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Chat log

00:00:16Yuriko wishes?
00:00:21Yuriko anyone?
00:00:22101010 ud or lich
00:00:25Yuriko ok
00:00:30curdi ban lich
00:00:33Vangelis why no one pause
00:00:33Vangelis why atte afk
00:00:33Vangelis why
00:00:33Vangelis why why why
00:00:33curdi you're just as quilty as everyone else
00:00:33TakinBackMyLove curdi give potm ?
00:00:33curdi dunno
00:00:33Yuriko he just joined, why is he already afk
00:00:33atte 2sec
00:00:33atte big
00:00:33atte want some (me no furi)
00:00:33Zajeb can u atleast see pool atte?
00:00:33atte yeah
00:00:33atte want someone?
00:00:33Zajeb i can und, or lich
00:00:33atte spec
00:00:33Yuriko i'm taking ud/lich for u
00:00:33Yuriko slardar
00:00:33Vangelis ud owns lich
00:00:33curdi 2sec
00:00:33Vangelis cant pick lich over ud
00:00:33Zajeb ud
00:00:33curdi be fast
00:00:33Zajeb go ud
00:00:33Vangelis put mouse on ud
00:00:33atte unpause now
00:00:33Vangelis atte
00:00:33Vangelis r
00:00:39curdi wishes?
00:00:43TakinBackMyLove ppotm
00:00:46Vangelis atte
00:00:47Vangelis can you
00:00:49Vangelis FURI ON
00:00:50Vangelis ?
00:00:55curdi furi there :(
00:00:56atte vangelis go slark so noobs wont cry when they pick
00:01:01atte wtf this shithead picked my hero
00:01:07Yuriko give slark
00:01:08atte give me thrall
00:01:09Yuriko or not
00:01:10curdi taken
00:01:12atte -swap 2
00:01:16TakinBackMyLove you want furi ?
00:01:18curdi n
00:01:19mamyka i can swap with furi
00:01:20curdi tc
00:01:21Zajeb swap und?
00:01:22atte homo vei heroni
00:01:23que2stress me no ud
00:01:23Yuriko just give
00:01:26Yuriko luna
00:01:26que2stress y
00:01:26curdi -swap 3
00:01:27Zajeb ok
00:01:30Zajeb what u want?
00:01:31TakinBackMyLove -swap 2
00:01:32Yuriko -swap 4
00:01:32atte ahh ok
00:01:33101010 -swap 1
00:01:33atte wait
00:01:34Vangelis get rexx and viper
00:01:35curdi u gonna fail with it again :(?
00:01:35Vangelis ?
00:01:36atte shit
00:01:40Zajeb ?
00:01:41atte give me that furion
00:01:44que2stress k
00:01:46atte no
00:01:47atte no
00:01:48atte kun
00:01:49que2stress furi
00:01:50atte knukka
00:01:50mamyka furi ort tusk?
00:01:50atte :E
00:01:51atte -swap 5
00:01:53Zajeb -swap 1
00:01:58Yuriko no, we dont have useless carry maiden mid now
00:01:58Zajeb u said furi
00:02:04atte y np
00:02:07Yuriko qop and luna in team, he goes mid with maiden
00:02:12Yuriko what an arrogant person
00:02:13curdi u sure u can handle furi?
00:02:36TakinBackMyLove tc you pull ?
00:02:38curdi luna is kinda bad mid with his range
00:02:40curdi sure
00:02:43curdi if not blocked
00:02:51101010 -afk
00:02:53curdi -afk
00:02:53Vangelis this slark
00:02:55Vangelis epic boring
00:02:56Vangelis herto
00:03:01atte same
00:03:02atte furi
00:03:08que2stress so ir fitsto you
00:03:13TakinBackMyLove fb
00:03:14TakinBackMyLove bot
00:03:17Vangelis i want
00:03:18Vangelis pudge
00:03:21Vangelis i am perfect
00:03:22Vangelis pudge
00:03:25atte sure
00:03:27curdi got stomp :/
00:03:31curdi should've gotten spirit
00:03:33TakinBackMyLove np
00:03:55Vangelis lich
00:03:59Vangelis 1st level nuke
00:04:00Zajeb ss
00:04:01Vangelis + nukes creeps
00:04:02TakinBackMyLove GOD
00:04:02Vangelis :D
00:04:30TakinBackMyLove 'next
00:04:30TakinBackMyLove time
00:04:31TakinBackMyLove allways
00:04:39TakinBackMyLove w8 with skills
00:04:46curdi ?
00:04:48TakinBackMyLove otherwise
00:04:49TakinBackMyLove is newbish
00:04:57curdi i know that
00:05:07Janske SS
00:05:08TakinBackMyLove then wtf
00:05:13Janske re 1
00:05:29Vangelis ud get
00:05:30Vangelis tomb next
00:05:34Zajeb y
00:05:34Vangelis so we can kill
00:05:35Zajeb max
00:05:36Vangelis + furi tp
00:05:54atte luna
00:06:27Vangelis furi
00:06:28Vangelis rdy?
00:06:36Vangelis yes
00:06:36Vangelis or no
00:06:39TakinBackMyLove god
00:06:57Janske lightinng
00:07:05101010 NOW torrent?
00:07:08101010 why so late?
00:07:14Janske shit
00:07:14mamyka man mb cd?
00:07:19curdi ..
00:07:23TakinBackMyLove wtf
00:07:24TakinBackMyLove its
00:07:28TakinBackMyLove not lvl 2 ?
00:07:29Yuriko GO
00:07:31atte ss luna
00:07:34Yuriko go
00:07:41101010 sstop
00:07:58TakinBackMyLove max
00:07:58TakinBackMyLove stun
00:08:04TakinBackMyLove if your on duble
00:08:05TakinBackMyLove lane
00:08:08TakinBackMyLove and the other
00:08:10TakinBackMyLove if your solo
00:08:13TakinBackMyLove curid
00:08:19mamyka gg carry lich
00:08:30Janske kill them
00:08:32mamyka u rly need farm'
00:08:34Vangelis om i fail
00:08:34Janske atleast try
00:08:38Zajeb ss
00:08:42Zajeb re
00:08:46atte HE STILL HAD ULTI WTF
00:09:00atte :DDDDDDDDDDDDD
00:09:02Zajeb kill top furi?
00:09:07TakinBackMyLove cmon
00:09:09TakinBackMyLove curdi...
00:09:13Yuriko me
00:09:13curdi stop whining
00:09:13Yuriko rune
00:09:16Yuriko or not
00:09:20que2stress b
00:09:22Yuriko go
00:09:24Yuriko no
00:09:25Yuriko w
00:09:25Yuriko tc
00:09:46que2stress why mo b
00:09:59Janske fuck I dunno.. didn't think very well
00:10:19Vangelis you need
00:10:21Vangelis mboots
00:10:22Vangelis before vg
00:10:23Zajeb yy
00:10:24Yuriko wards plz
00:10:25Yuriko someone
00:10:29Vangelis before ring of health
00:10:30Yuriko it really helps
00:10:30Vangelis :>
00:10:32Yuriko to gank with rune
00:10:51Zajeb ss
00:11:00curdi need to b
00:11:12atte haha
00:11:17curdi bot ss rex
00:11:17mamyka gj
00:11:20Yuriko same
00:11:25atte 1creep for dagon
00:11:26atte was
00:11:35TakinBackMyLove rune
00:11:35TakinBackMyLove top
00:11:42mamyka own
00:11:53Zajeb ss 2
00:11:53atte ss
00:12:28Zajeb luna has ulti
00:12:49curdi low mana
00:12:53mamyka w8 me
00:12:54Yuriko make him run
00:13:00Yuriko just go
00:13:00Yuriko engage
00:13:05Zajeb ss 2
00:13:25mamyka fail
00:13:31Yuriko lagged there a bit
00:13:32Yuriko qq
00:13:32mamyka just say you qw8 me
00:13:46curdi well i thought luna's ulti would have more of an effect
00:13:51Yuriko me too
00:14:18que2stress ok sry was on phone
00:14:47curdi 3 bot
00:14:50Yuriko go
00:14:50Yuriko man
00:14:54curdi could use wards
00:15:05TakinBackMyLove nuce
00:15:05TakinBackMyLove nice
00:15:06TakinBackMyLove why
00:15:08TakinBackMyLove do i lisin g
00:15:10Yuriko didnt u see them??
00:15:11mamyka fuckin noob potm
00:15:16Yuriko they were on our 2nd tower lo
00:15:24TakinBackMyLove no i dont see them we have no awrds
00:15:25TakinBackMyLove ffs
00:15:57Janske go b
00:16:12atte 5
00:17:01TakinBackMyLove wtf
00:17:02TakinBackMyLove kka
00:17:04TakinBackMyLove fucking newb
00:17:21TakinBackMyLove wp
00:17:24TakinBackMyLove kunkka
00:17:26TakinBackMyLove haha
00:17:30curdi can u stop bitching
00:17:31que2stress care
00:17:32curdi already
00:17:33TakinBackMyLove no
00:17:35TakinBackMyLove fuck no
00:17:46que2stress imba saves
00:17:56atte ???
00:17:57Vangelis mana boots
00:17:59Vangelis would be cool
00:18:01que2stress i will
00:18:09Vangelis give me
00:18:10Vangelis clar
00:20:19que2stress damn that was bad :D
00:20:30TakinBackMyLove stay
00:20:32TakinBackMyLove with him
00:20:37curdi i know
00:20:44TakinBackMyLove he just bougt bakck
00:20:59Vangelis -ms
00:21:02que2stress ud u go pipe
00:21:03que2stress ?
00:21:09Zajeb y aster
00:21:37que2stress have ult
00:21:40curdi rexx invisi
00:21:42curdi care lich
00:23:04que2stress ww
00:23:05Vangelis luna loth
00:23:05que2stress on blue
00:23:07Zajeb lothat
00:23:16Yuriko come
00:23:19Yuriko let them come
00:23:21atte care
00:23:21Yuriko and lich owns
00:23:27Vangelis their
00:23:28Vangelis ulties
00:23:29Vangelis useless
00:23:30Vangelis vs tomb
00:23:31Vangelis ....
00:23:37que2stress inc top
00:23:47Vangelis move
00:23:48Vangelis bird
00:24:58que2stress any goes jango?
00:25:04Vangelis never
00:25:05Vangelis heal me
00:25:07Vangelis i have 4% regen
00:25:28curdi looks like we got many jangos coming
00:25:50Yuriko kk
00:26:01Vangelis lol ?
00:26:01que2stress care no vision
00:26:36curdi well fought guys
00:26:58atte HAHAHAH
00:27:40atte hi
00:27:41atte fucker
00:27:44TakinBackMyLove nice woth the buyback ?
00:27:53atte absolutely
00:27:59atte revenge
00:28:55que2stress oop
00:28:58que2stress s
00:29:22que2stress plan?
00:29:39atte cd
00:29:53atte tc no ult
00:30:42atte b
00:30:58que2stress ...
00:31:16atte why :DDDDD
00:31:32mamyka what iteam i need?
00:31:35que2stress perfect slark ;)
00:31:38Yuriko sentry ward
00:31:42Vangelis 969
00:31:44Vangelis 565
00:31:48curdi ac mby
00:31:51curdi or lothar
00:31:52que2stress 313
00:31:53curdi but
00:31:54curdi we got 1
00:31:55curdi so
00:31:56TakinBackMyLove mot lotharrs
00:31:57curdi might be useless
00:31:58Yuriko sentry ward, i'm serious
00:31:58TakinBackMyLove 'not
00:32:47Vangelis bird
00:33:41atte lol noob shoot arrow too early
00:33:44atte not even needed to bkb
00:33:59TakinBackMyLove well you still tped back kiddo
00:34:16mamyka whyz/
00:34:27Yuriko we need gem
00:35:20TakinBackMyLove sick delay
00:35:44TakinBackMyLove WOw im the only one ?
00:35:53curdi repel = no delay
00:35:54que2stress actually
00:35:56curdi problem = you
00:35:57que2stress i see 9 other people
00:35:58atte nah 50sec delay here
00:36:09TakinBackMyLove to 2 sec delay atm
00:36:44curdi need wards
00:36:59mamyka take havemnt spase
00:37:10Vangelis 1 top
00:37:10Vangelis go mid
00:37:11Vangelis ?
00:37:17TakinBackMyLove go i can invis
00:37:18TakinBackMyLove you
00:37:19Janske b
00:37:22Yuriko do it
00:37:22Janske I'm on phone
00:37:23Janske fuck
00:37:32que2stress and u just realized it now?
00:37:44Janske ok now good
00:38:23Yuriko rosh
00:38:37Yuriko someone tank
00:38:43mamyka i try
00:38:58TakinBackMyLove we cant
00:38:59TakinBackMyLove they
00:39:00TakinBackMyLove are back
00:39:01Yuriko we can
00:39:01TakinBackMyLove soon
00:39:04TakinBackMyLove kk
00:39:44que2stress plan
00:39:44que2stress ?
00:39:52Vangelis no plan
00:40:17curdi looks like they got a ward there
00:40:20Yuriko bird
00:40:22Yuriko rex
00:40:24Janske should I buy gem?
00:40:31Vangelis sentry
00:40:31Vangelis helps
00:41:33que2stress atte
00:41:42que2stress op comon
00:41:42mamyka n1
00:41:44mamyka potm
00:41:45que2stress ty
00:41:48mamyka fuckin furi
00:41:49atte sorry
00:42:01Vangelis go
00:42:02Vangelis gog
00:42:02Vangelis go
00:42:07TakinBackMyLove how much gold you lost cuz of bb ? 3.5k ? or more +
00:42:18atte use
00:42:21atte first skill?
00:42:28Vangelis wont
00:42:28Vangelis stop
00:42:31Vangelis tp anyway
00:42:32curdi 500 for my pipe
00:42:48mamyka 500 for ac
00:43:04TakinBackMyLove b
00:43:05TakinBackMyLove all
00:43:05TakinBackMyLove they
00:43:06TakinBackMyLove smoke
00:43:14que2stress pipe soon?
00:43:23Zajeb got hood
00:43:24mamyka let me 300
00:43:25Zajeb only
00:43:26mamyka ac rdy
00:43:39Zajeb b
00:43:48mamyka 10 gold
00:43:52mamyka w8 me
00:43:52curdi thrall getting necro
00:43:59que2stress as long as they have gem
00:44:00que2stress def base
00:44:06mamyka wp
00:44:07TakinBackMyLove bb
00:44:09Yuriko go
00:44:13que2stress b
00:44:15mamyka go mid all
00:44:31mamyka what i need now?
00:44:35Vangelis def
00:44:36Vangelis base
00:44:36que2stress its lost
00:44:37Vangelis then
00:44:38mamyka i never play him
00:44:40Yuriko smoke
00:44:41curdi hot, buri
00:44:44curdi bfury maybe
00:44:46atte sad game while noob stole my potm
00:45:01TakinBackMyLove uuh you mad kiddo ? :D HAHAHA
00:45:02Yuriko go in
00:45:04atte :DD
00:45:06atte kiddo
00:45:29que2stress why
00:45:59TakinBackMyLove newb
00:45:59atte I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:46:02Vangelis I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:46:05Janske I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:46:06atte yeah did press bkb
00:46:07atte gg
00:46:09Zajeb I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:46:11TakinBackMyLove sure thing homie
00:46:12mamyka who lose magick wand?
00:46:16TakinBackMyLove l2p
00:46:18atte TOO LATE OBV
00:46:23Vangelis gem
00:46:23Vangelis take
00:46:24Janske gem
00:46:24Vangelis gem
00:46:25Vangelis gem
00:46:28atte ok dont ff
00:46:30atte that noob
00:46:34atte is getting disgusting
00:46:56Zajeb gem on base
00:47:09mamyka luna this is ur wand?
00:47:13Yuriko no
00:47:30mamyka i need life steal?
00:47:35Yuriko just get
00:47:36Yuriko damage
00:47:39Yuriko go buriza
00:47:43Vangelis smoke
00:47:44Vangelis gank
00:47:45Vangelis ?
00:47:59Yuriko Btw
00:48:02Yuriko why would you go lothar on slark
00:48:08Vangelis for fun
00:48:08Vangelis ?
00:48:16curdi perfect slark
00:49:02Vangelis go ff now
00:49:07Zajeb I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:49:07atte y
00:49:09que2stress u 2 really mange
00:49:10Vangelis plz go
00:49:12que2stress to get stunned
00:49:14Janske I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:49:14que2stress all the time
00:49:19atte just ff
00:49:21TakinBackMyLove to easy rly
00:49:21atte I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:49:28atte who didnt ff
00:49:30atte vangelis
00:49:32atte :DDD
00:49:32Vangelis que
00:49:32Zajeb I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:49:32Vangelis I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:49:49atte go ff pls que so mb i can play 1 more
00:50:01atte so fucking sadgame next game wont shitpick
00:50:08que2stress we lose
00:50:09atte will be game of my life
00:50:10que2stress cause
00:50:20que2stress they vangelis always is in liech ult
00:50:21que2stress or tc stun
00:50:22atte they play bad
00:50:23atte but they got
00:50:26atte good heros
00:50:36atte and rexxar no necro 3 but agha
00:50:36atte and me
00:50:41atte so much deaths
00:50:46atte and no hex
00:51:03Janske it's bg for me
00:51:05curdi gem on slark
00:51:11Janske I had to take serious phone call..
00:51:16Janske and couldn't focus
00:51:18Janske middle game
00:51:28Zajeb just ff pls
00:51:35atte rege bot
00:51:37Zajeb 90 sec
00:51:53que2stress ud stll no pipe
00:52:15Vangelis take
00:52:15Vangelis gem
00:52:16Vangelis mby
00:52:16Vangelis ?
00:52:17Vangelis furi
00:52:18Vangelis ?
00:52:43que2stress nah ff
00:52:44que2stress I surrender! [5/5 of Scourge]
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