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-2 TS

89% | 1585 X | 1481 TS

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81% | 1403 X | 1452 TS

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79% | 1405 X | 1432 TS

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66% | 1326 X | 1340 TS

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58% | 1236 X | 1351 TS

Chat log

00:00:08Palle btw ursa pugna lane was a joke :D
00:00:14TheyCallMeHaci zebbe i beg u
00:00:17TheyCallMeHaci get me slark
00:00:17TheyCallMeHaci plz
00:00:19zebbelito no
00:00:21TheyCallMeHaci i have waited for it hole day
00:00:21zebbelito m2
00:00:21Janske ban omni...
00:00:21Jerkku me omni
00:00:21Palle or naix
00:00:21zebbelito dirge
00:00:21Hexar can u tank me gyro? for sup?
00:00:21TheyCallMeHaci then can i Qop middle ?
00:00:21zebbelito sure
00:00:21xTimmins- but haci
00:00:21Vaj.CO i wanna qop
00:00:21xTimmins- dont forget
00:00:21Palle or neither ban naix or omni and pick the other one?
00:00:21Vaj.CO but np
00:00:21xTimmins- that you lag
00:00:21xTimmins- ?
00:00:21TheyCallMeHaci fixed laag
00:00:21Hexar i can go diffu
00:00:21xTimmins- or has it magically disappeared?
00:00:21xTimmins- ah yes
00:00:21Hexar if udotn ban omni
00:00:21Janske omni>naix I think
00:00:21MariahCarry naga
00:00:21xTimmins- but when u fail again it comes back?
00:00:21TheyCallMeHaci it was my brother downloading porn
00:00:30Janske pick omni and naix :D
00:00:33Hexar hate slark
00:00:34TheyCallMeHaci omni would be nice fp
00:00:36Jerkku get me omni
00:00:40Jerkku ok
00:00:40Palle get omni naix?
00:00:45Hexar invo on pool 2
00:00:54TheyCallMeHaci FUCK U
00:00:57Palle hej grylle
00:01:00MariahCarry haaay
00:01:00Palle hvad så
00:01:02TheyCallMeHaci rexxarm middle ?
00:01:05MariahCarry sker der
00:01:17TheyCallMeHaci lol
00:01:20TheyCallMeHaci :)
00:01:20xTimmins- what a failer
00:01:23MariahCarry jeg er ikke så god til dota
00:01:24TheyCallMeHaci -swap 2
00:01:26Jerkku I PICK SYLLA NOW
00:01:28MariahCarry så forvent det værste
00:01:30Jerkku FOR 100%
00:01:34MariahCarry som altid
00:01:37Palle can i solo btm?
00:01:40MariahCarry sure
00:01:45MariahCarry invo solo bot
00:01:51zebbelito stun
00:01:51TheyCallMeHaci get lina
00:01:51MariahCarry naix safari?
00:01:52Janske me woods
00:01:59Janske safari is oki odki
00:02:00Janske doki
00:02:04Jerkku what a shit heroes
00:02:06Jerkku we have
00:02:06zebbelito rhasta come
00:02:07TheyCallMeHaci me and rhasta down plz
00:02:12zebbelito aah ok
00:02:12Palle du kommenterede slet ikke min ide om pugna ursa lane!
00:02:13MariahCarry bring pictures
00:02:14Jerkku i go with slark
00:02:18Jerkku rather
00:02:21xTimmins- ok
00:02:24MariahCarry haha var lige tabbed ud :P
00:02:24TheyCallMeHaci jerkuu me o
00:02:27TheyCallMeHaci me u
00:02:28TheyCallMeHaci imba
00:02:29TheyCallMeHaci kills
00:02:29MariahCarry lyder som en vild lane
00:02:30TheyCallMeHaci free
00:02:32Jerkku or whatever
00:02:33TheyCallMeHaci nvm then fuck u
00:02:34Hexar i toldy?
00:02:34TheyCallMeHaci lose
00:02:36Hexar top y?
00:02:38MariahCarry decrip + clap
00:02:38xTimmins- yo rhasta
00:02:38xTimmins- go top
00:02:38Palle decrep + mass clapo
00:02:38MariahCarry er der mere at sige
00:02:40TheyCallMeHaci plug
00:02:41xTimmins- jug is really dumb
00:02:41TheyCallMeHaci plz
00:02:41Hexar mc
00:02:42xTimmins- at dota
00:02:44xTimmins- listen to this
00:02:44Hexar am i top?
00:02:46xTimmins- we had
00:02:48mansikka y
00:02:50zebbelito -hhn
00:02:50Hexar kk
00:02:52MariahCarry what does ur heart tell u?
00:02:53xTimmins- huskar, panda, jug, wl, and bara
00:02:54xTimmins- and he said
00:02:58xTimmins- panda jug
00:02:59xTimmins- top
00:03:01xTimmins- its imba lane
00:03:04xTimmins- it explains everything
00:03:05Palle reg btm
00:03:05Jerkku :D
00:03:09TheyCallMeHaci slow and furry
00:03:10xTimmins- about
00:03:10TheyCallMeHaci imba
00:03:11xTimmins- his jug pick
00:03:13zebbelito slow + spin
00:03:14Hexar pp sec
00:03:15Hexar door
00:03:17zebbelito what else
00:03:17Hexar ned to open
00:03:17xTimmins- yes on top lane?
00:03:19Palle naix u can gang any time
00:03:20Hexar Sec
00:03:20Palle from me lvl 4
00:03:20TheyCallMeHaci maners
00:03:20TheyCallMeHaci manners
00:03:20MariahCarry nether ward + fury swipes
00:03:20xTimmins- mb wl and
00:03:20Palle easy kills
00:03:20TheyCallMeHaci tell it before u do bitch
00:03:20xTimmins- panda
00:03:20MariahCarry block med ward
00:03:20xTimmins- more imba?
00:03:20xTimmins- and me and jug?
00:03:20TheyCallMeHaci bara need farm
00:03:20MariahCarry own med fury swipes
00:03:20TheyCallMeHaci so bara wl down
00:03:20TheyCallMeHaci good
00:03:20Hexar bb
00:03:20Hexar OG?
00:03:20xTimmins- so does panda
00:03:20Palle det lyder vanvittigt!
00:03:20MariahCarry utroligt den lane er tilladt
00:03:20xTimmins- oh yeah
00:03:21zebbelito rhatsa pull first
00:03:25Jerkku ofc
00:03:25xTimmins- u tried to say panda dont need farm
00:03:26xTimmins- rofl
00:03:34Jerkku ward
00:04:12TheyCallMeHaci u so fail
00:04:17xTimmins- look
00:04:20Hexar justheal
00:04:23Hexar if he jump on me
00:04:25xTimmins- its np
00:04:36Jerkku im kinda useless in this lane
00:04:39Jerkku cause of omni
00:04:42xTimmins- y
00:04:44xTimmins- come bot
00:04:45TheyCallMeHaci told ya
00:04:47Jerkku y
00:04:47Vaj.CO lol
00:04:53Jerkku bb top
00:05:15TheyCallMeHaci i farm u noob
00:05:17MariahCarry that is just amazing luck
00:05:19xTimmins- u dont
00:05:22Vaj.CO :P
00:05:32mansikka miss rhasta
00:05:47Palle 3 btm
00:06:23TheyCallMeHaci lvl 3 go
00:06:26Palle ss bb
00:06:53Hexar hjeal
00:07:02TheyCallMeHaci go him
00:07:03Vaj.CO :/
00:07:11Palle gang naix
00:07:13Hexar b
00:07:17MariahCarry u make some good arrows tbh
00:07:23MariahCarry every time i think now is a good time for an arrow
00:07:24MariahCarry u make it
00:07:25Vaj.CO :)
00:07:26MariahCarry ;D
00:07:49Vaj.CO i hope 1 time u wont dodge it :D
00:07:51zebbelito potm
00:08:00MariahCarry yea
00:08:02Vaj.CO ss
00:08:04Palle ss
00:08:22Palle re
00:08:23Hexar come here
00:08:25Hexar omni
00:08:30mansikka ty
00:08:41Palle gang?
00:08:47TheyCallMeHaci thx
00:08:49Jerkku np
00:08:50TheyCallMeHaci come
00:08:52zebbelito useless lane
00:09:02Palle jug
00:09:07xTimmins- gogogo
00:09:08Jerkku i
00:09:08Palle care naix
00:09:10Vaj.CO so much magic dmg
00:09:17Vaj.CO i go roam
00:09:24Palle u stupid
00:09:25MariahCarry it's all i've got
00:09:28Hexar qop
00:09:29Hexar can u gank
00:09:30Hexar top
00:09:31Hexar ?
00:09:32MariahCarry omw
00:09:32Hexar 1 time
00:09:36Hexar w8 us then
00:09:37Hexar il.l tp
00:09:39MariahCarry y
00:09:41Hexar kill slark
00:09:59Vaj.CO still ss
00:10:20Jerkku take
00:10:23Hexar heal
00:10:42Palle nice no gangs from naix and no miss on mirana
00:10:50Palle looks like a tough game
00:10:54MariahCarry i was ganking top sry
00:10:56Palle kk
00:11:04Jerkku go naix
00:11:06MariahCarry can't gank 2 places at once
00:11:09MariahCarry while calling miss
00:11:13Palle np love
00:11:24Palle they are just sooo easy kills btm
00:11:26Palle miss btw
00:11:29MariahCarry illc ome son
00:11:35Palle if naix can just vcome
00:11:42MariahCarry all mid
00:11:45Vaj.CO :D
00:11:46Jerkku tower
00:11:46MariahCarry 4 mid
00:11:54TheyCallMeHaci lol
00:11:58MariahCarry got enough heroes?
00:12:09TheyCallMeHaci next go woods ?
00:12:12Jerkku y
00:12:16Jerkku or
00:12:18Jerkku kinda oom
00:12:21mansikka b
00:12:30mansikka 4miss mid
00:12:32MariahCarry top kill
00:12:34Hexar killtop
00:12:38Janske invo they coming
00:12:47xTimmins- MISS OMNI GYRO
00:12:50MariahCarry push it then
00:12:55Palle 4 btm
00:13:09Palle ss all
00:13:12Palle but rhasta
00:13:30Palle ss
00:13:47zebbelito salve
00:14:08TheyCallMeHaci bad arrow
00:14:12xTimmins- np
00:14:15xTimmins- ur abad player
00:14:18TheyCallMeHaci k
00:14:21MariahCarry :D
00:14:46Vaj.CO :D
00:14:49Hexar Pro ulty
00:14:50Jerkku lol:D
00:14:50MariahCarry nice jugger
00:14:50Vaj.CO lol
00:14:55Hexar Ulty dead man
00:14:56xTimmins- i told u
00:14:57xTimmins- he sucks
00:15:01MariahCarry sucks?
00:15:03MariahCarry u kidding
00:15:06MariahCarry that was beautiful
00:15:06Hexar its was super
00:15:13Jerkku just had mana for ether shock
00:15:14xTimmins- im not kidding
00:15:14Jerkku .D
00:15:16MariahCarry dd slark
00:15:18zebbelito flying
00:15:22MariahCarry care top
00:15:41Hexar can we kill
00:15:42zebbelito i come
00:15:43zebbelito for
00:15:45zebbelito him bot
00:15:47zebbelito whit dyust
00:15:50Vaj.CO hate
00:17:05Palle lol
00:17:07Jerkku lol gj
00:17:08Palle wtrf
00:17:25Janske i dunno I follow omni.. :D sry
00:17:38TheyCallMeHaci slark plz dont go
00:17:39TheyCallMeHaci lothar
00:18:11zebbelito fucking omni
00:18:12zebbelito ruin
00:18:16zebbelito everything
00:18:42Palle gang bb?
00:18:47MariahCarry yea
00:18:49Hexar itake illsu
00:18:54Hexar potm
00:18:55MariahCarry potm
00:18:55zebbelito wait
00:18:55Hexar top
00:18:56zebbelito wait
00:18:56Hexar back
00:18:58Jerkku tower also
00:19:09TheyCallMeHaci lol
00:19:24Janske jugger coming
00:19:28TheyCallMeHaci gj
00:19:30MariahCarry wp
00:19:37Hexar that slark is os shit hero
00:19:38TheyCallMeHaci he was
00:19:40TheyCallMeHaci stuned
00:19:46Vaj.CO what do u want retard?
00:19:57Palle :S
00:20:16Palle naix dont gang and got 0 farm too
00:20:23Hexar how long u farm
00:20:25Hexar on woods
00:20:26Hexar push lanes
00:20:27Janske ok I come
00:20:28Palle that is pretty fucking bad
00:20:29Janske I come
00:20:29Hexar need tower
00:20:36Janske I was farming lane
00:20:38TheyCallMeHaci its so funny that we even can balance them
00:20:59xTimmins- im tanky as fuck now even with this item
00:21:31TheyCallMeHaci b
00:21:41TheyCallMeHaci tank
00:21:45zebbelito fuck sake
00:21:57TheyCallMeHaci u so bad
00:21:58TheyCallMeHaci '
00:22:09MariahCarry b
00:22:26TheyCallMeHaci lol
00:22:28TheyCallMeHaci why
00:22:29TheyCallMeHaci did
00:22:30TheyCallMeHaci u take t
00:22:32TheyCallMeHaci that step
00:22:34TheyCallMeHaci ?
00:22:42Jerkku for miss
00:22:42Vaj.CO missclick
00:22:43Jerkku i think
00:22:57MariahCarry b
00:23:02Hexar 4
00:23:07Jerkku bot tower
00:23:11TheyCallMeHaci i go difu
00:23:15TheyCallMeHaci after bf
00:23:28Palle omw
00:23:28MariahCarry b
00:23:38MariahCarry what the fuck was that for
00:23:53Hexar kill1
00:23:55Hexar oof them
00:24:11Hexar deny tower
00:24:42Hexar ffs
00:24:43Hexar this slark
00:24:46Hexar all time on my ass
00:24:49Hexar ffs
00:24:53Palle its not slark that wins this
00:24:54Hexar alim hero
00:24:58TheyCallMeHaci Feed zeeb
00:24:59Hexar who thefuck then
00:25:00Hexar he rape
00:25:04Hexar me whit fukingf 4 hits
00:25:04Palle its naix that lose it
00:25:08MariahCarry yea
00:25:09Hexar and invo use hes skill on 1 hero
00:25:15Hexar that 2
00:25:15xTimmins- they focus me
00:25:16Hexar yes
00:25:17xTimmins- :d
00:25:18MariahCarry oh stfu
00:25:20TheyCallMeHaci good
00:25:20MariahCarry gyro
00:25:22MariahCarry ur horrible
00:25:24Jerkku rosh ?
00:25:24xTimmins- well
00:25:26Jerkku with wards
00:25:35TheyCallMeHaci go
00:25:39Hexar and ur best
00:25:41Hexar qop
00:25:42Jerkku come all
00:25:42MariahCarry yes
00:25:43Hexar ever seen
00:25:46Hexar go por
00:25:49xTimmins- i cant really tank rosh
00:25:52Jerkku heal
00:25:54Jerkku jug
00:25:55MariahCarry im glad we got that settled
00:25:55TheyCallMeHaci got no
00:25:58Jerkku lol
00:26:01Hexar sure
00:26:05Palle lets gather
00:26:08Hexar u should not play nabs like us
00:26:16Vaj.CO why jugg?
00:26:16Jerkku jug please take heal now
00:26:19Jerkku its imba
00:26:21xTimmins- cos he sucks
00:26:25Hexar u should play on mym or smwhere when u get fame coz ur so uber good
00:26:33MariahCarry i do
00:26:36Hexar sure
00:26:37Palle lets get a twr
00:26:42zebbelito sec
00:26:43zebbelito 200 g
00:26:50mansikka k
00:26:52xTimmins- i got vlads
00:27:07Vaj.CO :/
00:27:13MariahCarry :D
00:27:20Vaj.CO cant dodge :D
00:27:24Vaj.CO too sad
00:27:30TheyCallMeHaci gj
00:27:40xTimmins- DONT DO THAT?
00:28:50Janske arrow..
00:28:57Janske canä't even place ward
00:29:01Vaj.CO stop hate me :D
00:29:04MariahCarry xD
00:29:14Vaj.CO finally :D
00:29:16MariahCarry wow
00:29:22Palle GG
00:29:25Palle tard naix
00:29:34Jerkku jug take healing next
00:29:45Jerkku b
00:30:20xTimmins- :D
00:30:24mansikka b
00:30:44xTimmins- XD
00:30:44xTimmins- XD
00:30:47Vaj.CO :D
00:30:50mansikka why u chase so far
00:30:55TheyCallMeHaci finnaly
00:31:00TheyCallMeHaci one good arrow
00:31:22xTimmins- XD
00:31:23xTimmins- Dagon
00:31:28Jerkku imba
00:31:48xTimmins- il go hood
00:31:52Hexar dead
00:31:54Hexar they come
00:32:21Janske some1 take sentry
00:32:24Janske from chicken
00:32:31xTimmins- qop
00:32:32xTimmins- here
00:33:01TheyCallMeHaci dont ulti
00:33:04Jerkku y
00:33:57xTimmins- gogogogo
00:34:01MariahCarry :D
00:34:02Vaj.CO hmm :
00:34:18Vaj.CO did u seee arrow?
00:34:22MariahCarry yea
00:34:25Vaj.CO so wp :D
00:34:28MariahCarry why not blink instead
00:34:31MariahCarry if i didn't
00:34:31MariahCarry :D
00:34:35Janske all
00:34:37Hexar if i get gem
00:34:40Hexar can sm1 take it?
00:35:15Hexar freekill
00:35:30Palle lets get btm twr
00:35:42Hexar help him
00:36:26Janske tried to ulti
00:36:28Janske but no
00:36:29xTimmins- why so much hate?
00:36:47Janske gem :E
00:36:56Hexar cone
00:37:00Hexar coz qop is blind
00:37:04Hexar and cant blink other way
00:37:15MariahCarry don't tease blind people
00:37:16Vaj.CO let me
00:37:17Vaj.CO rune
00:37:34Hexar 34min
00:37:37Hexar and we got 0 tower
00:38:16xTimmins- i got
00:38:18xTimmins- hood
00:38:38TheyCallMeHaci omw
00:38:45Palle lol
00:38:46zebbelito wierd
00:38:48zebbelito all gone
00:38:50zebbelito dno how
00:38:52zebbelito its possible
00:38:54Janske pretty much effort for one kill
00:39:05zebbelito 5 min chase
00:39:07zebbelito no one cems
00:39:23xTimmins- LOL
00:39:53xTimmins- ok
00:39:54xTimmins- go rosh
00:39:56Palle dust works poorly on slark
00:40:02Janske wards are good
00:40:03MariahCarry yea get wards instead'
00:40:24Janske hurry
00:41:00TheyCallMeHaci b
00:41:03TheyCallMeHaci go
00:41:12Janske that's not bd?
00:41:16mansikka no
00:41:17MariahCarry it's allowed
00:41:20Janske ok
00:41:23Jerkku u know that
00:41:28Jerkku we can go mid rax
00:41:29xTimmins- 100 for pipe
00:41:35MariahCarry !!
00:41:38Palle sry
00:41:42MariahCarry haha
00:41:43MariahCarry don't be
00:41:52Jerkku all mid
00:41:57xTimmins- one defend bot
00:42:03xTimmins- look top
00:42:12MariahCarry def
00:42:13Jerkku they need to tp
00:42:23xTimmins- im not tthere
00:42:24xTimmins- so u knwo
00:42:34xTimmins- omw now
00:42:36xTimmins- i go tp
00:42:38xTimmins- and pipe
00:42:53Palle trhty rosh
00:42:54zebbelito go
00:42:54zebbelito all
00:43:03Palle oh..
00:43:04Hexar its dead
00:43:05xTimmins- ok
00:43:18Hexar who they can rosh
00:43:23Hexar if jugger die whit aegis?
00:44:07Palle gg
00:44:48xTimmins- np
00:44:50xTimmins- we got rax
00:45:16xTimmins- do you know what xTimmins- means
00:45:22TheyCallMeHaci no
00:45:29xTimmins- it means TheyCallMeHaci is a homo
00:45:33TheyCallMeHaci k
00:45:34Jerkku xD
00:45:43xTimmins- ..
00:45:56Palle got ochid for slark
00:46:03MariahCarry i got hex for him too
00:46:04xTimmins- lets just go and end
00:46:05xTimmins- bottom
00:46:05MariahCarry in 2 min
00:46:06Jerkku go bot
00:46:08xTimmins- we can
00:46:12Palle gg :D
00:46:21xTimmins- i got pipe vlads and vanguard
00:46:23xTimmins- im pretty tanky
00:46:31Palle now they prolly rosh
00:46:35TheyCallMeHaci get blademail
00:47:03Palle got it? :P
00:47:07MariahCarry no^^
00:47:39TheyCallMeHaci go
00:47:53Janske b qop
00:47:54Janske jugger
00:47:59Palle nice bashes :;D
00:47:59mansikka what a luck
00:48:01Vaj.CO fuuuuuu
00:48:10Vaj.CO :D
00:48:16Vaj.CO wp
00:48:19MariahCarry tyty
00:49:12Janske no one else buys wards except me?
00:49:21MariahCarry saving for hex
00:49:22Janske omni buys
00:49:24Hexar palce
00:49:26Hexar place
00:49:27Hexar plz
00:49:38xTimmins- dead.
00:50:06xTimmins- i got some decent armour now
00:50:17Vaj.CO hard to push
00:50:22Hexar 3bot
00:50:23TheyCallMeHaci lolz
00:50:25TheyCallMeHaci raped
00:51:00TheyCallMeHaci go
00:51:35TheyCallMeHaci backdoor
00:51:36MariahCarry gg
00:51:41Palle np
00:51:45Palle we love it in the back
00:51:52TheyCallMeHaci Gay ?
00:52:03Palle everything with a breath
00:52:23xTimmins- :D
00:53:33xTimmins- gogo
00:54:11xTimmins- gg
00:54:16Palle I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
00:54:18Hexar I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
00:54:21MariahCarry I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
00:54:22mansikka I surrender! [4/4 of Sentinel]
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