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Chat log

00:00:00sandii [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... geth_prime with 79 seconds.
00:00:17geth_prime me rubick
00:00:17NwC.CooL-T ? ?????
00:00:17mrk me eza or pudge
00:00:17mrk ???????????????????????????
00:00:17NwC.CooL-T spec or sd ban
00:00:17yeW- oO
00:00:17yeW- rub then?
00:00:17mrk not now
00:00:17yeW- ban sd/new hero or spec?
00:00:17mrk later
00:00:17Tough yew
00:00:17yeW- y
00:00:17yeW- ye
00:00:17Tough what u gonna play?
00:00:17yeW- ?
00:00:17geth_prime sd or rubick me
00:00:17yeW- was thinkin luci :d
00:00:17Tough get rubick for prime
00:00:17mamyka i can sd venga lesh]
00:00:17Tough ban spec?
00:00:17yeW- k
00:00:17geth_prime mamyka will get sd
00:00:17NwC.CooL-T i pick mort
00:00:17yeW- spec
00:00:17geth_prime and he will fail :)
00:00:17NwC.CooL-T sd
00:00:17mamyka rubick
00:00:17yeW- well its mamyka
00:00:17yeW- not much to say there
00:00:17mrk you know he can read chat log after
00:00:17Tough :D
00:00:17mrk forever hate
00:00:17yeW- :D
00:00:17Tough hahaha
00:00:17yeW- thats whats fun
00:00:17Steuerfreak SD
00:00:17yeW- FU MAMYKA
00:00:17yeW- IF U READ THAT
00:00:17Tough ::D
00:00:18yeW- XD
00:00:24geth_prime he took him twice from me
00:00:24mamyka blue pick me rubick?
00:00:28geth_prime and failed :(
00:00:28Steuerfreak yes
00:00:29Steuerfreak :)
00:00:29mamyka fucki
00:00:33mamyka lesh /
00:00:35Tough yew i think i go skele
00:00:35mrk well their cap knew it aswell
00:00:37Tough kay?
00:00:37mrk so he banned it
00:00:39yeW- blah
00:00:39Steuerfreak u mid?
00:00:43yeW- potm it is
00:00:52Tough any wishes?
00:00:56Steuerfreak i go mid
00:00:59yeW- get me potm
00:01:08geth_prime pick potm
00:01:09geth_prime and tell me
00:01:11geth_prime what u want
00:01:16Tough get me skele
00:01:17Steuerfreak bm, sk
00:01:17mamyka pick me lesh plz
00:01:19yeW- -swap 2
00:01:22Tough -swap 1
00:01:28Tough or wait
00:01:28mamyka sandi swapa?
00:01:30sandii ye
00:01:31Tough hmm
00:01:32mrk I CAN DO IT
00:01:33mamyka tnx
00:01:35NwC.CooL-T venge
00:01:35Tough better venge
00:01:36Tough it hink
00:01:37Tough or?
00:01:37NwC.CooL-T mb
00:01:40NwC.CooL-T or rex
00:01:40geth_prime rex?
00:01:45Tough get me venge
00:01:46Tough or skele
00:01:46Steuerfreak lesh u want to babysit mort
00:01:47NwC.CooL-T i and mamyka bot
00:01:47Tough idc
00:01:47Steuerfreak ?
00:01:48mamyka say ur pick?
00:01:51mrk :DDDDDDD
00:01:52Tough skeke
00:01:52mrk did it
00:01:55Tough -swap 4
00:01:56geth_prime -swap 1
00:01:58sandii bm
00:02:01geth_prime -swap 1
00:02:03sandii -swap 5
00:02:04mamyka -swap 3
00:02:04Tough -swap 54
00:02:06Tough -swap 4
00:02:08Tough -swap 4
00:02:08geth_prime -swap 2
00:02:11geth_prime -swap #
00:02:15mrk hmmmmmmmmmmm
00:02:20mrk ill go with venge
00:02:21mamyka wards for top rex
00:02:21mrk imo
00:02:23Tough thx pudge
00:02:23geth_prime i go jango
00:02:25yeW- iddddddd
00:02:29mrk rubi
00:02:30mrk go top
00:02:35geth_prime ?
00:02:37sandii ty
00:02:38geth_prime venge and sk top
00:02:40mrk no
00:02:41yeW- yes
00:02:41mrk venge better
00:02:43yeW- its better
00:02:43mrk with pudge
00:02:43yeW- no
00:02:46yeW- rub can stun
00:02:49yeW- n bring to u
00:02:50geth_prime think so to
00:02:51mrk well thats not
00:02:52Shinja 2 melee top, gj
00:02:52mrk very useful
00:02:56Tough ve
00:03:00Tough potm
00:03:03Tough strange items
00:03:07NwC.CooL-T you think i range?)
00:03:18mamyka noob ward
00:03:18sandii :D
00:03:20yeW- :(
00:03:25yeW- -ma
00:03:25Shinja why u ward twice
00:03:26Shinja idiot
00:03:28Tough ss 2
00:03:28yeW- ss
00:03:34Shinja are u dumb ?
00:03:36geth_prime ss 1
00:03:58mamyka z gek
00:04:01mamyka ? ????
00:04:03Shinja WYH U WARD TWICE `?
00:04:05Shinja ARE U SERIOUS?
00:04:38geth_prime potm
00:04:38geth_prime use
00:04:39geth_prime the wards
00:04:40geth_prime on chick
00:04:46Jerkku sk
00:04:47Shinja failing axes
00:04:47Shinja gj
00:04:50Jerkku wtf was that
00:04:52Jerkku :D
00:04:53sandii failing? :D
00:04:53Tough i thougjht
00:04:55Tough u come
00:04:56Tough _D
00:04:59Shinja didnt hit twice, idiot
00:05:02sandii i hit both
00:05:06Shinja no
00:05:07sandii open ur eyes
00:05:09sandii yes
00:05:11Shinja learn to play
00:05:15mrk eat
00:05:19sandii open ur eyes
00:05:22Shinja so nooby
00:05:23Shinja then u ward twice
00:05:24Shinja wtf
00:05:25geth_prime POTM
00:05:26Shinja whyu play silver
00:05:27geth_prime ARE U STUPID
00:05:37yeW- why?
00:05:40geth_prime USE THE WARDS
00:05:43geth_prime I TOLD YA
00:05:44yeW- k
00:05:46yeW- soz
00:05:46NwC.CooL-T ss
00:05:47geth_prime u have bottl
00:05:53NwC.CooL-T re
00:06:01Jerkku lol
00:06:01Tough hahahaha
00:06:02Jerkku .D
00:06:13Shinja whhy u ward twice,. shithead
00:06:14Shinja answer
00:06:17mrk ss lesh
00:06:25yeW- ss mid
00:06:34Steuerfreak mirana
00:06:35Steuerfreak MISS
00:06:38Shinja go fuck urself, son of jew
00:06:50mrk kill lesh at ur 3
00:06:51Tough ss
00:06:52Tough care
00:06:54mamyka ? ????
00:07:48mamyka ????
00:07:59Steuerfreak do dmg
00:07:59mrk thank god people are dumb
00:08:01mrk about the pulling
00:08:07geth_prime ?
00:08:12Tough care
00:08:12Tough b
00:08:17Tough sk
00:08:18Tough invis
00:08:19Tough i think
00:08:20yeW- ss mid
00:08:21Tough or lucy
00:08:24Tough see
00:08:24yeW- no
00:08:26yeW- not invis
00:08:32Tough ,mira gang top öls
00:08:50Steuerfreak mirana inc bot
00:08:51yeW- mana boots luci :D
00:08:53Jerkku gank top
00:09:02NwC.CooL-T ??
00:09:06geth_prime im oom
00:09:22mamyka ? ???? 400 ??
00:09:41mrk deny
00:09:44mrk dudes
00:09:48mrk sup
00:09:55Shinja that twice
00:09:56geth_prime sry
00:09:56Shinja see ? noob?
00:10:01sandii yes thats twice
00:10:02geth_prime they started to dive
00:10:06Tough +gang fuckin top
00:10:27NwC.CooL-T ss
00:10:32mrk as said
00:10:34mrk rubi much better top
00:10:35mrk :D
00:10:43mrk for sitting
00:10:58Shinja sss 1
00:11:03geth_prime acutally
00:11:06geth_prime u just need to get 6
00:11:09Shinja pudge tow
00:11:10geth_prime and wait till i toss them
00:11:54Steuerfreak ss
00:12:02Tough b
00:12:08Tough b
00:12:10mrk why
00:12:12Tough 3
00:12:14NwC.CooL-T gank bot
00:12:23yeW- -ma
00:12:56yeW- ol
00:13:01mamyka ololol
00:13:18mamyka ble
00:13:20mamyka ???
00:13:35yeW- piece of shit
00:14:05geth_prime pudge
00:14:08geth_prime why u arent bot
00:14:09geth_prime -.-
00:14:15geth_prime mort farms free
00:14:19geth_prime thx to YOU
00:14:50mrk gg
00:14:50mrk ff
00:14:53yeW- man
00:14:57mamyka )
00:14:57yeW- remove finger from ass
00:15:01NwC.CooL-T raped!
00:15:24mamyka ?
00:15:26mamyka ?
00:15:36yeW- gang m
00:15:37yeW- mid
00:15:38yeW- venge
00:15:43yeW- fucking 0 assis venge
00:15:59mrk this is
00:16:00geth_prime venge
00:16:00yeW- omfg
00:16:00mrk so fucked up
00:16:01yeW- go lav
00:16:03geth_prime are u kiddne me?
00:16:06mrk so bad
00:16:08geth_prime WHY THE HELL U STUN LESHRAC
00:16:09Jerkku im kiddne you
00:16:13geth_prime WHEN SK DOES ULTI?
00:16:15geth_prime >_>
00:16:16geth_prime jesus
00:16:18geth_prime so much fial
00:16:26geth_prime gg
00:16:46NwC.CooL-T ? ??? ?????? ?????)
00:16:48yeW- 80cs mort?
00:16:48yeW- lal
00:16:51geth_prime y
00:16:55mrk y blame me
00:17:07mamyka 2 rjkmwf
00:17:09geth_prime u werent at lane
00:17:11geth_prime half of game
00:17:13Tough Venge
00:17:15mrk so?
00:17:16Tough wtf ur doing?
00:17:18mrk he has a skill
00:17:20mrk to get every cs
00:17:21mrk at 800 range
00:17:24Jerkku im woods now
00:17:29geth_prime rofl
00:17:45mamyka ????
00:18:07sandii humm
00:18:09geth_prime venge
00:18:11mrk nice timing
00:18:11geth_prime u are sure
00:18:12sandii i suppose i should have killed u
00:18:16geth_prime u are playing the right game?
00:18:24geth_prime tetris was another hotkey i guess
00:18:54mrk n1
00:19:11yeW- LOL
00:19:22yeW- that shuddna hit
00:19:30Steuerfreak HELLO
00:19:32Steuerfreak TEAM
00:19:38yeW- mort woods
00:19:40mrk OG
00:19:40yeW- we need wards
00:19:41sandii too slow
00:19:43geth_prime im oom
00:19:55Steuerfreak lesh
00:19:57Steuerfreak sucker
00:19:57Jerkku same
00:20:01geth_prime invis#
00:20:10mamyka ?? ???? ???
00:20:17Shinja rubic invi
00:20:17mamyka ?? ???? ????
00:20:17Jerkku oom
00:20:18Shinja care top
00:20:38geth_prime im b
00:20:39geth_prime oom
00:21:59yeW- as long as sk farms
00:22:08mrk nvm
00:22:14geth_prime can i have a minute?
00:22:50geth_prime i will pause
00:22:59geth_prime in few sec
00:23:07yeW- where are u?
00:23:22mrk rubic tp
00:23:29geth_prime need pause
00:23:32mrk then fucking pause
00:23:32Steuerfreak lol
00:23:32mamyka ucant
00:23:32mrk stop wasting the game
00:23:38geth_prime ...
00:23:44yeW- just say in all chat
00:23:46mrk yes you can
00:23:46yeW- whats wrong with u
00:23:49mrk it a matter of manners
00:23:59yeW- pause a bit for him
00:23:59mrk it is*
00:24:02Shinja i have no time
00:24:02mrk and lack there of
00:24:02Shinja have to go soon
00:24:02yeW- no1 cares
00:24:06geth_prime just let the
00:24:07geth_prime have it
00:24:10mrk u wanted
00:24:10yeW- :D
00:24:10mrk pause
00:24:11mrk not me
00:24:12mrk rubic
00:24:13mrk sup?
00:24:14sandii jesus
00:24:15mrk u okey?
00:24:54Shinja b top
00:25:22yeW- zzzz
00:25:24mrk why u go top
00:25:25mrk all 3 of you
00:25:35yeW- why do u follwo
00:25:36mrk i understands potm wants to farm
00:25:38yeW- if we're alrdy 3
00:25:45mrk well obviously they left
00:25:48mrk mort was baiting me
00:25:54mrk and i took it like a boss
00:26:48Tough föwiueiu
00:26:50yeW- wtf sk?
00:26:57Tough not cared aboput mana
00:26:58yeW- srsly
00:26:59Tough my fail
00:27:04mrk we have been
00:27:05mrk losing this much
00:27:07mrk cos we wait sk
00:27:52mrk -st
00:28:29sandii nice ulti :)
00:29:16mrk :DDDDDDDDDDDDD
00:29:35yeW- -ma
00:29:48mrk come
00:29:54yeW- blah
00:29:56yeW- cunt
00:30:01mrk y i blocked
00:30:02mrk fuck me
00:30:44sandii b
00:30:54sandii :D
00:30:54mrk bwahahah
00:30:54NwC.CooL-T ahahahhaha
00:30:57geth_prime what killed me O_?
00:31:01geth_prime level 3
00:31:02yeW- book
00:31:02geth_prime ouch
00:31:09Jerkku I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:31:14mrk 3
00:31:16mrk doom aswell
00:31:20mrk cmon
00:31:21mrk why u go
00:31:38Jerkku ok i just need blademail
00:31:55yeW- u need to stop fingerin urself
00:31:57yeW- is what u need
00:32:03Jerkku but i like that
00:32:05Jerkku :S
00:32:05yeW- how do u manage
00:32:06yeW- to feed
00:32:07yeW- bm
00:32:11yeW- when he's top
00:32:58NwC.CooL-T go rosh
00:33:06yeW- I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:33:06mrk gg
00:33:18mrk gg
00:33:19mrk gg
00:33:32yeW- well at least i'll know
00:33:41yeW- to plug next time i get jerku
00:33:55mamyka urn plz
00:34:24Shinja too many
00:34:27mamyka y
00:34:48mrk why
00:34:50mrk u there
00:34:51mrk WHY
00:35:04geth_prime question is
00:35:05mrk its sit in base
00:35:05geth_prime why not?
00:35:06mrk and wait to die
00:35:07mrk phase
00:35:09mamyka go end?
00:36:09yeW- ff it
00:36:28mrk use toss
00:36:29mrk to fountain
00:36:33mrk stun after his dead
00:36:35mrk kill him twice
00:36:39mamyka ? ??? ?????? ???? ???? ??????
00:36:40mrk ez
00:36:44mrk they didnt even come to help
00:36:45mrk for blink
00:37:05sandii :D
00:37:16mrk -ii
00:37:19geth_prime ah
00:37:20geth_prime nice
00:37:23geth_prime divin
00:37:26mrk also midas is a bullshit item
00:37:27mrk 1st
00:37:34mrk if u die like 2 times and get it @ 15 minutes
00:37:39Tough @ 10
00:37:42mrk it repays itself after 15 exact constant farming
00:37:47mrk 1900g
00:37:50mrk thats bkb money
00:38:04yeW- can we f
00:38:05yeW- I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:38:13yeW- fine k
00:38:16yeW- i'll finish my spartacus
00:38:18mrk I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:39:31sandii 6 towers
00:39:31sandii :D
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