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79% | 1361 X | 1484 TS

+17 X
+2 TS

70% | 1382 X | 1337 TS

+18 X
+1 TS

68% | 1276 X | 1419 TS

+53 X
+2 TS

43% | 1112 X | 1335 TS

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42% | 1126 X | 1305 TS

-28 X
-1 TS

96% | 1711 X | 1521 TS

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-2 TS

90% | 1571 X | 1485 TS

-13 X
-2 TS

46% | 1166 X | 1297 TS

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-4 TS

18% | 948 X | 1234 TS

-41 X
-9 TS

7% | 1041 X | 992 TS

Chat log

00:00:00c-yanker [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... sebralane with 109 seconds.
00:00:02extremewaari -rd
00:00:12Fxx. cm , bb
00:00:13Fxx. :-)
00:00:16extremewaari nice pool
00:00:17Usires ota se lichi mulle
00:00:18extremewaari ju
00:00:18Usires ja alalane
00:00:18Usires ja voitto
00:00:18Usires GG
00:00:18sebralane ota see milf mulle
00:00:18extremewaari slark
00:00:18sebralane ju
00:00:18sebralane gg
00:00:18sebralane ju juu
00:00:18Fxx. extrem
00:00:18Fxx. no
00:00:18Fxx. change your ban
00:00:18Fxx. i wanna slark
00:00:18sebralane ufopornoooooooooooooooooooooo
00:00:18extremewaari ?
00:00:18c-yanker lyca
00:00:18mby_next_time fxx love slark,
00:00:18mby_next_time .
00:00:18c-yanker no
00:00:18extremewaari i take lich
00:00:18c-yanker ember
00:00:20extremewaari i take lyca
00:00:22c-yanker FIRE PANDA SLARK BANNED
00:00:23extremewaari some1 want
00:00:25Fxx. so take
00:00:27Fxx. lycan
00:00:27Fxx. !!!
00:00:29sebralane take imbafuri roo
00:00:33Fxx. u wanna play it ?
00:00:34extremewaari and dont wanna play this
00:00:37Usires voi kyrpä mä sanon
00:00:38Fxx. i swap
00:00:40Usires jos lichi menee!
00:00:41extremewaari k
00:00:44extremewaari joo menee
00:00:53laggsucks can i be cm
00:00:54Fxx. what for u ?
00:00:55sebralane they have won it
00:00:55KeLToS y
00:00:58sebralane take lich
00:00:59c-yanker do what u want
00:01:03sebralane and
00:01:05extremewaari -swap 3
00:01:08mby_next_time sebra just shut up....
00:01:10sebralane take all carrys
00:01:13sebralane exept lich
00:01:13laggsucks well,but we must act like a team,andi am newbie
00:01:15Fxx. -swap 1
00:01:18sebralane all 4 carrys now pls
00:01:19laggsucks thats why i ask :)
00:01:20sebralane i take geo
00:01:28extremewaari -swap 2
00:01:29KeLToS im top
00:01:31Fxx. why the hell u dont tell your pick ?:-)
00:01:34laggsucks me chicken
00:01:36laggsucks who wards?
00:01:42c-yanker scout
00:01:43c-yanker woods
00:01:44c-yanker please
00:01:44extremewaari cm sk
00:01:49extremewaari or wd sk
00:01:51extremewaari sk
00:01:52Rasmus.Seebach fu
00:01:56laggsucks no they used cm
00:02:18extremewaari cm sk top
00:02:19mby_next_time rylai top.
00:02:27c-yanker scout map
00:02:27sebralane i wount skill aura btw
00:02:30sebralane its not needed
00:02:34mby_next_time JAHAHAHAHA
00:02:34laggsucks sure
00:02:35mby_next_time ff
00:02:38Usires :D
00:02:38Fxx. hahahahahahaah
00:02:45Usires i skill armor only
00:02:45sebralane aura overrated
00:02:47KeLToS cent ?
00:02:47c-yanker cent u woods?
00:02:47mby_next_time -hhn
00:02:48Usires lets turtle
00:02:48mby_next_time -don
00:02:49sebralane i have mana
00:02:49Fxx. cm aura is best aura in game
00:02:49Usires !!!
00:02:49mby_next_time -water red
00:02:50casper y
00:02:51Usires :DDDD
00:02:55extremewaari take that aura
00:02:56KeLToS so enigma solo btm ?
00:02:57c-yanker enigma solo botm?
00:02:58Fxx. its win games
00:02:58Fxx. ,,,
00:02:59sebralane NO!
00:03:00mby_next_time lvl 1 frostbite
00:03:02laggsucks well
00:03:03mby_next_time lvl 3 aura
00:03:03laggsucks i am new
00:03:04laggsucks but ok
00:03:06sebralane no!
00:03:08laggsucks i can try
00:03:09mby_next_time nap
00:03:12c-yanker just stay passive
00:03:13c-yanker ill gank
00:03:15mby_next_time as always sebra
00:03:30KeLToS cent :/
00:03:36KeLToS dont take this
00:03:42KeLToS its mine
00:03:52KeLToS FFS
00:03:53KeLToS TARD
00:04:41sebralane 3 top
00:05:25laggsucks need help dwn
00:05:44Usires yes u dont pull
00:05:46Usires u in lane
00:05:48mby_next_time POW POW CREEPS
00:06:00sebralane half gone :D
00:06:02c-yanker ss
00:06:08mby_next_time RE!
00:06:13mby_next_time please skill aura seriously.
00:06:15mby_next_time ss 2 top
00:06:27mby_next_time do not max frostbite it sucks.
00:06:31extremewaari mid ss
00:07:06extremewaari mid still ss
00:07:12sebralane why dont u stun
00:07:15mby_next_time stunned
00:07:18mby_next_time look mana
00:07:19sebralane ok
00:07:22sebralane u have lvl 1 stun
00:07:22sebralane imba
00:07:26mby_next_time lvl 2
00:07:27sebralane max sandstorm
00:07:46mby_next_time i jhabe lvl 4 dude ;d
00:07:51mby_next_time 2 sand 2 stune
00:08:02laggsucks ss
00:08:08laggsucks cmon help me dwn
00:08:27c-yanker SHGHSDGIP
00:08:27casper wait
00:08:27c-yanker HSDIP
00:08:28sebralane let me get boots
00:08:40sebralane go wood
00:08:40mby_next_time in 150 i got ma
00:08:41sebralane cent
00:08:51extremewaari mid ss
00:09:07mby_next_time cant make more.
00:10:17Fxx. sleep ?
00:10:19mby_next_time 3 top
00:10:23Usires i wont go middle q1253 creeps
00:10:26Usires and possible 2 of them
00:10:31Usires should have waited sec
00:10:32Usires to see
00:11:26c-yanker krob is such an skilled herop
00:11:35mby_next_time says furi :<
00:11:41c-yanker lol
00:11:44c-yanker frui si skileld
00:11:49c-yanker furi is skilled
00:11:50Usires phone
00:11:50mby_next_time ya hard to tp gang in bronze
00:11:54mby_next_time i forgot
00:12:28laggsucks go first
00:13:42Usires vittu pelkällä hiirellä
00:13:44Usires vähä hidasta
00:13:48Usires mut nyt puhelu done
00:13:52extremewaari .
00:13:55extremewaari ei se väärin ole
00:15:32mby_next_time RE!
00:15:42sebralane its gg most likely
00:16:50Fxx. ROFl
00:17:10laggsucks your aegis vanished :)
00:17:20Usires lyca
00:17:26Usires keep teles and farm all around map
00:17:29c-yanker moer luck cm
00:17:30c-yanker seriusly
00:17:34sebralane umad?
00:17:35c-yanker 7 times
00:17:39laggsucks LOLOLOl
00:17:40sebralane i was skill bastard
00:17:41c-yanker u got dark 0.1 sec before
00:17:42c-yanker pure luck
00:17:46c-yanker nothing to do about skill
00:17:49sebralane i was
00:17:53c-yanker u suck
00:17:53c-yanker STFU
00:17:55c-yanker IDIOT
00:18:00sebralane 4
00:18:03KeLToS omw
00:18:08sebralane NO U SUCK MR.SUCKER!
00:18:47KeLToS cent
00:18:49KeLToS why u back
00:19:18KeLToS eni dead
00:19:24KeLToS -hhn
00:19:26KeLToS blind noob
00:19:30c-yanker wards
00:19:31c-yanker enigma
00:19:42laggsucks i asked who will buy wards at start
00:19:47laggsucks you said scout.
00:19:48laggsucks fu
00:19:49c-yanker 0 wards
00:19:50c-yanker ALL GAME
00:19:54Usires buy
00:19:55mby_next_time sad story.
00:19:56Usires nap
00:19:58c-yanker STFU
00:19:59c-yanker NAJH
00:20:00c-yanker HSDFIÆ
00:20:01c-yanker SDF
00:20:06c-yanker cant believe this fucking bronze games
00:20:12Usires so bored to those "0" wards "pros"
00:20:16Usires costs 200
00:20:18c-yanker U ALL SUCK
00:20:18c-yanker HARD
00:20:20c-yanker SO JUST ST?AS()TUASTIP
00:20:21c-yanker GHSDIPHGIP
00:20:21c-yanker SDHG
00:20:21c-yanker HSDIOP
00:20:22Usires u suck
00:20:22mby_next_time :DDDD
00:20:24Usires go garena
00:20:25c-yanker UFGI)?SDOP HG
00:20:27Usires not even stacking
00:20:30Usires u cant win
00:20:39c-yanker i rly wish u could fine u and smash your fuckijng head right now
00:21:03Fxx. bkb rd
00:21:04Fxx. y
00:21:22Rasmus.Seebach OMG creeps al over and it get hit 3 times
00:21:40Usires tele mid
00:21:41mby_next_time we seriously do care about it.
00:21:42Usires fasttttttt
00:22:26Fxx. rofl
00:22:35mby_next_time RE!
00:22:38mby_next_time wp fxx
00:22:40mby_next_time die now
00:22:51Fxx. u can use tree vs bkb ?
00:22:53Fxx. what the new
00:22:54Fxx. ...
00:22:55mby_next_time []HAHAHAHHA
00:22:57mby_next_time HAHAHAHAHA
00:23:08Usires ........
00:23:31Usires wtf
00:24:13mby_next_time dab
00:24:35laggsucks !ff
00:24:39mby_next_time i cant dag from hill so good
00:24:56sebralane oh yeesh
00:25:23laggsucks furion you and me can mega push
00:26:14Rasmus.Seebach bot
00:26:15Rasmus.Seebach go
00:26:35Usires nice
00:26:35Rasmus.Seebach g
00:26:35Rasmus.Seebach gdf
00:26:35Usires deny
00:26:36Rasmus.Seebach df
00:26:36Rasmus.Seebach g
00:26:36Usires DENY
00:26:39Rasmus.Seebach omg
00:26:40mby_next_time yoyo
00:27:41c-yanker HAHA
00:27:45c-yanker WHY THE FUCK U ULTI JUST FOR ME
00:27:55sebralane CUZ U WILL BE MAD!
00:27:59Usires HAHA
00:28:02c-yanker u will be mad when u loose
00:28:06mby_next_time jajaj
00:28:07Usires and coz ur retard mates teles
00:28:08mby_next_time ok
00:28:09mby_next_time ;d
00:28:09Usires there
00:28:15Usires and base gone
00:28:17Usires HAHA
00:28:37extremewaari b
00:28:44sebralane U SEE UR BASE?
00:28:53c-yanker SO?
00:28:58KeLToS wow
00:29:08mby_next_time naps
00:29:11laggsucks k
00:29:13laggsucks K
00:29:58Usires go mid
00:30:00Usires tower
00:30:02Usires just care for es
00:30:46KeLToS noobs
00:30:46KeLToS come
00:31:25KeLToS so noob
00:31:26laggsucks !ff
00:31:41mby_next_time opmfg
00:31:42mby_next_time I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:33:01Fxx. k :-)
00:33:12Fxx. k
00:33:16Fxx. next rosh i suicide mid
00:33:18Fxx. tower
00:33:26sebralane KIL LTHAT
00:33:28mby_next_time next rosh is with chese
00:33:29sebralane 2 spawn
00:33:54mby_next_time furi got hex in secunds
00:34:16KeLToS cent
00:34:18KeLToS u mega noob
00:34:20Fxx. k
00:34:29Fxx. so lets go mid now
00:34:39mby_next_time wp cyank
00:34:44sebralane GO MAD SAY NO WARDS FFS!
00:34:45KeLToS 2-12 :D
00:34:57mby_next_time well look his
00:34:59c-yanker its ok
00:35:00mby_next_time []%
00:35:02sebralane 0 12 im shitter
00:35:04c-yanker i get all your hate :)=
00:35:12mby_next_time nope all our love you mean
00:35:13Usires nah we can kill u last
00:35:15Usires useless
00:35:24c-yanker you need so insanly high skills to press x
00:35:29extremewaari and b
00:35:32c-yanker and and lyca that has been ganked 0 times
00:35:41mby_next_time Well if you
00:35:45Usires u need skills to farm from well
00:35:45mby_next_time gave enigma brown
00:35:45Rasmus.Seebach end ffs
00:35:47c-yanker y like i can gank him solo
00:35:47mby_next_time solo bot
00:35:50c-yanker kidding me
00:35:50Fxx. 96and 90
00:35:50mby_next_time you made lanes
00:35:50c-yanker need skills to farm?
00:35:50mby_next_time trilane top
00:35:50c-yanker XAXAXAXAXAX
00:35:50Fxx. vs 79 and 70
00:35:51sebralane I WILL SURVIVE!
00:36:28sebralane HE LOTHAR?
00:36:32mby_next_time nein
00:36:35mby_next_time he hex
00:36:41Usires go top
00:36:47Usires all
00:36:53KeLToS hahah
00:37:01c-yanker USE
00:37:02c-yanker DAGGER
00:37:13mby_next_time wp our carry lyca
00:37:25Fxx. they use all on me
00:37:26KeLToS too bad im not carry vs u noobs
00:37:27mby_next_time he can kill your enigma
00:37:28Fxx. + enigma killed
00:37:31Fxx. so push
00:37:36Usires no need carry
00:37:39Usires to own u noobs
00:38:15Fxx. enigma have got ulty
00:39:22Usires gj
00:39:29c-yanker no1 foloows
00:39:34Usires they dont have tele
00:39:34laggsucks lol
00:39:36Usires i reckon
00:39:38Usires HAHA
00:39:45Fxx. cheese at rosh
00:40:00mby_next_time wp furi
00:40:09sebralane this is fun buy more and tp
00:40:13c-yanker i look like some1 who cares ?
00:40:20c-yanker its ok
00:40:21c-yanker u noobs
00:40:24mby_next_time you look like raged kido.
00:40:26c-yanker fell good for onces
00:40:33Fxx. cheese coming
00:40:33c-yanker cant even count how many times i raped your asses
00:40:44laggsucks lol,i really dont care,you owned me anyways at start of game.
00:40:48sebralane but this time its ur ass what got raped
00:40:53mby_next_time HAHAHA
00:40:58mby_next_time ;d
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