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Chat log

00:00:17Laier MYuksel no xin for you? :(
00:00:17Mercury kas meepo ja naixi vahel on spectre?
00:00:17Strom ei
00:00:17Laier i can play naix
00:00:17Strom liiga kitsas
00:00:17Mercury soovi on?
00:00:18Strom nop
00:00:18Mercury naix
00:00:18Steuerfreak ns
00:00:24ESA_93 Slardar.
00:00:25Steuerfreak slard
00:00:26Steuerfreak we need
00:00:29MYuksel i can
00:00:31ESA_93 Could u play it?
00:00:38MYuksel pick me slar
00:00:40MYuksel slarder
00:00:55MYuksel but iam not good with it btw
00:01:06MYuksel what do u want ?
00:01:10ESA_93 Pick me
00:01:12ESA_93 Rubick
00:01:17MYuksel -swap 2
00:01:19ESA_93 -swap 3
00:01:25ESA_93 pick magnus
00:01:28ESA_93 lina
00:01:34Buttons if lina goes
00:01:38Steuerfreak harb, slayer, eza
00:01:38ESA_93 hmm
00:01:40ESA_93 sec
00:01:41Steuerfreak last pick
00:01:42Laier ömm
00:01:45ESA_93 OD would be gg
00:01:46pWny- hmm......
00:01:48Steuerfreak rubick mid
00:01:50Laier why firstpick weaver when slarda in opol?
00:01:54MYuksel steur
00:01:56Laier just wondering :/
00:01:56Buttons slut
00:01:56Steuerfreak u can hanlde mid?
00:01:59pWny- slardar and luci -.-
00:02:00MYuksel let rubcik top with me
00:02:01pWny- -hhn
00:02:02pWny- -di
00:02:02MYuksel u solo
00:02:02Steuerfreak kk
00:02:03pWny- -don
00:02:03MYuksel good
00:02:03Steuerfreak me mid
00:02:04pWny- -ii
00:02:10MYuksel od ?
00:02:11MYuksel why od ?
00:02:15ESA_93 Imba.
00:02:16Strom doesn't shield remove amplify+
00:02:17pWny- let me downlane please
00:02:17Laier strom come bot
00:02:17Buttons you said fucking od
00:02:20ESA_93 Against their heroes.
00:02:24MYuksel they were kidding
00:02:25Mercury cent woods?
00:02:29ESA_93 Like Centaur, Abaddon, Weaver
00:02:31Mercury abba lina top
00:02:33Buttons too stoned for kidding
00:02:34pWny- k
00:02:34Laier ...
00:02:37Buttons srsly
00:02:38Steuerfreak lol
00:02:43MYuksel come rubick
00:02:53Laier afk ->
00:02:53MYuksel they probbly plant
00:03:03Steuerfreak rune bot
00:03:33MYuksel lvl 3 go
00:04:12ESA_93 go pull
00:04:23MYuksel k
00:05:13Buttons go
00:05:21Strom :(
00:05:47MYuksel ?
00:05:50Steuerfreak share
00:05:53IamSoUnluckY take
00:05:55IamSoUnluckY wards
00:05:56IamSoUnluckY pls
00:06:56Laier :DDD
00:06:59Laier vittu mikä tuuri
00:07:00IamSoUnluckY :/
00:07:02ESA_93 nojaa
00:07:05Laier "nojaa"
00:07:11ESA_93 hieno koru
00:07:15Laier meni fogiin toi slarda ku piti nukee alas
00:07:17Shinja get stick
00:07:22pWny- gg
00:07:39Buttons t
00:07:39Buttons y
00:07:44Shinja get stick
00:07:49Buttons idd
00:08:44Steuerfreak ss mid
00:08:46Steuerfreak inc top mb
00:09:07pWny- go
00:09:24Laier so centaur wanted botlane
00:09:27MYuksel 4 top
00:09:29Laier so can he can fuck it up and run top?
00:09:30MYuksel b
00:09:33Buttons mag go?
00:09:38pWny- i was woods ffs
00:09:49Mercury care
00:10:01pWny- i dont fucked it up
00:10:11pWny- wtf are u talking?
00:11:05pWny- rune down
00:11:28Steuerfreak ss mid
00:11:42IamSoUnluckY ty
00:12:18Buttons 3 bot
00:12:37IamSoUnluckY brb
00:12:43Buttons my bad
00:12:44Buttons sry
00:13:01Mercury mid ss
00:13:24Laier kill when you lvl up
00:13:25Laier save manas
00:13:53MYuksel :D
00:13:58Buttons ss weaver mid
00:14:06pWny- hlp
00:14:24IamSoUnluckY ss top
00:14:29pWny- ofc he got sight
00:14:29pWny- ffs
00:14:53Steuerfreak tower
00:14:53IamSoUnluckY come b
00:15:12Laier go roam
00:15:14Laier come
00:15:16pWny- lina go gang?
00:15:20MYuksel :D
00:15:27Laier yuou first
00:15:33Shinja ss
00:16:02Laier jesus that luck
00:16:09Steuerfreak come
00:16:31pWny- care mid
00:16:48IamSoUnluckY fucking doom
00:17:19MYuksel lol
00:17:21MYuksel all running ?
00:17:25MYuksel k
00:17:37Steuerfreak help
00:17:37MYuksel eza
00:17:42MYuksel omg
00:17:43MYuksel noob
00:17:44Steuerfreak HELLO?
00:17:44pWny- great
00:17:44Laier gj
00:17:48IamSoUnluckY farm bot
00:17:51Steuerfreak u got mana
00:17:54Steuerfreak to get em high
00:17:55Steuerfreak wtF?
00:17:55Mercury il go
00:17:56ESA_93 sry
00:17:57ESA_93 sry
00:17:57ESA_93 sry
00:18:01MYuksel he is noob
00:18:03Steuerfreak its gg
00:18:04pWny- thanx for shield btw
00:18:05MYuksel he allso stealed my farm top
00:18:06ESA_93 my bad about that
00:18:12Strom b
00:18:13Laier b
00:18:15Laier b
00:18:19Laier wrong way to run
00:18:21Laier <.<
00:18:24IamSoUnluckY w00t
00:18:26ESA_93 rofl
00:18:27ESA_93 : D
00:18:29IamSoUnluckY happens with my hp
00:18:30ESA_93 MYuksel
00:18:31IamSoUnluckY r3fwt47y5hy
00:18:33pWny- coming bat
00:18:33MYuksel u did
00:18:33ESA_93 u suck, no offense
00:18:34pWny- stay
00:18:34MYuksel btw
00:18:36pWny- kill
00:18:36IamSoUnluckY i AM SO PAPER
00:18:39pWny- oh luci
00:18:40pWny- back
00:18:43pWny- b
00:18:43Strom b
00:18:46MYuksel u suck more
00:18:58ESA_93 learn to play carry
00:19:25pWny- lol
00:19:45Steuerfreak rubik
00:19:48IamSoUnluckY :/
00:19:50Steuerfreak again sleeping
00:19:53ESA_93 i was stuck
00:19:56ESA_93 if u cant see
00:20:03ESA_93 jesus
00:20:06ESA_93 open your eyes
00:20:18MYuksel k u farm
00:20:20pWny- everyday im shuffeling
00:20:22ESA_93 i will
00:20:24ESA_93 coz u cant
00:20:30MYuksel steur
00:20:51MYuksel its hard to farm when support useing magic to farm right ?
00:21:10ESA_93 u got a fucking pullspot
00:21:13ESA_93 and when u were at lane
00:21:16pWny- kill
00:21:17ESA_93 u could have gotten every lasthit
00:21:19ESA_93 but u didnt
00:21:25Laier take top tower
00:21:29ESA_93 coz u fucking suck
00:21:37MYuksel shhh
00:21:38MYuksel noob
00:21:59Laier too slow mobs :D
00:22:38Strom oh boty
00:22:39MYuksel gj
00:22:39ESA_93 gj shinja
00:22:46Steuerfreak tower
00:23:20MYuksel i farm down
00:23:54pWny- slard oom
00:24:37Mercury b
00:24:43pWny- lol
00:25:03ESA_93 -afk
00:25:14MYuksel mana asap
00:25:28Laier come here
00:25:29Laier ...
00:25:38pWny- luci radi
00:25:45MYuksel ord afk
00:25:47pWny- coming top
00:25:51Buttons sbt emergency
00:25:55MYuksel k
00:25:56Buttons fucked it off
00:26:21Shinja dumb noob
00:26:23Shinja why u dont go b
00:26:27Shinja now i die cause of u
00:26:28Shinja ffs
00:27:09pWny- b
00:27:14IamSoUnluckY zeus ulty
00:27:20IamSoUnluckY :D
00:27:26Laier y
00:27:28Laier would be fun
00:27:41Mercury should buy boots :D
00:27:44Laier mby
00:27:44pWny- no
00:27:47Laier over rated imo tho
00:27:48pWny- buy radi
00:28:31ESA_93 :D
00:28:44Steuerfreak EARLIER
00:29:03Strom yeah we need more, can't 3v5
00:29:07pWny- b
00:29:08pWny- b
00:29:15pWny- we cant def 2 vs 4
00:29:20pWny- ....
00:29:26IamSoUnluckY didnt know dagger
00:29:29IamSoUnluckY =.=
00:29:34MYuksel mana asap
00:29:36Mercury had it last fight allso
00:29:46IamSoUnluckY didnt notice
00:29:47IamSoUnluckY -.-
00:30:13ESA_93 u need armor db
00:30:15Laier well
00:30:17Laier we wont win late
00:30:17Steuerfreak y
00:30:20Laier so gotta push or something
00:30:21Buttons idd
00:30:24Buttons + bkb
00:30:28Buttons mb
00:30:29pWny- im ready now
00:30:34pWny- got my dagger
00:30:44pWny- v
00:30:51ESA_93 lets push mid with 5
00:31:08pWny- b
00:31:09pWny- b
00:31:16pWny- b
00:31:19Laier gg
00:31:21Laier I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:31:25Strom definetly need 5
00:31:27ESA_93 push
00:31:28ESA_93 mid
00:31:32pWny- for that reason i told b
00:31:35ESA_93 they just gave it free
00:31:38Laier i thinks it over allready
00:31:40pWny- omfg weaver
00:31:44pWny- why u dont finish your fuckign radi
00:31:46Laier magna knows what he is doing
00:31:48Laier and doom + slard fat
00:31:56MYuksel bot next
00:31:58ESA_93 yup
00:32:06Buttons i go?
00:32:12MYuksel i go
00:32:12ESA_93 tower first
00:32:18Laier care to join?
00:32:23Strom def base
00:32:25Strom let weaver finish radi
00:32:33pWny- u buy power treads
00:33:37pWny- we need meka
00:33:42pWny- janggo
00:33:42Strom no tp doom
00:33:56Laier hes gone allready
00:33:58Laier <.<
00:34:14Laier well
00:34:17pWny- first hit bash
00:34:18Laier rubick has necro book
00:34:19Steuerfreak omw+
00:34:19pWny- ^^
00:34:20ESA_93 : D
00:34:20Laier slarda has bkb
00:34:23Laier and doom is just fat
00:34:24ESA_93 go bot
00:34:26ESA_93 and push it
00:34:27Strom cool story
00:34:32Steuerfreak got lothars
00:34:34Strom lets now focus on winning instead
00:34:40Buttons ffs
00:34:40Buttons xD
00:34:40MYuksel ?
00:34:41Laier winning how?
00:34:42Steuerfreak lol
00:34:44Strom need 5
00:34:49MYuksel idiot
00:34:52Buttons fuck you
00:34:55Buttons we did at same time
00:35:19pWny- we go all the time 3 vs 5
00:35:21ESA_93 push it
00:35:22pWny- and say its gg
00:35:25pWny- sad story
00:35:26MYuksel nee mana
00:35:29Laier tbh
00:35:32Laier this time you were alone
00:35:39pWny- yeah the first time
00:35:45pWny- the last 30 clashs u was 3 vs 5 @ mid
00:36:18ESA_93 tower
00:36:19ESA_93 gogo
00:37:36pWny- up
00:37:50ESA_93 rosh
00:37:51Laier hiukan outpicked
00:37:51ESA_93 and bot
00:38:17ESA_93 weaveriä pelataan liikaa carryna
00:38:26Laier ei sil o välii
00:38:26ESA_93 hard-carryna
00:38:30ESA_93 kyllä on
00:38:33Laier no ei o
00:38:41Laier outpikattu vaa täs pelis
00:39:58ESA_93 b
00:40:00ESA_93 slardar
00:40:00ESA_93 ...
00:40:18MYuksel aah
00:40:19ESA_93 what were u thinking dude
00:40:26MYuksel suciede mission completed
00:40:36ESA_93 dudes
00:40:36MYuksel :(7
00:40:38ESA_93 we can still lose this
00:40:48ESA_93 if we play stupid
00:41:10Strom don't give entries now
00:41:14Strom we're not that far behind
00:41:17Strom and 0 raxes lost
00:41:21MYuksel magnus and od can solo them
00:41:27ESA_93 just end it
00:41:31ESA_93 come mid
00:41:32ESA_93 and kill em
00:41:34pWny- i need mana lina
00:41:37Mercury b
00:41:45MYuksel rosh ?
00:41:54Laier if you say we aint bheind i gotta disagree :/
00:42:04Strom I said we're not THAT FAR behind
00:42:06pWny- we are find
00:42:08pWny- fine
00:42:11Strom like you're screaming ff all the time
00:42:13Buttons smoked?
00:42:17pWny- they should push us first of all our racks
00:42:20Strom this is easily winnable if we pull together
00:42:22Laier i said ff 1 time? :D
00:42:23MYuksel i take
00:42:25IamSoUnluckY rosh gone
00:42:27IamSoUnluckY :/
00:42:36ESA_93 go bot
00:42:48ESA_93 omfg
00:42:48Steuerfreak OMG
00:42:48MYuksel lol
00:42:49ESA_93 ...
00:42:50pWny- smokerun?
00:42:50Steuerfreak y
00:42:51Steuerfreak slard
00:42:52Steuerfreak ?
00:42:52pWny- guys?
00:42:55Strom sure
00:42:59MYuksel didnt see it
00:43:03Buttons will need
00:43:08pWny- come all here
00:43:16Laier focus who?
00:43:28pWny- our woods
00:43:29pWny- lets go
00:43:29ESA_93 cmon
00:43:31ESA_93 lets end it
00:43:35MYuksel alll mid
00:43:39Strom abba
00:43:41Strom dont be first
00:43:53Buttons ffs
00:44:12Laier well
00:44:13Strom blah, doomed the complete fight
00:44:13pWny- wtf
00:44:15pWny- i cant stun
00:44:21Strom they gathered too fast
00:44:22ESA_93 badamn
00:44:22pWny- i was stunned by rubick first
00:44:23IamSoUnluckY ;/
00:44:24ESA_93 badamn
00:44:24IamSoUnluckY I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:44:28pWny- !ff
00:44:34ESA_93 wp gg
00:44:34MYuksel no twr
00:44:39Laier not behind in lvls but kinda outfarmed imo
00:44:44Strom I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:44:44Laier but anyway, shit happens :)
00:44:49Mercury I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:45:01Laier magnus was stronk
00:45:12pWny- not really
00:45:15MYuksel give me dmg
00:45:16pWny- abaddon you should build janggo and meka
00:45:17Laier only reason we lost fights
00:45:19pWny- not sange yasha imho
00:45:20Laier is magnus ulti :D
00:45:27pWny- and u build wrong ;)
00:45:42Laier nah tbh
00:45:50Laier at this point my shield and heals are useless anyway
00:46:21pWny- xD
00:46:36pWny- they got janggo and meka
00:46:44Laier thats the reason they won
00:46:48pWny- yes :D
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