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93% | 1635 X | 1463 TS

-26 X
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87% | 1506 X | 1478 TS

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85% | 1466 X | 1512 TS

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49% | 1208 X | 1345 TS

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87% | 1515 X | 1475 TS

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55% | 1243 X | 1334 TS

Chat log

00:00:18TheyCallMeHaci keltos
00:00:18KeLToS wishes?
00:00:18Arapiles aa
00:00:18KeLToS slark
00:00:18TheyCallMeHaci < bs middle, weaver , nevermore
00:00:18IamSoUnluckY pick me wl pls
00:00:18Arapiles er slark buffed?
00:00:18KeLToS stadig den samme
00:00:18KeLToS lets go
00:00:18Steuerfreak nm
00:00:18Steuerfreak nevermore
00:00:20KeLToS bs u?
00:00:26TheyCallMeHaci y
00:00:30Arapiles aa
00:00:35TheyCallMeHaci aa would been metter
00:00:38TheyCallMeHaci better
00:00:38IamSoUnluckY pick me wl?
00:00:41IamSoUnluckY -.-
00:00:43TheyCallMeHaci but ok
00:00:45extremewaari y
00:00:47KeLToS ..
00:00:58TheyCallMeHaci what do you want ?
00:00:59KeLToS get me eaver
00:01:02Arapiles sven imo
00:01:07TheyCallMeHaci -swap 1
00:01:09KeLToS -swap 2
00:01:10Steuerfreak get gondar
00:01:10extremewaari take gondar for me
00:01:11KeLToS -clear
00:01:16Arapiles imo get sven
00:01:18Steuerfreak guys
00:01:22Steuerfreak can someone ick itlord
00:01:24Steuerfreak for me mb?
00:01:27Steuerfreak itlord
00:01:28TheyCallMeHaci sven rhasta would be nice
00:01:28extremewaari -swap 3
00:01:34KeLToS yea
00:01:35extremewaari or u play it?
00:01:38TheyCallMeHaci or rhasta pit
00:01:41IamSoUnluckY wtf my wl?
00:01:42N2xy uhm..
00:01:46IamSoUnluckY -.-
00:01:48extremewaari u can swap
00:01:49KeLToS fxx bot
00:01:51Steuerfreak unlucky
00:01:53Steuerfreak pitlord plz
00:01:53IamSoUnluckY ?
00:01:55extremewaari take pit for me
00:01:56Arapiles lanes?
00:02:03IamSoUnluckY -swap 2
00:02:04TheyCallMeHaci sven aa imo
00:02:05extremewaari -swap 5
00:02:05KeLToS what ever u 2 fancy
00:02:13KeLToS no way
00:02:15Arapiles sven
00:02:18Arapiles take wards for bot
00:02:18KeLToS fxx bot then i dont care
00:02:21N2xy chick
00:02:26N2xy lanes?
00:02:31Kanpu3a ????
00:02:32IamSoUnluckY me mid :D
00:02:34Kanpu3a top??
00:02:34IamSoUnluckY joke
00:02:36Steuerfreak me mid
00:02:37Arapiles bot
00:02:40Arapiles and place wards
00:02:41TheyCallMeHaci plant
00:02:50Arapiles to block camp
00:02:54Arapiles and scout rune
00:02:55N2xy share
00:03:06Steuerfreak -afkl
00:03:09PinaryB -afk
00:03:13IamSoUnluckY yy
00:03:15IamSoUnluckY need to
00:03:19N2xy share
00:03:20IamSoUnluckY quit facebook
00:03:54KeLToS touche
00:04:17IamSoUnluckY ok now
00:04:48Arapiles j pullr
00:04:49TheyCallMeHaci ss miod
00:04:53TheyCallMeHaci re
00:05:11KeLToS 2 ss
00:05:15KeLToS re
00:06:24TheyCallMeHaci rune bot
00:06:26TheyCallMeHaci he have
00:06:29TheyCallMeHaci care
00:06:38Fxx. tiny miss
00:06:39Fxx. re
00:06:46TheyCallMeHaci care bot
00:06:46TheyCallMeHaci ss
00:06:53Kanpu3a hast'!!!!
00:08:00Kanpu3a no mana?
00:08:07Kanpu3a cd?
00:08:14TheyCallMeHaci need gank middle asap
00:08:18Kanpu3a (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((('
00:08:34TheyCallMeHaci ss mid
00:08:53Arapiles eat
00:08:56IamSoUnluckY ss mid
00:09:00extremewaari ty
00:09:08Arapiles ss top
00:09:08Arapiles 3
00:09:11Steuerfreak no ulti rdy
00:09:52IamSoUnluckY gj
00:09:55IamSoUnluckY ulty on dead man
00:10:18Kanpu3a go mid aaa
00:10:19Arapiles gank mid
00:10:26Kanpu3a w8
00:10:31Kanpu3a mana 140
00:10:47Arapiles gj sven
00:10:49Kanpu3a pfffff
00:10:51Kanpu3a LOL
00:10:53Kanpu3a idiot
00:10:59Arapiles write it b4 we go
00:11:23Fxx. ss gondar
00:11:24Fxx. care
00:11:32Fxx. r
00:11:33Fxx. e
00:11:34Arapiles omw top
00:11:35IamSoUnluckY lets kill him
00:11:37IamSoUnluckY got dust
00:11:56Fxx. fuck
00:12:43Arapiles pullin
00:12:50extremewaari n2xy gang weaver
00:12:57TheyCallMeHaci ss
00:13:00TheyCallMeHaci mid
00:13:09Fxx. tiny miss
00:13:17IamSoUnluckY bs free farm
00:13:18IamSoUnluckY -.-
00:13:28PinaryB bs s
00:13:29PinaryB s
00:13:30Kanpu3a aa
00:13:30Steuerfreak lol
00:13:31Steuerfreak wl
00:13:34Steuerfreak i killed him 3 times
00:13:37Steuerfreak and u said freefarm
00:13:38Steuerfreak :D
00:13:43IamSoUnluckY :D
00:13:49IamSoUnluckY i dont look stats
00:13:49IamSoUnluckY :D
00:13:55IamSoUnluckY but i see him mid farm
00:13:56IamSoUnluckY -.-
00:13:56Steuerfreak omw top
00:14:01KeLToS not all top
00:14:05Steuerfreak no ulti rdy
00:14:15TheyCallMeHaci we need aa and sven to gank
00:14:15Steuerfreak go
00:14:17TheyCallMeHaci from now on
00:14:18TheyCallMeHaci with me
00:15:01KeLToS omg dont go 2 sven
00:15:09IamSoUnluckY gj
00:15:10Kanpu3a fucking
00:15:16IamSoUnluckY eza FREE FARM!
00:15:16Kanpu3a why u going me
00:15:18IamSoUnluckY :D
00:15:20TheyCallMeHaci i fail so much
00:15:34Kanpu3a ff
00:16:01Arapiles horrible game
00:16:40Arapiles twr
00:16:58Steuerfreak my bad
00:17:11IamSoUnluckY omw top
00:17:13IamSoUnluckY got ulty
00:17:14TheyCallMeHaci b
00:17:37Steuerfreak ush
00:17:38IamSoUnluckY mana?
00:18:24TheyCallMeHaci ff
00:18:28IamSoUnluckY ty
00:18:30extremewaari np
00:18:42IamSoUnluckY atro why no book?
00:18:46Arapiles twr
00:19:16IamSoUnluckY care mid
00:20:20Steuerfreak omg
00:20:36Steuerfreak tiny
00:20:38Steuerfreak wtf?
00:20:43Steuerfreak y u threw me in?
00:20:53PinaryB i wanted you to kill all
00:21:07TheyCallMeHaci care
00:21:18TheyCallMeHaci its to late for force right ?
00:21:26IamSoUnluckY guys we need twrs :D
00:21:31Arapiles 3 mid
00:21:32Steuerfreak someone
00:21:32KeLToS no
00:21:34Steuerfreak got ulti
00:21:34Fxx. never to late
00:21:37Fxx. on this imba ite
00:21:38Fxx. m
00:21:39Steuerfreak gondar
00:21:40Steuerfreak come
00:22:03Kanpu3a gj
00:23:17IamSoUnluckY goy ulty
00:23:27IamSoUnluckY let push bot
00:23:28IamSoUnluckY ?
00:24:05Fxx. fuck
00:24:06Fxx. my bad
00:24:07Fxx. sry
00:24:20TheyCallMeHaci weaver
00:24:43Fxx. svents no ulty
00:24:45Fxx. svent
00:24:47Fxx. sven
00:24:55IamSoUnluckY go b
00:24:56Kanpu3a and
00:24:57Kanpu3a fu!
00:25:00Steuerfreak y no ulti?
00:25:01Steuerfreak :(
00:25:02Kanpu3a u no brains
00:25:11Steuerfreak i could use sleep
00:25:13Steuerfreak we could get all
00:25:14Steuerfreak :(
00:25:14IamSoUnluckY fucked up myself
00:25:32Kanpu3a where our wever
00:25:37KeLToS farming
00:25:39Kanpu3a (((
00:25:44Kanpu3a we must killing
00:25:50KeLToS have 2
00:25:52KeLToS bs no items
00:25:55KeLToS or else we get no late
00:25:56TheyCallMeHaci :D
00:26:04KeLToS i can get relic
00:26:38IamSoUnluckY ATRO!
00:27:03Arapiles bh so feedet now
00:27:31Arapiles need weaver w us now
00:27:34Arapiles no time to farm
00:27:44Steuerfreak b
00:28:01Kanpu3a gj
00:28:01Steuerfreak on purpose?
00:28:02Kanpu3a ))
00:28:05Steuerfreak omw
00:28:09extremewaari not
00:28:15Steuerfreak go him
00:28:16extremewaari playing with my dog
00:28:32Fxx. OC
00:28:35Fxx. OFC
00:28:47IamSoUnluckY oc? d:
00:28:49Fxx. bs
00:29:02Fxx. try to better farm pelase
00:29:03N2xy -BOUNTY
00:29:04N2xy -ST
00:29:27Arapiles take we
00:29:40IamSoUnluckY 250 and agha
00:29:41IamSoUnluckY !
00:29:44N2xy ok
00:29:49N2xy lets waitit and go smoke?
00:29:58TheyCallMeHaci tiny blink
00:30:12IamSoUnluckY ty pit
00:30:24Fxx. 2 hot brothers
00:30:30Fxx. ?-?)
00:30:33Fxx. :-)
00:30:57Kanpu3a go???
00:31:02Arapiles need weaver
00:31:05Kanpu3a !
00:31:39KeLToS ok
00:31:54N2xy cant
00:31:57N2xy go without lock
00:32:01Kanpu3a )))
00:32:01IamSoUnluckY y
00:32:01N2xy :S
00:32:04Kanpu3a great
00:32:08IamSoUnluckY go more steal me creeps
00:32:19IamSoUnluckY when i said need 250 pit have to farm
00:32:24IamSoUnluckY and dont w8 me pls
00:32:25Steuerfreak mb
00:32:27Steuerfreak last hit
00:32:28Steuerfreak ^^
00:32:35KeLToS next i go last in
00:32:41IamSoUnluckY i dont do that:\
00:32:41Kanpu3a ok\
00:32:41IamSoUnluckY ?
00:33:02Steuerfreak they rosh mb?
00:33:09Steuerfreak gang
00:33:45TheyCallMeHaci k
00:33:58Steuerfreak tiny
00:33:59Steuerfreak tp
00:34:05KeLToS dont
00:34:41Fxx. WHY ALLWAYS ME ?
00:34:42Kanpu3a pffff!
00:34:42Fxx. FUCKER !
00:35:01Kanpu3a facepalm
00:35:07Kanpu3a agggrrrrrrrr
00:35:09Arapiles keltos
00:35:10Kanpu3a fucking team!
00:35:11KeLToS i typed, dont
00:35:13Arapiles få dig en tp
00:35:17KeLToS mangler 200
00:35:30Fxx. weaver farm forest :-)
00:35:35Kanpu3a )))
00:36:57Steuerfreak someone
00:37:03IamSoUnluckY w8 my ulty
00:37:04IamSoUnluckY and go
00:37:04IamSoUnluckY !
00:37:05Kanpu3a weaver u must killing all!
00:37:26Arapiles we need gem
00:37:56N2xy xD
00:37:57N2xy lol tp
00:39:27Arapiles epic
00:39:31TheyCallMeHaci I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:39:34Kanpu3a bit we have sacred
00:39:36Steuerfreak rax now
00:39:37Kanpu3a )))
00:40:27IamSoUnluckY why i didnt tp
00:40:30IamSoUnluckY -.-
00:40:37Steuerfreak pit could used his ulti
00:40:38Steuerfreak :(
00:40:49Arapiles take gem weaver
00:40:54extremewaari true
00:41:03KeLToS tiny can still 1 hit me
00:41:05Steuerfreak we need fast rax
00:41:06KeLToS we need rosh
00:41:08KeLToS lets smoke go
00:41:19Arapiles get hood imo
00:41:22TheyCallMeHaci need 200 for bkb
00:41:24N2xy smoke?
00:41:25N2xy go?
00:41:45N2xy -ms
00:41:46Steuerfreak gather mid and go top
00:42:07IamSoUnluckY facebook
00:42:10IamSoUnluckY -.--
00:42:16IamSoUnluckY hi
00:42:21Kanpu3a bbbbbbb
00:42:27Arapiles placing wards
00:42:31KeLToS b
00:42:53Steuerfreak go in
00:42:54KeLToS atro gondar focus
00:42:56Steuerfreak tiny go
00:43:42Kanpu3a warlock
00:43:54Kanpu3a fuck!
00:43:55IamSoUnluckY :D
00:43:59IamSoUnluckY i dont look myself
00:44:00IamSoUnluckY :
00:44:01Kanpu3a more attack
00:44:04N2xy lets go take rosh
00:44:08N2xy i would like to get aegis
00:44:09IamSoUnluckY lets win
00:44:09N2xy :D
00:44:15KeLToS go
00:44:16Kanpu3a fast
00:44:25IamSoUnluckY just go all top and
00:44:28IamSoUnluckY take rax
00:44:33N2xy why not aegis?
00:44:45KeLToS gem
00:44:46KeLToS take
00:44:50IamSoUnluckY couse no twr top
00:44:51IamSoUnluckY -.-
00:44:56N2xy i can soloi it
00:44:57N2xy also
00:45:05KeLToS gj
00:45:06IamSoUnluckY y
00:45:11Steuerfreak ...
00:45:11IamSoUnluckY wp
00:45:12KeLToS mid
00:45:14Fxx. GO PUSH
00:45:14Arapiles mid
00:45:18IamSoUnluckY mr Solo :D
00:45:26IamSoUnluckY :P
00:45:34Steuerfreak base
00:45:37Steuerfreak cant hold tower
00:45:37IamSoUnluckY y
00:45:39IamSoUnluckY no ulty
00:45:42KeLToS go next
00:45:45TheyCallMeHaci go rax
00:46:44Arapiles help him
00:46:49Arapiles nvm b
00:47:14Steuerfreak all
00:47:15Steuerfreak to
00:47:15extremewaari come around me
00:47:16Steuerfreak p
00:47:19Steuerfreak k
00:47:20Steuerfreak go
00:47:21Kanpu3a fucking golems
00:47:25Steuerfreak gondar
00:47:25Steuerfreak go
00:47:28Steuerfreak come
00:47:43Steuerfreak go in
00:48:19Arapiles afk eza
00:48:25Fxx. 30 sec
00:48:28Kanpu3a xd
00:48:30IamSoUnluckY mid twr?
00:48:32IamSoUnluckY try it?
00:48:47Arapiles mid?
00:49:31Fxx. wp sentinel
00:49:33Fxx. I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:49:43Kanpu3a I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:49:49TheyCallMeHaci I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:50:02Fxx. haci
00:50:06TheyCallMeHaci ye i knwow
00:50:07Fxx. u are better int
00:50:11Fxx. :-)
00:50:15Arapiles fxx ...
00:50:23Arapiles dont even speak
00:50:23Fxx. and i m better carry
00:50:24Fxx. :-)
00:50:51KeLToS gg
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