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92% | 1641 X | 1446 TS

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82% | 1427 X | 1450 TS

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-2 TS

68% | 1315 X | 1372 TS

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62% | 1335 X | 1295 TS

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94% | 1593 X | 1512 TS

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77% | 1450 X | 1352 TS

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59% | 1249 X | 1356 TS

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54% | 1202 X | 1355 TS

Chat log

00:00:00Vaj.CO [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... Multi_Ljep with 82 seconds.
00:00:18MYuksel ban krob
00:00:18MYuksel plz
00:00:18MYuksel to imba
00:00:18pWny- please ban xin
00:00:18MYuksel when steur play it
00:00:18Vaj.CO please ban shreder :D
00:00:18pWny- steuer play every hero well
00:00:18Steuerfreak ns
00:00:18A-tzangol sure? :P
00:00:18pWny- anyway imbapool
00:00:18MYuksel i would like to play weaver
00:00:18Steuerfreak yes
00:00:18pWny- xin, AA, furion
00:00:18pWny- panda
00:00:18A-tzangol i ban first
00:00:18A-tzangol Tbh
00:00:18MYuksel just ban
00:00:18pWny- well i dont care ;)
00:00:18pWny- but xin on steuer = gg
00:00:18pWny- for sure
00:00:18A-tzangol anyone can play omni?
00:00:18pWny- me omni please
00:00:18Shinja tbh ? :D
00:00:18A-tzangol xin
00:00:18pWny- to be honest
00:00:18A-tzangol to be honest
00:00:19Vaj.CO btw sry if i fail
00:00:28MYuksel dont fail
00:00:28MYuksel then
00:00:30Vaj.CO last time i play very bad
00:00:35MYuksel pick omni first ?
00:00:36MYuksel ff
00:00:38MYuksel if they pick
00:00:42MYuksel fuckin noob
00:00:42Zemirk nice
00:00:46MYuksel furi not better then omni
00:00:48MYuksel team fights
00:00:51A-tzangol true
00:01:00MYuksel anywishes ?
00:01:05pWny- get slard and lesh
00:01:08MYuksel anyone aa
00:01:10pWny- me AA
00:01:18MYuksel k you aa
00:01:20pWny- lets go for early push? with krob and veno ok?
00:01:28pWny- krobe and veno
00:01:31pWny- and we can push em away
00:01:33Steuerfreak lesh last pic
00:01:37MYuksel get me krob
00:01:42Vaj.CO aa top
00:01:43pWny- lol
00:01:46pWny- he picked my krob away
00:01:47pWny- what u want?
00:01:50edgarass no tuskar
00:01:50MYuksel get me nevermore
00:01:51Zemirk imba slows bot lane :D
00:01:51Casberry ill swap
00:01:54Zemirk -ma
00:01:54Vaj.CO i scout top for u furi
00:01:56pWny- -swap 3
00:02:02MYuksel i dont play veno btw
00:02:02Casberry ill swap aa
00:02:03A-tzangol ty
00:02:06MYuksel -swap 4
00:02:07MYuksel -swap
00:02:08Casberry if u want krob
00:02:09pWny- thanx
00:02:09MYuksel -swap 5
00:02:11Casberry -swap 3
00:02:16Casberry bah ...
00:02:16edgarass lanes?
00:02:22Casberry not veno :(
00:02:24Casberry f
00:02:38pWny- why u skill +2 on AA ???
00:02:38MYuksel lanes ?
00:02:43pWny- wtf
00:02:45MYuksel wasent mean
00:02:45MYuksel sry
00:02:45A-tzangol skard aa tio
00:02:46MYuksel really
00:02:47Casberry missclicked
00:02:47MYuksel :(
00:02:47pWny- lol
00:02:49A-tzangol slard aa top
00:02:55pWny- -hhn
00:02:56pWny- -di
00:02:57pWny- -don
00:02:58pWny- -ii
00:03:01A-tzangol runes plz
00:03:09MYuksel its lost btw
00:03:15pWny- lol no
00:03:15Multi_Ljep take and triple
00:03:19MYuksel rune taken
00:03:20MYuksel care
00:03:26Multi_Ljep i bait
00:03:36Zemirk ss
00:03:40MYuksel ss
00:03:46Steuerfreak furion
00:03:47Multi_Ljep FIRST BLOD
00:03:48Steuerfreak can tp
00:03:52Steuerfreak so miss all the time
00:03:53pWny- SLARDAR
00:03:53Steuerfreak ^^
00:03:54pWny- OMFG
00:03:54Multi_Ljep :)
00:03:56pWny- please
00:03:58pWny- i let u lasthit
00:04:01pWny- dont lasthit like an idiot
00:04:05pWny- lasthit
00:04:06pWny- plz
00:04:06edgarass ss2
00:04:08Vaj.CO i thougt u wanna hit creep :D
00:04:08edgarass re
00:04:10pWny- no
00:04:26Steuerfreak ss mid
00:04:32pWny- i pull
00:04:35pWny- care
00:04:56MYuksel lol
00:04:59MYuksel slarder dont know how to farm
00:05:02pWny- j
00:05:11Zemirk soon kill
00:05:21Multi_Ljep basil needed
00:05:55Multi_Ljep FFS
00:05:56Multi_Ljep MORION
00:05:57Multi_Ljep FFS
00:05:58Multi_Ljep MORON
00:05:59Multi_Ljep MORON
00:06:00Multi_Ljep MORON
00:06:01Multi_Ljep MORON
00:06:02Multi_Ljep MORNON
00:06:02Multi_Ljep R
00:06:02Multi_Ljep OA
00:06:03Multi_Ljep OFSA
00:06:07Multi_Ljep MRS U PICKU MATERIN
00:06:08Multi_Ljep IDIOTE
00:06:10pWny- gj
00:06:23pWny- i pull
00:06:23A-tzangol upgrade
00:06:25pWny- slardar
00:06:26A-tzangol plz
00:06:26A-tzangol aa
00:06:32pWny- sure
00:06:32MYuksel kill come
00:06:36MYuksel wait boots
00:06:49pWny- good job slard
00:06:55Vaj.CO ?
00:06:56pWny- buy quelling blade
00:06:59pWny- for better creepstats
00:07:01Vaj.CO can u stfu
00:07:12pWny- u didd well as we go and kill
00:07:13pWny- really
00:07:15pWny- it was not ironic
00:07:28edgarass goo aa?
00:07:37Shinja wTF
00:07:39A-tzangol FFS
00:07:39edgarass batteryt dead
00:07:40Zemirk ¨furi dead?
00:07:41edgarass 1 min
00:07:43Zemirk nah
00:07:44Steuerfreak +´ü+uzhjkl
00:07:44MYuksel k
00:07:44Steuerfreak ä+o
00:07:45Multi_Ljep PAUSE
00:07:46Zemirk weaver
00:07:46MYuksel manners
00:07:47Zemirk !!!
00:07:48Multi_Ljep FUCKTARDS PAUSE
00:07:49Shinja WTF U SHITHEAD
00:07:49Zemirk weaver
00:07:49MYuksel say first why
00:07:49edgarass battery 1 min
00:07:49MYuksel then puase
00:07:49MYuksel fuckin manners
00:07:49edgarass mouse battery canging
00:07:49edgarass OMG
00:07:49edgarass 1 min
00:07:49Zemirk 1hp
00:07:49Steuerfreak SU
00:07:49Steuerfreak im on my way
00:07:49Zemirk p
00:07:49Steuerfreak fucktard
00:07:49MYuksel ss 2 bot
00:07:49Zemirk chill
00:07:49Shinja this fucking pause by this shithead made this non-kill
00:07:49MYuksel 1min away
00:07:49Shinja this fucking jew
00:07:49Casberry thats why i have cable mouse
00:07:49MYuksel u dead ?
00:07:49pWny- guys
00:07:50pWny- if we push together @ min 15
00:07:52pWny- weaver can farm
00:07:53pWny- and anyway
00:07:55pWny- we pwn em
00:08:09Multi_Ljep u are asshole
00:08:09Zemirk -ms
00:08:11Shinja IDIOT
00:08:49MYuksel tp
00:08:50MYuksel furi
00:08:55pWny- kill
00:08:58Casberry ill b
00:08:59pWny- hlp
00:08:59A-tzangol go
00:08:59pWny- hlp
00:09:02pWny- hl
00:09:03pWny- hlp
00:09:13pWny- goo
00:09:24Multi_Ljep edgarass
00:09:30edgarass alttabed
00:09:36Shinja dont play with him, play without him
00:09:38Shinja its better
00:09:49edgarass stfu
00:09:52edgarass bad circumsytances
00:10:03MYuksel slow him
00:10:13pWny- b
00:10:15pWny- im b
00:10:16pWny- slard
00:10:17Casberry f
00:10:21Vaj.CO i see
00:10:32Vaj.CO w8
00:10:39Vaj.CO bottle
00:10:41Vaj.CO coming
00:10:44pWny- why u buy bottle -.-
00:10:45edgarass ss2
00:10:47pWny- u dont need bottle slard
00:10:48pWny- lol
00:10:52Vaj.CO eat
00:10:58pWny- hanx
00:11:07A-tzangol ss
00:11:07Multi_Ljep sry for flaming and lets start doing shit
00:11:08pWny- miss 2 top
00:11:28pWny- k
00:11:29A-tzangol aa
00:11:30A-tzangol go tusk
00:11:30pWny- gogo
00:11:41MYuksel b
00:11:43MYuksel weaver
00:11:45MYuksel healp
00:11:52edgarass ss?
00:12:05Steuerfreak a fruion
00:12:07Steuerfreak furion
00:12:07Steuerfreak ss
00:12:08Steuerfreak :D
00:12:12Multi_Ljep when he missed the sight
00:12:13Shinja edgarass? u got a brain?
00:12:16Multi_Ljep u should say that
00:12:25pWny- im b
00:12:52MYuksel gank
00:12:56Multi_Ljep lemme farm boots atleast
00:12:59edgarass ss2
00:13:07pWny- imba ulti :D
00:13:19Casberry fuck sake
00:13:57pWny- i go top
00:14:06MYuksel go
00:14:27edgarass top care
00:14:28Zemirk :P
00:14:42Zemirk gonna tp bot soon
00:14:43MYuksel twr
00:14:56pWny- krobe u meka?
00:15:26pWny- come
00:15:48pWny- krob u go meka?
00:15:53MYuksel bg
00:15:54MYuksel vg
00:16:32pWny- haha good job
00:16:33MYuksel gj
00:16:33edgarass wp weacver
00:16:35edgarass omg
00:16:38Steuerfreak haha
00:16:39pWny- get tower
00:16:40Zemirk lol tuskar
00:16:44Zemirk 0.01s to ulti
00:16:46Zemirk an kill
00:16:49edgarass well i am not stupid like thar
00:16:56Shinja ur fucking stupid
00:16:58Steuerfreak u just let them freefarm
00:16:59Steuerfreak :D
00:17:01pWny- get mid
00:17:02MYuksel i love krob silence
00:17:07MYuksel u take
00:17:11pWny- ja it ownz
00:17:11Steuerfreak u noticed that omni could kill furion at early
00:17:14Steuerfreak but u paused
00:17:16Steuerfreak witohout warning
00:17:17pWny- stun em
00:17:50edgarass ,moprrrons
00:17:55Casberry luckyyy
00:18:02edgarass weaver fucking attack
00:18:13edgarass noob
00:18:17Shinja lol tusk :D
00:18:18Steuerfreak ok :)
00:18:19Shinja nc
00:18:33Shinja :D:D:D
00:18:34Shinja TUSK ALL SPELLS RDY
00:18:34Steuerfreak OMG
00:18:34pWny- im b
00:18:34MYuksel furi
00:18:34pWny- oom
00:18:34Shinja WHY NO ATTACK
00:18:34Shinja ?=???
00:18:34Zemirk use atack weaver
00:18:34Shinja TSK ?
00:18:34Shinja shtr,osrthomisrthömiosrhmi
00:18:34Steuerfreak y no attack at slard
00:18:34Steuerfreak ?
00:18:35Shinja haha
00:18:46MYuksel twr
00:18:46A-tzangol tower
00:18:47MYuksel 1 hi
00:19:16Multi_Ljep omni
00:19:17Casberry stop it
00:19:18Multi_Ljep follow game
00:19:19edgarass i was silenced so you know
00:19:22Shinja stfu
00:19:24Multi_Ljep omni
00:19:26Multi_Ljep follow game
00:19:30Multi_Ljep am telling u again
00:19:31Shinja dont feed top
00:19:35Shinja walk into
00:19:36Shinja 4
00:19:40Shinja and we survive :D
00:19:42Multi_Ljep into 2
00:19:43Shinja dumb idiot
00:19:48Multi_Ljep and u cant shile me
00:19:49Multi_Ljep fucktard
00:19:53Shinja dumb cuntface
00:19:56Shinja like edgarass
00:19:59Zemirk xDDD chill guys
00:20:02Zemirk u drunk?
00:20:02Multi_Ljep no repel
00:20:04Multi_Ljep in game
00:20:04pWny- i go meka
00:20:05edgarass kill futi
00:20:08Shinja thats why u are space 4 and 5
00:20:10Shinja cause ur shitheads
00:20:20edgarass fast reaction
00:20:36edgarass go farm more
00:20:56Vaj.CO some wards
00:20:56Shinja impossible to win with u in early
00:21:04Shinja bracer-guy
00:21:08pWny- illu
00:21:31MYuksel i love this silence
00:21:31Zemirk silence pwnd
00:21:32pWny- i love my ulti ^^
00:21:33edgarass go feed
00:22:02Vaj.CO furi come
00:22:04pWny- b
00:22:26pWny- got meka in 700
00:22:58edgarass coward weaver
00:23:03MYuksel b7
00:23:33Multi_Ljep omni
00:23:34Multi_Ljep mana boots
00:23:37Multi_Ljep ah
00:23:38Shinja stfu
00:23:38Multi_Ljep ok
00:23:38Multi_Ljep gj
00:23:40edgarass me mana botots
00:23:47edgarass rosh
00:23:52Multi_Ljep i have 0 mana
00:23:58Shinja we lost anyway, shitheads
00:24:00Multi_Ljep so i should say no mana boots in this game
00:24:01Shinja ur failpicks are jokes
00:24:13Multi_Ljep stfu and try to not die
00:24:14MYuksel vaj co
00:24:15MYuksel go dagger
00:24:17MYuksel or bkb
00:24:21MYuksel dont radi
00:24:21MYuksel plz
00:24:28Shinja 1:5 speaking, mr tank ? :D:D:Dd
00:24:39Multi_Ljep u had boottom
00:24:51pWny- meka ready
00:25:08Shinja nice spells tusk
00:25:15edgarass su
00:25:16Zemirk dont focu slardar
00:25:17Vaj.CO go
00:25:20pWny- push mid
00:25:25Multi_Ljep -ms
00:25:29Zemirk krobe
00:25:29MYuksel mana
00:25:37Zemirk und veno
00:26:06edgarass ff
00:26:42Multi_Ljep OMINI
00:26:43Multi_Ljep MORON
00:26:49Multi_Ljep 200%
00:26:51Multi_Ljep USLESS
00:26:58Steuerfreak haha
00:27:08Steuerfreak :D
00:27:09Shinja nice tp.
00:27:15edgarass stfu u idiots
00:27:20edgarass u fucking playing like shit
00:27:34Zemirk we lost cause these fking tired kids who just flame xD
00:27:35Multi_Ljep omni start using spells
00:27:35edgarass cant even kill aa first
00:27:36Multi_Ljep PLS
00:27:41Vaj.CO ooh nice regen
00:27:42edgarass weaver fyucking coward
00:27:46Steuerfreak ty :*
00:27:53edgarass always welcome
00:28:00edgarass all top
00:28:02edgarass once pls
00:28:02Zemirk can we try together?
00:28:17Vaj.CO b
00:28:33MYuksel i go heart ?
00:28:39Vaj.CO go shiva
00:28:40pWny- shiva
00:28:45MYuksel heart better
00:28:50Vaj.CO i go heart
00:28:51pWny- not really
00:28:55MYuksel k i go shiva then
00:28:57Zemirk rosh
00:29:01Zemirk not
00:29:23pWny- hlp
00:29:25Shinja fight 3vs1 and lose :D
00:29:32A-tzangol ffs
00:29:43edgarass our team can do that
00:29:58edgarass eat tree bb
00:29:59Multi_Ljep I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:30:02pWny- mana please
00:30:03pWny- i need mana
00:30:06Multi_Ljep was shoping
00:30:14Vaj.CO drink
00:30:19Steuerfreak haha
00:30:21Steuerfreak wow
00:30:22Multi_Ljep I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:30:34Multi_Ljep edgar
00:30:35Multi_Ljep sry
00:30:41Multi_Ljep but u fucked up whole game
00:30:44edgarass fu
00:30:50Multi_Ljep its not flaming
00:30:52Multi_Ljep but u did
00:31:12pWny- im b
00:31:22pWny- rune down
00:31:28Vaj.CO k
00:31:31edgarass all together
00:31:35edgarass for fuck sakes
00:31:35Zemirk wevu
00:31:36MYuksel come
00:31:36Vaj.CO i take
00:31:38Zemirk come
00:31:38MYuksel rosh
00:31:59edgarass ow the fuck they kill us with bb and onni?
00:32:00Vaj.CO me?
00:32:03edgarass rosg gho
00:32:18edgarass b
00:32:23MYuksel its okay
00:32:26MYuksel takeone
00:32:29MYuksel thx
00:32:29Zemirk focus krobe aa
00:32:32A-tzangol np
00:32:45Zemirk krobe aegis tho
00:32:51Vaj.CO fu
00:32:54Vaj.CO no bash
00:32:56pWny- ^^
00:32:58pWny- u need armlet
00:33:05MYuksel go end
00:33:05Vaj.CO courias
00:33:07Shinja nice go
00:33:36Shinja nice go edgarass
00:33:44Shinja if u go in like that withouth dmg
00:33:48Shinja its the best thing u can do
00:33:54edgarass just su
00:33:58Multi_Ljep ff
00:33:58Shinja so nice go
00:33:59Shinja :D
00:33:59Multi_Ljep I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:34:02Zemirk I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:35:07edgarass weavewr gj
00:35:14edgarass fucking always gfylll and running arounf
00:35:16Steuerfreak :D
00:35:20edgarass and onnbi always not in teamfights
00:35:24Steuerfreak i can feet
00:35:26Steuerfreak feed
00:35:27Steuerfreak if u want
00:35:36edgarass well i can not feed too
00:35:41edgarass just standing near fountain
00:35:50Steuerfreak use seplls
00:35:51Steuerfreak ,mb
00:35:51Steuerfreak :D
00:36:31Vaj.CO gg
00:36:38pWny- as i told you
00:36:40pWny- if we go for push
00:36:41Zemirk wp panda
00:36:42Zemirk ty
00:36:44pWny- they cant do shit
00:36:52Steuerfreak wp tusk
00:36:53Steuerfreak :)
00:36:57edgarass wp weaver
00:37:40MYuksel wp
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