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Chat log

00:00:17Netukka any1 wants am
00:00:17Netukka or ud
00:00:17Netukka or omni
00:00:17MYuksel i can ud am
00:00:17Netukka im gonna ban slark
00:00:17Netukka slark
00:00:17Zajeb get m und, levi. lich....
00:00:17Sepetos -lich
00:00:17MYuksel get ud first if someone can play
00:00:20MYuksel cuz keltos good with it
00:00:23extremewaari k
00:00:23MYuksel really good
00:00:24MYuksel trust me
00:00:26infect am
00:00:27Netukka so
00:00:27infect left
00:00:30infect and sepetos
00:00:31MYuksel am to me
00:00:32MYuksel plz
00:00:32infect plays am
00:00:33KeLToS y a lot of disables for am in the pool...
00:00:38infect a
00:00:38KeLToS epic
00:00:46Sepetos and gondar wins magina everytime
00:00:47MYuksel can i am ?
00:00:48extremewaari u want levi?
00:00:48Netukka get thrall for me
00:00:48infect and netukka, play it yourself
00:00:51MYuksel get omni
00:00:53Netukka thrall for me
00:00:54Netukka i wont
00:00:56Netukka play am
00:00:57Zajeb get me levi or omni
00:00:58MYuksel -swap 1
00:01:00Netukka -swap 3
00:01:03KeLToS mb U win vs him, all supports gets fucked up
00:01:04KeLToS no mana
00:01:11Zajeb swap?
00:01:13extremewaari y
00:01:17Zajeb k
00:01:20Kanki someone omni?
00:01:21Zajeb what u want?
00:01:23MYuksel get rubick and panda
00:01:25extremewaari take panda for me
00:01:27Sepetos kanpua omni?
00:01:31Kanpu3a no
00:01:32Zajeb omni some1???
00:01:32Netukka rubick is niec
00:01:36Sepetos take support
00:01:36Netukka lina is nice also
00:01:38MYuksel need rubick for support top
00:01:39Kanpu3a ok
00:01:42extremewaari take panda
00:01:43Netukka panda is good
00:01:46extremewaari -swap 4
00:01:48Zajeb -swap 2
00:01:48Sepetos omni would b nice
00:01:51Netukka hmm
00:01:55KeLToS dont force him
00:01:57KeLToS if he cant play
00:01:58Netukka tide go top
00:02:02Kanpu3a kiss my ass
00:02:03Kanpu3a lowbob
00:02:04MYuksel lol ?
00:02:06MYuksel wtf ?
00:02:12Netukka well
00:02:14Sepetos strom u can mid against thrall?
00:02:17Strom sure
00:02:23Sepetos me omni top
00:02:41Netukka care
00:02:43infect tide could top as well. would work
00:02:44Kanki ud come bot
00:02:53KeLToS no im gonna go rosh
00:02:53MYuksel crazy
00:02:57KeLToS u solo
00:03:04Sepetos botrune
00:03:06Strom before creeps rosh, oldschool tactics
00:03:13MYuksel they might fb down or top
00:03:16Sepetos plant pull ward?
00:04:54KeLToS lvl 3 tide
00:05:01Kanki u couild pull
00:05:09MYuksel ?
00:05:10Netukka y
00:05:10extremewaari puck
00:05:26Kanki pull ward...
00:05:27Kanpu3a s1
00:05:39Sepetos flyin
00:05:56KeLToS hard..
00:06:09Kanpu3a ok
00:06:14MYuksel go
00:06:23Netukka ss mid
00:06:24Netukka pudge
00:06:24Netukka re
00:06:29KeLToS ss tide
00:06:48KeLToS re
00:06:52Netukka ss
00:06:53Netukka pudge
00:06:56Netukka re
00:07:14Netukka ss
00:07:15Netukka pudge
00:07:21Strom kill rubick
00:07:24Strom ok cant
00:07:25Kanpu3a kk
00:07:25Strom he said mis
00:07:34KeLToS go
00:07:37Netukka re
00:07:45MYuksel lvl 4 go
00:07:46MYuksel gondar
00:07:54KeLToS ???????
00:08:02infect ss gonar
00:08:21infect ss
00:08:22MYuksel ss
00:08:23infect gondar
00:08:26Sepetos got 200toss
00:08:30extremewaari ud
00:08:34KeLToS ss panda
00:08:41Sepetos shit
00:08:43Strom well that was unfortunate
00:08:49Strom didn't think it through that he can ulti so fast
00:08:52Strom before I can ulti
00:08:54KeLToS re
00:08:58Netukka pudge ss now
00:09:01MYuksel b
00:09:08extremewaari bot ss 2
00:09:09infect puck top
00:09:11infect gondar mid
00:09:13infect pudger ss
00:09:19Netukka care bot
00:09:40KeLToS ss
00:09:44KeLToS re
00:09:54infect b
00:10:02Netukka ss
00:10:03Netukka 2
00:10:05Netukka pudge bh
00:10:05infect and dont miss lasthits
00:10:09infect when u freefarm
00:10:27MYuksel sometimes i think that u hitt creeps
00:10:28Sepetos omni go with ud
00:10:29MYuksel and then u dont
00:10:29Sepetos top miss
00:10:32KeLToS cd tomb
00:10:35infect i dont hit creeps
00:10:39infect as u see
00:10:52MYuksel 3 top
00:11:00Sepetos omni go bot
00:11:07Netukka boming top
00:11:14Strom mis a lot
00:11:18Zajeb w8 for me
00:11:20infect got sentry
00:11:40Strom 4 top
00:11:47Sepetos sure
00:12:16Sepetos strom ur pudge doesnt convince
00:12:22Strom well
00:12:25Strom they have 3 here
00:12:31extremewaari come kill again bot
00:12:42Netukka pudge ss
00:12:45MYuksel he is top
00:13:02Sepetos we need wards
00:13:09MYuksel omg
00:13:11MYuksel why
00:13:15Strom yeap, I'll get some when I get 200g
00:13:16MYuksel tell me
00:13:17MYuksel really
00:13:24infect tp bot anyone
00:13:24infect ?
00:13:25infect :d
00:13:26KeLToS gj omni
00:13:53KeLToS oom
00:14:22Sepetos ud make pipe right?
00:14:46Kanki wait omni
00:14:50Netukka ss pudge
00:15:02Strom mis mid
00:15:12Strom re
00:15:21extremewaari pudge haste
00:15:46KeLToS mid all
00:16:25infect we cant engange when tomb is on
00:16:32KeLToS gj omni
00:16:35Kanpu3a xd
00:16:42Kanpu3a this is my work
00:16:54extremewaari b
00:17:07Kanki omw
00:17:12Strom 4 mdi
00:17:18Strom 5 mby even
00:17:27Strom 5 mid
00:17:32Netukka care
00:17:32Netukka hook
00:17:34Sepetos ill come
00:17:39Sepetos need tower
00:17:42Sepetos tomb
00:18:08Netukka just fucking dest that tomb
00:18:10Netukka it only rapes us
00:18:15Strom tped
00:18:18extremewaari pudge hooked me
00:18:29Kanki lol strom
00:18:45MYuksel ff
00:18:54Netukka lol
00:18:56Netukka u sohuld
00:18:57Netukka stfu
00:18:58Netukka now
00:19:00Netukka ffing in 15min
00:19:03Netukka palying with am
00:19:13MYuksel to stronk
00:19:19Netukka or
00:19:22Netukka u r just weak
00:19:23Netukka PLAYER
00:19:24Zajeb got tomb rubick?
00:19:24infect that's why u needed to play am netukka
00:19:28infect y
00:19:31Netukka i cant play it
00:19:36infect myuksel cant either
00:19:44Netukka obv not
00:19:52MYuksel lol
00:20:01Sepetos toptower mby
00:20:31KeLToS b
00:20:34Netukka mana here
00:20:44Zajeb ty
00:20:45Strom dust on tide
00:20:45Netukka nice
00:20:47Netukka tomb waste
00:20:51infect 20 seconds
00:20:54infect left on spell
00:20:54Netukka now ggggg
00:20:57infect just randomly used
00:21:21KeLToS tp bnot
00:21:48KeLToS mid
00:21:54Strom they got several people warding
00:21:59Strom I'm too broke to do it myself all
00:22:02Strom puck, mby help
00:22:24KeLToS ah u should
00:22:29KeLToS trhall and rubick easy
00:22:35Netukka opush top
00:22:51MYuksel how did u farm bf
00:22:52extremewaari -st
00:22:56Sepetos im imba farmer?
00:22:56MYuksel -st
00:23:03MYuksel nop
00:23:07Sepetos ye?
00:23:10MYuksel imba team
00:23:11infect he doenst miss creeps when freefarming
00:23:14Sepetos puck pooled me?
00:23:26MYuksel b
00:23:34Sepetos midtower?
00:23:49Sepetos omni make vladi when can
00:23:49KeLToS why dont u meka omni
00:23:53Sepetos or meka y
00:24:55infect tide
00:25:14Sepetos let me take bot farm
00:25:25Strom mid tower deniable
00:26:16Kanpu3a ?\
00:26:19Kanki bot tower
00:26:42KeLToS thrall rubick kill
00:26:49Sepetos keep me repe
00:27:00extremewaari wasnt ulti rdy
00:27:05extremewaari didint watch
00:27:38infect pro am :D
00:27:42infect cant decide on targets
00:27:46infect and then doesnt attack any
00:27:47infect :d
00:28:28Zajeb pipe rdy
00:28:33infect nice
00:28:35Netukka make bm
00:28:37Netukka or meka
00:28:39infect i got sentries dust
00:28:46Netukka hmm
00:28:48Netukka we could buy gem for am
00:28:49Zajeb i was thinking refresher
00:28:59infect refu nice
00:29:18Netukka infect
00:29:19Netukka make urn
00:29:21Netukka u get some hp
00:29:40KeLToS why the hell u go tank
00:29:47Sepetos me?
00:29:48MYuksel haters
00:29:53KeLToS y
00:29:56Sepetos need hp
00:29:59Sepetos and got dmg enough
00:30:04Sepetos and i just need track all
00:30:18Sepetos repel on me
00:30:19Strom haste bot
00:30:20Kanki they are hunting
00:30:27Kanki mid?
00:31:06Kanki haahha :D
00:31:17Strom 'epic hook
00:31:21infect k, we got no carry
00:31:22Kanki very
00:31:23Kanki :D
00:31:24KeLToS bot
00:31:24infect we can ff it tbh
00:31:25KeLToS 1
00:31:29MYuksel ye
00:31:29MYuksel I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:31:35infect freefarm vagina
00:31:36Kanki i go bot
00:31:38infect has vanguard
00:31:44Sepetos got sata
00:31:46MYuksel free farmed ye
00:31:53MYuksel but if gondar and the nother team
00:31:56MYuksel has imba kills
00:31:57MYuksel then ofc
00:31:58MYuksel we lose
00:32:11infect u freefarmed top when we were at lane
00:32:19infect and u have nothing to show for it
00:32:20KeLToS b
00:32:45KeLToS i go ac
00:32:45Kanpu3a dd
00:32:47Sepetos ok
00:32:55Sepetos i can take roshan mby
00:33:01MYuksel there puck allso really good
00:33:10KeLToS smoke rosh
00:33:13infect there puck ?
00:33:14Sepetos got invis rosh
00:33:14Sepetos np
00:33:15infect english :D?
00:33:48Strom jesus, now they're counterwarding
00:33:54Netukka just push
00:34:11Netukka wut
00:34:22Sepetos b all
00:34:29Netukka go wait
00:34:30Netukka in forest
00:34:37KeLToS lets smoke go
00:34:42Strom -st
00:34:54Sepetos repel me
00:34:54KeLToS ?
00:34:55Kanki go mid?=
00:35:05Sepetos just repel me i rape
00:35:09Kanpu3a ok
00:35:12infect bait
00:35:12Netukka get him
00:35:42MYuksel I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:35:44infect I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:35:45Zajeb I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:35:56KeLToS tp
00:35:57KeLToS bot
00:35:57KeLToS 1
00:36:19extremewaari -st
00:37:10extremewaari I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:37:28Strom -st
00:37:28Netukka I surrender! [5/5 of Scourge]
00:37:30KeLToS !
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