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-43 X
-2 TS

43% | 1161 X | 1314 TS

-29 X
-2 TS

41% | 1121 X | 1292 TS

-36 X
-18 TS

12% | 1019 X | 1100 TS

+22 X
-42 TS

NEW | 1020 X | 1091 TS

-49 X
-17 TS

2% | 915 X | 1000 TS

+28 X
+2 TS

55% | 1226 X | 1338 TS

+21 X
+12 TS

30% | 1049 X | 1268 TS

+36 X
+4 TS

24% | 970 X | 1283 TS

+16 X
+3 TS

12% | 918 X | 1205 TS

+39 X
+20 TS

1% | 815 X | 1007 TS

Chat log

00:00:00Jaikki [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... mby_next_time with 55 seconds.
00:00:14FireMal get a better pc
00:00:17Banana :D
00:00:20mby_next_time lick my ass nap
00:00:20VVindoWz -apm
00:00:20Jaikki phoenix
00:00:20mby_next_time -lycan
00:00:20Banana what u play?
00:00:20Simba i think the internet is main problem
00:00:20Jaikki dunno
00:00:20Simba '
00:00:20VVindoWz -apm
00:00:20FireMal -apm
00:00:20Jaikki some1 want ud?
00:00:20mby_next_time i got better internet then you for sure :)
00:00:20Dirk41 me
00:00:25VVindoWz -apm
00:00:25Simba whatsup in poland
00:00:34FireMal fucking simba
00:00:41FireMal cap we got simba real nice time for you
00:00:42Simba they got erdiller
00:00:48Dirk41 what u want
00:00:57Jaikki thinking
00:00:59FireMal -apm
00:01:00VVindoWz -apm
00:01:08Dirk41 obsi ?
00:01:13Jaikki nah
00:01:16AliBaba -apm
00:01:17FireMal -apm
00:01:18Jaikki hmm
00:01:23Simba -apm
00:01:26Dirk41 razor ?
00:01:27Jaikki y
00:01:31Jaikki hmph
00:01:31Dirk41 \
00:01:33Jaikki get me
00:01:33Banana -ma
00:01:35Simba -clear
00:01:36Dirk41 ?
00:01:37mby_next_time get cent / pit last one
00:01:38mby_next_time simba
00:01:38Jaikki clinkz
00:01:40Dirk41 clinkz
00:01:40Dirk41 y
00:01:41Banana ye
00:01:43mby_next_time you can play cent / pit?
00:01:43Banana clinkz
00:01:45Jaikki -swap
00:01:46Simba u think i can play them?
00:01:47Dirk41 -swap 1
00:01:48Jaikki -swap 4
00:01:49Banana get pit
00:01:50mby_next_time well i hope so
00:01:51Simba i can try cent
00:01:52FireMal fak we got clinkz to fight vs
00:01:54Dirk41 -hhn
00:01:54mby_next_time so go it
00:01:54Banana fuck
00:01:55Dirk41 -clear
00:01:55Simba how hardcan it be
00:01:56Dirk41 why
00:01:57Dirk41 this
00:01:58Dirk41 retard
00:01:59FireMal and destroyer ff
00:01:59Dirk41 pick
00:02:01Dirk41 obsi . ..
00:02:05VVindoWz -apm
00:02:12Jaikki -clear
00:02:14Jaikki -ma
00:02:17Dirk41 chicken
00:02:18Dirk41 obsi
00:02:19FireMal -apm
00:02:30Banana lastpick chicken
00:02:32Jaikki -afk
00:02:34DraineWaker obsi buy chicken
00:02:35mby_next_time -hhn
00:02:36mby_next_time -don
00:02:37mby_next_time -water red
00:02:38mby_next_time -clear
00:02:40AliBaba -apm
00:02:41DraineWaker dont forget to buy chicken or u get penalties
00:02:42Jaikki he is afk?
00:02:43Jaikki -afk
00:02:46Jaikki -afk
00:02:47Dirk41 -afk
00:02:49Dirk41 nope
00:02:52Dirk41 he is just a retard
00:02:58FireMal -apm
00:03:00DraineWaker -afk
00:03:03Banana -afk
00:03:03Dirk41 -afk
00:03:03mby_next_time stop spamming it
00:03:03mby_next_time ...
00:03:05Dirk41 -afk
00:03:07Dirk41 !afk
00:03:15Dirk41 chicken
00:03:16Jaikki obsi
00:03:16Jaikki top
00:03:19Jaikki and buy chicken
00:03:19Jaikki asap
00:03:20Banana ffs
00:03:20Erdiller Can we
00:03:22Dirk41 banned
00:03:23Banana lastpick chicken
00:03:24Erdiller pause
00:03:24DraineWaker BUY CHICKEN
00:03:25DraineWaker OMG
00:03:25Erdiller plz
00:03:26VVindoWz -apm
00:03:31Jaikki why
00:03:32DraineWaker DONT SELL ITEMS
00:03:33mby_next_time why so?
00:03:35VVindoWz u pull ?
00:03:38DraineWaker lol ;D
00:03:40Erdiller plz 1 min'
00:03:41DraineWaker penalties
00:03:41DraineWaker :S
00:03:48Erdiller 321
00:03:51mby_next_time why?
00:03:51Jaikki its me ok
00:03:51FireMal wtf
00:03:51DraineWaker me too
00:03:51Simba fucking erdiller
00:03:51Jaikki wait him
00:03:51DraineWaker let me
00:03:51Dirk41 w8
00:03:51mby_next_time you got 30 secunds from me.
00:03:51Erdiller gotta fix mouse
00:03:51Jaikki dont be an ass
00:03:51DraineWaker light up join
00:03:51Dirk41 1 min
00:03:51FireMal -apm
00:03:51DraineWaker joint
00:03:51DraineWaker some1 for joint?
00:03:51Jaikki me
00:03:51Dirk41 me
00:03:51Dirk41 me
00:03:51Jaikki ;__;
00:03:51Dirk41 me
00:03:51Dirk41 me
00:03:51Banana ME
00:03:51mby_next_time []i think everyone
00:03:51Dirk41 ^^
00:03:51Banana :D
00:03:51Dirk41 some nice skank
00:03:51Dirk41 would be nice
00:03:51Banana ud pull plz
00:03:51DraineWaker vanilla kush :)
00:03:51Dirk41 orange bud
00:03:51mby_next_time od you here?
00:03:51Dirk41 whit widov
00:03:51DraineWaker i have vanilla kush
00:03:51FireMal why pause ?
00:03:51Jaikki fixing mouse
00:03:51mby_next_time 30 passed
00:03:51Dirk41 white widow
00:03:51DraineWaker let him fix
00:03:51Banana nice
00:03:51DraineWaker and let me smoke a joint
00:03:51DraineWaker on window
00:03:51mby_next_time i wont pause more in secunds.
00:03:51DraineWaker brb
00:03:51Simba what build guys?
00:03:51mby_next_time 20 secunds
00:03:51mby_next_time dagger / vangyuard / hood
00:03:51FireMal 25
00:03:51mby_next_time dagger asap
00:03:51FireMal 224
00:03:51Simba ok
00:03:51Dirk41 15
00:03:51FireMal 23
00:03:51mby_next_time time passed
00:03:51Simba kk
00:03:51DraineWaker STOP IT
00:03:51Erdiller b
00:03:51FireMal 22
00:03:51mby_next_time 321
00:03:51FireMal 21
00:03:51Dirk41 10
00:03:52FireMal 20
00:04:05Dirk41 crix pull
00:04:08Banana ffs
00:04:41FireMal up chick fast plz
00:05:20mby_next_time ss mid
00:05:21mby_next_time went bor
00:05:33mby_next_time care bot
00:05:48mby_next_time ss mid care
00:05:52mby_next_time re
00:06:02VVindoWz -apm
00:06:13mby_next_time gj
00:06:39DraineWaker plz pause
00:06:41DraineWaker 30 secs
00:06:43mby_next_time not
00:06:43Jaikki no
00:06:49DraineWaker plz cant use mouse too xD
00:06:55DraineWaker just to take battery
00:06:56mby_next_time stop blunt makeing
00:06:56Dirk41 ?
00:06:56Dirk41 WTF
00:06:56Jaikki bitch please
00:06:56Banana FFS
00:06:56mby_next_time bone cS?
00:06:56Dirk41 batery 4 mouse oO
00:06:56Banana for brain
00:06:56mby_next_time bone you'r cs is?
00:06:56Jaikki 6
00:06:56Banana after joint
00:06:56Erdiller using wireless
00:06:56mby_next_time :)))
00:06:56mby_next_time :))))))
00:06:56Dirk41 lol
00:06:56Simba mby return urself
00:06:56Jaikki ur
00:06:56mby_next_time 14
00:06:56AliBaba come on !
00:06:56Simba unpause it
00:06:56Jaikki dont give fuck XD'
00:06:56mby_next_time so so vs your harras :)
00:06:56mby_next_time good :)
00:06:56AliBaba no more pause !
00:06:56mby_next_time ok time passed
00:06:56mby_next_time sr
00:06:56mby_next_time 321
00:06:57Jaikki i dont give a fuck because u will lose it hard
00:07:01mby_next_time yoyo
00:07:23Dirk41 crix give me mana
00:07:31Dirk41 ty
00:07:41FireMal up chick plz
00:08:03Simba fucking hoof takes so long time
00:08:11Dirk41 go
00:08:27DraineWaker ok
00:08:28mby_next_time ss mid
00:08:29mby_next_time care
00:08:30mby_next_time wen t invis
00:08:31DraineWaker i rapleced batteries
00:08:33DraineWaker in my brain :)
00:08:34Banana gj
00:08:37DraineWaker smoked half of blunt
00:08:38Dirk41 ty
00:08:42VVindoWz u ready ?
00:08:45DraineWaker now lets play
00:08:46mby_next_time re
00:08:46Simba y
00:08:51DraineWaker and some nasty techno over those speakers fuck yea
00:08:55VVindoWz go kill
00:08:59FireMal reuse
00:09:00Jaikki ss vois
00:09:00FireMal chick
00:09:03Jaikki d
00:09:14mby_next_time ss mid
00:09:16Erdiller wtf
00:09:16VVindoWz gj m8
00:09:17Jaikki share chicken
00:09:24mby_next_time re
00:09:31Dirk41 kill
00:09:31Simba pretty imba combo imo
00:09:48Banana wait
00:09:51Banana lvl 6
00:10:06Dirk41 go !
00:10:31Erdiller im not standing against mogikurdi
00:10:31Jaikki ss
00:10:34Dirk41 omfg
00:10:35Dirk41 dude
00:10:37Dirk41 dont go
00:10:37Banana ?
00:10:39Dirk41 behind
00:10:40Dirk41 a
00:10:42Dirk41 tower
00:10:59VVindoWz u ready ?
00:11:01VVindoWz u got stun ?
00:11:02Simba nop
00:11:03Simba no mana
00:11:06Simba sec
00:11:08Jaikki hp?
00:11:09Simba now i have
00:11:11mby_next_time rofl :DDDD
00:11:15mby_next_time 2 hits to death
00:11:20Jaikki just asked?
00:11:21Dirk41 GO AWAY
00:11:23Dirk41 from mid
00:11:26Simba LOL
00:11:26mby_next_time well looked funny :)
00:11:35Dirk41 kill
00:12:16DraineWaker go tower
00:12:17Dirk41 WTF aba
00:12:18Dirk41 go top
00:12:18Erdiller abdul du skal ikke targette mig
00:12:21Dirk41 gtfo
00:12:22Dirk41 abaaaaaaaa
00:12:26VVindoWz come
00:12:31Simba got no mana still
00:12:40VVindoWz take
00:12:44mby_next_time let me
00:12:46mby_next_time nvm
00:12:50mby_next_time cent you initate
00:12:51Banana heal
00:12:52DraineWaker when u stun i sheild u
00:13:08FireMal ss top ?
00:13:13Simba y
00:13:17Simba 1
00:13:19mby_next_time ss mid
00:13:22AliBaba then say it !
00:13:24AliBaba abba bot
00:13:26mby_next_time care
00:13:29mby_next_time bone ss
00:14:05mby_next_time re mid
00:14:05Banana aba go up
00:14:13Dirk41 y
00:14:14Dirk41 go away
00:14:24Dirk41 go away
00:14:25Dirk41 PLEASE
00:14:35Simba clinkz?
00:14:39Dirk41 SS BOT
00:14:44FireMal y
00:14:49mby_next_time dudes
00:14:51mby_next_time leave mid
00:14:52mby_next_time please
00:14:54mby_next_time i want to farm...
00:14:59FireMal stay mid
00:15:02FireMal clinkz is
00:15:15Jaikki go
00:15:44Simba fuck im idito
00:15:55AliBaba ..
00:16:09Jaikki mana
00:16:14Jaikki heal me
00:16:19FireMal top
00:16:19mby_next_time haha :d
00:16:19Jaikki aba
00:16:41Dirk41 ?
00:16:46Jaikki kill void
00:16:49Banana share or banned
00:16:49Jaikki share
00:16:52Dirk41 share
00:17:04DraineWaker this harbie truely is tard
00:17:19Banana def
00:17:27mby_next_time ss mid
00:17:28mby_next_time went top
00:17:29mby_next_time care top
00:17:29Jaikki ud we need u
00:17:31Jaikki stop farming
00:17:32Jaikki top top
00:17:36AliBaba b
00:17:40Dirk41 w8
00:17:42Dirk41 to take tower
00:18:43Dirk41 kill void ffs
00:18:44Dirk41 or gg
00:18:50FireMal faking team
00:18:51Jaikki Wsdfsd
00:18:57Jaikki ud we need u -.-
00:19:01Dirk41 stfu
00:19:02Dirk41 idiot
00:19:07Jaikki i picked it for u because it fucks enemy
00:19:07Dirk41 1 pick
00:19:10Dirk41 feed like that
00:19:11Banana heal
00:19:12Jaikki stop farming
00:19:18Jaikki ofc because its 4v
00:19:20Jaikki 5
00:19:30DraineWaker lol
00:19:31DraineWaker xD
00:19:36FireMal ss ud
00:20:06mby_next_time gogo
00:20:15Dirk41 help
00:20:19Jaikki omw
00:20:35Dirk41 SIELD
00:21:29VVindoWz cent i need u to follow my ass hehe :)
00:21:44Simba sure
00:21:46VVindoWz -apm
00:22:09Dirk41 why
00:22:10Dirk41 the fuck
00:22:12Dirk41 i didnt
00:22:13Dirk41 picked
00:22:15Dirk41 obsi
00:22:19Dirk41 2 rape them all
00:22:21Simba u guys should be happy u didnt get erdiller
00:22:25Dirk41 including void . . .
00:22:31mby_next_time |hmm strange
00:22:59mby_next_time you had ulti on you or i jsut mised?
00:23:06mby_next_time banana?
00:23:13Banana you missed
00:23:17mby_next_time :)))))
00:23:21mby_next_time kk
00:23:25mby_next_time thanks
00:23:32Dirk41 upgrade
00:23:34Dirk41 chicken
00:23:34Dirk41 som1
00:23:53Dirk41 omw
00:24:02Simba GOSH
00:24:11Simba how did i miss that
00:24:12Jaikki ULTI
00:25:05AliBaba do you know how to use blink ?
00:25:07AliBaba simba ?
00:25:14FireMal buy tp for me
00:25:29Jaikki y u pro
00:25:37DraineWaker nice one
00:25:38DraineWaker mate
00:25:48Dirk41 shield
00:26:20Dirk41 so good team i have :)
00:26:26AliBaba simb a ``???? stun when you blink !
00:26:29mby_next_time what hero did you havbe last game?
00:26:34FireMal got dust omw
00:26:36Dirk41 cm
00:26:43mby_next_time kk
00:26:44Dirk41 u ?
00:26:47mby_next_time didnt see you
00:26:48mby_next_time abba
00:26:54Dirk41 u were good
00:26:58mby_next_time thanks :)
00:27:01Dirk41 mid player
00:27:04Dirk41 0-5
00:27:06mby_next_time :))
00:27:08Dirk41 no items at all . . .
00:27:15mby_next_time well it's jaikki
00:27:20mby_next_time good he didnt plug :)
00:27:25Dirk41 \
00:27:26Jaikki D:DD
00:27:27Jaikki u are pro
00:27:28Jaikki y
00:27:34Dirk41 he is not pro
00:27:38Dirk41 ur just a retard
00:27:39Jaikki ofc he is
00:27:44Jaikki he rapes with void
00:27:52mby_next_time rofl hard bone ?:)
00:28:01Jaikki ?
00:28:06Dirk41 go
00:28:07mby_next_time i asked if your hero is hard
00:28:08Dirk41 ALL
00:28:09Dirk41 pls
00:28:11Jaikki lol no?
00:28:22mby_next_time so why you start to talk ironic about me pro void
00:28:23Dirk41 come all ffs
00:28:26Jaikki because
00:28:32VVindoWz -apm
00:28:33Jaikki u sucked, but ur team just did all work
00:28:41mby_next_time ya i sucked
00:28:43Jaikki y
00:28:44mby_next_time i outfarmed mid bone.
00:28:47Jaikki as always
00:28:50Jaikki outfarmed XDDDDDDdd
00:28:50mby_next_time :))
00:28:51FireMal got dust
00:28:52Jaikki X:DSA;:DAS
00:28:53FireMal wait for me
00:28:56Jaikki u are funny guy
00:28:57Banana lastpick get wards
00:29:00Dirk41 how can i ff here
00:29:02mby_next_time i am:)
00:29:04mby_next_time "ff"
00:29:06mby_next_time just ff
00:29:06FireMal tard void
00:29:07Dirk41 I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:29:09mby_next_time you dont see
00:29:15mby_next_time but you surrendered already
00:29:25mby_next_time and yes i outfarmed you
00:29:26DraineWaker WHY
00:29:27Dirk41 COME ALL
00:29:27Dirk41 ffs
00:29:31Jaikki def base
00:29:35Jaikki or smth
00:29:42Jaikki because ur team killed us
00:29:49Jaikki and u didnt have to stay in mid
00:30:17FireMal I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:30:21Dirk41 CAN U ALL FF ?
00:30:24Simba why?
00:30:25Simba lol
00:30:26Banana FUCKING GET TPS
00:30:27Erdiller !surrender
00:30:34Dirk41 type FF at all chat
00:30:37Banana stfu
00:30:43Dirk41 lol u stfu
00:30:44Banana go emoquit if u dont want to play
00:30:44Dirk41 retard
00:30:53Dirk41 dont want 2 play whit u retard
00:30:55Dirk41 retards
00:31:16AliBaba oom
00:31:26FireMal void you how
00:31:28FireMal hoe
00:31:29Jaikki ur luck is
00:31:32Jaikki awesome
00:31:36Dirk41 lol luck
00:31:40mby_next_time 25 %
00:31:47mby_next_time you had loucky it didnt backtrack more
00:31:59Jaikki it is irrelevant if u dont die
00:32:02Jaikki stupid
00:32:13mby_next_time lalal:D
00:32:16Banana :D:D
00:32:25mby_next_time well what is relevant
00:32:32mby_next_time when ogre multi one of thousand times
00:32:38mby_next_time it's lucky also he gets one kill?
00:32:43Dirk41 it is
00:32:50Jaikki relevant is do u die or not
00:32:53mby_next_time dude i just backtracked one time
00:33:01mby_next_time be happy you got lucky with it
00:33:14FireMal simba
00:33:15FireMal come
00:33:16Dirk41 can u come end this ?
00:33:26DraineWaker stfu
00:33:27DraineWaker go five
00:33:35Dirk41 U STFU MOFO
00:33:37Erdiller wallah i bare nogle spasser isear abdul
00:33:43AliBaba hahah :D
00:33:49Jaikki def bot
00:33:55Erdiller targetting the weakest link
00:33:58VVindoWz we need dust
00:34:01Dirk41 ^^
00:34:02mby_next_time to me?
00:34:16Erdiller no to kurdi
00:34:21Erdiller no to kurdi
00:34:23Dirk41 come end it [;s
00:34:33VVindoWz b
00:34:34VVindoWz no dust
00:34:40Jaikki def base
00:34:41Jaikki dont go
00:34:45Jaikki k
00:35:00Jaikki hit him
00:35:01mby_next_time leavew
00:35:02mby_next_time me
00:35:02mby_next_time ...
00:36:02Erdiller !surrender
00:36:12Erdiller !ff'
00:36:15Erdiller !ff
00:36:41Dirk41 ahahahaha
00:36:44Dirk41 obsi killed u
00:36:47mby_next_time :)
00:37:04mby_next_time tt
00:37:05Dirk41 OWNED !
00:37:12mby_next_time ya
00:37:14mby_next_time no stun no fun
00:37:15Dirk41 aba blined
00:37:24mby_next_time 3 hits no bash
00:37:27mby_next_time :)
00:37:55Dirk41 COME MID
00:37:56Banana def mid
00:37:56Dirk41 FFS
00:38:34Banana I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:38:39Dirk41 I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:38:40DraineWaker I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:38:48Dirk41 TYPE FF
00:38:49Dirk41 ALL CHAT
00:38:50Erdiller !ff
00:38:55DraineWaker I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:38:55Simba huh pretty good block lol
00:38:56Dirk41 ALL CHAT U RETARD
00:39:00Dirk41 LIKE THIS
00:39:01Banana nope
00:39:01Dirk41 I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:39:05Banana its not all chat
00:39:10Dirk41 it is u mofo
00:39:10Erdiller !ff
00:39:13Banana stfu
00:39:15Dirk41 JUST FF
00:39:16Dirk41 I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:39:18Banana I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:39:23Banana I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:39:25DraineWaker I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:39:26DraineWaker I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:39:47Banana jaikki ff
00:40:05Dirk41 more bashes
00:40:06Dirk41 pls
00:40:12Jaikki game of voids game
00:40:16mby_next_time :))
00:40:17Jaikki i could imagine that nerdgasm
00:40:23mby_next_time :)))
00:40:23Jaikki life'
00:40:25Jaikki I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:40:32Banana D:_D_D_
00:40:37DraineWaker it was on purpose
00:40:44DraineWaker cant do a shit vs him
00:40:51Jaikki write ff
00:40:55DraineWaker I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:40:58DraineWaker I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:41:02DraineWaker I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:41:06DraineWaker blah
00:41:23DraineWaker did i ff?
00:41:26Jaikki y
00:41:27Erdiller yes
00:41:27Banana go mid
00:41:27Dirk41 y
00:41:36DraineWaker go ff
00:41:37Erdiller !ff
00:41:39DraineWaker we lost
00:41:41DraineWaker hardcore
00:41:51mby_next_time :))
00:42:00Dirk41 gues they think ur a pro
00:42:08mby_next_time would be funny :)
00:42:10Banana ?
00:42:22mby_next_time |funny is bone anyawy
00:42:26mby_next_time he cant admit failing
00:42:38Banana only thing i am thinking is that dirk has big mouth and can put 2 oranges in it
00:42:45Dirk41 lol
00:42:46mby_next_time :)))
00:42:50mby_next_time hahaha
00:42:52mby_next_time sd wp items:DDDd
00:42:53mby_next_time hahaha
00:42:58mby_next_time tanky staff there!
00:42:58Dirk41 i cant put banana like ur mom that is sure
00:43:09FireMal -apm
00:43:13Jaikki "oh, snap"
00:43:19mby_next_time -gameinfo
00:43:24mby_next_time -tips
00:43:30mby_next_time -clear
00:44:02Banana I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:44:03Banana I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:44:03Jaikki write ff
00:44:04Jaikki I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:44:05Banana I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:44:06Banana I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:44:08Jaikki I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:44:11Banana ediiler
00:44:12Banana write ff
00:44:16Erdiller !ff
00:44:18Erdiller I surrender! [5/5 of Sentinel]
00:44:19Jaikki only ff
00:44:21Simba gg
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