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Chat log

00:00:13edgarass phoe for me pls???
00:00:22Strom anyone want lich?
00:00:22creeeeeee appi mis pool
00:00:22HuaRong so much carry
00:00:22Strom boring pool, I don't want to farm
00:00:22edgarass take phoe+ void
00:00:22edgarass imba ulti kombo
00:00:22Strom phoe + lich even more imba
00:00:22edgarass phoe +lich+void supermegaimba
00:00:22creeeeeee we wont get lich and phoe both
00:00:22Casberry there are tons of those ... ^^
00:00:22Casberry fc
00:00:22Fxx. zzz
00:00:22nigulas situtud
00:00:22nigulas aitäh
00:00:22nigulas -phoenix
00:00:22HuaRong ban ppl
00:00:22Strom void
00:00:22edgarass shit
00:00:24edgarass i cant play anything else..
00:00:26edgarass :)
00:00:31Casberry there goes the imba combo ^^
00:00:42Vangelis spec
00:00:44Vangelis ???
00:00:44creeeeeee lich anyone?
00:01:06Strom I will take mid most likely
00:01:17creeeeeee get lich ?
00:01:18creeeeeee imba lane
00:01:20edgarass what a shitty pool
00:01:20creeeeeee lich slard
00:01:21Casberry ned range
00:01:28edgarass i go lich but first time in gc i think
00:01:32nigulas bat mid
00:01:36edgarass skillbuild?
00:01:38nigulas ez vs axe
00:01:39Strom well it's best pick by far
00:01:47Strom take dark packt first
00:01:48Vangelis get ritual
00:01:53Vangelis ye deny
00:01:54Casberry wtf ...
00:01:57Vangelis at 0:00
00:01:57Casberry shit pick onkly
00:01:58nigulas hmm
00:02:00nigulas gyro go bot
00:02:01nigulas with sk
00:02:02Vangelis ns
00:02:03edgarass lanes?
00:02:03Vangelis good
00:02:03nigulas ench woods
00:02:04Vangelis pick
00:02:06101010 y
00:02:06Vangelis ns good pick
00:02:11Vangelis night stalker
00:02:17edgarass wards for top
00:02:19Casberry k
00:02:23edgarass lanes?
00:02:28Strom ok axe mid, lich & slard bot
00:02:30Fxx. they play 4 carry + lich
00:02:32Vangelis well
00:02:33Strom ns & brood top
00:02:34Vangelis if am is top
00:02:37Vangelis we need lich top
00:02:39nigulas axe carry?:D
00:02:39Strom hmm
00:02:40nigulas ok
00:02:42creeeeeee eat creeps all the time with ur 3rd spell
00:02:46nigulas ns carry?:D
00:02:47Strom yea lets do lich & slard top
00:02:49nigulas smart
00:02:50Strom brood & ns bot
00:02:50nigulas is smart
00:02:51101010 like every hero what fxx play
00:02:55Vangelis LICH
00:02:56creeeeeee nigulas is mid
00:02:56101010 =
00:02:56Vangelis top
00:02:57101010 carry
00:03:11creeeeeee defoo?
00:03:13Vangelis whatever
00:03:16Casberry im top with brodd then
00:03:16Vangelis if you are wrong
00:03:18Vangelis i blame you
00:03:19edgarass strom said
00:03:26nigulas mingi sitt aura mu amil
00:03:28HuaRong caer fb
00:03:29nigulas kõik viimased mängud
00:03:30nigulas farmed
00:03:31nigulas aga üle
00:03:31Vangelis noh
00:03:32Vangelis gg
00:03:33Vangelis am top
00:03:51Vangelis plz lich top
00:03:54Vangelis so he cant stop am farm
00:04:02creeeeeee why you ruin lasthits?
00:04:35edgarass lich itembuild?
00:04:36edgarass meka?
00:04:40Strom y
00:05:07nigulas ha
00:05:08Casberry wft
00:05:16Vangelis block luck
00:05:16Vangelis gg
00:05:49nigulas FFS
00:05:52nigulas hotkeyd olid maas
00:06:06Casberry thats good
00:06:29nigulas gj :D
00:06:31HuaRong go wood
00:06:35edgarass ss2
00:07:46Strom :D
00:07:53HuaRong ss1
00:07:56Strom mis mid
00:08:09nigulas sry
00:08:12nigulas but i thought u was afk
00:08:14nigulas so i used
00:08:14nigulas creep
00:08:15Casberry meh
00:08:17101010 np
00:08:27Fxx. ...
00:08:38edgarass go go
00:09:30Casberry dude ...
00:09:31Casberry look
00:09:34HuaRong ss2
00:09:53nigulas i go mid farm
00:09:55nigulas too much action
00:09:56nigulas ty :D
00:10:24Strom go
00:10:52creeeeeee 2ss
00:10:58Fxx. omg
00:10:58Fxx. ...
00:11:01Fxx. this luckers
00:11:02Fxx. ...
00:11:09Fxx. 3 hero rune me with 20 hp
00:12:10Strom 3 bot
00:13:10edgarass \lag
00:13:26creeeeeee tapame
00:13:33Strom mul poel ultit
00:13:39Vangelis kill him
00:13:39edgarass ;lag
00:13:39Vangelis ns
00:14:01creeeeeee meil 0 manabootsi ka
00:14:05Vangelis lich lvl
00:14:05Vangelis 5
00:14:07Vangelis ??? :DDd
00:14:08101010 eat tango
00:14:11creeeeeee ma suht terve mängu oom nüüd
00:14:12edgarass fduck of
00:14:19Casberry not smart ...
00:14:21edgarass i cant do nothinf
00:14:34edgarass slard takling all my farm
00:14:36creeeeeee you may leave
00:14:39Vangelis YOUR FARM
00:14:40Vangelis :DDD
00:14:55creeeeeee :D:D
00:15:05creeeeeee i'm taking all ur farm you say?
00:15:08nigulas b
00:15:18creeeeeee god...i would just remove you from silver cuz of that
00:15:28creeeeeee if it would be my thing to do
00:15:49creeeeeee how can you even say this kind of thing
00:16:05edgarass lag
00:16:07HuaRong w m
00:16:24Strom care top
00:16:43Casberry yeah ...
00:16:45edgarass fucking mega lag
00:16:53nigulas ffs
00:16:57edgarass 500 ping..
00:16:59creeeeeee they even have creep to take my mana away -.-
00:17:10nigulas gyro
00:17:13nigulas go handle that brood
00:17:14nigulas so easy
00:17:17nigulas just go wherever
00:17:17nigulas he goes
00:17:18nigulas to puish
00:17:19Fxx. cds
00:17:29nigulas u have that epic atack?
00:17:37Strom lol casberry
00:17:38Casberry woot
00:17:40Casberry fuck
00:17:41Strom you don't use ulti for battle
00:17:45Strom and then use for farming :d
00:17:49Fxx. omg
00:17:50Casberry i didnt want to fuckn use it
00:18:10Casberry cleaning mouse ...
00:18:13Casberry shit happening
00:18:59HuaRong manam
00:19:34Casberry what tiems ns ?
00:19:38Strom treads
00:19:40Fxx. magina
00:19:42Fxx. just farm
00:19:42nigulas y
00:19:45Casberry hav
00:19:48Strom then blue scepter
00:19:51Vangelis no
00:20:25Casberry aga scepter ? serious ? ^^
00:20:36Strom yes
00:20:37HuaRong ????
00:20:38Casberry k
00:20:42Vangelis it is bad
00:20:43Vangelis tho
00:20:45HuaRong b
00:20:46Strom no it's not
00:20:49nigulas gyro
00:20:49nigulas tp
00:20:50nigulas top
00:20:52Vangelis we dont need
00:20:55Vangelis better ganking
00:20:56Vangelis power
00:20:59Vangelis we need
00:20:59nigulas now!
00:21:01Strom it gives him hp too
00:21:01Vangelis moar farmers
00:21:02Strom and easy to build
00:21:25nigulas HA
00:21:36nigulas STUN??
00:21:52Strom dont fight under their towr
00:21:54nigulas gem inc
00:23:00HuaRong buy dust some1
00:23:03nigulas gem
00:23:04nigulas on me
00:23:15nigulas rosh sk
00:23:18nigulas come
00:23:19edgarass smokegang
00:23:19HuaRong k
00:23:21nigulas need ur lifesteal
00:23:31Vangelis smoke
00:23:32Vangelis yourself
00:23:32edgarass gather
00:23:38nigulas sec
00:23:49nigulas stay uphulll 1
00:25:27creeeeeee ikka mulle
00:25:29creeeeeee missel peale
00:26:21creeeeeee gem on ami peal
00:26:24Strom yep
00:26:26edgarass like5 min
00:26:53HuaRong care
00:27:22Strom 3 bot, push top fast
00:27:31nigulas lets all farm with am
00:27:41edgarass brood care
00:27:44Fxx. 400 to agha
00:27:45nigulas tp
00:27:46nigulas top
00:27:53HuaRong my tp is cd
00:27:59HuaRong b
00:28:06Vangelis lich solo farming
00:28:07Vangelis forest
00:28:07Vangelis gg
00:28:14Strom b
00:28:19Strom we need lich ulti
00:28:35nigulas need 200
00:28:58Fxx. 100 to agha
00:29:04Strom go there
00:29:41Strom hmm
00:30:15Strom b
00:30:25creeeeeee ei saa
00:30:30Casberry goodamn am
00:30:30creeeeeee missel jälle peal mul ofc
00:30:39Strom need my ulti for am
00:31:52nigulas lifesteal
00:31:53nigulas ty
00:32:12HuaRong lets smoke
00:32:35Fxx. guys , 20 sec afk
00:33:39nigulas rosh up in a sec
00:33:40nigulas we go again
00:33:42Casberry yeah looks cool though ^^ even if its not that good
00:34:11edgarass roshalive?
00:34:23Fxx. im re
00:34:24Fxx. sry
00:34:24Strom no
00:34:25Fxx. wc
00:34:25Strom aegis on am
00:34:41nigulas nice ultiwaste
00:34:46Strom now alive
00:34:46Fxx. 40 sec cd
00:34:47Strom I guess
00:34:53Fxx. 2000 - to orb
00:34:54Fxx. sry
00:35:05edgarass shit
00:35:05Pufff-Reis ?
00:35:06creeeeeee ??
00:35:11nigulas rosh
00:35:11HuaRong b
00:35:12nigulas sk
00:35:14Casberry best ult ^^
00:35:20HuaRong mana
00:35:21HuaRong pls
00:35:37Strom well
00:35:40Vangelis I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:35:42Strom I guess farm was too important
00:35:55Strom although I failed to define what "rosh alive now" means
00:35:57HuaRong we can push now
00:35:59Strom especially after we got bat entry
00:36:13Vangelis gg team
00:36:14Vangelis noob
00:36:15Vangelis strom
00:36:17Vangelis perfect
00:36:17Vangelis I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:36:30Strom like I said, I failed to be specific enough
00:37:18Fxx. wp
00:37:20Fxx. gg
00:37:22Casberry gg i guess
00:37:31Strom oh well, was to be expected with such a farm pool
00:37:37Strom and with me not wanting to farm
00:37:46Strom handicapped our team
00:38:02creeeeeee i still think some of the fights manaboots would of saved
00:38:14creeeeeee one extra stun from me or sth in different situations
00:38:18creeeeeee could of changed alot
00:38:41Strom lets try one more
00:38:43Strom give me frost armor
00:39:03Strom I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:39:09creeeeeee I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:39:20Casberry tose stuns and slows ...
00:39:43nigulas gg
00:40:36HuaRong gg
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