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Chat log

00:00:20Fxx. can i go mid ?
00:00:21Banana mansikka axe?
00:00:21mansikka maybe
00:00:21Kastrup dont thikn so.
00:00:21Kastrup what did u have in mind?
00:00:21mansikka anyone want something?
00:00:21Fxx. dont know
00:00:21Kastrup well figure it out
00:00:21VanillaThunder ban phoenix
00:00:21Kastrup im not saying u can
00:00:21mansikka phoenix
00:00:21Kastrup but i wanna know what u have in mind..
00:00:21Doomy get es
00:00:21VanillaThunder y
00:00:21mansikka for who
00:00:21mansikka you?
00:00:21Kastrup and depends on his 1. pick
00:00:21Fxx. i need to know before pick
00:00:21VanillaThunder me not
00:00:21Doomy for team fight
00:00:21mansikka someone gona play :d
00:00:21Kastrup WHAT DID U HAVE IN MIND
00:00:21mansikka ?
00:00:21Doomy i can
00:00:21Fxx. dont know
00:00:21Kastrup thats QUITE easy to tell
00:00:21mansikka good
00:00:21Kastrup well then u can't
00:00:21Fxx. too w8 on his pick
00:00:21Kastrup i need to know
00:00:21Doomy or pick what u want
00:00:21Kastrup okay when he picks tell me fast
00:00:21Kastrup i will either go spectra top
00:00:21Doomy i just piont that es
00:00:21Kastrup or go obsi mid
00:00:21VanillaThunder pick axe
00:00:21Kastrup NS
00:00:21Doomy is a good pick for this game
00:00:21Fxx. its goo idea
00:00:21mansikka i want axe but i want to see their picks first
00:00:21Fxx. so i go destro mid
00:00:21Kastrup depends on his pick
00:00:21Kastrup i might take the mid
00:00:24Kastrup lets see his pick
00:00:24mansikka can i pick something for someone?
00:00:26mansikka :>
00:00:31Doomy pheonix bala banned!
00:00:31Fxx. mansika is low player
00:00:34Fxx. i pown him anyway
00:00:36Kastrup true
00:00:37Kastrup hmm
00:00:42Kastrup take obsi then
00:00:43Kastrup mid
00:01:16Kastrup sven
00:01:20Kastrup pit
00:01:21Kastrup abba
00:01:33Kastrup last abba
00:01:35Kastrup would be fine
00:01:37Doomy what u want?
00:01:39SMEGMAPLEKK noo
00:01:41mansikka i play this
00:01:44Doomy ok
00:01:45Kastrup what then?
00:01:46Kastrup tell me
00:01:47SMEGMAPLEKK tiny
00:01:49Kastrup k
00:01:55Kastrup pit top with me
00:02:02Kastrup lesh and tiny bot
00:02:04Kastrup obsi mid
00:02:04SMEGMAPLEKK mircea
00:02:06Kastrup call miss
00:02:06Mircea.N k
00:02:09SMEGMAPLEKK buy ckn pls:D
00:02:09VanillaThunder me bot
00:02:11Kastrup and get some wards
00:02:13Kastrup no tiny
00:02:16Kastrup u get chicken
00:02:18Kastrup thats our job
00:02:19mansikka lina mid then
00:02:21mansikka or
00:02:22Banana k
00:02:23Kastrup as 5 pick
00:02:24Banana i can
00:02:42Banana -ma
00:02:53Kastrup pit dont go fire thing
00:02:57Kastrup pit and corps
00:03:01Kastrup k?
00:03:04Mircea.N k
00:03:15Fxx. report miss
00:03:29SMEGMAPLEKK lehs spam them
00:03:29VanillaThunder well es stay defensive and lvl i gang at lvl 3 mby
00:03:52VanillaThunder pullspot warded
00:04:04SMEGMAPLEKK ss1
00:04:28SMEGMAPLEKK lvl 3 kill es
00:04:36Kastrup pull
00:04:54Kastrup let me lasthit
00:04:57Mircea.N k
00:05:58VanillaThunder no
00:06:02mansikka ok
00:07:36Kastrup get astick
00:07:37SMEGMAPLEKK oom
00:08:03Kastrup dude
00:08:03Kastrup let me lasthit
00:08:08SMEGMAPLEKK this lesh is noob:S
00:08:08Mircea.N u should not get thata
00:08:10Mircea.N whould
00:08:20Kastrup i will
00:08:20SMEGMAPLEKK omggg
00:08:22Fxx. mansika stop it
00:08:27Fxx. ss LINA
00:08:28Fxx. CARE!
00:08:28mansikka you stop
00:08:48Fxx. LINA 6 LVL MISS
00:08:49Fxx. CARE
00:08:50Fxx. GUYS
00:08:50Kastrup thanks
00:08:55Kastrup hes here
00:08:55SMEGMAPLEKK hmm
00:09:00Banana STOP
00:09:00SMEGMAPLEKK omgggggggg
00:09:00Banana FFS
00:09:00Fxx. i said it before
00:09:11Mircea.N shite
00:09:12Kastrup yes
00:09:20Kastrup just that stupid lagg
00:09:21Banana gank mid
00:09:23Kastrup that killed med
00:09:24VanillaThunder k
00:09:32Kastrup me
00:09:49Banana ss mid
00:09:52Kastrup go
00:09:56SMEGMAPLEKK oom
00:09:57VanillaThunder es back
00:10:27VanillaThunder yy
00:10:42SMEGMAPLEKK fucking retard lesh
00:10:51Fxx. wwp
00:10:54Fxx. lesh
00:11:00Fxx. dont
00:11:15Fxx. dont let me last hit
00:11:17Fxx. when i fire
00:11:29Fxx. ss lina gain
00:11:31Fxx. mb long time
00:11:33Fxx. dont know
00:11:34Fxx. i was down
00:11:35Carnage.1st miss
00:12:01SMEGMAPLEKK omggg
00:12:05SMEGMAPLEKK täits ptsssisis
00:12:18Banana D:
00:12:19Banana :D
00:12:37SMEGMAPLEKK retard lesh:S
00:12:40SMEGMAPLEKK cant stun
00:12:44mansikka jep
00:13:19Banana def
00:13:22Doomy ss
00:13:32SMEGMAPLEKK oom
00:13:53Kastrup u didnt skil
00:14:07Banana ffs
00:14:09Banana anyone`???
00:14:59Banana go
00:15:00Banana chartge
00:15:07VanillaThunder mana
00:15:29Mircea.N -ms
00:15:49Mircea.N 1 carry top.. bristle is weak
00:16:18mansikka omw
00:16:35Kastrup fjgkldfjgkldfg
00:16:38SMEGMAPLEKK just ff
00:16:43Kastrup its not lost at all
00:16:47Kastrup i got fine farm
00:16:51SMEGMAPLEKK yes it is
00:16:57SMEGMAPLEKK lesh
00:16:58SMEGMAPLEKK help
00:17:00SMEGMAPLEKK obsi
00:17:06Kastrup cmon
00:17:13VanillaThunder oom
00:17:43Mircea.N i got ulti
00:17:55Kastrup WF?
00:19:04SMEGMAPLEKK gj
00:19:13SMEGMAPLEKK spec just farm
00:19:34Kastrup trying
00:19:35Kastrup but u take all
00:19:38Kastrup all of u
00:19:39SMEGMAPLEKK axe tp
00:20:31SMEGMAPLEKK b lesh
00:20:41SMEGMAPLEKK almost dagger
00:20:58SMEGMAPLEKK i tke bt
00:21:03SMEGMAPLEKK go mid
00:21:05SMEGMAPLEKK green
00:22:12Kastrup go?
00:22:18Mircea.N go
00:22:18Kastrup im there in 10 sec
00:22:44Mircea.N gj
00:22:56Doomy what item should i go?
00:23:00SMEGMAPLEKK pus mdi twr
00:23:09mansikka pipe
00:23:10mansikka -ii
00:23:10Banana pipe
00:23:15SMEGMAPLEKK goo
00:23:18SMEGMAPLEKK spec u famr
00:23:46SMEGMAPLEKK lesh just stun
00:24:01Doomy charge?
00:24:15SMEGMAPLEKK spec ulti?
00:24:17Kastrup cd
00:24:54Mircea.N ulti, man..
00:24:55Banana chargew
00:24:58Kastrup HAD CD
00:24:59Kastrup I WROTE IT
00:25:07Banana charge
00:25:09Banana ffs
00:25:46SMEGMAPLEKK tp
00:25:47SMEGMAPLEKK fxx
00:26:03Mircea.N -ms
00:26:52Banana ff
00:27:50Kastrup b
00:28:15Fxx. i had sooo free farm mid
00:28:22Kastrup ofc u did
00:28:24Fxx. i join to teamfighst and have got nothink
00:28:25Kastrup but u skilled wrong!
00:28:28Fxx. i go back to farm
00:28:31Fxx. we cant lose late
00:28:39SMEGMAPLEKK mby
00:28:46Mircea.N b
00:28:46Mircea.N b
00:28:46SMEGMAPLEKK if bara dont get farm
00:28:46Mircea.N b
00:28:55Fxx. spectra
00:28:57Kastrup ?
00:29:04Fxx. destro in late is win
00:29:48VanillaThunder charge one
00:29:50VanillaThunder bara
00:29:53SMEGMAPLEKK mna
00:30:20Doomy bara
00:30:24Doomy charge
00:30:31Mircea.N b
00:30:40Banana fu bara
00:30:43SMEGMAPLEKK peaaaegu:D
00:30:49Banana charge them all the time ffs
00:30:55VanillaThunder go now
00:31:06SMEGMAPLEKK mid
00:31:06SMEGMAPLEKK mid
00:31:16Doomy got pipe
00:31:20Banana good
00:31:24SMEGMAPLEKK miiid
00:31:27Kastrup leazve it
00:31:36Kastrup got radi
00:31:41SMEGMAPLEKK good
00:31:48Doomy pfff
00:31:56Kastrup wanna go?
00:32:03Carnage.1st go b
00:32:07Doomy go bot
00:34:05Kastrup how did u die?
00:34:06SMEGMAPLEKK defff
00:34:08Kastrup srsly?
00:34:21Fxx. pit port us
00:34:22Banana gpo tower
00:34:57Doomy should i radi?
00:35:03Kastrup ye
00:35:04Kastrup tp bot
00:35:08VanillaThunder no
00:36:00Doomy DONT USE MY HERO
00:36:12SMEGMAPLEKK i go tp
00:36:20Fxx. my ulty work vs pipe ?
00:37:11Mircea.N shit
00:37:14Fxx. :-)
00:37:43SMEGMAPLEKK gather and gnk them
00:38:26SMEGMAPLEKK spe culti?
00:38:37Fxx. its bad
00:38:38Kastrup mm
00:38:41Fxx. when all farm steal tiny and lesh
00:38:42Fxx. :(
00:38:51Kastrup well lets just take it slow
00:39:03VanillaThunder need wards
00:39:16Fxx. come help me rosh
00:39:18Fxx. i need eagis
00:39:19Kastrup MY FARM
00:39:22Kastrup no
00:39:23Kastrup rosh
00:39:24Kastrup NO
00:39:34Fxx. why no ?
00:39:39Kastrup they eat us there
00:39:45SMEGMAPLEKK all ss
00:39:59Fxx. all are u there ?
00:40:10Fxx. its hard for destro , this game
00:40:16Fxx. when lesh and tiny steal all farm
00:40:28Banana kill spectre
00:40:37Banana ffs
00:40:43Banana carnage
00:40:46Banana spcetre!
00:40:50Banana that tiny is shit
00:41:02Banana we loose teambattles because of u
00:41:05SMEGMAPLEKK gj
00:41:20VanillaThunder im oom
00:41:50Kastrup no wards
00:41:52Kastrup that stupid as hell
00:41:56Kastrup and i take btw
00:41:57Fxx. i rly need eagis
00:41:59Fxx. they focus me hard
00:42:00Kastrup well no
00:42:00Kastrup i do
00:42:07Fxx. so fuck u
00:42:27Doomy why
00:42:29Doomy u go
00:43:10Banana gj
00:43:45Banana gank their woods
00:44:06Banana bara
00:44:10Kastrup go take
00:44:13Kastrup banish him
00:44:15Kastrup ffs
00:44:20Fxx. i dont wanna play with u anymore
00:44:27Kastrup mature
00:44:27Kastrup b
00:45:15Kastrup guys?
00:45:16Kastrup cmon
00:45:22mansikka psuh
00:45:54Kastrup go in 3
00:46:12VanillaThunder go
00:46:29Kastrup just stay here
00:46:30Kastrup its fine
00:46:33Banana cant
00:46:35VanillaThunder how can u fuck up this?
00:46:45Kastrup yes
00:46:58Kastrup mine!
00:47:06Kastrup reg
00:47:20Kastrup they got wards
00:47:29Kastrup care
00:47:40Kastrup b
00:48:23Fxx. this epic
00:48:26Fxx. pit ports
00:48:26Fxx. ...
00:48:36SMEGMAPLEKK guys srly wtff???
00:48:40SMEGMAPLEKK ned gnk no farm!
00:48:52Kastrup i farm top
00:48:54Kastrup and then we go mid
00:48:55Kastrup okay?
00:48:58Kastrup B
00:48:58SMEGMAPLEKK better be
00:49:00SMEGMAPLEKK we lose it
00:49:02SMEGMAPLEKK anywayu
00:49:05VanillaThunder go
00:49:27Kastrup ready?
00:49:32VanillaThunder es first
00:49:38mansikka we cant go...
00:49:48Kastrup go
00:49:49mansikka need entry
00:49:56Banana b
00:49:56Banana b
00:50:38Kastrup see
00:50:40Kastrup no lose
00:50:44Kastrup push imd
00:50:45Kastrup i go bot
00:51:29SMEGMAPLEKK push
00:51:30SMEGMAPLEKK push
00:51:30Mircea.N b?
00:51:34SMEGMAPLEKK lol
00:51:36SMEGMAPLEKK bara dead
00:51:44Mircea.N NO
00:51:49Mircea.N alive all
00:51:52Kastrup its ok
00:51:54Kastrup its fine
00:51:56Banana go mid now
00:51:59VanillaThunder y
00:52:02Kastrup but the idea
00:52:04Kastrup was i pushed
00:52:07Kastrup i took their attention
00:52:09Kastrup they use ALL on me
00:52:13Kastrup and u should have opened
00:52:24mansikka ???
00:52:27mansikka where u go
00:52:33Kastrup fine
00:52:33Kastrup gj
00:52:38Kastrup i can rebuy
00:52:40Kastrup so np
00:52:45Kastrup NO
00:52:51Kastrup just get back
00:52:51Banana mid
00:52:53Banana ignore
00:53:01Kastrup b
00:53:30VanillaThunder sleep more
00:53:33VanillaThunder I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
00:53:38mansikka wtf axe
00:53:51VanillaThunder ?
00:54:31Kastrup -ms
00:54:42Fxx. spectra with 3000 hp eagis ...
00:54:47Kastrup = win
00:54:51Fxx. and
00:54:53Fxx. dmg dealer
00:54:56Fxx. is paper
00:54:59Fxx. sooo smart
00:55:11Fxx. i have got 400 dmg
00:55:15Kastrup i push bot
00:56:20Banana I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
00:56:27Banana gg
00:56:28Kastrup gg
00:56:35Kastrup idea =
00:56:39Kastrup im the bait
00:56:42Kastrup they put all on me
00:56:44Doomy I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
00:56:46mansikka I surrender! [4/4 of Sentinel]
00:56:47Kastrup they are 40
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