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-52 X
-1 TS

98% | 1847 X | 1535 TS

+5 X
-2 TS

95% | 1605 X | 1591 TS

+6 X
-1 TS

88% | 1526 X | 1484 TS

+9 X
-2 TS

69% | 1350 X | 1364 TS

-17 X
-1 TS

56% | 1251 X | 1333 TS

+16 X
+1 TS

98% | 1700 X | 1602 TS

-4 X
+1 TS

97% | 1665 X | 1608 TS

+44 X
+2 TS

91% | 1569 X | 1493 TS

-16 X
+2 TS

62% | 1248 X | 1397 TS

+24 X
+2 TS

59% | 1248 X | 1362 TS

Chat log

00:00:24Sepetos atte ook mumbles
00:00:24Yuriko sproink!
00:00:24U.Fail2Amuse.ME holy shit my bastard neighboors started dling :d
00:00:24Norrebro any wishes?
00:00:24Nickless bb
00:00:24U.Fail2Amuse.ME gonna be a long game
00:00:24Fxx. silencer for me ?
00:00:24Norrebro dazzle fxx?
00:00:24zebbelito sile bb :D 2 useless crap heroes
00:00:24Sepetos u dont have money to own internet?
00:00:24zebbelito id say gg
00:00:24Fxx. i m bad dazzle
00:00:24zebbelito alrdt
00:00:24Fxx. not hero for me
00:00:24U.Fail2Amuse.ME have to pick someting one click and auto mode
00:00:24Norrebro nickless dazzle?
00:00:24U.Fail2Amuse.ME its a long story:D
00:00:24Nickless no
00:00:24Yuriko I'll take that as a yes
00:00:24atte o
00:00:24Yuriko xD
00:00:24atte o
00:00:24Norrebro tell me something useful
00:00:24seppo12 tapahtuuko mtn
00:00:24seppo12 tänään
00:00:24atte joo
00:00:24Fxx. SILENCER
00:00:24atte ds
00:00:24Fxx. or aa
00:00:24zebbelito useless
00:00:24zebbelito sile
00:00:24Fxx. or lich
00:00:24atte want lich?
00:00:24Fxx. for me
00:00:24Norrebro lycan
00:00:24zebbelito lich is gr8
00:00:24Norrebro kk
00:00:30atte someone lich?
00:00:44Fxx. so silencer or aa
00:00:46Fxx. for me ?
00:00:50Norrebro y
00:00:52Fxx. k
00:00:55U.Fail2Amuse.ME ;D they allow only 2 rooters in the house one for floors -1-2 other for 3-4 ;D
00:00:56atte i hope someone would lich since im not into these imbaheros..
00:01:08atte mun stormi vittu
00:01:16zebbelito -ma
00:01:21Fxx. + can i go down please ?
00:01:31Yuriko tiny dazzle rexx so many kewl heroes
00:01:40Sepetos onks mul sooloa?
00:01:41atte -swap 5
00:01:44Fxx. what pick for u ?
00:01:45atte swap rexar?
00:01:47Casberry -swap 1
00:01:48Norrebro give me thrall
00:01:49Casberry yy
00:01:51Fxx. thrall ?
00:01:51Fxx. :-)
00:01:52atte eiku oot metäs?
00:01:54Casberry u better :>
00:01:56Sepetos voin olla
00:01:57Norrebro -swap 5
00:01:58Fxx. -swap 1
00:01:59Sepetos mitä itemei tälle ostetaa
00:02:00Sepetos mettää
00:02:00U.Fail2Amuse.ME bah :d
00:02:01U.Fail2Amuse.ME -clear
00:02:02atte emt
00:02:05atte luulis regenii
00:02:12atte mut ei niil oo wardei ni voi pullaa
00:02:22zebbelito -ma
00:02:26Nickless AA
00:02:26Sepetos ostan rohin suoraa
00:02:26Nickless GO UP
00:02:26Sepetos :X
00:02:26atte -ma
00:02:28Nickless clinkz
00:02:30Nickless needs farm
00:02:32Sepetos vitut
00:02:32Sepetos :D
00:02:33atte ei kannata
00:02:34U.Fail2Amuse.ME atleast its only the 1 sec spikes every sec
00:02:35Nickless i g pull
00:02:37Fxx. let me down pleaes
00:02:39U.Fail2Amuse.ME not the 3 sec delay :d
00:02:40Fxx. rly hate up side
00:02:40Nickless ok
00:02:41Yuriko man
00:02:42U.Fail2Amuse.ME lucky me
00:02:44Nickless no farm for clnkz
00:02:45Yuriko I havent slept since I woke up
00:02:47Yuriko might not perform very well
00:02:49Norrebro clinkz and bb kinda fail
00:02:54seppo12 bb+huskar better than aa husk
00:02:56Fxx. so bb down
00:02:58Nickless y
00:02:59atte yeah i havent slept since i woke either
00:02:59seppo12 bb slow=kill
00:03:04Yuriko that sucks
00:03:06Casberry everyone did that
00:03:25seppo12 aa pull?
00:03:34Fxx. u go
00:03:45Fxx. antipull ward
00:03:46Fxx. there
00:04:26Norrebro ss
00:05:39atte bro
00:05:51Norrebro shit happens
00:05:53Norrebro ss mid
00:06:05Nickless MISS UP
00:06:07Nickless MISS up1
00:06:42Sepetos lentokanaa?
00:06:55zebbelito gj
00:06:56zebbelito norre
00:07:05atte ok glimpse
00:07:06atte pro
00:07:09Sepetos oon midis hetke
00:07:09Norrebro ffs
00:07:09zebbelito *FICX
00:07:09Sepetos vai
00:07:12atte teleen
00:07:14atte tarviin 6
00:07:20Norrebro chick?
00:07:37atte ss lvl6 thrall
00:07:38atte care
00:07:42Norrebro i come bot?
00:07:50seppo12 nn
00:07:51Norrebro nvm
00:07:58Norrebro omg
00:07:59Sepetos roll?
00:08:15Fxx. ss 2
00:08:21seppo12 ss 1
00:08:42Fxx. re
00:08:44Norrebro ss
00:09:02Norrebro ffs
00:09:08atte my
00:09:08atte rune
00:09:19Yuriko ffs
00:09:26atte fuck that
00:09:30Yuriko did u see those shitty jumps
00:09:32atte why did i run there
00:09:48atte sepeli
00:09:50Norrebro fix plz
00:09:50Sepetos o
00:10:00Nickless push
00:10:03Sepetos -ms
00:10:06U.Fail2Amuse.ME i expected some lag but not this
00:10:08Sepetos -ms
00:10:08U.Fail2Amuse.ME notin i can do
00:10:17Sepetos mitä?
00:10:33Norrebro dude????
00:10:34atte gogo
00:10:35Norrebro wtf
00:10:36atte nuke
00:10:40atte slow
00:10:41Nickless we can take tower
00:10:42atte no need ult
00:10:42Nickless ..
00:10:42Fxx. ss
00:11:02Norrebro go bot bb
00:11:03Fxx. miss rex will be fine
00:11:03Fxx. ...
00:11:08Norrebro wards also
00:11:09Norrebro fine
00:11:12Norrebro fxx
00:11:19Nickless :D
00:11:20seppo12 push mid
00:11:22atte thrall toprune
00:11:24seppo12 storm jungles
00:11:38atte 3mid
00:11:49Fxx. have u got slow ?
00:11:58Nickless do u have small penis?
00:12:03Nickless YES
00:12:04Fxx. no
00:12:07seppo12 ty
00:12:16atte why bone :
00:12:17atte D
00:12:18seppo12 ult nn
00:12:21Fxx. ss 2
00:12:24Norrebro me?
00:12:25atte thrall there also freekill
00:12:26Casberry closer ... dunno ^^
00:12:26seppo12 y
00:12:32Norrebro sry
00:12:49seppo12 go lich
00:12:49Sepetos kai teet necrot
00:12:53atte joo
00:12:54Norrebro bone
00:12:54Norrebro go
00:12:54zebbelito sec
00:12:54atte dazzle
00:12:54seppo12 gogo
00:12:54Norrebro kk
00:12:54atte rly
00:12:54seppo12 lich
00:12:55zebbelito need items
00:13:07U.Fail2Amuse.ME it has never been that bad before
00:13:13U.Fail2Amuse.ME lets hope its gonna past
00:13:19Fxx. huskar ?
00:13:22seppo12 y
00:13:22Fxx. are u rly retarded ?
00:13:27seppo12 i think i am
00:13:33Nickless .i.
00:13:35atte FUCK IM BAD :DDD
00:13:35Nickless :D
00:13:37Fxx. :-)
00:14:20atte hyvä dazzle :DD
00:14:39Norrebro 5 mid
00:14:40atte heal not grave :E
00:14:44Norrebro aa ulti
00:14:49U.Fail2Amuse.ME thoguht he is gonna ulti u
00:15:05Norrebro ff
00:15:07seppo12 y
00:15:20Yuriko why does scourge take all the kills
00:15:31U.Fail2Amuse.ME i put grave to make sure its 4 sec cast distance :d
00:15:36U.Fail2Amuse.ME i clicked before u engaged
00:15:59Sepetos bot
00:16:09atte well gj lich
00:16:14atte situation was hopeless
00:16:20atte anywauys
00:16:21Nickless GO IN
00:16:23Yuriko was quite badass
00:16:32seppo12 b
00:17:02Norrebro ulti bone
00:17:03Norrebro and come
00:17:20Fxx. USSLESS TEAM
00:17:21Fxx. rly
00:17:26Nickless u are such a moron
00:18:04atte tranquil boots ei vittu
00:18:06atte :DDDD
00:18:07Norrebro rly useless -.-
00:18:09Sepetos joo en tiiä
00:18:22Sepetos tiesin et ihan paskat mut päätinpä ostaa mettää
00:18:40atte ois myymisen arvoset vaik et sais massei takas
00:18:44atte ees puolii
00:18:50Sepetos ei oo
00:19:03Nickless just gank
00:19:05Nickless something
00:19:06Nickless guys
00:19:08atte gj
00:19:10atte with sentry
00:19:22Casberry that bitchj killed me too often
00:19:32U.Fail2Amuse.ME lucky blue
00:19:56atte no ult
00:19:59Nickless lch
00:20:01Norrebro aa can u ward=
00:20:19Nickless HUSKAR
00:20:22Nickless FFS
00:20:23Nickless FU
00:20:26Nickless IDIOT
00:20:27Norrebro omg
00:20:33Norrebro srsly
00:20:35atte neuyts
00:20:36atte die to them
00:20:37atte :e
00:20:37Norrebro so useless team
00:20:37Yuriko god dangit
00:20:51Norrebro he is oom
00:20:58Sepetos oom
00:21:10Norrebro bone bgo
00:21:15Norrebro omg
00:21:23U.Fail2Amuse.ME b
00:21:23atte care
00:21:28atte 4 there
00:21:42seppo12 go farm bone
00:21:45Sepetos vittu toi huskar voi tulla pitkälle muute ultil mun peräs :D
00:21:52seppo12 top was freekill
00:21:57Sepetos tuut viel seppo joku kerta pitkälle ultis kaa :D
00:22:04seppo12 joo just mieteinki
00:22:05seppo12 xD
00:22:38Sepetos jaa ei kana kuole muka
00:23:10Sepetos kovat itemit juggeril
00:23:14atte :DDD
00:23:15Norrebro aa can u ward
00:23:21Nickless come
00:23:26Nickless i will
00:23:26Sepetos got dust
00:23:33Nickless ward
00:23:33atte venaa
00:23:35atte mee nyty
00:23:38atte saat yksi tyylii
00:23:43Norrebro defensive wards
00:24:07Yuriko save poison
00:24:08Yuriko for tp
00:25:50Norrebro go mid
00:25:53Norrebro got invis
00:26:00seppo12 mietein et mikä helveti aura
00:26:10Sepetos :D
00:27:02Fxx. yurnero allways go on me
00:27:14Norrebro care
00:27:15Norrebro go b
00:27:38zebbelito i need bkb?
00:27:42Nickless whats that with your ulties
00:27:43Nickless aa
00:28:16seppo12 clinkz
00:28:18seppo12 freekill
00:28:19seppo12 for u
00:28:20Yuriko rosh?
00:28:48Nickless bait
00:28:49Nickless i come
00:28:58Norrebro u should bait
00:29:05Norrebro i die
00:29:07Nickless from base????
00:29:07Norrebro instant
00:29:13Nickless just watch
00:29:34zebbelito warded
00:29:37Norrebro no
00:29:38seppo12 bird
00:29:39zebbelito birded
00:29:40Norrebro hawk
00:29:50Nickless aa
00:29:56Nickless gogogoggogo
00:30:09atte b
00:30:25Sepetos tyy
00:30:32Sepetos hitto kirjotin
00:30:35U.Fail2Amuse.ME not kill
00:30:36U.Fail2Amuse.ME we take
00:30:37U.Fail2Amuse.ME husk
00:30:47atte care
00:30:48Norrebro srsly pick more usless next time -.-
00:30:49atte bone
00:30:53Norrebro i cant do shit in this game*
00:31:42zebbelito rex gem
00:32:11seppo12 I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:32:19Nickless this is awful
00:32:24Norrebro I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:32:30Nickless no surr
00:32:33seppo12 well, we just tried 2v3
00:32:36seppo12 and didnt win
00:32:36Norrebro pick more shit
00:33:00Norrebro gio
00:33:35atte b
00:34:57Norrebro gem
00:35:31Norrebro b
00:35:33Norrebro b
00:35:33Norrebro b
00:36:42Sepetos need towers
00:36:57Fxx. bird
00:37:33Norrebro bone
00:37:34Norrebro wtf
00:37:37Norrebro WTF
00:37:45Norrebro u let jugger kill me
00:37:46Yuriko uhm
00:37:49Norrebro after u silence him?
00:37:53Nickless GO in
00:38:18zebbelito b?
00:38:22Norrebro gc should only play carry here
00:38:49Norrebro reuse
00:39:16Nickless b
00:39:20Norrebro i come
00:39:21Nickless mana
00:39:24seppo12 y
00:39:24Yuriko cmon
00:39:25seppo12 b
00:39:25Yuriko gogo
00:40:03Norrebro care
00:40:11seppo12 i go get my bkb
00:40:28U.Fail2Amuse.ME i think u rly need bkb
00:40:30U.Fail2Amuse.ME jug
00:40:46zebbelito fast fingers
00:40:47seppo12 wards needed
00:40:50Yuriko problem with bkb is
00:40:52Yuriko it doesnt give damage
00:40:56Yuriko i like damage
00:41:01U.Fail2Amuse.ME but keeps u alive to deliver
00:41:05U.Fail2Amuse.ME it without ulti
00:41:05atte it does give
00:41:05U.Fail2Amuse.ME ;Fd
00:41:06atte :DD
00:41:10Yuriko shh
00:41:15Fxx. smoke
00:41:20Sepetos can someone get gem?
00:41:28atte y someone buy
00:42:00Casberry ffs ....
00:42:11Yuriko go
00:42:13zebbelito tower
00:42:14zebbelito tank
00:42:16Nickless i have pipe
00:42:19atte b
00:42:42Norrebro wtf
00:42:45Norrebro wp bone
00:42:46Fxx. clinkz bd tower
00:42:46U.Fail2Amuse.ME grave of epickness
00:42:47U.Fail2Amuse.ME ;D
00:42:47Fxx. .......
00:42:48zebbelito yeah
00:42:49zebbelito nice
00:42:52Norrebro wp wp
00:42:53Fxx. how bad he can be
00:42:54zebbelito bad go
00:43:09Norrebro we were 5v4
00:43:12zebbelito ofc
00:43:12Norrebro but u chose
00:43:14Norrebro to stay out
00:43:15zebbelito dno why u go
00:43:18zebbelito in their toweer
00:43:20zebbelito to fight
00:43:21Yuriko wtf
00:43:22zebbelito stupoid
00:43:23seppo12 tower is nothing
00:43:23Yuriko why am i alive
00:43:24Fxx. are u kiding me clinkz ?
00:43:25seppo12 in this moment
00:43:27Fxx. WAS YOUR FAIl
00:43:29zebbelito tower is 200 dmg
00:43:30zebbelito per sec
00:43:31zebbelito gg
00:43:31U.Fail2Amuse.ME sry i save du
00:43:31U.Fail2Amuse.ME ;/
00:43:32zebbelito all die
00:43:34seppo12 tower is nothing
00:43:37U.Fail2Amuse.ME didnt know u ahve aiges
00:43:41Norrebro its late game dude
00:43:45Norrebro bb was tanking
00:43:52Norrebro wtf is ur problem
00:43:59zebbelito sry
00:44:03zebbelito cant do anything now
00:44:05zebbelito abouyt that gfight
00:44:18seppo12 gather guys
00:44:19atte b
00:44:21atte :E
00:44:37Norrebro I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:44:42zebbelito that was nice to
00:44:51Norrebro go ff it
00:44:55seppo12 lets go patrol alone jungle
00:44:58zebbelito now aa :D
00:45:04Yuriko ninja
00:45:04zebbelito sucicede for no rason
00:45:06Fxx. what now aa
00:45:09Fxx. u lost this game
00:45:11Fxx. clinkz
00:45:13zebbelito yteah
00:45:15Fxx. thats all
00:45:15zebbelito ofc
00:45:20Fxx. go bd tower and su
00:45:23zebbelito i was ur only chance
00:45:24zebbelito stfu
00:45:24atte rax
00:45:25zebbelito alrdy
00:45:26zebbelito rus whore
00:45:54atte b
00:45:58Yuriko g
00:45:59Yuriko o
00:45:59Yuriko b
00:46:10Norrebro joke gam
00:46:45U.Fail2Amuse.ME lich
00:46:51U.Fail2Amuse.ME take the 2 wards
00:47:33Sepetos GEM
00:47:47Norrebro lol
00:47:51Norrebro wtf aa
00:48:06Fxx. fucking booring game
00:48:23Fxx. love games , when we lose 100% free win
00:48:28seppo12 xD
00:48:28zebbelito :D
00:48:30U.Fail2Amuse.ME u ask me was forced to pick this noob hero coz of epic lagg
00:48:30Fxx. cause ego carry farm
00:48:33seppo12 pitäis nyt turpas jo kii :DD
00:48:33Nickless U ARE UGLY
00:48:58atte go boy
00:48:59atte bot
00:49:01zebbelito 2-10 aa u lost free game
00:49:02seppo12 really aa did u buy a single warD?
00:49:02Casberry fuck
00:49:04Yuriko sec need 200
00:49:05Yuriko buriza
00:49:05atte now all 5
00:49:06Casberry who took my stuff ?=
00:49:19atte :DDD
00:49:23Casberry ^^
00:49:25Fxx. next time i too pick carry
00:49:31Fxx. and take kills and say
00:49:32zebbelito do it
00:49:33seppo12 wp
00:49:36atte come
00:49:37atte lets
00:49:37seppo12 pr0
00:49:39Fxx. "2:10 aa lost this "
00:49:39Nickless u suck
00:49:47Fxx. your mom too
00:49:48Nickless BALLS
00:49:49Sepetos YYYY
00:49:49seppo12 why always the worst player flames
00:50:02U.Fail2Amuse.ME w8 lichj
00:50:02Fxx. huskar , are u kiding me ?
00:50:06Fxx. u are worst huskar ever
00:50:07zebbelito :D
00:50:09seppo12 i know that
00:50:15Fxx. and u say somethink like "worst player " ?
00:50:16Nickless b
00:50:16seppo12 thats the reason i dont cry to others
00:50:17Nickless INC
00:50:30seppo12 u are the worst player here
00:50:31seppo12 dont u?
00:50:32Yuriko free aegis
00:50:39Norrebro aa stop useless ulties
00:50:41U.Fail2Amuse.ME time wests
00:50:44Yuriko rex
00:50:44Yuriko take
00:50:45Yuriko gem
00:50:49Fxx. i m just angry cause clinkz killing tower , when we could end it
00:50:56atte give
00:50:58Nickless GATHER I HAEV SMOKE
00:51:16Norrebro come
00:51:35zebbelito gg
00:51:36zebbelito I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:51:37Nickless I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:51:40zebbelito Fxx to pro
00:51:43Norrebro I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:51:50Norrebro fxx autolose :D
00:51:54seppo12 yuriko to imba
00:52:05Norrebro i hoped he wasnt on my team
00:52:17zebbelito why is he silver
00:52:19Norrebro go ff
00:52:19zebbelito even
00:52:21Fxx. k ego tards
00:52:25Fxx. i last time buy some for team
00:52:30Norrebro dont join next game fxx
00:52:30Fxx. wards , or pick int hero
00:52:32zebbelito u didnt
00:52:34Fxx. ALLWAYS CARRY
00:52:36atte something needed to be done before jugger can freefarm 3 lanes with BoT
00:52:37Fxx. ALWAYS !
00:53:11Fxx. I surrender! [5/4 of Sentinel]
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