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+27 X
+2 TS

95% | 1632 X | 1555 TS

+15 X
+2 TS

89% | 1535 X | 1492 TS

-9 X
+2 TS

83% | 1471 X | 1425 TS

+34 X
+2 TS

74% | 1383 X | 1382 TS

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+4 TS

55% | 1304 X | 1261 TS

-30 X
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98% | 1763 X | 1607 TS

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83% | 1503 X | 1358 TS

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-1 TS

78% | 1487 X | 1331 TS

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77% | 1379 X | 1426 TS

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62% | 1249 X | 1340 TS

Chat log

00:00:17atte want something?
00:00:17MYuksel commandar meee
00:00:17Netukka atte plays shredder
00:00:17Netukka for sure
00:00:17atte something else
00:00:17atte ?
00:00:17MYuksel ban ud
00:00:17atte ud
00:00:17Netukka shall i ban it
00:00:17atte pit so strong
00:00:17Strom nah
00:00:17Strom I want it
00:00:17Strom :D
00:00:17Strom and it's not imba hero
00:00:17Strom just decent
00:00:17NwC.CooL-T am
00:00:17infect i can go tinker luna am troll
00:00:17Netukka am
00:00:17MYuksel lol
00:00:21Strom better if he picks shredder than huskar for example
00:00:23Netukka ota se lumberjcack
00:00:29MYuksel atte u mid ?
00:00:32atte ei jaksa
00:00:33atte y
00:00:35MYuksel k
00:00:39NwC.CooL-T shredder for you?
00:00:41Zajeb get me veno
00:00:41MYuksel any wishes ?
00:00:42MYuksel i can pick
00:00:43Zajeb pls
00:00:43Strom yes
00:00:43infect get me ogre
00:00:45Strom gief shredder
00:00:46MYuksel k
00:00:47Netukka shall
00:00:51MYuksel lets get veno orge
00:00:55Zajeb swap?
00:00:57Netukka yes
00:00:57atte legi really good vs that shredder btw'
00:00:58Zajeb ty
00:01:03GottHasstMich get me
00:01:04GottHasstMich commander
00:01:05GottHasstMich :x
00:01:05Zajeb what u want?
00:01:06MYuksel pick me commandar
00:01:06Netukka i shall
00:01:07Netukka play
00:01:07Strom what do you want for that goblin?
00:01:07MYuksel no
00:01:08Netukka hmmm
00:01:10MYuksel commander is mine
00:01:17Netukka gieb
00:01:18GottHasstMich idc i said first
00:01:19Netukka gieb
00:01:19GottHasstMich :)
00:01:19Zajeb ?
00:01:20Netukka hm
00:01:20NwC.CooL-T bara
00:01:23MYuksel no read
00:01:24MYuksel chat
00:01:24Strom -swap 2
00:01:25NwC.CooL-T -swap 3
00:01:26Netukka husluna
00:01:27MYuksel up
00:01:27Netukka kluna
00:01:28Zajeb ??
00:01:28Netukka luna
00:01:30infect what u want myuksel
00:01:33Netukka -swap 4
00:01:33MYuksel commandar
00:01:34Zajeb -swap 1
00:01:37GottHasstMich idc
00:01:38MYuksel -swap 4
00:01:40GottHasstMich i said b4
00:01:42infect what
00:01:43infect u want
00:01:45Strom atte is gonna mid solo with rhasta
00:01:48MYuksel pick me pit
00:01:48Netukka yes
00:01:49Netukka he is
00:01:52Strom and his epic plan is to trap everyone with wards
00:01:53GottHasstMich me woods
00:01:54GottHasstMich solo top
00:01:55MYuksel -swap 5
00:01:55infect -swap 2
00:02:03Strom and then he will say how it's much easier in dota 2
00:02:03Zajeb lanes?
00:02:05Strom just wait and see
00:02:10MYuksel shit lanes
00:02:11MYuksel really
00:02:14GottHasstMich lumo u can handle solo ?
00:02:17lumo ;)
00:02:18Zajeb lanes?
00:02:21MYuksel he cant trust me
00:02:22Netukka well
00:02:24Zajeb -clear
00:02:24MYuksel he fuckin has 400hp
00:02:25Netukka hm
00:02:27Netukka cm
00:02:27Netukka bot
00:02:28lumo 530
00:02:28Netukka i think
00:02:29lumo ..
00:02:30atte dont pick shitheros
00:02:30lumo :)
00:02:32Netukka veno shredder
00:02:33Netukka lane
00:02:34MYuksel go lose
00:02:38Netukka or veon bot
00:02:38Strom so I'm top?
00:02:39Netukka dont matter
00:02:40lumo whyusoemo
00:02:40Netukka yes
00:02:42lumo ?
00:02:43MYuksel picking commanar
00:02:46MYuksel so idiot
00:02:47Strom lol
00:02:49GottHasstMich :D:D
00:02:49MYuksel i hope that we lose cuz of you
00:02:50Strom wanted to buy wards for top
00:02:51NwC.CooL-T veno
00:02:52Strom 0 wards in stock
00:02:53NwC.CooL-T pick ward
00:02:55GottHasstMich yo myuksel
00:02:55GottHasstMich rly
00:02:56GottHasstMich calm
00:02:57Netukka :DD
00:02:58MYuksel stfu
00:02:59MYuksel i told
00:03:00atte share
00:03:00infect why so much melee
00:03:01infect :(
00:03:01GottHasstMich dont make a clown out of yourself
00:03:01Netukka chicken
00:03:02Zajeb got wars
00:03:02MYuksel that i wanted him first
00:03:05NwC.CooL-T take it
00:03:06GottHasstMich well if u read chat
00:03:07GottHasstMich i said b4
00:03:09GottHasstMich and now calm
00:03:10GottHasstMich and be quiet
00:03:16MYuksel i sayed it in start of game
00:03:17atte we can easily win this
00:03:19MYuksel at 20sec
00:03:25Strom I don't have space
00:03:29infect -ma
00:03:37GottHasstMich warded
00:03:40GottHasstMich no pulls for ya
00:03:42MYuksel lose
00:03:52infect get sentries then
00:04:26GottHasstMich sentires
00:04:32Strom btw forgot to mention
00:04:34Strom <- best shredder
00:04:37GottHasstMich not removing creep spawn
00:04:37GottHasstMich ..
00:04:39GottHasstMich pro
00:04:41infect ?
00:04:43infect :D
00:04:45infect u place it
00:04:46infect behind it
00:04:48infect next to it
00:04:52infect and destory ward inside
00:04:54GottHasstMich stupid ?
00:04:57infect :D:D:D
00:04:57GottHasstMich once a ward is planted
00:04:58infect HAHHA
00:04:59GottHasstMich even if u destroy
00:05:01GottHasstMich creeps wont spawn there
00:05:06GottHasstMich read log out of 6.54
00:05:12GottHasstMich jesus
00:05:28Strom b
00:05:31infect STUN
00:05:35MYuksel oom
00:05:58atte luna bot
00:06:01Strom when I get 3
00:06:02atte with rune
00:06:02Strom we kill
00:06:22MYuksel go
00:06:24MYuksel ryal ?
00:06:27Netukka nah
00:06:29MYuksel wait lvl 4
00:06:45MYuksel gj
00:06:52infect i go top
00:07:05MYuksel crazy ?
00:07:11Netukka get it
00:07:14Strom k
00:07:25lumo siis vittu
00:07:25Netukka homo
00:07:31Strom damn
00:07:50Netukka dont kill him
00:07:53Netukka how dare u
00:07:54Strom why
00:08:00Netukka :D
00:08:02Strom I bought tp for him and everything :D
00:08:10GottHasstMich ss top
00:08:15infect ss bar
00:08:18infect bara
00:08:23Zajeb ss 2
00:08:23atte luna
00:08:24atte toprune
00:08:33NwC.CooL-T ss
00:08:42MYuksel come
00:08:42MYuksel orge
00:08:54Netukka ss
00:08:55Netukka mid
00:09:32Strom nooo
00:09:35Netukka MY TURN
00:09:36Netukka now
00:09:59infect go cm
00:10:21Zajeb ss riki
00:10:22MYuksel omg
00:10:23MYuksel u so ate
00:10:27Strom riki is 6 I think
00:10:30MYuksel late
00:10:37Netukka yes
00:11:24atte luna
00:11:25atte top
00:11:25atte rune
00:11:52Netukka s mid
00:11:53Netukka ss
00:11:57MYuksel mid failed top failed
00:11:57MYuksel gg
00:11:58infect legion is so fucking useless
00:12:02atte mid failed
00:12:02atte :d
00:12:11atte i did
00:12:13atte dominate
00:12:13atte :DD
00:12:20atte luna didnt even have xp
00:12:57infect random veno appears :(
00:13:01atte midi hävis (c) oma
00:13:40Netukka ss
00:13:41Netukka care
00:13:42Netukka bot
00:14:51Strom riki inc bot
00:15:09atte all go manaboots
00:15:14atte expect riki
00:15:16MYuksel why didnt u come ?
00:15:16atte and legi
00:15:17atte :D
00:15:18MYuksel riki ?
00:15:20Netukka ulti
00:15:21atte ohh all has
00:15:21Netukka 5
00:15:21Netukka s
00:15:22lumo :)
00:15:22Strom riki bot too I think
00:15:22atte gj
00:15:28Zajeb hes not
00:15:31Strom no hes top
00:15:37atte so we might actually win by not seeing phaseboots pitlords
00:15:37GottHasstMich goog
00:16:03atte meka and pipe needed
00:16:07Strom well that was interesting
00:16:29Netukka -afk
00:16:45infect pit, u go one of those
00:16:46infect meka pipe
00:16:49infect i go the other
00:16:56Strom cant
00:17:07MYuksel i go pipe
00:17:12Netukka cm stop farm
00:17:13Strom 5 mis
00:17:14infect i meka then
00:17:14atte 4v5
00:17:16atte fight
00:17:17MYuksel wait
00:17:26Strom and 5 bot
00:17:57atte need pit
00:18:07MYuksel die
00:18:17NwC.CooL-T after you
00:18:22MYuksel ye
00:18:23Zajeb let luna farm cm
00:18:25infect legion
00:18:25MYuksel allways a good thing
00:18:26atte wait
00:18:27Strom mis again all
00:18:30Strom they gonna gang someone
00:18:32infect he afk
00:18:33infect ...
00:19:11atte twr
00:19:43infect that kind of diving isnt healthy
00:19:43atte ehm
00:20:09MYuksel wtf was that
00:20:10MYuksel just asking
00:20:52Netukka they try to pushend this
00:21:01Netukka move with 5
00:21:03Netukka cm
00:21:04Netukka stop farm
00:21:05Netukka thanks
00:21:13atte now got wards
00:21:56atte we never 5
00:22:00atte so stupid to go there
00:22:02GottHasstMich well
00:22:03GottHasstMich yes
00:22:05GottHasstMich u cant blame me
00:22:09infect we can
00:22:12infect when we push 5 mid
00:22:12GottHasstMich no u cant
00:22:13GottHasstMich now stfu
00:22:15infect and u aint with us
00:22:16GottHasstMich U SAID PUSH ?
00:22:17GottHasstMich stfu
00:22:18GottHasstMich rly
00:22:20infect yes
00:22:21infect we did
00:22:22GottHasstMich u just went there
00:22:34Netukka another
00:22:35Netukka tower
00:22:39Netukka or not
00:23:11MYuksel ulti
00:23:40atte go base
00:23:42atte tier1 tower
00:23:43atte with 5
00:23:50MYuksel go orge
00:23:54atte dont let tp
00:24:00MYuksel b
00:24:01GottHasstMich he will tp
00:24:08Strom rofl
00:24:11atte perfect
00:24:11GottHasstMich why
00:24:12GottHasstMich not
00:24:14GottHasstMich letting me
00:24:14GottHasstMich ulti ?
00:24:15Netukka that was funny
00:24:25Zajeb b sb
00:24:32atte i was enjoying infect pwn
00:24:34infect :D
00:24:40atte didnt watch own hero
00:24:42Netukka move with us
00:24:43Netukka thanks
00:24:47atte i go
00:24:48atte soon
00:25:09atte b
00:25:13MYuksel nice
00:25:19NwC.CooL-T nice tanking shredder
00:25:37Netukka :D
00:25:37MYuksel lol
00:25:42atte this fucking dude
00:25:43MYuksel sry guys
00:25:44lumo -disablehelp
00:25:55infect go bot again
00:26:00infect atte
00:26:02infect time on that
00:26:04Netukka cm veno
00:26:06Netukka we would
00:26:08Netukka need wards
00:26:08Netukka here
00:26:10atte they suck so much
00:26:14atte even tho we got better lategame
00:26:14Netukka thanks
00:26:16infect time on ward please
00:26:17atte why play there
00:26:17MYuksel rape
00:26:26Netukka they push top soon for sure
00:26:41Strom or get entry first
00:26:44NwC.CooL-T GJ
00:26:48infect atte
00:26:49infect time
00:26:53NwC.CooL-T we got MOOOOOOOOREEEE ward
00:26:54Strom we should go plant wards with team after def
00:26:54atte ?
00:26:56NwC.CooL-T faggot
00:26:56Zajeb place wards some1
00:26:58infect ward
00:26:58Zajeb no room
00:26:59infect time
00:27:14atte mb mid?
00:27:25MYuksel heal
00:27:47atte so fucking bad
00:27:53atte WE WERE ALL MID :DDD
00:27:57atte omg
00:28:16Zajeb who has room for wards?
00:28:18GottHasstMich u play to aggressive
00:28:21Strom cm
00:28:21GottHasstMich they cant outfarm us
00:28:23GottHasstMich just let us take towers
00:28:27GottHasstMich and grow fat
00:28:27infect luna bristle
00:28:28infect can
00:28:30GottHasstMich luna
00:28:35Strom safe mid
00:28:40Strom pit our woods
00:28:40GottHasstMich 0 chance against our late
00:28:43Zajeb dont steal tard
00:28:47infect luna with manta and bkb.
00:28:55MYuksel go
00:29:06atte davai
00:29:07MYuksel nice
00:29:14Netukka b
00:29:14atte failed
00:29:15Netukka b
00:29:28atte need to go b
00:29:29Netukka no ult
00:29:32atte failed regen totally oom now
00:30:18GottHasstMich xD
00:31:04GottHasstMich and
00:31:05GottHasstMich infect
00:31:08GottHasstMich just for u knowledge
00:31:09GottHasstMich luna
00:31:10GottHasstMich cant win
00:31:12GottHasstMich against commander
00:31:15GottHasstMich with blademail
00:31:16GottHasstMich ...
00:31:18MYuksel can
00:31:21GottHasstMich bla
00:31:26infect dota isnt 1vs1
00:31:29GottHasstMich well
00:31:30GottHasstMich with bkb
00:31:31GottHasstMich and duel
00:31:31GottHasstMich it is
00:31:46GottHasstMich this hero rapes full build lycan
00:31:47GottHasstMich but np
00:32:01Strom really shaky
00:32:02Zajeb b
00:32:05Strom 5 mis
00:32:07infect NO TP
00:32:21Netukka damn
00:32:21Netukka 200
00:32:22Netukka bkb
00:32:22MYuksel duel
00:32:25GottHasstMich ORLY
00:32:29GottHasstMich pls
00:32:30MYuksel u so bad
00:32:31GottHasstMich tell me how to play
00:32:35GottHasstMich yes right
00:32:37GottHasstMich because i use duel
00:32:38MYuksel he allmost escpaed
00:32:38GottHasstMich to finish
00:32:40GottHasstMich and not to open
00:32:43GottHasstMich ESCAPED ?
00:32:46GottHasstMich u seeing my movement speed ?
00:32:47GottHasstMich -ms
00:32:49GottHasstMich 500
00:32:50MYuksel -msa
00:32:50GottHasstMich y
00:32:52GottHasstMich he escpaed
00:32:53GottHasstMich nearly
00:32:55Strom wait in base
00:32:56MYuksel he have 550
00:32:57GottHasstMich xD
00:32:58Strom so sb can wake up
00:33:00atte rax gg
00:33:04GottHasstMich myuksel
00:33:04GottHasstMich rly
00:33:05Netukka just kill the creeps
00:33:06Netukka fast
00:33:06GottHasstMich dont talk like a pro
00:33:07Netukka and wards
00:33:33atte b
00:33:44atte b
00:34:17Netukka next we have all
00:34:32Netukka got ur bkb soon?
00:34:50MYuksel what did u say?
00:35:01MYuksel orly we win
00:35:02MYuksel noot
00:35:25Strom no
00:35:28Strom he has backup
00:35:47infect b
00:35:47atte b
00:35:48infect 5
00:35:56Strom b
00:35:58MYuksel orge
00:36:27Strom no ulti on bara
00:36:38GottHasstMich i duel
00:36:39GottHasstMich luna
00:36:41GottHasstMich just kill her
00:37:16MYuksel told ya
00:37:17MYuksel haha
00:37:18MYuksel noob
00:37:40infect cant outfarm us, eh
00:37:46MYuksel they can
00:37:47GottHasstMich ITS MIN 35
00:37:49GottHasstMich AND U TALK ABOUT LATE GAME
00:37:50GottHasstMich :D
00:37:53GottHasstMich and luna
00:37:53GottHasstMich farm
00:37:54infect sure
00:37:54GottHasstMich and items
00:37:55GottHasstMich is shit
00:37:56atte they can if we go die all the time
00:37:57GottHasstMich just be quiet
00:38:01GottHasstMich our pushes
00:38:02atte dont go fight now farm fullbuilds
00:38:03GottHasstMich are bullshit
00:38:06GottHasstMich thats why we loose
00:38:12GottHasstMich we need wards
00:38:14GottHasstMich and good gangs
00:38:14GottHasstMich thats all
00:38:24Netukka b
00:38:29NwC.CooL-T fast
00:38:30Netukka we cant
00:38:35Netukka or can we
00:38:36Netukka we areant
00:38:38Netukka that fast
00:38:51Netukka we die soon
00:38:54infect check
00:39:02Strom they msi
00:39:20atte phone
00:39:21infect they rosh
00:39:22infect btw
00:39:51infect although it was so obvious they rosh :(
00:41:58infect living on the edge
00:42:01infect just the way i like
00:42:42Strom got gem for our pleasure
00:42:46Strom need to move togeter tho
00:42:47Netukka good
00:42:48Netukka yes
00:42:51Zajeb go mid?
00:43:07Netukka got manta
00:43:08infect riki
00:43:09infect diffu
00:43:10infect manta
00:43:14Netukka b
00:43:47atte I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:43:50lumo I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:44:10Netukka why u b
00:44:11Netukka guys
00:44:12Netukka :/
00:45:24Zajeb when commander wins duel what he gets?
00:45:26infect touch me again
00:45:28Netukka str
00:45:29Strom +10 dmg
00:45:29infect strom
00:45:30Strom permanent
00:45:32Zajeb ty
00:45:33infect ma ei viitsi ircu tulla
00:45:33Netukka dam?
00:45:36Netukka isnt it str
00:45:37Strom damage
00:45:39Netukka ok
00:45:43infect lumo kasutas mu herot bloodlusti, meka ja stuni ja slow jaoks
00:45:51Strom millal?
00:45:52Strom praegu?
00:45:54lumo EN?
00:45:55infect praegu just
00:45:57Strom k
00:45:57lumo bl only
00:46:28atte ai luna linkens
00:46:29atte :DDD
00:46:30GottHasstMich well gg pit wasnt with us
00:46:43MYuksel yee flame
00:46:44MYuksel me
00:46:44atte kasutin suhu shacklen :DDD
00:46:51GottHasstMich im not flaming like u
00:46:54atte almost gosu
00:46:55GottHasstMich just saying that u werent with us
00:46:58infect bloodlust oli lumo, aga seda mekat võis see gott ka teha ja neid asju
00:47:00infect ta mingi retard
00:47:11lumo english pls
00:47:17infect u used my hero
00:47:19infect shit happens
00:47:20lumo so what
00:47:22atte ryssät kummoo eesti tulloo huh hah hei!
00:47:23Strom :D
00:47:25infect it isnt allowed: D
00:47:28lumo ok?
00:47:37infect no
00:48:20Strom damn
00:48:23Netukka well
00:48:23Strom didn't see that riki bought
00:48:25Netukka we got 2rax
00:48:32Strom yeah but I would have survived
00:48:34Strom and not lost gem
00:48:36Zajeb and top tower
00:48:37Strom if only I had noticed :S
00:48:45Strom ah lol
00:48:47Strom I*m already alive
00:48:49Strom this bloodstone :d
00:48:51Netukka yeah
00:48:58infect not to accuse lumo, but he has only s&y @ 45th :(
00:49:13Netukka we can buy new gem soon
00:49:17Strom ye
00:49:24atte bad teamplay so couldnt push
00:49:30atte and tried too hard
00:49:33atte cost us this
00:49:35Netukka they go
00:49:36Netukka rosh
00:49:49Netukka wow
00:49:51Netukka cm farmed bkb
00:49:52Netukka lol
00:50:02Zajeb forgot we have cm
00:50:12Netukka he got lothar
00:50:34GottHasstMich -ms
00:50:34Strom they here
00:50:35Strom 2 invi
00:50:52Netukka ward
00:50:55GottHasstMich all
00:50:57GottHasstMich this time
00:51:04GottHasstMich ....
00:51:07atte :DDD
00:51:16GottHasstMich u rly want to lose this gg
00:51:18infect I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:51:21GottHasstMich srsly atte
00:51:23GottHasstMich what was that
00:51:27lumo D:_D:
00:51:27atte yeah that was ut
00:51:30atte it*
00:51:32atte look at this
00:51:34atte no way
00:51:36infect that was gosu
00:51:37infect :P
00:51:38atte we win from this
00:51:39atte :DDd
00:51:39lumo just ff
00:51:43GottHasstMich I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:51:44Strom brb
00:51:47MYuksel I surrender! [5/5 of Scourge]
00:51:48atte they already saw us
00:51:51atte with that shredder
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