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Chat log

00:00:16Fxx. BUAKAW is rly BAD BOY
00:00:16xTimmins- if u dont pick naix
00:00:16xTimmins- ban him
00:00:16sandii a lot of carries :o
00:00:16xTimmins- imo
00:00:16huutopussi naix
00:00:16Fxx. pick ck
00:00:16NwC.CooL-T am
00:00:16sandii magina, ursa, void, naix, pa, ck morp, riki TT
00:00:16xTimmins- alot of strong picks
00:00:16xTimmins- but
00:00:16holostoi am
00:00:16Vaj.CO am
00:00:16Fxx. am / ck ban , 2. pick please
00:00:17Fxx. so pick CK
00:00:37Fxx. bad
00:00:38Fxx. bad
00:00:39Fxx. bad
00:00:43Fxx. ck will win this
00:00:44huutopussi please mind your own game
00:01:04NwC.CooL-T i and holo mid
00:01:05Vaj.CO no more carries
00:01:06Vaj.CO pls
00:01:14NwC.CooL-T bot*
00:01:20Vaj.CO get sd
00:01:22GottHasstMich s1 tiny ?
00:01:26xTimmins- if u can get sd
00:01:27holostoi i can tiny
00:01:31xTimmins- ^^
00:01:35sandii ill give this for u then
00:01:46NwC.CooL-T b
00:01:46holostoi what u need?
00:01:50sandii hmm
00:01:52NwC.CooL-T i and tiny
00:01:52NwC.CooL-T bot
00:01:54sandii ezalor
00:01:54NwC.CooL-T sb
00:01:55GottHasstMich is bullshit
00:01:57GottHasstMich sb ck
00:01:58huutopussi huskar mid
00:01:59GottHasstMich is uber sick
00:02:05sandii -swap 5
00:02:08huutopussi void+ogre top
00:02:08holostoi -swap 4
00:02:13xTimmins- me with ogre pls
00:02:15xTimmins- y
00:02:15GottHasstMich disruption
00:02:17GottHasstMich then u stun
00:02:19GottHasstMich amplify dmg
00:02:25GottHasstMich dead within 3 secs
00:02:35GottHasstMich and eza tiny good lane too
00:03:10holostoi fb mid
00:03:20Vaj.CO w8 a sec
00:03:23Vaj.CO i hit him
00:03:38sandii :D
00:03:39xTimmins- ^^
00:04:09xTimmins- ogre kill
00:06:29GottHasstMich thats what im talking bout
00:06:30GottHasstMich :)
00:06:32xTimmins- crow
00:06:32xTimmins- pls
00:06:34GottHasstMich i pull
00:06:50Fxx. tarirarira
00:06:57Fxx. we lost cause captain pick wind , no ck
00:07:07huutopussi pita go top
00:07:11huutopussi ogre starts roaming
00:07:32Fxx. u send me top
00:07:44Fxx. to steal void farm ?
00:07:45GottHasstMich ss pit
00:07:45Fxx. gj
00:07:50Fxx. another good job
00:08:02xTimmins- just odnt
00:08:03xTimmins- farm
00:08:04Skerma we cant do anything there with void and ogre
00:08:16Skerma at least tower will survive this way
00:08:27xTimmins- really
00:08:30xTimmins- let me
00:08:31GottHasstMich try wr then
00:08:54GottHasstMich w8
00:08:55GottHasstMich next
00:09:03xTimmins- get stun
00:09:17GottHasstMich possible ward
00:09:24GottHasstMich i go gang some
00:09:37GottHasstMich go
00:09:54GottHasstMich eza
00:09:56GottHasstMich get wards pls
00:09:57GottHasstMich ..
00:11:25xTimmins- gank
00:11:29Vaj.CO s
00:11:32Vaj.CO ss
00:12:09xTimmins- os nice
00:12:17xTimmins- one stun
00:12:17xTimmins- magi
00:12:20xTimmins- thats it
00:12:36Skerma used that stun on tiny
00:12:42Skerma it has a long cd u know
00:13:00xTimmins- im not gonna frm anyway
00:13:03xTimmins- they will perma gank now
00:13:38xTimmins- and pit just perma pushes
00:13:42xTimmins- like a dumb noob
00:13:43Fxx. we lost this before pick
00:13:58xTimmins- look ur bad
00:14:01xTimmins- its obvious
00:14:03xTimmins- with ur push
00:15:05GottHasstMich ^.~
00:15:12Vaj.CO me rune
00:15:24GottHasstMich lets roll
00:15:38Skerma kill tower
00:15:39Skerma omg
00:16:29Fxx. hmm
00:16:31Fxx. nice
00:16:38Fxx. nice bug
00:16:41GottHasstMich get void ck
00:16:41GottHasstMich gogo
00:16:58Fxx. wp captain
00:17:03Fxx. u lost this soooo hard
00:17:09xTimmins- pit
00:17:10GottHasstMich why guys
00:17:10xTimmins- ur terrible
00:17:11GottHasstMich ffs
00:17:11xTimmins- be quiet
00:17:17xTimmins- ur mindset
00:17:19xTimmins- loses it
00:17:22xTimmins- and constant push
00:18:12GottHasstMich lol eza
00:18:15sandii <.<
00:18:25GottHasstMich good ulti
00:18:26GottHasstMich :D
00:18:32xTimmins- Y nvm
00:18:46xTimmins- i farm bot
00:19:10Vaj.CO go
00:20:48huutopussi ...
00:20:52Fxx. aha
00:20:52Skerma jesus christ
00:20:57xTimmins- yo
00:20:59xTimmins- get over it
00:21:03Fxx. my captain play last game 3months ago
00:21:04Fxx. ff
00:21:14GottHasstMich and still doing better than u.
00:21:19Fxx. mb
00:21:20xTimmins- ^^
00:21:23xTimmins- he doesnt realise
00:21:24Fxx. but im not 97%
00:21:24xTimmins- how bad he is
00:21:32Fxx. and dont pick wind , when is ck at pool
00:21:33xTimmins- this pit thinks pick > all
00:21:50GottHasstMich well wr
00:21:52GottHasstMich is massive too
00:21:55xTimmins- ^^
00:22:36huutopussi void top is free
00:22:39xTimmins- y
00:22:40huutopussi they are 3+ bot
00:22:40xTimmins- i go in sec
00:23:02sandii nice one sd
00:23:14Fxx. another bf void
00:23:15Fxx. ...
00:25:03Fxx. they play sooo bad :-)
00:25:06xTimmins- ^^
00:25:17xTimmins- btw i do agree
00:25:20xTimmins- that ck was better
00:25:20Fxx. but they still win
00:25:21xTimmins- choice
00:25:22xTimmins- but
00:25:25xTimmins- wr is still very imba
00:25:31xTimmins- ridiculously imba
00:25:32xTimmins- in fact
00:25:44sandii -ms
00:25:45Fxx. shiva or guinso ?
00:25:48xTimmins- erm
00:25:51xTimmins- shiva
00:26:00xTimmins- or meka
00:26:02xTimmins- perhaps?
00:26:07Fxx. ok , so , only 3500 miss now :-)
00:26:27GottHasstMich no dont come
00:26:28GottHasstMich nvm
00:26:29xTimmins- meka first pls
00:26:30GottHasstMich just do ur shit
00:26:31GottHasstMich NP
00:26:34Vaj.CO was too far
00:26:40GottHasstMich well stood there for almost a minute
00:26:41GottHasstMich ..
00:26:58GottHasstMich w8 me
00:27:00Fxx. so ?
00:27:00Fxx. meka ?
00:27:06xTimmins- yes pls
00:27:51xTimmins- rofl
00:27:58Fxx. 5vs2
00:28:11xTimmins- i just failed
00:28:14NwC.CooL-T mana
00:28:17NwC.CooL-T eza
00:28:17Fxx. ulty ?
00:28:19NwC.CooL-T come on
00:28:21xTimmins- np i just got my item
00:28:23xTimmins- i suppose
00:29:24NwC.CooL-T chick
00:29:30GottHasstMich .....
00:29:31GottHasstMich omg
00:29:41sandii pff
00:29:42xTimmins- ok
00:29:45GottHasstMich thx for taking my rune
00:29:57xTimmins- gogo
00:29:57xTimmins- fight
00:29:57Vaj.CO ...
00:29:57xTimmins- kill
00:30:01Vaj.CO omfg
00:30:01xTimmins- gogogo
00:30:01xTimmins- fight
00:30:01GottHasstMich b morph
00:30:01Vaj.CO sure
00:30:01Vaj.CO ...
00:30:09Vaj.CO how,???
00:30:11Fxx. y
00:30:13Vaj.CO thx omfg
00:30:14Fxx. pit pown this
00:30:14Fxx. :-)
00:30:19Vaj.CO leave
00:30:19xTimmins- STOP LAG HUSK
00:30:19Fxx. y
00:30:21Fxx. its better for us
00:30:23xTimmins- ^^
00:30:23Fxx. he still
00:30:25GottHasstMich they planted ward
00:30:27Fxx. never go with team
00:30:29xTimmins- he must lag out soon
00:30:29Vaj.CO fix or leave
00:30:31Vaj.CO ffs
00:30:33xTimmins- he must
00:30:38Vaj.CO stop dll porn
00:30:42xTimmins- HUSKAR
00:30:42xTimmins- LEAVE
00:30:42xTimmins- U PIECE OF SHIT
00:30:42Vaj.CO nvm
00:30:47sandii vittu terve
00:30:47xTimmins- holy shit
00:30:47Vaj.CO rofl
00:31:02Vaj.CO tp me eza
00:31:30GottHasstMich b
00:32:12GottHasstMich wards
00:32:13GottHasstMich eza
00:32:13Fxx. anyway
00:32:15Fxx. hate this game
00:32:18Fxx. win , or lost
00:32:19sandii inc
00:32:20Fxx. who care
00:32:21Fxx. still -x
00:32:31GottHasstMich pls just dont let me ask for it ;)
00:32:31xTimmins- nah
00:32:33GottHasstMich do it perma
00:32:36GottHasstMich need that shit
00:32:41sandii well i already had them
00:32:58xTimmins- go
00:33:03xTimmins- meka rdy
00:33:21sandii -_-
00:33:30GottHasstMich why u go that far
00:33:34GottHasstMich i told u they have wards all over
00:33:36Fxx. COME TO ME
00:33:36Fxx. ALL
00:33:37sandii was gonna ward it
00:33:41holostoi couse we loose late
00:33:42Fxx. i port us down
00:33:48GottHasstMich we LOOSE LATE ?
00:33:48GottHasstMich lol
00:33:50Fxx. k
00:33:50GottHasstMich ck ownz
00:33:52Fxx. so dont push
00:33:52Fxx. ...
00:33:54GottHasstMich and void
00:33:55GottHasstMich is np
00:33:56holostoi couse no gank and no assist from u bitch eza
00:33:58GottHasstMich we got massive disable
00:34:00xTimmins- sorry
00:34:05xTimmins- i bought mael
00:34:12xTimmins- mjollnir*
00:34:14holostoi void ulty anf pit with wr kill us
00:34:16holostoi su bob
00:34:19GottHasstMich and void has 0 defensive items
00:34:19Fxx. i know what :-)
00:34:21GottHasstMich so hes paper
00:34:36holostoi go vs him now?
00:34:40holostoi he rape u
00:34:42Vaj.CO to me
00:34:45xTimmins- wow
00:34:46xTimmins- cd
00:34:53huutopussi farm bot
00:34:59xTimmins- y
00:35:00xTimmins- iw ill
00:35:05holostoi I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:35:06GottHasstMich cool story bro
00:35:26huutopussi b
00:35:27huutopussi 4 coming
00:35:28huutopussi from id
00:35:30huutopussi mid
00:35:32Skerma jl
00:35:33Skerma ult
00:36:00Skerma ult waaaaaay earlier
00:36:03Skerma pit
00:36:05Vaj.CO wp
00:36:09Fxx. i clicked
00:36:10Fxx. on
00:36:11GottHasstMich ty
00:36:13Skerma u should have done it before tower died
00:36:14GottHasstMich and tiny
00:36:16GottHasstMich toss me once more
00:36:18Fxx. but sd "stun" me
00:36:19GottHasstMich ill get a ban up your ass
00:36:20GottHasstMich be sure
00:36:23Fxx. 0.1 sec before
00:36:23sandii :D
00:36:24holostoi rly?
00:36:32holostoi u can only suck my dick
00:36:34holostoi bob
00:36:40sandii -ms
00:36:46GottHasstMich why does your name appear in silver games anyways?
00:36:53GottHasstMich go bronze where u deserve to play
00:37:29xTimmins- gogogo
00:37:58GottHasstMich srsly thats why i waited in the back
00:37:59GottHasstMich but ofc
00:38:05GottHasstMich my hero just went to him nonsense
00:38:09GottHasstMich i pressed fucking hold all the time
00:38:11GottHasstMich so sweet...
00:38:12holostoi void its np
00:38:14xTimmins- perfect
00:38:14xTimmins- time
00:38:15xTimmins- or what
00:38:18GottHasstMich ofc hes np
00:38:21GottHasstMich didnt u saw how fast he died?
00:38:22GottHasstMich lol
00:38:22sandii since when did void get those items
00:38:24holostoi lol
00:38:24GottHasstMich open your eyes
00:38:26GottHasstMich void insta died
00:38:28Skerma y
00:38:29holostoi he rape us all
00:38:31holostoi bob
00:38:35GottHasstMich your mom mb
00:38:41Vaj.CO ethernal gives him 1/2 hp down
00:38:41holostoi we should push lines bit u
00:38:41Fxx. they play rly bad
00:38:42xTimmins- -cs
00:38:46GottHasstMich more
00:38:47GottHasstMich morph
00:38:48GottHasstMich he gets my curse
00:38:49holostoi with ur friend eza farms
00:38:50Vaj.CO we cant lose mid
00:39:30xTimmins- gg mates
00:39:55xTimmins- xD
00:39:57xTimmins- so greedy
00:40:11xTimmins- i have
00:40:12xTimmins- -cs
00:40:19xTimmins- 96 neutals lol
00:40:23majava -cs
00:40:27xTimmins- man i farmed wood all game
00:40:29xTimmins- 128 cs
00:40:30xTimmins- nomal
00:40:32xTimmins- normal
00:40:35GottHasstMich wp
00:40:35xTimmins- plsu 96 neutral
00:40:51sandii -ms
00:40:54Fxx. he is sooo bad nessaj
00:40:58Fxx. we have got only just luck
00:40:58Fxx. :-)
00:41:04majava shut up already
00:41:09Fxx. majava
00:41:11xTimmins- lol
00:41:11Fxx. !!!
00:41:18Fxx. any
00:41:23Vaj.CO b
00:41:26Fxx. wp wind , void , ogre , ME :-)
00:41:34Fxx. and *
00:41:44Vaj.CO all focus on void
00:41:52Vaj.CO he cant use ulti
00:42:00xTimmins- buff
00:42:00xTimmins- me
00:42:26GottHasstMich ...
00:42:27GottHasstMich WHY
00:42:28GottHasstMich U DONT GO
00:42:30GottHasstMich and chase?
00:42:31GottHasstMich ..
00:42:35GottHasstMich this gosu tiny
00:42:36GottHasstMich unbelievable
00:42:45GottHasstMich go b
00:42:46GottHasstMich FALL B
00:42:47GottHasstMich dont push
00:42:52holostoi su bob
00:43:20xTimmins- got butter now
00:43:21xTimmins- come end
00:43:22Vaj.CO b
00:43:47Vaj.CO more wards
00:44:10Vaj.CO b
00:44:34GottHasstMich focus void
00:44:45GottHasstMich oh god
00:44:45GottHasstMich wp
00:44:54holostoi void its np
00:45:01holostoi i rape them all
00:45:02GottHasstMich ARE U STUPID ?
00:45:05holostoi couse i farm dagon
00:45:06GottHasstMich U STAY 4 ON ONE SPOT
00:45:07holostoi gz
00:45:08holostoi bob
00:45:09GottHasstMich OFC HES FUCKING IMBA
00:45:15GottHasstMich just stfu with your 5:11
00:45:20GottHasstMich annoying kid
00:45:25GottHasstMich go play with your mom some
00:45:32Fxx. wp guys
00:45:43holostoi u know why u got 70%?
00:45:44huutopussi too much whine from you
00:45:51holostoi couse u full game farm
00:45:51majava true
00:45:57Fxx. sr
00:45:58Fxx. sry
00:45:58holostoi its not skill
00:45:59GottHasstMich haha
00:46:02GottHasstMich yes i farmed the whole game
00:46:03holostoi u fucktard
00:46:03GottHasstMich shithead
00:46:08Fxx. last 10 games with totaly monkeys / no team
00:46:12GottHasstMich u talk about skill ?
00:46:13Fxx. i was just angry
00:46:15xTimmins- y well guess what
00:46:16GottHasstMich better dont
00:46:24xTimmins- u sucked beginning ruining entire game almost
00:46:27xTimmins- :
00:46:29xTimmins- :/
00:47:40Vaj.CO :D
00:47:43Vaj.CO I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:47:45GottHasstMich gg
00:47:45GottHasstMich wp
00:47:46GottHasstMich I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:47:47NwC.CooL-T I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:47:49Vaj.CO gg
00:47:52xTimmins- GG
00:47:53sandii I surrender! [5/5 of Sentinel]
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