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81% | 1388 X | 1482 TS

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55% | 1269 X | 1303 TS

Chat log

00:00:16TheyCallMeHaci anywishes
00:00:16svents es pls
00:00:16TheyCallMeHaci k
00:00:16Laier xin me
00:00:16Vangelis xin
00:00:16TheyCallMeHaci es for u then
00:00:16Vangelis strong
00:00:16Vangelis get xin first
00:00:16Laier xin for me
00:00:16Laier i rape with ittttt
00:00:16creeeeeee what you plannin to play?
00:00:16TheyCallMeHaci legion
00:00:16svents well i asked first es so
00:00:16NwC.CooL-T bs
00:00:16Vangelis xin moar
00:00:16Laier no1 cares
00:00:16TheyCallMeHaci we wil see
00:00:16Vangelis imba
00:00:16Laier xin is firstpick
00:00:19Vangelis xin is more imba
00:00:23TheyCallMeHaci vangelis u wanna play ?
00:00:26Vangelis no
00:00:27Laier i play it
00:00:27Vangelis i can't
00:00:29Vangelis i hate it
00:00:29NwC.CooL-T i pick naga
00:00:30TheyCallMeHaci k then for laier
00:00:36NwC.CooL-T creee pick mid hero
00:00:38Vangelis svents
00:00:41Vangelis mina pickin sulle
00:00:41Vangelis es
00:00:42Vangelis ?
00:00:43svents dvj
00:00:46TheyCallMeHaci pick es for him
00:00:51TheyCallMeHaci apick sk for me
00:00:57TheyCallMeHaci pick sk for me
00:01:01TheyCallMeHaci palle
00:01:03NwC.CooL-T creee can mid?
00:01:10Laier dont swap xin for him zzz
00:01:10TheyCallMeHaci afk ?
00:01:11creeeeeee hmm...could sf mid also
00:01:12TheyCallMeHaci ¨picm e sk
00:01:15TheyCallMeHaci he is fucking
00:01:15TheyCallMeHaci afk
00:01:19creeeeeee swap me sf
00:01:21creeeeeee somebody
00:01:22Laier panda is ok
00:01:23Laier so np
00:01:26svents gg now they will take sk
00:01:27TheyCallMeHaci get me sk
00:01:27svents im sure
00:01:36creeeeeee -swap 3
00:01:37TheyCallMeHaci we win
00:01:37svents mis tahad vangelis?
00:01:38Kanpu3a -Swap 2
00:01:38Laier -swap 1
00:01:39Vangelis hmmm
00:01:39svents fast
00:01:40edgarass sd or crix?
00:01:41TheyCallMeHaci -swap 4
00:01:43Laier im bot with someone
00:01:45creeeeeee crix
00:01:45Vangelis anna eza
00:01:49Vangelis -swap 5
00:01:51svents -swap 2
00:01:56edgarass so sd it is
00:01:57TheyCallMeHaci laier mid
00:01:58svents -clear
00:02:00Laier hell no
00:02:03Laier lemme go bot
00:02:05TheyCallMeHaci then i am mid
00:02:05Palle i go top
00:02:07Laier better on lane >.<
00:02:07Vangelis i go top with
00:02:09Vangelis es
00:02:11Vangelis es eza is good lane
00:02:14TheyCallMeHaci k
00:02:17NwC.CooL-T ? ???? ?? ????? ??????
00:02:21Palle i go btm and pull then`?
00:02:22Kanpu3a ?????
00:02:23creeeeeee check rune and try fb top
00:02:24TheyCallMeHaci share chick
00:02:25Kanpu3a ??? ?? ??
00:02:29TheyCallMeHaci ye :D
00:02:31Kanpu3a )))
00:02:40Vangelis hakkame spammima
00:02:41NwC.CooL-T ???? ??? ?? ??????? ????? ??? ?????
00:02:42TheyCallMeHaci bismillah
00:02:45svents y
00:02:45Vangelis lvl 3
00:02:47creeeeeee you two are mates?
00:02:47Vangelis on imba mana
00:02:48Kanpu3a 3
00:02:48svents aga lvl 3 alles
00:02:52Kanpu3a good
00:02:53Palle if i get haste or dd we can firstblood
00:02:54Vangelis no enne ka natuke
00:02:58edgarass me bot?
00:03:00Vangelis ma lasen
00:03:01NwC.CooL-T y
00:03:01Vangelis esimene wave
00:03:02svents ma üritan soul ringi k2tte saada
00:03:05TheyCallMeHaci fb top ?
00:03:05Vangelis illut sa tee stun
00:03:20TheyCallMeHaci bitch
00:03:25NwC.CooL-T FU .!>
00:03:29edgarass easy lina i hide u stun
00:03:30NwC.CooL-T faggot
00:03:59Laier shit
00:04:03Laier fucking sd gonna fuck up things
00:04:26TheyCallMeHaci ss
00:04:27NwC.CooL-T ??????
00:04:28TheyCallMeHaci re
00:04:57svents tra ma shoppasin
00:04:58svents :(
00:05:03Laier go
00:05:09Palle who
00:05:18TheyCallMeHaci yo
00:05:59Laier go
00:06:00Vangelis 18 s
00:06:01Vangelis parast
00:06:01Laier when they come
00:06:02Vangelis saaad
00:06:04Laier come
00:06:08Laier panda come
00:06:14Laier jesus
00:06:16Vangelis MIKS
00:06:17Vangelis sa
00:06:18Vangelis ootad
00:06:19Vangelis ???
00:06:22svents mul ei olnud mana
00:06:23creeeeeee miss mid
00:06:25svents just sain
00:06:31svents vaata replayd kui ei usu
00:06:42Laier cant you tard read chat?
00:07:17Palle sleepy
00:07:27Laier yes you are
00:07:31Palle y
00:07:34TheyCallMeHaci ss
00:07:46TheyCallMeHaci he got problly rune down
00:07:46Kanpu3a ss1
00:07:48creeeeeee kill xin
00:07:50creeeeeee mid mkiss
00:07:51creeeeeee care top
00:07:55Palle wanna go
00:08:02Laier y go
00:08:02edgarass ss2
00:08:02Laier now
00:08:03creeeeeee i'm invis
00:08:05svents see naga rikub k6ik ära
00:08:06Vangelis ma ei saa
00:08:07Vangelis aru
00:08:08Vangelis miks
00:08:10Vangelis me owni saame
00:08:16svents naga
00:08:23svents ta paneb neti peale ei saa sittagi tehtud
00:08:26TheyCallMeHaci told ya
00:08:27creeeeeee gj
00:08:29edgarass u2
00:08:36Kanpu3a kisss me
00:08:46Palle thought naga was mid :S
00:08:57Kanpu3a ck top
00:08:59creeeeeee miss again
00:09:03holostoi b
00:09:06TheyCallMeHaci nevermore
00:09:08Laier bot ss3
00:09:08TheyCallMeHaci got rune down again
00:09:28Palle ss
00:09:29Palle 2
00:09:31Palle re
00:09:37holostoi ss top
00:09:50TheyCallMeHaci neveremre dd
00:09:53creeeeeee miss mid
00:09:59TheyCallMeHaci ss mid
00:10:20holostoi ??? ????
00:10:30Laier botss2
00:10:30TheyCallMeHaci ss
00:10:43TheyCallMeHaci 2 mid
00:11:03svents ja meil oleks olnud vaja algul pullwarde vaja olnud
00:11:05TheyCallMeHaci ss
00:11:10svents siis jugger oleks n2htaval olnud koguaeg
00:11:13creeeeeee miss
00:11:14creeeeeee care
00:11:15TheyCallMeHaci he got rune
00:11:21TheyCallMeHaci rune bot mine
00:11:25Vangelis push it
00:11:32creeeeeee its not there
00:11:35TheyCallMeHaci ?
00:11:40TheyCallMeHaci early wards :D
00:11:55TheyCallMeHaci ss
00:12:18svents sd top
00:12:27creeeeeee miss again
00:12:35creeeeeee re
00:12:35Laier give mana?
00:12:36Vangelis ulti
00:12:36Vangelis ?
00:12:38Palle not really a good idea
00:12:44Palle well i got mana too late
00:12:51Vangelis too late?
00:12:53Vangelis you had like
00:12:55Palle got super cold fingers
00:12:56Vangelis 4 s
00:13:11Laier sureeeee
00:13:26edgarass have dusts go crix
00:13:28TheyCallMeHaci ss mid
00:13:30Laier kill him
00:13:35Laier jesus
00:13:51NwC.CooL-T Up chick
00:14:20TheyCallMeHaci gj
00:14:26edgarass ff this game
00:14:27TheyCallMeHaci omw down
00:14:41TheyCallMeHaci care top
00:15:23Kanpu3a xd
00:15:26svents im b
00:15:28svents oom
00:15:30svents and low hp
00:15:34Laier y
00:15:44Kanpu3a xdxdxd
00:15:47creeeeeee soo bad place
00:16:15creeeeeee my ult wont hit invis?
00:16:15Palle ill jango
00:16:46edgarass idiot
00:16:53holostoi ??
00:16:54holostoi ok
00:17:05Laier oom
00:17:08Laier cant do shit
00:17:13TheyCallMeHaci twr denid
00:17:21creeeeeee 3 top
00:17:42Palle go?
00:17:45Laier oom
00:17:46TheyCallMeHaci tåp
00:17:46Laier >.<
00:17:47svents u mean dive?
00:17:50Palle y
00:17:59Palle 3
00:18:01Palle top
00:18:11Palle :S
00:18:20Vangelis 3 hit
00:18:30Vangelis ok guess not
00:18:46Laier just b
00:18:47Laier pointless
00:19:16edgarass stun earlier?
00:19:24Laier mana
00:19:42Vangelis es
00:19:43Vangelis sleepy
00:19:44Vangelis ?
00:19:54Laier wtf are you doing?
00:19:57Laier panda sk?
00:20:09Vangelis GO KILL
00:20:10Vangelis omg
00:20:20NwC.CooL-T ???? ? ???? ????
00:20:22Laier :D:DD
00:20:27edgarass mana
00:20:28holostoi ???? ??????
00:20:28TheyCallMeHaci :D
00:20:32TheyCallMeHaci no drunk ?
00:20:33Palle oom
00:20:41Palle he fogged me
00:20:45TheyCallMeHaci k
00:21:08Palle i tp top
00:21:56edgarass \fuck
00:21:58edgarass misslcick
00:22:22TheyCallMeHaci tp
00:22:36svents :;DDDD
00:22:38edgarass u are kidding me?
00:22:44Palle :S
00:22:44svents idiot :D
00:22:48creeeeeee how the fuck is he so fast
00:22:48Palle y
00:22:54creeeeeee phase?
00:23:03Palle we need some wards up
00:23:04holostoi ??
00:23:06holostoi ye
00:23:10Palle so we can gang and push
00:23:11TheyCallMeHaci i just buyed
00:23:39Kanpu3a )
00:23:43Laier mana
00:24:55Laier run there
00:24:56Laier i tp
00:24:57TheyCallMeHaci go
00:25:29Palle dont get how laier dies so easy in every fight
00:25:38TheyCallMeHaci he is fail
00:25:44Palle y
00:25:44Laier rofl?
00:25:49Palle u really are
00:25:53Laier im the 1 who goes in first
00:25:57Laier mby thats why i fucking die?
00:26:01Palle not really
00:26:01TheyCallMeHaci "iam good with it "
00:26:14TheyCallMeHaci giving laier xin was so dumb
00:26:15edgarass never b
00:26:38TheyCallMeHaci es
00:26:42TheyCallMeHaci when u get blink daag?
00:26:43svents ?
00:26:48svents 900 more
00:27:13Kanpu3a ????????? ???? ??? ??? ?????!
00:27:14TheyCallMeHaci xin panda push
00:27:15TheyCallMeHaci top
00:27:22TheyCallMeHaci i stay here
00:27:23TheyCallMeHaci and ulti in
00:28:07TheyCallMeHaci ?
00:28:09Kanpu3a )
00:28:30edgarass ff retards
00:28:47Vangelis b
00:28:49Vangelis naga laive
00:28:50svents got dagger
00:29:02Vangelis go push mid
00:29:04Palle klets just get
00:29:27edgarass wards lina?
00:29:34Kanpu3a ??
00:29:36Kanpu3a xd
00:29:49Palle lol
00:29:52Palle sweet
00:30:26svents ofc
00:30:35svents lol
00:30:36Palle lol
00:30:36edgarass ff is ff
00:30:37TheyCallMeHaci get twr
00:30:47svents and who bitch used fissure with my hero?
00:30:49TheyCallMeHaci i def bot
00:30:52svents once i take control away
00:30:55svents cant play this way
00:31:11Vangelis b
00:31:31creeeeeee why is you'r soul cather lvl 1 ??
00:31:34holostoi ask me plz why im happy now
00:31:37creeeeeee best skill and its lvl 1
00:31:46edgarass uyeah best
00:31:47holostoi plz ask me
00:31:50creeeeeee YES
00:31:51edgarass i fucking fdie like sjhit
00:31:51creeeeeee best
00:31:52creeeeeee ffs
00:31:57creeeeeee they get 50% more dmg
00:31:58Palle get mid?
00:32:02edgarass so?
00:32:04Palle vange to the max can u tp me=
00:32:14creeeeeee so?
00:32:17Palle we gotta keep the pressure
00:32:20Vangelis yes
00:32:24Palle -ms
00:32:30Palle -ms
00:32:31holostoi im happy now
00:32:41holostoi couse edgaras go to bronze after game
00:33:28edgarass I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:33:34Kanpu3a I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:33:44edgarass they go rosh now
00:33:46Palle ill vlads now
00:33:49TheyCallMeHaci mana me
00:34:02Vangelis no panda
00:34:04Vangelis get dagger
00:34:05Vangelis i can vlad
00:34:24Palle wt
00:34:33TheyCallMeHaci stupid
00:34:38Palle u wana lose?
00:34:40NwC.CooL-T nice try bob
00:34:41Vangelis panda
00:34:42Vangelis you got that
00:34:43Vangelis ?
00:34:50Palle heard u
00:34:52Palle :D
00:34:54Vangelis you get dagger i get vlad
00:34:57Laier who are you calling bob, missy?
00:35:00Palle sure
00:35:08NwC.CooL-T you bob
00:35:15Laier funny
00:35:22Palle ..'
00:36:37TheyCallMeHaci b
00:36:39NwC.CooL-T go push
00:36:40svents ward
00:36:41svents kill it
00:36:42svents ffs
00:36:54Vangelis b
00:36:56NwC.CooL-T omfg
00:36:58holostoi we was 4 vs 2 here
00:37:04holostoi why u dont fight?
00:37:10Palle we need entry
00:37:14creeeeeee cuz panda kills us with ult np?
00:37:15edgarass never is coward
00:37:17Palle soon
00:37:18Kanpu3a ??????? ? ? ?????? ???!
00:37:33holostoi and panda with agha 34 sec
00:37:36Vangelis i buy
00:37:36Vangelis smoke
00:37:38Vangelis gather mid
00:37:41Palle y
00:37:43holostoi so we stay at base when they come?
00:37:46holostoi 34 sec
00:37:55holostoi when they all come?
00:37:56TheyCallMeHaci gather then
00:37:59holostoi wit panda?
00:38:03Laier they rosh?
00:38:13holostoi 2 vs 4 dont fight
00:38:15edgarass yeah panda so scarrry
00:38:16Palle check
00:38:17holostoi 5 vs 5 good
00:38:20edgarass sais never
00:38:21TheyCallMeHaci get it then
00:38:42Laier cant go rosh
00:38:44Laier sf blinks in gg
00:38:54Kanpu3a ??
00:39:41svents rly lina ulti for me?:D
00:39:49Laier frags mate frags
00:39:51creeeeeee saving for lasthit as it seems yea
00:39:51Kanpu3a sweet
00:39:53Laier everything counts
00:39:57holostoi 2 ?? 4 ?? ????????
00:40:06NwC.CooL-T ??????
00:40:07holostoi ? 4 ?? 5 ??? ???
00:40:15Vangelis get bot
00:40:17holostoi ??? ??? ??????
00:40:33Palle u sure u dont want me to shiva?=
00:40:42Vangelis i am
00:40:44Vangelis going shiva
00:40:53Palle b
00:41:04Vangelis sk
00:41:05Vangelis you almost
00:41:06Vangelis died
00:41:18Laier 'tp me there ?
00:41:32Laier no then
00:42:20edgarass liina so sytupid
00:42:22Palle gg
00:42:23Palle gj
00:42:24Vangelis gg perfect eza
00:42:24Kanpu3a xdxd
00:42:30Kanpu3a edgar
00:42:34Kanpu3a kiss me
00:42:39Kanpu3a in my ass!
00:43:03edgarass net?
00:43:07Palle b or go?=
00:43:16Vangelis i tp
00:43:16Vangelis sk
00:43:17Vangelis wait sk
00:43:27TheyCallMeHaci stop that
00:43:30svents w8 for my agha
00:44:07edgarass I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:44:08edgarass fff
00:44:09edgarass retards
00:44:12Kanpu3a xd
00:44:15Kanpu3a st
00:44:16edgarass fuycking yournero bfurry in 40 min
00:44:19edgarass best farmer ever
00:44:20NwC.CooL-T shut up noob
00:44:24edgarass u too
00:44:24TheyCallMeHaci wp
00:44:36edgarass VANGUARD AND
00:44:37holostoi we cant pla
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