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98% | 1735 X | 1609 TS

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48% | 1147 X | 1316 TS

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43% | 1119 X | 1321 TS

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40% | 1128 X | 1303 TS

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97% | 1697 X | 1524 TS

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65% | 1266 X | 1394 TS

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-2 TS

45% | 1152 X | 1313 TS

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33% | 1055 X | 1306 TS

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-1 TS

19% | 1016 X | 1207 TS

Chat log

00:00:00FireMal [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... c-yanker with 119 seconds.
00:00:12Kanki lion clock dusa
00:00:16Swagga techies naix jugger
00:00:20c-yanker get clock
00:00:21FireMal thd doom gyro
00:00:23Rasmus.Seebach pugna, naga, pugna
00:00:27HuaRong destro tauren brood
00:00:30Rasmus.Seebach axe
00:00:33FireMal lol pugna naga pugna
00:00:36Sepetos ck krobe venom
00:00:39Sepetos what u got guys
00:00:42Kanki gimme gyro
00:00:43Rasmus.Seebach rettede det efter ;)
00:00:46FireMal what you got
00:00:48Swagga techies naix jugger
00:00:52Sepetos swagga u know how to play naix?
00:00:53Kanki lion clock dusa
00:00:56Swagga yea
00:01:00Sepetos go for it
00:01:01FireMal none of them
00:01:01sebralane bs eza tiny
00:01:02FireMal sry
00:01:05Sepetos tiny?
00:01:06AbdA slark discruptor and alchemist
00:01:11sebralane tiny tiny
00:01:12FireMal i whant doom my self
00:01:12Sepetos diruptor
00:01:15sebralane i dont wanto play it
00:01:18Sepetos swap it for me
00:01:19AbdA u have
00:01:19HuaRong destro some1?
00:01:22FireMal me
00:01:23sebralane u have?
00:01:23Sepetos krobe ck venom
00:01:25FireMal i can destro
00:01:27AbdA venom
00:01:28sebralane ck
00:01:29HuaRong what u have
00:01:32FireMal then he can have doom
00:01:35Sepetos ck bad against od
00:01:38Sepetos venom good on lane
00:01:39FireMal ask kani
00:01:39HuaRong k
00:01:39Kanki gyro
00:01:42AbdA give me venomancer
00:01:44Kanki i have clock lion dusa
00:01:45Sepetos swap me diruptor
00:01:48HuaRong fast pick pls
00:01:49sebralane i play bs then?
00:01:51Sepetos -swap 5
00:01:54AbdA -swap 1
00:01:58c-yanker dostro
00:02:01Sepetos my circlet
00:02:02Sepetos venom
00:02:04FireMal what you whant
00:02:09HuaRong what u have
00:02:15FireMal necro doom gyro
00:02:19HuaRong necro
00:02:22Kanki lol
00:02:29Kanki look our heroes
00:02:31HuaRong -swap
00:02:32FireMal -swap
00:02:34FireMal -swap 7
00:02:37FireMal -swap 1
00:02:40AbdA ss top
00:02:40FireMal fak
00:02:43HuaRong -swap
00:02:45RalleBrazil care
00:02:46RalleBrazil all
00:02:47AbdA re
00:02:48Rasmus.Seebach ..
00:02:52AbdA np
00:02:53FireMal to late
00:03:43Sepetos LOL
00:04:25c-yanker how bad am i
00:04:28c-yanker JSDOÆGJZD
00:04:29c-yanker ZDGZSDOJGOÅSDJgm
00:04:31Sepetos u tell me
00:04:57c-yanker ss
00:05:00FireMal ss
00:05:16FireMal gj
00:05:37FireMal please feel free to use my bird
00:05:39FireMal ¨birds
00:05:49FireMal my ulti stunner birds
00:06:43FireMal bs solo
00:07:12Sepetos mid inc bot
00:07:13Sepetos HAS RUNE
00:07:14Sepetos CARE
00:07:16sebralane trall come here pls
00:07:18sebralane for gank
00:07:20FireMal what do i build for necrolic
00:07:21Swagga care
00:07:23c-yanker ss
00:07:24c-yanker mekka
00:07:24Sepetos no boots cant yet
00:07:25c-yanker vg
00:07:31Sepetos they know if i miss
00:07:44HuaRong ss
00:07:56c-yanker nice
00:07:58c-yanker spotted
00:07:58c-yanker es
00:08:05AbdA es ? :P
00:08:06Sepetos where is he
00:08:15c-yanker our woods
00:08:16c-yanker hill
00:08:17AbdA hes top
00:08:20Rasmus.Seebach ss
00:08:23Rasmus.Seebach both
00:08:23HuaRong ss2
00:08:32c-yanker naix mby
00:08:57Sepetos midmiss
00:09:18sebralane 4
00:09:23Rasmus.Seebach destroyer???
00:09:24sebralane haste dd pls
00:09:31HuaRong low hp
00:09:40c-yanker shit happends
00:09:51FireMal treads ?
00:09:58HuaRong ss
00:10:19c-yanker wards?
00:10:21c-yanker ss
00:10:21Sepetos midmisss
00:10:21c-yanker btw
00:10:24Sepetos many miss
00:10:41c-yanker tsk
00:10:42Sepetos gj
00:10:43AbdA sry m8
00:10:43c-yanker wards
00:10:44c-yanker please
00:10:50AbdA i failed
00:10:56c-yanker u wanna loose for 200 g?
00:10:58Sepetos he died anyhow
00:11:23Rasmus.Seebach gank
00:11:48Sepetos wtf
00:11:50Sepetos 4 top?!?!?!
00:11:51AbdA omg
00:11:55AbdA y haha :P
00:12:19Sepetos NAIX
00:12:22Sepetos GO TAKE B4 sf
00:12:29Swagga on it
00:12:42FireMal come top plz
00:13:11Sepetos ill come mid
00:13:11HuaRong ss thrall
00:13:12Sepetos b ready
00:13:16Swagga k
00:13:19c-yanker wards
00:13:20c-yanker lion
00:13:20c-yanker cmon
00:13:45FireMal ss
00:13:46FireMal 8
00:13:48FireMal 3
00:13:53c-yanker still 0 wards
00:13:54c-yanker love this
00:14:02RalleBrazil ss
00:14:10Sepetos wtf ulti venom?
00:14:12AbdA fail
00:14:18c-yanker kandki
00:14:19c-yanker buy
00:14:21c-yanker fucking wards
00:14:21Sepetos i take bot
00:14:21Sepetos rune
00:14:27AbdA i have smooked to much weed
00:14:34c-yanker fucking ididot
00:14:59Sepetos gang mid
00:15:00Sepetos im invis
00:15:10sebralane denayable
00:15:12sebralane mid
00:15:45c-yanker kanki
00:15:49c-yanker are u fucking retarded?
00:15:49Kanki stfu
00:15:55c-yanker wtf
00:15:57c-yanker u play lion for
00:16:49Rasmus.Seebach .
00:17:04Swagga bs
00:17:31AbdA his in there
00:17:38c-yanker -.-
00:17:42c-yanker ff
00:17:48c-yanker 15 min no chick uprage
00:17:49c-yanker no wards
00:17:50Rasmus.Seebach nice save visage? :)
00:17:57FireMal thx
00:17:57Sepetos i did it myself
00:18:01c-yanker u are thrall
00:18:04c-yanker u can do it your self
00:18:07Sepetos yes
00:18:12Sepetos WTF NOOB
00:18:13Sepetos GOT BOTTLE
00:18:19Sepetos fuckin learn 2 play
00:18:22Rasmus.Seebach we need wards plz
00:18:24Sepetos second game row i give u freewin
00:19:00Rasmus.Seebach ..
00:19:33Kanki this team is full of shitty players picking shitty heroes i have no interest in buying wards for u
00:19:51Rasmus.Seebach omg lion..
00:20:09Sepetos who used glyph and why?
00:20:14c-yanker defend
00:20:42AbdA fucking why dont you guys come
00:20:45Sepetos take tower
00:22:07Sepetos why no wand bs?
00:22:12Sepetos u could use that lothar for escape
00:22:14Kanki imba timing from me
00:22:14sebralane dno
00:22:15Sepetos not b a noob
00:22:21sebralane he took muy mana
00:22:25Rasmus.Seebach lion
00:22:26c-yanker can u buy wards now?
00:22:27Rasmus.Seebach wards
00:22:33Sepetos tower
00:22:36Kanki when i get my manaboots
00:22:57Rasmus.Seebach ..
00:23:14Sepetos someone next wards
00:23:21Kanki inc
00:23:24AbdA b
00:24:11Sepetos got ulti now
00:24:14Sepetos BS JOIN TEAM
00:24:20Kanki im not going first
00:24:27sebralane i am in team
00:24:27FireMal need to get time on
00:24:27FireMal wait 80 sec plz
00:24:27FireMal 30
00:24:27sebralane what u wanto me to do?
00:24:39Swagga w8
00:25:08Kanki veno ultied
00:25:43Sepetos GO MID NOW?!?!?!
00:25:44Sepetos wtf
00:25:45Sepetos really
00:25:47c-yanker need dust
00:25:50Sepetos i cant go first cause i got best spells
00:25:53Rasmus.Seebach and wards
00:25:56Swagga i needed some hp
00:26:26Sepetos GUYS U WANNA PLAY OR FARM WTF?!?!?
00:26:36RalleBrazil need my blink mate?
00:26:47Sepetos how much?
00:26:48Kanki we need u
00:26:52RalleBrazil 25 g
00:26:53sebralane 20
00:26:55Rasmus.Seebach 8 sec
00:26:58Sepetos ok then mid come all
00:27:07Sepetos someone take and plant
00:27:09Sepetos no room for me
00:27:55Kanki nice ulti slithice, could have stunned both there
00:28:02Rasmus.Seebach sry
00:28:09Rasmus.Seebach tried to save u
00:28:15FireMal me ?
00:28:18Rasmus.Seebach no
00:28:22Rasmus.Seebach sf
00:28:25Sepetos rax
00:28:40Swagga b
00:29:08c-yanker he got lothras
00:29:24sebralane all on me
00:29:33Swagga shit happens
00:29:40sebralane only to me
00:29:49c-yanker got lothras
00:30:03Sepetos push bot?
00:30:08sebralane what item should i get now? bkb?
00:30:14Sepetos bkb is good
00:30:18FireMal sry i fucked up chick
00:30:31Swagga got my items now
00:30:33FireMal mid
00:30:34Sepetos bottom all
00:30:35Sepetos 2towers
00:30:35Kanki go with five
00:30:41FireMal or rosh
00:30:47Sepetos if u 3 go fight
00:30:50Sepetos me and es kill them all
00:30:56Sepetos venom just go put ur shit there
00:31:05Swagga all bot
00:31:23Rasmus.Seebach bait
00:31:24Rasmus.Seebach care
00:31:29Swagga all come bot
00:31:30FireMal bot
00:31:30Sepetos bot es
00:31:30Sepetos wtf
00:31:31sebralane dd on sf
00:31:35RalleBrazil omw baby
00:31:36Swagga fuck him
00:31:41Kanki take rosh with sentry?
00:31:50AbdA b all
00:32:00sebralane ;D
00:32:04Sepetos we should havek illed sf :D
00:32:06HuaRong b
00:32:40Sepetos bottom all
00:32:46Sepetos got ulti still
00:33:06Kanki we need a gem
00:33:14Sepetos wtf ur there?
00:33:29c-yanker -.-
00:33:31Sepetos top push all
00:33:33sebralane thatwhy
00:33:34FireMal any one who can control my birds +
00:33:38FireMal ?
00:33:48Swagga what should i go?
00:33:55AbdA armlet
00:34:00Sepetos hot
00:34:04Swagga k
00:34:04Sepetos skadi
00:34:11Sepetos ah u got stygi
00:34:12Sepetos make hot
00:34:25Sepetos ALL TOP NOW
00:34:26Sepetos COME
00:34:29FireMal we need sf
00:34:30c-yanker u cant rosh
00:34:31c-yanker dont do it
00:34:39FireMal go b
00:34:42Sepetos u have ur lothars and shit already and yet still u want farm
00:34:42AbdA need to heal first
00:34:51sebralane me?
00:34:58FireMal ill leave 1 bird ffo
00:35:07Rasmus.Seebach b
00:35:24Kanki I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:35:29Rasmus.Seebach guys?
00:35:30Rasmus.Seebach why
00:35:33Kanki just ff
00:35:38HuaRong I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:35:38c-yanker ty
00:35:40c-yanker for no wards :)
00:36:04Kanki i have the only usefull hero here
00:36:04AbdA who def then ?
00:36:54Sepetos kill
00:37:09c-yanker ulti again?
00:37:13c-yanker 60 sec cd y?
00:37:34Sepetos ur bad bs
00:37:46sebralane let him live
00:37:46Swagga can we take rosh?
00:37:48sebralane his a person too
00:38:10Kanki pls ff guys
00:38:13Kanki we cant win this
00:38:17c-yanker fu
00:38:22Kanki that is 100% sure
00:38:39sebralane i dont have mana
00:38:43Sepetos lets go rax now
00:38:46Sepetos atlast
00:38:47Sepetos venom no wards?
00:38:53Sepetos could have push
00:39:09sebralane what u think naga is basher or mkb?
00:39:33Sepetos why ur in me?
00:39:36Sepetos im behind
00:39:45Swagga just go :p
00:39:59Sepetos U GO HIT TOWER
00:39:59Sepetos WTF
00:41:57Swagga def
00:42:02c-yanker I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:42:04Rasmus.Seebach I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:42:06Kanki I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:42:13HuaRong I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:42:27Kanki just wasting our time here
00:42:27FireMal bs woods
00:42:41c-yanker tp
00:42:44c-yanker or your dead
00:42:50sebralane let me naix
00:42:53sebralane i need 40 g
00:42:53Swagga no
00:42:56Swagga go away
00:43:04Swagga fag
00:43:16AbdA let chicken stay
00:43:24Sepetos mana
00:43:47c-yanker more ulties on me
00:43:48c-yanker all game
00:43:49c-yanker :D
00:43:55Sepetos 1?
00:43:58c-yanker 1?
00:44:00c-yanker es bs u
00:44:04Sepetos i used veil not ulti
00:44:17c-yanker says alot about game
00:44:19c-yanker that sebra
00:44:22c-yanker got + score
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