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-10 X
-2 TS

53% | 1213 X | 1327 TS

-19 X
-3 TS

53% | 1168 X | 1367 TS

+8 X
-2 TS

45% | 1124 X | 1316 TS

+34 X
-1 TS

43% | 1072 X | 1321 TS

-17 X
-3 TS

39% | 1006 X | 1337 TS

-10 X
+1 TS

98% | 1780 X | 1596 TS

+1 X
+3 TS

33% | 1069 X | 1310 TS

+56 X
+4 TS

28% | 1087 X | 1276 TS

+2 X
+1 TS

32% | 1046 X | 1295 TS

-31 X
+2 TS

19% | 1021 X | 1203 TS

Chat log

00:00:07AliBaba wank
00:00:07AliBaba can u let me mid
00:00:07AliBaba this game?
00:00:19WANKmaster with what?
00:00:19Xove -Rubic
00:00:19FireMal necro is imba i whant necro
00:00:19AliBaba troll og shredder
00:00:19AliBaba or
00:00:19WANKmaster i want shredder
00:00:19AliBaba u trust me enouygh to let me mid with troll?
00:00:19Xove come on
00:00:19WANKmaster sure
00:00:19AliBaba sweet mate
00:00:19AbdA firelord?
00:00:19WANKmaster -naix
00:00:19Firelord0.1 )
00:00:24Swagga its rubick
00:00:27Swagga thats banned
00:00:30Rasmus.Seebach huskar me
00:00:33Swagga system fails
00:00:34AbdA can u pick me huskar m8 ?
00:00:48Firelord0.1 no
00:00:57WANKmaster fucking
00:00:58WANKmaster one
00:00:59WANKmaster time
00:01:01WANKmaster i want to play
00:01:02WANKmaster shredder
00:01:04WANKmaster and
00:01:05WANKmaster some
00:01:06WANKmaster nigger
00:01:07WANKmaster cock
00:01:07Banana :D
00:01:08FireMal -clear
00:01:08WANKmaster takes it
00:01:14WANKmaster guys
00:01:16Swagga -clear
00:01:18WANKmaster take forest
00:01:21WANKmaster something
00:01:23WANKmaster so i can solo
00:01:24WANKmaster top
00:01:29FireMal can i necro plz
00:01:32WANKmaster take something to pull with
00:01:37FireMal wank
00:01:39Rasmus.Seebach im top
00:01:39WANKmaster firemal
00:01:41WANKmaster take something
00:01:41FireMal plz necro for me
00:01:43WANKmaster in forest
00:01:46FireMal what
00:01:47WANKmaster take slarda
00:01:50WANKmaster to pull
00:01:50WANKmaster top
00:01:51Rasmus.Seebach ill pull
00:01:52FireMal slard woods ?
00:01:54WANKmaster huskar
00:01:59Rasmus.Seebach im woods
00:02:00WANKmaster u are bot
00:02:02WANKmaster ok
00:02:02WANKmaster ok
00:02:10WANKmaster take something good
00:02:11FireMal im woods +
00:02:13WANKmaster firemal
00:02:14Rasmus.Seebach kk
00:02:15WANKmaster no ur not
00:02:17Rasmus.Seebach ill bot
00:02:21WANKmaster ok
00:02:21WANKmaster sk
00:02:22FireMal top ?
00:02:23WANKmaster u pull
00:02:23WANKmaster top
00:02:25WANKmaster then
00:02:25FireMal k
00:02:52WANKmaster and make arcane
00:02:53WANKmaster bootsn
00:02:54WANKmaster now
00:02:57FireMal i whanted necro realy wealy realy wealy baad
00:03:01FireMal y
00:03:03FireMal this
00:03:03FireMal time
00:03:03Swagga 30 sec
00:03:03RalleBrazil 30 sec
00:03:03AbdA 30sek
00:03:03AliBaba they 5 lan
00:03:03AliBaba :9
00:03:03Banana haha
00:03:03AliBaba im on the net cafe with em aswell
00:03:03Firelord0.1 30sek
00:03:03FireMal this time i make mana boots for your ass .p
00:03:03AliBaba so is rasmus
00:03:03FireMal :P
00:03:03Rasmus.Seebach me 2
00:03:03Banana lol
00:03:03AliBaba 7 of us on the net cafe ^^
00:03:08Banana nice
00:03:49FireMal arded
00:03:52FireMal warded
00:04:04WANKmaster dont
00:04:05WANKmaster fuck
00:04:06WANKmaster my farm
00:04:06WANKmaster up
00:04:10FireMal k
00:04:22Rasmus.Seebach my farm
00:04:26Rasmus.Seebach haaras
00:05:17Rasmus.Seebach heal
00:06:03Rasmus.Seebach dazzle
00:06:08Banana k
00:06:08Rasmus.Seebach uur fucking up my farm
00:06:12WANKmaster go take
00:06:14WANKmaster those
00:06:16Rasmus.Seebach haaras
00:06:17AliBaba share
00:06:28FireMal go
00:07:01FireMal fuck this trilane is 10 times better
00:07:39Rasmus.Seebach b
00:07:45FireMal tards
00:08:02Rasmus.Seebach dazzle
00:08:03AliBaba ss
00:08:03Rasmus.Seebach ffs
00:08:08Banana i need manaboots
00:08:09AliBaba ssssssss
00:08:14Rasmus.Seebach im carryt
00:08:22WANKmaster panda
00:08:23WANKmaster here?
00:08:28Rasmus.Seebach ffs
00:08:29WANKmaster this
00:08:29AliBaba i called ss
00:08:29WANKmaster ss
00:08:30WANKmaster :d
00:08:30Rasmus.Seebach dazzle
00:08:31WANKmaster i cant
00:08:32WANKmaster see
00:08:32Swagga ss top
00:08:33WANKmaster this shit
00:08:33AliBaba look chat
00:08:35Rasmus.Seebach b
00:08:37WANKmaster i can see
00:09:07Rasmus.Seebach grave
00:09:16Rasmus.Seebach dazzle
00:09:20Rasmus.Seebach i need to let me farm
00:09:27Rasmus.Seebach u
00:09:42AliBaba wards?
00:09:43AliBaba up chick
00:10:36FireMal no ward
00:10:43FireMal waist of money
00:11:39AliBaba ss
00:11:41AliBaba late miss
00:11:42AliBaba on panda
00:11:43AliBaba he got rune
00:12:18FireMal wtf
00:12:24Rasmus.Seebach no miss on panda nice
00:12:30AliBaba panda going top
00:12:44FireMal wp
00:12:56WANKmaster if
00:12:56AliBaba wards?
00:12:57WANKmaster tc
00:13:00WANKmaster going to stun
00:13:00WANKmaster then
00:13:02WANKmaster hit
00:13:02AbdA kla mid?
00:13:03WANKmaster ur stun
00:13:06WANKmaster dont let him use it
00:13:09FireMal k
00:13:10WANKmaster u can disable
00:13:11WANKmaster it
00:13:11Swagga ss necro
00:13:13Rasmus.Seebach ss bot 1
00:13:18Swagga re
00:13:26FireMal will do
00:13:40FireMal ss
00:13:40FireMal tc
00:14:08AliBaba that
00:14:10AliBaba drunken
00:14:13AliBaba fucks me up -.-
00:14:21AliBaba get a stick
00:14:21AliBaba sk
00:14:27AliBaba u againt bristle
00:14:32AliBaba = constant mana
00:14:32FireMal i cant afford it
00:14:55Rasmus.Seebach grave
00:14:56Rasmus.Seebach ffs
00:14:58Rasmus.Seebach !!!
00:14:59Rasmus.Seebach !!
00:15:02Rasmus.Seebach dazzle
00:15:15WANKmaster :d
00:15:21Rasmus.Seebach dazzle...
00:15:24Rasmus.Seebach grave
00:15:25Firelord0.1 gj
00:15:45AliBaba dazzle
00:15:46AliBaba is carry
00:15:47AliBaba farmiong
00:17:52AbdA care mid
00:17:58FireMal go
00:17:59Firelord0.1 ss3
00:18:27Firelord0.1 fuck
00:19:21Rasmus.Seebach wards
00:19:23Rasmus.Seebach dazzle
00:19:28FireMal ss
00:19:31Swagga ty
00:19:56RalleBrazil b
00:19:56RalleBrazil b
00:19:57RalleBrazil b
00:20:47Rasmus.Seebach dazzle wards
00:20:51Rasmus.Seebach wards
00:20:54Rasmus.Seebach wards
00:21:49WANKmaster another boots ?
00:21:55AliBaba was fail
00:22:00AliBaba had lag
00:22:02AliBaba and shooped
00:22:03AliBaba double
00:22:34Rasmus.Seebach guys...
00:24:32WANKmaster take
00:24:33WANKmaster rosh
00:24:34WANKmaster troll
00:24:38Firelord0.1 necro stronger than me :D
00:24:39Rasmus.Seebach troll ego
00:24:41AliBaba they can se my screen
00:25:08Firelord0.1 hmm 3 denied tower
00:25:28WANKmaster troll
00:25:29WANKmaster go
00:25:30WANKmaster take
00:25:30WANKmaster roshan
00:25:34WANKmaster buy smoke
00:25:36WANKmaster and go
00:26:12WANKmaster and make
00:26:12WANKmaster bkb
00:26:15AliBaba i will
00:26:24AbdA rosh
00:27:40Rasmus.Seebach dazzle...
00:27:41Rasmus.Seebach again
00:27:46Banana `???
00:27:53FireMal inc from behind
00:27:56Rasmus.Seebach heal grave look the fuck up
00:28:47RalleBrazil wards
00:28:50RalleBrazil kplease
00:29:14AliBaba go away
00:29:16AliBaba need the xp
00:29:40FireMal gang mid plz
00:30:22AliBaba i need
00:30:23AliBaba mana
00:30:49AbdA they are all top
00:30:53Swagga skovtur
00:31:04Banana come
00:31:07Rasmus.Seebach nop
00:31:08Rasmus.Seebach n farm
00:32:46AliBaba bkb in 1000
00:32:54WANKmaster i get shiva
00:32:55WANKmaster in sex
00:33:00AliBaba -.-
00:33:02Banana :(
00:33:33Swagga illu
00:34:11WANKmaster firemal
00:34:11WANKmaster wtf
00:34:12WANKmaster items
00:34:15WANKmaster are u making? :d
00:34:33WANKmaster firemal
00:34:36WANKmaster always
00:34:37WANKmaster max
00:34:39WANKmaster sandstorm
00:34:53AliBaba bkb done
00:35:16AliBaba i bait
00:35:19AliBaba follow me
00:35:23Firelord0.1 where are wards ?
00:36:02Rasmus.Seebach heal
00:36:03AliBaba dazlze
00:36:03Rasmus.Seebach omg
00:36:04AliBaba where the fuck
00:36:05AliBaba is
00:36:08Rasmus.Seebach support...
00:36:15AliBaba nice
00:36:17AliBaba 0 heal
00:36:17AliBaba on me
00:36:20Rasmus.Seebach worst support ever
00:36:24AliBaba dazzle can u please wake up
00:36:27Banana stfu
00:36:39Rasmus.Seebach u are so bad
00:36:44AliBaba im tanking all
00:36:47Banana u can go fuck yourself
00:36:48AliBaba and 0 heal from any of u
00:37:03Rasmus.Seebach worst dazzle ever
00:37:07WANKmaster go
00:37:07Banana omg
00:37:09WANKmaster troll
00:37:13AliBaba yy
00:37:13WANKmaster take
00:37:15WANKmaster smoke
00:37:16WANKmaster smoke
00:37:17WANKmaster smoke
00:37:17Firelord0.1 roshan re
00:37:18WANKmaster smoke
00:37:34WANKmaster there
00:37:35WANKmaster wards
00:37:41AliBaba just dont go near
00:37:41AliBaba rosh
00:37:42WANKmaster use
00:37:43AliBaba now
00:37:43WANKmaster smoke
00:38:13Firelord0.1 oh shit
00:38:22Firelord0.1 mid b
00:38:29AliBaba please have some focus on me now dazzle
00:38:40WANKmaster use bkb
00:38:42WANKmaster after
00:38:43WANKmaster aegis
00:38:43RalleBrazil thieef stun
00:38:46AliBaba y
00:39:16Rasmus.Seebach soppr
00:39:16Rasmus.Seebach fgf
00:39:16Rasmus.Seebach df
00:39:17Rasmus.Seebach dg
00:39:17Rasmus.Seebach df
00:39:22Rasmus.Seebach support,.,l
00:39:37Firelord0.1 ageis won this
00:40:38Firelord0.1 fuck
00:40:49AliBaba heal mate?
00:41:03AbdA I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:41:05Xove I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:42:44Banana :D:D
00:42:44WANKmaster :d
00:42:49AbdA I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:45:00Firelord0.1 mhh blaidmail dont hurt him a littl ??
00:45:16RalleBrazil I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:47:17FireMal thx
00:47:21AliBaba 6 k ^^
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