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-48 X
-2 TS

92% | 1598 X | 1496 TS

-17 X
-2 TS

90% | 1547 X | 1498 TS

-52 X
-2 TS

86% | 1554 X | 1426 TS

-43 X
-2 TS

86% | 1500 X | 1468 TS

-59 X
-2 TS

55% | 1244 X | 1331 TS

+47 X
+2 TS

98% | 1729 X | 1599 TS

+30 X
+2 TS

97% | 1684 X | 1608 TS

+37 X
+3 TS

62% | 1274 X | 1366 TS

+51 X
+3 TS

61% | 1330 X | 1305 TS

+66 X
+2 TS

59% | 1259 X | 1350 TS

Chat log

00:00:11Yuriko wishes?
00:00:13Yuriko requests?
00:00:16Sepetos toi panda on semi imba vissii
00:00:17Yuriko anyone wants any hero?
00:00:17NwC.CooL-T invo ban
00:00:17sandii hmm
00:00:17sandii i dunno
00:00:17NwC.CooL-T pick am or void
00:00:17mrk eza
00:00:17Yuriko invoker
00:00:17sandii adwhoass
00:00:17atte .. mm
00:00:17sandii im all up in adrenaline
00:00:17Yuriko can anyone play bara or aa or thrall?
00:00:17sandii i guess i can bara
00:00:17NwC.CooL-T better pick am or void first
00:00:17NwC.CooL-T void>all
00:00:17atte am
00:00:17Yuriko i'll take bara for u
00:00:18Yuriko ok?
00:00:20sandii ok
00:00:25atte all up in the ass of timo
00:00:29Nickless gimme ds il go woods
00:00:43NwC.CooL-T ffs
00:00:45Nickless up'
00:00:45NwC.CooL-T bara
00:00:45atte siis tää on vitun hullu
00:00:46NwC.CooL-T sux
00:00:46atte :DD
00:00:49sandii super atte inc ?
00:00:56atte ooks pelannu tol
00:00:57atte ?
00:00:58Yuriko give void
00:00:58Sepetos tää on viel hullumpi
00:01:01sandii em
00:01:01Sepetos oon
00:01:06Yuriko uhm
00:01:06sandii what u want now+
00:01:06atte tuun mumblee brb
00:01:10Yuriko jugger
00:01:16Yuriko -swap 3
00:01:16sandii -swap 1
00:01:26poskus they go carry mode?
00:01:29poskus thd?
00:01:33NwC.CooL-T only cary?
00:01:36mrk ok
00:01:37Nickless bb
00:01:38Jerkku i take pugna
00:01:41Jerkku if i can
00:01:46Yuriko well your void pick owned me
00:01:47poskus lanes?
00:02:02Yuriko and fxx is afk
00:02:13NwC.CooL-T thrall
00:02:14NwC.CooL-T go bot
00:02:14atte no on ainaki nukee
00:02:15Jerkku imo me + skywrath
00:02:15Sepetos share
00:02:16Jerkku imba
00:02:21Sepetos saanko soloo vai
00:02:22atte no ds?
00:02:22Sepetos ?
00:02:23Yuriko fxx is afk
00:02:23poskus fast lanes
00:02:24NwC.CooL-T need afk 2min
00:02:24poskus jsut play
00:02:24Sepetos et tullu sit mumblee?
00:02:24Yuriko and void said hes going afk
00:02:24poskus if afk 5 min
00:02:24Yuriko ..
00:02:24poskus rmkl
00:02:24poskus wtf with afk?
00:02:24atte aa pugna bot
00:02:24Jerkku sepe meijän pitäis lanee
00:02:24atte miks
00:02:24poskus go
00:02:24Jerkku koska hullu
00:02:24mrk afk 5 min wait please
00:02:24Sepetos mites aa pugna
00:02:25Sepetos eise oo hullu?
00:02:31Jerkku nojoo
00:02:48mrk j/k
00:02:48Yuriko ok i have 3 afks in team
00:02:58Yuriko 2 now!
00:03:03poskus 6 maybe?
00:03:05mrk -afk
00:03:07atte me farm
00:03:11poskus k
00:03:13mrk -afk
00:03:15mrk -apm
00:03:23mrk -afk
00:03:24mrk -apm
00:03:31NwC.CooL-T -afk
00:03:59Jerkku -afk
00:04:00mrk -afk
00:04:02Jerkku -clear
00:04:06mrk fingers crossed
00:04:07Jerkku should we pause?
00:04:07mrk 1 minute
00:04:07Yuriko -afk
00:04:10Yuriko no
00:04:23mrk -afk
00:04:26Jerkku -afk
00:04:30mrk -apm
00:04:30Yuriko -afk
00:04:35Fxx. omg
00:04:36Fxx. sry
00:04:38mrk damn
00:04:39mrk fuck
00:04:44mrk chicken
00:05:07Jerkku -afk
00:05:08Fxx. how is possilbe
00:05:14Fxx. this game loading soo long ?
00:05:38NwC.CooL-T ss
00:06:29Sepetos midmiss
00:06:30Sepetos jugger
00:06:35mrk leap aa
00:06:37Yuriko go
00:06:52NwC.CooL-T good
00:07:21Yuriko bird going top
00:07:24Yuriko re
00:07:28NwC.CooL-T i pull
00:07:29atte why you dont hit jugger
00:07:34mrk ss
00:07:34mrk ss
00:07:35mrk ss
00:07:35mrk ss
00:07:36mrk ss
00:07:45NwC.CooL-T up chick pls
00:07:47atte bara
00:07:48atte chgage
00:07:53mrk re
00:07:55atte nvm
00:07:55atte re
00:08:00Yuriko go
00:08:03Sepetos midmiss
00:08:17mrk why the fuck
00:08:19mrk am i so stupid
00:09:18Yuriko care top
00:09:30NwC.CooL-T up chick pls
00:09:31Nickless ok now spam
00:09:36sandii aika vammane hero toi
00:09:37poskus ss2
00:10:00Yuriko go void
00:10:02Yuriko gogo
00:10:09mrk gj
00:10:12Sepetos midmiss
00:10:14NwC.CooL-T 10hp
00:11:01Nickless pugna kill btm
00:11:16Jerkku jugg
00:11:17Jerkku there
00:11:21Yuriko care top
00:11:32Jerkku ss bot jug
00:11:45Jerkku re
00:11:50Fxx. why the hell we have got so bad pick ?
00:12:08sandii no hei vaan
00:12:17sandii tapa se
00:12:21sandii tapa se
00:12:36poskus b
00:12:38poskus top b
00:13:34atte aa wait
00:13:36poskus ss
00:13:36atte i hold him
00:13:38atte and you coldfeet
00:13:39atte gg
00:13:41atte gop
00:13:45atte coldfeet
00:13:51Fxx. ff
00:13:56Fxx. fucking hate xin
00:13:59Fxx. extreme imba hero
00:14:14mrk no shit every hero is imba level 9 vs lvl 5
00:14:17Sepetos tapetaa
00:14:17mrk farm vs no farm
00:14:18Sepetos decre
00:14:19Sepetos kuolee
00:14:42sandii -_____-
00:14:53Sepetos gauraa
00:14:58Fxx. ff at 25 please
00:15:05NwC.CooL-T suck my dick now
00:15:10NwC.CooL-T dont wait 25min
00:15:11Yuriko dont afk next time
00:15:14NwC.CooL-T faggot
00:15:18Fxx. yurnero , void , bara (1. 3 Pick)
00:15:22Yuriko and leave if u dont wanna play
00:15:33NwC.CooL-T fxx go play lego fag
00:15:40Yuriko i'm here to play dota
00:15:47NwC.CooL-T fucking kid
00:15:49Fxx. i kick my head before game
00:15:52Fxx. to wall
00:16:03poskus go twr
00:16:09sandii charged
00:16:20Jerkku we could push now
00:16:21sandii rofl
00:16:33mrk why did i pick this hero
00:16:34poskus spam spells
00:16:39Fxx. 10. min bird dagon :-)
00:16:43Sepetos go next
00:16:50mrk i was almost ready to get sniper
00:16:51Jerkku omw
00:16:52Yuriko are you gonna whine or play serious, try to win
00:16:55atte need 200
00:16:57atte i take this lane
00:17:02Fxx. 0 chance to win
00:17:03sandii -ms
00:17:04Yuriko ?
00:17:08Yuriko we got late game, if we survive
00:17:16NwC.CooL-T we got fxx noob
00:17:34Fxx. my head blading (or i dont know , how to say it)
00:17:34atte buy items and new push
00:17:35atte well ok
00:17:36atte :DD
00:17:39Fxx. i have got broken head
00:17:48NwC.CooL-T sure
00:17:52Jerkku b
00:17:57Sepetos outer towers first
00:17:58NwC.CooL-T you dont have balls noob
00:18:00Fxx. i can send u photo
00:18:36mrk void leap ulti
00:18:36mrk gg
00:18:38mrk my ult
00:18:40mrk yurn ults
00:18:44mrk ez win over 500hp heroes
00:19:07Sepetos jakiro fullmana standgin there like nothign
00:19:10Sepetos bristle 1hp away
00:19:39poskus meka rdy
00:19:42Jerkku i have
00:19:43Jerkku too
00:19:45Jerkku XD
00:19:46atte aa
00:20:02Sepetos coming
00:20:08Jerkku omw mid
00:20:40Nickless mana
00:20:45poskus cfd
00:20:53sandii eipä hirveesti tee dmg tää enää suhu :)
00:21:19mrk atleast this void waits for everyone
00:21:56Fxx. end it please
00:22:44sandii -ms
00:24:02Sepetos push bot all
00:24:22Fxx. i had accident before game , i join at side and go fast smoke at wc
00:24:30Fxx. and i hit wall with my head
00:24:35Fxx. i rly need end this
00:24:49mrk you coulda just
00:24:51mrk waited 20s more
00:24:54mrk and it never had started
00:26:41Jerkku lvl 7 bb
00:26:47NwC.CooL-T faggot )
00:27:08Fxx. thrall same free kill like me
00:27:14mrk :D
00:27:21Fxx. :-)
00:27:49Fxx. sry guys , rly
00:27:56Fxx. but u still deserve this
00:27:58Fxx. cause your pick
00:28:01sandii :D
00:28:09mrk true
00:28:10Nickless your ulti goes through linken
00:28:12Fxx. i try play my best
00:28:18Fxx. but was imposible
00:28:20Fxx. vs xin
00:28:21mrk nice
00:28:22Fxx. its imba hero
00:28:31NwC.CooL-T ahahah
00:28:31mrk yes xin
00:28:32mrk won
00:28:33Jerkku gg
00:28:33mrk alone
00:28:35mrk gg
00:28:35NwC.CooL-T you noob
00:28:37mrk cant beat it
00:28:38NwC.CooL-T xin sux
00:28:39mrk ggwp
00:28:40mrk I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:28:49Yuriko dafuq
00:28:52Fxx. I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:28:53sandii :D
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