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-32 X
-1 TS

90% | 1565 X | 1477 TS

-33 X
-2 TS

86% | 1517 X | 1458 TS

-1 X
-2 TS

85% | 1452 X | 1509 TS

-32 X
-2 TS

73% | 1393 X | 1362 TS

-5 X
-2 TS

55% | 1244 X | 1335 TS

+16 X
+2 TS

98% | 1701 X | 1610 TS

+58 X
+1 TS

88% | 1511 X | 1517 TS

+44 X
+2 TS

65% | 1283 X | 1380 TS

+7 X
+2 TS
62% | 1272 X | 1371 TS

-13 X
+2 TS

61% | 1297 X | 1335 TS

Chat log

00:00:00Zulu [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... mby_next_time with 123 seconds. Mby, buy a new comp please. :D
00:00:16KeLToS naga
00:00:16fUNCh bane + new bird kinda imba lane well keltos sucks as captain
00:00:16Sepetos lol
00:00:16A-tzangol legion
00:00:16Sepetos finally
00:00:16KeLToS LOL
00:00:16Sepetos -legion
00:00:17PeterLars where is kanki
00:00:20KeLToS why are we lolling
00:00:25Sepetos think he sleeps just came over there
00:00:30PeterLars ^^
00:00:38Sepetos is that mage good?
00:00:44mby_next_time i can play it
00:00:45Sepetos it is
00:00:48mby_next_time if you dont want
00:00:49fUNCh its good
00:00:54fUNCh but way too low hp
00:00:58fUNCh and needs tons of mana
00:01:25mansikka k pew pew
00:01:29A-tzangol can i mid?
00:01:39Sepetos i mid sepe i come top? i go*
00:01:51Zulu -swap 1
00:01:54Sepetos go
00:01:57KeLToS -swap 5
00:02:00Sepetos gondar bot
00:02:03fUNCh ye
00:02:03KeLToS -clear
00:02:07fUNCh already got wards well
00:02:10Sepetos mby thrall lastpick?
00:02:11Sepetos nice
00:02:12KeLToS me bara bot u get another set for em
00:02:14KeLToS u 2 cunts top
00:02:19KeLToS me venge
00:02:20mby_next_time was thinking but k mby, get other wards well bot cant farm for sure now :D
00:02:49A-tzangol block gondar
00:02:53Sepetos how long this ulti has range? u mean how big?
00:03:05Sepetos y
00:03:10mby_next_time like my hero
00:03:12Sepetos like sniåper? mmm
00:03:19mby_next_time ;p the size of the thing your aiming with
00:03:25A-tzangol pull is same of like witch male
00:04:46A-tzangol share
00:04:52Sepetos gangmid
00:04:54mby_next_time sr forgot -cs
00:05:48Zulu ss 1
00:05:56Zulu re
00:06:28Sepetos gj
00:06:32PeterLars MISS?? =)
00:06:34PeterLars noob top
00:06:42mansikka hes woods
00:06:44mansikka miss all the time
00:06:46mansikka i said
00:06:57Sepetos flyin?
00:07:08mby_next_time reuse cxhik
00:07:13KeLToS ss
00:08:10mby_next_time gj
00:08:19mby_next_time i come
00:08:52Sepetos midmiss
00:09:00mansikka why dont walk away use em or sell em w/e
00:09:19PeterLars ss mid
00:09:22101010 meinasin blokkia sitä
00:09:26Sepetos got 200dmg and slow omw get dk also
00:10:00KeLToS ss
00:10:17101010 too late ss
00:10:31mansikka zeus miss.
00:11:07A-tzangol ukti
00:11:07mansikka löl
00:11:08A-tzangol zeus no lvl
00:11:13A-tzangol xD
00:11:15mby_next_time ss vs :D
00:11:35Sepetos gj
00:11:36Sepetos :D nice man
00:12:36101010 -afk omw i spam mort :) wp thrall :D
00:14:18Sepetos like that shit motafuka :DD
00:14:50A-tzangol zeus
00:14:55A-tzangol u are asleep dude no im not
00:15:03A-tzangol yes
00:15:04A-tzangol u are
00:15:06A-tzangol we could get storm
00:15:09mby_next_time balh i went after storm dude i was out of mana after bolt duh
00:15:34KeLToS thrall ill get bottle do never prove u wrong
00:16:10mby_next_time ff
00:16:22Sepetos list 700
00:16:24Sepetos lost
00:16:25Sepetos :/ fu with ur ff
00:16:52mby_next_time dude sb is going to win it so easy .
00:16:58mby_next_time but k yeah noticing it :D i ulti if needed 3 sec gogogo
00:17:45Sepetos KILL PA?
00:18:04Sepetos ZAPÅ
00:18:10A-tzangol NAP
00:18:11Sepetos ZEUIS i already ultied wtf ?!?!??!?!
00:18:15Sepetos tooo late
00:18:18Sepetos kk
00:18:18A-tzangol nap
00:18:20A-tzangol totally I TULEDI TO SAVE UR ASSES WTFFFF
00:18:27A-tzangol hgahaha
00:18:28A-tzangol HAHAHA
00:18:29A-tzangol HAHAHA now i typed gg fucking egoistic assholes nooob
00:19:49KeLToS tpbot
00:19:49KeLToS 1 saan tuldia
00:20:23PeterLars rdy dk?
00:20:26PeterLars got dust
00:24:39A-tzangol b
00:24:45A-tzangol nap
00:24:45fUNCh wteeiyybjnm
00:24:47PeterLars noob
00:24:52A-tzangol noob idd
00:24:58fUNCh dodged toss with ult
00:24:59fUNCh -.-
00:25:08KeLToS go thrall zeus and bird first
00:25:42Sepetos -ms gondar how many misses? :D
00:28:23fUNCh like 6 or sth 4 and then kill :p
00:28:38mby_next_time fucking ward bitches
00:29:07fUNCh we getting too sloppy
00:29:13fUNCh should concentrate towers and push ?
00:29:15Sepetos should go with team
00:29:17A-tzangol y
00:29:18Sepetos anyone make urn?
00:29:19A-tzangol xD y
00:29:29Sepetos topall
00:29:31Sepetos or mid
00:29:41fUNCh gang one in forest and get mid ?
00:29:59mby_next_time true fag Guess not, g4u tzangol
00:30:53PeterLars haha
00:30:56KeLToS auyhhahaah damn taht keltos is such a noob UGAHHAHAHA
00:31:45A-tzangol use cyclone
00:31:48Zulu xD
00:31:50A-tzangol not ethereal
00:31:51KeLToS i was not invis
00:31:52A-tzangol XD
00:31:56KeLToS but it was funny though ;:D
00:32:14Sepetos take rosh?
00:32:16A-tzangol go mid
00:32:17A-tzangol no
00:32:19A-tzangol we need to push
00:32:22Sepetos gang bot well ye im ganged top i can ulti mid in 30
00:33:05mby_next_time rofl
00:33:17PeterLars hahah
00:33:20Sepetos lol
00:33:24Sepetos 'zap
00:33:33KeLToS fuck u bitches
00:33:44Zulu ughaahahaah :D
00:34:16KeLToS mb pa wasnt the best pick )
00:34:31mansikka mby bara wasnt any better
00:34:39KeLToS ok
00:34:42Sepetos mana
00:35:17PeterLars kill zuez pfc pfft Fu asshole
00:35:44KeLToS why
00:35:46KeLToS u imba dmg
00:35:55KeLToS rest just noobs Ur team most of em are imba noobs Not ours thats why ur losing Leave me alone Bitch
00:36:36KeLToS suck fxx´s dick :D:D:D
00:36:40mby_next_time rofl unfair
00:36:55fUNCh -st telling me to suck a dick that has never existed
00:37:09Sepetos COME
00:37:45Sepetos heal?
00:37:55KeLToS kill them oa
00:37:56KeLToS pa
00:37:59KeLToS go for it
00:37:59mansikka no
00:38:12PeterLars hello Sup?
00:38:27Zulu die for zeus man!
00:38:35KeLToS thats just
00:39:52Zulu :'(
00:39:54mby_next_time fag lord
00:40:11Sepetos midrax?
00:41:51mby_next_time gtfo
00:42:25A-tzangol GO NEXT
00:42:30KeLToS u take pa
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