
00:45:26JensDenLange do i get negative
00:45:26JensDenLange score
00:45:26JensDenLange i
00:45:26JensDenLange leave?
00:45:26c-yanker nah
00:45:26c-yanker u
00:45:26zebbelito no
00:45:26c-yanker stats
00:45:26c-yanker stops
00:45:26c-yanker when u leave
00:45:26c-yanker your
00:45:26JensDenLange kk
00:45:26JensDenLange gl boys
00:45:26JensDenLange kill em
00:45:26JensDenLange there
00:45:26JensDenLange is
00:45:26JensDenLange item
00:45:26JensDenLange in
00:45:26JensDenLange base
00:45:26JensDenLange u can
00:45:26JensDenLange sell
00:45:26JensDenLange aswell
00:45:26Sepetos ai mä otan perseen?
00:45:26Kanki what do u have?
00:45:26JensDenLange nothing!
00:45:26JensDenLange :D
00:45:26Pojetz how long
00:45:26Sepetos oliksil muuta?
00:45:26Kanki lol
00:45:26c-yanker 30 sec
00:45:26zebbelito 4 min
00:45:26Momdsiw tuskin
00:45:26Momdsiw ku noi paljo kultaa
00:45:26Sepetos saisin guinsoo melkeepä jos myisin sen kamat ja ottaisin voidstonen perseest
00:45:26Momdsiw treadit ja jtn pientä
00:45:33JensDenLange gg.. wp lesh!
00:45:33Momdsiw -ii
00:45:42Pojetz can i take perce?
00:45:45Sepetos mmm
00:45:51Sepetos no
00:45:55Pojetz for linken
00:45:57Pojetz oom
00:46:04Pojetz pls
00:46:06Pojetz me no items
00:46:07Sepetos come
00:46:13c-yanker want
00:46:15c-yanker ogre axe
00:46:15Pojetz ...
00:46:15c-yanker legi`?
00:46:18zebbelito no
00:46:22Kanki gimme
00:46:22Sepetos use him to def first
00:46:24c-yanker tt
00:46:38Sepetos b
00:46:52zebbelito rosh?
00:46:56c-yanker y
00:46:58c-yanker push bit first
00:47:37c-yanker smoke us
00:47:37c-yanker wisp
00:47:49zebbelito omw
00:47:50Pojetz i take pere
00:47:52Pojetz perce
00:47:53Pojetz ok
00:48:00Pojetz almost linken then
00:48:11Sepetos no
00:48:24najk hope they didn't
00:48:26najk smoke rosh...
00:48:31najk fuck
00:48:46Momdsiw saat melkei linkeninki
00:48:52zebbelito ulti use
00:48:57zebbelito wood
00:49:01Kanki omw
00:49:09Sepetos hmmh
00:49:11Sepetos u can take perse
00:49:15Sepetos or hmm
00:49:16Sepetos not
00:49:22najk go top
00:49:30Pojetz i play crix
00:49:37Jydn go
00:50:00Momdsiw commander nic edmg
00:50:20Jydn meh blademail rapes here
00:50:52Kanki leave me here yea
00:51:06c-yanker got
00:51:06c-yanker rax
00:51:27Sepetos take em
00:51:27Momdsiw go b
00:51:39Pojetz who takes gem
00:51:44Sepetos someone
00:51:53Momdsiw maybe its me then
00:51:59najk we should go together
00:52:01najk like they do
00:52:16zebbelito i get bkb
00:52:18zebbelito then go
00:52:27Sepetos got inv
00:52:30Kanki go mid?
00:52:40zebbelito 200 g
00:53:16Jydn gj
00:53:30zebbelito why u go die razor?
00:53:40Sepetos push
00:53:42Sepetos someone bot
00:53:57Sepetos use crix
00:53:57Jydn i half healthed him with blademail and you have overcharge...
00:54:02zebbelito rebuy
00:54:05c-yanker cant
00:54:07c-yanker just defend
00:54:07c-yanker tide
00:54:08c-yanker no ulti
00:55:00zebbelito gj furi
00:55:04Jydn go tank
00:55:05Jydn gj
00:55:31Kanki ok furi
00:55:34Kanki dont help u bitch
00:55:35zebbelito what a nice game,,....,.,.,.,.,.,.,
00:55:37c-yanker wtf u want me to do
00:55:40zebbelito u had rebuy
00:55:44zebbelito now lost game
00:55:56zebbelito use ur hex?
00:55:57zebbelito ever?
00:56:03zebbelito no
00:56:05zebbelito u diont
00:56:06zebbelito use jhex
00:56:09zebbelito u buy for show
00:56:40Sepetos come
00:56:40Sepetos plz
00:57:01Sepetos ;D
00:57:02Sepetos mitä
00:57:11Sepetos WTF INSTA RESPAWN :D
00:57:20Momdsiw paljo olic hragie
00:57:23Sepetos 26 kai
00:57:40zebbelito 1 v3 why
00:57:54Kanki lol
00:57:59Kanki thought lesh was dead
00:58:11najk wp team
00:58:14zebbelito blood stone
00:58:23najk sick gaming sepeli
00:58:25zebbelito 0 sec respawn
00:58:25Sepetos mby good i played this
00:58:26najk sepetos*
00:58:30Kanki sick
00:58:33Momdsiw paljo cs
00:58:43zebbelito how come u dont use ur hex
00:58:44Momdsiw ¨sul pari kulta kolikkoo
00:58:44Sepetos 403
00:58:45zebbelito cyanker
00:58:51c-yanker stfu
00:58:53c-yanker ad
00:58:53c-yanker had
00:58:54c-yanker control
00:58:56c-yanker over chick
00:59:00Momdsiw 10k money :D
00:59:07zebbelito vbg
00:59:45Jydn bad players here
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