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-14 X
-1 TS

92% | 1601 X | 1493 TS

-25 X
-2 TS

91% | 1542 X | 1490 TS

+35 X
-2 TS

78% | 1450 X | 1402 TS

-17 X
-2 TS

55% | 1255 X | 1324 TS

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-2 TS

53% | 1221 X | 1297 TS

+2 X
+3 TS

88% | 1553 X | 1455 TS

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+2 TS

83% | 1479 X | 1416 TS

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+2 TS

74% | 1337 X | 1444 TS

-23 X
+2 TS

76% | 1422 X | 1330 TS

+5 X
+2 TS

61% | 1281 X | 1358 TS

Chat log

00:00:00lumo [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... zebbelito with 66 seconds.
00:00:12zebbelito i can shredert
00:00:17EyeforanEye gief dk
00:00:17zebbelito pandaren
00:00:17zebbelito is gr8
00:00:17yeW- what do i ban
00:00:17yeW- ?
00:00:17yeW- weaver
00:00:17zebbelito xin
00:00:17yeW- or xin
00:00:17zebbelito weav
00:00:17yeW- which one would u have me ban?
00:00:17oo0OoO0oo void
00:00:17zebbelito not void
00:00:17EyeforanEye xin is annoying
00:00:17lumo ?
00:00:17EyeforanEye and so is weaver
00:00:17yeW- xin
00:00:17zebbelito so is weav
00:00:17oo0OoO0oo they wil ban xin
00:00:17zebbelito ban?
00:00:17zebbelito they do first ban
00:00:17zebbelito so
00:00:17edgarass shitty pool
00:00:17oo0OoO0oo pick me void if hey dont ban
00:00:17yeW- oh yeah
00:00:17yeW- u bet ur ass
00:00:17yeW- i'll pick void for u
00:00:17EyeforanEye yew zebbe ur picks?
00:00:17EyeforanEye void me please
00:00:17oo0OoO0oo ten play yoursef and dont coaunt on wards or support pro bitch
00:00:17sandii nigga steuer
00:00:17oo0OoO0oo fucking yew
00:00:17zebbelito hello
00:00:17yeW- today would be nice
00:00:17Steuerfreak weaver
00:00:31Steuerfreak next time
00:00:32zebbelito pick him void
00:00:33zebbelito then?
00:00:35yeW- ye
00:00:43zebbelito someone should play panda
00:00:46EyeforanEye me void or someone else?
00:00:49yeW- u
00:00:51EyeforanEye groovy
00:00:54zebbelito yew play panda
00:00:57EyeforanEye what can i get u?
00:01:00yeW- nah
00:01:04yeW- get me
00:01:06yeW- alche
00:01:08yeW- lol
00:01:10EyeforanEye lol?
00:01:12yeW- chen
00:01:16EyeforanEye chen it is
00:01:16edgarass fuck
00:01:20EyeforanEye -swap 1
00:01:21zebbelito edgaras
00:01:22zebbelito pls
00:01:25zebbelito play panda
00:01:30yeW- -swap 3
00:01:32zebbelito ty
00:01:45zebbelito void mid?
00:01:52yeW- :D
00:01:54EyeforanEye ..
00:02:02yeW- aw cmon
00:02:07edgarass lanes?
00:02:08zebbelito all meele :D
00:02:11sandii dont even think of eating my farm lumo
00:02:12yeW- zebbe solo bot
00:02:14oo0OoO0oo dont like mage
00:02:14yeW- void mid
00:02:17lumo ;)
00:02:17yeW- rest top
00:02:17sandii :))
00:02:31Steuerfreak sandii
00:02:31lumo this hero doesnt have eat button?
00:02:32lumo o_O
00:02:34Steuerfreak ty for "nigga"
00:02:37EyeforanEye maass support @ chen :P
00:02:38sandii :D
00:02:43yeW- i'll try
00:02:44Steuerfreak racism
00:02:47sandii dont take it personally steuer
00:02:52zebbelito -ma
00:02:52Steuerfreak ALLES GUT
00:02:54sandii :D
00:02:54yeW- since that homobob kurdi
00:02:55yeW- wont
00:03:05oo0OoO0oo fucking yew
00:03:06Steuerfreak panda illu
00:03:09yeW- eat it
00:03:12yeW- my cock that is
00:03:18oo0OoO0oo fucking yew
00:03:24yeW- yew is a tree
00:03:28oo0OoO0oo fucking jew
00:03:32oo0OoO0oo xD
00:03:35yeW- ^^
00:03:52yeW- kk
00:03:53yeW- go fb :D
00:04:29zebbelito wf :D::D:DDD:d
00:04:41yeW- insane
00:04:42yeW- o
00:05:11zebbelito damn this
00:05:46zebbelito WTF
00:05:50yeW- :DD
00:05:51edgarass void ftw
00:05:55zebbelito rmk
00:06:32zebbelito JISSESA
00:06:32Shinja gj
00:06:36DeMiaN same
00:06:38zebbelito WHAT THE FUVCK IS GOING ON
00:06:43edgarass u idiots
00:07:27Steuerfreak #ss
00:07:28Steuerfreak MID
00:07:38lumo kill?
00:08:18Shinja ss chen
00:08:41DeMiaN be rdy
00:08:43DeMiaN go
00:08:56DeMiaN get chen
00:08:57Shinja chen will coem soon
00:08:57DeMiaN ?
00:09:13yeW- s wdd
00:09:15yeW- re
00:09:27Steuerfreak ss
00:09:28Steuerfreak amid
00:09:41edgarass ss bot
00:10:05EyeforanEye ss mid
00:10:22yeW- doom 3k gold? :d
00:11:04Shinja ss
00:11:14Shinja re
00:11:23EyeforanEye ss mid
00:11:37Steuerfreak ss all
00:12:06DeMiaN go chen
00:12:20Steuerfreak ss mid
00:12:22EyeforanEye luci midas
00:12:25EyeforanEye SS Mid
00:12:44oo0OoO0oo ss top
00:12:57EyeforanEye akasha mid
00:13:03edgarass ff
00:13:07yeW- ^^
00:13:07zebbelito that lane
00:13:07EyeforanEye dudes ffs
00:13:08DeMiaN gj
00:13:10DeMiaN so easy
00:13:11Shinja u2 ofc
00:13:16edgarass zebbe goees like idiot
00:13:22edgarass why u go if u know that wd is here?
00:13:53EyeforanEye ss mid
00:13:54DeMiaN mana boots someone ?
00:13:57edgarass dop some centaurs chen
00:14:06yeW- seen none til now
00:14:16DeMiaN go
00:14:27lumo :D
00:14:27edgarass fuck this
00:14:30edgarass imposiible
00:14:32yeW- yeh
00:14:34sandii ss top
00:14:45edgarass voiud gang?
00:14:46edgarass sometimes?
00:15:36yeW- PADA
00:15:38yeW- JESUS
00:15:47yeW- hjow fckn ba
00:15:50lumo curier?
00:16:08DeMiaN yew and zebbe 1-4 1-5
00:16:18DeMiaN that's good
00:16:43yeW- ff at 25
00:16:49EyeforanEye hell no
00:17:56yeW- alche fat
00:17:58yeW- doom fat
00:18:03zebbelito chen fat
00:18:18yeW- not as much as shredder :d
00:18:52Steuerfreak void goes bot
00:19:01zebbelito WTF PANDA
00:19:03edgarass fu
00:19:11edgarass go feed more
00:19:16oo0OoO0oo -apm
00:19:18zebbelito wd was dead
00:19:24lumo leiv
00:19:24lumo rune
00:19:29zebbelito if u stomped
00:19:47yeW- -ma
00:20:00edgarass s
00:20:02lumo go
00:20:47DeMiaN they are
00:20:48DeMiaN roshing
00:20:51yeW- void
00:20:54Steuerfreak im low..
00:21:09Shinja go
00:21:10Shinja ;)(
00:21:15Shinja gj
00:21:19EyeforanEye almost mom
00:22:07edgarass b
00:22:17lumo u got stun?
00:22:23sandii yes
00:22:31Shinja sry :C
00:22:32Shinja sucks
00:22:34DeMiaN np
00:22:35Shinja hate us
00:23:24yeW- -ma
00:23:58zebbelito void wins this
00:24:01EyeforanEye prob y
00:24:27zebbelito some towers
00:25:18zebbelito radi :d
00:25:21DeMiaN this is gg already anyway
00:25:23DeMiaN alch overfarmed
00:25:23yeW- dk ftw ^^
00:25:30lumo kill
00:25:40Steuerfreak bb
00:25:43sandii too many
00:25:48EyeforanEye b
00:26:57sandii !
00:27:50zebbelito panda?
00:27:53edgarass ?
00:27:56zebbelito u must make agah
00:28:13edgarass chen care
00:28:24EyeforanEye COME
00:28:30oo0OoO0oo go jump
00:29:13yeW- void
00:29:15yeW- come with me
00:29:22Steuerfreak already going ac :(
00:29:25EyeforanEye let me fastfarm buriza
00:29:28sandii oh
00:29:43Steuerfreak can u go halberd?
00:30:01sandii yeah
00:31:10EyeforanEye twr
00:31:17DeMiaN can't fight without alch
00:31:20edgarass pls use my pandas
00:31:27edgarass when i ulti
00:31:38yeW- rosh
00:31:38yeW- after
00:31:39sandii ill get halberg first
00:32:30yeW- b
00:32:30EyeforanEye b
00:33:03EyeforanEye wards
00:33:15oo0OoO0oo ill get ..|,,
00:33:23DeMiaN hmmm
00:33:41oo0OoO0oo -apm
00:33:42EyeforanEye FFUCUUAA
00:33:43yeW- oO
00:33:43sandii nice ulti void
00:33:44sandii :))
00:33:46EyeforanEye Ty
00:33:50yeW- b now
00:33:57DeMiaN push mid
00:33:57DeMiaN ?
00:34:08sandii i need mana
00:34:19edgarass bot care
00:34:30lumo -ma
00:34:33lumo -clear
00:34:38edgarass bot come help
00:34:52EyeforanEye omw
00:35:36lumo can we rly push
00:35:38edgarass go rosh
00:35:39lumo with all.
00:35:48Shinja sandii?
00:35:52sandii yeah
00:36:13edgarass alche fat
00:36:17zebbelito yeah lol
00:36:19zebbelito uber
00:36:24yeW- got dk to thank for that
00:36:34DeMiaN rosh
00:36:52DeMiaN hm
00:36:58yeW- all go
00:37:00EyeforanEye dont
00:37:02EyeforanEye not yet
00:37:06EyeforanEye fight first
00:37:09yeW- before alche soloes it
00:37:11sandii iah ave no room
00:37:16yeW- Lol
00:37:25sandii :D
00:37:30EyeforanEye crit rdy
00:37:33sandii he soloed it
00:37:40yeW- idd
00:37:43DeMiaN easy with pugna
00:37:43edgarass smokegang
00:38:38zebbelito panda ulti
00:38:42zebbelito first
00:38:44edgarass doomefd
00:38:57zebbelito befpre
00:39:11yeW- no more carries
00:39:14yeW- kurdi pls
00:39:17oo0OoO0oo omfg
00:39:17Shinja b
00:39:18oo0OoO0oo smd
00:39:24oo0OoO0oo i can stun and tank
00:39:26oo0OoO0oo fuck head
00:39:31zebbelito panda not stop first
00:39:32oo0OoO0oo not cause off carry
00:39:35zebbelito stomp
00:39:37zebbelito u ulti
00:39:37oo0OoO0oo you all suck
00:39:38zebbelito first
00:39:41oo0OoO0oo feed them
00:39:45yeW- only one
00:39:46yeW- fed
00:39:47yeW- is alche
00:39:48yeW- he was top
00:39:49sandii hmm
00:39:51sandii 8k gold
00:39:58oo0OoO0oo how many times did you come top
00:40:00oo0OoO0oo let me hear
00:40:04oo0OoO0oo NOT ONCE
00:40:05DeMiaN sell vanguard get hot
00:40:08oo0OoO0oo fucking jew
00:40:10yeW- why would we need to if u dont suck,
00:40:15DeMiaN and mjolnir with hyperstone =)
00:40:17yeW- we had hardest lane bot
00:40:22oo0OoO0oo i farmed he farmed
00:40:23DeMiaN or just satanic
00:40:27oo0OoO0oo but he got help
00:40:29oo0OoO0oo i was one
00:40:38Steuerfreak def
00:40:41lumo y
00:40:51EyeforanEye b?
00:40:53zebbelito ofc
00:40:54yeW- y
00:41:05DeMiaN hmm
00:41:06DeMiaN nvm
00:41:31sandii hmm
00:41:36sandii now something for midas
00:41:52lumo pushime
00:41:58DeMiaN just push alch
00:42:04edgarass they smokeganfg
00:42:14sandii im thingking of what shouldi buy
00:42:27DeMiaN ba
00:42:27EyeforanEye olmw
00:42:32DeMiaN bash + new item
00:42:50sandii i guess nothing :DD::
00:42:50DeMiaN omg
00:42:55lumo voidaanko puskee
00:43:06EyeforanEye n1 ulti
00:43:09lumo np
00:43:18Steuerfreak pugna
00:43:20Steuerfreak COME
00:43:22DeMiaN omw
00:43:26zebbelito b
00:43:27zebbelito base
00:43:28edgarass leave
00:43:30edgarass go base
00:43:49edgarass agha rdy
00:43:52edgarass no ulti
00:43:54yeW- /d
00:43:56zebbelito use ulti then
00:43:59zebbelito before doom,
00:44:00zebbelito dooms u
00:44:13edgarass chen heal?
00:44:58DeMiaN need to doom shredder
00:45:39edgarass get fucking dusts or sentries
00:45:40oo0OoO0oo -apm
00:46:00yeW- ill vlads
00:46:18lumo ..
00:46:46lumo push
00:46:47lumo gogoo
00:46:49lumo :]
00:47:16Steuerfreak all inc
00:47:21Steuerfreak they tped
00:47:48yeW- be rdy
00:47:58EyeforanEye gone
00:48:12zebbelito base
00:48:18zebbelito pls ulti in fight panda
00:48:23edgarass before
00:48:30edgarass u helm me control small pandas
00:48:34EyeforanEye ill take out the support
00:48:34edgarass sentry
00:49:15DeMiaN just disarm void
00:49:21Steuerfreak not easy
00:50:50sandii gonna get abyssal now
00:51:08yeW- my creeps die so fat ^^
00:51:09yeW- fast
00:51:25edgarass dk make pipe?
00:51:53zebbelito care
00:52:09edgarass b
00:52:17zebbelito they mcome
00:52:17zebbelito tp
00:52:19edgarass get sentries
00:52:26Steuerfreak fast
00:52:27sandii shop sec
00:52:27Steuerfreak dk
00:52:28Steuerfreak no tp
00:52:31edgarass piut them me no slot
00:52:36yeW- got vlads
00:53:10DeMiaN raxx mb
00:53:19yeW- I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
00:53:26EyeforanEye Gg:d
00:53:45edgarass dk full and he backs
00:53:51EyeforanEye totally awesome
00:53:58oo0OoO0oo idiot just regened
00:54:06edgarass u was almoast full i saw
00:54:16oo0OoO0oo smd
00:54:21oo0OoO0oo all dead
00:54:23oo0OoO0oo so i stay
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