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+2 TS

93% | 1493 X | 1615 TS

+39 X
+2 TS

84% | 1450 X | 1473 TS

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+2 TS

69% | 1353 X | 1341 TS

+53 X
+2 TS

58% | 1258 X | 1339 TS

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56% | 1254 X | 1320 TS

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-2 TS

87% | 1531 X | 1445 TS

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-3 TS

85% | 1454 X | 1488 TS

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-9 TS

82% | 1478 X | 1396 TS

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-3 TS

55% | 1251 X | 1307 TS

+20 X
-3 TS

53% | 1169 X | 1373 TS

Chat log

00:00:02atte -ap
00:00:21atte pl cm top
00:00:28Vangelis riki forest
00:00:29Vangelis ?
00:00:31atte pl has invis cm has range
00:00:33atte riki farm bot
00:00:35atte tiny forest
00:00:41infect tiny forest :D
00:00:41IamSoUnluckY no.
00:00:46IamSoUnluckY i am mid
00:00:47atte tiny pull etc
00:00:49ESA_93 mamyka?
00:00:49atte i mean ofc
00:00:49Domess ogre top wiht me
00:00:49NwC.CooL-T not
00:00:49infect why pause
00:00:49ESA_93 Mamyka wanking.
00:00:49NwC.CooL-T you noob
00:00:49atte sup?
00:00:49atte miks pelaat wl
00:00:49infect he got time
00:00:49ESA_93 On tylsää.
00:00:51atte ja sit teil
00:00:51atte dk
00:00:52atte :DD
00:00:57infect he has 60 seconds
00:00:59atte hahahaha
00:01:00IamSoUnluckY go top atte
00:01:02atte hienot herot hermanni
00:01:05IamSoUnluckY me mid
00:01:05atte vika dazzle?
00:01:05infect i guess he will manage to pick
00:01:05Domess ogre top
00:01:09atte ??
00:01:13IamSoUnluckY :D
00:01:15ESA_93 Sanoin, että ottakaa mitä lystäätte.
00:01:18NwC.CooL-T fu
00:01:18IamSoUnluckY joke ofc
00:01:29atte jaa no vika oliki bb
00:01:31atte :DD
00:01:38Vangelis atte
00:01:41infect they got so much fucking tanks
00:01:43Vangelis plz no feed mdi
00:01:47atte onha meilki riki pl
00:01:53ESA_93 katoinki
00:02:00ESA_93 iha reilu veto.
00:02:06PinaryB haste dk
00:02:12PinaryB care mid for fb
00:02:20Vangelis CARE
00:02:21atte nah
00:02:47Domess wards
00:03:40Domess get slow 1 lvl
00:03:41Domess pls
00:03:43ESA_93 :D
00:03:49atte melgh
00:03:50ESA_93 tättärää
00:03:50Domess then we can kkill ryal
00:03:57IamSoUnluckY illmax aure
00:04:01IamSoUnluckY aura*
00:04:01mamyka have it
00:04:11Domess k lvl 3
00:04:43Domess no
00:05:12Domess b
00:05:19ESA_93 miss
00:05:37ESA_93 care top
00:05:57Domess slwo
00:06:03Domess easy man,
00:06:05Domess rlly
00:06:06Domess u will see
00:06:07Domess jsut slow
00:06:08mamyka dont be stupid cent
00:06:10Domess when they com
00:06:17atte XD
00:06:21ESA_93 no comments
00:06:22ESA_93 : D
00:06:38PinaryB 29 mana
00:06:41PinaryB 10
00:06:41Vangelis i am
00:06:42Vangelis low
00:06:47PinaryB i thro to you
00:06:54Domess miss
00:06:56Domess ?
00:06:58ESA_93 y
00:07:03Domess lol
00:07:38IamSoUnluckY just
00:07:40IamSoUnluckY farm ok?
00:07:57Domess i wait
00:07:59Domess u stun first
00:08:00Domess dk
00:08:01ESA_93 ff
00:08:01ESA_93 : D
00:08:02atte ss
00:08:24IamSoUnluckY :/
00:08:38Domess me b
00:08:38IamSoUnluckY oom
00:08:43Domess dk
00:08:44Domess when i tp
00:08:47Domess go from behind
00:08:48Domess and stun k ?
00:08:51holostoi k
00:09:01atte XD
00:09:02IamSoUnluckY ss
00:09:03IamSoUnluckY cent
00:09:05ESA_93 tottoroo
00:09:09Domess go form behind
00:09:10atte wl bot
00:09:10Domess i tp
00:09:12IamSoUnluckY ill take 1 creep
00:09:12atte with
00:09:15atte nvm
00:09:18IamSoUnluckY ty
00:09:24infect np :)
00:09:40ESA_93 ss
00:09:41IamSoUnluckY fuck you guys
00:09:43IamSoUnluckY kill pl
00:09:43Domess gj
00:09:44IamSoUnluckY noy me
00:09:47IamSoUnluckY not*
00:09:48IamSoUnluckY :D
00:09:56mamyka nicess in time
00:09:59Domess to early
00:10:00Domess ur stun !!!
00:10:01IamSoUnluckY pl
00:10:01Domess idioT
00:10:04atte hookratio 0 ftw
00:10:05atte :DD
00:10:15Domess 2.5 sec
00:10:19atte wl top
00:10:21Domess dont stun directly after me
00:10:21infect came with teh dust :D
00:10:23infect 4 top
00:10:24infect then
00:10:25IamSoUnluckY ogree too
00:10:30atte re
00:10:31holostoi ur stun 2.5 sec?
00:10:34Domess ye
00:10:44Domess stun at first you
00:10:53Domess hm
00:10:54Domess no
00:11:02Domess come
00:11:04Domess stun ryal
00:11:06Domess go
00:11:22Domess gj
00:11:53Domess ?
00:11:55IamSoUnluckY :D
00:11:57ESA_93 ff D
00:12:00Domess lvl 10?
00:12:01atte all about the str
00:12:05Domess what is this riki fuck off
00:12:16Domess u failed down
00:12:17Domess or what
00:12:21infect tee diffu ikka
00:12:27Vangelis eip
00:12:28Vangelis vg hgood
00:12:30atte joo
00:12:36atte diffu
00:12:38infect miks?
00:12:41infect et ta ei swappinud
00:12:42Vangelis tank
00:12:42atte imba
00:12:44infect ja siis pead nusisma?
00:12:59Domess all miss
00:13:00Domess they gang
00:13:02Domess noob go b
00:13:07IamSoUnluckY inc top kill em
00:13:12NwC.CooL-T shut up noob
00:13:19Domess why riki 6-0 ?
00:13:20ESA_93 miten teil on noin paljo feedii kaikilla
00:13:40atte no money for tp now
00:13:47Domess ffs
00:13:48IamSoUnluckY why they chase me
00:13:48ESA_93 : D
00:13:49IamSoUnluckY -.-
00:13:59Domess ogre bristle gg
00:14:19Domess pudge with dd
00:14:26Domess ogre stun ryal come
00:14:31Domess COME NOOB
00:14:44IamSoUnluckY cmon
00:15:03Domess ogre
00:15:14ESA_93 fuck u
00:15:22atte omg
00:15:25Domess wow
00:15:29Domess guys
00:15:29atte riki
00:15:29IamSoUnluckY yo
00:15:30atte riki
00:15:31Domess our ogre
00:15:33Domess is biggest noob
00:15:33atte freekill
00:15:34Domess in planete
00:15:46Domess STU nryal
00:15:53Domess b
00:16:02Domess pff
00:16:02Domess ok gg
00:16:05Domess ogre
00:16:05ESA_93 ORLY
00:16:06Domess noob
00:16:06ESA_93 : D
00:16:07Domess total
00:16:13Domess look this noob
00:16:14Domess feeder
00:16:17ESA_93 Miten voi olla näin huono tiimi
00:16:18ESA_93 : D
00:16:27Domess WTF bann ogre
00:16:34infect k
00:16:42Domess Biggest nap ever
00:16:44NwC.CooL-T do it noob cnt
00:16:51holostoi ????? ????? ?????? ???????
00:16:55Domess man u told you
00:16:58Domess dota isnt for you
00:17:00Domess nap
00:17:07NwC.CooL-T suck my dick
00:17:16Domess u failed down line
00:17:17Domess nice
00:17:19NwC.CooL-T sure
00:17:39Domess 3v1
00:17:42Domess u cant kill him
00:17:46Domess GO GOOG
00:17:47Domess NOOBS GOGO
00:18:00Domess OGRE UR STUN
00:18:01Domess NOOB
00:18:05Domess U GOT RANG ES STUN
00:18:07NwC.CooL-T .!.
00:18:12Domess U FUCKING NOOB
00:18:13NwC.CooL-T in you ass
00:18:24NwC.CooL-T ahahaha
00:18:24atte omg
00:18:31Domess OK this team
00:18:34ESA_93 :D
00:18:35Domess run
00:18:37Domess noobs run
00:18:40Domess GO
00:18:41NwC.CooL-T pro cent )
00:18:41Domess RUn
00:18:42Vangelis look at mine
00:18:42Domess FASTER
00:18:43Domess RUN
00:18:44Domess NOOBS
00:18:45Vangelis i go fight
00:18:50Vangelis team stays b to farm
00:18:54ESA_93 Vange
00:18:59Domess Bot unreal fail
00:18:59ESA_93 Imo stop whining about your team
00:19:07ESA_93 : D
00:19:12infect top failed as hard
00:19:13Domess ogre stun then ulty lock
00:19:14Domess and g
00:19:14Domess go
00:19:22Domess OGRE UR STUN GO
00:19:26Domess FUCK OFF
00:19:27Domess OMG
00:19:28Domess THIS OGRE
00:19:33Domess HE FUCKING BEHIND
00:19:34Domess HE CANT STUN GG
00:19:45Domess GO DIE
00:19:46Domess NOOB
00:19:54IamSoUnluckY today
00:19:59ESA_93 wow
00:20:03Domess this ogre fucking stun
00:20:15Domess Lol ogre noob
00:20:24Domess dust
00:20:27NwC.CooL-T die in real life noob
00:20:45Domess block me
00:20:46Domess noob
00:20:48Domess banned
00:20:56ESA_93 How can u ban him ?
00:20:57ESA_93 : D
00:21:06Domess easy
00:21:13NwC.CooL-T lowbob 0
00:21:15NwC.CooL-T )
00:21:15mamyka of ,kz utv djpmver
00:21:22mamyka ?? ??? ???? ??????
00:21:29atte mb i make pipe vs bonds
00:21:29infect priit, palju cs on
00:21:31Domess why u fucking failed ogre
00:21:34Domess u got easier hero
00:21:36Domess in this game
00:21:36mamyka go all plz with gem
00:21:37Domess u bitch
00:21:39Vangelis 49
00:21:41ESA_93 :<
00:21:45Domess all what u must do is STUN
00:21:46Vangelis no i meant
00:21:49Vangelis I have 49 cs
00:21:50Domess THATS FUCKING ALl
00:21:51Domess U NOOB
00:21:52Vangelis i have hood you know
00:21:56ESA_93 wha
00:21:57Domess I CANT BELIVE IT
00:22:01Domess U SO NOOB OGRE
00:22:02ESA_93 hood and diffu
00:22:03Vangelis I had like 300 hp
00:22:03ESA_93 in 20
00:22:03Vangelis ?
00:22:04ESA_93 : D
00:22:15atte miks ei
00:22:21Domess mid fail too
00:22:22atte 10 fragii
00:22:22Domess lol
00:22:24atte vois olla rapier
00:22:30atte :DD
00:22:32ESA_93 Nää sanoo että failasin
00:22:34ESA_93 :<
00:22:42Domess :D
00:22:51Domess ok warlock u tank it now ?
00:22:57Domess and ogre is behind gg
00:23:06ESA_93 :D:D:D:D:D:D::D:D
00:23:15Domess HAHA
00:23:25Domess NO this game is too much
00:23:47Domess if u cot nW C COOL IN team its instant losse
00:23:48infect hv that diffi alos now :D
00:23:58mamyka ill report yyou cqent
00:24:03Domess shut the fuck up
00:24:04Domess u noob
00:24:12Domess go play bronze
00:24:12Domess pls
00:24:18ESA_93 :D
00:24:23ESA_93 iha vitun kiinnostus
00:24:25mamyka w8 me
00:24:39Domess bah
00:24:49IamSoUnluckY gem bb
00:24:52Domess look OGRE
00:25:09NwC.CooL-T look my balls
00:25:11Vangelis bb
00:25:11Domess ff
00:25:11Vangelis gem
00:25:13Vangelis all focus bb
00:25:17Domess i dont want to play this shit
00:25:17Domess rlly
00:25:20IamSoUnluckY 0-6-11
00:25:25NwC.CooL-T leave noob
00:25:28Domess stf
00:25:29Domess u
00:25:46Domess birstle
00:26:27Domess go
00:26:27Domess b
00:26:30ESA_93 no
00:26:31ESA_93 just go in
00:26:32ESA_93 and die
00:26:34Domess ok
00:26:36Domess fallow me
00:26:47Domess NOOB pudge
00:26:50atte >DD
00:26:54ESA_93 : D
00:26:54Domess :D
00:27:19Domess COME naps :D
00:27:34atte xd
00:27:36atte cm ult
00:27:36atte there
00:27:37atte :P
00:27:45atte powerful vs melee
00:27:49IamSoUnluckY y
00:27:50IamSoUnluckY know
00:27:52Domess :D fu
00:27:53IamSoUnluckY but
00:27:56IamSoUnluckY cant stay
00:27:59IamSoUnluckY on them
00:28:03atte infect of gg
00:28:03Domess lol riki :D
00:28:10Vangelis ?
00:28:21atte no gem
00:28:29Domess -gold 100000
00:28:30mamyka regbnt utv
00:28:32ESA_93 I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:28:33ESA_93 btw
00:28:38mamyka buy gem plz
00:28:43ESA_93 no
00:28:44ESA_93 ffi it
00:28:47Domess -fullitem
00:28:51mamyka ill report you esa
00:29:04atte XD
00:29:15Domess no gem lol
00:29:27Domess :D
00:29:28Domess LOol
00:29:35Domess :D
00:29:36atte JHAHA
00:29:48Domess :D ahah u loss ?
00:29:48Vangelis wp scourge
00:29:49Vangelis you won
00:29:52Vangelis I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:30:01Vangelis cm farm forest, atte gameruin
00:30:03Vangelis ggg w[p
00:30:15PinaryB is there a game where vangelis wont ff at some point
00:30:19Domess Cm always forest
00:30:21infect nop :D
00:30:26Domess man
00:30:29Vangelis my riki perfect
00:30:34Vangelis my team
00:30:36Vangelis not perfect
00:30:38Vangelis very bad
00:30:48Domess ahha
00:31:02atte lets rosh
00:31:04atte with wards
00:31:06Vangelis ok
00:31:07Domess dk lvl 16
00:31:07Vangelis boss
00:31:11Domess and gege
00:31:11ESA_93 make pipe
00:31:15Domess who
00:31:17Vangelis scout
00:31:18Domess me ?
00:31:19ESA_93 bristle
00:31:31mamyka need gwem
00:31:33atte -afk
00:31:40atte cm afk
00:31:41Domess lool
00:31:43atte lets drop him
00:31:43Vangelis tiny
00:31:44Vangelis afk
00:31:45atte dont touch
00:31:45Vangelis pudge
00:31:46Vangelis -afk
00:31:54atte -afk
00:31:56Domess ye go
00:32:06atte farm sometime
00:32:06ESA_93 full team farming
00:32:09atte i farm blademail
00:32:10mamyka nope riki fog kill aal
00:32:11ESA_93 Thats what im talking
00:32:14Domess fuck
00:32:17IamSoUnluckY fuck this
00:32:23Domess no gem
00:32:25atte NOW YOU COME BACK
00:32:28atte you could quit
00:32:28IamSoUnluckY Y
00:32:30atte if you want to afk
00:32:30Domess no dust noobs
00:32:31Vangelis we lost
00:32:32atte just quit
00:32:33infect go
00:32:34Vangelis when you went afk
00:32:34infect rosh
00:32:36holostoi b
00:32:36IamSoUnluckY no man
00:32:39IamSoUnluckY thought
00:32:41IamSoUnluckY ill faster
00:32:44IamSoUnluckY do that
00:32:54atte take rosh
00:32:56IamSoUnluckY i miss smth?
00:32:59Vangelis yep
00:33:00Vangelis we lose
00:33:01Vangelis 3 fights
00:33:04Vangelis now they got imba items
00:33:05holostoi b
00:33:05Vangelis gg ff
00:33:05IamSoUnluckY .-
00:33:09Domess HI
00:33:33atte LOL
00:33:36Domess /D hi
00:33:37Domess haha
00:33:37ESA_93 go mid
00:33:42Domess :D lool
00:33:42Vangelis amazing
00:33:45infect that's what happened cm :)
00:33:52IamSoUnluckY :(
00:34:02ESA_93 Look at my horse, my horse is amasing!
00:34:11infect gem bb again
00:34:11ESA_93 2nd
00:34:12ESA_93 and b
00:34:14Domess tower and b
00:34:20atte bkbs we need
00:34:26Domess me top
00:34:28infect kill dk
00:34:29infect easy
00:34:32infect and ogre
00:34:34infect fuck others
00:34:36infect and wl
00:34:39infect can use his slow spell
00:34:42infect fuck us up
00:34:58infect and we need wards
00:35:10infect why go agha wl :D?
00:35:17ESA_93 for fun
00:35:37Domess al lb
00:36:02Domess :D
00:36:41atte mb stun wl
00:37:04atte gem
00:37:04Domess smoke
00:37:05Domess omg
00:37:14atte he oom
00:37:24atte tp
00:37:27Domess lool
00:37:34Domess coz we werent together
00:37:35Domess lol
00:37:37atte hi
00:37:42ESA_93 not rly
00:37:46Domess ye
00:37:50Vangelis i leave
00:37:51Vangelis gem at base
00:38:06ESA_93 dk m
00:38:06infect y, maybe wl goes lothars
00:38:08ESA_93 make that bkb
00:38:20infect me peaks kumbki tegema vladi
00:38:27Vangelis no ma
00:38:28Vangelis bkb enne
00:38:33infect ma teen vladi siis
00:38:57atte np
00:38:57infect pushime
00:38:59Domess LOL OGRE
00:39:00infect dk dragon from
00:39:02Domess TOLD HE
00:39:09PinaryB dd
00:39:14Vangelis i take
00:39:14Vangelis it
00:39:16Domess todl aya ogre noob
00:39:16atte npnp
00:39:17Domess go mid
00:39:17Domess or gg
00:39:18atte bought item
00:39:21atte soon blademail
00:39:22atte :DDD
00:39:27NwC.CooL-T su noob
00:39:32Domess lol
00:39:34Domess u did what ?
00:39:35atte XD
00:40:04atte omg
00:40:19atte nice
00:40:37PinaryB haste
00:40:39Vangelis ur nem
00:40:41Domess b
00:40:43Domess no mana
00:40:48Domess fucking lancer omg
00:40:49mamyka get bm some one plz
00:40:52Domess u focus tiny
00:40:57Domess but lancer dmg you
00:40:58Domess areu stupid ?
00:41:17Vangelis good
00:41:18Vangelis farm
00:41:18Vangelis top
00:41:19Vangelis ....
00:41:25atte go b
00:41:27Domess no gem
00:41:28atte i want 300
00:41:32atte also
00:41:37mamyka i buy it 2 times
00:41:47Domess i bring wards
00:42:41atte care
00:42:46Domess b
00:42:46infect b
00:42:48infect toon vladi
00:42:52Vangelis k
00:42:52atte fuck
00:42:57Vangelis tp top
00:42:58Vangelis voi bot
00:42:58atte i had huge items
00:42:59Vangelis ?
00:43:00atte 15min ago
00:43:02Domess get ac
00:43:05atte just needed that blademail
00:43:07mamyka i farm it
00:43:08atte and didnt farm it
00:43:08Domess this lancer ffs
00:43:14atte now i go do it
00:43:17mamyka get gem
00:43:21atte since toolate
00:43:24mamyka some one pzl
00:43:27atte ALREADY
00:43:41Domess go b
00:43:47Domess no
00:43:47Domess OMG
00:43:47infect baiti
00:43:49Domess not now
00:43:52PinaryB def bot?
00:44:02Domess go
00:44:03Domess dont wait
00:44:04Domess hes alone
00:44:05Domess ffs
00:44:05Domess go
00:44:23Domess OGRE
00:45:03Domess go b
00:45:04Domess guys
00:45:14atte asdasd
00:45:31Domess go fuck lancer
00:45:49IamSoUnluckY ty
00:46:31IamSoUnluckY love you
00:47:04Vangelis tapame
00:47:09Vangelis rax
00:47:09infect ikka
00:47:10Vangelis gogo
00:47:15Domess lol illu pwn us ?
00:47:22mamyka no one get bm
00:47:29Domess go
00:47:49Domess ogre
00:47:50Domess stun it
00:47:51Domess noob
00:47:54Domess lal
00:48:00ESA_93 oh finally u did bkb
00:48:05Vangelis finally
00:48:06Vangelis ?
00:48:09Vangelis i have had it 10 min
00:48:16Vangelis or mby 8
00:48:18ESA_93 First time saw it then.
00:48:26Domess gg
00:48:30Domess why u dont use ur bkb
00:48:31Domess man
00:48:37holostoi why u dont tank?
00:48:39holostoi cent?
00:48:42IamSoUnluckY omg i need steal 1 kill
00:48:45Domess im death
00:48:47holostoi why u falme fool game
00:48:51holostoi u cant play
00:48:52IamSoUnluckY 0-9-18
00:48:53holostoi nap
00:48:56Domess loool
00:48:57Domess :D
00:48:57holostoi dota not for u
00:48:59holostoi bitch
00:49:01infect i just carried a game
00:49:03infect what up
00:49:08holostoi go play lego bob
00:49:15Domess u
00:49:40mamyka guys 5 times told you some one bm
00:49:40infect 47 minuti radi on alati nice
00:49:41infect :D
00:49:52holostoi sange+bracer good tank iteam
00:49:56holostoi gz bob
00:49:56Vangelis gg pl
00:49:59Domess imba
00:50:02holostoi fucktard
00:50:02Vangelis pl farmed radi
00:50:06IamSoUnluckY gem
00:50:07IamSoUnluckY :D
00:50:55IamSoUnluckY i found gem :D
00:50:58IamSoUnluckY yuhuuu
00:50:58IamSoUnluckY :D
00:51:01atte -st
00:51:32holostoi reported for nodef
00:51:35holostoi cent
00:51:52holostoi when they push cent stay at fountaine
00:51:53mamyka report him for flame
00:52:09mamyka ? ???
00:52:19Domess Gg noobs
00:52:23mamyka ??????? ???? ????????? ?????????
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