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-26 X
-3 TS

94% | 1543 X | 1618 TS

-22 X
-3 TS

90% | 1577 X | 1459 TS

+25 X
-8 TS

72% | 1362 X | 1373 TS

+4 X
-3 TS

64% | 1306 X | 1346 TS

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-4 TS
61% | 1237 X | 1382 TS

+6 X
+4 TS

92% | 1575 X | 1509 TS

+24 X
+3 TS

92% | 1646 X | 1416 TS

-21 X
+5 TS

86% | 1525 X | 1440 TS

-22 X
+5 TS

56% | 1241 X | 1322 TS

+39 X
+3 TS

53% | 1218 X | 1315 TS

Chat log

00:00:00IamSoUnluckY [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... yeW- with 54 seconds.
00:00:17yeW- :((
00:00:22yeW- hey guy
00:00:22yeW- guys*
00:00:22yeW- -clear
00:00:22A-tzangol yo atte, yew
00:00:22Momdsiw voin pelaa lycan
00:00:22A-tzangol kapnu3a 3rd pick
00:00:22atte want ck omni?
00:00:22Fxx. lycan , naix , and googogogog
00:00:22yeW- :D
00:00:22yeW- i can do omni :p
00:00:22atte ck
00:00:22Momdsiw theres naix also
00:00:22Momdsiw and slark
00:00:22A-tzangol omni
00:00:22Strom ban omni
00:00:22atte SLARK BIG HERO Y
00:00:22Momdsiw get lyca
00:00:23yeW- :D
00:00:23Fxx. hahahaha
00:00:26yeW- obviously
00:00:30Fxx. love today
00:00:33A-tzangol naix anyone?
00:00:35atte shredderi mulle ja menoks yew get me crix?
00:00:37Momdsiw k
00:00:40atte like everyday
00:00:42yeW- ofc
00:00:43yeW- -clear
00:00:46yeW- u play dat shit atte?
00:00:49Fxx. 2. game , 2. game vs lycan , ------ 2. lose , cause lycan is MOST OP hero in game
00:00:50atte yeah
00:00:52atte its good hero rly
00:00:54yeW- ^^
00:01:05atte i will tell you one secret soon about it
00:01:05Tough can i have mid? Mana?
00:01:11Strom ck & omni both stronger heroes :D
00:01:12yeW- PLS DO!!!
00:01:19atte ok
00:01:19Tough can ih ave mid?
00:01:20A-tzangol y
00:01:21A-tzangol np
00:01:21Tough cap?
00:01:22yeW- get me husk :D
00:01:27yeW- noo
00:01:31Momdsiw its no more secret if that knows more than 2
00:01:35yeW- get me
00:01:35yeW- em
00:01:37yeW- em
00:01:37yeW- em
00:01:38A-tzangol slark want top?
00:01:38yeW- erm
00:01:39yeW- erm
00:01:39Momdsiw shrederi?
00:01:39yeW- erm
00:01:40yeW- erm
00:01:41yeW- erm
00:01:41atte -swap 4
00:01:41yeW- erm
00:01:42atte joo
00:01:44atte -swap 4
00:01:44Momdsiw -swap 1
00:01:46A-tzangol or me?
00:01:47yeW- cent
00:01:47atte secret is
00:01:50atte my first game with this
00:01:51yeW- CENT! -swap 2
00:01:53yeW- YAAA
00:01:55yeW- -swap 5
00:01:56A-tzangol yo
00:01:56Strom as solo?
00:01:57Strom or what
00:01:59Momdsiw dedu on imba tol
00:02:02Kanpu3a when we no win - i fuck you all!
00:02:02A-tzangol no
00:02:04A-tzangol as melee
00:02:05yeW- w
00:02:07Strom I would like a lane with someone who can kill
00:02:08A-tzangol oh
00:02:08yeW- ol
00:02:09yeW- lool
00:02:12Momdsiw jos saat nopee bloodstone tuhoot koko vihu tiimin
00:02:14yeW- thought u playd lycan oo
00:02:16atte mitä skillaan
00:02:19Momdsiw hook eka max
00:02:27Strom well if naix is woods, then that kind of fucks that dream up
00:02:32Momdsiw tee ne uudet bobot ja bloodstone
00:02:34Momdsiw ownaat kaikki
00:02:51Strom so I'm bot it seems
00:02:55atte OMG
00:02:56A-tzangol y
00:02:56atte 0 armor
00:03:02yeW- luci style
00:03:03Fxx. rune down
00:03:05Momdsiw se ei oo sit mid hero
00:03:11Momdsiw et tee hookil midis mitää
00:03:22atte np
00:03:42yeW- ss
00:03:43yeW- 1
00:03:49Momdsiw no ota sitä armorii vähä
00:03:51Momdsiw creepeistki saa
00:03:53Momdsiw ku oot lycaa vs
00:03:59Momdsiw siis
00:03:59yeW- pull
00:04:01Momdsiw huskarii
00:04:01yeW- jesusu
00:04:06Momdsiw yeye
00:04:39A-tzangol nice stun
00:05:10yeW- why did u give lycan
00:05:11yeW- to that bob
00:05:15Momdsiw shh
00:05:34yeW- mouse:
00:05:35yeW- :(
00:05:41Momdsiw sure
00:05:59yeW- ye
00:06:01yeW- im lyin
00:06:05Fxx. ss 2 up
00:06:06atte ss
00:06:07yeW- care
00:06:08A-tzangol ss
00:06:08A-tzangol naix
00:06:12yeW- re
00:06:13Fxx. re
00:06:51atte ss
00:06:53atte inc bot
00:06:55A-tzangol gang
00:07:08atte HAHA
00:07:22atte toi on iha paskana
00:07:23atte >DD
00:07:27Momdsiw ?
00:07:31Momdsiw mikä
00:07:35atte toi huskar
00:07:40Tough ss ,od
00:07:50yeW- wd gang bot pls
00:07:55atte ss
00:07:59A-tzangol naix come
00:08:21Strom kill cent again
00:08:23IamSoUnluckY chick
00:08:24IamSoUnluckY ?
00:08:37Fxx. ss 2 up
00:08:38A-tzangol ss
00:09:01Strom what lol, 4 bot
00:09:03IamSoUnluckY 5 down
00:09:04IamSoUnluckY :/
00:09:10yeW- im a victim im oom
00:09:50atte y
00:09:51yeW- lol
00:09:57atte well
00:10:09atte thought ulti could be moved
00:10:12atte but it got cancelled
00:10:13Momdsiw l:D
00:10:17yeW- oh ome on
00:10:23Tough _:D_D
00:10:27Kanpu3a more feeding slark
00:11:03Momdsiw miks et hook
00:11:03Momdsiw karkuu
00:11:11atte no wastesin sen
00:11:12atte :DD
00:11:15atte ammuin sil vihuu
00:11:16atte :DD
00:11:18IamSoUnluckY sven
00:11:18IamSoUnluckY inc
00:11:21Momdsiw se menee läpi
00:11:30Fxx. lycan still free farm ?
00:11:35Strom I think so
00:11:37Strom should visti him
00:11:46Fxx. me too
00:11:49A-tzangol why ulti?
00:11:50Fxx. but naix is lowest
00:12:06Fxx. lower
00:12:10Fxx. or how say it
00:12:10Fxx. :-)
00:12:18Tough weöö
00:12:20Tough 3 mod
00:12:20yeW- inc care
00:12:22yeW- -ma
00:12:56atte reuse
00:13:13A-tzangol go
00:13:22Fxx. lycan +- now go rosh
00:13:36IamSoUnluckY -.-
00:13:37Tough wtf
00:13:56A-tzangol courier probs
00:14:30Momdsiw jos escapeet ja on paljo manaa nii sen ultil on hyvä katkoo puut ja hookaa sit pidemmälle lycan shoudl take rosh soon
00:14:51yeW- ye they will be guarding it soon
00:14:57Fxx. how long respawn chick ?
00:15:01Strom 100s
00:15:02A-tzangol 100
00:15:12Fxx. lycan rosh
00:15:14Fxx. CARE ON THIS so bad stun :(
00:15:46Tough naoix
00:15:52Fxx. i need 1. items
00:16:06Tough fuck u aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall
00:16:20atte wtf
00:16:23Tough this hate
00:16:28Tough is not even funny
00:16:28atte i cant hit
00:16:30atte if ulti on ?
00:16:30Momdsiw onks kiva hero
00:16:33A-tzangol y
00:16:33Momdsiw ulti on sun ase
00:16:34A-tzangol Lol
00:16:35Strom yep
00:16:36Momdsiw et voi auto atack
00:16:41atte omg
00:16:41atte :D
00:16:59IamSoUnluckY lycan gone rosh
00:17:00atte oom
00:17:01atte jhaa
00:17:02atte :Dd no ur not
00:17:41Strom blah ill go bot farm mby i get dagger soon
00:18:04Strom guys, how about we go gang that lycan
00:18:06Strom still 0 deaths
00:18:11Momdsiw haen roshan
00:18:25Fxx. who know , u was down
00:18:33Strom so?
00:18:36Strom not like lyca was down
00:19:21IamSoUnluckY gone in
00:19:22atte lol this hero
00:19:23atte :DD Sul polnud dusti? tra. :D
00:19:26Strom oli
00:19:30Tough ff
00:19:31A-tzangol rosh
00:20:09Momdsiw et tehny sit niit uusii boboi :<
00:20:17Strom naix? ffs wont ever get my dagger like this
00:20:33Strom naix, when you are full hp
00:20:37Strom you can just run into that blade
00:20:40Momdsiw they rosh now :<
00:20:40Strom it does like 75 dps
00:20:42Strom it's nothing
00:20:51yeW- -ma
00:21:02Momdsiw mennääkö
00:21:13atte omg
00:21:15atte väärä nappiu
00:21:18atte this huskar
00:21:20atte so dead
00:21:22atte if coming to me
00:21:22atte :D
00:21:59Fxx. FUCK U
00:21:59atte xd
00:22:02Fxx. necro
00:22:03Fxx. sven
00:22:05Fxx. bye bye
00:22:08Fxx. i go back to forest
00:22:12A-tzangol do so
00:22:36A-tzangol why u ninja aegis?
00:22:50Strom so he could forestfarm with it safely
00:23:13yeW- -a
00:23:14yeW- -ma
00:23:38A-tzangol tower
00:23:41A-tzangol is it there
00:23:44A-tzangol or denied?
00:24:53Momdsiw lol
00:24:54Momdsiw sk?
00:24:57Momdsiw you have takjen stats i was buying
00:25:00Momdsiw and not maxed that sandstorm? dagger + 2 teleports
00:25:06Fxx. huskar
00:25:09Strom maybe go hide in creep instead
00:25:10Momdsiw you ened to max sandstorm omg
00:25:11Tough i was death
00:25:11Tough su
00:25:12Fxx. will u join to team today ?
00:25:21Strom Fxx, you're one to talk i need to support
00:25:23Fxx. why u was dead ? not to listen to you
00:25:24Strom you spent first 15min in woods
00:25:27A-tzangol fxx
00:25:27Fxx. cause u solo play up ?
00:25:29A-tzangol y
00:25:30A-tzangol shut it
00:25:33A-tzangol already...
00:25:36A-tzangol just dont blame
00:25:38A-tzangol every time
00:25:38Fxx. ok
00:25:38A-tzangol u die
00:25:39Fxx. fuck u team
00:25:40yeW- -ma
00:25:41Fxx. bye bye
00:25:41Fxx. rly
00:25:42A-tzangol bb
00:25:46Fxx. dont ban lycan
00:25:50A-tzangol no
00:25:51Fxx. and now play like tards
00:25:51A-tzangol coz they get
00:25:52A-tzangol omni
00:25:53Fxx. rl
00:25:53Fxx. y
00:25:56Kanpu3a we must going gather
00:25:58Momdsiw -ii
00:26:01A-tzangol and naix/lucan
00:26:03A-tzangol so gg
00:26:04yeW- that was English
00:26:04yeW- :D
00:26:18Kanpu3a i fucking russian gamer
00:26:18Fxx. naix is uslsess vs lycan
00:26:23yeW- rofl
00:26:23A-tzangol ... thats pretty much how most russians speak in estonia :D
00:26:26A-tzangol u picked him
00:26:27A-tzangol dude
00:26:28Strom lol why yoyu take it then
00:26:35yeW- dude calls himself fuckin russian :D
00:26:43A-tzangol ....
00:26:52Fxx. i try play my best
00:26:57Fxx. but u allways play 4vs5
00:27:05Fxx. so i dont wanna again go 4vs5
00:27:47Momdsiw :D:D
00:27:50Momdsiw imb astunners
00:28:00A-tzangol tp mid
00:28:01A-tzangol naix the point that ur lycan doesnt make u a badass
00:28:31Momdsiw the thing you cant hit stun or make good skill build firstly i was under that tower when i started to come it was all about luck of the range if i get there or not
00:29:03Tough ALL
00:29:24atte why you fight there
00:29:24atte 3
00:29:43Strom damn cnet
00:29:56yeW- -ma
00:30:17atte go all pls
00:30:39Fxx. rosh respawn soon
00:31:06atte 5
00:31:17A-tzangol b
00:31:18A-tzangol naix no dust
00:31:22Kanpu3a rosh&
00:31:24Kanpu3a ?
00:31:27atte b
00:31:28yeW- dd ycan
00:31:29Momdsiw where we need dust? to kill slark
00:31:47Momdsiw lol
00:31:49atte OMG
00:31:50Momdsiw dust dont work vs ghim
00:31:55Momdsiw noob did work for me
00:32:03Momdsiw hes first skill removes dust
00:32:24Kanpu3a why we not going 5
00:32:33atte you not there this timne
00:32:36atte another time
00:32:40atte someone else not there
00:32:43A-tzangol let me plz
00:32:45atte and rest wanna fight i faield to get there in time
00:32:47atte 3v5 + without ulti
00:32:49atte or 4v5
00:32:49Kanpu3a 3x5 you fihjt used my ulti or waisted to kill slark
00:33:02A-tzangol open wounds
00:33:03A-tzangol naix
00:33:11yeW- slarks items aint changed in 15 mins ^^
00:33:25atte 5 pls So we have done our work nicely
00:33:28Momdsiw got my basher now
00:33:31Momdsiw so i can fight even that naix
00:33:32yeW- ye
00:33:34yeW- except naix no
00:33:35yeW- now
00:33:36yeW- ^^
00:33:55A-tzangol b mid
00:33:56A-tzangol imo
00:34:20Momdsiw with 5?
00:34:31atte KIDDINGS ME omg
00:34:32atte :DDDDDDDDDDDD
00:34:33Tough Y
00:34:33IamSoUnluckY slark wanna set wards?
00:34:34Tough !
00:34:35Kanpu3a fu
00:34:36atte went to take rune
00:34:39Kanpu3a we not win y saw
00:34:45Momdsiw buy me gem
00:34:45atte bad play
00:35:02Fxx. gogo
00:35:03Fxx. slark
00:35:06Strom where?
00:35:06Fxx. search
00:35:08Strom to get ganged+
00:35:09Fxx. i dont know
00:35:11Strom no thank you
00:35:13Strom I'll play it wise
00:35:14Momdsiw go with 5?
00:35:17Strom and watch on top of this hill
00:35:18A-tzangol come btm slark
00:35:19yeW- bue dead
00:35:20A-tzangol someone
00:35:21A-tzangol will farm
00:35:28A-tzangol get wd
00:35:28A-tzangol first
00:35:42atte male there?
00:35:44Kanpu3a I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:36:25IamSoUnluckY you guys have luck
00:36:33IamSoUnluckY till they focus me
00:36:37IamSoUnluckY you own em
00:36:37IamSoUnluckY :D gotta admit this is a good game
00:36:43yeW- xD both teams playing well
00:36:45yeW- fxx owning? usually lycan just runs over everybody everyone*
00:37:04IamSoUnluckY efwgrytu
00:37:11Momdsiw they dont have so paper heros
00:37:22Momdsiw all their heros is kinda late
00:37:23Fxx. eos , or desol ?
00:37:36A-tzangol dd btm
00:37:40A-tzangol naix
00:37:41A-tzangol come
00:37:41Momdsiw and we never with 5 yeW u didint use blade? i mean how the hell he can kill u like that. :D
00:37:47A-tzangol dont use rage
00:37:48yeW- i did
00:37:49A-tzangol u lose it
00:37:55yeW- its effin slark
00:37:56yeW- ^^
00:37:56Fxx. but im oom
00:38:06A-tzangol tower
00:38:45A-tzangol go mid use aegis
00:38:47Fxx. w8 little
00:38:51A-tzangol to get that tower
00:38:58Strom guys let get top tier1 tower
00:39:01Momdsiw tuu b-.-
00:39:02Strom it's messing up my chases
00:39:06Fxx. reuse chick
00:39:14IamSoUnluckY what was that sven?
00:39:28Fxx. slark , come to me
00:39:40Momdsiw we go with 5?
00:39:41Momdsiw or i go farm?
00:39:46atte gogo
00:39:48Fxx. my horse :-)
00:39:49yeW- ye cuz u aint farmed enuf alrdy
00:39:53Strom b
00:39:53Strom b
00:39:53Tough b
00:41:09Kanpu3a go ff
00:41:11Kanpu3a no chanse
00:41:18Momdsiw they have sick dps
00:41:41yeW- lmao lycan
00:41:42yeW- srsly
00:42:06atte I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:42:07Kanpu3a I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:42:09Momdsiw I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel] opfft.
00:42:13Kanpu3a fucking team how did we lose this game
00:42:20Momdsiw they all have items
00:42:23Momdsiw and do imba dmg :D
00:43:07yeW- get lothars
00:43:08yeW- wd
00:43:15Fxx. u go ac ?
00:43:16Strom rosh alive
00:43:17Momdsiw they rosh
00:43:19Strom lets take it
00:43:19Fxx. so i go hot
00:43:20A-tzangol i have it
00:43:22yeW- -ma
00:43:36Tough b
00:43:36Fxx. u need life steal
00:43:36Tough b
00:43:38Tough they cpme
00:43:38Fxx. sven
00:43:42A-tzangol go
00:43:56Fxx. cheese
00:43:56Strom cheese?
00:43:57Fxx. regen
00:43:58Fxx. yourself
00:44:01Fxx. sven
00:44:02Fxx. ...
00:44:09A-tzangol u are totaly
00:44:09Momdsiw cheese + aegis :<
00:44:09A-tzangol idiot
00:44:13A-tzangol i would regen
00:44:14A-tzangol myself
00:44:16A-tzangol with cheese?
00:44:18A-tzangol ........
00:44:18Momdsiw et oo saanu ees verikive :D?
00:44:19A-tzangol lol
00:44:20Strom :D we didint get a single aegis
00:44:20Strom :D
00:44:23Strom 500g worth item
00:44:24yeW- ye
00:44:25A-tzangol xD
00:44:26A-tzangol y
00:44:28A-tzangol hahah
00:44:28yeW- its not like we have a lycan in team anyways
00:44:31Fxx. ....
00:44:33Fxx. and ? mnjah
00:44:36A-tzangol hahaha
00:44:39Momdsiw they have sick dps?
00:44:42Momdsiw like i can tank all the dmg
00:44:43Strom kind of expensive for farm heal
00:44:49yeW- dude u cant even pull
00:44:49Strom it's not like there was battle incoming
00:44:51yeW- keep quiet
00:44:53Momdsiw i did
00:44:58Momdsiw you feeded bot
00:45:06yeW- slark winnin the game?
00:45:09Momdsiw like 5 min you were 0-4
00:45:13Fxx. u are rly worst horse :-) sven
00:45:14yeW- lmao
00:45:30Fxx. slark
00:45:30Momdsiw yes slark is winning?
00:45:30Fxx. come
00:45:33Momdsiw cause opposit eteam is winning
00:45:36yeW- go learn ur irregular verbs then come again
00:45:44yeW- n ur a funny one as well
00:45:44A-tzangol need wards
00:45:46A-tzangol b
00:45:47yeW- jeez aint we blessed
00:45:57Fxx. we have got eagis
00:45:59Fxx. + cheese
00:46:01Fxx. go push
00:46:02Fxx. dont def
00:46:07A-tzangol no shit
00:46:12Strom well we have lategame
00:46:14Strom so not in a hurry
00:46:22atte xd
00:46:23Momdsiw .D
00:46:24Strom lol
00:46:24Kanpu3a pfff
00:46:24yeW- :D
00:46:49Kanpu3a o shit
00:46:49atte :(((
00:46:50atte I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:46:56Kanpu3a what you doing
00:47:02atte lyca dead anyway
00:47:07Kanpu3a lyca noob
00:47:15Momdsiw they killed me in 2 sec
00:47:19Kanpu3a y no!
00:47:20Fxx. basher + relic - this new item
00:47:22yeW- what were u doin there...
00:47:27Fxx. i can use it (same to stun) ?
00:47:28Momdsiw hanging
00:47:33Strom bettera than stun
00:47:35Strom goes throguh bkb
00:47:37atte at their base
00:47:39atte alone
00:47:44atte wp gg
00:47:56atte lol
00:48:00yeW- I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel] I surrender! [5/5 of Sentinel]
00:48:08Kanpu3a fucking team
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