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85% | 1501 X | 1428 TS

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84% | 1463 X | 1443 TS

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82% | 1438 X | 1449 TS

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74% | 1399 X | 1361 TS

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94% | 1687 X | 1468 TS

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93% | 1576 X | 1478 TS

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78% | 1400 X | 1448 TS

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58% | 1264 X | 1378 TS

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54% | 1250 X | 1305 TS

Chat log

00:00:20TheyCallMeHaci creeeeeeeee
00:00:20TheyCallMeHaci can i axe middle
00:00:20creeeeeee mby
00:00:20TheyCallMeHaci k tell fast
00:00:20creeeeeee i think i ban lock
00:00:20Jonnija everything
00:00:20Jonnija depends
00:00:20Jonnija on what we get
00:00:20Jonnija there is am
00:00:20Jonnija and naix
00:00:20MariahCarry how?
00:00:20Jonnija in the pool
00:00:20MariahCarry 95 and 93
00:00:20MariahCarry vs 85
00:00:20Jonnija prolly some friendlist
00:00:20creeeeeee you got 2 50% players
00:00:20Steuerfreak we got adgarass
00:00:20Steuerfreak ^^
00:00:20Steuerfreak ee
00:00:20MariahCarry :D
00:00:20Shinja :D
00:00:20creeeeeee 2x50%
00:00:20MariahCarry haha
00:00:20MariahCarry don't tease him im 60+. :P
00:00:20MariahCarry or he'll plug
00:00:20Steuerfreak marriah
00:00:20MariahCarry sup
00:00:20Steuerfreak if they dont ban am
00:00:20Steuerfreak ull play?
00:00:20TheyCallMeHaci go
00:00:20TheyCallMeHaci ban
00:00:20creeeeeee I want to see that
00:00:20edgarass i dont plug
00:00:20TheyCallMeHaci GOGO
00:00:20MariahCarry i want sf :/
00:00:20TheyCallMeHaci BAN
00:00:20MariahCarry am is so boring
00:00:20Jonnija steuer
00:00:20Steuerfreak hm k
00:00:20Jonnija ban
00:00:20edgarass i own u
00:00:20Steuerfreak i try dirge
00:00:20Steuerfreak naix
00:00:20TheyCallMeHaci ban ud
00:00:20Jonnija am ban
00:00:20Tough am
00:00:20creeeeeee well
00:00:20creeeeeee -am
00:00:23creeeeeee they go wl
00:00:24creeeeeee ooo
00:00:25MariahCarry nice nice
00:00:26Jonnija n
00:00:27creeeeeee who wants wl
00:00:28Jonnija ud stronger
00:00:28MariahCarry i go sf or wl
00:00:29Jonnija than i can UD
00:00:29Jonnija wl
00:00:31TheyCallMeHaci tell fast if i can axe middle
00:00:35creeeeeee why fast?
00:00:39creeeeeee thereäs time
00:00:42TheyCallMeHaci when its my turn
00:00:47TheyCallMeHaci get sk
00:00:48TheyCallMeHaci good
00:00:49TheyCallMeHaci hero
00:00:55Tough for u
00:00:57MariahCarry NCIE
00:01:03TheyCallMeHaci only if iam middle btw
00:01:03Jonnija mariah i wanted that
00:01:07pWny- mariah failed hard last game
00:01:17MariahCarry i was afraid u'd take both and And sf :D
00:01:17TheyCallMeHaci tell
00:01:18Tough get me bara
00:01:20TheyCallMeHaci me axe middle ?
00:01:21creeeeeee get us shaman
00:01:22Tough -swap 4
00:01:22TheyCallMeHaci what u want ?
00:01:23MariahCarry and and
00:01:24TheyCallMeHaci tough
00:01:24Tough -swap 3
00:01:26MariahCarry and aka wl
00:01:26creeeeeee more pushing
00:01:28TheyCallMeHaci tough
00:01:28TheyCallMeHaci axe is mine
00:01:28pWny- i will go sven
00:01:28TheyCallMeHaci tell what u want
00:01:30creeeeeee get shaman
00:01:32pWny- damned
00:01:33MariahCarry so now ur gonna spend ur game hunting me?
00:01:33pWny- picked
00:01:34Tough wisp
00:01:35TheyCallMeHaci -swap
00:01:35MariahCarry fucking bitch
00:01:39TheyCallMeHaci -swap 2
00:01:40Steuerfreak rhasta mb
00:01:41Tough wtf
00:01:42Steuerfreak dazzle
00:01:43TheyCallMeHaci u swap with pwny
00:01:43Tough fuck u bara
00:01:44edgarass kunbkka?
00:01:49Steuerfreak dazzle
00:01:49TheyCallMeHaci pwny get wisp
00:01:52creeeeeee NO
00:01:54Steuerfreak U FUCKHEAD
00:01:55pWny- i go rhasta
00:01:56creeeeeee get shaman
00:01:58TheyCallMeHaci -swap 2
00:01:58creeeeeee for more push
00:02:00Steuerfreak we dont need damage
00:02:02Steuerfreak u know dota?
00:02:02Tough -swap 4
00:02:02pWny- swaps someone with me? why they always pick so late
00:02:02Steuerfreak babysit me and sf mb
00:02:02TheyCallMeHaci i fuckin
00:02:03TheyCallMeHaci picked
00:02:03MariahCarry yellow i couldve gone for dazzle
00:02:06MariahCarry stop pausing
00:02:16Steuerfreak edgaras cuntfase
00:02:22TheyCallMeHaci fail team
00:02:22pWny- i play rhasta by myself
00:02:25TheyCallMeHaci pwny
00:02:26TheyCallMeHaci next
00:02:27TheyCallMeHaci time
00:02:33pWny- what?
00:02:33TheyCallMeHaci dont say that u want sven
00:02:35MariahCarry well
00:02:37pWny- i wanted sven
00:02:39Shinja why u pick the carrys on spot 4 and 5 ?
00:02:41pWny- but wisp would be a failpick
00:02:42MariahCarry can it beat our 4* melee laning
00:02:42pWny- and makes us gg
00:02:43TheyCallMeHaci i picked it for u
00:02:43pWny- sorry
00:02:45MariahCarry that's the Question From what point is Clockwerk a carry?
00:02:52pWny- go trilane down?
00:02:52Jonnija eezy
00:03:00Jonnija no?
00:03:03pWny- why wl not solo top?
00:03:05pWny- -hhn
00:03:09pWny- sven rhasta bara tri down?
00:03:15Jonnija bad idea took it on tanking purposes
00:03:20pWny- why
00:03:27creeeeeee we got good lanes anyway atm
00:03:32pWny- k
00:03:36Steuerfreak ss
00:03:37Steuerfreak top
00:03:39Steuerfreak re
00:04:00edgarass lag
00:04:16Tough axe mid
00:04:17Tough fail
00:04:19TheyCallMeHaci pro
00:04:22TheyCallMeHaci got 7cs
00:05:06MariahCarry -ms
00:05:10MariahCarry wtf is axe ms
00:05:40pWny- gj
00:05:41Jonnija lol
00:05:49pWny- i watched it :D
00:05:52TheyCallMeHaci :D
00:06:00TheyCallMeHaci never blame my axe
00:06:05TheyCallMeHaci batrider
00:06:07TheyCallMeHaci middle
00:06:09MariahCarry ss mid
00:06:18TheyCallMeHaci har ondt af dig waiste ur mana before u die or smth
00:06:33pWny- miss top
00:06:46pWny- wait me mid
00:06:47pWny- i come gang
00:06:51pWny- got my boots
00:07:06pWny- wait
00:07:09pWny- k
00:07:11pWny- i sheep
00:07:12pWny- and snare
00:07:30TheyCallMeHaci gj
00:07:33MariahCarry LOL
00:07:36pWny- imba flask use :D
00:07:44Tough nearly dobble kill
00:07:57pWny- gogo
00:08:03edgarass ss bara
00:08:04pWny- im oom after
00:08:05Jonnija i anm faar
00:08:06Jonnija :D
00:08:09creeeeeee 2ss
00:08:33pWny- haha
00:08:34MariahCarry WTF IS UR MS?????
00:08:40Steuerfreak lol
00:08:41TheyCallMeHaci -ms
00:08:41Steuerfreak 0-4
00:08:42Jonnija it gets booste
00:08:42pWny- b
00:08:47Jonnija 295+8%
00:08:50Jonnija -10% of urs
00:09:00MariahCarry why?
00:09:01MariahCarry what
00:09:02MariahCarry when
00:09:04MariahCarry since when
00:09:05Jonnija battle hunger
00:09:06Jonnija slows
00:09:09Jonnija and speeds him up
00:09:09pWny- 6.73
00:09:22MariahCarry LOL
00:09:22TheyCallMeHaci oioom
00:09:33pWny- b
00:09:36Jonnija dont risk
00:10:22TheyCallMeHaci ss
00:10:27pWny- i go top for lvl 6
00:10:30pWny- plz
00:10:33Jonnija need
00:10:35MariahCarry cd?
00:10:36Jonnija lvl 5 also
00:10:37Jonnija :D
00:10:54MariahCarry no cd?
00:11:04Jonnija cd is lower than
00:11:06Jonnija the time it lasts
00:11:14MariahCarry it's 3 seconds or so
00:11:24TheyCallMeHaci 5
00:11:28pWny- creeee should i go wards and support or for agha?
00:11:29pWny- or dagger
00:11:40pWny- what u want
00:11:52pWny- we can push em maybe
00:12:15pWny- ggo
00:12:28Steuerfreak f
00:12:31creeeeeee gj
00:12:31Jonnija ffs next time
00:12:32Jonnija kill
00:12:34Jonnija him before
00:12:34creeeeeee go twr
00:12:34Jonnija tomb 9 min dagger win nvm :P
00:12:42edgarass no dagger my bad
00:12:43pWny- i focues him
00:12:43edgarass invi
00:12:45Steuerfreak plug
00:12:46Steuerfreak marriah
00:12:48pWny- get tower
00:12:48Steuerfreak tbh
00:12:49pWny- got wards soon
00:13:05edgarass mid care
00:13:09TheyCallMeHaci charge
00:13:15Jonnija oom
00:13:17TheyCallMeHaci nevermore got rune top
00:13:20TheyCallMeHaci care
00:13:28Jonnija ill go farm woods
00:13:30Jonnija or smthing
00:13:43pWny- mana boots in 10
00:13:55Tough bullshit
00:14:25MariahCarry care bot
00:14:31MariahCarry axe tped
00:14:58Jonnija stacking stuns
00:14:59Jonnija is bad
00:15:02Jonnija got lvl 4 charge
00:15:09pWny- oh
00:15:10pWny- sry
00:15:26TheyCallMeHaci i farm 400 blink
00:15:30pWny- got arcane
00:15:41pWny- warlock u go for meka?
00:15:50creeeeeee now i go straight fo scepter
00:16:15TheyCallMeHaci b
00:16:22Steuerfreak oO
00:16:23creeeeeee 5 there
00:16:26pWny- how much HP got this fucking crix?
00:16:26creeeeeee kidding me -.-
00:16:27TheyCallMeHaci why ? whose tangos?
00:16:37edgarass mine
00:16:39pWny- i hit him with my lvl 3 lightning fork ty
00:16:47pWny- he was bout 15% and survive
00:16:47creeeeeee def bot?
00:16:49creeeeeee got ult
00:16:58creeeeeee tele
00:16:59creeeeeee fast
00:17:00creeeeeee come
00:17:03pWny- cant tele
00:17:57Shinja full hp
00:17:58Shinja ship rdy
00:17:59Shinja wtf
00:18:00pWny- ^.^
00:18:05Shinja why do u play kunkaa?
00:18:11Shinja always the same shit with u edgarass
00:18:13pWny- go ulti sven
00:18:14edgarass did not have mana
00:18:14Shinja why dont u get better
00:18:14pWny- finish
00:18:16Shinja u play so often
00:18:20Shinja u have full hp
00:18:24Shinja axe and bara like 2-3 hits
00:18:26Steuerfreak thats our edgarass
00:18:28Steuerfreak =)
00:18:48pWny- sven go kill with us
00:18:54Tough 400 fagger
00:19:07TheyCallMeHaci wtf ?
00:19:08TheyCallMeHaci ?
00:19:09TheyCallMeHaci ?
00:19:12TheyCallMeHaci ban re7
00:19:19pWny- sry
00:19:20TheyCallMeHaci 5 days ban
00:19:22pWny- was by chick
00:19:22pWny- dude
00:19:24Steuerfreak cahrged
00:19:26MariahCarry halp
00:19:27pWny- was not planned
00:19:28pWny- really not
00:19:31pWny- i was shocked
00:19:34TheyCallMeHaci u used magic
00:19:34pWny- cause my hero gets dmg
00:19:41pWny- as i say
00:19:41TheyCallMeHaci iam not stupid
00:19:43TheyCallMeHaci u used magic
00:19:45pWny- i was shocked
00:19:47pWny- ja
00:19:59TheyCallMeHaci fuck u really
00:20:02pWny- im sorry
00:20:03pWny- for that
00:20:09creeeeeee def top
00:20:16pWny- chill
00:20:21TheyCallMeHaci all top
00:20:22creeeeeee GOGOGOGO
00:20:23creeeeeee DEF
00:20:23TheyCallMeHaci ow
00:20:29pWny- dirge first
00:21:26pWny- hes dead -.-
00:21:31Shinja ofc
00:21:31MariahCarry cmon
00:22:32TheyCallMeHaci charge
00:23:01Tough Seriously
00:23:14TheyCallMeHaci ulti
00:23:15TheyCallMeHaci gj
00:23:30TheyCallMeHaci eazy
00:24:03Steuerfreak gg
00:24:26TheyCallMeHaci mid
00:24:29TheyCallMeHaci charge
00:25:27Shinja CLOPCK
00:25:28Shinja ?
00:25:29Shinja WTF
00:25:30Shinja WHERE ARE U
00:25:33Shinja I SEE U TANKING ? :D
00:25:36Shinja liar :D:D:D fu seriousol
00:25:40Shinja haha
00:25:41Steuerfreak FUCKERS
00:25:41Shinja U TANK ?
00:25:43Shinja I SEE
00:25:45Shinja U DO A SHIT
00:25:46TheyCallMeHaci lol using stun for steal
00:25:54Shinja fuck failpick on spot 4 and 5 failpick on 2nd this game
00:26:05TheyCallMeHaci omw
00:26:06pWny- gogogo bara :D
00:26:06TheyCallMeHaci top
00:26:06TheyCallMeHaci go
00:26:11Shinja u wanna hold ur 6:2 stats or wtf?
00:26:12Shinja shithead
00:26:12pWny- u will make it
00:26:23Shinja u wont get more x and ts when u play like a noob with 40% win rate ret.
00:26:34Shinja brickhead
00:26:41Steuerfreak inc
00:26:47TheyCallMeHaci gogo
00:27:29edgarass fucking nouse
00:27:32TheyCallMeHaci wp
00:27:38Jonnija why am i
00:27:39Jonnija always
00:27:39edgarass b
00:27:39edgarass b
00:27:40Jonnija the one tanking
00:27:43Steuerfreak lol
00:27:44TheyCallMeHaci lol
00:27:46TheyCallMeHaci i saved ur ass
00:27:46Steuerfreak rly
00:27:47Steuerfreak :D
00:27:47edgarass one stun u dead
00:27:49TheyCallMeHaci with
00:27:55Steuerfreak my soul rip is faster
00:27:56Jonnija saved my own ass kinda
00:27:56TheyCallMeHaci creeeeee
00:28:04TheyCallMeHaci i blinked and called
00:28:06TheyCallMeHaci so no kinda
00:28:11Jonnija and i blinked out of shit :D
00:28:17Jonnija ran to heal
00:28:18TheyCallMeHaci u was dead
00:28:23TheyCallMeHaci without our help
00:28:24TheyCallMeHaci so shh
00:28:39Jonnija wtf
00:28:42Jonnija everyone
00:28:43Jonnija constantly
00:28:47Jonnija together
00:28:54creeeeeee must be homos
00:28:54pWny- u are well farmed bara
00:28:56Jonnija could you stop
00:28:58Jonnija holding hands?
00:29:02creeeeeee def mid
00:29:03pWny- they fear you ;D
00:29:04Jonnija havent
00:29:04Jonnija farmed
00:29:06Jonnija at all
00:29:06Jonnija :D
00:29:09Jonnija dint get shit
00:29:10Jonnija on lane
00:29:14Jonnija cree made
00:29:15Jonnija sure of that
00:29:16Jonnija :D
00:29:39Steuerfreak MB START
00:30:22pWny- yeah
00:30:24pWny- im survived
00:30:44creeeeeee they even die
00:30:45creeeeeee when
00:30:49creeeeeee i got instant killed
00:30:53pWny- xD
00:30:53Jonnija get lothar :D
00:30:59creeeeeee yea
00:31:01creeeeeee making it
00:31:24Jonnija fucking cd
00:31:31MariahCarry nice
00:31:55pWny- still no meka
00:31:57pWny- -.-
00:31:59MariahCarry let me top pls
00:32:28TheyCallMeHaci charge
00:32:31Jonnija he tps
00:32:49creeeeeee just push
00:32:50creeeeeee with 5
00:32:54creeeeeee boring already
00:32:56creeeeeee go top
00:32:57MariahCarry reuse
00:33:06creeeeeee dont stick together
00:33:18creeeeeee sand has dagger yes?
00:33:22Jonnija dunno prolly
00:34:02Steuerfreak focus axe
00:34:04Steuerfreak is bullshit
00:34:20pWny- well -.-
00:34:29MariahCarry well
00:34:32MariahCarry 4 tanks
00:34:34MariahCarry 2 golems
00:34:38MariahCarry and rhasta
00:34:41MariahCarry and his ulti
00:34:56MariahCarry need wards
00:35:16MariahCarry almost bkb
00:35:21TheyCallMeHaci :D
00:35:22Tough .d
00:35:23Tough .d
00:35:24TheyCallMeHaci had not hootkey
00:35:25TheyCallMeHaci on that
00:35:25Tough :D
00:35:31TheyCallMeHaci nvm
00:35:33TheyCallMeHaci u need more
00:35:36Tough :D
00:35:37Steuerfreak courier
00:35:52edgarass s,ples
00:35:54edgarass smokes
00:36:00Jonnija can s1 get somesort of detection vs sk?
00:36:18pWny- take someone
00:36:22creeeeeee k lvl 16 also
00:36:37pWny- i was shopping
00:36:38Jonnija kk 2 dead they push
00:36:41pWny- meanwhile getting killed
00:36:47creeeeeee they cant push
00:36:54creeeeeee we can even def with 3
00:37:09Jonnija need 120
00:37:10Jonnija for bkb
00:37:10Tough just go
00:37:13Tough i tank
00:37:46Jonnija bkb
00:37:58TheyCallMeHaci end
00:38:01MariahCarry go?
00:38:06MariahCarry got dagger bkb
00:38:07MariahCarry and full ulti
00:38:40Tough awesome gang
00:38:41Shinja ship was spelled like a boss^^
00:38:41Tough haha
00:38:44edgarass idiot
00:38:46Steuerfreak nm im not sure
00:38:50creeeeeee so imba slow
00:38:52Jonnija 11 charges
00:38:54Steuerfreak but u used your ulti one time?
00:38:55Jonnija in urn
00:38:55edgarass i cant hit ship when i am in fucking middle locked
00:38:58Shinja :D
00:39:02MariahCarry how should i do that
00:39:05Jonnija :D
00:39:06Shinja why u chase like a pro ?
00:39:06Jonnija :D
00:39:07Steuerfreak bkb
00:39:09Steuerfreak instead of dagger
00:39:12Steuerfreak axe oO
00:39:13Steuerfreak ...
00:39:14MariahCarry i have both
00:39:17Steuerfreak l
00:39:18Steuerfreak lol
00:39:24MariahCarry but they don't work against axe
00:39:29MariahCarry none of them do
00:39:36pWny- im b
00:39:38creeeeeee imba glyph
00:40:32Steuerfreak b :D
00:40:48Steuerfreak just
00:40:48Steuerfreak b rofl i disable sven + warloick
00:41:31creeeeeee had ult cd
00:41:33Jonnija kk and u guys cant still kill I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:41:35pWny- i got ulti
00:41:35Tough eak
00:41:35creeeeeee at perfect moment :S
00:41:36Tough heal
00:41:42Tough merci
00:41:55Shinja I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:42:03pWny- lol
00:43:35creeeeeee :DD
00:43:37TheyCallMeHaci :D
00:43:45Tough COOOOOOOOME ON
00:43:46Jonnija :D
00:43:48Tough fuck this game
00:43:51Tough totally bullshit
00:43:59TheyCallMeHaci creee go divine
00:44:05creeeeeee nono :D
00:44:06TheyCallMeHaci same u bara
00:44:10Jonnija got relic
00:44:11Jonnija allready
00:44:11Jonnija D:
00:44:17pWny- rosh?
00:44:21pWny- let us do roshan
00:44:22pWny- i like ROSHAN
00:44:24TheyCallMeHaci did i good middle ?
00:44:32pWny- yeah
00:44:37Jonnija well axe
00:44:38Jonnija is sick
00:44:38Jonnija mid
00:44:44TheyCallMeHaci who flamed me ?
00:44:46TheyCallMeHaci at start
00:44:48TheyCallMeHaci axe middle sucks
00:44:49TheyCallMeHaci and all that
00:44:50Tough hmm
00:44:54Jonnija ?
00:44:58Tough be happy! im picked axe for u
00:44:58Tough :D
00:45:02TheyCallMeHaci i love u
00:45:13Tough can somene make vlafs?
00:45:16Jonnija well
00:45:17Tough with 3 meele in team? :D
00:45:18Jonnija if u gang
00:45:19Jonnija midaxe
00:45:21Jonnija he becomes
00:45:22Steuerfreak try smokegang
00:45:22Jonnija useless
00:45:23Jonnija :D
00:45:25Steuerfreak wait
00:45:33Jonnija all that is needed
00:45:34Jonnija is gangs :D
00:45:38TheyCallMeHaci they di one
00:46:08Steuerfreak lol
00:46:17Steuerfreak i hope that ship wasnt rdy while fighting
00:46:17Jonnija and rapier
00:46:20Steuerfreak ?
00:46:25edgarass idiot
00:46:28edgarass axe jump
00:46:29Steuerfreak ty
00:46:30Jonnija game over
00:46:31Jonnija tho :D
00:46:31pWny- yeah
00:46:31edgarass i cant use shi[p
00:46:34TheyCallMeHaci Gg
00:46:36pWny- finally someone with balls
00:46:37Steuerfreak cant stay b
00:46:40Steuerfreak with such a hero
00:46:52Steuerfreak always
00:46:53Steuerfreak FAIL
00:46:54Steuerfreak my friend
00:47:01pWny- xD
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