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85% | 1518 X | 1427 TS

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75% | 1386 X | 1401 TS

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+2 TS

48% | 1152 X | 1327 TS

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29% | 1007 X | 1305 TS

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+84 TS

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95% | 1585 X | 1604 TS

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57% | 1192 X | 1403 TS

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-1 TS

43% | 1115 X | 1326 TS

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-4 TS

25% | 1000 X | 1267 TS

-21 X
-2 TS

13% | 952 X | 1184 TS

Chat log

00:00:00Vaj.CO [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... mby_next_time with 66 seconds.
00:00:03Dembo -water random
00:00:08mby_next_time wisp
00:00:09mby_next_time for me
00:00:14SMEGMAPLEKK wow mby 6 sec faster then last time
00:00:17SMEGMAPLEKK new record?
00:00:18sandii :D
00:00:18mby_next_time nein mein furher
00:00:18SMEGMAPLEKK okei:D
00:00:18mby_next_time :3
00:00:18Dembo english
00:00:18Dembo please
00:00:18Dembo ...
00:00:18SMEGMAPLEKK piss bl00d
00:00:18mby_next_time chill dude i dont know germanlanguage good :3
00:00:18mby_next_time anyway get used to
00:00:18Vaj.CO phoenix
00:00:18sandii what u playing vajco?
00:00:18mby_next_time that a lot ofppl here talk in other language than english
00:00:18Sepetos whats is that new horsemans name?
00:00:18SMEGMAPLEKK legionar?
00:00:18Sepetos legionar
00:00:18mby_next_time commander
00:00:18mby_next_time i go wisp
00:00:18SMEGMAPLEKK nice plug sandii
00:00:19mby_next_time so someone ursa would be insane
00:00:20Dembo -hhn
00:00:25mby_next_time anyone ursa here?
00:00:27mby_next_time sandii?
00:00:28mby_next_time can you?
00:00:31sandii sure
00:00:35mby_next_time you go ursa i go wisp
00:00:38mby_next_time and let's make it.
00:00:40Vaj.CO ...
00:00:42Sepetos sec
00:00:42mby_next_time dab?
00:00:42Hexar Pick
00:00:42Sepetos his afk
00:00:42Sepetos secondpick
00:00:42mby_next_time kanki banki fanki
00:00:42mby_next_time :<
00:00:42AliBaba kanki ?
00:00:42Vaj.CO pick lock and lick
00:00:42Vaj.CO lich
00:00:42AliBaba -.-
00:00:42mby_next_time trollolol NOT
00:00:42mby_next_time <3
00:00:42AliBaba kanki ??
00:00:42Kanki here
00:00:42sandii :D
00:00:42AliBaba good
00:00:42AliBaba pick
00:00:42sandii well lich is bad for wisp + ursa
00:00:42mby_next_time kanki little fag come.
00:00:42sandii so anyone want lich?
00:00:42Vaj.CO ...
00:00:42Kanki im here
00:00:42AliBaba he is here
00:00:42Kanki u fucktards
00:00:42mby_next_time ...
00:00:42Sepetos anyone warlock?
00:00:42Sepetos say now
00:00:42mby_next_time ....
00:00:42SMEGMAPLEKK no
00:00:42Sepetos or lich
00:00:43mby_next_time hexar dembo can you play lich?
00:00:50AliBaba i can lich .
00:00:50Vaj.CO i think u gona fail with that wisp
00:00:52Dembo lol
00:00:53Sepetos 2late
00:00:53Hexar can but i dont like it
00:00:54Dembo no problem
00:00:56AliBaba fair :b
00:00:57Dembo i will lich
00:00:58Dembo !
00:01:03sandii :DDDDDDD
00:01:04Dembo lich is terminator
00:01:06mby_next_time sanii seriously?
00:01:07sandii missclick
00:01:08sandii :DDDD
00:01:11sandii missclick
00:01:11Hexar nice
00:01:12sandii :DDD
00:01:15mby_next_time hexar
00:01:18sandii heh
00:01:20Hexar ?
00:01:20mby_next_time can you play enigma?
00:01:20Hexar what is it
00:01:24sandii ofc i can
00:01:25Hexar i dont play crap
00:01:28mby_next_time ...
00:01:30AliBaba orge ?
00:01:32Hexar fuc u misslcik u play it
00:01:32Dembo i can
00:01:33Dembo enigma
00:01:33Vaj.CO crap :D
00:01:35Sepetos its good
00:01:36Dembo hexar
00:01:36AliBaba ogre *
00:01:36mby_next_time you go lich.
00:01:36Dembo lich
00:01:40sandii but still, lold at this misclick :D:D
00:01:41Dembo what pick
00:01:42mby_next_time get me wisp
00:01:43Dembo WHAT U WANT
00:01:44Vaj.CO omfg
00:01:45mby_next_time WISP
00:01:49Sepetos ogre or warlock
00:01:51mby_next_time -swap 5
00:01:54Dembo -swap 3
00:01:58mby_next_time me riki lane
00:02:03SMEGMAPLEKK nice hexar:D
00:02:05Sepetos im mid
00:02:06Sepetos potm
00:02:09sandii u have to go bot then
00:02:11sandii top *
00:02:15sandii cos im woods
00:02:15mby_next_time riki come top
00:02:20mby_next_time HEXAR
00:02:28mby_next_time you masta blasta nyga
00:02:50Vaj.CO sepe u rly like that axe... :D
00:02:50AliBaba gogo smegmaplekkkkkkk :b
00:02:59sandii hes badass with it
00:03:01Sepetos got
00:03:06mby_next_time bot rune
00:03:09mby_next_time -hhn
00:03:09Fxx. hexar
00:03:10mby_next_time -don
00:03:12mby_next_time -water random
00:03:13mby_next_time -clear
00:03:14Fxx. and his carrys
00:03:14sandii haste pot
00:03:15Fxx. :-)
00:03:15sandii bot
00:03:17sandii :D
00:03:55SMEGMAPLEKK ss1
00:04:59mby_next_time smoke?
00:05:16Hexar what smoke
00:05:21Vaj.CO omfg
00:05:22mby_next_time ...
00:05:26Vaj.CO ........
00:05:33Hexar u take ofter lvl 2 smoke?=
00:05:37Sepetos flying plz
00:05:58AliBaba i upg
00:06:53Fxx. :-)
00:07:11Sepetos flying
00:07:18mby_next_time luci you got eyes ?<3
00:07:34Dembo ss2
00:07:35Dembo care
00:07:40AliBaba just be ready
00:07:42SMEGMAPLEKK ok
00:07:42mby_next_time potm is hasted bot
00:08:06AliBaba :D
00:08:09SMEGMAPLEKK ok
00:08:25Dembo OM G
00:08:26Dembo MINIMIZED
00:08:29Sepetos midmiss
00:08:29Sepetos toprune
00:08:30Dembo fucking skype
00:08:43AliBaba ogre
00:08:59Hexar ss2top
00:09:08SMEGMAPLEKK wtfff???
00:09:10Kanki miss
00:09:44Sepetos gj
00:09:46Sepetos zip
00:09:46Sepetos plz
00:10:24Hexar b
00:10:28SMEGMAPLEKK doom bt
00:10:29Kanki gabnk top with dusts
00:10:40AliBaba no money
00:10:44Fxx. 4 mid :(
00:10:49Fxx. 3
00:10:51Fxx. *
00:11:14Hexar why no hero mid?
00:11:18Sepetos wards
00:11:23Kanki miss
00:11:32Hexar ss2
00:11:33Hexar top
00:11:40Hexar re1
00:12:10sandii got dagger got ulti
00:12:11Kanki gank top
00:12:16Kanki riki almost freefarm here
00:12:17Sepetos wards
00:12:18Dembo so come bot
00:12:23Dembo got ulti too
00:13:19Dembo lets go mid
00:13:19Vaj.CO come
00:13:20Vaj.CO mid
00:13:28AliBaba go bot
00:13:29AliBaba ?
00:13:54Fxx. enigma
00:13:56Fxx. dagger
00:13:58Vaj.CO gj
00:14:10AliBaba k
00:14:43Hexar help top
00:14:52Dembo omw top
00:14:53Hexar 3
00:14:54Hexar top
00:14:54mby_next_time axe hood <3
00:15:21Sepetos knew he was there
00:15:27Fxx. i had extreme lag
00:15:30Fxx. when u find him
00:15:35Hexar jaki
00:15:36Hexar there
00:15:37Hexar 4 top
00:15:38Hexar go backl
00:15:41Hexar u get rape
00:15:44Vaj.CO b
00:15:45AliBaba then go
00:15:46AliBaba !
00:16:02Hexar lich got ulty=?
00:16:05Dembo y
00:16:09Hexar use
00:16:29Dembo afff
00:16:30Dembo sry
00:16:34Dembo my fial
00:16:34mby_next_time nc.
00:16:37mby_next_time ff
00:16:47Hexar ican understand
00:16:47Sepetos hate
00:16:50Hexar why u cant ulty inside them
00:16:55Hexar and have to use 1 target?
00:16:59Dembo SRY
00:17:00Kanki b
00:17:03Dembo i said
00:17:04Dembo my fail
00:17:04Dembo omg
00:17:05Fxx. let me rune
00:17:20AliBaba mana ?
00:17:24Kanki soon
00:17:29AliBaba nice
00:17:38sandii got ulti
00:17:52sandii :DDDDDDD
00:17:52Vaj.CO lol
00:18:02Vaj.CO for what u gave dagger?
00:18:12Vaj.CO have*
00:18:15AliBaba venge ?
00:18:19Kanki was oom
00:18:21sandii :D:D:D:
00:18:24sandii that was epic
00:18:24AliBaba bah'
00:20:19Sepetos got pipe
00:20:22Hexar ward rosh
00:20:30Vaj.CO b
00:20:35Dembo enigma come
00:20:38Kanki take bot towr?
00:20:42Sepetos yea
00:20:43sandii no ulti yet
00:20:45Hexar lal there
00:21:03Hexar 4
00:21:46Fxx. we need gem
00:21:48AliBaba kneppet
00:21:57Sepetos mmm
00:22:07Sepetos indeed we need
00:22:09Vaj.CO b
00:22:23AliBaba ogre
00:22:25AliBaba wards..
00:22:28AliBaba not justm e
00:23:06Hexar 3
00:23:47SMEGMAPLEKK why u push?
00:23:50SMEGMAPLEKK when we get twr?
00:24:02Sepetos i couldnt get away anymore?
00:24:09SMEGMAPLEKK mby
00:24:12Dembo tp
00:24:32AliBaba he mid
00:24:33Sepetos wards smoke gem
00:24:34Sepetos gg
00:25:13Dembo dd
00:25:22Sepetos lost game
00:25:28Sepetos dunno how riki got so feeded
00:25:58Dembo i go b
00:26:18Vaj.CO b
00:26:34Sepetos mana
00:26:41sandii got bkb soon
00:26:48Sepetos need detect and wards and smoke
00:27:20Vaj.CO too much :D
00:27:21Sepetos bottower
00:27:21Dembo b
00:27:25mby_next_time sandi b
00:27:49mby_next_time we cant def without riki / luci.
00:28:00Vaj.CO b
00:28:21Hexar go top
00:28:22Hexar sm1
00:28:58Dembo enigma
00:29:01Dembo got ult?
00:29:02sandii y
00:29:03Sepetos potm come
00:29:08Sepetos someone make urn?
00:29:11Fxx. w8 little
00:29:13Fxx. 100 to item
00:29:36sandii well sure target me
00:29:42Fxx. u are rly tard
00:29:48Dembo go top tower
00:29:49Fxx. why u fucking still feed this hero ?
00:29:52Sepetos we dont win this by farmin against doom and riki
00:29:57AliBaba farmerguy
00:29:57Kanki yep
00:30:13Kanki mirana u dont know how to play this game so shut up
00:30:13Sepetos u can come with us and still get farm cause u have bot
00:30:24Sepetos lets go top
00:30:31Fxx. still 0 dust
00:30:33Fxx. 0 gem
00:30:34Sepetos got sentry
00:30:34Fxx. 0 sentrys
00:30:40AliBaba ogre !
00:30:56AliBaba support !
00:30:57Sepetos HEY CMOON GUYS
00:31:01Hexar can kill it
00:31:01Fxx. rofl
00:31:03Sepetos move with 5
00:31:07Sepetos go mid then
00:31:48Sepetos i plant sentry ogre stands like retard there
00:32:01AliBaba ulti on me doom !
00:32:03Dembo you killed me
00:32:08Vaj.CO ok :D
00:32:08Dembo riki killed your team
00:32:16AliBaba :b
00:32:20Hexar itake?
00:32:24Dembo y
00:32:24Sepetos well ogre is braindead
00:32:31Fxx. k
00:32:32Fxx. ogre
00:32:32Sepetos he just stands there and doesnt do anything
00:32:34Dembo ogre is pro
00:32:34mby_next_time enigma 2
00:32:34Fxx. buy gem dor me
00:32:40mby_next_time he picks enigma instead of ursa :<
00:32:43Fxx. ogre
00:32:45Sepetos get ghost against riki
00:32:47Fxx. buy gem for me
00:32:49sandii :D
00:32:52Sepetos no money got sentry
00:32:54Fxx. OGRE
00:32:55Fxx. BUY GEM
00:32:57Fxx. !!!!
00:33:02mby_next_time sentireias
00:33:03mby_next_time on axe
00:33:14mby_next_time heaxar you suck
00:33:19mby_next_time []seriously.
00:33:25Sepetos GJ ;D
00:33:27Fxx. GJ
00:33:28Fxx. OGRE
00:33:29Fxx. !!!
00:33:31Fxx. NO GEM
00:33:31Sepetos ogre dont stun
00:33:35mby_next_time lost aegis
00:33:37mby_next_time for fucking what
00:33:46AliBaba ill buy you a gem when i got gold ..
00:33:56AliBaba ogre cant play support
00:34:02mby_next_time mid.
00:34:03Sepetos he cant play at all
00:34:03Fxx. carry must buy gem
00:34:06AliBaba ill buy
00:34:07Sepetos he cant use his skills
00:34:09Fxx. cause OGRE IS FUCKING RETARD !
00:34:18Dembo b
00:34:22Sepetos smoke need
00:34:31Hexar dagger
00:34:35Sepetos wait him here
00:34:42Hexar gem on potm
00:34:43sandii for what?
00:34:46sandii :XD
00:34:49Sepetos ill push
00:34:50AliBaba mana
00:34:54Kanki dont go top now
00:34:56Hexar aim potm
00:34:59Kanki come here
00:35:01Kanki om
00:35:12AliBaba farm farm and farm
00:35:21Hexar ban him
00:35:22Hexar ill ripe
00:35:23Vaj.CO y
00:35:25Hexar go
00:35:33Sepetos miranaa
00:35:35sandii :XD
00:35:39Fxx. ahters !
00:35:45mby_next_time hahaha'
00:35:46Vaj.CO :D
00:35:52mby_next_time agha pow pow
00:36:00Fxx. what is funny ?
00:36:07mby_next_time riki
00:36:11Fxx. i think , this game is not funny
00:36:16mby_next_time like all games
00:36:18mby_next_time when you lose
00:36:25Hexar b
00:36:26Hexar b
00:36:26Hexar b
00:36:27Hexar all b
00:36:29Fxx. smegmaplekk is so fucking retarded monkey
00:36:55Vaj.CO -ms
00:36:56Sepetos where gem?
00:37:03Sepetos k
00:37:04Vaj.CO -ms
00:37:25Fxx. stay
00:37:26AliBaba w8
00:37:27Fxx. monkeys
00:37:27Sepetos take wards down
00:37:37Sepetos POTM COME
00:37:38Sepetos ffs
00:37:42Fxx. MONKEYS
00:37:44Fxx. CAN U COME ?
00:37:44Sepetos WE CAN TAKE WARDS DOWN
00:37:45Sepetos RETARD
00:37:52Vaj.CO come here
00:37:53mby_next_time you?
00:38:28mby_next_time leave me alone :< i picked wrong riki :D
00:38:31Hexar ffs
00:38:33Hexar what a team
00:38:35Hexar really
00:38:35sandii D:D:D:
00:38:37Hexar if this is loose
00:38:41Hexar u fukcig suck
00:38:42AliBaba mana
00:38:42Hexar aim
00:38:44Hexar ufking potm
00:38:45mby_next_time u fucking suck dude
00:38:47mby_next_time you lost aegis
00:38:47Hexar i told u like 1000 tiems
00:38:48Kanki cd
00:38:48Dembo riki
00:38:49Hexar he got gem
00:38:49mby_next_time for nothing
00:38:50SMEGMAPLEKK cd
00:38:51Dembo RIKI
00:38:53Dembo U AIMED
00:38:54Dembo AXE
00:38:55Dembo SO WHAT?
00:38:57Hexar i aim ogre
00:38:57AliBaba push ?
00:38:58Hexar tlol
00:38:59Hexar to klill him fast
00:39:00Sepetos sec
00:39:02mby_next_time gz
00:39:02Sepetos farming dagger
00:39:03mby_next_time :D
00:39:03Hexar so no multys or sutns
00:39:04Sepetos 300
00:39:05Hexar tard
00:39:09Hexar i told u aim potm
00:39:09Dembo u aimed axe
00:39:09Hexar ban
00:39:12Hexar and kill that shit
00:39:14Fxx. carry mirana must buy gem , smoke ...
00:39:20Sepetos ill take ancients
00:39:26Vaj.CO riki got nice stats for first time so he s boss now :D
00:39:32sandii 8D
00:39:32mby_next_time true
00:39:33Hexar first tiem
00:39:33mby_next_time :D
00:39:39mby_next_time hexar
00:39:40AliBaba one more arcene ? or pb ?
00:39:42mby_next_time we all know you.
00:39:42mby_next_time so.
00:39:43Hexar dude i was 84 % than start plauying whit tard
00:39:44mby_next_time :>
00:39:45Hexar like pojo
00:39:47Sepetos guinsoos
00:39:49Vaj.CO :D
00:39:50mby_next_time :3
00:39:51Sepetos mekans
00:39:51mby_next_time haha
00:39:52Hexar and xx
00:39:54Sepetos bot rax
00:39:55Sepetos come all
00:39:56Hexar and loose and i am 29 now
00:39:57Hexar ty
00:39:58Hexar nabs
00:40:02Sepetos they dont think we take rax b4 towers
00:40:05sandii same for fxx, last game he thought he is the king with pudge
00:40:07Hexar fxx
00:40:08Hexar yes
00:40:10Hexar hes fucking nab
00:40:12Hexar just lucky
00:40:15Sepetos mana
00:40:17Hexar bigger nab than mojo
00:40:18sandii ur just like him
00:40:19Sepetos bot all
00:40:27Hexar solo and u dead
00:40:27mby_next_time well fxx talks 2 much
00:40:28Hexar again
00:40:31SMEGMAPLEKK i buy gem?
00:40:33mby_next_time hexar just suck coock :<
00:40:37Sepetos we have
00:40:37sandii :D
00:40:40SMEGMAPLEKK ok
00:40:41AliBaba tard
00:40:46Fxx. COME HERE
00:40:57Sepetos WTF GUYS :DD:DD
00:41:00Sepetos gg
00:41:01Sepetos free entry
00:41:03Sepetos fuckin mirana
00:41:04Fxx. sleeper axe
00:41:06Sepetos ur never moving like u should
00:41:13Hexar fuck u do thereif they bot
00:41:13Hexar ?
00:41:26Vaj.CO ....
00:41:28Hexar wp doom
00:41:33Vaj.CO wp u
00:41:36sandii wp riki
00:41:37sandii 8D
00:41:41Hexar u cant ever come to doom sm1
00:41:43Vaj.CO why u just cant stay at base?
00:41:46mby_next_time I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:41:48mby_next_time btw
00:41:52mby_next_time lol hater
00:42:05Sepetos u guys sleep
00:42:19Hexar uselss nab
00:42:20sandii vajco, eat a wolf
00:42:28sandii gives +30% dmg aura
00:42:33Vaj.CO i am finding it 5 mins
00:42:34sandii and crit for u
00:42:35Vaj.CO ...
00:42:36Sepetos someone could make urn
00:42:36Fxx. b
00:42:36Fxx. b
00:42:37Fxx. b
00:42:37Fxx. b
00:42:37Fxx. b
00:42:38Fxx. b
00:42:38Fxx. b
00:42:38sandii :D
00:42:38Fxx. b
00:42:39Fxx. b
00:42:47Sepetos focestaff ogre
00:42:50Sepetos and ghost
00:42:56mby_next_time rosh re.
00:43:03Dembo go rosh
00:43:10Kanki mirana go rege
00:43:13mby_next_time it isnt warded is it?
00:43:23Hexar come here
00:43:24Hexar omg
00:43:31mby_next_time warded prolly
00:43:31Fxx. axe without blade mail
00:43:32mby_next_time no sense .
00:43:34Fxx. is not goo axe
00:43:35Fxx. d
00:43:51Sepetos fast
00:43:52mby_next_time it's not your ring riki
00:43:56sandii :DDDDDD
00:43:58Sepetos need those wards
00:43:58sandii :DDDDDD
00:43:59Hexar where ism ine
00:44:01mby_next_time you're fag
00:44:01sandii its mine
00:44:03Hexar i fucking just get 1
00:44:04Sepetos we got gem so we can take theirs down
00:44:08sandii i bought one the same time
00:44:10sandii u dumb fuck
00:44:11sandii :D
00:44:24Sepetos WHATS TAKING SO LONG
00:44:35sandii hexar stealing item
00:44:38sandii omg omg
00:44:42mby_next_time :
00:44:44mby_next_time :3
00:44:45Hexar iam not
00:44:48sandii u are
00:44:51sandii u have my ring
00:44:51mby_next_time IT'S NOT YOUR RING
00:44:51Sepetos MIRANA JOIN
00:44:53Hexar cant kind drop it lol
00:44:53Sepetos FFS U GOT THE GEM
00:44:58mby_next_time HAHAH LICH
00:44:59Sepetos taking their wards down
00:45:00Kanki b
00:45:08Dembo what
00:45:09Dembo xD?
00:45:11Sepetos take it
00:45:12Hexar dead
00:45:15mby_next_time you had luck
00:45:19mby_next_time that ogre is nap
00:45:20Hexar go rosh
00:45:20Hexar now
00:45:21Dembo y
00:45:24Hexar doom potm
00:45:31Fxx. b
00:45:41mby_next_time LOL
00:45:42mby_next_time potm
00:45:48sandii D:DD
00:46:08Sepetos wtf really?
00:46:11Dembo axe
00:46:14Dembo it bounces on rosh
00:46:14Sepetos how much more do u need axe to do?
00:46:14Fxx. i said
00:46:14Dembo :D
00:46:15Fxx. b
00:46:18Fxx. but i stay like tards !
00:46:23Sepetos i put pipe and jump on em?
00:46:25Sepetos what u want
00:47:01Sepetos GO TAKE THAT
00:47:04Sepetos bird
00:47:09Sepetos so much items on it
00:47:20Fxx. its imposible
00:47:22Sepetos go gang bot or ff
00:47:28Sepetos all there now
00:47:29Fxx. with this team win game
00:47:33mby_next_time yahahaha
00:47:34mby_next_time :DDD
00:47:38mby_next_time :DDD
00:47:53mby_next_time fxxx you're seriously fucking dumbass :D
00:47:58Fxx. OGRE
00:47:58Fxx. VENGE
00:47:58Hexar WTF?
00:47:58AliBaba stun ???
00:47:58Fxx. 0 STUN
00:47:58Sepetos :DDD
00:47:58AliBaba venge ogre ??
00:47:58Vaj.CO :D
00:47:58Fxx. HOW I CAN WIN THIS ?
00:47:58SMEGMAPLEKK cant!!!!!!!!
00:47:58Vaj.CO <3
00:47:58SMEGMAPLEKK stfu rets
00:47:58Dembo FLAME
00:47:58Fxx. WITH THIS 2 RETARDS ?
00:47:58Dembo MORe
00:47:58Sepetos im gona jump on him
00:47:58Hexar I have to get stun on him potm
00:47:58Sepetos np
00:47:58Dembo UR DICK
00:47:58Hexar U
00:47:58Dembo WILL GOW
00:47:58mby_next_time OMFG OMFG FXX LOSE
00:47:58Dembo GROW
00:47:58mby_next_time OMFG OMFG
00:47:58mby_next_time !
00:47:58Dembo FFFX
00:47:58Vaj.CO come guys
00:47:58sandii 8D
00:47:58Fxx. venge try swap
00:47:58Vaj.CO we pwn em
00:47:58Dembo y
00:47:58Fxx. and stun
00:47:58Dembo enigma ulti
00:47:58mby_next_time i can tp to your ass
00:47:58Dembo my mom ulti
00:47:58mby_next_time <#
00:47:58Sepetos he used stun
00:47:58Dembo my father ulti
00:47:58Sepetos he went invis for sec
00:47:58Dembo and i ulti
00:47:58Dembo and we won 1
00:47:58Sepetos so late stun was
00:47:58mby_next_time hmm i can balance
00:47:58mby_next_time for me np
00:47:58Fxx. -1 epic player here
00:47:58sandii ive utterfly done bad ulties the whole game and im still owning u D:
00:47:58Fxx. we have got now better chance
00:47:58mby_next_time fxx with you there
00:47:58Sepetos well mirana is no better than rest of noobs
00:47:58mby_next_time you will never win
00:47:58sandii 47s to ulti tho
00:47:58mby_next_time :D
00:47:58Sepetos he yell to team to gather when enigma is giving entry
00:47:58Hexar ill kill them before uulty
00:47:58sandii :D
00:47:58Sepetos ppl were following me bottom and enigma would been dead
00:47:58Hexar id doom can ban potm
00:47:58Hexar if
00:47:58sandii been loughing so hard :D:D
00:47:58Sepetos then this mirana says something stupid and gg no entry
00:47:58mby_next_time :D
00:47:58Dembo we will play 4v5?
00:47:58sandii "why dont they kill me, lmaaooo"
00:47:58mby_next_time sepe you all got it <#
00:47:58Sepetos 4guys waiting behind what mirana has to say when im killing enigma
00:47:58mby_next_time no dembo
00:47:58mby_next_time captain - blue says who balance
00:47:58AliBaba venge ?
00:47:58mby_next_time and that person has to leave
00:47:58mby_next_time luci i leave you?
00:47:58Fxx. who balance ?
00:47:58mby_next_time yo ?*
00:47:58Vaj.CO ok
00:47:58Fxx. bye bye wisp
00:47:58mby_next_time i do <3
00:47:58AliBaba doom leave
00:47:58AliBaba :b
00:47:58mby_next_time fxx np for me :D
00:47:58Fxx. for me too
00:47:58mby_next_time even better youlose <3
00:47:58Fxx. not :-)
00:47:58mby_next_time lvoe boy <3
00:47:58mby_next_time btw your face is your avatar?
00:47:58Sepetos ready to kill
00:47:58mby_next_time if so you're ugly
00:47:58mby_next_time :D
00:47:58Sepetos i use venge after i jump
00:47:58Hexar :D
00:47:58Hexar trolollololol
00:47:58mby_next_time <3
00:47:58Fxx. its old photo
00:47:58Hexar :d still
00:47:58mby_next_time you're ugly anyway
00:47:58mby_next_time or plastic surgery?
00:47:58Fxx. i dont know
00:47:58mby_next_time <#
00:47:58Fxx. what is ugly
00:47:58mby_next_time you're from russia?
00:47:58Fxx. no
00:47:58Fxx. slovakia
00:47:58Dembo vodka
00:47:58Dembo !
00:47:58mby_next_time well it looks liek
00:47:58mby_next_time :D
00:47:58mby_next_time you drink every day
00:47:58mby_next_time at game
00:47:58mby_next_time ;x
00:47:58Fxx. y
00:47:58mby_next_time hahaha :d
00:47:58Fxx. i like beer :-)
00:47:58mby_next_time not vodka?
00:47:58AliBaba i like jack
00:47:59mby_next_time blah pussy
00:48:00Fxx. hate vodka
00:48:01mby_next_time gg cya
00:48:47Sepetos ogre and jakiro really cant play their heroes
00:48:58AliBaba its lag ..
00:49:01sandii too bad i had ulti on cd!
00:49:05AliBaba i can play jakiro ..
00:49:09Dembo we pwned they
00:49:17Fxx. can i tak items ?
00:49:21Sepetos take lothar
00:49:22AliBaba i was the only suppert ..
00:49:23Sepetos u get dmg
00:49:24Sepetos i think
00:49:25Dembo i will get mekans
00:49:26Sepetos or should i :o
00:49:28Dembo k?
00:49:32Sepetos ill take arcanes
00:49:35Hexar psuh more
00:49:37AliBaba point ?
00:49:38sandii ye
00:49:42AliBaba to sceoter
00:49:44Sepetos i think potm
00:49:46Sepetos to skadi
00:49:51Sepetos i could mby ogre
00:49:51AliBaba hmm
00:49:59SMEGMAPLEKK wtfff
00:50:12SMEGMAPLEKK nice team
00:50:13AliBaba wtf orge ?
00:50:17Sepetos WTF TEAM D:
00:50:19SMEGMAPLEKK who sell my items???
00:50:20Sepetos THEY ON SHRINE
00:50:23sandii 8D
00:51:02Fxx. sry
00:51:03Fxx. ogre
00:51:07Sepetos worts mirana ever
00:51:13Sepetos can play but no gamesense at all
00:51:17Fxx. i e
00:51:21Fxx. sry ogre
00:51:23Fxx. i totaly mistake
00:51:24Fxx. this
00:51:33Fxx. i thought u are leaver
00:51:35Fxx. and i sell your items
00:51:37Fxx. :((((
00:51:40SMEGMAPLEKK fuck u
00:52:14Vaj.CO heh
00:52:24Fxx. i destroy this
00:52:26Fxx. LIKE HELL
00:52:28Fxx. im tard
00:52:38Fxx. i sell ogre items
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