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-29 X
-2 TS

81% | 1389 X | 1431 TS

-14 X
-2 TS

78% | 1407 X | 1402 TS

-5 X
-2 TS

48% | 1147 X | 1329 TS

-54 X
-10 TS

39% | 1153 X | 1249 TS

-11 X
-2 TS

43% | 1087 X | 1311 TS

+9 X
+2 TS

97% | 1726 X | 1515 TS

+27 X
+19 TS

68% | 1378 X | 1299 TS

+53 X
+12 TS

46% | 1153 X | 1308 TS

+2 X
+3 TS

28% | 1002 X | 1286 TS

+30 X
+1 TS

19% | 973 X | 1258 TS

Chat log

00:00:18c-yanker boring heroes
00:00:18majava play pudge
00:00:18c-yanker -rubick
00:00:18c-yanker i will
00:00:18Paranormal akasha not boring
00:00:18majava doesnt8get8funnier
00:00:18Hexar :D
00:00:18Pufff-Reis weaver
00:00:18c-yanker played her to much
00:00:18Hexar not same team again
00:00:19Fxx. as i said
00:00:21Fxx. :-)
00:00:26Fxx. c-yanker :-)
00:00:27c-yanker well i got projetz
00:00:30c-yanker have fun owning us
00:00:34Paranormal take visage :D
00:00:36sandii hey wanker, i got -2x last game :D
00:00:36Paranormal then
00:00:45Paranormal can i play pudge?
00:00:49c-yanker im playing butch
00:00:51Fxx. who go vs c-yanker (best mid player) at mid ?
00:01:08Countertrap smegmaplekk
00:01:09c-yanker u love farm heroes?
00:01:11sandii well puff cos he has qop =)
00:01:13Paranormal y
00:01:13c-yanker sandii?
00:01:14sandii i do =)
00:01:18c-yanker so boring
00:01:19Paranormal can i mid?
00:01:23c-yanker sure
00:01:25sandii well i do like pudge also
00:01:27Paranormal ok
00:01:42c-yanker im top
00:01:43c-yanker svend
00:01:43c-yanker go botm
00:01:49Paranormal why lucifer?
00:01:53Fxx. care akasa
00:01:54sandii wl
00:02:00Fxx. he is RLY GOOD pudge
00:02:02Paranormal ohh its pojetz
00:02:04majava doom go top
00:02:07c-yanker y
00:02:07Pojetz because i want?
00:02:11Fxx. kunka up
00:02:16c-yanker why i get projetz all games -.-
00:02:16Hexar and if sm1
00:02:16Paranormal yes yuo can play what yuo want
00:02:17Fxx. lock babisit my down
00:02:18Hexar move my hero
00:02:21sandii dunno
00:02:22Fxx. captain
00:02:22Hexar ill take off
00:02:24Fxx. send kunka up
00:02:24c-yanker go bot
00:02:25Pojetz because u fag?
00:02:25Hexar and report
00:02:25c-yanker luci
00:02:27Fxx. and lock to me
00:02:28Fxx. please
00:02:28Fxx. !
00:02:29c-yanker lesh
00:02:30c-yanker top with me
00:02:31majava wtf
00:02:35sandii lock with me top
00:02:35Rasmus.Seebach kk
00:02:36Paranormal /w DotaKeys: on
00:02:37Fxx. ty kunka
00:02:38majava bot sven doom?
00:02:39Paranormal /w DotaKeys: You control Vsem pizda [c,e,l,d]
00:02:40Countertrap np
00:02:41majava no point
00:02:41c-yanker well
00:02:42sandii -_-
00:02:42Pufff-Reis wl bot
00:02:42c-yanker tell
00:02:44c-yanker projezt
00:02:49c-yanker hes the 1 picking shit
00:02:49majava fuck this
00:02:51majava i go roam
00:02:52Fxx. and warlock
00:02:52Pufff-Reis WL BOT
00:02:58c-yanker go fb top
00:03:00Fxx. LET ME FARM
00:03:06Hexar really
00:03:08Fxx. only farmed void
00:03:14Fxx. can pown c-yanker
00:03:19Hexar nope
00:03:19sandii not really
00:03:23Countertrap play dlg
00:03:34Countertrap more them 600players like 90000
00:03:59sandii cool trilane top
00:04:18c-yanker just a roaming sven
00:04:20c-yanker Quit normal
00:04:44sandii well he cant just pull n gang top
00:04:47sandii always a kill
00:05:06Hexar ss
00:05:17sandii if he knew how to do it
00:05:47sandii :
00:05:52sandii D
00:06:24Paranormal care top
00:06:26Paranormal ss mid
00:06:30Paranormal re
00:06:37majava go
00:06:44sandii too slow
00:06:50Fxx. GO
00:06:51Fxx. FUCK OUT
00:06:55Paranormal GJ
00:06:58Hexar naga
00:07:00Hexar why u come her
00:07:03Fxx. dont slow my farm
00:07:03Hexar to fuck lane up
00:07:05Fxx. GO AWAY
00:07:07Fxx. SLITH
00:07:08Hexar leave
00:07:13sandii i didnt try to gang?
00:07:19c-yanker hes woods
00:07:23c-yanker sandii
00:07:24sandii b
00:07:52majava nvm
00:08:03majava soon
00:08:05majava attack
00:08:21Fxx. stop atack creep
00:08:22Fxx. please
00:08:40Fxx. ....
00:08:50Fxx. DOOOOOOONT
00:08:51Fxx. PUSH
00:08:52Fxx. OMG
00:08:53Fxx. !!!!
00:09:01Fxx. yoUR
00:09:07Fxx. 1. dota?
00:09:17c-yanker coming mid
00:09:17Countertrap ss
00:09:21Pufff-Reis gang luna
00:09:54Fxx. ss luci
00:10:01c-yanker void free farming btw
00:10:33Rasmus.Seebach ss top
00:11:17sandii great
00:11:44Fxx. im oom
00:11:45Hexar qop
00:11:46Hexar go farm
00:11:47Hexar ffs
00:12:27Fxx. :-)
00:13:24c-yanker need to gank him
00:13:24c-yanker woods
00:13:30Hexar qop
00:13:31Hexar go farm
00:13:32Hexar items
00:13:34Hexar then kill
00:13:35Pufff-Reis su
00:13:41c-yanker projezt
00:13:44c-yanker can u please
00:13:45c-yanker stop
00:13:50c-yanker going in front of me when i hook
00:14:22c-yanker Lol
00:14:27c-yanker that u dint kill creep on that hit
00:14:40Fxx. :-)
00:14:41c-yanker come sven
00:14:48Fxx. i killed 2. on hit :-)
00:15:21Paranormal upgrade
00:16:05Hexar inc
00:16:06Hexar bvoid
00:16:07Hexar void
00:16:29Fxx. 2:13 team
00:16:44Fxx. kunka
00:16:45Fxx. u think
00:16:48Fxx. u can hit ulty
00:16:52Fxx. when to my ulty ?
00:16:56Countertrap in your ulty np
00:17:19Fxx. no
00:17:21Fxx. u cant
00:17:31Fxx. back
00:17:33Fxx. BACK
00:18:40Paranormal slow
00:18:42c-yanker GG
00:18:42c-yanker G
00:18:43Paranormal ^^
00:18:43c-yanker G
00:18:43c-yanker G
00:18:43Rasmus.Seebach ,,
00:18:43c-yanker G
00:18:44Paranormal lesh
00:18:58Fxx. u have got hot , or ? :-)
00:19:17Hexar wtf
00:19:20Hexar r doung?
00:19:22Hexar nab
00:19:57Hexar ff
00:19:58Fxx. ........................
00:20:00Hexar ill sit base
00:20:00Pufff-Reis ff
00:20:02Fxx. 1 click hero
00:20:04Paranormal no luck?
00:20:09Fxx. luck on ?
00:20:13sandii luck on leap?
00:20:13Fxx. team again ?
00:20:14Fxx. or ?
00:20:20Hexar ur void is same good as ur jug
00:20:22Hexar isee
00:20:31majava buy tango plz
00:20:38Fxx. 1:7 aka (hero with blink) in 18. min
00:20:39majava nvm
00:20:47Hexar u got blink 2
00:21:11sandii well wasnt paying attention on u, and then u hook!
00:21:12Paranormal mana
00:21:17sandii i did know u where there
00:21:19majava go mid
00:21:47Fxx. i cant play now , vs feeded enemy
00:21:47Hexar just rofl
00:21:48Hexar atm
00:21:51Fxx. hate this game
00:21:51Hexar this void to good
00:21:52Fxx. s
00:21:55Fxx. rly hate this game
00:21:56Fxx. s
00:21:56Hexar delete it then
00:21:56majava pudge
00:22:00majava urn
00:22:08c-yanker nice
00:22:18Fxx. wards ?
00:22:18c-yanker tt
00:23:08c-yanker nice ulti
00:23:13sandii ty
00:23:17Paranormal :D
00:23:47c-yanker pojezt owning!
00:23:51Fxx. y
00:23:52Paranormal :D
00:23:53Fxx. ...
00:23:55Hexar this void is better on sucking what ur nab
00:23:58Fxx. how epic game is this
00:24:12Hexar u r epic all time
00:24:19Fxx. aha
00:24:20Fxx. ok
00:24:38sandii ;(
00:25:03Fxx. still no upg chick
00:25:06Fxx. still 0 wards
00:25:08Fxx. and im suck
00:25:09Fxx. lock
00:25:09Fxx. ...
00:25:10Hexar dude
00:25:12Hexar but ward
00:25:13Hexar and up
00:25:14Hexar chiken
00:25:20Hexar ur usless anyway
00:25:31c-yanker wards?
00:25:35Fxx. im ussless
00:25:38Hexar y u r
00:25:39Fxx. cause u dont suport
00:25:44Hexar rofl
00:25:51Hexar i cast all shiut i have and i dont support
00:25:52Hexar idiot
00:26:00Hexar u need ward or meka more?
00:26:06Fxx. ward !
00:26:08Hexar 2more min
00:26:09Hexar atlest
00:26:11Fxx. but its to late
00:26:16Fxx. they are feeded now
00:26:18Fxx. cause no ward
00:26:19Hexar mega good qop yanker:D?
00:26:23c-yanker ^^^
00:26:27majava too much gang
00:26:35Hexar Well hes kidna suck
00:26:36c-yanker well
00:26:38c-yanker sven luna
00:26:39Hexar no itmes on farm
00:26:42c-yanker shouldt be able to kill u
00:26:42Paranormal :D
00:26:48majava if sven imba
00:26:49Paranormal i ma lucky!
00:26:50majava it can
00:26:50sandii idd
00:26:55Fxx. shit happend :-)
00:27:13Fxx. NOT U
00:27:16Fxx. c-y
00:27:27Fxx. still 0 ward , no upgd chick
00:27:32c-yanker we dont yhave anu
00:27:33c-yanker either
00:27:34Hexar stop wining ur nab
00:27:37Paranormal we have 0 wards all game
00:27:40majava coz imba sven kill the chick
00:27:41Fxx. but u have got team on gangs
00:27:43majava sven kill all
00:27:46Hexar bigger than fucking projetz
00:27:54Hexar all game long u suck dick
00:28:05Hexar I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:28:06Fxx. u are best mid player ,+ have got now 100%better team
00:28:16Hexar was i mid?
00:28:16Fxx. At bronze game
00:28:20sandii 8D
00:28:23Hexar was i mid
00:28:32Hexar tard u cant even look map
00:28:35c-yanker sven
00:28:37c-yanker just did rly good
00:28:39c-yanker just did good
00:28:40c-yanker this game
00:29:15Fxx. :-)
00:29:17c-yanker close`?
00:29:20Fxx. rly not
00:29:21Hexar NOpe
00:29:24Fxx. i m rly not tard :-)
00:29:31Hexar I just place ward if i havent put it then hes dead again
00:29:33sandii i thought u are
00:29:35sandii 8)
00:29:58Fxx. kunka rdy ?
00:30:03Countertrap ofc
00:30:25Paranormal till end?
00:30:25Fxx. we have got sooo nice
00:30:25Fxx. pick
00:30:25Fxx. and we loosign
00:30:25c-yanker luna
00:30:25Paranormal fight
00:30:25c-yanker take
00:30:25Fxx. so hard
00:30:25c-yanker fight y
00:30:25Fxx. efect
00:30:25Paranormal ok
00:30:25Fxx. on his pc ? :-)
00:30:25c-yanker i gotta b a little
00:30:25c-yanker but i turn
00:30:25c-yanker u
00:30:25Paranormal ok
00:30:25c-yanker ulti?
00:30:25Paranormal did
00:30:25c-yanker focus
00:30:25c-yanker naga
00:30:25c-yanker illous
00:30:25Paranormal ulyi ended
00:30:25Paranormal ok
00:30:25sandii ill ulti
00:30:25Fxx. dont use it
00:30:25Hexar dont
00:30:25Hexar not yet
00:30:25Fxx. we killing
00:30:25sandii well ok
00:30:25sandii lesh is gonna kill us
00:30:25Paranormal who balance?
00:30:25Fxx. question is
00:30:25c-yanker imba
00:30:25c-yanker u bash me
00:30:25Fxx. who balance
00:30:25c-yanker before u ulti :)
00:30:25Fxx. im cheater :-)
00:30:25Paranormal balance
00:30:25Paranormal instant
00:30:25Countertrap i go
00:30:25Fxx. i think
00:30:25Fxx. best is kunka
00:30:25Fxx. y
00:30:25Hexar u dont tell that
00:30:25Fxx. and captain
00:30:25Hexar cap tell not u
00:30:25Fxx. aka
00:30:25Fxx. ?
00:30:25Hexar y
00:30:25Hexar qop
00:30:25Hexar tell
00:30:25Paranormal naga going
00:30:25Hexar who leave
00:30:25Paranormal on sven
00:30:25Fxx. aka is angry
00:30:25Fxx. :-)
00:30:25c-yanker i cant se
00:30:25c-yanker svens
00:30:25c-yanker hp
00:30:25Fxx. aka , kunka ?
00:30:25Paranormal me too
00:30:25Countertrap i go
00:30:25Fxx. and can i pick his item ?
00:30:25Fxx. u cant leave
00:30:25c-yanker kunk u gonna die?
00:30:25sandii no he wont :)
00:30:25Fxx. captain must say it
00:30:25Paranormal lesh come
00:30:25Fxx. u cant leave
00:30:25Pufff-Reis y take his items
00:30:25Fxx. before he say it
00:30:25c-yanker to muchtime
00:30:25sandii troo
00:30:25Fxx. k
00:30:25c-yanker to think :)
00:30:25Fxx. so go
00:30:25Fxx. :-)
00:30:25Fxx. and dont sell his items !
00:30:25Paranormal control luci
00:30:25c-yanker hes
00:30:25Fxx. kunka is anyway dead
00:30:25c-yanker attacking
00:30:25c-yanker kunk
00:30:25Paranormal if die
00:30:25Hexar nopt if
00:30:25Hexar sil
00:30:25Hexar ulty
00:30:25sandii yeah
00:30:25sandii and im feeling kinda lonely here
00:30:25sandii with luna bkb on
00:30:25c-yanker sven
00:30:25c-yanker u got stun
00:30:25c-yanker rdy?
00:30:25majava im dead lol
00:30:25c-yanker kk
00:30:28Pufff-Reis kunka
00:30:58Paranormal ethernal mb?
00:31:05c-yanker butter
00:31:07Paranormal ok
00:31:16c-yanker dunno why u make bkb
00:31:18Paranormal balance
00:31:23c-yanker they did
00:31:38sandii we did? =)
00:31:45Paranormal ok
00:31:59Fxx. u have got free agha ?
00:32:03Fxx. or it dont work ?
00:32:25Paranormal can i take agha?
00:32:28c-yanker y
00:32:32sandii lmao
00:32:33Hexar ty
00:32:36sandii to what did i die anyway
00:32:37Fxx. so agha work ?
00:32:38Hexar kill more mychiken
00:32:40sandii i had urn on me?
00:32:41c-yanker sven
00:32:41majava urn urn urn urn
00:32:44c-yanker jumped u
00:32:50sandii didnt mean that jump
00:32:53sandii but urn
00:32:56c-yanker y
00:33:00majava urn urn urn
00:33:49sandii well just gave away like 1.5k
00:33:50sandii np
00:33:59Fxx. WHY THE HELL
00:34:00c-yanker u get your items back
00:34:06Fxx. my fucking hero port sooo bad :-)
00:34:07sandii i do?
00:34:08c-yanker y
00:34:10c-yanker chick
00:34:14c-yanker look top corner
00:34:16c-yanker to your right
00:34:24sandii oh
00:34:24c-yanker se?
00:34:31sandii well i thoight theyd get destroyed
00:35:11majava dont try base
00:35:13majava get wards
00:35:15majava and gang em
00:35:17majava get rosh mb
00:35:20c-yanker l
00:35:20majava their ulties Own us
00:35:24majava towe here
00:35:26majava better
00:35:27c-yanker y
00:35:28majava then orsh
00:36:33Fxx. b to base
00:36:36Rasmus.Seebach n mana
00:37:47c-yanker sideways
00:38:35majava b
00:38:38majava tele8top
00:38:51Hexar imba
00:38:51majava pudge tele
00:39:03Fxx. we push up
00:39:03Fxx. :-)
00:39:12Fxx. GOOGOGOGO
00:39:37majava lesh rege mana
00:39:42majava your useless with that
00:39:43Rasmus.Seebach y
00:39:51c-yanker need to end
00:39:53c-yanker before naga gets to fat
00:39:55Paranormal control luci someone if can
00:40:04Hexar pudge go ac
00:41:34sandii :D
00:41:41c-yanker pojetz
00:41:42Fxx. ....
00:41:42c-yanker owns
00:41:47sandii is owning
00:41:55majava b luna
00:42:25c-yanker wrongway
00:42:27Fxx. guys
00:42:30Fxx. dont sleep
00:42:50sandii what
00:42:50majava go now
00:42:58sandii this void
00:43:00sandii :D:D:D
00:43:05sandii :D:D:D
00:43:08sandii this boid
00:43:09Fxx. :-))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
00:43:11Fxx. what ?
00:43:14Paranormal i am lucky
00:43:15Fxx. what this void
00:43:16Paranormal :D
00:43:18Hexar suck
00:43:19Hexar hard
00:43:20Fxx. u go 2 vs 4 like tard
00:43:25sandii started attacking, backed a little, started atacking again
00:43:27Fxx. and "this void" ?
00:43:34Fxx. y
00:43:36Fxx. ofc
00:43:43Fxx. cause lesh was not in my ulty
00:43:52Fxx. i turn back cause his stun
00:44:04sandii jesus
00:44:08sandii wp sven
00:44:29c-yanker 17 assist -.-
00:44:57sandii :::D
00:44:58Fxx. SOOO TNAKY :-)
00:44:59sandii :DD
00:45:02Fxx. tank :-)
00:45:03sandii no shit
00:45:06sandii look his hp
00:45:22sandii look at this cs on void
00:45:24sandii "i carry
00:45:29sandii half of what i have
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