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90% | 1520 X | 1520 TS

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65% | 1322 X | 1334 TS

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60% | 1244 X | 1378 TS

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57% | 1222 X | 1370 TS

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55% | 1242 X | 1335 TS

Chat log

00:00:17Momdsiw mm wh
00:00:17Momdsiw was this silver :DDDDDDDDD
00:00:17marsbar2k Its bornze Ban
00:00:17DeMiaN nope
00:00:17NeverbACKdOwn its silver :D
00:00:17Momdsiw i ban sd
00:00:17A-tzangol undying
00:00:17Momdsiw blah
00:00:31Momdsiw some1 want furi?
00:00:41NeverbACKdOwn i can
00:00:46NeverbACKdOwn if no1 wants
00:00:51Momdsiw mars or droningen?Å
00:00:54Momdsiw want furi?
00:00:56Isdronningen nah ty
00:00:59Isdronningen hmm
00:01:00Momdsiw k
00:01:03Momdsiw go aba
00:01:03Momdsiw ?
00:01:07Isdronningen what y eanna play?
00:01:11Momdsiw i wan taba
00:01:12Momdsiw for this
00:01:18Momdsiw -swap 2
00:01:23Isdronningen -swap 1
00:01:29Isdronningen im a good man :D
00:01:36A-tzangol get krobe
00:01:39Isdronningen -clear
00:01:43mamyka yes
00:01:44Zulu -swap 3
00:01:47marsbar2k -swap 5
00:01:47Isdronningen im woods
00:01:47DeMiaN okkk
00:01:48Zulu we top
00:01:49Zulu me tb
00:01:50Momdsiw im mid
00:01:58marsbar2k let me mid
00:01:59Zulu viper bot
00:01:59marsbar2k :D ?
00:02:01Momdsiw hmm
00:02:03mamyka plz me and bb bot we are on skype
00:02:06Momdsiw top is hard for me also :D
00:02:10Momdsiw roll for mid and topo
00:02:13Momdsiw if you roll over 50 you mid
00:02:15Zulu u are support ??
00:02:15Momdsiw under 50 you top
00:02:17Isdronningen terror solo top?
00:02:17mamyka tnx
00:02:24marsbar2k /roll
00:02:28marsbar2k :D
00:02:31Momdsiw its -
00:02:31DeMiaN u have freefarm mid, furi is noob
00:02:34Momdsiw over 50 youre mid
00:02:38Momdsiw under youre top
00:02:39Isdronningen -roll
00:02:40A-tzangol get fb
00:02:43Momdsiw :D
00:02:45marsbar2k -roll
00:02:45Isdronningen ^^
00:02:47Zulu lanes fast ?
00:02:50marsbar2k suck me
00:02:51Momdsiw bot thrall
00:02:52Isdronningen -rickroll
00:02:52A-tzangol bristle got slow?
00:02:54Momdsiw with viper
00:02:59mamyka y
00:02:59holostoi y
00:03:02NeverbACKdOwn furi pls gank
00:03:05NeverbACKdOwn at lvl 3
00:03:07Isdronningen i will try
00:03:08marsbar2k try first blood
00:03:09marsbar2k furi
00:03:15marsbar2k jsut go agressive from behind
00:03:22Zulu :D
00:03:25Zulu nasty dude
00:03:29DeMiaN go
00:03:52Momdsiw krobe mid
00:03:56Momdsiw via qop
00:04:01Zulu skilled wrong :S
00:04:02DeMiaN lol
00:04:06DeMiaN i tought we were going fb mid
00:04:08Zulu panic ftw
00:04:27Momdsiw share
00:05:15NeverbACKdOwn ss bot
00:05:17Zulu gj
00:05:25Momdsiw Fuckinbg shadow :D
00:06:13mamyka me pull
00:06:17holostoi y werent u on skype?
00:06:36mamyka i off it coz of lags use ur swarm ffsd?
00:06:52holostoi ss
00:06:54DeMiaN too far
00:06:55A-tzangol ss
00:07:07Momdsiw mis smid qop
00:07:11Momdsiw care
00:07:13DeMiaN ss furi
00:07:13Momdsiw hes witrh rune gnaking
00:07:35A-tzangol ....
00:07:45Momdsiw gj
00:07:55holostoi 0 ?????? ? ????? ???? '... go infront of me so i can block
00:08:14holostoi ?? ???
00:08:17holostoi ss bot
00:08:19Zulu ss
00:08:38mamyka w?
00:08:38A-tzangol ?
00:08:38Momdsiw My
00:08:38Momdsiw MOuse
00:08:38DeMiaN no shit
00:08:38Momdsiw Out of batteries
00:08:38Momdsiw 1 sec
00:08:38Isdronningen my mouse live on chesse
00:08:38DeMiaN huh ><
00:08:38Momdsiw Ty
00:08:46Momdsiw Ahh fuck d: ... U said ty
00:08:58Momdsiw ye
00:09:21Isdronningen need trhall to hold him ss proph
00:09:31Momdsiw mid miss
00:09:32Momdsiw care
00:09:32mamyka ? ????
00:09:53mamyka ??? ???????
00:09:59holostoi r
00:10:30Momdsiw come bot
00:10:54DeMiaN kill
00:10:59DeMiaN nvm .
00:11:07mamyka tp
00:11:20holostoi ss :D mamy
00:12:15marsbar2k newb
00:12:19marsbar2k hate players that dosnt watch minimap
00:12:47Zulu ss 1
00:12:55mamyka s bot
00:13:05DeMiaN tw ? viper
00:13:37NeverbACKdOwn def mid?
00:13:40Momdsiw furi
00:13:41Momdsiw def mid
00:13:51Isdronningen mid dead
00:13:53mamyka ss trall
00:13:57Momdsiw cause no1 defs
00:14:49A-tzangol ss 2
00:14:58DeMiaN def bot
00:15:12A-tzangol p,w tp[
00:15:14A-tzangol b
00:15:15A-tzangol omw
00:15:16A-tzangol top
00:15:22DeMiaN def bot hate panda for constant oom
00:16:07mamyka manan
00:16:53holostoi )
00:18:02Momdsiw gluimpose?
00:18:13Momdsiw dude
00:18:13mamyka care
00:18:14DeMiaN get bottom tower with my ult
00:18:14Momdsiw max glimpse
00:18:16Momdsiw before circle got primal
00:18:24DeMiaN bot guys
00:18:33Momdsiw he teles for me yeah right
00:18:38A-tzangol LAG
00:18:38A-tzangol Sec
00:18:38Momdsiw furi tele for him
00:18:38Momdsiw he has 1 blink elft
00:18:38Momdsiw i think
00:18:38Isdronningen i will
00:18:38Momdsiw on mana
00:18:38A-tzangol resume in 3
00:19:02Momdsiw viper
00:19:03Momdsiw here
00:19:28mamyka you need more farm? y
00:20:09DeMiaN bot tw
00:20:54A-tzangol kill
00:20:55DeMiaN ffs
00:20:58A-tzangol nap
00:21:02A-tzangol go
00:21:02Momdsiw he has armlet
00:21:10Momdsiw check top ruen
00:21:16mamyka krobe you have sile?
00:21:17A-tzangol tp top
00:21:23DeMiaN nope
00:21:57Isdronningen hey
00:22:01A-tzangol def
00:22:12Momdsiw get tps Such a fuckign fail
00:22:43DeMiaN ofc, we always 3v5
00:23:21NeverbACKdOwn pudge
00:23:34mamyka gg Well this aint a team game aniway what we are doing Blue says tp down
00:24:15marsbar2k we b butcher goes mid etc etc then he goes to solo bot and says gg
00:24:55mamyka farm like you y
00:25:17marsbar2k me to
00:25:18marsbar2k p
00:26:05A-tzangol tower
00:26:18A-tzangol b
00:26:25Momdsiw push bot
00:26:27Momdsiw furi
00:26:37Momdsiw furi bot
00:26:38Momdsiw twr
00:26:39Isdronningen i will
00:26:43Momdsiw good
00:26:46holostoi ?? ? ???? ??? ??????? ????? ?????
00:27:01Momdsiw i try new build
00:27:01holostoi ?? ????? ????? ? ???? ????????? ????? ?? ?????
00:27:12NeverbACKdOwn go
00:27:16DeMiaN -ms
00:27:28DeMiaN -ms
00:27:35mamyka come
00:28:08marsbar2k invis
00:28:28A-tzangol b god will u hit 1 hook?
00:28:49holostoi ?????? ????????
00:28:52holostoi ?????? ????
00:28:57DeMiaN I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:28:58A-tzangol outplayed
00:28:58mamyka you il? can buy dagger noob and start fights?
00:29:03Momdsiw need urn maybe
00:29:04holostoi akasha why u miss here?
00:29:07Momdsiw or i make You can buy force staff And start fights
00:29:12NeverbACKdOwn take mid BUTCHER HAS TO HOOK ENEMY TO us fucking ret
00:29:50DeMiaN just ff pls
00:29:56DeMiaN tb and viper fed
00:30:02DeMiaN we got no late vs that
00:30:08mamyka no wards all game zero wards
00:30:08DeMiaN pointless
00:30:20Momdsiw furi hex next?
00:30:22Momdsiw or orchid
00:30:24holostoi I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:30:28Isdronningen hex
00:30:31Momdsiw i go orchid
00:30:48Momdsiw coming
00:31:40mamyka I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:32:19NeverbACKdOwn push mid
00:33:36Isdronningen bye bye :D
00:34:06NeverbACKdOwn where the fuck
00:34:07NeverbACKdOwn is our team
00:34:12Isdronningen lol?
00:34:14Isdronningen say before go
00:34:15NeverbACKdOwn farm some more
00:34:16Zulu dead
00:34:17Zulu m
00:34:18NeverbACKdOwn i told
00:34:18Zulu b
00:34:19NeverbACKdOwn go mid
00:34:20A-tzangol gather
00:34:30Momdsiw i was there
00:34:39NeverbACKdOwn yea u were the only one
00:34:46NeverbACKdOwn and now u die
00:35:00mamyka back?
00:35:03A-tzangol y
00:35:05A-tzangol b
00:35:05Isdronningen i want die like u mate
00:35:33NeverbACKdOwn go rosh andm id?
00:35:45Momdsiw sure
00:35:51DeMiaN I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:35:58Momdsiw vipertank
00:36:00Momdsiw i heal
00:36:00Momdsiw etc
00:36:06mamyka ????? ???? ?????
00:36:11mamyka ????? ?? ?? ??????
00:36:11A-tzangol gather
00:36:13A-tzangol and get smoke
00:36:14A-tzangol no wards
00:36:15DeMiaN need mana
00:36:18A-tzangol no nothing
00:36:20Momdsiw ahh hes hititng tb cX
00:36:20A-tzangol 35 mins
00:36:31A-tzangol b
00:36:41DeMiaN come
00:36:41DeMiaN smoke
00:36:44Isdronningen just go
00:38:02marsbar2k u can also tank and hit abba
00:38:27Momdsiw im playing like haler
00:38:57mamyka gbpltw dfqg cnjbn
00:39:10Momdsiw dunno why viper didnt tank harder
00:39:12Isdronningen thanks
00:39:13Momdsiw he had aegis + all
00:39:16NeverbACKdOwn well i did
00:39:17NeverbACKdOwn ...
00:39:23Zulu u still have aghies
00:39:28NeverbACKdOwn yea
00:39:29NeverbACKdOwn go again
00:39:30NeverbACKdOwn mid
00:39:38Momdsiw got orchid
00:39:55Momdsiw is orchid same range as hex
00:40:10holostoi ue mother syas same when i cum on her face
00:40:48Momdsiw i try keep you out of silences+ stuns tb
00:41:42Momdsiw rax
00:43:00marsbar2k wp
00:43:01marsbar2k newb
00:43:04NeverbACKdOwn eat shit
00:43:08NeverbACKdOwn dont go when
00:43:10NeverbACKdOwn im not there?
00:43:29Zulu why not just get there ?
00:43:34Zulu when we blink ?
00:43:38Zulu and can open another side ?
00:43:39NeverbACKdOwn i took tower
00:43:40NeverbACKdOwn top
00:43:41marsbar2k for x
00:43:42Zulu wow
00:43:44marsbar2k x player
00:43:44Zulu good one
00:43:45marsbar2k cunt
00:43:46marsbar2k rfuckface
00:43:47marsbar2k retard
00:43:49marsbar2k whore
00:43:50Zulu and what u got from that ?
00:43:53A-tzangol gather
00:43:57marsbar2k moar x
00:43:58mamyka need reg
00:43:59marsbar2k what else
00:44:01Momdsiw girls girls.. stop fighting
00:44:03NeverbACKdOwn u whine 2much
00:44:06A-tzangol focus thrall and furi
00:44:09Momdsiw its valentines day
00:44:09marsbar2k u suck 2much
00:44:15marsbar2k idc im married
00:44:16marsbar2k xSD
00:44:33Isdronningen haha again :D
00:44:35mamyka fail qop
00:44:40Isdronningen hex done
00:44:44Momdsiw good
00:44:56Momdsiw i go p
00:45:03Momdsiw ee
00:45:55Zulu don't kill all 3
00:46:05A-tzangol 1-12 5-10 6-9
00:46:14DeMiaN u can read ?
00:46:17DeMiaN i'm imprest cause u steal most of the kills tzangol
00:46:39A-tzangol y
00:46:40A-tzangol k
00:46:40Momdsiw y
00:46:41NeverbACKdOwn rosh?
00:47:26Momdsiw does my shield remove dd
00:47:33mamyka ?
00:47:33Momdsiw think not
00:47:35DeMiaN who is having fun playing me ?
00:47:38Isdronningen i dont think so
00:48:45Zulu heal
00:48:45DeMiaN how many aegys u got ?
00:48:55A-tzangol I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:48:56Zulu abba
00:48:57holostoi report him now
00:48:57Zulu heal
00:49:01DeMiaN y
00:49:04DeMiaN lol
00:49:05marsbar2k 2
00:49:28holostoi just report him
00:49:29DeMiaN he is afk don't u see
00:49:30mamyka ????
00:49:32DeMiaN -afk
00:49:39holostoi ? ????
00:49:45holostoi ???? ????? ????? ??? ????
00:49:47Momdsiw vp viper gg
00:49:53NeverbACKdOwn gege
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