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-3 TS

95% | 1586 X | 1610 TS

-30 X
-3 TS

65% | 1250 X | 1411 TS

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-6 TS

65% | 1317 X | 1336 TS

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-7 TS

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93% | 1605 X | 1513 TS

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54% | 1225 X | 1327 TS

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53% | 1211 X | 1328 TS

Chat log

00:00:17Hexar -hhn
00:00:18A-tzangol rexxar
00:00:18Zajeb some1 wants wl?
00:00:18Zajeb ban xin oor wl
00:00:18Casberry ?
00:00:18Hexar CMon
00:00:18atte jkljpl
00:00:18mamyka ur ban atte
00:00:18Zajeb ban wl or xin mby
00:00:18Hexar make a fucking ban
00:00:18Hexar cmon
00:00:22Hexar Rex and?
00:00:22atte no see pool
00:00:26atte mnw
00:00:29atte xin
00:00:29atte in
00:00:29A-tzangol warlock anyone?
00:00:29atte xin
00:00:29A-tzangol sec plz
00:00:29atte ember
00:00:29Zajeb some1 wants wl??
00:00:29A-tzangol Okay
00:00:29atte ember spirit
00:00:35Hexar stop fucking lagging
00:00:35atte had dota2 on same time
00:00:35atte :D
00:00:35A-tzangol thx
00:00:35A-tzangol for resuming
00:00:35A-tzangol ....
00:00:35gangstar1990 oO you pause ?
00:00:35gangstar1990 sry then
00:00:35atte not me
00:00:35A-tzangol gangstar
00:00:35A-tzangol ...
00:00:36gangstar1990 i didn saw
00:00:39gangstar1990 i was afk
00:00:40mamyka banreq
00:00:41gangstar1990 sry
00:00:42Zajeb get wl
00:00:43atte want wl?
00:01:00Hexar u play that
00:01:02Hexar ur
00:01:03Hexar rmk?
00:01:04atte i random too np
00:01:13atte for justice..
00:01:17A-tzangol :))
00:01:24gangstar1990 i cary then
00:01:24mamyka some one wl?
00:01:27Zajeb nice randoms :D
00:01:28atte and i hafve gangstar
00:01:28Hexar ican
00:01:29atte :DD
00:01:33Hexar if u give mem that
00:01:33atte who doesnt random
00:01:37Casberry bah what to pick ?
00:01:39Hexar what u wanna
00:01:40Hexar ffast
00:01:41gangstar1990 pudge oyu mid?
00:01:43mamyka jugger
00:01:43Zajeb get range
00:01:47mamyka n
00:01:47A-tzangol we got dusa
00:01:47Fxx. omg
00:01:48mansikka fxx xD
00:01:50Fxx. missclicked
00:01:51Hexar -swap 3
00:01:53Kanpu3a fucking afk
00:01:53mamyka fuckin fxx
00:01:54Casberry eza ?
00:01:54gangstar1990 blue you mid?
00:01:55Casberry ...
00:01:57Fxx. -swapall
00:01:58Casberry fuckiong shit
00:01:59gangstar1990 or can go
00:02:00mamyka fuckin
00:02:02gangstar1990 lol
00:02:03Hexar -swap 3
00:02:03atte i mid
00:02:05atte :DDD
00:02:06gangstar1990 sireosly now!
00:02:06mansikka -swap 5
00:02:07Kanpu3a fucking atte lager
00:02:07Hexar fuck iu
00:02:08Hexar fxx
00:02:11mamyka -swap 4
00:02:14atte fucking dota2 on same time
00:02:16mamyka we lose
00:02:17Hexar idont play dusa it sucks
00:02:19Zajeb all meelee
00:02:20Hexar no shit
00:02:21Zajeb haha
00:02:23Hexar make more good picks
00:02:24Hexar tard
00:02:25Casberry sry no way i get eza
00:02:28Casberry i hate that shit
00:02:55Hexar ur mid?
00:02:58A-tzangol y
00:02:58mamyka all time this lowbob fxx pick carry in last
00:02:59mansikka wl pull and let me farm
00:03:01atte hf with lanebrood
00:03:09Hexar sure
00:03:13Hexar yell if u need heal
00:03:17gangstar1990 you pull?
00:03:29Hexar blocked
00:04:52atte ss
00:04:53atte inc bot
00:04:54atte ds
00:05:12A-tzangol go void
00:05:42Zajeb i saved void
00:05:46gangstar1990 thx
00:05:56A-tzangol rune
00:06:06Kanpu3a ss
00:06:07Kanpu3a ss
00:06:07Kanpu3a ss
00:06:08Kanpu3a ss
00:06:13Kanpu3a no mid vl
00:06:13mansikka miss
00:06:20mansikka re
00:06:41Kanpu3a love me
00:06:49A-tzangol ;d
00:07:25A-tzangol ss
00:07:28A-tzangol b
00:07:29A-tzangol top
00:07:34A-tzangol b
00:07:41mamyka this lowbob gyro
00:07:43A-tzangol b
00:08:01Hexar ur miss just supper
00:08:03Hexar mid
00:08:05mansikka :DDD
00:08:06A-tzangol read
00:08:07A-tzangol chat
00:08:08mansikka he said many times
00:08:08A-tzangol nap
00:08:10mansikka b top
00:08:11Hexar cant rea
00:08:11mansikka ss
00:08:19Hexar u tell miss like 5 sec before he was top
00:08:20Hexar wp
00:08:32mansikka u had enough tim
00:08:42Hexar sure
00:08:49Hexar he hook me there
00:08:52Hexar after he told ss
00:08:56A-tzangol read
00:08:57A-tzangol chat
00:08:58A-tzangol blind
00:08:59Hexar i did
00:09:03Zajeb tango pls
00:09:29Zajeb ss
00:09:30gangstar1990 mnis
00:09:57mamyka time 2 leave
00:10:12atte reuse
00:10:18Kanpu3a )
00:10:42gangstar1990 lol
00:10:47gangstar1990 but thx
00:11:11atte -st
00:11:14atte 5/5
00:11:16mamyka ss 2 bot
00:11:20Fxx. ss pudge
00:11:22A-tzangol ss pudge
00:11:33atte go
00:11:37atte LOL
00:11:59atte y
00:12:50Kanpu3a )
00:12:58Hexar mega fail
00:12:59Hexar inc
00:13:02A-tzangol yep
00:13:18gangstar1990 lol
00:13:34Hexar need fucking tower
00:14:23Fxx. i had cd on ulty
00:14:24Fxx. sry
00:14:30mansikka np
00:14:46atte i tp in 5sec
00:15:10Fxx. btw
00:15:11mamyka 5l lvv what noob
00:15:14Fxx. 5 lvl lock flame me :
00:15:15Fxx. ?
00:15:25atte b
00:15:31Hexar dude play full support then
00:15:32Hexar tard mofo
00:15:34mamyka fuckin lowbob
00:15:34Hexar ifu r last
00:15:43Hexar but u cannot do that never
00:15:46mamyka where obs wards mr support?
00:15:50Hexar u just have to pick atlest semy carry
00:15:52Hexar and play that
00:15:54Hexar tard
00:16:00Hexar obs
00:16:07Hexar i did buy u fucking ward for top
00:16:08Hexar pro
00:18:29Fxx. :-)
00:18:40Fxx. u MUST die
00:18:41Fxx. :-)
00:18:47atte sad
00:19:29Fxx. glyph ?
00:19:30Fxx. ...
00:19:35Fxx. nobody atack tower
00:19:36Fxx. .
00:19:41atte bait
00:19:48gangstar1990 shield
00:20:02mamyka b
00:20:03mamyka b
00:20:05atte invi
00:20:15atte dus coming np
00:20:16Hexar got uloty asap
00:20:46mamyka gg fuckin afk playerr
00:21:24Hexar go kill mid?
00:21:34Hexar come mid
00:21:35Hexar kill them
00:21:36Hexar 2 ulty
00:21:40Hexar + rock
00:22:00atte warded
00:23:24Fxx. _'
00:23:25Fxx. :-)
00:23:27Hexar ff
00:23:29Hexar on 25
00:23:36Fxx. y
00:23:38mamyka its over
00:23:44mamyka fuckin afk player
00:23:46Zajeb i play like crap
00:24:00Hexar stop
00:24:00Hexar def
00:24:01Hexar then
00:24:03Hexar let them
00:24:05Hexar fuckign push
00:24:48A-tzangol lock ulti?
00:24:51A-tzangol oh
00:24:52A-tzangol cd
00:25:00Hexar no shit
00:25:01mamyka one by one
00:25:08Hexar why the fuc u even go there
00:25:15A-tzangol we were 5
00:25:15Fxx. 3 min reamaing to end this game
00:25:19Fxx. wp sent
00:25:27atte gg
00:25:31mamyka Wp>?
00:25:33atte fxx :((((
00:25:36mamyka u suck
00:25:58Fxx. ahter
00:26:00Fxx. hater
00:26:02gangstar1990 haha
00:26:28Fxx. 100 sec to 25 , dont be stupid and ff it
00:26:35mamyka go leave
00:26:49Fxx. ofc mamyka think , he finish now bf , he can win
00:26:51mamyka plz gather
00:26:56atte :D
00:26:59Fxx. :-)
00:27:10mamyka pick dusa last pick thats rly good
00:27:13Hexar take that rune
00:27:13Hexar there
00:27:36gangstar1990 coming
00:27:56mansikka aba coming
00:28:05gangstar1990 lol
00:28:10atte best play there
00:28:43Fxx. I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:28:50Fxx. 25 min here , c-MON
00:28:51Casberry b
00:29:43Hexar well go ff?
00:29:55mamyka at base
00:30:14mamyka care hook
00:30:20atte tower
00:30:49A-tzangol base
00:30:54mamyka base guys
00:30:58atte care
00:31:17atte b
00:31:21atte aha
00:31:58gangstar1990 b
00:31:58gangstar1990 b
00:31:58gangstar1990 b
00:31:58gangstar1990 b
00:31:58Fxx. go pudge
00:31:59Fxx. he is stuned
00:32:00atte why go on ds ult
00:32:23Zajeb reuse
00:32:24mamyka ward on rosh pzl
00:32:31mamyka they soon go it
00:33:08Zajeb go mid
00:33:16Hexar pudge
00:33:28atte take it
00:33:31gangstar1990 y
00:33:37mamyka ds agha?
00:34:00Fxx. b to base
00:34:23A-tzangol nice ulti lock
00:34:32Casberry ffs
00:34:37atte those bonds
00:34:39Fxx. :-)
00:34:43atte need to push with creeps
00:34:46mansikka gj fxx
00:34:50A-tzangol lock
00:34:51Casberry its so cramped with 5 melee ^^
00:34:51A-tzangol ulti faster
00:34:54Fxx. anyway
00:34:54A-tzangol plz
00:34:56atte or need pipe
00:34:56Fxx. sry for this
00:35:01Fxx. missclick pick
00:35:05Fxx. thats lost this
00:35:31Zajeb just go mid
00:35:34atte y
00:35:37Zajeb they are getting fat
00:35:54gangstar1990 lol
00:35:57gangstar1990 i speld
00:35:57atte this void is so damn good
00:35:57mamyka wp
00:36:17A-tzangol b
00:36:36A-tzangol base
00:36:47Fxx. care hook
00:37:03Fxx. they dont go without void
00:37:08mamyka ofcv
00:37:09Hexar take it
00:37:09atte -st
00:37:12Hexar dont give to them
00:37:43A-tzangol dusa b
00:37:44Hexar brood inc
00:37:50atte dusa haste
00:38:13Hexar 2 mbk asap
00:38:26gangstar1990 haha
00:38:28atte ..
00:38:30Casberry :/
00:39:35gangstar1990 lol
00:39:40gangstar1990 aba bad support
00:39:41Kanpu3a xd we lose
00:39:43gangstar1990 rly
00:39:45Fxx. rofl
00:39:48Fxx. if we win this
00:39:48atte why cant we just
00:39:49atte run b
00:39:50Casberry we cant go without supp
00:39:53gangstar1990 support brood or me
00:39:53atte when they throw
00:39:53Fxx. i eat my shoes
00:39:54Casberry äh
00:39:55atte ults
00:39:55Hexar push
00:39:56Casberry gang
00:39:56Hexar back
00:39:56gangstar1990 we do the game
00:40:01atte and then go another lane finish game
00:40:02Zajeb u go vs 2 ultis like tards
00:40:10Zajeb just go b
00:40:15Zajeb and kill when cd
00:40:16A-tzangol push
00:40:16gangstar1990 i had 3 guy sin my ulti but need support
00:40:24Zajeb u suck
00:40:28gangstar1990 lol
00:40:30Casberry we cant help ... all melle
00:40:30Hexar go aga
00:40:31gangstar1990 you rly dumped
00:40:33Hexar ds
00:40:34Casberry with your ult
00:40:35A-tzangol y
00:40:39gangstar1990 stea all kills like nap you thin kyou carry
00:40:43Zajeb hahaha
00:40:46Fxx. care
00:40:48A-tzangol need 1k
00:40:50Zajeb i saved your ass 5 times
00:40:58gangstar1990 2 times and stealed 3 kills
00:41:08Zajeb np
00:41:16Zajeb wont help your noob ass anymore
00:41:21gangstar1990 yy its k
00:41:25A-tzangol more wards
00:41:28A-tzangol and stay base
00:41:37atte just go push get their ultis
00:41:38atte and b
00:41:47atte come pls
00:41:52Kanpu3a mid?
00:41:58atte y?
00:42:11A-tzangol b
00:42:12Hexar b
00:42:15mamyka care
00:42:21atte wp
00:42:23Kanpu3a )
00:42:25A-tzangol ward
00:42:29Kanpu3a no siege
00:42:35atte ..
00:42:38atte just take their ult
00:42:38Hexar butter inc
00:42:39Hexar on void
00:43:07gangstar1990 b
00:43:08gangstar1990 b
00:43:08gangstar1990 b
00:43:20atte that was
00:43:20mamyka yf ibifr
00:43:23atte not the plan
00:43:24atte void
00:43:24mamyka ?? ?????
00:43:25A-tzangol push
00:43:34Kanpu3a ??????????
00:43:38Kanpu3a ???? ??????
00:43:45Zajeb ty
00:43:48atte np
00:43:58gangstar1990 utli soon
00:43:58A-tzangol b
00:44:05A-tzangol fast
00:44:06mamyka ???? ????
00:44:07A-tzangol uber fast
00:44:08A-tzangol rosh
00:44:14Hexar rune bot
00:44:14Hexar 2
00:44:14A-tzangol super fast rosh
00:44:16gangstar1990 but thx for sheild aba
00:44:23A-tzangol and care
00:44:25Zajeb blah
00:44:32atte you fucking retard get a brain
00:44:34atte void
00:44:44gangstar1990 haha
00:44:45gangstar1990 yy
00:44:51atte :DD
00:44:59A-tzangol got agha
00:45:03mamyka ????
00:45:05mamyka nice
00:45:11Zajeb ?
00:45:19gangstar1990 b
00:45:19gangstar1990 b
00:45:21atte -st
00:45:42mamyka one more deff
00:45:46Zajeb they smoke
00:45:47mamyka and couter
00:45:50gangstar1990 sladar better dagger
00:45:53Zajeb care
00:45:56Casberry hm y
00:45:58Fxx. dusa
00:45:58Zajeb need pipe
00:46:01Fxx. start be fat
00:46:03Fxx. its good
00:46:10Hexar top
00:46:12Hexar need def
00:46:19Hexar b
00:46:20atte someone has pipe?
00:46:28A-tzangol dont give em entry...
00:46:51gangstar1990 care
00:46:51A-tzangol dont forget to pass thorugh wall :)))
00:46:53gangstar1990 all misses
00:46:54atte got pipe
00:46:55Fxx. its to late on meka ?
00:46:58A-tzangol y
00:46:58Zajeb nice
00:47:00A-tzangol we need ac
00:47:04Fxx. k
00:47:06Fxx. so i try ac
00:47:12atte ehm fucking bought sobimask
00:47:12A-tzangol yep
00:47:14Fxx. dont go out
00:47:15Fxx. now
00:47:18A-tzangol b
00:47:26Fxx. and yurnero
00:47:30mamyka got aegis
00:47:34Fxx. y
00:47:53Hexar illus
00:48:12Zajeb get tp
00:48:14Hexar come top
00:48:14A-tzangol smoke gang
00:48:16Hexar there r thetre
00:48:16mamyka go wit hsmoke
00:48:16gangstar1990 place
00:48:25gangstar1990 sbuuter oson athen
00:48:26Zajeb wraith band??
00:48:34Hexar ward
00:48:52Fxx. this is bad idea
00:48:52Fxx. !
00:49:17Fxx. gg
00:49:19Fxx. they win
00:49:22atte WARD
00:49:26Fxx. k
00:49:27Fxx. so not
00:49:28Fxx. :-)
00:49:31Casberry baaaad
00:49:32Fxx. u are fat now
00:49:33Hexar mid
00:49:34Hexar raz
00:49:35Hexar tower
00:49:47Fxx. i dont belive
00:49:48Fxx. :-)
00:49:48Zajeb just go back when they cast
00:49:55mansikka eat your pants now
00:49:59Fxx. y
00:49:59Fxx. :-)
00:50:00mansikka or shoes?
00:50:03Fxx. shoes
00:50:04Fxx. :-)
00:50:14A-tzangol tower
00:50:28Hexar b
00:50:34A-tzangol b
00:51:10Hexar illus
00:51:16mamyka let me agha
00:51:20mamyka ty
00:51:21Fxx. ofc
00:51:30Fxx. i start be ussless now
00:51:45A-tzangol smoke gang
00:51:46A-tzangol and en
00:51:47A-tzangol d
00:51:52A-tzangol gather
00:52:00Hexar oomn
00:52:01mamyka wl oom
00:52:04mamyka w8 him
00:52:22Hexar ninja
00:52:30mamyka dust some one plz
00:52:32Hexar they got wards2
00:52:35Hexar i got warrds
00:52:45atte did he ult
00:52:52atte no
00:53:10Fxx. b
00:53:40Zajeb b
00:54:09Kanpu3a I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
00:54:10Kanpu3a ))
00:54:14A-tzangol go end
00:54:16Kanpu3a we cant win
00:54:16A-tzangol b
00:54:16Fxx. they focus me hard now
00:54:17Hexar sm1
00:54:17Hexar go
00:54:18A-tzangol b
00:54:18Hexar there
00:54:48Hexar ward
00:55:08A-tzangol catapults
00:55:42A-tzangol b
00:55:52Hexar inc
00:55:54atte care
00:56:00Kanpu3a bbb
00:56:01A-tzangol go
00:56:06Hexar go rosh
00:56:06Hexar fast
00:56:09Hexar they kill it faster
00:56:10Hexar and gg
00:56:21Hexar end it
00:56:27gangstar1990 coem all
00:56:28gangstar1990 gogo
00:56:33gangstar1990 let me fir
00:56:40gangstar1990 ffs ggoo
00:57:06atte ffs
00:57:34Hexar go end top
00:57:35Hexar rax
00:57:36Hexar tower
00:57:36Zajeb invinisibility was done
00:57:37Fxx. why void allways ulty me ?
00:57:40gangstar1990 i cant understnad
00:57:41gangstar1990 thats
00:57:42Zajeb i just wanted to steal
00:57:48Fxx. omg
00:57:50Fxx. we win this :-)
00:58:10Hexar comehelp
00:58:44Hexar tower
00:58:48mamyka ???? ????
00:58:52Fxx. wp all
00:58:53Hexar tree
01:00:00Hexar let me
01:00:03Hexar get 200
01:00:05Hexar for aga
01:00:33mamyka ?? ??? ?????
01:00:38mamyka go all again
01:00:45atte 1 big fight
01:00:46Fxx. ac rdy
01:00:49Kanpu3a last
01:00:49mamyka gj
01:00:50Hexar got it
01:00:55atte come
01:01:06Kanpu3a )
01:01:07Fxx. w8 for me
01:01:08Fxx. please
01:01:08atte SHITTING ME
01:01:09Fxx. !
01:01:15Fxx. guys
01:01:19Hexar go b
01:01:21Hexar bot
01:01:22Hexar bvot
01:01:23Hexar vot
01:01:24Hexar bot
01:01:26gangstar1990 pudge biat oyur fat
01:01:36atte ??
01:01:42gangstar1990 all!!!
01:01:45gangstar1990 come
01:02:05atte b
01:02:09atte ok
01:02:18Fxx. HATER !
01:02:19Kanpu3a )))
01:02:24Kanpu3a I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
01:02:27gangstar1990 gg
01:02:27Casberry gg
01:02:28gangstar1990 I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
01:02:29Kanpu3a great game
01:02:30Casberry shiity hewroes
01:02:36A-tzangol y was nice
01:02:46mamyka atte)
01:02:51atte provoid i say
01:02:51Fxx. again sorry for misspick medusa
01:02:57mamyka true
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