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-28 X
+1 TS

78% | 1382 X | 1432 TS

-30 X
+1 TS

71% | 1319 X | 1405 TS

+17 X
+1 TS

57% | 1224 X | 1372 TS

-15 X
+2 TS

10% | 915 X | 1180 TS

-36 X
+67 TS

NEW | 1000 X | 1000 TS

+16 X
-1 TS

76% | 1393 X | 1403 TS

+9 X
-1 TS

75% | 1317 X | 1471 TS

+40 X
-1 TS

48% | 1187 X | 1302 TS

+7 X
-2 TS

9% | 893 X | 1199 TS

+27 X
-2 TS

9% | 897 X | 1188 TS

Chat log

00:00:050Xxo0_o -music off
00:00:050Xxo0_o nice
00:00:050Xxo0_o ...
00:00:05edgarass wtf
00:00:11edgarass these noobs
00:00:11Sekundum omg
00:00:17edgarass u have lag?
00:00:17Lafrenzz < mid
00:00:17Sekundum all good
00:00:17edgarass ok
00:00:17Usires sucks to be my team
00:00:17Usires one dota in 3-4months
00:00:17edgarass ban today?
00:00:170Xxo0_o mby
00:00:17holostoi ban luca
00:00:17Usires mmmm
00:00:17Usires k
00:00:17Usires LYCANTHROPE OF 666
00:00:170Xxo0_o 4 imba heroes
00:00:17Sekundum My 1 game
00:00:17Lafrenzz bala
00:00:17Sekundum i noob
00:00:240Xxo0_o play void
00:00:270Xxo0_o pink
00:00:27Lafrenzz no
00:00:280Xxo0_o ?
00:00:32Lafrenzz i play puck
00:00:35Lafrenzz get wards
00:00:370Xxo0_o omg
00:00:38Lafrenzz and i own this game
00:00:38mrk anyone want es?
00:00:420Xxo0_o no puck
00:00:460Xxo0_o puck suxs
00:00:48Lafrenzz STFU
00:00:50mrk want
00:00:51mrk es?
00:00:55Sekundum plz void for me
00:00:56Usires anyone of u punks want lichmon
00:00:590Xxo0_o can ff
00:01:010Xxo0_o gg
00:01:21mrk get es
00:01:22mrk bane
00:01:25Usires yeah go spec void tb
00:01:31mrk tusk bane abba
00:01:31Shiningstone bu I want aba
00:01:370Xxo0_o es 4 me plz
00:01:38Usires not wondering decision to not play anymore @_@
00:01:420Xxo0_o give me ?
00:01:430Xxo0_o es ?
00:01:43mrk get abba then
00:01:45Shiningstone get Aba pls
00:01:460Xxo0_o or
00:01:490Xxo0_o swap ?
00:01:51mrk y
00:01:52mrk abba
00:01:530Xxo0_o give me es ?
00:01:55Usires :D
00:01:56Lafrenzz get wards
00:01:56mrk :DDDDDDDD;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;,
00:01:59Shiningstone -swap
00:02:01edgarass lol they have 1000 carries
00:02:02Lafrenzz rdy to get butfucked
00:02:020Xxo0_o give me ?
00:02:03Usires this is why i got one dota in 3months
00:02:04Usires here
00:02:090Xxo0_o -swap 4
00:02:11Shiningstone -clear
00:02:13Lafrenzz full carries
00:02:14Lafrenzz yy
00:02:16Shiningstone -swap
00:02:16mrk strom is working on a invite system for gold
00:02:17edgarass just play silver
00:02:190Xxo0_o 5
00:02:19Lafrenzz gonna rape you anal
00:02:22Shiningstone -swap 4
00:02:230Xxo0_o swap5
00:02:25mrk bane go bot
00:02:250Xxo0_o 555
00:02:26Usires well kinda imbossible to get silver
00:02:27edgarass There is not suck thing like all team carries
00:02:27Usires this time
00:02:30Shiningstone -swap 5
00:02:32mrk well silver is as bad
00:02:330Xxo0_o thx dude
00:02:34mrk as bronze
00:02:52GottHasstMich uh decent afk pick :S
00:02:54edgarass at least they dont pock 4 carries
00:03:04GottHasstMich haha
00:03:04mrk share
00:03:08GottHasstMich what is this team about?
00:03:08GottHasstMich :D
00:03:13Usires ...
00:03:17GottHasstMich carry sentinel gonna win this
00:03:17GottHasstMich !
00:03:19mrk most likely youll win
00:03:20mrk ye
00:03:21SMEGMAPLEKK mrk ludu ring teil:D
00:03:25GottHasstMich i will laugh if we do mate
00:03:35GottHasstMich well lich
00:03:360Xxo0_o -afk
00:03:38GottHasstMich just own some mid
00:03:41GottHasstMich ill grow
00:03:42GottHasstMich for sure
00:03:430Xxo0_o ss1
00:03:53mrk ära mind lase
00:04:120Xxo0_o still ss1
00:04:530Xxo0_o wtf ????
00:04:57Usires puck
00:04:58Usires top
00:05:08Usires re
00:05:330Xxo0_o om
00:05:340Xxo0_o g
00:05:370Xxo0_o look :D
00:05:410Xxo0_o :D
00:05:420Xxo0_o :D
00:05:430Xxo0_o omg :D
00:06:03mrk äge sõber sul
00:06:06SMEGMAPLEKK jh
00:06:14SMEGMAPLEKK see 1st korda:D
00:06:31mrk come bane
00:06:32mrk freekils
00:06:59Usires miss pussk
00:07:02SMEGMAPLEKK irwww
00:07:03Usires puck
00:07:07SMEGMAPLEKK h2sti aitab:D
00:07:28Sekundum nice
00:07:44edgarass ss2
00:07:49Usires wheres our chicken
00:07:51Usires who can i banm
00:08:10SMEGMAPLEKK sekunden
00:08:10Sekundum my first game
00:08:12SMEGMAPLEKK wheres is chick
00:08:14SMEGMAPLEKK care
00:08:14Sekundum what?
00:08:31Sekundum ok i buy
00:08:32mrk top free kills
00:08:36Lafrenzz oom
00:08:37GottHasstMich lol
00:08:37Sekundum i dont know
00:08:39GottHasstMich we have no chick
00:08:39Lafrenzz getting 6
00:08:39GottHasstMich :D
00:08:41Lafrenzz and comming
00:08:54Usires i come bot
00:08:56Usires lets try kill
00:08:57Usires got ulti
00:09:02GottHasstMich w8 me then
00:09:08mrk bane
00:09:14GottHasstMich ok lets roll
00:09:25Lafrenzz omw
00:09:29Sekundum nice
00:09:35Sekundum i no have gold
00:09:390Xxo0_o fucker
00:09:400Xxo0_o noob
00:09:41Sekundum for chick
00:09:430Xxo0_o pink
00:09:44SMEGMAPLEKK gnk tp
00:09:44Sekundum sorry
00:09:45SMEGMAPLEKK omgggg
00:09:52edgarass have ulti
00:09:53GottHasstMich ...
00:09:57GottHasstMich lich
00:09:59GottHasstMich next time
00:09:59edgarass naix rdy
00:10:01GottHasstMich u dont go to fucking es
00:10:04GottHasstMich u first kill the running abba
00:10:11Lafrenzz upg chicjk
00:10:12GottHasstMich es was completly surrounded by us
00:10:13Lafrenzz chick
00:10:14Usires didnt see whole abba
00:10:14Usires tbh
00:10:19Usires and he was killing spec
00:10:25GottHasstMich na he wasnt killing
00:10:40Sekundum ((
00:10:43Sekundum help
00:10:44edgarass gj naix
00:10:46holostoi epic fail top
00:10:47holostoi omg
00:10:47mrk come
00:10:49Usires epic fail picks
00:10:50mrk i sap
00:10:51mrk = kill
00:10:53Usires u all are fuckin retards
00:10:54Lafrenzz go
00:10:55edgarass no mana
00:10:56Usires with big R
00:10:57Usires tbh
00:10:58edgarass wait manaboots
00:11:16Usires ff
00:11:26mrk just dive
00:11:28mrk whoever comes
00:11:32GottHasstMich we have 0 wards
00:11:33GottHasstMich ffs
00:11:36GottHasstMich can s1 buy this shit ?
00:11:41GottHasstMich WHERE IS CHICK ?
00:11:44GottHasstMich void
00:11:47GottHasstMich enjoy your last game
00:11:50GottHasstMich u will be banned afterwards
00:11:540Xxo0_o b
00:11:59mrk 3top
00:12:00edgarass 3 top
00:12:050Xxo0_o 3 top
00:12:07GottHasstMich go activate it
00:12:11Lafrenzz go
00:12:14edgarass go
00:12:16Lafrenzz bane
00:12:17Lafrenzz sleep
00:12:42Lafrenzz chill
00:12:43Usires gj nub
00:12:44Lafrenzz was oom
00:12:56Sekundum i up too?
00:13:05Usires who the fuck cares
00:13:09Usires u all go bnet
00:13:240Xxo0_o go on spec
00:13:47Lafrenzz cmon
00:13:55Lafrenzz mid tower then
00:15:02edgarass i ulti lich
00:15:250Xxo0_o ffs
00:15:270Xxo0_o fucking
00:15:29Usires gj
00:15:290Xxo0_o windown
00:15:34edgarass retards
00:15:34mrk HAHAHAHHA
00:15:400Xxo0_o fucking windows
00:15:420Xxo0_o ...
00:15:450Xxo0_o i hate this
00:16:09Usires :D
00:16:20mrk ES STUN
00:16:25mrk es chills
00:16:27mrk under tower
00:16:29Shiningstone fuck sorry was unselected
00:16:43Sekundum i up
00:16:43mrk we could just
00:16:46mrk win it in 20 minutes
00:16:47Sekundum &
00:16:48Sekundum ??
00:16:52mrk but u need to use ur heroes
00:17:20Usires ff
00:17:22Usires when can ff here
00:17:24Usires thesedays
00:17:29SMEGMAPLEKK 25 min
00:17:32Sekundum no ff
00:17:34edgarass 25
00:17:34Sekundum plz
00:17:35edgarass 25
00:17:37Lafrenzz pwned
00:17:39Lafrenzz pwned
00:17:40Lafrenzz pwned
00:17:42Lafrenzz :D
00:17:43Usires yea u pro
00:17:460Xxo0_o ty
00:17:48Lafrenzz ty bitch
00:17:54Sekundum no ff
00:18:18Shiningstone :DDD
00:18:260Xxo0_o still more kills for cary :*
00:18:31mrk GG TP
00:18:32mrk GG TP
00:18:33mrk GG TP
00:18:33Shiningstone Big fun!
00:19:07GottHasstMich we play with 0 fucking wards
00:19:10GottHasstMich again
00:19:16GottHasstMich 0 map awareness
00:19:17Usires WTF U EXPECT
00:19:23GottHasstMich BUY THEM ?
00:19:270Xxo0_o i cant fly
00:19:290Xxo0_o :/
00:19:29Usires seing picks MAKES ME SO FUCKING INTERESTED
00:19:31Lafrenzz :p
00:19:31Usires OF THIS GAME
00:19:33edgarass make dagger
00:19:360Xxo0_o yy
00:19:400Xxo0_o 650
00:19:42Usires IM LIKE "WOHOO" LETS OWN
00:19:420Xxo0_o and
00:19:43Lafrenzz me to
00:19:440Xxo0_o its
00:19:470Xxo0_o yy
00:19:57mrk im gonna
00:19:59mrk farm 20 minutes
00:20:09mrk because i can
00:20:26Sekundum j0
00:20:27Sekundum j0
00:21:18Lafrenzz m,ana
00:21:18holostoi sniper plz learn shrapnel
00:21:230Xxo0_o cd
00:21:48Lafrenzz b
00:22:04GottHasstMich i go
00:22:070Xxo0_o :D
00:22:090Xxo0_o retard :D
00:23:080Xxo0_o ok dager rdy
00:23:21Lafrenzz ulti
00:23:25GottHasstMich ..
00:23:50GottHasstMich GO
00:24:50Lafrenzz im b
00:25:060Xxo0_o dd
00:26:02GottHasstMich srsly
00:26:05GottHasstMich this player should be banned
00:26:11GottHasstMich he only picks heroes like luna
00:26:12GottHasstMich sniper
00:26:14GottHasstMich and always fails
00:26:19GottHasstMich and feeds
00:27:08mrk wish id pick es or something
00:27:12mrk woulda been so ez 16-0
00:27:25mrk instead i pick crap like this
00:27:30mrk which is dependant on other heroes
00:27:40edgarass we have to finish
00:28:19GottHasstMich cunt
00:28:200Xxo0_o noo
00:28:210Xxo0_o :D
00:28:25Lafrenzz :p
00:29:06mrk :D
00:29:30Usires I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:29:39SMEGMAPLEKK I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:29:42mrk I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:30:12mrk es ulti
00:30:23GottHasstMich CAN
00:30:26GottHasstMich U HIT ONE GOOD ULTI ?
00:30:28GottHasstMich jesus
00:30:33GottHasstMich i hope your enjoyed you last game
00:30:35GottHasstMich void
00:30:39GottHasstMich in gc
00:31:11holostoi i got 3700 and dies 2 times in a row(
00:31:12edgarass go aegis and then push?>
00:32:03Lafrenzz now days everybody wanna talk like they got something to say, but nothing comes up when they move their libs, bunch of jiberich
00:32:07GottHasstMich wp
00:32:10Lafrenzz acting like they forgot about dre
00:32:290Xxo0_o x
00:32:300Xxo0_o D
00:32:33GottHasstMich srsly
00:32:340Xxo0_o i love this :D
00:32:35GottHasstMich 0:15
00:32:36GottHasstMich 1:15
00:32:380Xxo0_o :D
00:32:38GottHasstMich wtf is this
00:32:43Lafrenzz u said i shouldnt play puck
00:32:44Lafrenzz wtf
00:32:460Xxo0_o and 3/7
00:32:49Sekundum my1st game
00:32:54GottHasstMich like 3:7
00:32:570Xxo0_o kk
00:33:03GottHasstMich would be a shame
00:33:05GottHasstMich in this game
00:33:060Xxo0_o like 3/8 ?
00:33:06GottHasstMich lol
00:33:12GottHasstMich and u better be quiet
00:33:23GottHasstMich only because u are in winning team
00:33:28GottHasstMich aint makes u good player
00:33:36GottHasstMich i always enjoy your pudge games
00:33:38GottHasstMich like yesterday
00:33:40GottHasstMich uber fail
00:33:45Usires u so
00:33:45mrk ill get it one time
00:33:45edgarass abba RETARD
00:33:46Usires angry
00:33:47edgarass WE NEED YOU
00:33:48GottHasstMich just play your game and be quiet
00:33:48Usires mrk
00:33:59edgarass ABBA B
00:34:01edgarass B
00:34:01edgarass B
00:34:01edgarass B
00:34:02edgarass B
00:34:12edgarass ABBA PLAY IN FIGHTS
00:34:16edgarass WE NENED YOUR SUPPORT
00:34:20mrk wel
00:34:23mrk we dont need abba
00:34:31mrk on paper
00:34:35mrk but since this is bronze
00:34:52Lafrenzz sorry for use :p
00:34:560Xxo0_o :p
00:34:570Xxo0_o :D
00:34:57edgarass ALL MID
00:34:580Xxo0_o npnp
00:34:59edgarass GO
00:35:02Lafrenzz :p
00:35:10Lafrenzz wait me please
00:35:19edgarass MID
00:35:19edgarass ALL
00:35:200Xxo0_o kill spec
00:35:23edgarass IDIOTS
00:35:23Lafrenzz wait for me
00:35:30GottHasstMich NO TP
00:35:31GottHasstMich lol
00:35:390Xxo0_o mana plz
00:35:46edgarass =TERROS FIRST
00:35:55GottHasstMich good stun
00:35:59Lafrenzz es jump
00:36:00Lafrenzz with ulti
00:36:020Xxo0_o y
00:36:040Xxo0_o mana
00:36:050Xxo0_o plz
00:36:11mrk u have enough
00:36:180Xxo0_o sec
00:36:30mrk ES
00:36:31mrk JUMP
00:36:380Xxo0_o gj
00:36:400Xxo0_o wait
00:36:420Xxo0_o more plz
00:36:47Usires u so pro mrk
00:36:54mrk this es
00:36:550Xxo0_o fuu
00:36:58mrk waited like 2 minutes
00:36:580Xxo0_o so good ulti
00:36:59mrk and missed
00:37:060Xxo0_o xD
00:37:08GottHasstMich this sniper
00:37:310Xxo0_o we lose this :D :D :D
00:37:34mrk i hope so
00:37:370Xxo0_o rly late gg
00:37:550Xxo0_o go push plz
00:37:570Xxo0_o mid
00:37:58mrk why
00:38:000Xxo0_o all
00:38:02Usires yes 35mins we still playing
00:38:06Usires ur team to bnet too
00:38:09mrk no worries ull win
00:38:280Xxo0_o dezo ? :D
00:38:30Lafrenzz :p
00:38:30GottHasstMich look that sniper
00:38:32GottHasstMich go again
00:38:35mrk GUYS
00:38:35GottHasstMich GOOD ULTI
00:38:36mrk HI
00:38:36GottHasstMich VOID
00:38:37mrk DOTA
00:38:40GottHasstMich and dead
00:38:49SMEGMAPLEKK `?
00:38:550Xxo0_o like a boss
00:38:59mrk like aboss
00:39:01mrk u missed stun
00:39:01holostoi def
00:39:03holostoi we win
00:39:050Xxo0_o lol
00:39:060Xxo0_o not
00:39:07holostoi we just need
00:39:12mrk u blocked him
00:39:14mrk what if puck hadnt came
00:39:280Xxo0_o all mid mg
00:39:320Xxo0_o naix
00:39:340Xxo0_o need u
00:39:43edgarass GO
00:39:460Xxo0_o no
00:39:49mrk perfect ulti
00:39:53mrk instakills void sinper
00:40:01edgarass ES INITIATE
00:40:25mrk jesus fuck how can you be so slow
00:40:26Usires ueah
00:40:29mrk what are you waiting for
00:40:29Usires u so pros lafrens mrk
00:40:33Usires cant kill this lich
00:40:47mrk es u just have to go in
00:40:50mrk ur in woods for no reason
00:40:52GottHasstMich :)
00:40:52mrk then ulti 1 person
00:40:52Lafrenzz hahahahahaha
00:40:56GottHasstMich GOT U BBOB
00:40:560Xxo0_o gg
00:41:02mrk ill get you one time
00:41:04mrk usi
00:41:10Usires well now dont matter anymore
00:41:12Usires so many fails :D
00:41:16mrk not fails
00:41:23mrk rather bad people cant do shit and hope for puck
00:41:27mrk i just dont care
00:41:39edgarass ABBA DONT DIE
00:41:48Usires well 35 combined deaths
00:41:50Usires our 2 last
00:41:50mrk GO
00:41:51mrk ES
00:41:57edgarass REOSH
00:41:57Usires talkin bout bad
00:42:04mrk and yet still
00:42:07mrk es cant hit ulti
00:42:39Usires not now
00:42:42Usires all alive
00:42:51edgarass ROSH GO
00:43:00holostoi b all
00:43:05GottHasstMich lol spec
00:43:30Lafrenzz help him
00:43:36mrk SHIVA
00:44:03Sekundum sniper
00:44:05mrk es just
00:44:07mrk blink ulti
00:44:09mrk i had sniper void there
00:44:110Xxo0_o void
00:44:12Sekundum the best of the best
00:44:21mrk u had like 60secs before void ulti
00:44:30edgarass RETARDS
00:44:32edgarass U LOSYT WON GAME
00:44:47edgarass ES CAN U HIT ULTI?\
00:44:47Sekundum i liike mb i winn my 1st game
00:44:51Lafrenzz ulti es
00:45:50Usires yes u so close
00:45:51Usires mrk
00:45:53GottHasstMich b
00:45:55GottHasstMich spec
00:46:02mrk someday ill succeed
00:46:14Usires if mana to ulti :S
00:46:19Usires different story there!
00:46:22mrk if teammates to follow
00:46:380Xxo0_o look on skore :D void :D
00:46:58edgarass IDOIT
00:47:01Usires go mid
00:47:120Xxo0_o go with smoke
00:47:14Shiningstone sorry!
00:47:18edgarass NO SORRY
00:47:19mrk why
00:47:19edgarass U GO ALONE
00:47:21mrk would we go with smoke
00:47:21edgarass LIKE FUCKING NOOB
00:47:24GottHasstMich sweet thing is
00:47:24mrk doesnt make u hit ultis
00:47:27edgarass OHH U ARE NOOB
00:47:29GottHasstMich u won it for 20 minutes
00:47:31GottHasstMich but didnt finished
00:47:32Shiningstone they were 3 out
00:47:35GottHasstMich cuz u noobs wanted to play with us
00:47:37GottHasstMich now u eat it
00:47:38Shiningstone we were 2
00:47:40mrk i just gave the chance
00:47:41edgarass NAIX NICE FARM U HAVE
00:47:42mrk to our last 3
00:47:44mrk but they failed
00:47:48mrk yes exactly
00:47:48edgarass THATS ALL U VOULD FARM IN MIN?
00:47:51Usires care es
00:47:51mrk i havent farmed
00:47:53mrk in 24 minutes
00:47:59mrk when i said i would i only did it for 2 minutes
00:48:02mrk other times i helped you
00:48:06mrk i had to go in 1st
00:48:08mrk for es to follow
00:48:10Lafrenzz all back
00:48:11mrk and he still didnt hit ultis
00:48:14Lafrenzz go rosh
00:48:15GottHasstMich spec takes
00:48:16mrk ES
00:48:17edgarass ALL GO
00:48:18Lafrenzz fast es
00:48:19Usires y
00:48:19edgarass ALL
00:48:20edgarass ABBA
00:48:20mrk WHERE ARE YOU
00:48:21edgarass ABBA
00:48:23GottHasstMich SPEC NOTA VOID
00:48:24GottHasstMich OR A SNIPER
00:48:45mrk GO
00:48:460Xxo0_o gj
00:49:04Usires so cool
00:49:06edgarass MID
00:49:080Xxo0_o mid
00:49:08GottHasstMich y its like
00:49:090Xxo0_o gogo
00:49:09GottHasstMich 0 wards
00:49:11GottHasstMich as i told u
00:49:12GottHasstMich since beginning
00:49:16Usires well knew that
00:49:16GottHasstMich if u would just get 1 pack of wards
00:49:22Usires without wards
00:49:22holostoi we lose nw
00:49:24GottHasstMich well i thought we have enough time
00:49:26GottHasstMich since they were dead
00:49:29GottHasstMich but obv we hadnt
00:49:31Usires there wasnt any dead
00:49:31holostoi just dont die
00:49:32Usires tbh
00:49:35GottHasstMich ofc
00:49:35GottHasstMich 3
00:49:36GottHasstMich of them
00:49:39Usires so dunno this roshan idea
00:49:41Usires Wasnt
00:49:42Usires 2 was
00:49:42GottHasstMich but they respawned
00:49:43Usires but they
00:49:44holostoi give them mid and bot
00:49:47Usires respawn before
00:49:48GottHasstMich rebuy
00:49:49GottHasstMich if possible
00:49:52Lafrenzz gggggg
00:49:54Lafrenzz pro puck
00:49:54mrk bot aswell
00:50:00edgarass BOT
00:50:03Lafrenzz go bot guys
00:50:030Xxo0_o void -1000x and - 1000 ts :D
00:50:05holostoi def bo
00:50:20mrk just run
00:50:27mrk bane
00:50:28mrk run
00:50:29mrk let him
00:50:29mrk die
00:50:43edgarass B ES
00:50:49edgarass ALL GATHER GO BOT
00:50:57mrk nah
00:50:58mrk we cant push
00:51:01edgarass WHY?
00:51:02mrk need es to win
00:51:05mrk why?
00:51:08mrk if we push
00:51:10mrk es cant hit his ulti
00:51:15mrk he needs 5 persons
00:51:19mrk together
00:51:19mrk afking
00:51:21mrk for 30 secs
00:51:21edgarass DEF MID
00:51:22mrk then perhaps
00:51:24holostoi they all re
00:51:26Shiningstone 1st def?!
00:51:27mrk no offence
00:51:31GottHasstMich not now
00:51:40holostoi b
00:51:43holostoi es own us
00:52:07mrk uhhhhh
00:52:07mrk how
00:52:08GottHasstMich np
00:52:09mrk why
00:52:09GottHasstMich illus owns
00:52:10GottHasstMich :D
00:52:10mrk noone is here
00:52:12mrk u let him take tower
00:52:280Xxo0_o go gank
00:52:31Sekundum ,
00:52:32mrk bkb
00:52:33mrk ulti
00:52:33Sekundum b
00:52:34mrk not alone
00:52:41holostoi b plz
00:52:500Xxo0_o gog
00:53:00mrk they coming
00:53:01mrk here
00:53:09holostoi b def
00:53:16Lafrenzz bot
00:53:19Lafrenzz all we all push
00:53:25Lafrenzz b
00:53:41Usires 300 to assault
00:53:43Usires then go finish
00:53:44Lafrenzz illu
00:54:06Usires gtfo
00:54:07Usires ban
00:54:10edgarass GATHER GO?
00:54:11Sekundum ??
00:54:12GottHasstMich he will be
00:54:13GottHasstMich afterwards
00:54:14Lafrenzz y
00:54:14Lafrenzz ALL
00:54:16Usires thats bannable too
00:54:19Lafrenzz push top
00:54:20GottHasstMich dont worry usires
00:54:26GottHasstMich ill make sure
00:54:280Xxo0_o abba good items :D
00:54:37GottHasstMich ...
00:54:38GottHasstMich nc
00:54:38Usires dont die
00:54:41Usires i need 150
00:54:42GottHasstMich hes so fucking stupid
00:54:43Lafrenzz now mid
00:54:47GottHasstMich this guy
00:54:49GottHasstMich is so unbelievable
00:54:56GottHasstMich just going uphill enemy woods
00:54:57GottHasstMich all ss
00:54:57Lafrenzz push¨,
00:54:57GottHasstMich :D
00:55:01GottHasstMich and 2 were on top lane
00:55:08edgarass ALL MID?
00:55:12edgarass GO
00:55:20GottHasstMich BASE
00:55:21GottHasstMich SNIPER
00:55:23SMEGMAPLEKK gem
00:55:26GottHasstMich u are so stupid ?
00:55:30Lafrenzz fast
00:56:05mrk es
00:56:31Sekundum gem
00:56:33edgarass ES U ARE IDIOT
00:56:38mrk BLINK STUN
00:56:39mrk ES
00:56:39Sekundum sniper
00:56:43Sekundum gem
00:56:44mrk JESUS:D:D:D:D:C
00:56:51GottHasstMich HAHAHA
00:56:53GottHasstMich THIS RETARDS
00:57:03mrk exactly my point
00:57:04edgarass LOOK POUR ES
00:57:09edgarass TOP GO
00:57:10GottHasstMich spec ???
00:57:14GottHasstMich they were both 1% hp
00:57:16GottHasstMich what are u doing bot ?
00:57:27SMEGMAPLEKK viod def mid
00:57:28SMEGMAPLEKK omggg
00:57:31holostoi def rax?
00:57:330Xxo0_o pour ?
00:57:35holostoi and i was 600 hp
00:57:36edgarass OUR
00:57:43holostoi just regen at hot
00:57:46mrk I surrender! [1/4 of Scourge]
00:57:48edgarass NAIX ROSH?
00:57:52mrk dead
00:58:03mrk + i cant solo him
00:58:04SMEGMAPLEKK irw mis mäng:D
00:58:04mrk need my rapier
00:58:10edgarass DONT MAKE RAPIER
00:58:10GottHasstMich still u shouldve been there
00:58:11GottHasstMich spec
00:58:13edgarass WE DEAD IF U MAKE
00:58:15Lafrenzz soon rosh
00:58:16GottHasstMich radi wouldve killed them
00:58:24Usires go mid
00:58:29edgarass OK GATHER ROSH
00:58:36Lafrenzz go
00:58:39Usires lines pushin
00:58:40Usires should
00:58:41Usires go
00:58:54GottHasstMich b
00:58:56GottHasstMich to base now
00:58:56Lafrenzz ALL BOT
00:58:58GottHasstMich dont push
00:58:59Lafrenzz LISTEN TO ME NOW
00:59:01Lafrenzz WONT LOSE
00:59:11mrk all comes down to
00:59:13mrk es hitting more than 1
00:59:19SMEGMAPLEKK tb b
00:59:200Xxo0_o :)
00:59:220Xxo0_o help me
00:59:22GottHasstMich pls
00:59:230Xxo0_o :D
00:59:23GottHasstMich dont tell me
00:59:27GottHasstMich how to play
00:59:28GottHasstMich u fucktard
00:59:29GottHasstMich ok?
00:59:32edgarass SUICIDE RAX?
00:59:32SMEGMAPLEKK stfu cunt
00:59:37GottHasstMich 6:19
00:59:37mrk i dont have tps
00:59:38GottHasstMich is talking
00:59:41edgarass FUCK TOP
00:59:49edgarass ABBA SHIELD
00:59:50GottHasstMich its a miracle we came until here with your retarded playing
01:00:06holostoi where aure u all?
01:00:08holostoi bitches
01:00:180Xxo0_o good idea
01:00:30mrk why run
01:00:31edgarass ES?
01:00:31mrk should fight
01:00:34edgarass HOW U DIE SO FAST?
01:00:35Usires :S
01:00:360Xxo0_o what ?
01:00:370Xxo0_o es ?:
01:00:43edgarass U SUCK
01:00:45mrk u come in last
01:00:46edgarass ALL OF U
01:00:47mrk when tb illus
01:00:490Xxo0_o no u sux
01:00:51edgarass ABBA AND ES ESPECIALY
01:01:07Sekundum )
01:01:22edgarass FUCKING RETARDS
01:01:29edgarass NAIX NO FARM AT ALL
01:01:370Xxo0_o puck
01:01:410Xxo0_o nice item build
01:01:47edgarass I ULKTI GO
01:01:55mrk and we lose mid
01:01:56mrk dont og
01:02:07Usires need all
01:02:13mrk why u there se
01:02:27mrk jesuss
01:02:29mrk wtf was that
01:02:44mrk i guess u did it on purpose all game long
01:02:47mrk gg wp
01:02:480Xxo0_o team sleep
01:02:51edgarass FF RETARDFS
01:02:51mrk no
01:02:52Usires ggg
01:02:52edgarass I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
01:02:53edgarass I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
01:02:53mrk that was bad ulti
01:02:54edgarass GG
01:02:560Xxo0_o !ff
01:02:59GottHasstMich WP ?
01:02:59Sekundum ))
01:03:02GottHasstMich y
01:03:04GottHasstMich except sniper
01:03:05GottHasstMich and void
01:03:08mrk lol
01:03:09edgarass ITS LIKE 3V5
01:03:10GottHasstMich wp puck
01:03:15mrk i hope someone understands
01:03:16GottHasstMich HAHA
01:03:17GottHasstMich THIS VOID
01:03:18mrk what this game was
01:03:25GottHasstMich bullcrap
01:03:26mrk and why it turned out the way it is
01:03:53GottHasstMich u failed to finish it
01:03:54GottHasstMich thx therefor
01:03:55GottHasstMich gg
01:03:59mrk nah
01:04:01Shiningstone gg
01:04:03mrk more about not wanting
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