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96% | 1623 X | 1605 TS

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Chat log

00:00:17P3PSI ban am
00:00:17Sepetos -magina
00:00:17pWny- someone TB?
00:00:17Sepetos anyone anything?
00:00:17xTimmins- brood was better ban
00:00:17Kanki lol
00:00:17Norrebro es
00:00:19Kanki brood is nothing
00:00:24xTimmins- if u say so
00:00:31P3PSI a, best hero ingame
00:00:35PeterLars anyone lich??
00:00:36Kanki brood?
00:00:38Kanki :D
00:00:40Kanki not :D
00:00:42P3PSI am
00:00:43pWny- i can go lich
00:00:46Kanki its banned
00:00:55P3PSI y, i just say AM is the best hero
00:01:04Norrebro yosef mid
00:01:07pWny- i will fullsupport you norrebro
00:01:07PeterLars i play him
00:01:16pWny- u dont swap with me lich?
00:01:25PeterLars no
00:01:27pWny- i go enigma woods ok
00:01:31Palle hmm
00:01:33xTimmins- need to go let my dog out for a poo
00:01:34xTimmins- brb
00:01:34Norrebro ok
00:01:40Palle tide mb
00:01:43Norrebro last tide
00:01:47Palle sweet
00:01:47Hexar ?
00:01:50Hexar what now?
00:01:50Norrebro or cent
00:01:52Jerkku whos mid
00:01:54Sepetos im mid
00:01:56pWny- -hhn
00:01:56pWny- -di
00:01:59pWny- lich mid?
00:02:00pWny- -ii
00:02:02PeterLars y
00:02:11Palle if i get rune get pull storm
00:02:17Palle then we can rock
00:02:17PeterLars we win this easy
00:02:20PeterLars they got palle
00:02:22Hexar sure like last one
00:02:23P3PSI i top ?
00:02:24Hexar tard
00:02:26Palle imo storm should btm
00:02:26Sepetos im mid
00:02:26Kanki im bot
00:02:28PeterLars share
00:02:30Hexar so tard
00:02:31pWny- i was with peter last game
00:02:33pWny- and we raped hard ;)
00:02:35Palle i go roam so storm get levels
00:02:38pWny- bat crix
00:02:38PeterLars y
00:02:39Hexar ppl just make full shit buidl
00:02:41Hexar on hero
00:02:43Sepetos pugna levi top
00:02:46PeterLars like u :D
00:02:47pWny- ogre lothars xD
00:02:50Palle storm?
00:02:50Sepetos storm bot
00:02:51pWny- who was ogre?
00:02:51P3PSI storm is letting hes POOdawgie out
00:02:53Norrebro enigma pull a bit
00:02:54Hexar ogre was good yes
00:02:56pWny- sure
00:02:57Hexar kinda imba
00:03:02P3PSI read caht
00:03:03pWny- wr was not bad
00:03:05Norrebro jerku ogre
00:03:09pWny- but she needs to build mekansm
00:03:14Palle storm?
00:03:14P3PSI lich illo
00:03:20P3PSI u*
00:03:22Palle ffs
00:03:29pWny- lich
00:03:36PeterLars y?=
00:03:36pWny- u blcoked spot ^.
00:03:46xTimmins- gg spetos
00:03:48pWny- plz remove
00:03:52pWny- thanx
00:04:59Palle we just missed firstblood
00:05:03Palle ..
00:05:04xTimmins- y
00:05:15Palle rune
00:05:23Sepetos y
00:05:30pWny- krob
00:05:33pWny- turn basi on?
00:05:56pWny- ya bpush
00:06:18pWny- push a bit
00:06:19pWny- its ok
00:06:27Palle omw mid
00:06:29PeterLars ss mid
00:06:34P3PSI ¨ss top
00:06:43pWny- pugna
00:06:44pWny- mom
00:06:46Sepetos who
00:06:50P3PSI re
00:06:55pWny- gogo
00:06:59pWny- lol
00:07:01Kanki lol :D
00:07:04Kanki nice lvl up
00:07:05pWny- haha good job
00:07:06Palle wow
00:07:10Palle imoressive
00:07:13pWny- eat tango
00:07:18xTimmins- ur impressive
00:07:19xTimmins- u suck
00:07:19Sepetos i take
00:07:20PeterLars ss mid
00:07:21Palle yy
00:07:23Sepetos go bot
00:07:25Norrebro thx
00:08:01Sepetos flyin?
00:08:11Palle get mid
00:08:12pWny- i pull
00:08:29PeterLars 3 mid
00:08:30PeterLars lol
00:08:39Palle gagn top
00:08:51Sepetos flying
00:08:52Sepetos and wards
00:09:04pWny- that was imba farm for them
00:09:06pWny- damned
00:09:16pWny- doublestack
00:09:28Hexar give back after
00:09:30Jerkku y
00:09:35Sepetos FLYING
00:09:38Sepetos ffs
00:09:39Sepetos and wards
00:09:40pWny- need 6
00:09:42Norrebro come gank
00:09:47pWny- i come gank
00:09:50pWny- i port
00:09:51PeterLars ss mid
00:09:51pWny- got lvl 6
00:09:56pWny- wait me
00:09:57pWny- wait me
00:10:14Jerkku 4 bot
00:10:17Jerkku 3*
00:10:20pWny- lich
00:10:22Sepetos FLYING AND WARDS
00:10:48Sepetos midmiss
00:10:48pWny- oom
00:10:48Sepetos care top
00:10:48pWny- lol
00:10:51pWny- goo
00:10:59Palle why is it we give geo freefarm?
00:11:05Palle PUGNA
00:11:12pWny- -cs
00:11:21Sepetos wards
00:11:41Palle lets go throug h woods
00:11:48xTimmins- LOL
00:11:52PeterLars imba ulti haha
00:11:59Palle lets get geo
00:12:04Palle come
00:12:05Hexar 3top
00:12:08Hexar pugna low
00:12:08PeterLars get me a tp
00:12:09Norrebro 3
00:12:21Palle ..
00:12:26Norrebro gank
00:12:26Norrebro 3
00:12:31Sepetos midmiss
00:12:31Sepetos wards?
00:12:36P3PSI ss otp
00:12:40Palle go
00:12:41pWny- go
00:12:46pWny- wait
00:12:49pWny- k
00:12:56pWny- k
00:13:07Norrebro omg
00:13:08Sepetos kill
00:13:08Norrebro enigma
00:13:13Norrebro what u w8 for
00:13:15pWny- i was byuying
00:13:17pWny- dadgger
00:13:23pWny- i told u 1 moment
00:13:24pWny- oo
00:13:28Palle where u want
00:13:33Hexar dead
00:13:36Hexar all kill u now asap
00:13:38Palle omw
00:13:40Sepetos runes
00:14:06Palle wtf
00:14:10pWny- me plz
00:14:10Sepetos if i come both die
00:14:11pWny- i need 100
00:14:12pWny- for boots
00:14:13pWny- boots
00:14:14pWny- i need boots
00:14:15Palle no
00:14:15pWny- dude
00:14:23pWny- thanx
00:14:30Palle come
00:14:32pWny- oO
00:14:55Sepetos runing with haste
00:14:56pWny- get top
00:14:57pWny- ghoo
00:15:14xTimmins- MAGNUS SUCKS LOL
00:15:18xTimmins- HAHAHA
00:15:21pWny- im oom
00:15:27pWny- b
00:15:56Jerkku did we got tower enigm?
00:16:02Hexar what ru oding
00:16:04Hexar enigma
00:16:04pWny- damned
00:16:05Hexar ?
00:16:07Hexar u run
00:16:10Hexar in to 3 hero
00:16:11Palle seppe died for greedyness
00:16:13pWny- ya i know
00:16:14Hexar to die
00:16:17pWny- my dagger was CD
00:16:17Sepetos lol not?
00:16:18pWny- fuck
00:16:19Hexar and u still go
00:16:22Hexar fuck sake
00:16:24Hexar got no eyes?
00:16:24Jerkku mid tower also
00:16:26Sepetos i died cause enigma killed me
00:16:33Sepetos and we got em all
00:16:39Kanki wrong one :D
00:16:44xTimmins- pugna us uck
00:16:44xTimmins- bad
00:16:48Jerkku tower
00:16:49Jerkku mid
00:17:00Sepetos come kill
00:17:02Sepetos got all
00:17:05Palle y im on
00:17:22xTimmins- tp top
00:17:23xTimmins- one
00:17:24xTimmins- with me
00:17:31xTimmins- nvm
00:17:38pWny- lich got meka
00:17:41PeterLars soon
00:17:43pWny- no
00:17:46pWny- he akes mekka
00:17:49Hexar omg
00:17:51Hexar al ltime
00:17:51Jerkku go
00:17:53Hexar on my ass
00:17:56Hexar some fucking opudge
00:18:04Jerkku wtf
00:18:30xTimmins- killenigma
00:18:32xTimmins- magi
00:18:32xTimmins- ffs
00:18:34xTimmins- nab
00:18:36pWny- lol not scouted
00:18:56pWny- we got 2 mekas now
00:18:59Jerkku so
00:19:05pWny- lich maybe pipe
00:19:05Jerkku we couldp ush all towers
00:19:10Palle come
00:19:10Jerkku with my ult
00:19:18Norrebro yosef
00:19:18xTimmins- pro
00:19:22Norrebro lav pibe istedet
00:19:30Norrebro din so
00:19:34pWny- he placed a ward
00:19:37Palle do you how boring it is to play ogre if team dont wanna gang
00:19:37Sepetos bottomtower
00:19:39P3PSI def mid ?
00:19:42xTimmins- LOL
00:20:19pWny- meka please
00:20:20pWny- me
00:20:29xTimmins- just b
00:20:29pWny- gimme meka please
00:20:29xTimmins- ffs
00:20:43Sepetos freekills
00:20:44xTimmins- LOOK AT TIDE
00:20:44Sepetos dont come
00:20:46xTimmins- LOOK AT TIDE
00:20:50P3PSI u said b
00:20:51P3PSI ffs
00:20:52P3PSI i go b
00:20:53P3PSI ty
00:20:55Sepetos didnt say nothing
00:20:57Sepetos use ur head
00:20:58Sepetos and b ready
00:20:58P3PSI storm
00:21:06pWny- b
00:21:06Norrebro get dagger
00:21:08pWny- just b
00:21:08Norrebro cent
00:21:12Norrebro dagger
00:21:14Norrebro ffs
00:21:28Norrebro why didnt u dagger nab
00:21:33pWny- cent still no dagger
00:21:38Hexar still no dagger
00:21:38Norrebro he had 2200
00:21:42Hexar like i got assif farm
00:21:48pWny- oO
00:21:50pWny- u are centaur
00:22:03Sepetos bottom ward
00:22:05Palle plan?
00:22:07Sepetos we see when geo tries rosh
00:22:12pWny- i go janggo / vladimir
00:22:16Norrebro i got vlads
00:22:18pWny- k
00:22:18Palle they will just smoke?
00:22:18Norrebro and meka
00:22:20Norrebro dont make
00:22:32Palle go?=
00:22:41pWny- got ulti
00:22:43pWny- go kill
00:22:46Jerkku y
00:22:48pWny- gogo
00:22:55Hexar and they have ward all place i nwoods
00:22:56pWny- lol no
00:22:57pWny- ulti CD
00:22:58pWny- lol
00:23:05pWny- i had cd
00:23:06pWny- omfg
00:23:19pWny- omfg it would be imba
00:23:22pWny- but my ulti was CD
00:23:37pWny- bradwarden join the game?
00:23:53xTimmins- omw
00:23:54xTimmins- mangnus
00:23:59xTimmins- wait
00:23:59pWny- now i got no cd
00:24:01xTimmins- im low mana
00:24:03Norrebro fuck off
00:24:05xTimmins- rape enigma
00:24:06xTimmins- first
00:24:06Norrebro noob
00:24:13pWny- lol
00:24:15pWny- again 2 early
00:24:50pWny- sry
00:24:54xTimmins- magnus cant wait
00:24:54pWny- i fail 2 times in a row
00:24:56xTimmins- dont know why
00:25:00Sepetos wait what?
00:25:01Hexar i see u dont look map at all
00:25:02xTimmins- 3 second
00:25:04PeterLars 6/6/6
00:25:04xTimmins- u needed to wait
00:25:05xTimmins- thats it
00:25:08Sepetos what
00:25:10Sepetos u were there
00:25:14xTimmins- rofl
00:25:14pWny- u are an evil man lich ;)
00:25:15xTimmins- i tell u
00:25:17xTimmins- "im low mana"
00:25:20PeterLars ^^
00:25:22xTimmins- i need to be in melee fucking range
00:25:29Sepetos i cant know is it 3sec u need to wank or what but u were close so i used it and enigma was dead
00:25:36xTimmins- :D
00:25:40Jerkku go take some towers
00:25:43Jerkku with all
00:25:44xTimmins- ENIGM AINC MID
00:25:46Jerkku cause we can
00:25:48pWny- my ulti still ready
00:25:54Sepetos so i waited u kill him
00:25:56Jerkku mid
00:25:59Norrebro someone pibe
00:26:01Palle pælan?
00:26:04Palle plan
00:26:05Sepetos bottomtower
00:26:09Hexar stomr there
00:26:09Kanki mkay
00:26:14Hexar camping again
00:26:20Palle or get them mid?
00:26:22Norrebro i rosh
00:26:22Kanki they come mid
00:26:25pWny- ya
00:26:25Norrebro cover me
00:26:29Sepetos wtf guys
00:26:30xTimmins- GOGOG
00:26:31Sepetos follow game
00:26:33Sepetos wait sec
00:26:47pWny- bad idea
00:27:13Norrebro and ofc wp
00:27:14Jerkku we have 2 mekas
00:27:17Jerkku and my ulti
00:27:20Jerkku and we cant push
00:27:21P3PSI gj
00:27:26pWny- i stay back now
00:27:28pWny- the next fights
00:27:28Palle how low is rosh
00:27:29pWny- really
00:27:33Hexar who made 2 meka?
00:27:34pWny- cover me was my dead
00:27:34Sepetos not low enough
00:27:36Hexar and why
00:27:43Norrebro well cent
00:27:47Norrebro is fail tank
00:27:50Jerkku i thought lich had also
00:27:51Jerkku lol
00:27:51Hexar fail tank
00:27:52Norrebro he come last and suicide
00:27:57Hexar coz i get gank 3 times on row
00:28:01Hexar coz no ward
00:28:12Norrebro stfu u sorry ass
00:28:35Sepetos no ulti yet
00:28:56xTimmins- OMG
00:28:57xTimmins- OMG
00:28:57xTimmins- OMG
00:28:58xTimmins- OMG
00:28:58xTimmins- OMG
00:28:59xTimmins- OMG
00:29:00xTimmins- OMg
00:29:00xTimmins- OMG
00:29:02xTimmins- OGM
00:29:02xTimmins- OMG
00:29:03xTimmins- OMG
00:29:03xTimmins- OMG
00:29:04xTimmins- OGM
00:29:14xTimmins- look at magi
00:29:18xTimmins- he is always standing a mile away
00:29:19xTimmins- from battle
00:29:21xTimmins- with full hp
00:29:23xTimmins- ALWAYS
00:29:24xTimmins- without fail
00:29:25pWny- lets push mid
00:29:28xTimmins- everysingle time
00:29:31xTimmins- no matter what
00:29:46pWny- b
00:30:00Jerkku ok i go woods
00:30:01pWny- i dont wanna waste ulti
00:30:13P3PSI timing !
00:30:13Jerkku team doesnt care of pushing
00:30:32Palle plan?
00:30:38Sepetos wards it up
00:30:39Sepetos smoke
00:30:40Sepetos and win
00:30:46Sepetos rosh down
00:31:01Palle ¨meet in out woods?
00:31:10Palle our
00:31:16Palle got smoke
00:31:18Norrebro invis
00:31:19Norrebro b
00:31:26Kanki wait
00:31:30Sepetos cant kill meepo first
00:31:34Sepetos he has aegis
00:31:35pWny- LALAL
00:31:45Sepetos atleast not ulties use
00:31:45Kanki enigma first
00:32:01pWny- lich
00:32:04pWny- shield the meepos
00:32:04PeterLars y?
00:32:38Sepetos dunno wtf u do
00:32:44xTimmins- jill
00:32:44xTimmins- enig
00:32:45Sepetos but i must jump when u all fight like retards
00:32:49xTimmins- noob
00:32:55xTimmins- FORCE DOWN
00:33:13PeterLars let go mid
00:33:16Jerkku mid
00:33:17Jerkku rax
00:33:22Hexar tay
00:33:30pWny- i need meka
00:33:31pWny- lihc
00:33:32pWny- please
00:33:34pWny- i need heal
00:33:39pWny- heal me
00:33:41pWny- k
00:34:11Norrebro go
00:34:11pWny- b
00:34:41Jerkku np got rax
00:34:47Norrebro still no pibe?
00:34:54PeterLars nope
00:34:59Norrebro so fucking bad
00:35:07Jerkku i can pipe then
00:35:14Norrebro i make
00:35:20Jerkku pipe?
00:35:23Norrebro u can make more useless items
00:35:29Norrebro like bs
00:35:41Norrebro wow
00:35:49Palle ?
00:35:59xTimmins- y check my mana
00:36:00xTimmins- with 57
00:36:02xTimmins- i do nothing
00:36:02Palle kk
00:36:24Palle -st
00:36:32Sepetos use lust on me always
00:36:34xTimmins- focus enigma
00:36:41xTimmins- b
00:36:41xTimmins- b
00:36:42xTimmins- b
00:36:44xTimmins- GET B
00:37:02Norrebro come on
00:37:22Norrebro gj
00:37:26Norrebro retard enigma
00:37:41pWny- it was my fault?
00:37:42Palle twr
00:37:46PeterLars y
00:37:49PeterLars u was to alte
00:37:51pWny- no
00:37:52pWny- not really
00:37:57pWny- u rush into a magnus
00:37:59pWny- if i would jump in
00:38:03pWny- tide would do ulit
00:38:07pWny- and my dmg wouldbe away
00:38:10pWny- my ulti
00:38:24pWny- i have to came at last
00:38:27pWny- after magnus after tide ulti
00:38:27pWny- really
00:38:31Norrebro y after i die
00:38:33pWny- i need BKB first
00:38:37pWny- let me get BKB
00:39:23Sepetos no wards hard to escape
00:39:24pWny- b
00:39:28pWny- or what no?
00:39:29pWny- now
00:39:39Kanki def mid?
00:39:39pWny- k
00:39:42Jerkku need those towers
00:40:13Sepetos bot ready soon
00:40:14Sepetos guys
00:40:19xTimmins- i got
00:40:20xTimmins- hex
00:40:29PeterLars illu
00:40:50P3PSI stun nigma ?
00:41:09pWny- lol there was a pugna
00:41:13xTimmins- LOL POUGNA
00:41:14xTimmins- SUCKS
00:41:15pWny- omfg
00:41:19xTimmins- SO BAD
00:41:26pWny- pugna ogre make the game lol
00:41:42Sepetos palle could get pipe
00:41:46pWny- ive done a perfect ulti
00:41:48Palle y
00:41:48pWny- fuck
00:42:11Palle rosh is up?
00:42:37Sepetos wards it
00:42:50xTimmins- ward there
00:42:52Norrebro cover ma ass
00:42:58pWny- if they come
00:42:59pWny- i got no ulti now
00:43:02P3PSI got smoke
00:43:56pWny- u have to silence guys
00:43:58Hexar sick ragne on ulty
00:43:59pWny- krobe
00:44:02Jerkku i silence
00:44:04Jerkku all the time
00:44:12Palle -str
00:44:13Palle -st
00:44:32Palle take wards plz
00:44:33pWny- well
00:44:35pWny- u make go
00:44:37pWny- without my ulti
00:44:38pWny- im useless in fihts
00:44:40pWny- without my ulti
00:44:55Sepetos bottom tower
00:44:59pWny- get rosh now?
00:45:02Norrebro 40 min krob useless items
00:45:04Palle go check
00:45:09Palle mep will take
00:45:15Sepetos gogo
00:45:21PeterLars all here
00:45:21PeterLars plz
00:45:22PeterLars krob
00:45:23PeterLars come
00:45:27pWny- try to silence TIDE
00:45:29pWny- if he dont used ulti
00:45:30pWny- ok?
00:45:38Sepetos bot
00:46:23pWny- GO MID
00:46:25pWny- push downlane
00:46:25pWny- gogo
00:46:26Hexar rosh
00:46:27Hexar fast
00:46:27pWny- STOP ROSH
00:46:28pWny- NO
00:46:29pWny- GO MID
00:46:30Norrebro go push
00:46:30pWny- fast
00:46:30PeterLars fuck rossh
00:46:31pWny- we win GAEM
00:46:32Norrebro i will rosh
00:46:32pWny- GO
00:46:39pWny- GOGOGOGOG
00:46:46Norrebro wp
00:46:57pWny- JUST GO
00:46:59pWny- take downracks
00:47:09xTimmins- wasted gold
00:47:10xTimmins- ..
00:47:14pWny- now u can b
00:47:15pWny- really
00:47:16pWny- let me die
00:47:17pWny- for nothing
00:47:17Norrebro b
00:47:18Jerkku b
00:47:19pWny- stupid idea of aegis
00:47:21pWny- really
00:47:21Norrebro b
00:47:23pWny- without meepo
00:47:26Jerkku all say different stuuff
00:47:27Jerkku GO ROSH
00:47:29Jerkku GO MID
00:47:30Sepetos more wards
00:47:31Jerkku GO BOt
00:47:33Sepetos keep on warding
00:47:34pWny- why we should take rosh???
00:47:35xTimmins- pwny is raging
00:47:37xTimmins- on skype
00:47:37xTimmins- :D
00:47:40pWny- with a dead meepo
00:47:42Norrebro i will take
00:47:43pWny- and we could win the game
00:47:46xTimmins- raging like fuck
00:47:47xTimmins- :D
00:47:47pWny- if we could get the racks
00:47:47Norrebro cant u see they focus me
00:47:48pWny- tbh
00:47:48Palle take tehm
00:47:51Norrebro wih all ulties
00:47:56pWny- no my ulti CD again
00:47:59Sepetos no room
00:48:02pWny- next clash we will loose
00:48:05P3PSI storm u should palce em ?
00:48:09Sepetos drums were bad
00:48:17Norrebro cover me
00:48:18pWny- meepo dont get focused
00:48:21Palle -ms
00:48:22pWny- no
00:48:24Sepetos someone get veil?
00:48:25pWny- dont make rosh now
00:48:25Sepetos ok
00:48:26pWny- they will come
00:48:27pWny- back
00:48:28pWny- i got no ulti
00:48:28P3PSI got ulti
00:48:29Sepetos all
00:48:31xTimmins- THEY GOT WARD
00:48:34Sepetos kust
00:48:37pWny- back
00:48:37Sepetos lust
00:48:38Hexar dead
00:48:38pWny- they coming
00:48:52PeterLars b
00:48:52PeterLars b
00:48:52pWny- ...
00:48:58Jerkku u really dont understand
00:49:02Jerkku they got wards there
00:49:09Norrebro u can antiward
00:49:16Hexar u can not go
00:49:16Norrebro ure job
00:49:18P3PSI i def
00:49:21Hexar in if other told u 3000 times
00:49:24Norrebro i go
00:49:30Hexar well u did and u lost just
00:49:31Hexar wp
00:49:37Norrebro cause im tired of u useless faggots
00:49:44Hexar blame us
00:49:47pWny- ya
00:49:48Hexar for ur shit game now
00:49:50pWny- i blame you,too
00:49:55Norrebro i am
00:50:15pWny- back
00:50:15pWny- wait
00:50:16Hexar all 80% + player biggest egos in here think they r best player but suck most
00:50:16pWny- wait
00:50:16Sepetos got ult
00:50:17pWny- for meepo
00:50:30Palle go?
00:50:33pWny- u just make failbuild
00:50:35pWny- if u ask
00:50:38pWny- what should i build
00:50:40pWny- he can tell you
00:50:59PeterLars BITCH
00:51:02pWny- now push
00:51:03pWny- please
00:51:03xTimmins- noob
00:51:04pWny- all
00:51:09PeterLars I SEE :D
00:51:15xTimmins- haha
00:51:21xTimmins- trust me ur really bad
00:51:24PeterLars u dead not me
00:51:25pWny- go with smoke
00:51:28pWny- go
00:52:17Norrebro shivas
00:52:17PeterLars shivas?
00:52:17P3PSI gogog mid ?
00:52:18Sepetos didnt remember i got aeigs:
00:52:19Norrebro and both dead
00:52:20Jerkku cd
00:52:42PeterLars bruger du nogensinde pipe?
00:52:55Norrebro ja
00:53:04Sepetos midmby
00:53:10Palle lets smoke
00:53:15xTimmins- we got ward
00:53:16xTimmins- int here base
00:53:17xTimmins- go now
00:53:17xTimmins- pls
00:53:19Palle come to me and smoke
00:53:21xTimmins- we got huge advantage
00:53:22Sepetos guinsoo ogre mby or vladi
00:53:39Palle coenm msoke?=
00:53:40Palle ffs
00:53:45xTimmins- i hex enigma
00:53:46pWny- i have to wait
00:53:49pWny- for magnus
00:53:50Norrebro brug din wards
00:53:58pWny- smokerun?
00:54:03Norrebro go
00:54:04Palle rofl
00:54:05Sepetos lust
00:54:05Jerkku base
00:54:31pWny- no silence
00:54:33pWny- nothing
00:54:42PeterLars FOCUS ME :D
00:54:45P3PSI allways full hp :P
00:54:45xTimmins- i told u
00:54:47Sepetos ogre doesnt die or lose hp ever
00:54:48PeterLars noooooooooooooobs
00:54:50xTimmins- magi just stands away with full hp
00:54:53pWny- and me
00:54:53xTimmins- allt he time
00:54:55pWny- nooooooooooooooooooooooooooobs
00:54:55xTimmins- he is a HUGE noob
00:54:56Sepetos u can come hit there ogre
00:55:00Sepetos u hit 150 each
00:55:01PeterLars nooooooooooooooooooooooobs
00:55:07Palle u just made a stupid move
00:55:08Norrebro def
00:55:09PeterLars and the biggest one is storm
00:55:12PeterLars i def
00:55:13pWny- BRADWARDEN
00:55:13PeterLars i def
00:55:17pWny- AGAIN ALONE
00:55:18pWny- omfg
00:55:20Palle why couldnt we smoke
00:55:23Palle and rox them
00:55:24PeterLars take bot or top fast
00:55:27xTimmins- lich
00:55:29pWny- 15 secs
00:55:30xTimmins- ur terrible
00:55:34pWny- 10
00:55:38pWny- 5
00:55:40Sepetos i had to push lane dunno why others didnt take smoke
00:55:48pWny- timmins re
00:55:59Palle GG
00:56:21pWny- push again?
00:56:31Palle can we smoke now?
00:56:33Jerkku what i do next
00:56:39Sepetos top
00:56:40Sepetos gang
00:56:40Jerkku blademail
00:56:43pWny- no
00:56:44Norrebro heqart
00:56:47Palle would be so easuy
00:56:48Jerkku got it
00:56:48Kanki omw
00:56:51pWny- go hex
00:56:55xTimmins- WAIT MAGNUS
00:56:55pWny- or silence
00:56:57pWny- for timmins
00:56:58xTimmins- focus enimga
00:56:59pWny- storm
00:57:02pWny- rapes us
00:57:14pWny- k
00:57:20Hexar lol pugna go hot
00:57:21PeterLars care
00:57:21pWny- b
00:57:22PeterLars go b
00:57:26Palle push lanes out and smoke?
00:57:30Sepetos wards
00:57:45pWny- no manta
00:57:46pWny- ffs
00:58:13P3PSI go mid ?
00:58:16P3PSI top ?
00:58:16xTimmins- go top
00:58:17xTimmins- u
00:58:17Jerkku we shoul try that i push alone bot
00:58:17P3PSI bot
00:58:20xTimmins- me mid
00:58:20Jerkku and u go 4 top
00:58:21pWny- bradwarden
00:58:21xTimmins- FUCK BOT NOOB
00:58:27pWny- again u was not in the fight
00:58:36pWny- please go with us
00:58:37Sepetos lust
00:58:40Jerkku DEF TOP
00:58:42Hexar iwas dead
00:58:42Jerkku no tp
00:58:44Hexar when u push
00:58:45PeterLars tp
00:58:47Jerkku 'no tp
00:58:59Palle enigma ult?
00:59:03Kanki no
00:59:04xTimmins- no
00:59:04xTimmins- cd
00:59:07xTimmins- me hex anyway
00:59:24pWny- -.
00:59:27pWny- impressive
00:59:36Palle fast
00:59:38Sepetos vladi anyone?
00:59:39xTimmins- need ward
00:59:46pWny- dont go out
00:59:47pWny- wait base
01:00:13PeterLars care
01:00:15pWny- care
01:00:16P3PSI got ulto
01:00:23pWny- go
01:00:52Norrebro I surrender! [1/4 of Scourge]
01:01:08Palle mid after
01:01:23Palle mid after mellee
01:01:27pWny- let us try 1 more fight
01:01:29pWny- with my ulti
01:01:33Jerkku y
01:01:33PeterLars haha
01:01:33pWny- they dont get both lanes
01:01:40Norrebro ofc they do
01:01:45pWny- go
01:01:55Hexar sil
01:02:05pWny- well done
01:02:13Palle seppe
01:02:25Palle look at my items what should i do with moneys
01:02:38P3PSI buy a life ?
01:02:38Palle huh?
01:02:49Sepetos get shiva
01:02:51Palle k
01:02:52PeterLars go
01:02:54PeterLars with them
01:02:55Palle instead of?
01:02:55PeterLars cent
01:02:55P3PSI ¨i have shivas now
01:02:59Sepetos sell drum
01:03:06Sepetos well make guinsoo
01:03:07pWny- go all mid
01:03:07Palle kk
01:03:08pWny- ffs
01:03:08PeterLars cent
01:03:09PeterLars go mid
01:03:13PeterLars u fucking retarded
01:03:17Hexar who
01:03:18Sepetos u wont get anything out of drums
01:03:20Hexar the fuck i playing
01:03:21Hexar whit me
01:03:22Hexar ?
01:03:23Palle nono
01:03:24Sepetos so mby just let it b in base
01:03:26Jerkku lich ?
01:03:33pWny- dude
01:03:34Hexar 3time
01:03:35pWny- share me again please
01:03:36Hexar sm1 use
01:03:38Hexar fucking dagger
01:03:44Hexar and blink smthwere is shit place
01:03:46pWny- b
01:03:47pWny- b
01:03:50Jerkku why lich
01:03:51pWny- lets go with meepo
01:03:51Jerkku isnt here
01:03:57xTimmins- gogogo
01:04:03Sepetos u go
01:04:03xTimmins- hide
01:04:05Kanki wait
01:04:08Jerkku LICH ?
01:04:09pWny- guys
01:04:09pWny- wait
01:04:11pWny- back
01:04:12pWny- let me get
01:04:14pWny- 600 godl
01:04:19Jerkku for?
01:04:19xTimmins- :D
01:04:19pWny- let me make 600 gold
01:04:20pWny- for BKB
01:04:27xTimmins- wait
01:04:27pWny- plz
01:04:28xTimmins- they come
01:04:29Jerkku we need to go
01:04:30Jerkku now
01:04:30pWny- and
01:04:30xTimmins- ..
01:04:33pWny- i have to wait for my ulti
01:04:34Jerkku lanesp ushing
01:04:46pWny- 300
01:04:50Sepetos who took cheese
01:04:55Hexar when its up?
01:04:56PeterLars he is dead
01:04:59Sepetos need wards
01:05:02Sepetos come
01:05:03pWny- thanx
01:05:04Sepetos someone scout
01:05:05Palle smoke
01:05:07Sepetos others stay close
01:05:09pWny- i sell basi
01:05:10Jerkku i buy you salbves
01:05:15Sepetos levi go
01:05:15pWny- k
01:05:26Jerkku go with all
01:05:30Jerkku they could smoke
01:05:32Norrebro wards
01:05:33pWny- share me
01:05:34Palle pugna
01:05:35pWny- dude
01:05:36Kanki go mid
01:05:36pWny- share me
01:05:42Kanki or what?
01:05:43Sepetos go
01:05:46Jerkku they are smoking
01:05:46pWny- GIMME my item
01:05:48pWny- FFS
01:05:50Sepetos lust
01:05:53pWny- HEXAR
01:05:54Kanki top
01:05:54pWny- GIMME MY ITEM
01:05:55pWny- FFS
01:05:56Jerkku CENTAUR
01:06:00pWny- OMFG
01:06:03Norrebro what a fucking idiot
01:06:06pWny- GIMME MY ITEM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
01:06:10Jerkku CENTAUR
01:06:13pWny- are u crazy??
01:06:16xTimmins- i warded
01:06:18Jerkku SHARE ITEMS
01:06:18Norrebro hexar
01:06:19Norrebro share
01:06:21xTimmins- :D
01:06:21Hexar fuck
01:06:21Hexar u
01:06:22Norrebro u idipt
01:06:23Hexar u use
01:06:24Hexar 3 tiem
01:06:26Norrebro share
01:06:27Palle should we really go like this
01:06:27Hexar and send me in woods
01:06:28Norrebro us
01:06:29Hexar fucku
01:06:29xTimmins- y
01:06:29Jerkku HIS ITEM IS IN THERE
01:06:30Norrebro or ban
01:06:30Sepetos gogo
01:06:32Jerkku U FAGGOT
01:06:32Hexar u cant ban
01:06:33Hexar ne i
01:06:34xTimmins- i jump
01:06:34Hexar know
01:06:35Norrebro he need item
01:06:37Sepetos i jump last
01:06:39Norrebro drop
01:06:40Hexar i have asked strom
01:06:43Hexar about that shit
01:07:32pWny- PORT SOMEONE
01:07:33pWny- see
01:07:36xTimmins- magnus ulti 2 people
01:07:38xTimmins- pointless ones to.
01:07:39pWny- SOMEONE DEF MID
01:07:40pWny- fast
01:07:47Sepetos well u go so stupid i gotta jump sometime
01:07:48xTimmins- pugna sell arcane
01:07:57xTimmins- and buy
01:07:59xTimmins- BoT
01:08:13pWny- dont die now
01:08:14pWny- meepo
01:08:14pWny- wait
01:08:20Jerkku GJ
01:08:21PeterLars hahaha
01:08:24Palle go
01:08:28Palle :S
01:08:36pWny- k
01:08:38pWny- got no ulti -.-
01:08:42Palle -st
01:08:44xTimmins- gogogo
01:08:45pWny- just go
01:08:45xTimmins- ulti
01:08:46xTimmins- magnus
01:08:48Hexar f lycky rege
01:08:48Palle w8 tide
01:08:50Hexar on magns8iu
01:08:51xTimmins- y
01:08:54Palle plz
01:09:08Sepetos plz
01:09:15PeterLars i def
01:09:21pWny- gogo
01:09:22Sepetos gg
01:09:26Jerkku TREE
01:09:26Palle what a go
01:09:27Norrebro gogo end
01:09:27Sepetos why did u go storm
01:09:27pWny- push
01:09:36xTimmins- u should just let me ide
01:09:37xTimmins- die
01:09:38Norrebro focus throne
01:09:39xTimmins- when all come
01:09:40Sepetos indeed
01:09:44pWny- yeas
01:09:46xTimmins- so ur mistake to
01:09:46Sepetos well wasnt it obvious?
01:10:03Jerkku gg
01:10:05Norrebro gg
01:10:07Norrebro -.-
01:10:19pWny- gg
01:10:22pWny- yeah
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