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-32 X
-1 TS

95% | 1690 X | 1494 TS

-37 X
-2 TS

82% | 1517 X | 1357 TS

+9 X
-7 TS

71% | 1383 X | 1340 TS

-36 X
-3 TS

69% | 1363 X | 1337 TS

+13 X
-2 TS

67% | 1259 X | 1427 TS

+22 X
+2 TS

88% | 1526 X | 1486 TS

+25 X
+2 TS

85% | 1507 X | 1457 TS

+13 X
+1 TS

72% | 1364 X | 1382 TS

-13 X
+2 TS

71% | 1324 X | 1413 TS

+44 X
+2 TS

70% | 1342 X | 1373 TS

Chat log

00:00:19zebbelito want any?
00:00:19101010 tc
00:00:19Usires yeah pick tc fo him
00:00:19Zajeb i go doc
00:00:19Usires imba hero
00:00:19zebbelito COMMANDER
00:00:19Usires ban lyca mb
00:00:19Usires or u play lyca
00:00:19zebbelito if possible
00:00:19Zajeb ns in pool also
00:00:19nihis ban ns
00:00:19zebbelito ns boring though
00:00:19zebbelito u want?
00:00:19zebbelito it?
00:00:19Zajeb nope
00:00:19yeW- Lycan
00:00:20zebbelito so tc then
00:00:21Usires well u could solo with it
00:00:25Tough get me ns
00:00:28zebbelito i asked
00:00:32zebbelito say faster
00:00:33zebbelito ....
00:00:37MYuksel yes u playing ?
00:00:39yeW- who wants what
00:00:44MYuksel anyone wd ? lion ?
00:00:46nihis get ns
00:00:47zebbelito who wanted this
00:00:49Pufff-Reis potm me
00:00:49101010 me
00:00:51zebbelito ok
00:00:52Usires 101001
00:00:57zebbelito pick me potm
00:01:01nihis ursa..?
00:01:02101010 k
00:01:03nihis :(U
00:01:07MYuksel no potm
00:01:10zebbelito venge lion
00:01:13yeW- get me trax
00:01:21nihis amnjndahdnadfnajdlfö
00:01:22MYuksel lol why go full carry ?
00:01:24MYuksel its lost then
00:01:26Usires :S
00:01:30Usires what u do vs ursa or ns
00:01:31yeW- jesus
00:01:32Usires with gondar
00:01:33yeW- im not playin ns
00:01:34Usires god
00:01:34yeW- zz
00:01:36Usires how shitty pick
00:01:38Tough u will see
00:01:38101010 -swap 1
00:01:40nihis well
00:01:40zebbelito -swap 5
00:01:44yeW- puff want it?
00:01:47Pufff-Reis no
00:01:49nihis you cant play trax when we have 0 support
00:01:51Zajeb lanes?
00:01:52yeW- dont say "get ns" if ur not playin tard
00:01:54Tough dazzle = one hit
00:01:56MYuksel -swap 1
00:01:56nihis i can play ns
00:01:57Usires well let gondar
00:01:58Usires farm
00:02:00Usires ill pull
00:02:00nihis but we cant play trax
00:02:05MYuksel -swap cancel
00:02:05Usires mb hell do smth
00:02:09nihis -swap 1
00:02:10Usires still shitty pick IMHO
00:02:10MYuksel dont swap
00:02:16MYuksel go ns middle
00:02:17MYuksel imba
00:02:17Tough ns will be mid
00:02:19Zajeb agree
00:02:19Tough take care
00:02:22Tough of gangs
00:02:29Tough and just dont feed
00:02:30Usires like troll or mprh would been better carry
00:02:32zebbelito venge get wards u 2 fast
00:02:41nihis il solo bot then
00:02:47MYuksel kill
00:02:47zebbelito we need constant wards
00:02:53Tough mira
00:02:53MYuksel come guys
00:02:55Tough u go bottle?
00:03:02zebbelito prolly
00:03:05Zajeb reg
00:03:21yeW- share
00:03:35MYuksel share chick
00:04:37Usires we should try 3
00:04:38Usires pugna
00:04:51yeW- HARE
00:04:53yeW- share
00:04:55yeW- jeus
00:05:17MYuksel fu really
00:05:22Zajeb how much?
00:05:29MYuksel much and hard
00:06:03zebbelito ss mid
00:06:04zebbelito care
00:06:05zebbelito to
00:06:12MYuksel tell when ss down
00:06:49Kanpu3a lol
00:07:25yeW- HASTE POTM
00:07:25yeW- TOp
00:07:29Kanpu3a bbbb
00:07:29Usires wards
00:07:32Kanpu3a sos
00:07:42zebbelito kill ursa?
00:07:43zebbelito ffs
00:08:18Kanpu3a ss1
00:08:22Kanpu3a venga
00:08:23Kanpu3a ss
00:08:38nihis let me get potion
00:09:00Tough ss top
00:09:10Zajeb oom
00:09:15101010 plug?
00:09:15zebbelito y
00:09:15zebbelito lvl 3
00:09:17zebbelito so
00:09:21Tough gang top
00:09:26Usires comin
00:09:28yeW- wards
00:09:32MYuksel Dd
00:09:58yeW- ah tt
00:09:59MYuksel lol
00:10:11zebbelito venge
00:10:13zebbelito u should ward
00:10:15yeW- ^^
00:10:17Usires yeah
00:10:20Usires just got boots first
00:11:05MYuksel fuck off really
00:11:16MYuksel yew u need silence
00:11:20yeW- got
00:11:28zebbelito FFS
00:11:30zebbelito 4 sec arrow
00:11:32zebbelito anbd u leave
00:11:41MYuksel ss wd
00:11:45Pufff-Reis top
00:11:56yeW- ...
00:11:57Pufff-Reis go
00:12:08Tough venge come
00:12:09Tough woods
00:12:14zebbelito ursa
00:12:17Kanpu3a ?
00:12:31zebbelito -ma
00:12:36MYuksel they come carre jakiro
00:13:12zebbelito care
00:13:13Usires im dead
00:13:13zebbelito ns
00:13:14zebbelito inc
00:13:19zebbelito stay
00:14:23Kanpu3a bbb
00:14:24zebbelito more wards
00:14:32Usires dude
00:14:35Usires where u round
00:14:36Pufff-Reis mana?
00:14:45Zajeb swap?
00:15:18MYuksel gj
00:15:22nihis urn
00:15:29MYuksel b
00:17:24yeW- :
00:17:25MYuksel 14min noo vlad
00:17:25yeW- :d
00:17:26MYuksel :D
00:17:31MYuksel need 600
00:17:31Usires tgat pugna
00:17:33Usires needs killed
00:17:34Usires lucky fuck
00:17:37Usires soon owns all
00:17:57nihis why havent i seen our dazzle or pugna defend towers
00:17:59nihis :8
00:18:29zebbelito gang ursa
00:18:35Zajeb u got vlads liar :D
00:18:44nihis heal
00:18:44MYuksel just got it
00:19:08Usires b
00:19:09Usires bb
00:19:30nihis urn
00:19:35101010 ursa taking rosh
00:19:36Usires ursa
00:19:37Usires rosh
00:20:01MYuksel gh
00:20:02MYuksel gj
00:20:03MYuksel team
00:20:04MYuksel stay
00:20:05MYuksel with me
00:20:05MYuksel omg
00:20:07MYuksel fuckin retards
00:20:08MYuksel now we losd
00:20:21MYuksel ff
00:20:48MYuksel they get rosh now
00:20:53yeW- they dont
00:20:54101010 cant :(
00:20:58zebbelito i can come
00:21:04MYuksel come all with me now
00:21:07zebbelito stay
00:21:07zebbelito go
00:21:08Usires go rosh
00:21:11nihis or go with smoke
00:21:11Tough reg
00:21:12yeW- get wars som1
00:21:20Usires tc
00:21:20101010 ill take rege
00:21:20Usires reg
00:21:25MYuksel just protect me
00:21:31MYuksel kil
00:21:33MYuksel googog
00:21:50MYuksel told
00:21:50MYuksel ya
00:21:51MYuksel noobs
00:21:53nihis :DD
00:22:07MYuksel noo boots
00:22:12Kanpu3a xd
00:22:18MYuksel pro team
00:22:22Kanpu3a su
00:22:24Kanpu3a idiot
00:22:25101010 pro ursa
00:22:26Tough i make vlads
00:22:28MYuksel u fuciking
00:22:29MYuksel idiot
00:22:33Usires i dont make shit
00:22:35Kanpu3a ursa pro)
00:22:42Tough got bf so
00:22:45Tough i need lifesteal
00:22:46Tough lol
00:22:58Usires go their woods
00:23:00Usires i put wards
00:23:07Tough let me rune
00:23:46MYuksel twr
00:24:16nihis zz
00:24:30Tough AESOME
00:24:45Kanpu3a ppffff
00:25:23Tough wait
00:26:21yeW- 3
00:26:22yeW- mekas
00:26:24yeW- own..
00:26:29Tough -st
00:26:30nihis what
00:26:31MYuksel who has ?
00:26:35nihis i have
00:26:35yeW- jaki one
00:26:38zebbelito reyse
00:26:39yeW- n two others
00:26:40yeW- going for one
00:26:41yeW- lol
00:26:41Kanpu3a dont cry
00:26:42nihis why are you guys making mekas
00:26:42nihis :DD
00:26:44Kanpu3a palying
00:27:07nihis u go for carrypugna when u rush agha
00:27:11nihis wtf is up with that
00:27:27yeW- cant go
00:27:33Kanpu3a ok
00:27:35Kanpu3a go ff
00:28:22Kanpu3a I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:28:35Kanpu3a great pick
00:28:44MYuksel great supports
00:28:49Kanpu3a great ursa
00:28:49MYuksel i know people
00:28:51Kanpu3a 000
00:28:51nihis you were afk top lane all game dazzle
00:28:53nihis you cant talk
00:28:55MYuksel who helping with wards and rosh
00:28:57Kanpu3a xd
00:28:58Kanpu3a afk
00:29:00Kanpu3a lol
00:29:18nihis you and pugna were afk while we lost mid and bot towers
00:29:22Tough b
00:29:26yeW- mid nt lost
00:29:30nihis tower
00:29:31nihis sdnhudjgk
00:29:33yeW- kk
00:29:37Zajeb me pls
00:29:40nihis they got them for free
00:29:47yeW- well they ganged
00:29:50nihis yeah
00:29:53MYuksel go smoke ?
00:29:54Usires need to go woods
00:29:56nihis and pugna and dazzle were afk
00:29:56Usires new wards
00:30:10Kanpu3a su
00:30:11Tough reuse
00:30:57MYuksel b
00:31:25Tough hmm
00:31:28Tough bkb or deso?
00:31:31Zajeb bkb
00:31:51yeW- sucidie
00:31:54MYuksel i knwo
00:32:04MYuksel I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:32:07Kanpu3a go ff
00:32:13Kanpu3a fucking lol
00:32:14yeW- die
00:32:15yeW- irl pls
00:33:30MYuksel imba
00:33:34Kanpu3a ns
00:33:35Kanpu3a fu!
00:33:42Kanpu3a I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:33:44Kanpu3a write
00:33:44nihis I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:33:46Kanpu3a isiots
00:33:48MYuksel b
00:34:21nihis what the fuck happened to ns
00:34:22nihis =DD
00:34:24yeW- joke ;:D
00:34:26MYuksel Wtf
00:34:29Usires like a zoo animal
00:34:33Usires on slaughter
00:34:34MYuksel how is that even possible ?
00:34:34yeW- I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:34:37Usires mmmm nice salami
00:34:37Kanpu3a last
00:34:38Kanpu3a I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:34:39MYuksel I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:34:44yeW- ff it
00:34:47yeW- no chance with these russians
00:34:51Kanpu3a xd
00:34:59Kanpu3a mb ursa
00:35:06Kanpu3a russian good!
00:35:13Kanpu3a no carry
00:35:18Kanpu3a no teamplay
00:35:22nihis no support
00:35:26Usires atleast tehres been full wards
00:35:28Usires whole game
00:35:32yeW- whatever
00:35:33Usires nonetheless -x comin
00:35:34yeW- jst fff
00:35:35MYuksel really shit
00:35:37Usires ungrateful job
00:35:39Kanpu3a go ff
00:35:45Kanpu3a afk
00:35:48Kanpu3a no chance
00:35:58MYuksel dazzle
00:35:59MYuksel I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:36:02Kanpu3a ?
00:36:06MYuksel silence
00:36:07MYuksel omg
00:36:12Tough ah
00:37:10Tough gondar shit pick? :D
00:37:14Tough well but wp team^^
00:37:21yeW- jaki cmon
00:37:30nihis i did ff
00:37:32nihis I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:37:35yeW- I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:37:37nihis I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:37:38MYuksel I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:37:38yeW- hm
00:37:43yeW- pugna
00:37:45MYuksel its pugna
00:37:46MYuksel or dazzle
00:38:01Tough COMEON
00:38:10Tough -st
00:38:16MYuksel dazzle really allways afk
00:38:20Tough 8k bounty:D
00:38:23Kanpu3a me afk
00:38:36Tough hahahha
00:38:40Tough HAHSAHAHA
00:38:40Kanpu3a lol
00:38:43Tough IFHEWIOFWEPOIFHWEifpowehfweäi
00:38:45Tough wp
00:38:46Tough hahahaa
00:39:03nihis disjoint so op pls nerf
00:39:14MYuksel this is so funny
00:39:18Tough yeah :D
00:39:28Usires fuckin vampire
00:39:32Usires gtfo
00:40:09MYuksel dazzle didnt skill grave funny hahah
00:40:25Usires sorry mate :D
00:41:00Tough FÄweoihweoiefw
00:41:12Tough 3 assist
00:41:13Tough seems bad
00:41:14Tough :D
00:41:14yeW- lol
00:41:18MYuksel no grave wtf
00:41:26Tough comeon guysd
00:41:30Tough lets end this tshit
00:41:32yeW- k
00:41:33yeW- ff it now
00:41:34yeW- jesus
00:41:36zebbelito ¨:D
00:41:39MYuksel pugna ?
00:41:40MYuksel I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:41:43Pufff-Reis still a chance
00:41:43yeW- or i can just
00:41:44yeW- remove
00:41:47yeW- my cable
00:41:49yeW- for 3 mins
00:41:51yeW- n put it back
00:41:53yeW- while i watch an ep
00:41:54yeW- hows that
00:42:00Zajeb go 5 mid?
00:42:01Usires yaeh all mid
00:42:06zebbelito okidoki
00:42:06Usires destroy them creeps
00:42:06Usires tc
00:42:08Usires and mid
00:42:08MYuksel well then u get banned :D hows that ?
00:42:27Usires come
00:42:34MYuksel pugna
00:42:34MYuksel I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:42:35MYuksel omg
00:42:42zebbelito ursa will go
00:42:43MYuksel pugna wont ff
00:42:49MYuksel he thinks that we still have a chance
00:43:04zebbelito he had fast agah = autowin
00:43:08Usires roshan
00:43:09Usires and go
00:43:20nihis if only he knew how to use it
00:43:37Zajeb omg
00:43:40Zajeb wanted cheese
00:43:42Zajeb sry
00:43:44Tough np
00:43:45Tough :D
00:43:46Usires lol
00:43:47MYuksel i was onmy way
00:44:00Kanpu3a lowbob
00:44:03nihis hiding
00:44:04Usires wtffffff
00:44:05Zajeb pls mid
00:44:06yeW- without tp
00:44:07zebbelito y i come
00:44:08yeW- thats smart
00:44:11MYuksel fu
00:44:13MYuksel iam back
00:44:15Usires u aint comin
00:44:15Tough wait for mira.
00:44:25Kanpu3a swap
00:44:30MYuksel stand b
00:44:33zebbelito ¨im here
00:44:39Tough im as well
00:44:42Tough kist sap ventge
00:45:29MYuksel fuck
00:45:31MYuksel laag
00:45:31101010 heal wd
00:45:35Kanpu3a lol
00:45:37Usires tower
00:46:06Usires tower
00:46:52yeW- lmao
00:46:53MYuksel aah
00:47:19Tough devine
00:48:12MYuksel "hit
00:48:28yeW- :D
00:48:30Kanpu3a ))
00:48:34Usires smelly criticals
00:48:39Tough *
00:48:40Tough :D
00:48:41Kanpu3a chance......
00:48:47Kanpu3a fucking russian
00:48:51Kanpu3a only
00:49:05Tough :D
00:49:06Pufff-Reis I surrender! [5/5 of Sentinel]
00:49:09Kanpu3a low
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